Denis Lowe Go Away!

The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him – Niccolo Machiavelli

The blogmaster read a report in the press yesterday that former Minster of Drainage (and the Environment) Denis Lowe,  “still has fervour for politics” and intends to throw his hat in the ring come next general election due in 2023. There was an attempt to make his intention serious by giving the story prominence on the front page of the Nation newspaper.

The blogmaster is challenged to present a cogent response to Lowe’s outlandish desire to offer himself as a candidate in the next election.  This is a man who left his ministry with a handful of garbage trucks and had to resort to commandeering MTW trucks and bobcats to remove piles of garbage from the streets of Barbados. What Lowe will be most remembered for is an attempt to foist a gasification waste to energy plant on Barbadians under the cloak of night. Cahill Energy … anyone?

The Nation newspaper reported Lowe’s desire to contest the next election was ratified by the Christ Church East constituency. The blogmaster notes the interesting comeback from president of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Verla De Peiza when asked to comment, the party will make candidate announcements at a later date”.

Political pundits are left to ask – how come the leadership of DLP Christ Church East  is so out of touch with the political reality prevailing in the country? What would have motivated a handful of individuals to ratify Lowe’s selection at this time? What would have motivated them to retrieve a spent, incompetent and shady  Denis Stephenson Lowe from the political dust bin? By the way, has he been given a clean bill of health? We recall he had to be away from office for unacceptable periods of time.

The blogmaster criticized Verla De Peiza when she allowed Stuart to share his specious concerns under the party banner earlier in the year. Once again this blogmaster is suggesting she should move with haste to excoriate political skeletons associated with Stuarts unpopular reign. At a time Prime Minister Mia Mottley continues to suck the political oxygen from Barbados’ political space,  Verla De Peiza leader is being undermined by political fiends stinking up her leadership space. If De Peiza wants to establish the party as hers, if she wants to match and surpass Mottley, she must respond with a ruthlessness borrowed from the Machiavellian handbook. If she does not the label of ‘watchman’ will flourish.

The ratification of Lowe by the constituency raises the perennial issue discussed many times on the blog. The private selection of candidates by the duopoly who eventually find themselves elevated to members of the cabinet. BU has posted several blogs exposing Lowe as a stool pigeon and plan for Peter Allard going back to when he was appointed to the Senate.

It is time for political parties in Barbados to reinvent themselves. Men and women must hold their noses and offer to serve. We can implement the best systems to ‘democratize’ the process, it will not work as intended unless intelligent  people with copious integrity raise their hands.





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  • prop·a·gan·da
    information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view:
    “he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda”
    a committee of cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church responsible for foreign missions, founded in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV.


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  • @John2 . The pumping station was placed there decades ago, for the same very reason it is serving now. In BU’s archive a contributor a few years ago, has beautifully highlighted this situation in words and impressive sketches.


  • ARRI

    Is there a public tank in Bowmanston, Golden Ridge, Sweet Vale etc or any other village close to a pumping station or reservior? And how often do you hear or see a water tanker in any of those areas?

    The cattlewash pumping station serves the surrounding areas even down to Bellplaine.

    The community tanks are about less than 5 yrs old. why would you need a community tank or water truck in an area that already has a reliable water water supply.

    Man stop trying to make everything political!


  • @John2,

    Thanks for that definition.

    Let’s use it in a couple of sentences.

    During the 2018 political campaign between the DLP and BLP, the now PM MAMA MIA often used propaganda to stoke the fears of the electorate. She complained that with Barbados in financial peril PM Stuart saw it fit to purchase a Mercedes when the govt could not afford it. Yet as PM she uses the Mercedes. Barbados is in worse financial problems now than it was under Stuart. She pointed to improprieties in the relationship between Mr Maloney a white bajan and black DLP politicians sometimes going so far as hinting that the relationship may be corrupt. In this regard, no charges have been brought against Maloney or DLP politicians thus far and in fact Maloney now, it would appear, has morphed into a patron saint of the BLP.


