Message to PM Mottley: Why is 747-400 Boeing Being Registered Under Barbados Colours in the Dark?

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Why is there a big white end of life Boeing 747- 400 aircraft, capable of carrying 490 passengers or troops 7,285 nautical miles non stop, sitting at Grantley Adams International Airport for the past month being de-registered from an FAA holding registration of N508BB to a Barbadian registration of 8P-ERI?

Research shows that this is the very same aircraft, serial number 29031 registration number B18208 that was delivered to China Airlines, a Taiwanese airline company in September 1998, and retired from service in October 2017 to long term storage at the California Logistics airport at Victorville (Aircraft Boneyard).

This aircraft was recently de-registered and re-registered as N508BB by AAR corporation in May 2018, and then transferred to a Trust company called Aero Intelligence Inc (Trustee) in April 2019.

This aircraft was then re-painted white, overhauled engines were fitted, and it was ferried from the southern California logistics airport (SCLA) at Victorville California (boneyard) on May 23rd 2019 to Phoenix sky harbor airport (PHX) Arizona, and then Ferried from Phoenix to Argyle International Airport (SVD) in St. Vincent on May 24th 2019, by Canadian company Nolinor Aviation.

It arrived in St. Vincent to great fan fare, to be delivered into the waiting arms of fledgeling Vincentian charter airline One Caribbean which is only 2 years old, and only operates a single Beechcraft 1900, 19 seater charter aircraft. Sources say that one of the owners of One Caribbean is the son of Vincentian Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

One Caribbean then sought to de-register and re-register this end of life Boeing 747 aircraft in St. Vincent under the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority. However, the ECCAA said they had never registered a Boeing 747 and sought guidance from the US FAA on registration of this aircraft, since this would require oversight and maintenance to be done in accordance with ECCAA regulations.

Capt. Paul Delisle, ECCAA’s flight operations inspector, confirmed that the request to certify the 747-400 was a big step for ECCAA.

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He noted that, as the airworthiness regulator for six member nations of the English-language Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and St Vincent), ECCAA today has oversight of six AOCs, 14 airports and just 41 aircraft. Six are helicopters—but none of the aircraft is a large commercial jet.

Delisle said ECCAA was taking a two-step approach to re-registering the One Caribbean 747-400. First, “We were discussing the whole plan with the FAA,” which originally awarded the Boeing 747-400 its type certification, he said. “We wanted concurrence” with the FAA on all matters relating to N508BB’s potential SVG certification.

One reason is that, 21 years ago, ECCAA’s predecessor certified a McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 for the Antigua and Barbuda registry, for a company called Skyjet. However, according to Delisle, the aircraft actually was based in Belgium, from where it was leased to various carriers throughout the world.

The FAA took such a dim view of the situation that in 2002 it removed the Eastern Caribbean regulator from its list of approved Category 1 airworthiness authorities. “We had to stop that [Belgium-based] operation to get Category 1 categorization” back, said Delisle. “It’s a sensitive subject.”

It seems that following information received from One Caribbean about the purpose and use of this aircraft, as well as the information received from the FAA regarding the maintenance requirements of this aircraft, the ECCAA is not interested in registering it.

Following this development, we are reliably told that Vincentian Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves phoned Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley and asked for her help, by having this aircraft registered in Barbados.

Barbadian colors were then painted on it’s tail; and it was ferried under dark of night to Grantley Adams International Airport, where it now sits.

We are reliably informed that Prime Minister Mia Mottley has given instructions to the Director of Civil Aviation to have this aircraft registered on the Barbados aircraft registry, despite objection from the DCA, and that this has now been completed and it is registered as 8P-ERI.

This however poses other serious issues for Barbados. Being a Barbados registered aircraft, it will need to be operated under a Barbadian commercial air carrier with a valid Air Operators Certificate (AOC). There happens to be one such Vincentian owned charter operator in Barbados called Executive air, run by Vincentian John Ackie. On a side note, John Ackie’s brother in law is currently serving time in a US prison for drug smuggling and money laundering. John’s sister still resides in Florida.

We are reliably informed that this aircraft has been licensed under Executive Air’s AOC to be operated by fledgeling Vincentian charter operator One Caribbean, and apparently re-leased to a Dubai company to move passengers and cargo between the UAE, Africa and St. Vincent.

As a Barbadian registered aircraft, this plane will have far less scrutiny than a US, Vincentian, or UAE registered aircraft. It will also require local civil aviation authorities to have oversight and sign off on all maintenance and inspections. It will require an approved maintenance program be put in place, none of which the local authorities in Barbados have experience in, for such a colossus as a Boeing 747-400. We don’t even have a hanger in Barbados large enough to house a 747 for maintenance inspections.

Why is a Dubai company going to such great lengths to conceal the true identity of the operators of this aircraft? If such a company wanted to offer 747 Charter flights between the UAE, Africa and the Caribbean, why not simply lease or purchase one directly and register it in the UAE under the UAE Alpha 6 registration?

Why would a tiny startup Vincentian air charter operator who has only ever operated a 19 seater Beechcraft turboprop aircraft, purchase or lease a near end of life Boeing 747-400 aircraft which can carry 490 people, through a trust company, register it in Barbados through a Barbados based Vincentian owned air charter company’s AOC, only to lease it to a Dubai company to do charters between the UAE, Africa and St. Vincent?

That aircraft can carry 490 people or troops, or thousands of tons of cargo, weapons or drugs over 7200 nautical miles, non-stop.

This Boeing 747-409 would be close to it’s maximum airframe life limit of 20,000 cycles for its age, is extremely uneconomical to operate, will require compliance with an extensive list of service bulletins (SB’s) and airworthiness directives (AD’s)? This type of aircraft is only useful for extremely long flights, moving large numbers of passengers and huge quantities of cargo.

It is an inordinate and uneconomical gas guzzler.

Where would any charter operator find enough passengers in the UAE who want to travel to tiny St.Vincent to justify the cost of owning and operating such a large and expensive aircraft? Are there enough Vincentians anxious to travel to Africa or the middle east each week to fill up 490 seats?

Or will it be used to transport marijuana grown in the Caribbean to far away destinations?

Perhaps it will be used to deliver aircraft parts to Iran who has been using front companies to purchase 747 parts to keep its aging fleet in the air?

Is it really being leased to a Dubai company? Or an Iranian front company posing as a Dubai charter operator?

This is a highly unusual arrangement, and can place Barbados Civil aviation and International Airport in jeopardy of being de-categorized by the FAA, or worse.

Further, FAA records show that Aero Intelligence Inc (Trustee), the owners of N508BB told the FAA that this 747 aircraft was being exported to Antigua and Barbuda, but we now know that it was in fact exported to St. Vincent and not Antigua. Why did they tell the FAA they were exporting this aircraft to Antigua & Barbuda and not St. Vincent? Would this have created a red flag?

