Prime Minister MIA Mottley Delivers An Empty Emancipation Day Message

August 2 signals another Emancipation Day, another public holiday for the masses to revel in the carnival season and engage other leisure activities – a few may reflect on what the day is intended. Emphasis on a few if one measures public participation at events arranged to celebrate the day.

In her Emancipation Day message Prime Minister implores Bajans to not just commemorate the emancipation of our forefathers from chattel slavery but “celebrate the lives and efforts of our African forefathers to end slavery. In remembering these things, let us understand that while the seas may get rough and while the struggle may be long, together we can and will see these challenges through. That is to say that egos, matters of self-interest and tribalism must give way to the way of thinking and the lifestyle that saw communities raise children and societies raise the bar”.

The blogmaster finds no fault with the message by prime minister Mottley asking us to be inspired to overcome the challenges before us by what our forefathers had to achieve breaking the chains of physical slavery. Maya Angelou in her inimitable style encapsulates the importance of the past with a practical definition- “I have great respect for the past. If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going, but I’m a person of the moment. I’m here, and I do my best to be completely centered at the place I’m at, then I go forward to the next place“. 

We have to do better to help Barbadians sustain the awareness around the struggle of Blacks for liberation. The blogmaster is satisfied our children are given sufficient exposure at the primary and secondary level to be aware of the struggle. Where we continue to fail as a society is our inability to feed a culture to support our people being energized by the heroic achievement of our forefathers. Instead we have allow edourselves to become overwhelmed by the miasma of popular foreign culture which by and large continues to lock our people into another form of bondage- economic and mental slavery.

To Prime Minister Mia Mottley again we say, a nice sounding message, a message that will tick the box on the checklist for the day, however, inquiring minds wonder- what about the need to find practical approaches to assist citizens translate your nice sounding message to relevant daily activities? We have become a people characterized by revelry, indolence and lawlessness, antithetical to the traditional value set that underpinned the behaviour of our forefathers.

So Prime Minister Mottley, your message will be received as empty by a majority of the population because the discrete actions required to invoke meaning for the general population is MIA.

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  1. And just when yuh think yuh have seen it all
    The bowler slowly glides that ball.slightly off the end stump
    The batsman wanting to showoff brilliance takes a swip at the ball and is catch at midfield
    The bowler watches in amazement and thinks
    Who would have thought

    Beautiful game end of play until tommorow
    Expect more spectacular bowling

  2. “But again we defend the status quo. But still complain about change.”


    Come on, my friend. Don’t be ridiculous.

    The ‘Blue Boxcart Band,’ which comprise of Black, white, mullatoes etc, traditionally comes out FIRST.

    The ‘Revellers’ Band,’ formerly known as the ‘Robert’s Manufacturering Band,’ which is comprised mainly of Black people, is traditionally the LAST band to leave the National Stadium.

    BOTH BANDS DO NOT participate in the judging process…. and are there just to have fun.

    Kindly indicate to the forum, WHAT is WRONG with that?

    You’re ‘making a mountain out of a mold hill.’

    I wrote three (3) contributions explaining how descendants of former plantation owners treated their employees….. and gave two examples.
    The first being Roger Manning, owner of R.M. Construction Ltd., who filed for bankruptcy sometime during the late 1970s or early 1980s, allegedly shipped his equipment to St. Vincent, while leaving former employees to fight for their severance payments.
    The second, his son, Charles Wayne Manning, CEO of Black Bess Quarry and Construction Ltd. who, in January 2020, also filed for bankruptcy and former employees “remained in dark,’ relative to their severance payments.
    I also gave examples of how they were ‘stealing from themselves.’

    All the talk about ‘Black people and the status quo remaining,’…… the ‘Black conscious people’ were noticeably silent.

    John, a descendant of the plantocracy, was the ONLY CONTRIBUTOR who responded.

    A man who romanticize slavery.

    And, he WAS NOT interested in the ISSUE of severance payments……. as his MAIN CONCERN was about construction being dead, because, according to him, ‘the water has already been allocated.’

