Solutions Barbados Independence Message

Happy Independence Barbados.  The sacrifices of past generations have brought us to the place where we should be able to succeed in Barbados.  One year from now you should be able to look back at this 53rd year of our independence and honestly say that it was your best year ever – despite the severe austerity.

For you to make such a declaration, you must decide now to be and do your best.  You must determine that you will be the best son or daughter, sibling, parent, spouse, employer, employee, and friend that you can be.

There will always be challenges in each of these spheres of your existence.  That is part of being human and living in a community.  You will always make mistakes and so will others, even when everyone is doing their best.

There are things that you can change for the better and things that you cannot, and must simply accept.  Therefore, your first step in making this your best year ever is to determine that you will do your best regardless of what mistakes others may make.

In Barbados, our Government has mistakenly led us on an unnecessary path of severe austerity, to our harm.  Solutions Barbados published elegant solutions that were independently assessed to achieve over $1B surplus during our first year, without laying off any public workers, reducing their salaries or seeking external funding.  We then spent 3 years sharing it with whomever would listen.

Regrettably, both established political parties chose not to listen.  So we must all accept their severe austerity of: mass layoffs, increases in the cost of living, and inefficient delivery of poor quality public services.  This is inevitable because of the mistaken belief in the heresy that our elected politicians are gods, who can simply speak things into being.

God speaks things into being.  We humans cannot do that by ourselves.  When we speak a command, we must have a management system for implementing what we have announced, otherwise we look foolish.

Without a proper management system, we will simply declare that garbage collection will improve, but it will not.  We will declare that the bus service will improve, but it will not.  We will declare that health and educational services will improve, but they will not.  We will declare that laid-off persons will be sent home with money, but they will not.

People may try to implement the announced edicts as best as they can, but without a proper management method to guide them, the public must endure the foreseen and inevitable harmful consequences.

All external assessors who analyse Barbados’ economy have concluded that our main problems is the poor management of public services.  We have known this for over 20 years, yet both political administrations made the grave error of rejecting the international quality management standard, which has significantly improved the public services of other countries.  Instead, both administrations adopted, and we must all tolerate, a very low standard.

For this to be our best year ever, we must accept their gross errors, and do our best in response.  The sooner we accept that our success does not depend on the benefits or mistakes of anyone, the faster we will get on the path to success.

For those who have been, or are soon to be laid off, here is my best advice.  Place your uncertain hand in the trustworthy hand of our Creator, and perform every responsibility you are given with excellence, whether it is recognised by others or not.

Grenville Phillips II is the President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • It seems as though you’re not managing the large corporation, which according to you, “kept you from posting on a regular basis” prior to May 24, 2018.
    ha ha has
    Muh belly….

    Doan kill she Artax….
    Perhaps ac has been downsized into Maripoka….


  • “Sorry Artax cant part the RED SEA but can stand on the sea shore and pelt nuff stone….”


    Okay….. but it seems as though you are retrieving the stones you pelt, to pelt them again and again. Because your criticisms are “samey samey.”

    Are you admitting you lack the ability to present solutions, as you diligently requested critics of your former DLP administration to bring….…and your role in this forum is to criticize?


  • Wuh nobody repeat the mantra “doom and gloom ” like the blp and more than the blp yardfowls for ten years
    Talk bout over and over again a day did not go by without hearing Mottley and her minions repeat the loud noise of doom and gloom
    Funny how it is now that this govt has pack an albatross of taxes around the people neck the blp yardfowls. Solution is for all to be silent


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    “… Patriotism or national pride is the ideology of love and devotion to a homeland, and a sense of alliance with other citizens who share the same values…”

    Why do I do what I do here on BU?

    I mean, after all the time spent destroying? the DLP being so instigated by Mariposa aka Asinine Cretin AC, one could easily have sucked up to Mugabe and become a cog in her wheel of despotism.

    Interestingly enough the opportunity to do just that is never too far away, but,in the final analysis, there has to be something more that we live, and are accountable to.

    De ole man can, like many a pooch sucker, abdicate that national sense of duty and join the All Hail Mugabe crew.

    Whu after all, looks how Come Sing a Song Commisiong, see his soul to the Mugabe regime just to be called Ambassador

    “What is your mirror image?”

    The fact is that many of us HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT WHO WE ARE nor do we have any sense of duty.