Antigua is well known for aviation operators and is the base of regional air carrier LIAT. But St. Vincent has never ever had an aircraft this large land there until now.

What will this plane carry?

Marijuana? Troops? Weapons, drugs, nuclear material? Regional politicians on long expensive business trips to the middle east? aircraft parts or weapons to Iran or other countries?

We sincerely hope that the United States, The International Civil Aviation Organisation and international customs agencies keep a very close eye on this Boeing 747-409 registered in Barbados as 8P-ERI. Who knows what it may be transporting in the future, and to where?

By the way, the middle east is presently on a heightened aviation terror alert. Could Dubai based operatives be planning to use a Barbados registered 747-400 aircraft as a flying bomb in a terror attack against Iran in retaliation for recent attacks on UAE targets? What impact would this have on Barbados if this aircraft is used for such a purpose? How will the Barbados Civil aviation authority have proper oversight of an aircraft being subleased to 3rd parties in St. Vincent or the middle east?

Barbados Civil Aviation Authority should not touch this aircraft with a ten foot pole. They are setting Barbados up for international trouble. If One Caribbean wants to operate or lease this aircraft to a middle eastern company, let them register it in the eastern Caribbean or the middle east.

Barbados should not touch it.

We need some answers about this.


  • Oh gawd, I keep saying that this blog is full of some foolishness eh. The reference to the plane being used to carry out a terrorist attack mek muh bawl out wid laughter. Buhbaduss everybody knows ain’t no Cat 1, as somebody stated how de plane gine fly to Amurka? Oh shiiite man, and then wunna gine tell me that pickanoisettes and pickanoism aren’t apt descriptions of the personnel on BU and their behaviour? Piss in muh pocket.
    Lemmuh go watch Boris appoint people held in contempt of Parliament and that breached the ministerial code and had to resign, in a country the failed state specialist aka Senior Editor resides and never calls a failed state.


  • “Enuff

    How come you were not seeing these things when WARU was the most avid supported of your BLP when the DLP were in their last days”

    yeah…i was by default doing their dirty work for them and they were quite happy to sit back and watch THEIR FELLOW CROOKS get dissimated and even HAPPIER to see one locked up by the US…

    but now ..different storyy…like if i suddenly went dumb, blind and RETARDED LIKE THEM…after they were elected..


  • Artax probably got that info from some St. Vincent newspaper..that was not the only thing he posted…how come ya ignoring the Dubai route….what is so secretive about that one..


  • @John A

    Let us wish the principals all the best. There is the business plan and then there is efficiently operationalizing same.


  • @John A, I usually treasure your deeply thought through contributions but this one is giving me some difficulty to digest. Obviously, a low price will be attractive to motivate Caribbean citizens to travel far and wide on this geriatric aircraft. Would you be willing to entrust the safety of your family and yourself to fly thousands of miles on an aircraft that was resurrected and maintained by a company with no experience in keeping this majestic bird in the sky?

    I’m afraid I have to go with David on this one and fall heavily on the side of caution. Waiting until this is up and running will be too late to ask meaningful questions.

    Just suppose we had waited until the rape of Accra Beach was completed before expressing an opinion.

    If what is planned is good for the nation and its people, then there is absolutely no valid reason for conducting business in “the dark of night”.


  • Pachamama
    I am damn sure that Roleric Hinds Gate was prior to the election, so go figure. I seek no friends on this blog–none! I say what I have to say and who don’t like it, too bad. Abigail de Salemite is a sick individual and so-called people of integrity support her dishonesty. The comment above epitomises the magnitude of the Salemite’s dishonesty.🤣🤣


  • @ waru

    The Dubai connection is no secret. The intent to fly there was published in the Magazine ” One Mile At A Time ” on May 2017 2019. This news is nearly 2 months old as a result.


  • Look more proof of this dishonest woman:

    WURA-War-on-U July 23, 2019 4:04 PM

    “Don’t you feel any shame
    First the marijuana opportunity……GONE..
    St. Vincent did not miss a beat..No decent investors would touch yall …UNLESS …you give up the corruption..Don’t know how he managed it, but look, a real investor just pushed up the island’s stock..but wait, it may have something to do with the fact that St. Vincent PAID..its overseas creditors.. It’s STILL all about me right.”


  • @Fear play

    First thank you for your kind words, much appreciated.

    Of course I am not saying we should not pay attention to what unfolds, that would be folly on our part. What I am saying is based on the facts we have been given nothing wrong has so far been shared, unlike the Accra thievery.

    As for the age of the plane at 21 being unsafe, as I stated earlier KLM just retired ” Queen of The Skies” their oldest jumbo which was in service for 40 years this year. So we can’t question their equipment choice as BA and Lufthansa still have over 30 each in their fleets.

    As for the company i will await to see what their business plan is and whether they will focus more on passengers than cargo. Bear in mind though this plane along with a full load of passengers can hold the equivalent of 4 twenty foot containers of cargo below. No good business plan will therefore omit making use of that massive space trust me.

    How old you think those Virgin Jumbos are that still come in here sometimes? When you get on them though they are immaculate inside when one considers they are mass travel airlines. They unfortunately just like some old cars that like to stop at gas stations too much.


  • Me thinks ya MISSED THIS ONE…ya soon to be RETIRED FOWL..

    WURA-WAR-on-U July 24, 2019 7:18 AM

    Pacha…for once i was ACTUALLY floored, that is why it is never good to ASS U ME…

    even though it is well known that i cannot STAND GONSALVES…i gave him the benefit of the doubt and started telling myself that he found some investors with a 50 million to throw around, because i know these people exist, some can be found in the Caribbean and they bought OR leased a BRAND NEW PLANE….

    look how goddamn SHOCKED I WAS…to hear this thing they painted up so nicely to look BRAND NEW…came out of a goddamn bone yard for planes…steupppss.

    i was telling someone my first car needed a new engine, i put one in and after that every other thing on that car then needed replacing…lol


  • Yeah…but who is BEHIND THE OPERATION…fowls like Counsel Rests don’t like details, they were not TRAINED THAT WAY…but i was..


  • So wait…….Counsel Rests is telling us that the 747 is ALSO a Barbados operatioin…SO HOW COME NO ANNOUNCEMENT…?

    well maybe yall don’t PLAN to use any taxpayers and pensioners money…i mean .the existing and FUTURE FUNDS…

    …..glad to know those offshore accounts with pensioners and taxpayers STOLEN MONEY HAS BEEN PUT TO GOOD USE..