    Here we are, making an issue about a Crop Over band coming out first, once a year….. perhaps because our perception is that its members are all white.

  3. @ David

    Read the following article in the August 3, 2022 edition of the ‘St. Vincent Times.’

    LIAT 1974 Ltd is to be liquidated by its shareholders

    Lee Yan LaSurAugust 3, 2022

    The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, confirmed that the four major shareholders of LIAT 1974 have decided to liquidate the embattled regional carrier.

    On Tuesday, all major shareholders of the cash-strapped regional carrier met virtually to discuss the airline’s future.

    Prime Minister Gaston Browne told reporters earlier today (Wednesday) that LIAT is considered a public good, a social good that “contributes significantly to regional connectivity and strengthens regional economies.”

    “To satisfy the immediate regional travel demand,” he said, national commitments have been made in support of a new, efficient and expanded LIAT 2020.

    Additionally, PM Browne said that those attending the meeting agreed to engage the services of an aviation consultancy firm to develop a long-term plan to ensure the sustainability of LIAT.

    PM Gaston Browne could’ve agreed to liquidate LIAT when it was first proposed.
    And, by doing so, he would’ve saved the taxpayers of Antigua & Barbuda millions of dollars, which could have been used to settle former employees based in the twin island state.

    By agreeing to liquidation at this time, has he essentially admitted the PMs of the other shareholder islands made a correct proposal?

    • Thanks Artax.

      What happens if the aviation consultant recommends a different structure that excludes Antigua as a base of operations?

  4. Back to.reality
    Govt advisors remain mum on Govt accessibility to.printing of money

    Economist warns Gov’t practice of printing money dangerous
    By Randy Bennett
    A respected economist agrees with the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) that the Government is using the Central Bank to print money, and he has warned that abusing the measure could spell danger for the economy.
    Former head of the Department of Economics at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Professor Emeritus Michael Howard said DLP president Dr Ronnie Yearwood was on point in charging that by using the Central Bank of Barbados to purchase its Barbados Optional Savings Scheme (BOSS) bonds, Government was essentially printing money.
    Dr Yearwood had said that as of November 2021, the Central Bank had purchased $120 million of the four-year bonds that offer an interest rate of five per cent per annum with the interest being paid in two half-yearly instalments.
    In an interview with Barbados TODAY, Howard agreed with Yearwood’s assessment.
    “You have to go back to the definition of printing money. Printing money is the Central Bank lending money to Government either by way of direct lending, like a loan, or by way of purchasing bonds, or treasury bills or debentures, or some other type of financial note… so Dr Yearwood is right in the sense that the Central Bank is monetising Government’s debt to get it out of trouble and that is akin to printing money.
    “The Central Bank does that normally to help Government with housekeeping, such as paying people and that sort of thing. It is when it becomes excessive that it impacts on the balance of payments….
    Governments have used the Central Bank to do that on many occasions when they want money and it has become abused,”
    Professor Howard contended.
    He said that in many of the cases, it was unclear if Government ever repaid the money to the Central Bank.
    “When the Central Bank lends money to Government all that the Governor does is to write a cheque for the amount of money and the money is created and sometimes the Governor of the Central Bank is not even repaid. You don’t even know,” the economist said.
    He stressed that the danger in printing money is that “when you do that a lot, Government uses it and spends it and it finds its way into the balance of payments – that is, the use of the money goes to purchasing imports and it can run down your foreign reserves”.
    “That is the particular danger of printing money. It becomes dangerous when Government uses it not as a helpout but as a normal course of financing its budget. Government can use Treasury bills, it can borrow from the public, it can borrow from banks, or you can borrow from other people, but when Government does it excessively it becomes a problem,” Professor Howard maintained.
    Repeated efforts to reach Government’s Senior Economic Advisor Dr Kevin Greenidge and Minister in the Ministry of Finance Ryan Straughn for comment proved unsuccessful up to the time of publication.

  5. What happens if the aviation consultants recommend a different structure that excludes Antigua as a base of operations?
    Any bets that this has always been the bone of contention, and that the complete destruction of the damn airline was the methodology through which the set of political jackasses set about to achieve their various petty ends?

