DLP Ready or Not …

On November 11, 2020, Moore received 3154 votes in the by-election. Floyd Reifer of the Democratic Labour Party was the nearest challenger with 1 327.Grenville Phillips of Solutions Barbados earned 95, David Walrond of the opposition People’s Party for Democracy and Development got 80, Ambrose Grosvenor of the United Progressive Party 70 and the Bajan Free Party’s Alex Mitchell received ten.” – Nation Newspaper 12/11/2020

The result of the St. George North by election year exposes reasons to pause for those who worry about the current state of governance in Barbados. Historically we have managed the affairs of state well enough to have earned the label ‘a stable political country’. However, the result of the 2018 general election created an unprecedented situation where for the first time the OPPOSITION in the House of Assembly was not comprised of members of a party who faced the electorate under a different party banner. Instead, Bishop Joseph Atherley saved the day by crossing the floor to be anointed the Leader of the Opposition by the Governor General.

The decision by Atherley to cross the floor averted a constitutional crisis many continue to argue (including this blogmaster) and the rest is history to cite an often used cliché. Despite his best effort to be the dissenting voice inside and outside of parliament Atherley his People’s Party for Democracy has been unable to win measurable support from Barbadians. The result of the St. George North by election validates the position. The other conclusion political pundits are certain is that the third party movement in its current form has been rejected by the electorate.

A general election is constitutionally due in 2023 and surprise surprise the main political parties to contest will be the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and Democratic Labour Party (DLP). In other words the DLP represents the government in waiting. It means therefore the general public is vested in a fit for purpose political opposition whether it is occupying parliamant or on the outside. An irony often discussed when this matter surfaces is to highlight a political party is a private member organization, yet it must be ready to take over the job of managing the weighty affairs of state.

Whether we like it or not the DLP represents the only practical legitimate political opposition voice in the mind of the public- although it failed to win a single seat in the last general election. To compare with other countries the DLP is the entrenched other member of the duopoly like the Democrats and Republicans, Labour and Tories or JLP and PNP to name three.

The inability of the DLP so far to list a full slate of candidates to contest the 2023 general election is a concern.

The inability of party leader to elevate her national profile in an environment screeching for a political alternative is a concern.

The inability of the DLP to speak authoritatively on economic policy is a concern.

These are not exhaustive concerns and the one not mentioned and possibly the biggest is the potential collateral damage from Donville Inniss’ verdict due to be handed down next week in New York.


  • Not one yap from the chihuahua today
    What a ting doh.


  • Enuff that story you published tells us what we already knew.This tells us the political nightwatchman has little chance of winning in St Lucy since many of the potential voters know nothing of her.It is interesting that Mr Kellman has nothing to say as the ex MP.It tells me he does not support like many of the elders in the party which clearly shows a split in the dems.This is not a good sign going forward.


  • Denis Kellman’s NO COMMENT says a lot. We need to keep an eye on the man from Moontown.


  • @ David

    You still think DEM can carry St Lucy next election?


  • @John2

    It is unwise to attempt to predict an election possibly 2 years from call.


  • Good political answer
    That just as good as Kelly response lol

    Waiting for the response from the other two constituencies


  • @John2

    At this stage all constituencies that washed in/out people based on a national swing are in play. There is also the assumption COVID and the Ash episodes will help, this maybe true but still has to be managed. No sensible pundit expects the DLP to win the next general election given the present state but there is opportunity to pick off a few. Verla needs to get busy and push back against Mia and the BLO crowding the political space. So far no visible public strategy.

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  • DEM. I big dirty political scandal to start picking off seats next election

    IMO Verla/dlp had a better chance in sT Phillip than in st Lucy or St. John – their most neglected ( for decades ) former strong holds.


  • In which St. Philip riding?


  • @Donna

    Its abundantly clear to me that you either didnt read or didnt comprehend what was said.
    i traditionally do not make it a habit of responding to persons and getting into intellectual dog-fights with them over comments posted, but I am seeing a trend emerge from women these days that is troubling to say the least. And I think that I will address and call it out now because its part of the whole challenge that we seem to be facing nationally!
    That trend is the INABILITY to LISTEN!
    It certainly does not help in any way when we have a cabinet consisting 30 persons who if rumor has any modicum of truth in it, came into government with the mantra “We are going to do it better than the men”! and have not succeed at anything other than screwing up the place more!