  • According to the article in One Mile At A Time the owners are made up of pilots and retired pilots and has no government shareholding. Comrade Gonsalves is apparently acting only as a facilitator to get the venture off the ground. He admits they were slow in getting their airport certified and that is why he probably asked the favour of our PM No doubt, as he felt somewhat responsible for the delay.

    Of course we are free to see boogy men and conspiracy theories where ever we want, but so far what has been done has been transparent to this point. As I said I wish them the bes, until I see evidence of foolishness, then I will be the first to cuss them!



    both PMs have BAD TRACK RECORDS…

    we cannot say that ENUFF..


  • Abigail
    You’re surprised because you read but don’t understand what you read, or understand but just dishonest. How the plane could be new when Boeing ceased production 12 years ago? All the stories about this plane mentioned the 20+ years age but you posted an article that you thought would finally lead us to believe that you are not semi-literate and also make Bdos look bad. Sadly it was another spectacular F. #two-mout#gethelp


  • David
    The income tax reductions and payment of income tax returns start this month?


  • I don’t follow news on planes, now i will show interest, but it is just not my thing, but since ya have questionable PMs who are known to DISREGARD the CARE of their own people ….in this …everyone has to WATCH and BE AWARE…

    guess what…I DID NOT POST THE ARTICLE…lol

    sorry to blow up ya bubble..

    i post the article showing St. Vincent making progress whereas yall are STILL STAGNANT….and since questions AROSE..WHICH THEY SHOULD…ya got ya backside all TWISTED OUT OF SHAPE…


  • Sorry to disappoint you, but the information I posted did not “probably come from some St. Vincent newspaper.”

    But rather than elaborate on that information, we prefer to dabble in sensationalism (the presentation of stories in a way that is intended to provoke public interest or excitement, at the expense of accuracy), conspiracy theories, while making generalized unsubstantiated statements.

    Here we have a group of private investors in SVG, that are seeking to expand their operations from a small air shuttle service, exclusive to Bequia Beach Hotel……… to one that provides additional destinations and flights.

    PM Gonsalves DID NOT mention anything about SVG funding or investing in this venture, he only PUBLICLY SUPPORTED it.

    And we in Barbados are making all types of unfounded assumptions and accusations, such as SVG “could never go it alone,” …….. without knowing ALL the FACTS.

    Unlike Enuff, I was not at all surprised you went from praising St. Vincent’s “capitalizing on progress” to subsequently spewing your usual irrelevant nonsense about “scams, secrecy, deceit, thieves and slaves,” as well incorrect information such as air traffic controllers not knowing the aircraft came into Barbados…… because it fits in with your agenda.

    However, it seems as though the BU household PREFERS your type of sensationalism, rather than researching and presenting factual information for discussion in a rational, reasonable manner.


  • And ya calling me a conspiracy theorist and a SADIST…when ya so CLUELESS…lol


  • Yall still don’t know what the plane is ACTUALLY going to be used for…that right there is the MIND OF SLAVES….willing to accept ANYTHING…cause ya LICORISH and think ya will get some..easy to enslave such weak souls…

    i stand my knowledge that ya ARE supposed to have ALL THE INFORMATION and not just some…with regards to the wellbeing of the vulnerable people of these islands…

    wuh look Counsel Rests ALREADY debunked what you posted Artax…at least some of it…so you are NO CLOSER to knowing the truth than ya were before i POSTED…yep…definitely the MIND OF A SLAVE..

    in saying that…the original article at the top HOLDS SOME/A LOT TRUTHS…despite the geostrategic element…


  • in saying that…the original article at the top HOLDS SOME/A LOT OF TRUTHS


  • @Artax

    The correct position is to ask questions, we do not have enough information to assume tax dollars are at risk. A slug does not have to be under every rock. The author embellished the story but it has created the opportunity for those us who champion transparency to do so.

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  • For those who have the time to watch this…ya shitehound leaders…the most corrupt of the lot…love to FOLLOW PATTERN THIS CRAP…against their own people….because they FANCY THEMSELVES GREAT MASTERS..,,…as their clueless yardfowls love to encourage them…and.not a fella can say otherwise, not even the slave minded.

    wake up…open YOUR EYES..cast off the slave mentality..

    ….me thinks they will run out of steam eventually though, it’s FAST and FURIOUS out here and getting WORSE FOR THEM….lol


  • Enuff DID NOT debunk ANYTHING I posted.

    And you AREN’T ANY CLOSER to KNOWING the truth than anyone of us who have so far contributed to this topic.

    You HAVE NOT posted anything that was RELEVANT to the topic…… only a lot of GENERALIZED, UNSUBSTANTIATED statements that were OBVIOUSLY “CONJURED UP” in your head……….

    …………..and the usual shiite RHETORIC that you are KNOWN to post to EVERY TOPIC.

    You came with some nonsense that SVG invested in the airline, which was “debunked” by John A and me.

    The insinuation you made about Dubai, was “debunked” by John A.

    I will continue saying you are a LIAR and FRAUD, who “makes things up just to make things interesting,” and WATER DOWN the blog in the process.


  • @ Artax

    You know how it is in Bim we always got to think the worst first. Lol

    Then again after the scams locally stretching from Accra to Paradise and back, I guess you got to understand why some will shoot first and ask questions later.

    Don’t worry as long as a few of us stick to facts there is still hope.


  • “Enuff DID NOT debunk ANYTHING I posted.”

    oh yes she did…one of your post stated a US and Dubai route…Counsel Rests said as the Caribbean is not Cat 1…ya cannot have a US route…

    although i know Air Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines both had or still have a US route…so ah have no clue what that is about..

    don’t ask me, i don’t do planes and FAA restrictions…that is what she posted…now ya can go look for it…lol


  • When are you going to get it through your SKULL..that the citizenry ARE SUPPOSED TO ASK QUESTIONS…for their OWN SAFETY AND WELLBEING…christ…how did that get so hard to UNDERSTAND…what did they do to YOU..


  • Maybe all of those things…in YOUR MIND ANYWAY…BUT NEVER SLAVE MINDED..


  • “oh yes she did…one of your post stated a US and Dubai route…Counsel Rests said as the Caribbean is not Cat 1…ya cannot have a US route…”

    My friend…..


    I NEVER MENTIONED ANYTHING about a “US and Dubai route.”

    This what I posted:

    “One Caribbean is a small airline, even much smaller than Mustique Airways. It has an operating certificate and currently uses a 19-seat Beechcraft 1900D aircraft to link SVG with BGI and Beef Island (BVI) and APPARENTLY is SEEKING to use the Boeing 747-400 aircraft to launch flights to destinations such as Dubai.”

    Please INDICATE to me WHERE in my above comments I MENTIONED anything about a “Dubai and US route?”

    I HAVE to AGREE with Enuff that “you read but DON’T UNDERSTAND what you read, or understand but just DISHONEST.”

