Pay the Ransom


Submitted by Grenville Phillips II,

I visited the Bahamas to examine the damage from Hurricane Dorian. When I returned, I received a message from Flow to pay my phone bill. They said that I owed $383. Using Internet Banking, I paid $400 – then Flow blocked me from making calls from my cell phone.

After three days of inconvenience, I called Flow. They said that my account was in credit, but I was blocked from making calls until I paid $140 in roaming charges.
I explained that I paid the amount that Flow gave me. She said that the roaming charges were separate. I asked whether some of the money I already paid could be transferred to pay the roaming charges, so that I could use my phone immediately. She said that to use the phone immediately, I would have to visit Flow’s office.
I have learned that with some companies, I must look on the bright side to avoid getting overly frustrated. So, I decided that it could have been worse – Flow could have blocked me when I was in the Bahamas, which would have been disastrous.
I had to meet a client at 3:15 pm, and it was 2:15 pm. So I decided to risk going to the Flow office in Windsor Lodge first. I arrived at 2:43 pm.
The cashier said that my bill was already paid and was actually in credit. I explained about the roaming charges. She said that I could not pay those yet. I had to first visit one of their customer service agents, who would transfer the charges to their system.
The customer service agent told me that I had to pay $260. I asked what happened to the $140. She said that it did not include the taxes, and gave me the amounts. When I noted that the total was not anywhere near $260, she apologised – then said that it was actually $262.32.
My bill arrived approximately one month later. My roaming charges totalled $130.84, and I do not know how they calculated $262.32.
It was now 3:00 pm, and she asked me what I wanted to do. I said that I would pay the ransom. She completed the transfer and sent me back to the cashier. After I paid, the cashier told me that I could make calls if I turned the phone off, and back on.
It was now 3:10 pm, and I turned off the phone as I ran to my car. I had planned to explain to my client that I would be a few minutes late. When I turned it back on, I still could not make calls, so I used the heavy-foot technique and got to the site at exactly 3:15 pm.
The next day, I returned to Flow who removed the block. After turning my phone off and on, I was finally able to make calls.
In my opinion, Flow is extremely inconsiderate. I explained to several of their agents that I have my Internet, TV, land-line, and cell-phone with Flow, and I always pay my bill in full. I also travel around the Caribbean and always pay whatever roaming charges they demand – whether $200 or $2,000. They were unmoved.
Why were Flow so quick to block me from making calls, especially when my account was in credit? Why block me for relatively minor roaming charges of $140 incurred a few days before – and not yet on my bill?
Flow appears blind to what is needed. They have invested in a refreshingly welcoming customer introduction. But once the customer goes beyond the pleasantries, they get employees who seem hardened from having to implement lunatic policies on their fellow Barbadians for so long.
Flow is damaging their own reputation, by unnecessarily harming the productivity of their customers. The solution is simple – liberate their front-line employees to use their human discretion. Of course, they can continue to force them to implement stupid orders like soul-less robots.
Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at

46 thoughts on “Pay the Ransom

  1. Glad this happened to you, as a regular international traveller I have experienced these FLOW issues on a regular basis with much frustration. Decided it was time to ditch these RH and now use other North American based phone provider.

    Barbados, same old same old, batting above their weight etc

  2. @ Wily Coyote

    Flow is a foreign owned, internationally managed company. Barbados is not batting. Did we have these issues when it was locally owned and managed?

  3. De ole man predicts that WITH THE COMING OF NEW “TRULY INDEPENDENT” TELEPHONY SOLUTIONS this year that companies like Lime and Digicel will lose their monopolies AND SUCH WILL FORCE THEM TO BE MORE RECEPTIVE TO THE NEEDS OF THEIR CUSTOMERS

    I, Piece the Legend HAVE SPOKEN (de ole man like ending my rants wid dat statement cause um does vex nuff people, NUFF!


    FLOW, C&W, LIME etc, no matter their tradename at the moment, might be internationally owned however they are still run by Caribbean RH’s . Same old same old, batting above their capabilities.

  5. @Piece: “De ole man predicts that WITH THE COMING OF NEW “TRULY INDEPENDENT” TELEPHONY SOLUTIONS this year…

    As usual, the “man” speaks with absolutely no knowledge; not even “first principals”…

    This /won’t/ happen here in Barbados until the Telecoms Act is “revisited”. The marketplace simply isn’t “configured” for traditional telephony competition currently. (I can’t go into further details; under NDA.)