    You may be surprised at the extent to which these shiitehounds compromise PUBLIC assets in pursuit of their own (ofter VERY personal) ends….
    Our sugar industry, the BWA, Education…..

    But we DESERVE the treatment …. cause we are ALL similarly selfishly inclined…..

  6. Malta is allegedly tying up loose ends…did someone not post that private jets from Barbados can be seen lined off in that country……so who got business in Malta…..ICIJ site will give the names…of the pretend elites…lol

    “Today’s announcement, that the prominent Maltese prosecutor KARL MUSCAT, who worked on money laundering cases in the Office of the Attorney General, died of heart failure, was not credible. Inasmuch as he was only 43 years old, the autopsy came out in record time, and with no accompanying toxicology report, we strongly suspect that he was poisoned, to prevent him for completing his work on the RYAN SCHEMBRI and YORGEN FENECH cases. Many sophisticated poisons leave no trace after a very short time period, and we call for an independent autopsy and any outside examination by medical examiners with relevant experience from INTERPOL.”

  7. Prime Minister Mia Mottley has congratulated Dr Terrence Drew, who on Friday led the St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) to victory in the general elections.

    The SKNLP won six of the 11 contested seats on the twin-island Federation

  8. @ Hants,
    It was an extraordinary speech made by our Prime Minister which was rich in hypocrisy and worse. She is a bull shitter of the highest order. Her words do not reflect the truth and the everyday reality of life in the Caribbean for its people. It amazes me that more people do not study closely the words that pour out of her mouth. She has a record which is entirely ignored by both the local and international media.

    Before reading her speech, I would ask the BU family to take a seat and have at hand some extra strong smelling salts.

    “Today, on behalf of the Government and people of Barbados, I extend hearty congratulations to Dr Terrance Drew and his St Kitts Nevis Labour Party on their victory at the polls on Friday.

    I am delighted to be able to welcome you, Dr Drew, to the fold of Caribbean leaders and trust that your every decision will be grounded in the motto of your party — “For The Good That We Can Do”, bearing always in mind that ours is a true labour of love, where daily we are required to put the welfare of those we serve above our own.

    You take over leadership of the twin-island federation at a time when our region is facing unprecedented challenges, many of them not of our making, but almost every one of them impacting equally our people in the various nations of this region — in too many instances with devastating consequences.

    Your fresh voice, intellectual and professional input, and background as a community activist, when added to the discussion at the CARICOM table, can only redound to the benefit of Caribbean people everywhere.

    May I also take this time to congratulate the people of St Kitts and Nevis for once again showing to the world that in this region we hold dear democracy and the institutions and instruments that sustain it.

    Through your free exercise of the vote and the peaceful transition to a new regime, all of which occurred without so much as a ripple on the waters of our political stability, the Caribbean remains a shining light and a model for the world.

    Be assured of the support of the Government and people of Barbados as we work together for the betterment of all our people.


    The Right Honourable Mia Mottley

  9. Hint ..hint
    New beginnings

    Read ePaper
    Home / St Kitts & Nevis / St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party secures election victory

    St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party secures election victory – by Barbados Today August 6, 2022
    SOURCE: CMC — Seven years after being booted out of office, the main opposition St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) is heading back into the corridors of power, winning six of the 11 contested seats on the twin island Federation.

    Preliminary figures released by the Supervisor of Elections, Elvin Bailey, more than 17 hours after the official close of polling on Friday night, showed that Prime Minister Timothy Harris was the lone successful candidate for his People’s Labour Party (PLP), so too, Shawn Richards of the People’s Action Movement (PAM), while Mark Brantley’s Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) won all three seats in Nevis as it had done in the June 2020 general election.

    The PLP, PAM and CCM had formed the coalition Team Unity administration that Harris led before he was forced to call the early poll three years ahead of the constitutional deadline after his Cabinet colleagues filed a motion of no confidence in him.

    Harris averted the debate by dissolving the Parliament and calling for general election on Aug. 5.