    This is what YOU wrote:

    “WURA-WAR-on-U July 24, 2019 1:08 PM: Ok…so now we have some info.. flights to the middle east, specifically Dubai and US….

    YOUR words…… NOT mine.


  • fortyacresandamule

    Interesting comments so far. Are we that paranoid ? We should choose our battle wisely. Governments the world over is not in the business to answer or explain EVERY action it has taken in running the affairs of the nation. If that were the case, these kind of micro-scrutinies would have resulted in inertia or chaos.

    I see no issue with the 747 registration in Barbados. Flags of convenience registration are common in the region, both for aircrafts and ships.

    The airplane airframe cycle ( take off and landing) is more important than its age. Barbados has a FAA CAT 2 ratings therefore that aircraft will not be able to fly into the USA or EU countries.

    The pertinent issue for me is the investors’ business model: how will the return on the investment fare.


  • “We should choose our battle wisely. Governments the world over is not in the business to answer or explain EVERY action it has taken in running the affairs of the nation.”

    in an ideal environment…oh yeah..

    but not with a desperate government..hollering corruption all over the place and doing nothing.

    just labelled as human trafficking island..

    millions upon millions of money missing from both THE TREASURY and Pension Fund..

    most people are worried less about St. Vincent than they are about the CURRENT SITUATION in Barbados.

    i hope that makes sense.

    had this not come to light, no one would care.

    for clarity..i did not post the article, i just made a comment and next thing ya know, someone apparently was planning to post the damn thing..

    what do i know…lol

    ah crazy, unstable, masochistic…ah just waiting on the other desriptions now.


  • John A

    I must commend you on your contributions to this article. They were insightful, informative and you were rational and reasonable while explaining your position on the issue.

    Yes, I agree Barbadians should ask questions as it relates to the Boeing 747-400 aircraft parked at GAIA. I NEVER mentioned in ANY of my contribution that people SHOULD NOT ask questions.

    My concern is that asking questions “is one thing,” but making wild, unfounded assumptions and accusations or definitive statements without being privy to the relevant information “is another.”

    If you read my first contribution to this topic, I asked a few questions, such as:

    …… Is there a cost to Barbadian taxpayers for registering the aircraft in Barbados?
    …… Is this a case where one CARICOM member state is assisting another member state?
    …… Is the registration illegal?

    Based on the information I’ve been able to gather so far, there isn’t anything that suggests either BGI or SVG INVESTED in One Caribbean ……… or that Barbados’ GAIA would be the hub of its operations, or that flights would ORIGINATE from Barbados.

    All reports indicate this venture is an expansion of a private investment, in SVG, by businessmen and former pilots.

    That’s why I was appalled when someone made the wild, silly and unfounded comment re: “And…now we know why Gaston Browne PM of ANTIGUA was so HESITANT…to JUMP INTO any scams ARISING out of ACQUIRING the LIAT shares…”

    ……… and silly references to Gonsalves as it relates to this issue, when his only INVOLVEMENT was EXTENDING his SUPPORT to the venture.


  • This is about Puerto Rico not Barbados…

    :The politicians were obsessed “with manipulating public opinion online through troll farms, paid shills, and other techniques; and how much contempt they shared not only for political opponents but also for their own supporters, whom they portrayed as basically stupid.”

    The difference between islands is only the degree of wickedness in high places, ….they all have similar characteristics


  • I don’t know what these mind controlled IMPS are talking about…it is like they are in a DAZE..

    me very much like not being one of them.

    they still don’t get it, but they will, unfortunately for them, they will pay..

    better them than me..i say..


  • “I don’t know what these mind controlled IMPS are talking about…it is like they are in a DAZE..”


    Yuh got dat wun right.

    “…….me very much like not being one of them.”


  • Thing is, when they start on these hissy fit parades..they totally forget what is happening in Barbados.

    ..that 15 second attention span thing….it’s ugly indeed.


  • And they cannot SEE THEMSELVES…so sad..

    hours and hours and hours…and ya right back where ya started, still got all those problems to deal with on the island and ya have no clue what Mia is getting herself involved in…….




    not much of anything but smoke and mirrors and running out to defend..oh yeah i noticed that one…lol

    and the prices in the supermarket…unhhh..unhhh, unhhh….even tourists are wondering how people are EATING…..and those are tourists ..WITH MONEY..

    so stay there and don’t ask questions…


  • Why do we have to engage in this nuisance back and forth on all the blogs? It is not heloful, in fact it is boring and exposes online egos of the burgeoning kind.


  • YES, I agree we SHOULD ALL ASK QUESTIONS. But, I believe those questions should be rational and reasonable….. and not based on silly assumptions or made up conspiracy theories, simple because they “spice up” someone’s specific agenda. Uh mean, wuh part ’bout dis yuh cahn understand?

    Isn’t it a bit silly to ASSUME all tourists have money? Aren’t some of them ordinary, working class Individuals who…..similarly to us…… are “brek” and will SAVE or BORROW money to spend their vacations in this “neck of the woods?”

    I’ll also be the FIRST ONE to agree that some tourists and locals alike have been complaining about escalating prices of food and other commodities over the past few years.

    However, this does not negate the fact that the “diamond” and “star” rated hotels such as Sandy Lane, Royal Pavillion, and the all-inclusive Sandals Resorts attract “tourists… WITH MONEY,” and enjoy occupancy levels up 80% during the “off season,” when the other lower rated hotels/guest houses have employees on “short hours” or “layoff.”

    You cannot make broad, generalized statements about the industry based on one or two variables.

    No ARGUMENT intended……… just a little food for thought.


  • @John A and Artax

    Are you of a view this submission was maliciously motivated?


  • David
    I am!! A terrorist attack with a plane in 2019, really? The government like dem don’t even take the pickanoisettes here seriously because there are very few people here that bat for the government consistently and persistently. Although I am not saying they don’t read the blog.
    It seems like even big Salemites gone into retreat. Just imagine if I were a paid blogger with inside info.🤣🤣🤣


  • @ David

    I would say the opening paragraph tried to steer the reader in a direction of ” beware the bogey man.” It spoke to movement of troops and an end of life aircraft which we have proven is not the case. Instead of saying it could transport troops, why didn’t it say that it could transport 4 twenty foot container loads of freight for the region along with 400 tourist all in one trip?

    I think we based on what we have suffered in recent years are just very weary of new ventures, but we must not let it cloud our ability to look into each one factually and on its own merit. We will need new investment to get out of this hole we are in, so let’s not shoot down every venture that comes along because of the past wrong doings of some.


  • Isnt this a shame..

    Listen…you are being reminded of REALITY HERE…so far today…2 cases…and both VIOLATES SOMEONE’S RIGHTS..