    My best advice for anyone dealing with roaming charges is to “walk” with an additional unlocked phone (or a two SIM capable phone), and buy “pre-paid” connectivity from a local provider. Then on that use Over The Top (OTT) telephony services like SIP, Skype, et al.

    To share, a client of mine was cut off while traveling in England last year because of roaming. The carrier claimed they had used $6,000 USD worth of roaming data over a 48 hour period.

    Thankfully I was able to prove that the device in question was not connecting to the carrier’s roaming partner’s network, so (eventually) the charges were waved. (I have documentation on this just in case anyone wants to sue me over this claim.)

  6. @ Halsall.

    You said and I quote

    “…As usual, the “man” speaks with absolutely no knowledge; not even “first principals”…”

    First of all the word is “principles” not “principals”

    Secondly de ole man knows precisely of what I speak heheheheh but I WILL NOT SHARE IT WITH YOU LEST YOU heheheheh…and expose the fellers!

    But suffice it to say that do you know of Infinet Worxs heheheheh.

    Long before and during Lime’s so called monopoly dem fellers was doing ‘a ting’.

    The technology is already there but wunna ent know who using it illegally.

    And other technology is on it’s way


    Just that you ent know bout it yet so…..heheheheh

  7. @Piece: “First of all the word is “principles” not “principals”

    What part of I’m dyslexic isn’t clear?

    Separately, I’m “on the ground” here in Barbados, and thus might know a little bit about what’s going on.

    Where are you?

  8. Ha ha! This time i know you are telling the truth. The difference between our similar experiences is that I did NOT pay the ransom and yet my service was restored before I left half and hour later. They did not want me back on their premises!

    And just yesterday I had to call them to remove several untidy wires and an old box that the technicians had left on my house. My painter needed them removed to facilitate his painting. Customer disservice rep. asked me a whole load of stupid questions which I refused to answer. I told her that Flow was the only company that had ever placed a box on my premises and that I was not going to tax my brain to remember dates or names of technicians. I asked her why that was necessary in order for them to come and remove the box and wires they should have removed when they installed the new box. If she wanted to know the name of the technician she could look it up!

    Technician turned up this morning, less than twelve hours after my request.

    Some prime minister you would be, running about paying ransoms you don’t owe! You can’t even get a lowly customer service rep. to do you right! No presence or aura of authority whatsoever!

    PS. The supervisor can use his or her discretion and will do so if “encouraged”.. That was the simple SOLUTION.



    RE Some prime minister you would be, running about paying ransoms you don’t owe! You can’t even get a lowly customer service rep. to do you right! No presence or aura of authority whatsoever!


  10. @ Donna,

    Why you doan behave?


    How you could say dis bout Bedroom Policeman?

    “…Some prime minister you would be, running about paying ransoms you don’t owe!

    You can’t even get a lowly customer service rep. to do you right!

    No presence or aura of authority whatsoever!…”

    Freedom Croaker gine come heah jes now and cuss all uh we!

    Or wussah still, de blog gone get close down


  11. wunnah notice dat dey got a blog entitled IF NOT MIA, WHO? and dat not one soul has said
    diotrophes pinocio filips

  12. Halsall

    You does talk cause you got a mout

    And people, especially bajans, listen to you cause you got a twang and you white.

    Unfortunately de ole man doan do to well in dem environments heheheheh and I does “talk back to massa” dyslexia or not!

    I gine post someting heah which is happening “pun de same ground” you claim mastery of during your reverse colonisation efforts

    It speaks to real world activities that are happening in Barbados now and for the last 12 years for many companies

    “…Several bajan companies like Illuminat bypass Long Distance Calling charges and have been doing so for years legally with the Avaya product.

    They have used the Internet and their private network (Intranet) for long distance voice and fax communications and saved themselves and other companies the on-sale to, hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

    And, instead of paying Lime or Digicel’s long distance charges to route long distance calls between offices, their IP data network continues to route international calls using…”

    But that is enough for you to secure a consultancy to see how you can disrupt this legal BUT UNDESIRABLE LOSS OF REVENUE TO THESE COMPANIES

    Like I said before Halsall, you does talk cause you got a mout!