  • @Greene

    You have done well to highlight characteristics of both parties. No arguments from the blogmaster at all.


  • Greene

    Yes MAM used BLP propaganda to great effects. You got to know when to hold/fold them! with the state of the economy (FX, downgrades, missed targets etc), the length of time the Ds were in power and the other side shows like sewage, garbage and buses. she used the propaganda very effectively.

    Now maloney, i would prefer if he was locked with some of the DEMS but can see why he is still involved in the hyatt and Ross to coverley.

    Now the PM car is total crap.
    It is here now, what do you expect her to do? sell it an bring out something cheaper?

    Now if for some reason that car breaks/iis totalled and can never come back on the road and she brings out a stretch limo do you not think it would be good political fodder for any opposition ( of which they all would use)?

    Now if an other “political class” leader comes to power, do you not think they would continue using that same limo as at official car?

    The economy is bad, in that we will be having large negative gdp. BUT
    economic CONDITIONS has improved – improved ‘physical’ space – due to debt restructuring – for now
    more fx and pressure off the value of our $. (even though it due to borrowing). – for now
    downgrades stopped. – for now
    even with the economic fall out from covid no public sector layoff. – for now.

    Should i throw in the road works, buses and trucks?

    MAM did not buy the mercedes in hard economic time. It was there being used for that purpose when she took over.
    HOW did she spent the public money instead – she bought SSA trucks and electric buses

    So you see now when i see propaganda like you then it turn me into a BLP propagandist – but really i am not ( but do understand why people would link me to the them).


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  • @John2,

    lol. now that you have said all that i will admit to using the same information or as you call it, propaganda, that MAMA MIA used in the campaign.

    she knew full well that the merc was commissioned as the PM’s and other Govt vehicles get changed after a certain period of useful life. it is nothing new. i stand by what i said. if it was such a big issue as she made it out to be, she could have sold it and buy a suzuki that is much cheaper. she is the one who made it a political issue, didnt she? same with Maloney and many of the campaign issues. it is hypocrisy of the highest order

    the rest of what you said is fair. i could offer rebuttal to some of it but that is nether here nor there


  • gREENE

    As i said – you got to know when to hold/fold them.

    The attack on the MERC wasn’t a big issue but it was big political points at that time and it was used well..
    You may feel vindicated in using the same propaganda as MAM did back then (mariposa used to do it also) but conditions are different now and MAM/Bs will use it to their advantage (politically).

    She is not doing anything different from all the other PM did before her – come into office and use the official vehicle that was being used before them. Owen came into to power in hard times and he did not sell and buy a cheaper one etc etc.

    Then she is going to say if Stuart had bought a suzuki instead of the merc then she would be now driving around in the suzuki instead. she will also point out that the SSA trucks and buses that are need for the social services were never changes out but the comfort for the former pm was.

    Now who will you thing the voting public will support?
    For 10yrs
    No garbage trucks and garbage pile up all over the islands
    No buses and commuter got long wait at bust stands/stops
    Yet PM bring comfortable big ride for himself (he was hoping for another 5 yrs)


    i use the ride i find like all the other ex PM before me and as happen all over the world.
    But here is where i spend your taxes – not for a comfortable ride for myself but for x(amount) of garbage trucks which are now keep your streets clean – no more money going to private haulers

    x buses so you dont have to wait so long. and they are solar so will help drive down the gas bills that you were paying for before (even though you werent getting the service)

    MAM would have you for lunch dinner and supper if you come up against her with that foolishness
    hands frailing and all


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  • Interesting the comment issued by Verla De Peiza when asked to comment by the press about Denis Lowe’s announcement. She said something to the effect candidates have not been ratified? Approaching midterm, general election is due in 2024, what is the DLP’s plan? Candidates need time to court their assigned constituencies.


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