    Now i dont know about yall..but there is NO WAY this is sustainable…and yall want anyone with a modicum of commonsense TO TRUST THIS GOVERNMENT with the people’s WELFARE…and these “favors”…ya mad…have yall seen FB..ya better do.

    I know how the “favors” system work only too well….yall can’t kill everybody and ya can’t set up everybody, everything will out..

    “Debt suit
    Article by
    Emmanuel Joseph Published on
    July 23, 2019
    A retired public officer is suing the Government over its decision to change the terms of his $250,000 Treasury Note investment as part of its recent debt restructuring programme.

    Former school teacher Alvin Foster of No. 30 Stage 1, St Silas Heights, St James is asking the High Court for an injunction to reverse the decision claiming that Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Mia Mottley overstepped her authority when she – along with the Government – unilaterally changed the terms of his contract to his detriment, to give effect to the Debt Holder (Approval of Debt Restructuring) Act, 2018. He will have his day in court tomorrow.

    In a 12-page claim document dated May 13, 2019, that calls for a judicial review of the decision, the 64-year-old pensioner has also included in the suit, the Accountant General Dane Coppin as the first respondent; the Central Bank of Barbados as the second and the Attorney General Dale Marshall as the fourth.

    He has submitted 12 points of relief which he wants High Court Justice Cecil McCarthy to grant him.

    “An injunction to prohibit the respondents from taking any action that would breach the contract between the applicant and the Government of Barbados with respect to the Treasury Notes purchased by the applicant and if such action has already been taken, a halt and reversal of that action,” the pensioner stated through his attorney Guyson Mayers.

    Foster is also requesting unspecified damages from the four respondents and a declaration by the court that the decision of the Minister of Finance and the Government to breach the obligations under the agreement of December 5, 2017, was contrary to law, an abuse of power and an unreasonable or irregular or improper exercise of discretion. He contends that the court should also rule that the same decision was an unlawful deprivation of his property and that the action was ultra vires.

    Justice McCarthy is also being urged to declare that Foster had a legitimate expectation that the Minister and Government would not alter or vary the terms of his investment unilaterally and without his consent or approval.”


  • Human Rights Violations in Barbados …ARE A REALITY..

    New ventures…CERTAINLY…

    But until these clear DISREGARD FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE POPULATION…is addressed… ventures will make no difference..and will only ADD to the misery..

    .2 violatiions of people’s rights in one day…at the court…and yall who live in lala land…don’t think this is serious…steupps..

    3 violations if ya count that garden gnome Payne claiming the got the Bay Street…let’s wait and see if they ever pay the land owners…..or try to KILL them..


  • Here is some interesting information. This aircraft arrived in St. Vincent on May 24th 2019 at 17:48:04 using call sign N508BB and transponder squak code 0715. it sits in St. Vincent over a month until June 30th, then departs St. Vincent at 11:22:55 on June 30th using call sign 8P-ERI squaking 1732. This means that this aircraft was given this registration 8P-ERI for the flight to Barbados by Barbados Civil Aviation even before it left St. Vincent. So technically it was placed on the Barbados civil aviation register before it even set one tire in Barbados. It lands in Barbados at 11:46:16 in the middle of the morning in bright daylight. The flight took almost 24 minutes.

    But this is not the only foreign owned aircraft sitting on the Barbados civil aviation register. Some investigations reveal there are many other foreign owned aircraft registered in Barbados that never ever visit our shores, including 4 gulfstream Jets that never come here that are on the register. These are 8P-LAD a Grumman G1159B MSN:210 (Gulfstream II SP), 8P-ASD a Gulfstream G650ER MSN:6245, 8P-MSD a Gulfstream G550 MSN:5137 and 8P-MAK a Gulfstream G-V MSN:537. One is owned by a canadian company, 2 are owned by a Columbian company and one is owned by a German company. All are licensed in the name of trust companies. Barbados civil aviation have absolutely no oversight of these aircraft. And they wonder why we can never get a category 1 rating.


  • fortyacresandamule

    @JohnA. What benefits could possible accrue to the owners of these aircrafts if they are limited to fly to important destinations because of our CAT 2 ratings.?


  • Counsel Rests…are you done yet…lol


  • John B
    What about the register of vessels which use Barbados as their port of registration.Do they have to be screw docked and inspected here?Conspiracy theories abound where ignorance finds a home.Next time you see Kingsley Nelson ask him the lowdown on 8P ERI


  • @John B

    I have rested my case on this topic and i think no matter how much facts we bring to this there will always be those looking for shadows in the light.


  • Just as a matter of interest:

    Here are all of the countries not allowed to fly into the US

    The FAA’s International Air Safety Assessment (IASA) program determines whether a country and its airlines will be allowed to fly into the United States.

    IASA inspectors determine whether entire countries, rather than specific airlines, meet the international standards set by the United Nations.

    Airlines from countries that fail to pass inspections will not be allowed to launch new flights into the US.


    A team of lawyers and inspectors from the US Federal Aviation Administration screen each nation that operates flights to the US as part of the International Air Safety Assessment (IASA) program.

    Each country is evaluated by the FAA on eight “critical elements” including its primary aviation legislation, specific operating regulations, state civil aviation system and safety oversight functions, technical personnel qualification and training, and resolution of safety concerns.

    Countries deemed by the FAA to have failed to comply with ICAO standards will not be allowed to launch new service into the US. Failing countries with existing service will be allowed to continue its US flights but under heightened FAA surveillance. In addition, any expansion or alterations to their US operations will not be permitted.

    If you peruse the list of countries at the above link, you will see our CARICOM partners, like St. Lucia, Antigua, St Kitts, St. Vincent, Grenada etc. are all on the list as permitted to have their airlines enter the US (as their airlines would be regulated by the ECCAA) while Barbados gets no mention. It is not even shown on the list of countries marked with a red dot, indicating they failed to qualify as CAT 1.

    Not really surprising in a way that if Barbados cannot run an effective bus service or keep a fleet of garbage trucks running in a 166sq mile island, running an efficient and effective CAA must remain for now “just beyond our imagination”.


  • I dont think people quite understand what HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS ARE,…yall have become NUMB and desensitized to CRIMES AGAINST YA OWN PEOPLE …which CONTINUE DAILY….because you have SEEN it going on for DECADES….and IT NEVER STOPPED..


    Keep thinking THAT CRIMES AGAINST PEOPLE…ARE NO BIG THING…and ya will always be on BU COMPLAINGING…about these wicked acts committed by your government…WHO REFUSES TO ADDRESS ANYTHING THAT COULD MAKE THE REQUISITE CHANGES..

    I dont give two shits about some pie in the sky…in this case plane in the sky arrangement….the GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT…and NOTHING WE AGREE WITH…because of some idea that a business deal WOULD CHANGE things…is going to change the FACT…THAT YA HAVE A DANGEROUS AND CORRUPT GOVERNMENT…think about that.