  13. @Piece: “But that is enough for you to secure a consultancy to see how you can disrupt this legal BUT UNDESIRABLE LOSS OF REVENUE TO THESE COMPANIES…

    As usual, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    I was the lead draftsperson for the Barbados Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Policy passed by Cabinet in 2007. Please see

    It was my work on the Telecommunications Act Revision Committee which resulted in VoIP being made legal here in Barbados for the first time. All the carriers fought me tooth-and-nail during the process.

  14. @David… Basically, throughout the world (except for the “Great” US of A, who are moving backward) the general consensus amongst policymakers is “Network Neutrality” is the sound posture.

    The thinking is the “Internet” is the “highway” — once people have paid for their access, it is up to them what they want to run over the top of the connectivity service (with the exception of illegal activities, but that falls under law enforcement, not telecoms policy).

    From an economic theory perpesptive, it doesn’t make sense for a carrier to be allowed to block services which compete with their own.

    • @Chris

      What is the P&L of the telco saying as far as income drivers with all the OTT competition these days?

  15. @David… I can’t go into a lot of details, (I really am under an NDA), but of course the carriers HATE OTT services. But, really, the horse is already out of the barn… With encryption, VPNs, etc it is effectively impossible to stop. And, since VoIP is legal, the carriers can’t block such activity without being called out on it.

    Tangentially, I’m still really angry that the FTC refused to enforce the Barbados “Two Stage Dialing Policy” and the “Equal Access and Indirect Access Policy” (again, passed by Barbados Cabinet in 2007) — this is why we still have stupidly expensive traditional (PSTN) telephony and not a single “Calling Card” provider.

    All to protect C&W’s long distance profit centers. Stupid.

    • Why would governments want to protect C&W which runs counter to decisions taken to deregulate the market?

  16. @David… I had to think carefully about how to answer your question.

    I think the safest thing for me to say is to simply refer to two articles I’ve already published.

    Please note that the second article was published in the Barbados Advocate Business Monday 2008.02.25. The first article /was/ to have been published, but wasn’t (see note at the bottom of the language)…

    Almost exactly 12 years later, and absolutely nothing has changed.

    I /am/ hopeful that change will happen here soon. But it will take political will, and I have been accused of being a Panglossian.

  17. @ Grenville Phillips aka Bedroom Policeman

    So leh we get back to the real issues madman and not this NO SOLUTION JOBBY THAT THE HONOURABLE BLOGMASTER HAS PERMITTED YOU TO POST.


    People are encouraged to read de madness you wrote as YOUR NON SOLUTION FOR CRIME

    “…To address the stigma attached to charged persons in a small country like Barbados, only the charges and court cases of those convicted will be published…”

    I wonder if readers note your jackass CRIME NO SOLUTION?

    Imagine that I is a known drug dealer or am known to the court for raping people chilrun.

    I does get charge at least 3 times a year for fooping schoolgirls or transporting 141 lbs of cocaine to Barbados

    But I never get convict, like does happen wid Lord Evil or Charles Herbert

    So what you Grenville saying is dat none of my matters is ever to be published!!!

    So what you saying is that this item WOULD NEVER MAKE IT TO THE NEWSPAPERS?

    “…..Herbert was jointly charged with GEL employees Walter Prescod and GEL director Christopher Glen Rogers with possession, possession with intent to supply, trafficking and importation of 267 pounds or 121.4 kilogrammes of cannabis with an estimated street value of $534,160.

    The drugs were found on board the company’s vessel Ecstasy in June 2018.

    Charles Herbert , quote : “I first want to assert clearly to the public that we ( Charles Herbert & Christopher Rogers) are entirely innocent of all of the charges that have been brought and we have been charged with…”

    IN FACT, Grenville Phillips you are on record on your site as saying “…Publishing any such details of innocent persons (like Charles Herbert) will attract defamation fines…”

    Furthermore “…Defamation (of Charles Herbert or Lord Evil) will not attract a prison sentence, but the damages caused by Defamation of the reputations of Charles Herbert and Lord Evil, will be quantified based on loss of reputation and profit…”

    Loss of reputation for druglords?

    Loss of profit for drug dealers? BECAUSE AN ARTICLE IN THE NEWSPAPER WAS PUBLISHED?

