Two Poorakey FORMER Prime Ministers


Verla De Peiza, Leader of the DLP


@David,what rot are you talking? the DLP will be out of govt for at least 10 years. do we really think any person from the last bunch will be around politically at that time? your admonishment is a nonsense under those circumstances. Barrow and others were rejected too. politics is a strange game and the rejected can become the chosen in a wink of an eye politically

The comment quoted was posted by Greene in response to criticism of Verla De Peiza’s leadership of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). It reveals the electorate’s biggest problem.

There has been a lot of chatter about the decision by former prime minister Freundel Stuart to speak after two years of silence. One of the characteristics of Stuart’s tenure was his unwillingness – some suggest reluctance – to engage the public on the many issues of the day. This detachment from an electorate he was elected to serve permeated his team. The ethos which shrouded his tenure provoked his reference to a sleeping giant who others should be fearful about awakening.

This blogmaster has no intention to be prolix on this matter, the BU family has sliced and diced Stuart matters to bits over the years. Those who prefer to drag a political carcass across the trail to stink up dispassionate analysis, it will not work.

For some time progressive BU pundits have opined that the Bajan electorate has ceded its civic responsibility to the political class.  Key tenets upon which our so called democracy is built require a strident advocacy by the PEOPLE to act as a whip to the political class. What we have is a situation – referred to as the duopoly –  where the Opposition party pays its penance for two terms and is re-elected as the de facto government in waiting.  Some of us have exposed the fault line in our governance system, however, the majority of people have become intoxicated by the games politicians play and do not know B from bull’s foot as it relates to civic engagement.

The last two prime ministers Freundel Stuart and Owen Arthur represent about 25 years in office between them. Is it too much for the electorate to expect them to add value to the governance landscape – post prime ministership – with the objective of making our democratic systems better? For this reason elders in ancient societies have been allocated pride of place and  were pivotal transferring knowledge to mould societies for the better. Instead what we have had is Arthur demonstrating a level of bitterness not worthy of mention AND one Stuart outburst labelled by political pundits as froth over substance.

Some of us have had enough!

it is in this context the blogmaster states categorically there is no merit to Stuart given airtime under the banner of the DLP, if it wants to be taken seriously as being in the vanguard of change. Stuart is free to mirror De Lisle Worrell by posting his thoughts on a website or vblogging on YouTube. The political class has no problem disrespecting the electorate by demonstrating arrogance in office, breaking promises (manifestos), however, the electorate – according to some – must extend all courtesies to Stuart by being receptive to his mouthings on his descension from Mount Olympus. This blogmaster says no!

Two years on it is evident no credible third party movement has emerged. Although disappointing, it is a reflection of the scant regard quality citizens hold for aspiring to be members of the political class. We are what we eat, our governments are composed of poorakey members.

A reinvigorated and reborn DLP is important to a well functioning governance setup in Barbados. One does not have to be blessed with the acuity of the best political pundit to know Verla De Peiza lacks the gravitas in personality to lead the emergence of the DLP.  To have allowed Denis Lowe, Ronald Jones, Adreil Brathwaite et al to hijack her agenda- if there is one -is the biggest indication she does not have control of the party.

Three more years to go Verla, or less!


  • How many know about Winter Crawford.


    I do. my grandfather, a staunch Sir Grantley man, told me all about him years ago. He had great respect for him. I think many of Barrows policies came from him. From what I hear, he was a much more radical man than Barrow, though. Maybe that’s why he remains hidden.


  • @Silly Woman,

    i am prepared to amend my statement but i just didnt like the way he used the foul stench situation at Cawmere. i have been reliably informed of other things too


  • “Is the ABC highway the Bajan version of autobahns designed to accommodate fast-moving Mercedes Benz for the local rich and famous like judges, social patriarchs and financial kings of scams?”

    yeah, the hoi poli full of shit, one came out swinging and dictating about tourists lives being more important than Black people’s lives in Barbados and now all the robberies him and his ilk and family committed robbing Bajans tens of thousands and how many people got him and his family in court for not paying debts and bilking the people over the decades and how many matters are in court to recover money they stole……. got exposed on FB.

    people who live in glass mansions should not throw stones.


