Ineffective Opposition Has Given Rise to a De facto Dictatorship

Since the shellacking the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) received at the polls in the last general election held on the 24 May 2018, the citizenry has had to make do with a contrived opposition.  The Reverend Joseph Atherley who presented himself as a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate was influenced by a divine intervention- the blogmaster suspects- when the 30-0 result was careening towards a constitutional crisis to cross the floor.

The adversarial nature of the politics practised in Barbados has quickly exposed the passive political persona of Atherley. Under his style of leadership the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PPDD) will struggle to compete in what is popularly referred to as a blood sport. To Atherley’s credit he was able to lure trade unionist and social commentator Caswell Franklyn to his team, who to date has been the member of the party equipped to bare visible political fangs. He is supported by a youthful but inexperienced Crystal Drakes. Drakes continues to grow in stature as time passes.

The 30-0 now 29-1 has created a vacuum in Barbados politics.  Our system of government was designed to accommodate an inquiring opposition IN parliament.   What cannot be refuted is that an elected opposition represents an alternative government in waiting. At the time of posting this blog  there was no evidence the  PPDD had announced 30 candidates, therefore, if something unforeseen were to demand a general election there would be concern.

It gets more interesting.

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) – the other half of the two political parties to have dominated elective politics in Barbados – continues to struggle since the 24 May 2018 to win hearts and minds of Barbadians.  Like Atherley, President Verla De Peiza of the DLP lacks the charisma- in her case add support from the party base to do what is necessary to transform the DLP.  Like the PPDD the DLP is in the process of selecting candidates to represent all 30 constituencies. A good critique is that De Peiza as shadow person for finance has been ‘outspoken’ by both Senator Crystal Drakes and of recent former Senator Maxine McClean. To hear from deputy Irene Sandiford-Garder one has to visit her Facebook page.

The ideal position is for a third party movement to emerge to create viable options for a fedup electorate. Despite a record number of third party registrants contesting the last general election, they have flattered to deceive. Not one has differentiated itself by advocating policies that resonate. It should be clear to new political parties they must have an all-encompassing approach to winning the hearts and minds of the electorate.  One cannot turn up six months before an election with a realistic hope of winning. To Atherley and De Peiza who have been unable to deposit representatives in ALL the constituencies, this must be regarded as an insult to the people they want to represent. Have we reached a point where the needs of the party trump the needs of the people they want to serve?

Come on you other political parties, get your act together!

The 24 May 2018 result has created a situation where we have a de facto dictatorship.



  • “WURA There is nothing wrong with business people. From the sno cone man to the manufacturer, they earn a hard living. ”

    Oh i agree, there is absolutely nothing wrong with business people…WHO ARE NOT GREEDY..


    Who DON’T..think the majority population on the island…ARE THEIR HUMAN PROPERTIES.

    and …think the majority population’s BANK ACCOUNTS, LAND, TAX money, Vat and PENSION FUND…AND WATER WELLS …..belongs to them…

    Those are the ones the people and island DON’T NEED….those are the ones to rid the island of…THEY HAVE BECOME DEAD WEIGHT…after 40 years… PARASITES…

    They were never useful, bring nothing to the table…and only take, take, take…with their gimme, gimme, gimme

    They gotta go..


  • And may i add…the people and island certainly dont need business people who BRIBE governments….and collude with government ministers to steal Vat, Taxes and Pensions….and STEAL BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from vulnerable Black people…leaving the island in it’s current HORRIBLE difficulties….of which it will be many, many years before the island can recover from those thefts…AND that recovery will happen WITHOUT ALL THOSE THIEVES…..trying to TIEF AGAIN…

    They are the CAUSE of the current horrifying hardships that the black majority are currently experiencing, it was unnecessary and happened ONLY BECAUSE of …their greed and nasty low class mentality of believing they are better than the people…..WHOM they ROB to keep up their pretense…..wuh that is the only way they could have ever gotten anything…by TIEFING IT…

    and ….THEY SHOULD ALSO BE IN PRISON…for those crimes against the Black majority, just like the ministers they all bribe….they are criminals.