    De ole man gine bring your shy$e heah fuh every bajan to read um for themselves


    I, Piece the Legend HAVE SPOKEN

  18. Posted this earlier but the BU BORG…

    @ Halsall,

    As usual it is expected that you will play the race card and the reverse psychology thing

    You said and de ole man quotes

    “…Please forgive me for this. I know I am hated because of my skin color and education…”

    On the being white thing that has nothing to do with how you treat people Halsall AND YOU COME ACROSS AS BEING SANCTIMONIOUS with your submissions here on Barbados Underground

    The smarter black people among us who are equally or more educated than you are “see” that AND PUT YOU IN YOU PLACE WHEN YOU DO THAT “MASSA” THING!

    We too close to dem Lynch and Lynching days and the perpetual Trayvon Martin and “I can’t breathe” moments to permit you to come here and do that “I AM WHITE” and once I speak wunna blacks must be quiet!

    You continue with another piece of real shy$e that Carl Moore A BLACK MAN CAME HERE and exhausted ad nauseam UNSUCCESSFULLY!

    You said and I quote

    “…It would be really good if those who have a position are prepared to put their names behind the position…”


    You jes fly Bach to Barbados Underground cause you feel it is good for your advertising at this time of austerity in the country AND YOU LOOKING TO DO SOME MARKETING OF YOUR SERVICES!

    But we got your number!

    When you stand up like a man, pun Barbados Underground AND POST AN ARTICLE OR TWO, which brings your white ass out of the politically correct shadows of 3 line spanning the corridor statements THEN PEOPLE GOING BE ABLE TO GAUGE IF YOU IS A REAL MAN or just posturing with your display picture!

    We heah pun Barbados Underground have seen nuff wraiths like you Halsall, both Black and White, so we know when wunna is real or jes wants to tek pot shots at our black women.

    I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU WHEN YOU ASKED DONNA if she beats her husband.

    You dont rassle know that woman yet your jes arrived white as felt entitled to say that here to a blogger who uses her real rassle name.

    And you dont find that distasteful nor do you think it demands an apology.


    your comment about Donna beating her husband was clearly based on that white privilege thang AND I WILL NOT EVER FORGET THAT!

    As you will see before you get tired and leave LIKE CARL MOORE DID!

  19. piece

    hassal is one of a number of bloggers on BU of whom you must be careful what you say
    he is one to whomyou are supposed to genuflect, like when you pass before the altar in the Anglican church
    hassal is a saint —he family to Michael & the Archangels here?

    i using poetic license here

    • Some of you have the ability to reduce every debate on BU to nothingness. What Chris has done by way of public service to Barbados many here will never appreciate. He comes to BU under his own name and like others who do the same the blogmaster will run interference. If you don’t like it lump it.

  20. hassal is not the only one who comes here who has done great public service to Barbados and use their own name and are treated poorly ——and many here will never appreciate what they have done .

    but it is still true that hassal is one of a number of bloggers on BU of whom you must be careful what you say
    he is one to whom you are supposed to genuflect, like when you pass before the altar in the Anglican church
    hassal is a saint —he family to Michael & the Archangels here?

    i using poetic license here and i being colloquial

    anybody wid common sense can understand wuh i saying
    after all eva body cant be a saint or a person to whom you must genuflect—–we all know dat

    we all know too dat it helps if ya white and come from overseas
    it has always been so
    dat will not change easily
    we understand dat and dat if we don’t like it we can lump it.

  21. @David: “No need to go to respond to this froth.

    I wasn’t planning on it. And thank you for your kind words.

    Frankly, I find this whole thing fascinating to observe and participate in. Clearly, there is a lot of hate out there, combined with a political agenda which I believe is well funded and coordinated.

    To put on the table, I believe BU is critical for Barbados moving forward. It is a place where serious and deep discussions can take place, interspersed with distractionary noise. In some ways, BU is almost the “unofficial opposition”.

    And Piece… Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not going anywhere. The more I’m attacked, the stronger my resolve.

  22. I choose to lump it! Never kissed ass! Will never kiss ass! White, highly qualified, rich or otherwise! Those who like to do so may continue, especially if it is their blog. Makes me wonder though, what is the purpose of the blog if not to proclaim that “ALL men and women are created equal and worthy of equal respect.”

