A Citizen’s Fight Against FLOW, no help from FTC

Barbados Underground highlights the following as a public service. If FLOW or DIGICEL want to make representation the blogmaster is open to sharing the other view. The blogmaster takes this opportunity to wish Intervenors every success in the electricity rate hearing due to commence on September 21, 2020. – Blogmaster

Around December 2, 2017, Flow moved wires from up stairs to down stairs for a telephone line,  the technician drilled the wire through the sewage pipe. Around February  2019 Digicel drilled through the same sewage pipe and installed the internet line,  The sewage was leaking through the house  at a slow pace, my grand daughter visited Barbados on holiday, and kept telling me, Granny your house is stink, I told her it the sea moss etc,  I also smelled it before and I use a lot  disinfectant sprays  to no avail, but she will still insist it stink, I searched upstairs downstairs, no dead rats, I found little small black  things like little snake coming through the bathroom sinks, in my bed I tried  grabbing one on my bed, the thing sting me like a ‘sanapee’, i found one in my house slipper so I been spraying my house slippers since.  ‘Sanapees’ and ants in the dining room and kitchen when Digicel contractor started to dig out the pipe, so many ants!

Around the month of June 2020 the Government issued a warring  asking Barbadians to secure their homes, I decided to installed bars at the windows, we had to moved the table with the computer and the one with the printer, and the carpet, that when we saw the sewerage leaking , it went under the floor boards and the stink was very strong.

I emailed Flow, their replied just a note stating we received your email  and it has a number, every time I email I got a number,  I got a letter delivered to Flow,  2 supervisors from flow came, one was very nice, the other very rude,  the nice one I knew his mother,  the rude one said Flow is not going to do that or this, In the meantime Digicel did the repairs to the house,  there did not paint the house inside or outside, just the part that was dug out and he asked me if I had any paint, I told him it maybe lighter I thought he was using it as base, but he just left it like that, Marshal the person who was in charge of the product, was to come back and redo the flooring her boss called and promised he will do the flooring and I will get compensation, so far I have not heard from him since March 2022.

After flow came and moved their wire out of the sewage and rewire, I did not hear from them. I sent a letter to Mr. Jenson Sylvester around Mar 16, 2021, no replied, so I went and demonstrated,  within 20 minutes of being outside Flow [Gabrielle  a very nice young lady  came to me, and asked to come inside so we can talk,  but I did not go, because a  beautiful young lady [Sandy] from the Nation saw me and told me she was going and get her camera and come back. Janet Taylor  and her team of lawyers we corresponded back and forth to no avail. I wrote Fair Trading, a  Mr. Stewart Carter said the commission has no jurisdiction over this matter.

I enclosed the picture of the damages, one picture is worth a thousand words.

See a few of relevant documents sent to FLOW to support claim and FLOW’s response.

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  1. Canadian revealed what US does better than Canada & everyone agreed on one thing, without a doubt, the most popular answer from Canucks was related to telecom and the cost of data and wireless services in Canada. The most up – voted reply to the thread said,”More competition in the wireless voice/data space please, to drive down THE PRICE of our monthly plans,, we in Barbados need more competition also.

  2. In the high court of Justice(St.Lucia) between Parry Husbands and Cale and Wireless,, Perry Husband filed a claim form with a statement of claim seeking refund in respect of telephone,facsimile and e-mail service which he alleged were disconnected by Cable and Wireless. He also claimsa compromise sum offered by Cable and Wireless and accepted by him for Fooding his bedroom with water by an employee of cable and Wireles

    https://www.accounts.org>High Court Judgments

  3. And I quote, The blogmaster prefer to the approach if putting the Victim’s’
    story and if it is necessary, to offer an apology or retraction, so be it, no retraction and no apology, the story is TRUE

  4. I took this from Sleven Kaszab Our lives end the day we fall silent about the things that matter to us, strong people will stand up for themselves, while even stronger citizens stand up for others, charity, concern for others, respecting your opinion and the opinion of others is what democracy is all about.

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