    It comes down to selling oneself for 30 pieces of silver, AND ANYONE WE CAN.

    and the things is that, with the endemic indoctrination of the people by our TV radio, and the internet, it is very easy to come to a point where, when you look into a mirror, there is nothing in the mirror looking back at you because we have become wraiths


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item of little importance here


  • Similarly, for ten years the BLP yardfowls “could not part the RED SEA but stood on the sea shore and pelt nuff nuff stone…”

    And “funny how it was THEN that your govt PACKED an albatross of taxes around the people neck the DLP yardfowls (you included) solution was for all to be silent.”

    And you’re OFFENDED now the BLP yardfowls are playing a role similar to the role you played for ten years, when you defended the ineptitude of the DLP?


    BLP yardfowls and DLP yardfowls…..same philosophy……..same political ideology….”uh coming with wind force.” “So now you see what I really mean….this is the true culture of the” BLP and DLP. (Thanks Gabby).


  • Be that as it may Mariposa would nir be silent.


  • Yes……. your beloved DLP is “out of power” and the BLP now forms the “government”… are duty bound “not to be silent.”

    That’s the role assigned to you by your George Street pay masters.


  • Artax and Fearplay I am in total agreement with you all.I took a break due to other commitments to return to see these three J/Asses T Inniss,Mariposa and Waru or Well Well who seem not to have any job but to be on BU spouting the same drivel everyday.They seemed to believe that anyone taking them on,as the Government gets on with their job of pulling the country out of the mess,left by their in my view incompetent group.There is no one intheir right mind wishing to see them back in Government anytime soon,so they can bellyache everyday for the next 15 years it will not change the 30 to 0 result,that is what got them angry.The government already has one upgrade something the Dems could not achieve in 10 years only 23 downgrades so in time the country will rebound.I must say I am a bit surprised by the mouthings of someone like Dr GP a person who I normally respect,but he is entitled to his opinion,the other three and the shite conspirator Piece are bullshiters in my view who never even run a breadshop far less a country,tyring to sound impressive,but failing badly deserving of an f grade.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


    Oh dear me, why de ole man do now?

    Whu I ent say dat in the next General Election dat Mottley gine lose?

    Whu de ole man ent say dat de Stoopid Cartoons dat de grandson going run going say dat “Mugabe Mottley IS A LIAR”

    NOR DAT MUGABE RUN UPON A PROMISE TO CLEAR THE SWAMP , but look at this real swamp rat”

    Give de ole man a few minutes and leh me show you what dat campaign going look like.

    Lolol, why wunna does doan lef de ole man alone nuh???

    Liked by 1 person

  • Lorenzo question how impressive is that upgrade when people bellies hungry
    Neva mind Mia demonstrated what an upgrade really looks like in that photo op sitting between wooden benches and beer bottles eating out a Styrofoam plate like one uh we
    Oh btw stryofoam materials bad for the enviroment only goes to show what abold faced liar Mia is when she speaks about protecting the enviroment


  • Hahaaaaaa, wdh! Hey shop owner, I will not buy your food cuz I am against styrofoam. I guess she should walk or cycle too cuz diesel/gas fueled automobiles bad for the environment too. 🤣🤣🤣


  • Got dat right she should feel the pain that cutting de backside of the people who voted for this reckless govt
    Oh btw is she being chauffeured in dat Mercedes what nerve when she and de yardfowls cuss govt left and right for buying a new Mercedes . What nerve
    Boy left it to me she would be a backseat occupant in a donkey cart


  • Oh Enuff next time she could use a calabash bowl. Good fuh de environment
    Leaders lead by example. She can’t be talking about laws and rules if protecting the enviroment when she breaking them she self. Stupese


  • Still waiting for that list on how much she paying them moutain of advisors and whosever will
    Remember she promised Atherly a meeting with White Oaks to talk details on finances and contracts
    Wuh happen


  • Igrunt wahloss! I guess it shows that contrary to what you posited, the pic wasn’t staged.🖐🏾🤣


  • Artax,

    Seems like Lorenzo isn’t quite getting your point. He agrees with you totally.


  • “Oh btw stryofoam materials bad for the enviroment (environment) only goes to show what a bold faced liar Mia is when she speaks about protecting the environment……”

    Flipping heck…..

    How ridiculous can one get!!!

    I guess this is what David BU meant by “criticizing for the sake of criticizing.”

    Next….. the yard-fowl may “say” Mottley’s vehicle’s exhaust is “bad for the environment only goes to show what a bold faced liar Mia is when she speaks about protecting the environment….”