  • And…it is quite OBVIOUS…that bloggers in St. Vincent…seem to UNDERSTAND their PREDICAMENT…MUCH, MUCH BETTER…than some MISGUIDED bloggers on BU…ya dont have to JUMP IN everytime ya hear a business arrangememnt…ESPECIALLY WHEN THE MOST CRITICAL INFORMATION IS MISSING…AND FORGET…the human rights abuses and corruption AND VICTIMIZATION……that PEOPLE ARE SUBJECTED TO ON A DAILY BASIS…..IN BARBADOS AS WELL AS ST. VINCENT……shame on yall..

    “Duwayne Saunders July 24, 2019 8:50 AM

    As a Vincentian,the minute this plane landed at AIA in SVG to a seemingly misguided fanfare,…I knew it was the beginning of another election gimmick for our once proud nation…The many unanswered questions,the trails of lies,deceit,corruption,victimization and crime is well documented under this oppressive regime,lead by the PM(and dictatorship family business disguised as a democracy)…another sad day for Vincentians and another embarrassment to our nation…
    **This case is now considered “9 days talk in SVG,…as the CDB scandal has now provided the newest distraction for the people…
    Progress they say’ better by far’ lhehbah luv’….”


  • Banks are being DILIGENT regarding loans to GOVERNMENTS….i believe CDB had that same problem with Barbados and the 4 season LOANS SCAM…

    …..and FOOLS dont want others to be diligent regarding what the government in Barbados…is getting itself INVOLVED IN…

    “CDB rescinds financing to St Vincent and the Grenadines controversial project
    July 24, 20190

    KINGSTOWN, St Vincent — The process of bidding and financing for the infrastructure rehabilitation and upgrade – River Training Works at Yarabaqua has received much public outcry.

    The result was a CDB review, and declaration of “ mis-procurement, in accordance with Paragraph 1.13 of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) guidelines for procurement (January 2006),” and the decision that this “Contract will be cancelled, and any amounts already withdrawn and paid in relation to the contract will be repaid by the Recipient, the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines, with interest. CDB will therefore no longer finance this contract,”

    Prime minister Ralph Gonsalves attempted to calm public fears last week stating that “the work has to be done and its urgent work so Cabinet has taken a decision to have attorney general have the ministry of works submit a draft contract for the outstanding works to be done by the same Reliable Construction for the attorney general to review,” adding, “Naturally, we will have to pay for that. That’s ok. I mean we have a lot of money with the CDB and we are not worried about that.”

    A subsequent statement outlined the procurement process decision and way forward states:

    Natural Disaster Management Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project (December 2013 Trough Event Project: Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Upgrade – River Training Works at Yarabaqua.


    The National Disaster Management (NDM) rehabilitation and reconstruction project (December 2013 Trough Event) is financed by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). One of the important activities under this programme is the Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Upgrade – River Training of Works at Yarabaqua. The pre-bid engineering estimate for these works was EC $1,512,077. The Ministry of Transport and Works is the implementing agency tasked with the execution of the NDM programme in general including the Yarabaqua River Training works.

    The Ministry of Transport and Works invited contracts to submit bids for the river training works to be carried out at the Yarabaqua River. Seven (7) bids were received on April 23, 2018, the details of which are as follows:

    – OB Sadoo Engineering Services Ltd. $1,584,458.62

    – Hutchinson Construction co. Ltd. $2,169,272.00

    – Bailey Contractors Inc. $1,310,772.00

    – Bally and Bally Investments Inc. $1,478,029(corrected $1,468,514.60)

    – Franco Construction Ltd $1,574,797.00

    – Reliable Construction Services Ltd. $1,421,567.00

    – Kelectric Co, Ltd. $1,325,928.45

    A design and supervision consultant, IBI Group of Canada, was contracted by the Ministry of Transport and Works to provide consultancy services under the NDM programme. This group of consultants were themselves selected through the independent tendering process of the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (GOSVG) with “No Objection” from the CDB; they are paid under the NDM project.

    In keeping with their terms of reference, the IBI Group completed the Bid Evaluation Report of the seven (7) bids received for the Yarabaqua project. By memorandum dated August 10, 2018, the Chief Engineer submitted the Bid Evaluation Report to the Secretary of the Central Supply Tenders Board, Ministry of Finance, seeking approval to negotiate with Reliable Construction Services Ltd (RSCL) for the provision of river training works at Yarabaqua for an amount not exceeding EC $1,421,567 (VAT inclusive).

    The submission from the Chief Engineer to the Tenders Board was accompanied by a letter of “No Objection” from the CDB, dated August 13, 2018, indicating that the “CDB has no objection to the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines awarding a contract to Reliable Construction Services Ltd. of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the sum of XCD $1,421,567 (VAT inclusive)”.

    The Tenders Board granted approach on 29th August, 2018 for the Ministry to negotiate with Reliable Construction Services Ltd. The negotiation for the works was conducted on September 05, 2018 with the NDM project staff and the principals of RCSL. On completion of the negotiations, the Ministry sought the approval of the Tenders Board on September 10 to award the contract to RCSL. The Tenders Board granted the approval for the award of the contract to RCSL on September 26, 2018 in the sum of $1,421,567 (VAT inclusive).

    The decision by the Tenders Board to award the contract relied upon the Bid Evaluation Report prepared by IBI Group (the Consultant) and the letter of “no objection” issued by the CDB.

    The CDB, in a letter dated April 09, 2019, informed the Director General, Finance and Planning that a mis-procurement has been declared in respect of the Yarabaqua River Defence contract between the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and RCSL. The CDB further stated, that as a result of the mis-procurement, the financing for the contract has been cancelled and the sum of EC$142,156.70 which was already drawn down will have to be repaid inclusive of interest. The CDB has subsequently waived the payment of the interest on the amount drawn down. The CDB has advised that funding for all other NDM project activities remains intact.”


  • Wuhloss, lol, murdah!!!!


  • I suspect that one of the purposes of this particular aircraft may be to transport voters from the USA and the UK to St. Vincent for the elections there next year. This plane is currently configured to carry 490 passengers. At 2 trips a day between the USA and St. Vincent over a 3 week period leading up to elections it could move 10,290 people home to Vote. This would serve the same purpose in 2023 when the Barbados elections are due. As you will note above, One Caribbean has applied to be able to do charters to the USA. I am sure all these people who get free trips home for 3 weeks would be more than happy to cast their vote for the ULP next year or the BLP in 2023. Of course they will have to make money with it via other means in the mean time.


  • More Human Rights Violations..

    “THE MOVE by Government to acquire a property on Bay Street for the controversial Hyatt Centric Hotel has nothing to do with a public purpose.

