Sweet Sunday Sermon – 2 Timothy 2 versus 7-13

Right from the beginning of this letter Paul has been trying to inspire Timothy to his task. He has reminded him of his own belief in him and of the godly parentage from which he has come; he has shown him the picture of the Christian soldier, the Christian athlete and the Christian toiler.  

Each of these three occupations need great perseverance to succeed. The solider who stops fighting before the battle is finished,  will never see victory. The athlete who stops running before the race is over will never win the race. The farmer who stops working before the harvest is complete will never see the fruit of his crops. Just as  athletes, farmers, and soldiers are hard-working, believers  must be hard-working spiritually.

And now he comes to the greatest appeal of all–Remember Jesus Christ. “Remember … Jesus Christ”- the supreme model of a faithful teacher (verse 2), soldier (verses 3-4), Athlete (verse 5), and farmer (verse 6). Timothy was to follow his example in teaching, suffering, pursuing the prize, and planting the seeds of truth for a spiritual harvest. Even if every other appeal to Timothy inspiration  gallantry should fail, surely the memory of Jesus Christ cannot. But above all, Timothy was to remember three particular things that were “The heart of the Pauline gospel.”

In verse 8 , Paul is really urging Timothy to:

1- Remember Jesus Christ risen from the dead.

2- Remember Jesus Christ born of the seed of David.

3 Remember the gospel, the good news.

Paul has just explained three illustrations of the Christian life – a soldier, an athlete, and a farmer. Now Paul tells Timothy to “think about” what he said and the Lord would give “understanding.” The word “think” means “to consider carefully,” “to ponder,” or “to mull over.”


  • Hi,
    Run on Fumes
    You my God fill my cup and make it overflow
    The words of God are not as important as the vessel that is communicating them
    What kind of vessel are you my beloveds
    Are you a top notch selector / DJ operator in the dance of life

    Crate Diggers progressive House


  • Jeremiah 33:8
    “And I will cleanse them from all their iniquity, whereby they have sinned against me; and I will pardon all their iniquities, whereby they have sinned, and whereby they have transgressed against me.”


  • Has anybody seen the son of God
    Is he sitting up on a mountain top
    smoking a big fat doobie
    meditating like a big fat buddha
    or is he building his structure
    exercising hypnotising
    memorising spirit rising
    is he preaching & teaching for reaching
    Where can he be
    it’s a mystery
    is he playing hide and seek
    from the wicked babylonians
    saying to them
    “you can’t catch me”


  • @Kiki

    Point made, let us move on.


  • Don’t you worry Jesus is here
    Oh God / Save the Children


  • John and GP’s twisting of truths / political agendas is a good example / case study lesson to understand how Bible was written in the centuries after Jesus’ death and Christianity religion was formed by people with ulterior motives to implement a system of social rules and propaganda to hold you and control you instead of empower and free your mind. No one owns the truth or defines truth and the truth is all around like energy from the heavens space and universe above the air all around you and the ground beneath you and if you open up your mind body and soul you can learn to absorb the energy inside you like breathing in through all your pores.


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