    A lot of persons are fooled by the BLP of Owen Authur, but I assure you that while this current BLP administration may have rode on the successes of that past administration, this one is not closely related to that one. Additionally, do not think that for one instant that they are for the poor Barbadians, or the masses ( political terms ). This is the traditional snooty, snotty, pompous BLP of the past, carefully veiled until they are exposed for who they truly are. This is the BLP of Premier Adams who commented when the idea was floated about expanding the national electricity grid to parts in the north of the island ” What do they need electricity for?, they can keep burning smut lamps!”
    This is the BLP of that level of Reprobate thinking

    So , this BLP coming in with an objective of outdoing men and establishing some feminine kingdom as a national goal for us all with our support and placing the “heavy lifting on us” is supposed to go un-noticed?
    By doing what magical thing are you going to displace men, and show that you are better than they are?
    By collecting salaries in the public service under false pretenses that you know what you clearly don’t know, and then expecting the very men who you wish to disrespect by your actions to do your job or assist you while you hide behind a degree?
    I do not speak about things that I do not know about, but when i said that BALANCE was lacking, I can defend what I said.
    Now on to the Bible comment, which I never introduced into anything that I said in my discourse.
    If you do not like the Bible, that is YOUR issue.
    If you feel it was a book written by men, in a time of men, designed to hold women down, then that is your view and opinion. I never referenced it. I spoke of balance being needed, and it wasn’t from a Biblical perspective.
    If given the world to run without checks and balances, its painfully clear to me that you guys will destroy it in less than a year with your inability to listen, your inability work together as a cohesive unit putting aside emotions and insecurities and your pig-headedness!
    Your response only serves to cement in my mind, why I cannot again vote in a manner that does not seem to embrace balance.
    I do not want a dictator, and certainly not a woman as one!
    I do not need another mother!
    And all my aunties and women who are nurturing and admirable from a femininity point of view!
    I will NOT be led by those who display the trappings of a Reprobate mind while the masses blindly follow as if under some Ghananian spell!.
    Be careful what you wish for, ask for and go after. Be careful who your wish granting authority is
    Usually the repayment on these lofty wishes (which you clearly cannot achieve in your lifetime under normal circumstances,) exceeds the principal on the loan quite exponentially, and the only asset that can be used to settle the uncontrolled debt with is your own soul!


  • John2 April 27, 2021 6:11 PM #: “Not one yap from the chihuahua today. What a ting doh.”

    There isn’t anything in this blog for which Mia Mottley could be blamed.


  • Artax

    Believe me she would find something to introduce

    @ David

    I cannot say which St Ph seat at the moment. Would have to review the numbers but one of those that generally leans towards DLP /.
    John kings – IMO probable the most vulnerable .

    I would have to check the numbers and trends before I can say witch one but I know they usually trended Ds and may be easier to pull back than st Lucy / John at this time ( because of the neglect )


  • NO
    I wanted to make sure the text appeared on BU page, so the story would not be missed like I missed the link.🤣🤣 #wedontknowher


  • @The Watcher April 28, 2021 9:19 AM “Your response only serves to cement in my mind.”

    Just me careful putting or keeping cement in your mind, OK?


  • !John2 April 27, 2021 6:11 PM “Not one yap from the chihuahua today. What a ting doh.”

    Too busy mopping up ash, or mopping up tears.


  • Wuh loss Cynthia finds her voice
    But what alternative does she suggest in a Covid environment and having to lived in a sulphuric environment caused by ash


  • WURA-War-on-U

    Barbados’ creative have been crying out for years, when will the toxic governments STOP STEALING work and royalties from Black creatives….they need MORE EXPOSURE until they do, only Caribbean governments, schools and fly by night organizations are accused of THIS CRIME against Black people, including young students whose self-confidence is destroyed very early because of this human rights violation..

