Chairman of Goddards Enterprises Asserts His Innocence

[Barbados Underground]  Yes Jeff, Charles Herbert faces a monumental task, not least because he has already been convicted in the court of public opinion. The social meaning of the case has become about the history of race relations in Barbados, so although the court case is supposed to consider the evidence dispassionately, I am not certain that a jury will lack bias


  • @ Hal

    Come on. This is Barbados. You know how things work here.

    The case will die a quiet death as men like Charles don’t go to jail in Barbados.

    Can’t you see already most have lost interest in it? Some time next year or later the case will be dismissed.

    The third accused who looks like the majority population will (continue to) pay a price though.


  • @John,

    You tell me. I am talking about the two men he was accused with, one got bail and the other could not raise his bail. Is Herbert still on bail, did he appear in court this week? What is the situation?
    Where is our fearless press?


  • Is this really the latest?

    Three former employees of Goddard Enterprises Limited (GEL) will have to wait to have their cases heard.
    Those former employees were charged with a number of marijuana-related offences including trafficking, importation and intent to supply 267 pounds of marijuana, with an estimated street value of $534,164 BDS.
    Walter Oneal Prescod, 55-years-old, a former sailor of Emerald Park East, St Philip; Arthur Charles Herbert, 62-years-old, a former Company Chairman, of Redland Plantation, St George; and Christopher Glenn Rogers, 56-years-old, a former Company Director, of York Road, Navy Gardens, Christ Church, were due to return to the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Tuesday, November 7.
    Their case could not be heard then however, as reports indicate that the Magistrate scheduled to hear that case is currently on vacation.
    Acting Public Relations Officer with the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF), Sergeant Michael Blackman, confirmed that they remain on bail:
    “Bail continues for all accused until March 27, 2019.”
    He also noted that Prescod, who was granted bail along with the other two accused, remained on remand:
    “Walter Prescod continues to be incarcerated due to his inability to secure a surety.”
    Prescod is due to return to court on December 4 of this year, while Herbert and Rogers are due to return on March 27, 2019.(Quote)


  • Curious…..
    If both of us commit the same crime and you are able to make bail and I cannot…
    Are we both jailbirds or just me?
    When asked “Have you ever been to jail… must I say yes and you say no?
    And if the case is dismissed… Am I still a jailbird and you are not??
    Is that how it is supposed to work???
    Doesn’t seem fair


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @TheOGazerts March 29, 2019 5:05 PM “If both of us commit the same crime and you are able to make bail and I cannot Are we both jailbirds or just me?”

    Well it depends.

    I would ask follow-up questions.

    Have you ever been arrested?

    Have you ever been convicted of any crime for which the sentence is more than one year?

    If so have you competed your sentence? When did you complete your sentence?

    if you stole a bicycle light when you were 17 and you are now 27 I don’t want to know.


  • @SS
    Not Yet
    Not applicable; Not applicable.
    Well past 27


  • What is the latest on Charles Herbert? Stop Googling and check. A brief telephone call will do.

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  • Why not pick up the phone and call yourself?

    Better still ask a relative in Barbados to inquire and advise the blog?

    Along with managing this blog (an income minus project) there are many activities the BU household is involved.

    Make the call or shut the hell up.


  • @ David,

    I won’t be rude to you, but it is tempting. You assumed that the call to check on Charles Herbert was meant for you. It was meant for the press and those interested in equality in the criminal justice system. Are you a member of the press?
    For those who claim I am always rude to the chairman, this is a good example of how it starts.


  • You may continue to be rude. It makes no difference if the Sun sets or if food is on the blogmaster’s table.


  • @ David,
    As I said, I will resist being rude to you. I asked what was the outcome of the Charles Herbert case, two days after he was due in court. You posted a link stating the outcome was in the public domain; the link was out of date. I re-posed my question and suggested that a telephone call should obtain an answer. You jumped on it and launched an attack. I replied by saying I won’t be rude, and you replied by suggesting I may continue being rude.
    @ David, I know you like picking fights with people you consider to be vulnerable (Mariposa, Lexicon, et al), while sucking up to others (those with high professional reputations or sound political heritages). I am from the Ivy and do not run from aggression..
    Further, as chairman of BU you are one of the great offenders on the blog. You must improve. The first step is to be impartial when contributors are having rows.
    I also note you say there is no income from WordPress. This has been a ten-year labour of love.


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  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    Some of you may remember me posting a link on this story sometime ago. In the majority of democratic countries the pursuit of justice is carried out within a finite time frame. The results may not always be fair but at least the theatre of justice is carried out in the public domain.

    Hal Austin has been a lone and persistent voice. He has demanded on numerous occasions as to why the case involving the alleged importation of illegal contreband on a boat owned by Goddard appears to have stalled. One of the passengers on the boat was a high profiled businessman called Stewart who had close connections to the owner of the boat who was also on board. Both men were accompanied on board by a poor black employee whose presence remains a mystery.

    This high profiled case (see the link below) in France has been concluded and it would appear that justice has been served. The outside world is looking into how the Barbados justice system will deal with Goddard, Stewart and their fellow passenger. There have been allegations that part of the contreband included white powder. The very same powder that appears to have brought violence and destruction to our island home.