    Wuh shiite……. Mottley farting may move Mariposa to say, “poops are bad for the environment only goes to show what a bold faced liar Mia is when she speaks about protecting the environment….”


  • However u want to slice it or dice enviromentalist state styrofoam is bad for the enviroment
    In Mia adrees to the nation she made several comments to the protection of the enviroment
    Therfore if she belives what she says she would lead by example in all efforts to protect the enviroment which in turn would make govt job a little easier for citizens to join in their efforts
    You might want to take my comments and make a joke but the enviroment is a serious topic and not a joke


  • The environment is a serious topic and not a joke….. the seriousness should begin with you knowing how to spell the word “environment” correctly. It’s “e n v I r o n m e n t” and NOT “e n v i r o m en t.”

    My friend, sometimes when I read the shiite you post to BU, I’m often reminded that you consistently prove Galileo wrong as it relates to his quote: “I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn’t learn something from him.”

    You’re making a jackass of yourself by trying to justify nonsense. This is one of the reasons why hardly anyone in this forum takes you seriously…… well…. except for T. Inniss (for obvious reasons ) and “Muscle Mind.”

    Sooo…. according to you, all Mottley has to do is “lead by example in all efforts to protect the environment which in turn would make govt job a little easier for citizens to join in their efforts.” I did not know protecting the environment was such a simple task…… then Mottley should have been PM years ago. But knowing your modus operandi, you would something to criticize.

    There are many other materials that are harmful to the environment, such as plastic products (bags, containers, forks, knives, spoons etc) and aerosols such as insecticides and deodorants. Yet, many of us, INCLUDING YOU, use them on a daily basis……without one thought of their harmful effects on the environment.

    That is why health and sanitation authorities have developed and implemented waste management regulations to oversee the proper disposal of these “waste hazards.” As long as people comply with the requirements of these regulations, “plastic pollution” and hazardous waste associated with aerosol cans would be controlled and reduced.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    Whilst we continue to debate (brimble) and remain as mere bystanders we give breathing space for this government to act with impunity against their citizens. I wonder how the first female dictator in Barbados would deal with the riotous french as they continue to barrel their way violently through France. They have now asked their President to step down. Sounds familiar?

    What would happen if the same events were to occur in Barbados? How would Mia deal with a possible backlash from the populace? Only a fool hardy government(s) would rail-road their citizens into a abyss of despair on a totem pole called austerity.

    They say that a picture paints a thousand words:


  • Bro cast all yuh insults none bother me at all
    The fact that you would take time out of our daily live to respond to my drivel speaks more to your state of mind than it is of mine all of which exposes your desire to take cover for this inept administration and which also expose your true nature as a blp political yardfowl
    Yes once again i reiterate that Mottley words towards the enviroment are not in alligment with her actions
    Exhbit A the South Coast sewer debacle all one has to do is check the signs at Worthing Beach or gaze upon the sewage which flows into the Greame Hall swamp


  • @Mariposa,

    You are on track. You must continue to hold the government’s feet to the fire. This government has achieved in six months what it took the DLP jokers ten years to achieve.
    It is noticeable that a number of contributors reply to you negatively (by trying to attack you personally) rather than positively by challenging your ideas and putting forward their own proposals. We are now six months in and still no serious debates about government policy on BU or any of the printed media. It will all end in tears.
    Barbados is a failed state.


  • 24 million dollars a year wasted on Bizzy’s scam of doing nothing and collecting taxpayer’s money…for doing nothing..the usual THEFT of taxpayer’s. money ENABLED by dummies in former…DLP government..

    “Under the original deal, the Government had contracted the company to collect and process an average 1,000 tons of waste per day and be paid $24 million per year to do the job.”



    Please pay attention to Artax’s post @ 3:35 a.m. – remember how offended he was when he was called a blp stool pigeon and he said he never gets nasty with other bloggers – but was reminded of how he has insulted Mariposa many times as well as Hal Austin ?

    Well pay careful attention to his term of endearment towards Mariposa at line 7.

    Do so – don’t like so.

    I wonder where his step father is now ?


  • “and Waru or Well Well who seem not to have any job but to be on BU spouting the same drivel everyday.”

    What does my having a job or not got to do with you, who do you know works forever you dumb, backward yardfowl..