    Rather, it is the Government showing its arrogance and taking property from a Barbadian to give to a foreign entity, charged Senator Caswell Franklyn as he called on Barbadians to stand up to an administration given to excesses.

    “We need more people in this country standing up to this administration letting them know to hold back … because you are taking away too many rights, now. You are taking away people’s property under the guise of public purpose.

    “This is not a public purpose … This is a purpose to facilitate one of the people you hated a few months ago. What has changed . . .Why is this Government doing this?” he asked in the Senate yesterday. (AC)”


  • Caswell is right. It comes under the law of eminent domain. But because we do not discuss public policy n Barbados, an authoritarian leader can get away with murder.


  • @ John B

    Let me see if I can understand what you’re trying to say.

    Are you suggesting that business men in St. Vincent invested in a plane for the purpose of transporting Vincentian and Barbadian voters to their respective islands at election time?

    Let’s go with what I believe you’re saying. During the 2018 election campaign the DLP gave away a lot of money and largesse but was still defeated 30-0.

    You really think plane trips would make anyone vote for you?

    You have gone overboard.


  • What they are doing is not eminent domain…under the legal process…YOU PAY PEOPLE FOR THEIR PROPERTIES YOU ACQUIRE..

    for DECADES..these THIEVES from DBLP governments…REFUSED to pay people for the properties they acquire using land acquisition…..all they do is pick up properties belonging to people and their beneficiaries…and most times the people don’t even know their properties were stolen by both vicious governments..

    this ia another THEFT…as is the NORM.


  • LAND THIEVES…picking up anything that don’t belong to them, even WORLD HERITAGE SITES..



    if RETIRED PILOTS..on PENSIONS…as they are trying to MAKE US BELIEVE….wuh i know PILOTS TOO….are the brand new owners of a refurbished 747…managed through a QUESTIONABLE tiny one man, one plane operation in St. Vincent……to use on long haul flights to the MIDDLE EAST…and REGISTERED IN BARBADOS…as a “favor” to Gonsalves..yall getting all this SHITE..

    well ya done know when Counsel Rests RAN OFF THE BLOG when i asked if the OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS…with the taxpayer’s STOLEN pension and tax dollars AND THE BENEFICIARIES…STOLEN ESTATES, had forgotten that one……HAD PURCHASED THE PLANE…and i had even forgotten to ask…with Gonzales as A PARTNER…and Counsel Rests has NOT RETURNED…to CUSS ME YET…ya done know this is some UGLY CORRUPTION GOING ON HERE…

    ah got hours of rest, ya wanted me to TAKE A BREAK…well ya got ya wish, ah just woke up…


  • Jesus Christ you were the FIRST on BU to introduce this 747-400 story and you did so full of praises for SVG and the squeaky squeaky cleaninvestors. Now you calling it a scam. Posted a big able article about a lawsuit, but based on your follow up posts on the issue, simply did not read the full article, especially about the paucity of the claim. Why the nails woman don’t talk bout this


  • She is talking about it…EVERYONE IS..

    yall so corrupt…NO ONE CAN TRUST YOU …

    wuh ya EVEN DON’T WANT to pay ya creditors…..and YA DON’T NEED to borrow for 4 whole years…imagine that…which means there was NO NEED TO DEFAULT….wuh even a SADIST can recognize this…

    so must i attack everyone all the time, i can’t be nice too, ah was being nice and look what i got for my damn troubles…steupps..

    so i CAN’T ask questions…

    remember…crazy, unstable masochistic…wuh even i GOT RIGHTS…


  • ah can’t remember the lawsuit article, but i told you i did not post the 747 article.

    ….post the law suit article again let me see if i forgot…or getting blamed wrongfully again…lol


  • Am seeing so CLEARLY NOW…why yall were on the blog…PISSING YASELVES….for me to TAKE A BREAK…like ya give a shit about my welfare…..wuh if ya DON’T CARE about Black people on the island…SUFFERING AND STARVING…when there was NO NEED..when yall SET IT UP…ya did that evil shit ONLY to line ya pockets…..why would you care about someone like me who is at this point in time, living MY BEST..lady of leisure life….make a note of that one for FUTURE reference.

    Yall think ya slick..

    See how SLICK BACKFIRED???

    Dont worry..we will make absolutely sure to put that on ya headstones..,as an epitaph.


  • And this WARNING is for ARTAX…….DON’T YOU EVER make a comment to me again on this blog…you CUCHARACHA..

    you waste much too much time on DUMB SHIT……no one has time to waste like that..

    Your own people are SUFFERING NEEDLESSLY …because it was ENGINEERED by EVIL MIA and her GANG OF CROOKS….and you got time to waste…on pure CRAP..

    Find something better to do or someone else to target.


  • “ah can’t remember the lawsuit article, but i told you i did not post the 747 article.….post the law suit article again let me see if i forgot…or getting blamed wrongfully again…lol”

    Let me remind you:

    WURA-War-on-U July 23, 2019 3:56 PM

    Lol…when ya go looking for SOUND INVESTORS…instead of local thieves and crooks, this is what you get….PROGRESS…St. Vincent once again CAPITALIZED. Keep watching me…muh chicken and goat done curry…lol

    BreadFruit News
    about a week ago
    News784 – St Vincent’s First Boeing 747- 400 Now Registered In Barbados

    St Vincent’s First Boeing 747- 400 Now Registered In Barbados
    The Boeing 747 – 400 which landed here on May 24th and is an investment venture between local and


  • Yuh posted that UNDER the Heywoods Beach Access topic. Yuh too dishonest.


  • What is being dishonest?

    despite me can’t standing Gonsalves..i was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt….just like i did Mia for all of 4 months post election…

    you will learn that i am not a malicious person…never was…

    i was giving the benefit of the doubt until someone…who likely has more information than we did, presented that info to the blog…ah don’t know what yall want from me….

    ..but ya best bet is to LOOK AFTER THE NOW VERY VULNERABLE AND HUNGRY PEOPLE ON THE ISLAND WHO ARE STARVING….due to your WICKED ACTIONS….the black ones… and am sure there are some vulnerable white ones and others too…


  • “Warning for Artax, DON’T YOU EVER make a comment to me again on this blog…..?????”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….. wuh loss……

    My friend, who the hell do you think you are?

    YOU DO NOT OWN or OPERATE Barbados Underground and whether you like it or not, you CANNOT STOP ME from commenting on the shiite LIES you POST, whenever I have the time to do so.

    ………but, wait a minute…….I recall you mentioning in this forum that you DON’T READ what I post. So, I’m at a loss as to why my comments should BOTHER you.

    However, THANKS for the advice you are CORRECT……….. I DEFINITELY “waste much too much time on the DUMB SHIT” and silly, IRRELEVANT RHETORIC YOU POST REPEATEDLY on a DAILY BASIS to EVERY topic on BU for discussion.

