The Adrian Loveridge Column – Getting Value for Money from Destination Barbados

Booking flights independently can be very time consuming and challenging, but it can also reveal dramatic savings for those with tenacity and determination.

While researching a return flight from Gatwick recently, the fare on the two legacy carriers, who serve the route, for identical dates varied by a staggering GB Pounds 300 to buy a no-frills economy ticket.

Cab you imagine for a family of 4 what a huge difference that can make to the overall cost of an annual holiday?

I tend to use GOOGLE FLIGHTS as a guide- by no means as an absolute ‘bible’ to try and hunt down the lowest price options.

This column had to be submitted before the 2019 CONNECT event which invites tour operators across all our major markets to visit Barbados and experience our tourism offerings personally. While I have not yet received specific details of the event, I understand that the theme will be to ‘Fly into Savings’. With the imposition of a whole range of additional taxes on our visitors, this will be our first full summer, where we can measure the cause and effect they may have had.

As mentioned before, it will be absolutely critical that our friends in the travel media are brought to Barbados and are exposed to those tourism partners who can demonstrate exceptional affordability. Advertising can often be incredibly expensive and not always clearly tied-in directly with results.

The American, John Wanamaker often described as a ‘pioneer in marketing’ is accredited to having said ‘Half the money I spend on adverting is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half’. He opened one of the first and most successful stores in the United States, which went on to become part of Macy’s.

While our ‘rich and famous’ guests will probably not give it a thought, the vast majority of our visitors will be carefully comparing costs and what they actually get for their money.

We recently hosted a couple of friends for lunch who have been visiting Barbados every year for over two decades. The English couple mentioned that they were travelling again next month to a large family wedding. I asked if they had considered Barbados as the preferred destination. They admitted they had but had chosen Bali in Indonesia because it was far better value-for-money. To begin with the flights were less expensive despite the massive over 7,000 miles in return travel distance.

Again, think back to the above family of four and then multiply by a much larger family gathering. Of course it’s not just about flights but accommodation, meals, transportation, activities and attractions which all become part of the price equation.

Some may say, ok we have lost one potential wedding group, so what?

But, we should all fully realize that even our most devoted arrivals are comparing what they get for the price paid.

I sincerely hope that all our tourism partners will fully endorse and support the ‘Fly into Savings’ promotion, while appreciating the ultimate benefits it could generate.

16 thoughts on “The Adrian Loveridge Column – Getting Value for Money from Destination Barbados

  1. Had a large group down for my daughters marriage at the crane last year, maybe I noticed it more because of the size of the group unlike when its just immediate family but barbados is one expensive place. Even though I went back last month just with the old ball and chain I have become more aware of prices, the new taxes really piss me off, its like sure you have supported us for years but what have you done for us lately. I dont know how the regular person there survives. Lol David 200 us a day average spend that barely covers flight and accommodation let alone deputy and pudding and souse.

  2. When will the workers of Barbados ever ‘get value for money’.

    Indeed, when will this industry ever give Barbados ‘value for money’.

    Barbados has descended into what could only be described as no more than a rentier economy where rent seekers do what they do best.

    And regardless of the historical efficiencies obtained, the nature of the rent seeker continues to demand more blood from the ‘rock;.

  3. Talk about expensive! I wanted to take my wife and daughter to lunch at a popular hotel for mothers day lunch. The price per person? $150. Can you imagine the cost to a family of six wanting to celebrate that day? A whopping $900.00. Needless to say, that’s a little above my pay scale in this current economy, what with Government living off the major portion of my income and me surviving on the remainder.

  4. @Fear play

    Fine dining IS expensive in Barbados. The question is why. Is it where nice restaurants want to position brand/target market etc. Is is cost of inputs? What!

  5. I presume pricing is similar to how they arrive at day time and night time pricing. Same menu, different price. Special holiday, special price, same food.

  6. Some time in the past you signaled your ‘exit’ from the tourist industry.

    I have enjoyed reading your contributions and seeing your dogged determination in trying to improve the industry as a whole.

    I wish you well.

  7. Barbados is slowly but surely pricing itself out of the tourism market
    In many ways
    The departure fee
    The duty fees on items when visitors come to the island
    The unmannerly and rude customer service meted out by some custom officers
    Not to mention the taxes for hotel accomadation
    A freind told me that her first visit to barbados would be her last cause the commercial aspect seen via advertising left much to be expected

  8. Speaking about Sewage read where govt says that in one year they have restored the natural life to the swamp
    Well nice talking points but only fools would belive
    The poisionous toxins placed in that swamp cannot be removed in a year without a complete dredging and millions of dollars of replacing plant and animal life which are
    adaptable to swamp eviroment

  9. Word on the ground Branson wants to buy Liat
    One can bet that would never happen as the tin horn dictators who called themselves PM of these delapidated islands want to hold on to Liat as a boastful experience acting upon their egos professing to own an airline
    Never mind the almost economically bankrupt airline is just about one step from crashing to the ground

  10. @ FearPlay at 8 : 29 AM

    There are many places with comparable menus and better ambience for a price 2/3 of that which you quoted. The price is not only for the food actually provided but the demand for bookings. The higher the demand ;the higher the price. How does the cost compare with lunch prices abroad?

  11. Dear Mr Codrington, thank you for taking the time to ask about the comparison of lunch prices abroad with those in Barbados. While I am no expert in this area, my limited exposure sent me directly to the web for assistance and to an hotel with which I am familiar. A quick grab presented the following:

    Don Shula Hotel –Shula’s Steak 2

    The extravagant brunch buffet will include all of the traditional favorites with a complimentary glass of Champagne or Mimosa. As a special bonus, each table receives a $25 gift card to the Steakhouse, a $20 gift card to the Spa, $5 gift card to Steak 2, and a golf pass for greens fees. Res. suggested. 11am–2pm. Adult/$39.95; Child/$14.95 (3–12). 6842 Main St. Miami Lakes. 305-820-****

    Now as you are well aware, one swallow does not a summer make so my puny effort to present a comparison will fall miserably short of your expectation. I would however be eternally indebted to you should you be so generous as to proffer one or two names of establishments with which you are familiar and are offering their fare at 2/3 the price of the fine dining hotel to which I referred originally.

  12. It’s not right that these old properties and alleys getting bought up by foreigners……..where are the locals going to be able to go have a piss

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