    ….All Mia Borrows had done so far is SUNK THE ISLAND INTO MORE DEBT WEIGHT…where is the red bag of evidence to punish former DLP thieves and RECOVER the people’s money..

    If ya think Bajans want to hear anymore yardfowls singing for their supper come 2023…THINK AGAIN..


  • My friend, if you want to go there, it speaks to BOTH our states of mind……

    …….. because of the fact that you would ALSO take time out of your daily life to “COUNTER-RESPOND” to my responses, all of which exposes your desire to present SILLY ARGUMENTS as SENSIBLE CRITICISMS, which also exposes your true nature as a DLP political yard-fowl……you’re criticising just for the sake of it.

    And I’ll bet you will respond once again because it’s your yard-fowl nature……you MUST have the last word.

    Watch yuh!!!!

    Mottley seen in a photo eating out of a Styrofoam container and the yard-fowl wrote “Styrofoam materials are bad for the environment only goes to show what a bold faced liar Mia is when she speaks about protecting the environment”…….

    ……. and that waffle is DESERVES a positive reply or to be positively challenged and present alternative proposals?

    Bloody hell!!!!

    Bush Tea and Georgie Porgie “are on track.”


  • @ To whom it may concern

    Is this the best we can do?


  • The blp Mantra for ten years was one of Doom and gloom
    Mariposa mantra would be one of calling out the unfair policies of this govt which has all but transferred millions of dollars to the wealthy in a six month period while the poor pulls the debt laden wagon
    Go figure


  • T. Inniss

    It seems as though YOU’RE not only Mariposa’s “step-father,” you’re the self-appointed “BU policeman.” You want to change the rules of engagement to suit you. But ac/Angela Cox/Angela skeete/Mariposa and I were having our “friendly banter” for years…….and SHE DOES NOT COMPLAIN…..

    …….so why do you believe it’s necessary for you to complain on her behalf……unless she ask you to do so while you were at George Street?

    You’re a “bold faced liar.” I have NEVER stated in any of my contributions that I “never get nasty with other bloggers” (BRING THE SUBSTANTIATING EVIDENCE)…… because that’s par for the course on BU……EVERYONE INSULTS EACH OTHER. So why should I be offended when you described me as a “BLP stool pigeon” among other things?

    There aren’t any contributors to BU that can be more insulting and sarcastic than Hal Austin or Georgie Porgie. The difference is, GP “gives, but he can take.” And there aren’t any other contributors that insult or cuss Hal Austin on a regular basis than Bush Tea and Georgie Porgie…….so… once again, you’re proven to be a liar.

    I’m sure you CONVENIENTLY forgot you used the characterisations “PURE BRED JACKASS” and “But this SHITE HOUND Artax is of a particular brand of STUPID. I expect no better from this brilliant BLP FOOL.” [October 29, 2018 1:16PM]

    To which I responded: “There isn’t anything wrong with that, after all he has freedom of expression,” which clearly INDICATED I was NOT OFFENDED…….unless you interpreted it to mean I was offended.


    ……….BEFORE cussing me.

    If you interpreted my highlighting your HYPOCRISY as me being offended…… then so be it.

    The problem with you is, when you see “Artax,” you see red… and “come out boxing wild” like the weakling you are.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You ask the question if this is the best we can do?

    Sadly, your answer is yes.

    And I shall explain why with this example.

    Give a baby 2 glasses full of water

    Let both of them be coloured their favourite colour.

    It will seek to drink from both.

    Yet, let one of the glasses be on an iPad and de ole man puts it to you that this babe will attempt to grab the internet glass with equal vigour and become annoyed when it cannot savour the taste of the facsimile


    BU readers and writers come from that general backdrop of babies who are incapable of understanding the abstract Independence

    Here you are erroneously thinking that after 52 years, of titular “independence “, a people who have no concept of nationhood would suddenly be so infused by wisdom to comment comprehensively about
    This abstract.

    Why, that is like thinking that Mugabe, having inherited the wasteland of Barbados, with her incompetent 21, by incredulous osmosis, now will be able to govern Barbados

    But then again, that is what you think, dont you?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here thank you kindly


  • Barbados Underground Whistleblower

    @T. Inniss

    Why do you continue to waste your time responding to Artax when he has been previously exposed by several others on BU as a liar and a very deceptive individual?

    Focus on your submissions and stop being easily distracted by the folly of others.


  • Artax

    You aren’t a BLP stool pigeon … you are more of a BLP golden retriever …


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