    And it may be true that I “got time to waste…on PURE CRAP” YOU “MAKE UP JUST TO MAKE THINGS INTERESTING.” Surely, “no one has time to waste like that.”

    Nevertheless, it’s MY TIME I’m WASTING………NOT yours………. so, why should YOU WORRY about it?

    You should exercise your right to SCROLL PASS. The only problem is your FRAGILE EGO will NOT ALLOW YOU to do so. You MUST respond.

    BTW, I may be a “cockroach,” but I believe that’s a bit better than you being a “belly warming, sell-out, house negro” to your “white massa husband.” You perform all the duties of a house negro for yo’ massa ….. the only difference between your situation and slavery, is the marriage ring makes the deal to some extent LEGAL.




  • Counsel Rests…do you now see how the shit is going SIDEWAYS..all on its own…and no one actually had to do anything, but wait AND watch, well all we got to do is wait AND watch…some more.


  • Counsel Rests…when is your maiden voyage, long haul style to the middle east on the 747….lol


  • There is so much more to this 747 story, but it will all come out in the i said, you can buy a plane and hide the paper trail that could lead back to you..,don’t know why some are so DUMB and unable to CONNECT to REALITY…but that is their

    “As a Barbadian-registered aircraft, this plane will have far less scrutiny than a US, Vincentian, or UAE-registered aircraft. It will also require local civil aviation authorities to have oversight and sign off on all maintenance and inspections. It will require an approved maintenance program be put in place, none of which the local authorities in Barbados have experience in for such a colossus as a Boeing 747-400. There isn’t even a hanger in Barbados large enough to house a 747 for maintenance inspections.

    Why is a Dubai company going to such great lengths to conceal the true identity of the operators of this aircraft? If such a company wanted to offer 747 charter flights between the UAE, Africa, and the Caribbean, why not simply lease or purchase one directly and register it in the UAE under the UAE Alpha 6 registration?

    Why would a tiny startup Vincentian air charter operator who has only ever operated a 19-seater Beechcraft turboprop aircraft, purchase or lease a near-end-of-life Boeing 747-400 aircraft which can carry 490 people, through a trust company, register it in Barbados through a Barbados-based Vincentian-owned air charter company’s AOC, only to lease it to a Dubai company to do charters between the UAE, Africa, and St. Vincent?

    That aircraft can carry 490 people or troops, or thousands of tons of cargo, weapons, or drugs over 7,200 nautical miles, non-stop..”


  • And we were TOTALLY supposed to BELIEVE the SHITE story all their IMPS were on here PUTTING OUT..because two wicked and DANGEROUS PMs, put out a TALE for their imps to RUN WITH….it is a good thing i was never easy to FOOL…lol


  • As i keep saying, some of u are SO STUPID…you should not be allowed to BREATHE ON YA OWN…


  • Today, July 28, five (5) days AFTER this article was first posted to BU on July 23, and they referenced the last few paragraphs of what in ACTUALITY is the author’s OPINION, to come to the forum with MORE shiite?

    The author presented articles from sources such as SVG’s “iNews784” and an online international aviation magazine, “AINonline Business Aviation,” to support his claims that the aircraft was registered in Barbados whilst its owners are going through a process of an ECCAA registration, which the agency admitted, would be lengthy………..

    ………..information that, IRONICALLY, you BELIEVED and READILY ACCEPTED.

    It’s totally “mind boggling” that, contributors QUOTED information FROM the SAME SVG and OTHER international business aviation sources…….. information that has NOW, according to them, been “put out there by Mottley and Gonsalves.”

    Information from the SAMES sources has now become UNTRUTHS, because it does not “comply” with their agenda.

    Ironically, the author DID NOT present any INFORMATION to SUBSTANTIATE a Dubai company’s involvement in the aircraft or that the investors leased the aircraft to a Dubai company for charters between SVG and DXB or for transporting guns, troops, weapons or nuclear materials (which make for EXCELLENT questions, but, AT THIS TIME, they are ONLY the author’s opinions and assumptions) …………

    …………. but they READILY BELIEVED UNSUBSTANTIATED OPINIONS as FACT, because it falls in line which the usual conspiracy, sensationalistic “mumbo jumbo” they spew on a daily basis on BU.

    Simply amazing stuff that could only be “made up.”

    Every one of us that has contributed to this issue so far, has done so BASED on LIMITED information revealed by the various sources. But they seem to believe it’s CORRECT for us to FOLLOW them in RELYING on the author’s OPINIONS and their BASELESS ALLEGATIONS and UNFOUNDED ASSUMPTIONS………

    …………. “just because” they’re not fond of Mottley or Gonsalves.

    I’ve NEVER once read a contribution in which they has EVER made ONE positive comment about ANYTHING. It’s ALWAYS one set of NEGATIVITY after NEGATIVITY and WORSE CASE SCENARIOS………… even when the issue suggests OTHERWISE.

    Their minds have to be a “bundle of confusion,”……… a dark, lonely places FILLED only with nothing but HATE, ANGER, BITTERNESS, UNHAPPINESS and NEGATIVE thoughts (as defined by the contents of their contributions)…….. souls that writhes in immeasurable torment.

    Anyhow, they are correct…. “they are SO STUPID…they should not be allowed to BREATHE ON THEIR OWN.”


  • New investors acquire beleaguered Fly Jamaica; consortium includes J’can aviation veteran

    Published:Sunday | July 28, 2019 | 3:01 PM

    KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – A team of investors, including Jamaican aviation veteran Glenn Logan, has taken over the operations of the problem-plagued Fly Jamaica Airways.

    The new owners, led by Yann LeProvost of the French-based company W&Y SAS, took over the reigns on Friday from Guyanese operators Paul and Roxanne Reece, and promised to address issues affecting the carrier, including the payment of salaries, ticket refunds and the payment of outstanding debt.

    “This is significant for many different reasons, to restore confidence in the Jamaican people, the flying public and the tourism industry in Jamaica,” Logan told the CMC. “We are not just going to concentrate on the ethnic market, but also the tourism market. It is essential for the survival of the tourism market, for use to concentrate on this. This is the key component for the survival of the airline,” he explained.

    He said plans are under way for flights to resume in September.

    Logan comes to Fly Jamaica with over several years of experience in the aviation industry, including now defunct Air Jamaica, Air Canada and other airlines in Canada. He also started Canada 3000 airlines and established a small airline out of South Florida.


  • This matter was raised by a caller to national talk show today with lead journalist David Ellis. The only concern the blogmaster has is that he was passive with his response preferring to wait until government spokesman addresses the matter.


  • The plane, the plane!

    Where had it disappeared to?


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