Moe is Back from 8 Month Leave @taxpayers expense

Reading the Nation newspaper back page story of 30 September 2021 with heading ‘Moe not in breach‘, should make all Barbadians- those with the required level of civic awareness- to pause. An easy conclusion to draw from the report is that Senator Lucille Moe was deliberate how she MANAGED her absence from the Upper Chamber. In fact she was well advised.

You will recall the goodly Senator suffered a bad reaction to being dismissed from Cabinet by Prime Minister Mia Mottley in July 20, 2020. It is no secret Moe up to the falling out was a good and faithful servant of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) AND Mia Mottley.The Moe incident is reminiscent of George Payne who inflicted a long period of silence on the Lower House while serving under Owen Arthur. The difference is that he did while present.

The blogmaster is always offended when public servants elected or selected to do the people’s business show obvious disrespect to the task AND the unwillingness of citizens to hold such offenders to account. Lucille Moe returned to the Upper House last month after her unexplained absence after eight months – and it is business as usual. The disrespect for the people of Barbados was measured in her contribution of that day when she criticized the ‘powers that be ‘for not facilitating remote access for Senators. One should assume this was her concern?

Read the Nation report.

Moe not in breach 

SENATOR LUCILLE MOE will keep her seat in the Senate as she did not infringe rules in the Constitution by her prolonged absence from sittings.

This was stated by President of the Senate Reginald Farley at yesterday’s sitting, after he presented a detailed report in response to Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn’s earlier call for him to take action according to the Constitution and have Moe’s Senate seat declared vacant.

Farley said: “At the sitting [of] 18th August 2021, Senator Franklyn drew attention of the President that Senator Lucille Moe had not been seen since December in the Senate and thus in his opinion in accordance with Section 39-1 of the Constitution her seat should be declared vacant.”

He reminded senators that Section 39-1 provided “that the seat of a senator should become vacant (according to Section C) if he is absent from Barbados for a period exceeding 40 days at any time when the Senate is sitting, without the leave of the President given in accordance with the provisions of Subsection 2.”

That section of the Constitution permits the President of the Senate to grant leave to any senator to be absent from Barbados for any period not exceeding six months at any one time.

Farley continued: “The records indicate that Senator Lucille Moe attended the sitting of the Senate on 18th December 2020. The House of Assembly had earlier sat on the 15th December 2020 and thereafter went on annual recess, returning on 12th January 2021. So when the Senate met on December 18, 2020, it thereafter followed and went on recess until 12th January 2021.

“This fact is important as in the calculation of time towards the 40 days mentioned in the Constitution, days when the Senate is in recess are not to be taken into account in that calculation.

“Our information is that Senator Lucille Moe was in Barbados on the following days – January 5, February 20-21 and May 16-20, 2021. These days are also important, as the Constitution references absence from Barbados. When the periods are taken together, that is when the Senate was on recess and when Senator Moe was in Barbados during the periods that the Senate was sitting, the limit of 40 days was not breached.

Farley further explained that the House of Assembly

went on the usual break after the Estimates and returned on April 23, 2021.

“So when the Senate met for Estimates on March 24, it thereafter had gone into recess as well, the recess ending on April 23, 2021.

Farley said Moe applied for leave on May 19, 2021 adding that leave was granted for three months expiring on August 18, 2021.

“It should be noted that on every occasion when Senator Moe was not able to attend the Senate, her absence was communicated to the clerk and the President.

He noted: “However, the clerk had informed Senator Moe that while she acted in accordance with the standing orders of the Senate and notified both the clerk and President of her inability to attend Senate, she was made aware that such correspondence did not escape the operation of Section 39-1 of the Constitution and she was reminded to follow the prescription of Section 39-2.

Farley said Moe did follow this advice in May and sought leave from the President, which was granted for three months expiring on August 18, 2021.

“It should be pointed out that Senator Moe attended Senate on the 8th September 2021,” he said.