    “Noted author and musician Antonio ‘Boo’ Rudder is charging that government institutions are the ‘biggest abusers of intellectual properties in Barbados’ and he is calling on them to do better,”

    “The Government is the biggest abuser of intellectual properties in Barbados – the schools and the Government departments. As a matter of fact, only within recent times have we been successful in signing a licence with The University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus,” he explained.

    Rudder said ‘there was no respect for intellectual property in Barbados’ and said it was evident because there were many organisations in the country who were using intellectual properties and not paying royalties. (DB


  • Cuhdear Bajan April 27, 2021 11:15 AM

    I found your comments on the Mascoll issue to be interesting. If we were to examine the issue, taking all the facts into consideration, then, Mr. Skinner’s response was simplistic or, to use his word, ‘pedestrian.’

    Firstly, there wasn’t anything to suggest Mascoll wouldn’t have led the DLP to victory, if he was at the helm at the time of the 2008 general election. After all, within two years after Thompson resigned, in the 2003 general elections, Mascoll was able to increase the party’s presence in Parliament from 2 seats to 7.

    Apparently, 6 months after the 2003 general elections, it seems as though Thompson signaled he wanted to return as party leader, which received blessings from the DLP’s elders.
    It was not the sitting members of Parliament who wanted to remove Mascoll, but a scheme orchestrated by the elders of the DLP, including Peter Morgan. According to reports, on May 16, 2004, Morgan wrote a letter to Mascoll, in which he praised his economic skills, but believed it would have been in the best interest of the party at the time, for someone else to take over as Opposition Leader.

    On November 4, 2005, chairman of the extraordinary conference publicly announced the conference was not called to elect a political leader, but to elect a party member to lead the party into the 2008 elections.
    Former DLP general secretary, David Estwick, condemned the meetings as being both ‘illegal, unnecessary’ and was a breach of the party’s constitution. He emphasized the point there wasn’t any office prescribed by the DLP’s constitution called “a member to lead the party into the next general elections. As such, he said there cannot be any legal nomination from branches for a non-existing office.
    Estwick also quoted the relevant sections of the constitution to substantiate his points. {For more information, read the November 6, 2005 edition of the Daily Nation}.

    Therefore, if what Estwick outlined was true, then we could reasonably assume Mascoll was ‘unfaired.’

    David Thompson led the DLP into the 1994 general elections against the BLP’s Owen Arthur and NDP’s Richie Haynes. Of the 28 seats contested, the BLP won 19, DLP = 8 and the NDP = 1.
    Thompson also led the DLP in the 1999 general elections and, of the 28 seats contested, the BLP won 26, while the DEMS won 2.
    Thompson third electoral defeat as party leader came on September 21, 2001, when the DEMS lost the St. Thomas by-election, in which the BLP’s Cynthia Forde gained 3,662 votes to DLP George Pilgrim’s 1,740.
    Thompson resigned as DLP leader soon afterwards, making way for Mascoll to assume leadership of the party.

    Mascoll contested the 1999 general elections as the DLP’s candidate for St. Michael North West. He was able to gain 1,873 votes to BLP’s Mark Williams, 1,902, losing by 29 votes.
    Surely one cannot ignore the fact that, having led the DLP into the 2003 general election, Mascoll not only won SMNW by 675 votes (2,450 to Williams’ 1,775).

    It’s also interesting in Mr. Skinner’s analysis, he did not take into consideration the electorate ‘grew tired’ of BLP parliamentarians, and more so Owen Arthur, who became increasingly arrogant and obnoxius during their third term.

    Mascoll resigning as Opposition Leader, his subsequent ‘crossing the floor’ to join the BLP and a ‘swing’ against that party, were significant factors that contributed to him losing the St. Michael North West seat. The DLP supporters felt betrayed by his actions.
    However, it is also interesting to note Sinckler (2,330) polled 340 more than Mascoll’s 1,990 to ‘win the seat.’ Remember, he (Mascoll) received 2,450 votes in the 2003 general elections.