  • What is the latest about Chares Herbert, and the woman who clamed she was kidnapped and taken to an ATM, and the police officer who shot his neighbour and Adriel Brathwaite released on bail? The wheels of justice in Barbados grind very slowly.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ talking loud saying nothing


    This is extremely interesting.

    It is very important to know all of the names of the parties who were at this scene.

    The passengers, the police, the customs officers, the lawyers and the crew, the entire crew.

    And the parties who became involved during and after the arrests.

    Where did the passengers who were on the vessel stay while on island?

    Were they frequent visitors to the island?

    I have other questions but…


  • Barbadians seem to have a short attention span, but this case goes right to the heart of our criminal justice system.


  • Still here. Not forgetting.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Hal Austin

    Hal, I would like to suggest that while, for the sheeple, it is a matter of “a short attention span” for the people, it is something completely different.

    This IS FEAR!

    IF Charles Herbert goes down, so will many others at Goddards, in the Customs Deoartment, at the Coast Guard, in the Police, in the Justice System, lawyers and judges

    Right now the strings that are being pulled are too numerous to mention.

    People have been calling and saying, ” I am not going down alone” so either you make something happen or…


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  • Whatever has happened to Charles Herbert? Where is the press, or is this a story too far? What about the Indian woman who claimed she was kidnapped and taken to an ATM?


  • What is the latest with Charles Herbert, the woman who claimed she was kidnapped and taken to an ATM and the police officer who shot his neighbour?
    Justice delayed, is justice denied.


  • What is the latest with Charles Herbert and that woman who claimed she was kidnapped and taken to an ATM; and what about the police officer who shot his neighbour?


  • Is Charles Herbert innocent or guilty? We want to know. How about the woman who claimed she was kidnapped and taken to an ATM? While you are at it, how about officer Gittens who shot his neighbour, was remanded in prison, and released by attorney general Brathwaite.
    Justice delayed is justice denied. Is the criminal justice system working?


  • Queen’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim, Q.C., today asked the Crown to state its case against his clients, businessmen Arthur Charles Herbert and Christopher Glenn Rogers who are both before the court on drug charges.
    Arthur Charles Herbert (right) and Christopher Glenn Rogers. (FP)
    The prominent lawyer made the call in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court this afternoon on the grounds that the file handed to him and attorney-at-law Kamisha Benjamin on the matter “does not disclose any case” against his clients.
    Pilgrim revealed that he had already written the clerk of the court and the Commissioner of Police on the issue.
    “Our position is that if the Crown is of the view that there is some aspects in this evidence, which disclose as a case, we urge them to point to it. Or, if the court is of the view that there is some aspect of this evidence that touches and concerns our clients, and implies some sort of either knowledge, control or possession or any of those things, of its own motion, we invite the court to point us in that direction,” Pilgrim stated.
    Herbert, 62, of Redland Plantation, St George and Rogers, 56, of No. 27 York Road, Navy Gardens, Christ Church are charged along with Walter O’Neal Prescod, 55, of No. 107 Emerald Park East, St Philip with possession, possession with intent to supply, trafficking and importation of 267 pounds or 121.4 kilogrammes of cannabis on July 23, 2018. The illicit substance has an estimated $534,160 street value.

    Walter O’Neal Prescod (FP)
    According to police the charges against the trio allegedly stemmed from a drug bust aboard the Ecstasy, a private yacht owned by Goddard Enterprises.
    All three men are currently on bail.
    The Queen’s Counsel went on to state that if there was any doubt “at all” it could be resolved by calling witnesses but if the court shares the defence team’s position and there was no need to call those witnesses then “we are happy”.
    “Because if the court wants us to specify why we think we could run into error if we commit this matter without a hearing of those witnesses, if there is a scintilla of evidence that points to knowledge of any of the parties whom we represent, we are anxious to be heard on those points. It may be a starting point to invite the Crown to indicate what their case is,” the lawyer told Magistrate Douglas Frederick as the trio sat in the dock.
    He however stated that there was an easier way for his side to put its case forward.
    “At least the simplest way to state our position is to say that parties other than us, in statements disclosed to us, point to this case happening in one particular way which does not involve us, that in our view those statements are statements which we are entitled to rely on in our defence pursuant to the Evidence Act,” said Pilgrim who conceded that he was not making a no case submission on the case against his clients “as yet”.
    In response, prosecutor Assistant Superintendent Trevor Blackman told the court: “I have requested a directive from the Director of Public Prosecutions in relation to this matter . . . so I am awaiting a response from her in relation to this matter.”
    Magistrate Frederick however informed Pilgrim that his submission may be “misplaced” as Prescod had now retained a new attorney-at-law.
    Today attorneys-at-law Shadia Simpson and Arthur Holder formally withdrew, with the court’s permission, as Prescod’s legal counsel. He is now represented by Verla DePeiza.
    Magistrate Frederick said DePeiza now needed time to read the file on the case against her client and take instructions from him.
    The case will continue in the No.1 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court on June 19. (Quote)


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