Nation Newspaper Closes Comments Under Donville Inniss “Others Bribed” Article

Dear Owner of Barbados Underground

I would appreciate it very much if you would allow a submission I wrote on the nationnews blog to be featured here. It has to do with the nationnews paper decision to close the comments section of their June 23rd article entitled, ”Others Bribed.”

Although the nationnews paper has a right to close comments to any of their submissions for whatever reasons, I found the closing of comments on this particular article to be in poor taste.

My reason for saying this is that there is corruption in public life and, as a newspaper whose fourth estate committent should be to expose and highlight the damning matters with truth and without fear, the nationsnews choose to represent the fourth estate with dithering and tactics. One can only conclude that the caution shown by this paper relates to some type of servitude for which masters are pulling strings and puppets at the receiving end are fearful that they will get pop up.

This is why I can no longer submit my comments there. If the Donville Inniss matter is not enough for the nationnews to challenge the new regime to dig deeper into the political pit that has enabled many in political life to prosper far beyond their dreams, what purpose is a fourth estate if it comfortable with halfway functioning.

All the evidence points to less than stellar practices in the political spectrum of things. Yet, the parties that dominate the political landscape of our illustrious little rock continue to hoodwink the nation with loud- No Corruption- cries.

Even in the face of confessions as recent as business persons opening up to paying scratch-me- back campaign donations for favours in returned; even when a prominent journalist in the form of Roy Morris stated that he refused to sell his soul for a $20,000.00 bribe; even in the recent dilemma surrounding the discoveries of Donville Inniss indictment on possible money laundering charges, and even in the recent disclosures surrounding the latest Auditor General Report, the nationnewspaper remains subjective to subdued, tentative instead of tenacious.

Donville Inniss is now the face, and the proof, that corruption is no stranger to politicians. He is now the first politician in the history of Barbados to be indicted for money laundering charges. If found guilty, he should be the reason for all news outlets to step up their game and demand that investigative journalism be supported by legislation that would allow all media houses the freedom to expose corruption on to stamping it out.

The fact that an article highlighted that others similar to Donville Inniss could have also been bribed is additional proof, if found to be true, for a development such as this to be investigated thoroughly.

One, therefore, have ask: What is the nationnews trying to protect or stop by closing the comments to this article, when others exist, besides Donville Inniss, who might have take the bribe?

All the nationnews paper have have done is open up the doors of speculation and assumption for them to be regarded as a news outlet who practice double standards and a news outlet who have provided reason for more assumptions to advance a notion that they appear to have a protective agenda in place concerning political interests, and other interests in which they reap significant benefits.

I hope you will feature my comment on your blog so the nationnews would understand that their representation as a fourth estate is seriously lacking, and the people of Barbados have a right to comment to this issue, since it was featured by them.

Below is my comment to the nationnews closing of the ” Others Bribed” article. Thank you

Yours sincerely

Lloyd P Gulston

Insurance Corporation of Barbados, which allegedly bribed former Cabinet minister Donville Inniss to secure contracts, possibly made illegal payments to other “Government officials”, say prosecutors in the United States.
Prosecutors are contending they have evidence to support the allegation but don’t plan to present it when Inniss faces a Brooklyn, New York judge and jury in October.
However, it’s not known who are the “other Government officials”.
The assertions are contained in a document filed earlier this month in a federal district court and made available to the Sunday Sun. (TB)

Nationnews, why are the comments for the above on Donville Inniss closed? Why present the article if you do not want commentary on the matter? This is a serious development that needs the people say! We have corruption in political life and the people of Barbados want it stop. Why publish it if you do not want persons to comment about it? You know by doing this you have set up yourselves as a newspaper for serious criticism.


  • Theo…exactly…not one of those cockroaches on two legs stood up in the last 70+ years and said, what we are doing to our own people is not only wrong, but fundamentally evil and violates the very tenets of basic human rights, not one….not one of them said, we are destroying AND ROBBING 3 GENERATIONS OF OUR OWN PEOPLE…and should stop…not one……they just cemented and reinforced their positions as SELL OUT NEGROS FROM TOXIC BLOODLINES…and are proud to continue their crimes against their own people…even going so far as to seek out slave traders in Africa last month…..

    it just shows you, having a university degree…does not make you a human being with ethics and morals…nor does it make sure you observe such..

    i remember well Adams…in the 80s allowed these same criminal minorities to open a nightclub…a stink racist nightclub named Racials…while the world was fighting the evil South Africa apartheid system, that racist nightclub still exists in Barbados today, now named Harbor Lights aka Harbor fights..

    ..the evil practiced by both governments against the black majority goes back many decades.