  23. @ Donna

    De ole man will phrase you statement as a question

    “…what is the purpose of the blog if not to proclaim that “ALL men and women are created equal and worthy of equal respect?…”


    Ergo, when some of these “equals” are told to shove their SANCTIMONIOUS platitudes up their white a.sses the Honourable Blogmaster comes out AND CLOSES DOWN HE BLOG TO SAVE THEIR BEHINDS!

  24. @Piece: “Like we said to him, A BLACK MAN, we going repeat to you, a white man, “PSEUDONYMS SERVE A PURPOSE BECAUSE ONE IS PERSECUTED IN BARBADOS FOR GIVING AN OPINION WHILE GIVING ONE’S REAL NAME” unless you white!

    So, basically what you are saying is you are scared. Afraid. A coward.

    It must be an awful way to live one’s life…

  25. What Piece is saying is that you are protected and therefore need not fear. That does not make you more brave since you are basically untouchable.

    And one must also bear in mind that even if one does not fear for one’s self, there are others who must be considered. There are spouses and children. One may be willing to suffer the consequences of one’s opinions but hesitant to visit them upon one’s loved ones.

    But as for me…..

  26. Piece,

    In a country with our history and even our present situation one would think that a smart white man would be sensitive to his tone if he does not wish to offend. Yet here he is blithely stepping into one “land mine” (to use his words) after another with the blog master/system to back him up as usual. He does not even “release” the blog master from his “duty” as protector and shield and fight on a level playing field! And yes, sanctimonious is the very first word I used to describe him.

    But the blog master has decided that he should take his snide digs at us as he done to me on more than one occasion, but that we should not respond. And this because he is ‘posting under his real name”. What a flimsy excuse! If he is being slandered, then that I could understand but if he is just being mocked or if one is simply expressing one’s opinion on his posts or the personality they reveal then that I do not understand. Furthermore, others have come here posting under their real names and have not been afforded such privilege.

    A perfect example of life in Barbados and even the whole world.

    But… for the cause that lacks assistance…. really????????

  27. @Donna et al…

    Respect is a two-way street. You and your “bully tag team” have shown nothing but contempt for me and many others. You reopen pointless attacks when not necessary, often playing the “you’re not allowed to say that because you’re white” card.

    I’ve very comfortable in my own skin, and presume that (most) others are as well. I’m truly saddened that (empirically) you are not.

  28. Chris Halsall,

    In EVERY ONE of our interactions YOU HAVE COME AT ME FIRST.

    I am also very comfortable in my skin. Was raised from birth by your kind and was treated royally. Only black in the neighbourhood and school. Never had one problem. I appreciate my dark skin more with every passing year for OBVIOUS reasons. But I do recognise an attitude when I see it. No-one is accusing you of outright racism but you do have an air of sanctimoniousness that will rub us the wrong way. If you wish to communicate effectively with us you need to watch that. Or no-one will listen and therefore you will be wasting your time.

    Now regarding Grenville Phillips, I have praised him and I have criticized him. We have interacted and agreed on more than one occasion. I also defended him when someone suggested that he was faking concern for school children’s safety to promote his agenda of building codes. He records only the criticism. That suggests that he has a problem with criticism. NOT GOOD in a would be prime minister!

    I presume he is a good engineer and I would not challenge him on that but it is my opinion that he would make a terrible prime minister and BU is a very good place to state that. He is here to win votes and I am here to stop him based on my opinion. That is what we do here.

    Grenville has demonstrated that he has only a superficial knowledge of the Bible and so I will challenge him there. He equates criticism with hatred and one week he accused me of “always bringing poison”. Just the next week DPD wondered why we (including myself) were “fawning” over Grenville’s submission on trade concerns. I explained that I give praise where praise is due.

    And quite tellingly, Grenville has attributed my failure to acknowledge that he is “better” than I am to envy. He has quite erroneously labelled me as bitter when not even my ex husband would call me that. He greets me with a hug. I watch sitcoms because I love to laugh and have myself been known as a rather good comedian. Hatred, envy and bitterness are not in my nature. But this idiot Grenville has said things about me that NOONE ELSE EVER SAYS simply because I point out his obvious shortcomings.

    Grenville has offered himself for political office and I am well within my rights to judge his character and personality and to express that opinion. That is the only way to ensure that we choose wisely in the next election.

    You need to put things in their context.

