• Does it matter?

    The monster gave up the ghost to be moved to a federal prison with better conditions. No hope of release in any hurry.

    Guess he doesn’t have any confidence in his appeal.

    Is that all you got?



  • @ David
    Help us to understand the ‘sense’ in what Pilgrim and Sargeant says…
    Cause it sound just like the Lotta bovine excrement coming from all the other clueless officials to Bushie…

    The sooner it is that these jokers admit that they don’t have a clue – and let us all open our minds to SENSIBLE discourse, the sooner we will see some light.

    Pilgrim in particular, has made a career of empowering the anti-establishment radicals who challenge the ‘rule of law’ in Barbados. He used his clearly superior intellect to confound the lotta idiots who call themselves ‘lawyers’ bout here, but who are really just in it to access easy personal finance through client’s funds.
    What did he think would be the eventual outcome when his fringe clientele came to realize that the politicians, police, courts and the the church are all a pack of useless jokers?

    Pilgrim should take a look at Caswell’s approach in contrast. Franklyn has used HIS superior intellect to press for SYSTEMIC changes in JUSTICE by challenging the status quo – rather that by siding with criminals.
    Pilgrim has been President of the Bar Association – and not one shiite changed…. except his résumé…

    The whole shiite is messed up….
    The only REAL surprise to Bushie is that we, EVEN NOW, don’t seem to get it…..

    …not that it REALLY matters now, …just saying.


  • @Donna

    University lecturer is saying the community and police must find ways to work together.

    Duh indeed!


  • @Bush Tea

    The blogmaster had high hopes for Pilgrim when he took the presidency of Barbados Bar Association. It looks like it was a means to an end.



  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    Bushman…it was BOUND TO FAIL…

    all the evidence is in, it’s very HARD TO MISS..


  • Poverty up unemployment up
    Wealth distribution passed over the the one percent
    What else should any one expect
    Up to now govt has not find means methods or manners to help the majority pulling the debt basket


  • You should recall those years the former government refused to fix scanners at the port. Imagine the number of weapons which passed through and are now on the streets.


  • ac is the biggest hypocrite in this whole affair.

    It is PRECISELY “shiite yarifowl lackies” like ac, Lorenzo, and the other grass roots ENABLERS, who have empowered and encouraged the incompetent politicians an lawyers….. 30- love indeed!!!

    Does ac think that anyone forgets her defense of Froon and the crooked speaker? What outrage is she expressing now? Recall the CAHILL scam? Look at the SAME Auditor General’s laments back then…

    AT THE VERY LEAST, ac and those of her ilk should shut their traps and hang their heads in shame ….unless they are now seeking repentance via sackcloth and ashes….


  • @ David
    Bushie likes Dr Devonish. He knows about statistical analysis and Research Methodologies..
    HOWEVER, he does not know one shiite about what is amiss here…. and he is intelligent enough to know that he does NOT know.

    He and his colleague Dr Yearwood should be advised that the only difference between them and the current pack of lawyers is that they don’t have the luxury of access to easy Client Fees like the lawyers enjoy.

    Cave Hill is NOT a repository of meaningful expertise in human and social development – certainly not based on that institution’s record of achievements with its own development.

    Any progress with the land donated in St Thomas ten years ago yet…?
    Any revolutionary RESULTS from their graduates on note… How is everything local run by foreigners?

    The BLIND cannot lead the blind ….not to successful outcomes…


  • @Bush Tea

    What about the furthering of Dr. Headley’s research in solar power?


  • Bushtea lashing out not gonna solve nothing and yuh whacker don’t help
    The lack of wealth distribution towards the 99ninety percent has caused the pot to boil over
    Think on those things
    Hungry person is an angry person
    Notice that the one percent.not killing each other
    Think on those things fool before u launched a missile poverty breeds crime
    There continues to.be unconscionable disrespect for the majority
    Imagine a govt setting up a committe to decide what share of govt revenue should help 1000 people
    While govt props u the Chinese economy by giving some of Barbados financial resources to build houses
    Meanwhile the craftsmen and woman have to wait and see if any financial gains would be headed towards them
    In poor societies evidence shows people do what they have to do to survive
    Even if it means death
    Not my fault fool


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    Bushman…this is NO MAN’S LAND….

    hope they can feel EVERY SECOND of it..



  • Gonna leave now, but will be back.
    Hopefully, the full BU A team will here then… Lorenzo…
    Feeling lonely 🤣


  • I will not put this in the murder or suicide column, but there is one part of the story that caught my interest and troubles me

    From BT
    “Bradshaw said Howell, a returning national from the United Kingdom, lived alone and had no known relatives on the island. His wife reportedly passed away some four years ago after a battle with dementia. Howell was described as a good, helpful and friendly neighbour who would share any of the produce that he reaped from his kitchen garden with other neighbours.”

    returning national


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