    It is true since Clyde left the DLP, that party won 2 consecutive elections. But, Arthur, who had essentially molded the BLP in his image, (perhaps one of the reason why his parliamentary colleagues thought with an abysmal DLP 1st term, his popularity was enough for the BEES to win the 2013 general elections, hence, the over throw of Mottley)………

    ………. used every opportunity to cuss Mottley ‘left, right and center,’ and resigned from the party. Yet, Mottley was able to win the 2018 elections 30-0.


  • Artax it is clear in my view why Mr Skinner would not agree that Mr Mascoll was unfaired.One he Skinner does not seem to like Mr Mascoll and two he worzhips the ground Mr Thompson walked on.If you noticed, anytime anyone makes a negative comment about Mr Thompson he is the first out of the blocks to defend him..I do not know why since i have struggle to find or see anything of consequence Mr Thompson said or did as a PM or MP over his 20 plus years as a politician.However, as you stated i also believe thatr Mascoll would have won the 2008 elections as he had increased the seat count in 2003.This is when Mr Thompson ran away to avoid a third dtraight defeat which would have ended his lifelong dream of becoming PM..Therefore instead of supporting Mr Mascoll as leader he along with others sought to in my view undermine him..Hence was able to remove Mr Mascoll after all his hard work unfairly.In my view Mr Mascoll did the correct thing in leaving the dems at that time.


  • David Thompson benefited from what the blogmaster describes as political privilege.


  • William Skinner

    @ Lorenzo, @ Artax
    You have your views and I have mine:
    These are the facts:
    1.Mascoll was removed and his party won;
    2. Mottley was removed and her party lost;
    3. Mascoll’s party won two consecutive elections after he left;
    4. Mascoll did not win his seat after he left his party.
    5. Mia Mottley was kicked to the curb by Arthur. She chose to remain and defend her party. Mascoll chose to leave his party.
    Nobody can dispute these facts.
    In my opinion nobody was “unfaired”. It was simple party politics.
    I dun wid dat .


  • Skinner you make some truthful points.However point 2 about Ms Mottley is a non point.This is about Mr Thompson and Mr Mascoll.The point of the dems winning two elections one was with Mr Thompson and the other in dubious circumstances in 2013 in my view.Anyone with any fair mind would agree that Mr Thompson undermined Mr Mascoll on his return from running scared of Mr Arthur in 2003..Therrfore Mr Mascoll did the honourable thing and left the dems.


  • William Skinner

    @ Lorenzo
    Where you see honor in Mascoll ; I see political cowardice.
    The point is that Ms. Mottley demonstrated tremendous loyalty to her party.
    They both suffered a similar fate and they chose to respond differently.
    The operative word here is replaced . I was just making comparisons of the two because they were both opposition leaders when their parties preferred bothers to lead.
    So, let’ us agree to disagree on this one.
    Enjoy your evening.


  • William Skinner

    Others to lead not bothers. Apologies.


  • @ William Skinner May 6, 2021 2:15 PM #

    RE: “You have your views and I have mine.”

    Yes, I agree.

    RE: “Nobody can dispute these facts.”

    YES, “these facts” as you’ve described them, CAN BE DISPUTED, when placed within their ‘perspective context.’

    For example, “Mascoll was removed and his party won.” This CAN BE DISPUTED because Mascoll was NOT removed.

    You seem to believe you’re always correct and hate having people challenge your opinions, especially if you think they’re beneath you.

    But, I won’t bother to go any further and agree “let us agree to disagree on this one.”


  • William Skinner

    @ Artax

    I have had several discussions right here on BU, with you , where we have had different opinions and have always ended as gentlemen. I can pull exchanges where you have complimented me on my objectivity.
    For you to write this, is almost impossible for me to believe.;
    “You seem to believe you’re always correct and hate having people challenge your opinions, especially if you think they’re beneath you.”
    My dear man, nobody knows William Skinner will write that.
    I’ve been on BU for donkey years ; I have been in several differences with people. Never once did I get personal. Maybe a bit mischievous with the pen but never abusive or disrespectful.
    However, you have a good day and Stay Safe. I still think that you’re an asset to BU. Keep up the good work.


  • William Skinner

    Should read :nobody who knows William Skinner will write that.


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