The President added: “I thank Senator Franklyn for raising this matter for the attention of the Senate and want to assure him that the clerk and myself were meticulous to ensure that the laws which govern the honour of the Senate were indeed followed.” (GC)

24 thoughts on “Moe is Back from 8 Month Leave @taxpayers expense

  1. After Caswell made a proper and dutiful Constitutional statement about her absence
    Govt responds with words to the effect Moe did nothing wrong
    Alarming at best but not surprising that govt would encourage a loafer at taxpayers expense
    Since May 2018 the keen observer can detail the large sums of tax payers money handed out to some unknown sources and return nothing returned to improve the economy of Barbados

    • What would we do with Senator Franklyn. The blogmaster searched for comments from DLP aspirants on this matter and was unsuccessful.

  2. DavidSeptember 30, 2021 5:41 AM

    What would we do with Senator Franklyn. The blogmaster searched for comments from DLP aspirants on this matter and was unsuccessful
    Uh talking to one
    X ccx
    Even the laws of the Constitution govt makes mockery
    Meanwhile the blp yardfowls keep mouth shut

  3. I do not understand Lucille’s covid excuse. Vaccines have been available for months. And if she was uncomfortable before, how much more should she be uncomfortable now with the Delta variant running rampant.

    Yet she returns, it seems, in the nick of time.

    In what other post could one be absent for so long without applying for leave?

    This is a farce!

  4. A French friend of mine once remarked “Le fausse rage change rien du tout. Cest que de threatre et rien de plus.”
    His remarks are a metaphor for Barbados and its local population. A people long on talk and short on taking any direct action that would bring meaningful change to their country. Let’s see how these final acts play out prior to us becoming a glorious republic.

    • @TLSN

      What does this matter raised and moving to a republic to replace a white queen at first instance has to do with anything?

  5. DavidSeptember 30, 2021 6:27 AM

    BLP yardfowls will be uncomfortable in your presence. Have the last word
    The same here would want to be around a blp yardfowl for all the money in the world
    last words

  6. David
    There is no political culture in which the people have any effective responsibility or even power to hold elected or selected officials to account as you are often want to argue, except in very narrow circumstances.

    Those conditions are mainly during elections, formally, or informally by keeping nuff ignorable noise. This enduring specious argument as you were a stalwart in rejecting suggestions for a constitutional right to recalled, unencumbered by regime control, while supportive of the aborted integrity legislative agenda.

    Given all these circumstances the conclusion cannot be avoided that your waxing lyrical is merely a cynical attempt to transfer governance responsibilities to the hapless, dis-empowered, masses and away from the powerful. The people this culture endows with unlimited power. An unlimited power the unilateral even dictatorial exercise of which you have several times endorsed.

  7. Every day the Corona numbers go up and every day there are more deaths because outspoken union leaders, doctors, QCs and other opposition figures are telling people not to get the life-saving vaccine.

    And what are our commentators doing? Bite their nails on trivia.

  8. Who appointed Senator Moe? Can she not be asked to resign or be removed by such person? The procedure, anyone.

    • She should have been fired. This is a question for Prime Minister Mottley. It is not enough to look for technicality in the rules of the senate to support her eight month absence. There is an ethical consideration that should be applied to this matter. If we can march to protest disgust at others issues- what is more important than an issue that addresses faulty governance model?

  9. Marches have always dovetailed into elections within the political history of Barbados. Used by the opposition party not to address genuine concerns but to gain power for themselves. A power relationship which has never address and will never seriously consider the issues whose moments would have long passed.

    Therefore governance like economic democracy or crime or any other substantive issue will never never result in the general. empowerment of the masses at the expense of the elite forces in Barbados. This is the political culture we’ve had. A culture unresponsive to the practical demands of what it sees as fickle masses.

    Therefore notions that all the problems of governance in Barbados rest on the people with the least power cannot to based in reality, is merely a political ploy aimed at distraction.

    It presumes that the powerless without information must now be following all elected and selected officials and without any resources, ignoring their lives hold criminal officials to account. This is a fool’s errand.

  10. DavidSeptember 30, 2021 9:28 AM

    She should have been fired. This is a question for Prime Minister Mottley. It is not enough to look for technicality in the rules of the senate to support her eight month absence. There is an ethical consideration that should be applied to this matter. If we can march to protest disgust at others issues- what is more important than an issue that addresses faulty governance model?