  • hoi poloi….

    racist crooks who live in glass mansions….


  • Yeah..and the tourists also got told that they have to be careful of him too, because he would not hesitate to rob them, without using a knife, gun or mask…ha..


  • Donna February 29, 2020 4:24 PM

    “How many know about Winter Crawford.


    I do. my grandfather, a staunch Sir Grantley man, told me all about him years ago. He had great respect for him. I think many of Barrows policies came from him. From what I hear, he was a much more radical man than Barrow, though. Maybe that’s why he remains hidden.”

    @ Donna
    That’s great. I too was privileged to hear from similar folks about the great struggles of the trade union movement and agriculture workers.
    Unfortunately we ignore our elders and learn little or nothing about the journey.
    You are a fortunate person to have had had such a great and informative grandfather.


  • I do believe some reminders are in order.

    Multi-million Dollar Bank Accounts for Barbados’ Money Launderer’s Inc aka the Oligarch/oligosh..cont’d

    lawd me gawd zeros can’t done.

    First Caribbean International Bank
    P.O. Box 288, Grand Turk BWI
    Checking Account under name Sherbrooke Securities Ltd.
    Acct#0875241530 Bal $2,115,000.00

    Turks & Caicos Banking Company Ltd.
    Checking account number under name Sherbrooke Securities Ltd. Acct#511371607 ….bal…$3,602,000.00

    TCI Bank
    P.O. Box 255
    Grand Turk, BWI
    Personal investment account under name (to be included eventually and it appears inevitably)
    Acct#0108996347…bal ..$2,878,000.00

    Albany Trustee Company ( Turks &Caicos Ltd)
    Bristol House
    P.O. Box
    Turks & Caicos Is…BWI
    Acct#7718283430….bal $687,000.00

    Tital $9, 282, 000…Millions yo…

    Barbados Money Launderers Inc are doing well..

    Keep warning you about those short memories, it will be your downfall..never mind, already is.


  • @ William Skinner February 29, 2020 5:24 PM
    “I do. my grandfather, a staunch Sir Grantley man, told me all about him years ago. He had great respect for him. I think many of Barrows policies came from him. From what I hear, he was a much more radical man than Barrow, though. Maybe that’s why he remains hidden.”

    That claim by your granddad can be safely vouched for.

    Wynter Crawford was the brains and engine behind that ‘radical’ social experiment of the 60’s. Barrow was the main mouthpiece and poster boy.

    My grandmother was a relative of Wynter and knew what she was talking about when she used to describe her beloved cousin Algernon as the genuine socialist half of G. H. Adams.


  • William Skinner

    @ Miller
    It was actually @ Donna grandfather. I heard from folks of that generation.
    You like @ Donna were fortunate to have such great grandparents who built the rock we now stand on.


  • A Topic worthy of discussion titled A poorrakey Attorney General should make its way on BU
    Barbados AG has boldly stated that crime is down in Barbados
    Just of recent a tourist and family members had the scare of their lives as they fought off masked gun men who enter their home and shot a family member who is now paralyzed
    What the AG needs to be more focus and prepared that within the coming months as the economy continues to worsen and jobs level of unemployment reach and all time high that people will to survive would be by any means necessary
    The video of the masked gunmen is an example of the blantant disregard for law that thugs in this society would engage to have a day meal
    Meanwhile our PM remains silent as she finds new photo opportunities to send message to the populace that all is well
    Good grief


  • So is Atherley planning to get rid of that racist Jackass weather head…or does he still plan to keep him around to ensure none of them ever enter that parliament as any racist government…..if Atherley had done a background check he would have noted this clown is not suitable for any leadership in a majority Black population, but it is obvious he did not vet Fido the racist….first mistake.

    …there has been decades of problems for the Black populi with these two sell out negro governments who put racists before their own people, still in the 21st century…no one needs a racist in the parliament as an MP talking more shite…and enforcing tourism dependency even more, the parasite.

    Since his little photo op, Atherley can kiss parliament goodbye…so either get rid of that crook cause it’s very clear he forgot he too is a bandit who does not need to carry gun, mask or knife…in racist apartheid Barbados.


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