CL Financial Bailout – how the Integrity Commission Failed to carry out its duty

There is the saying that there is nothing new under the sun. One aspect of the CL Financial (CLICO) saga Barbadians can learn from is to critique how the Integrity Commission has performed its role given the clamour to impose transparency legislation in Barbados. Citizen Advocate Afra Raymond shares the view that the Integrity Commission failed to discharge its duties in the CL Financial affair.

– David, blogmaster

Yet another worrying aspect of the CL Financial (CLF) bailout fiasco is the role of the Integrity Commission (IC) in these turbid dealings. I am referring to the apparent failure or refusal of The Commission to carry out its duties in relation to CLF as required by the Integrity in Public Life Act (IPLA).

I first raised the prospect that CLF might well be under the IC’s oversight on 28th May 2009, in an article entitled – Judgment Time – Moral Hazard part 3. I have been pursuing that concern steadily since September 2012 and yet the position of the IC is no clearer. On 9th September 2015, I again put the question – Is the integrity Commission being willfully blind towards CL Financial? Indeed, in my March 28th 2018 interview with the Trinidad Express, I stated, in relation to the governance aspects unearthed by my campaign – Read full text on Afra Raymond’ s Website.


  • There is the question therefore, how does one hold an integrity commission accountable.


  • Keep replacing commission members until they get it right, there is a breaking point where you get tired of stupid, corrupt, self absorbed, destructive, uneducated people.


  • What is the Opposition doing to advocate this issue? What about other NGOs? Why are these issues left to one or two civic minded people like Afra et al.


  • Exactly so, David…The riddle is an eternal and internal one, by design as it were….these Important Independent Institutions are designed to be immune from instructions and only have a limited slot for reporting on their work…so the questions before us is ‘How can we proceed when one of these Institutions deliberately delays and misconstrues a genuine complaint about the hugest State-controlled company?’


  • Thanks Afra!

    It seems two issues are at play here:

    1. The fight by citizen advocates like yourself to exact transparency based on the legislation as enacted in response to issues as the arise read CL Financial.

    2. To find ways to demand that government honour what the legislation intends and not in the breech. This will be very difficult because the political class are vested in maintaining the fog around how the business of government is carried out.

    @BU family



  • Barbados should follow suit and repatriate its gold stocks from the Federal Reserve vaults like all sensible countries have been doing for many years now (LOL)


  • What if these institutions are all just fancy window dressing to make it look as if we have systems when, in fact, we have nothing. I admire guys like David, Afra, DC and the other fighters. Keep on fighting. Give them hell. I wish that you win.

    I fear the day when the scales fall off their eyes. Sadly, you will eventually becomes as disillusioned as I am


  • @ TheoG
    What if these institutions are all just fancy window dressing to make it look as if we have systems when, in fact, we have nothing.
    Incisive ….
    This is EXACTLY the BB problem in Barbados….
    from the Very Senate and Parliament ….all the way down to the NISE program and the Productivity Council….

    One BIG illusion…


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