    “So far, based on the results I have heard in St. Kitts, it appears that the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party has won a majority of the seats and so I say congratulations to Dr. Terrence Drew and the rest of his team,” said Richards in a broadcast on Saturday.

    “To that party I say the voters have spoken … Ultimately you have a responsibility to all of the voters in St. Kitts-Nevis and as such you must look out for all of the people,” said Richards, who was elected for a fifth consecutive time as the parliamentary representative for St. Christopher Constituency Number 5.

    The SKNLP, led by the Cuban trained medical practitioner, Dr. Terrence Drew, who will become the Federation’s fourth prime minister, had campaigned on the need to liberate the country from the clutches of the coalition Team Unity government.

    Drew polled the highest number of votes in the election, receiving 2,950, while Chesley Hamilton of the PAM got 895 and the PLP’s Andrew Bass 761.

    “It is an amazing outcome for the party,” said regional political analyst and pollster, Peter Wickham, recalling the defeat the party had suffered in the last two general elections.

    Political strategist Hartley Henry blamed the coalition for what he described as “an unnecessary election”, adding that the results were “a rejection of an administration that had become disconnected from the people”.

    Both Wickham and Henry said they did not expect the PLP and Harris for that matter to have any influence in the political future of the Federation, hinting also that the defeat may also signal the end of Harris’ political career that has spanned more than 25 years.

    Among the victorious SKNLP candidates is former prime minister Dr. Denzil Douglas, who before the 2015 general election, had been among the longest serving leaders in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

    During the campaign Douglas dismissed suggestions of a rift within the hierarchy of the then opposition SKNLP, insisting that he is supportive 100 per cent of Drew, who took over the leadership of the party last year when Douglas stepped down after 33 years and 20 years as prime minister.

    Douglas polled 1,926 votes as compared with 98 for PAM’s Troy Flanders, 309 for Marc Williams of the PLP and three votes for Carlton Dupont.

    For his part, Harris received 1,266 votes as against 176 for PAM’s Lincoln David-Pelle and 903 for the SKNLP’s Leon Natta-Nelson.

    There are 11 seats at stake in the 15 member Parliament with the Governor General nominating the other four seats.

    The lengthy period in announcing the election results was not missed on the former Jamaica prime minister, Bruce Golding, the head of the Observer Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS), one of two observer groups that monitored the election. The other team came from CARICOM.

    “One recommendation that we have consistently made, in 2011 and again in 2015, is that we need to avoid any extended period of time between the closing of polls and the declaration of the results,” said Golding.

    He said when the polling stations are officially closed at 6 p.m. on election day “and 24 hours later, the people of St. Kitts and Nevis are still in the dark as to who won the election, you create too much opportunity for suspicion, contention, for anxiety, for conspiracy theories that cause people to question the process and not to have the level of confidence in the process that they need to have.

    “People need to know that when a government takes office, that government was properly elected, and you run the risk of undermining that confidence,” Golding told a news conference after his team observed Friday’s electoral process.

    “We have recommended before, and we are going to recommend again; as is done in almost all other Caribbean countries, that if the votes are cast here [at polling stations], then the votes must be counted here,” said Golding.

    “After six o’clock, after you’ve checked off all the materials and do the accounting that has to be done, count the votes in the presence of the agent of the parties and prepare a certificate indicating what the results are and then have that transmitted to the returning officer,” he said, adding ,“if you do it that way, then it means that the counting can be proceeding in all the polling stations at the same time, and you’d be able to have a result before nine o’clock in the evening”.

    Golding said that the OAS mission will urge the new government to “attend to the issues of electoral reform and to do it early; to have the necessary discussions, consultation; not only among the political parties but with the society, with the public; have them properly informed so that we can have those improvements put in place long before the next elections are due

  10. Got misdirected here. Glad to see commander Hants has mentioned Sada Williams.
    This young lady is causing the name Barbados to flash across screens throughout the globe.
    I suspect that on her own, she has given Barbados more publicity than the paid robber agencies have been able to give..

    i like this young lady. Top contender up to the last 10 meters of the race. Would rank her as #3 in the world. At least a bronze.

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