    And again, you may have the last word, offensive or otherwise because any reader with a modicum of common sense would see that my point has been adequately made.. I will not bother to flog dead horses.

  29. Donna dearest
    Why do you and Piece respond to Hassal
    he used to come with his irksome ways years ago.
    now he is back- but worse

  30. GP,

    It may have been addressed to him but it was directed at other readers. Just setting the record straight for those who are now tuning in. Looney Tunes and Chris Halsall are the dead horses to whom I referred.

  31. @ Donna

    You last 3 posts summarize expertly the rampant phenomenon embodied by the Chris Halsall’s of this BU domain.

    Barbados is the serfdom of the Halsall type people supported ably by a cadre of self hating negrocrats that are much more dangerous than Halsall.

    You and Dr. GP WILL ALWAYS BE HATED BY CHRIS cause wunna quick to call them out AND THEY DON’T LIKE THAT.

    de old man fall into a strange category called state sanction!

    So I get hated cause I understand how killing dem works AND UM DOES NOT PHASE DE OLE MAN!!!

    note de tense used heheheheh

    Why you think Trump kill Solameni and not Kim Jung Yung?

    It be based on a feral understanding of how death mongers operate.

    Halsall going back off of you now you have levelled every single one of his remarks, so gentilely

    Do ole man unfortunately does not have your DNA in me bones and really prefer to lick up Halsall figuratively (AND LITERALLY) if de occasion requires it!

    Anything else with him is like water pun a duck back, useless!

    Clowns like their Bedroom Policeman aka Grenville Phillips MUST be exposed as the frauds they are.

    The problem Halsall and his type have is UNLESS MONEY IS INVOLVED, dem ent doing community services AND HE HALSALL IS ONLY A RESIDENT so he can run back to Canada anytime.

    It’s not even a sling deep encounter for him

    • @Chris

      You are not hearing the blogmasters advice? Avoid these dog chasing the tail discussions, it lends nothing to the debate. What is the sense arguing with anonymous people?

      Discuss the substantive issues on the blog.

  32. Halsall


    As long as we calls wunna our correctly wunna calls such discernment “hate”

    But your skin colour gave your unfettered rights to insult Donna and call he a husband beater.


    And not a feller tell you dat is wrong

    And now you scotching way wid you tail between you legs as you and your Kind are wont to do!

  33. re What is the sense arguing with anonymous people?

  34. re What is the sense arguing with anonymous people?


  35. !) I am not anonymous.

    2) Is your name really David?

    3) One can still be recognised as credible even when anonymous. It has to do with logic, consistency, openness and the absence of debilitating bias.

    4) In the case of someone running for political office, character and personality are always substantive issues on the blog.

    5) The “cause that lacks assistance” should mean something. I thought it meant that this is a people’s forum where all, especially those whose voice is normally ignored, are treated equally. But instead you proudly run interference for the same people whose voice in society is the loudest, in other words, the cause that does NOT lack assistance.

    How you manage the contributors to the site does have an impact on whether or not its stated purpose is seen as the real purpose.

    It is your choice – to care or not to care. That is the question!

  36. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Slowly but surely the “veil” of patriotic concern that the original you operated under AND THE WRAITH OF PRETENCE that the newly constituted Barbados Underground is now operating under IS NOT BEING REVEALED!

    Readers are finally seeing that, you, this iteration of “David King” are a man of little academic substance!

    So much so that your only way to generate topics is to revert to 5 year old topics about, of all things, Peter Wickham!

    Yet, you gine tell us readers that “these two 5 year old Peter Wickham blogs about homosexuality ARE TRENDING IN ST VINCENT” or some inane stoopidness

    You have become partisan in your opinions and writings here.

    That is probably why Pachamama stopped and that is why Mr Hal Austin stopped.

    Because they tire of your myopic agenda to convert ALL BAJANS TO MUGABE MOTTLEY POOCHLICKERS

    Halsall is emblematic of this poochlicking syndrome and we have identified him as such a representative

    The substantive blog, with its supposedly eye catching name, BY THE WUSS GRENVILLE PHILLIPS AKA BEDROOM POLICEMAN, has been exhausted and unless new material is presented, IT WILL GO THIS COURSE!

    And you will block it off to protect the white man Halsall AS IS CUSTOMARY! for him, Grenville and Mia!

The blogmaster dares you to join the discussion.