  • @ Theo

    There is a little private joke some of us Bajan Londoners share. Every month or so Barbadian officials come to London (politicians, civil servants and business people). They often mix with the local Bajan community, some like to play dominoes and eat fish cakes, others just like to get together at private homes and share drinks, food and conversations.
    Few, however, visiting the theatre capital of the world, ever express a desire to go to the theatre; to visit museums (the Barbados high commission s about two hundred yards from the British Museum), to visit the public record office (the National Archives); or to go to a concert (the Dominion, a popular concert venue, is in the same block as the high commission). We find it hilarious.
    It speaks to the cultural void in our elite is fine; but just look at our education policies? It reflects the learning by rote, pass exam, get a job one-dimensionality of the Barbadian ruling elite.


  • Ethical issue ?

    “The Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) has partnered with the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) to ensure that safety and security are paramount within the environs of The City of Bridgetown.”


  • You just cannot make it up. A company at the centre of a bribery scandal in the US, continues to trade in Barbados as if nothing has happened. First, we had a minister of the Mottley government attending an ICBL event in an official capacity, now they are partnering with the police.
    No inquiry, not a single executive has been banned from being a director of a Barbados company, no interviews under caution. Plse remind me again about the prime minster’s call for morals and ethics in Barbadian politics. Words are meaningless; it is action we want.


  • The United States Department of Justice has sent correspondence to the legal representative of former Government Minister Donville Inniss which cast doubt on the strength of bribery charges brought against him by authorities there.


  • Piece the Legend

    De ole man finds that thoroughbred horses should never compete with jackasses.

    There is a clear attempt here by the Mugabe regime and the most incompetent administration Barbados has ever had THE DELINQUENCY LYING PARTY to fvuck up Pornville’s case with insufficient evidence

    During this time all of the FCIB bank records and transactions are being sanitized while Mugabe Mottley sends the Commissioner of Police Griffith to access documents from Olson Alleyne THAT THE RASSHOLE Commissioner IS NOT ENTITLED TO HAVE!

    Here is what is going to happen

    Pornville I’ll get off on a technicality BUT HE WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED INTO THD UNITED STATES AGAIN and his political career IS OVER!

    Mugabe Mottley IS NKW THE ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and she and all of her people who are involved in money laundering and drug importation ARE NOW ON THE TARGET LIST OF THE USA

    This cover up IS GOJNG TO BE THE SINGLE THJNG MUGABE AND HER ADMINISTRATION are going to regret going forward in her one term government.

    Mark de ole man’s words of prophecy

    She has saved one person, but she has doomed a country’s relationship with its sharing of security information.

    Because now she is marked as possum meat, tainted and unfit for consumption.

    Wunna need to pray that some investors outside of this infested loop who are ignorant to this pandemic corruption INVEST IN BARBADOS cause, if Pornville goes free, the collaboration policies of the US government under the Donald ARE GOING TO TAKE A DIFFERENT APPROACH


  • Piece the Legend

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here thank you kindly


  • off topic …..

    “The illegal drugs had a street value of over $500 000.”

    “Where police go to execute a warrant they ought to execute it in the presence of somebody. Even if the accused is not there, some other party should be there to acknowledge that the police came and did whatever they did and found whatever, they found,” he maintained.

    “If that is not the case, then police can go into anybody’s home when no one is there and claim that they find any and everything in your absence and you have no defence to it whatsoever.”

    Welcome to our version of the Keystone cops.

    I am one of those who believe that Charles Herbert (CH) received a get out of jail free card. But when you read a story like this one, you begin to wonder if CH got caught up in police nonsense.

    This trial and error approach of not getting it right on the first time seem to be woven into the system,,,, a bunch of incompetents in every system that we have.



    This is outside my area of expertise, but HPE is an also ran in this space.

    Someone more knowledgeable than I should comment, but as the article seem to mention that the service is also being offered to small businesses such as local beauticians…

    I would suggest beauticians talk to others before they employs heavy equipment to kill a fly when a fly-swatter could do the job.

    Will someone please speak up.


    DNR- Do not resuscitate
    DNR – Do not read

    Figure out which one I am recommending.

    God knows I tried. But after reading the article asked myself “What did this guy just say?” I cannot repeat a single idea from what I just read. If I was a manager at BT, I would place a hold on that check. Past articles on BU are more informative.

    Theo’s Summary – A mishmash of ideas not tied together by anything.

    I hope one of the BU crowd can write a summary for folks like me or just tell me “Theo, you igrunt and wrong”.

    I may have made an enemy today.


  • @ Theo,

    To suggest ways of improving the writing of news stories (we have had this conversation before) is to invite opprobrium from the keyboard warriors of the “who do you think you are” type.
    It does not help matters if you get someone a bit older, who has been through the same system, to teach the new generation of journalists how to write news stories; it will just be rotating the same thing.
    But the journalists can teach themselves: read how reporters on leading newspapers write stories (reporters on web sites are usually junior reporters) on the same topic and learn from that. What can I say?


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