  • It is obvious the minister does not have knoweldge on the many ways and sources because of the toxins being dispatched in the environment and the impact which the toxins can have and effect other sources within the surrounding environ.e.g lakes canals and other water streams which are affected and can be a warning sign of contamination


  • Piece…go to this blog…INEFFECTIVE OPPOSITION HAS GIVEN RISE TO A DE FACTO DICTATORSHIP….and read what Caswell and others….said…

    after 12 years or more on the blog, ya should know who in the parliament has the powers to continue the small island ignorance and who don’t have the power to do anything about it..


  • How sad. Fifty three years after independence, ninety percent of the callers on Brasstacks today complaining about garbage and rats. And we have apologists for these two political parties on BU trying to score cheap political points.
    The Duopoly cannot even get collecting garbage right.
    The Duopoly Rules


  • William…ya see now why i light into Enuff the Idiot aka Counsel Rests….she is a total waste of oxygen that someone else could be using who will actually contribute to the UPLIFTMENT of the majority population…some parts of the island don’t even get water…and that FRAUD…likes to jump out to defend brutality, criminality and THEFTS against her own people..

    8 out of 11 parishes are having problems for water TODAY…

    Black people need to WAKE THE HELL UP…..before it gets even worse for them soon…


  • Even Apes Hill has water problems today, people are saying they have never seen it bad like this before.

    Then the yardfowls want to come out crowing when people have been BEGGING….both corrupt governments since 1970 when they had that horrific flooding….,to DAM the water that is wasted from rainfall and runs into the sea…flooding everywhere..


  • @ William Skinner,

    I here listening to Brasstacks and a very articulate lady is explaining the difficulties people are experiencing in White Hill.

    She said there a few hundred people living in that neighbourhood.


    At least they have a STAND PIPE.

    Wunda how tings going in Shady Lane an Port george hites.


  • Don’t know about Shady Lane, but Fort George had water outage earlier all morning…, think it’s back now.


  • Watch ya backsides and the organs of you and ya families, if they would steal YOUR LAND as they have done, your bank accounts, ya beneficiaries estates, ya tax money, ya vat money, ya pension money AND YA WATER WELLS….tiefing ya organs would be a walk in the park for these greedy criminals…a breeze.

    “Organs Harvesting is real and as popular as sex trafficking Organs are expensive, like a kidney. That little sucker costs $262,000 in the US (other countries have it for cheaper)! Here’s the full list of body parts and their cost:

    Pair of Eyeballs: $1,525

    Scalp: $607

    Skull with Teeth: $1,200

    Shoulder: $500

    Coronary Artery: $1,525

    Heart: $119,000

    Liver: $157,000

    Hand and Forearm: $385

    Pint of Blood: $337

    Spleen: $508

    Stomach: $508

    Small Intestine: $2,519

    Kidney: $262,000

    Gallbladder: $1,219

    Skin: $10 per square inch

    #staywoke #payattention #organharvesting #stolenbodyparts #blacklivesmatter”


  • The impassioned message of Senator rang out through the Caribbean as OCM news carried a clip of his contribution in the Senate yesterday. The government Senator who referred to his lengthy contribution as diatribe must be writhing in her leather chair at the SBA.


  • I assume the Election of Officers and Members of General Council slated for Friday August 23rd before the Opening Gala Event is a printing error, but I am shocked to see elections will be held before the General Secretary and Treasurer’s report are read and accepted.


  • @ Bajan in NY August 16, 2019 4:34 PM

    Now can see why Barbados is in the state it is today.

    The country has been ‘mismanaged’ for the past 20 years by a consortium of book-learnt nincompoops.

    Not even the basics this ‘class’ of educated asses can get right.

    Any 7th standard educated ‘civil’ servant of yesteryear would have done a much more effective job of managing the country’s resources than the current lot who can be described simply as monkeys handling guns while playing shop with the taxpayers’ money spent like cut-plate.


  • What will be interesting is to see if Verla will run unopposed for the office of President.


  • @Miller August 16, 2019 4:52 PM

    lol I have not heard about cut-plate since I was a boy many moon ago.


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