    David did u write that post or was that a more rationale and reasonable side of your better half

  11. Challenge’ to meet IMF targets

    Current challenging economic circumstances mean that Government faces a “significant challenge” to meet its targets under its Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) programme.
    This concern was raised by the BERT Monitoring Committee yesterday in its 11th public report.
    The Social Partnership economic watchdog also stressed the need for Barbados’ COVID-19 vaccination rates to increase so that businesses could maintain safe operations and more Barbadians can find employment.
    The BERT Committee, which comprises members of the private sector, trade union movement and creditors, reported on Government’s eleventh set of targets under its Extended Fund Facility with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
    Members noted that “despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic combined with the volcanic ash fall, the Government . . . has continued to achieve all of its performance targets and, in particular, the primary balance of zero per cent of GDP and the growth in net international reserves to levels well above the programme target”.
    The committee concluded that the continued severity of the impact of COVID-19, including the most recent spike and the resultant significant levels of unemployment, and the limited GDP growth opportunities, were the principal risks to the programme.
    It therefore “remains concerned that, even with the lowering of the fiscal surplus target, it will continue to be a significant challenge to meet the targets established”.
    “Close monitoring and continuing collaboration and negotiation with the IMF must continue as the economic uncertainty remains high,” the committee said.
    “It is critical that vaccination rates continue to increase so that businesses can continue to operate safely and provide employment
    opportunities for workers and to ensure that the health care system does not become overwhelmed.”
    It added that remaining a safe jurisdiction in the eyes of major tourism partners was a critical factor to the recovery of the economy and the re-engagement of many laid-off employees.
    The latest report noted that Government revenue was lower in the review period, while expenditure remained high.
    “Total revenue for the fiscal quarter ended June 30, 2021, was $644 million, representing a decrease of $14 million on the total of $658 million collected in the same period in the prior year, but was well ahead of expectations, taking account of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said the committee.
    “Tax revenue was $612 million versus $638 million in the prior year a decline of four per cent. The primary reason for the shortfall in revenue versus the prior year related to a $122 million decline in corporation tax as a number of significant one-off transactions occurred in the prior year.”
    It said total expenditure in the quarter “was $586 million, which was $28 million, or 13.1 per cent, lower than the $614 million in the prior year”.
    The report also said the net international reserves were $2.27 million, well in excess of the $1.4 billion minimum target.

    Source: Nation

  12. Will anything happen to Lucille Moe though?

    Isn’t she not responsible for the Mia Mottley political campaign?

    Won’t she potentially have “secrets” about the Prime Minister from all these years?

    Would the Prime Minister Mottley be wise to upset Lucille Moe?

    • @Sarah Ann Gill

      You are attuned to the political shenanigans played on the local draft board. Lucille Moe is definitely one of the gatekeepers of BLP secrets.

  13. That this woman who is reportedly close to the PM can walk out of the Senate and not be seen for months then return as if nothing happened is an indictment of the shoddy level of the senate and by extension the political system.

    To hear the Senate chairman recite her long unexplained absence broke no laws is a mockery of parliament and an insult to the people of the country who are obliged to pay taxes to support these jokers.

    At least there should be a senate committee to probe irregular matters like her absence, if there isn’t a committee one needs to be established pronto to discourage future nonsense wasting taxpayer resources.

  14. Imagine if a DLP or even an Independent Senator had done this and the President of the Senate had given a decision in their favour.

    Christ Almighty, all like now the yardfowls would still be squawking up, down and all around the island.

    This gaping asshole freeloading on Barbadian tax-payer dollars pretending to be a Senator (in absentia); then all of a sudden turn up and shit all over that august chamber whining about Zoom.

    Not one explanation as to the clear dereliction of duty, and not a single word from the fascists.

    Everything is A-OK.


    But… 30 – 0 you see, so the commentators who speak about it biting “their nails on trivia.”


    Fascists tearing down our democracy piece by piece and these c**ksuckers calling it “trivia.”

    The hypocrisy you find in this blog is simply fkg amazing!

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