Chemtrails Seen Over Barbados

The following was submitted by a member of the BU family who prefers to remain anonymous. By way of editorial comment there is a scientific explanation for chemtrails to be found HERE and there is the conspiracy theory explanation to be found HERE.

Barbados Underground

This is not the first time I have seen a chemtrail over St. Philip, Barbados.  Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018, at 1:20 PM I took these photos of a chemtrail over my house in Wellhouse, St. Philip.  It comes directly out of the west-south-west (NOT out of the airport to the south) and flies east-north-east in the direction of Africa. The chemtrail disappears about 30 feet past the cliff, over the water.   No planes fly this direction.   It dissipated in about 20 minutes.

Who is spraying the chemtrail, what is in it, and who gave permission?  And why is a chemtrail being sprayed over our heads in Barbados?


  • This agenda has been going on for months now, as Barbados most likely is a signatory to the PARRIS AGREEMENT, under the guise of climate control and global warming these “experiments” take effect. They contain Barium, Aluminum. Mercury and other toxins as well as viruses and nanobots… its has a multi purpose, one of which is docility.

    At times they repeat their dump twice in the same flight path, usually Thursdays, Fridays and Weekends mostly when wind speeds are low at an altitude of around 30 000 ft,. even witnessed a dump at a very low altitude in the center of the island only. It also affects vegetation, drying grass and “burning trees”.

    All in the name of Climate Change.

    Its particulates enhance microwaves pulses, heating the atmosphere.


  • Been seeing these things in the sky from the time Adam was a lad.


  • The Ghost of Hunter S. Thompson

    It’s probably smoke from all the pot you twits have been toking.


  • These are sewage trails high up in the blue sky … 😉


  • @TRON
    ” Tron January 28, 2018 at 12:15 AM #
    These are sewage trails high up in the blue sky … 😉”

    This is definitely one possibility, however I think flatulence blow-by from one or more local politicians is more likely the cause.


  • How this person came to the conclusion what direction planes fly in to justify their opinion?Check the app FlightRadar24, planes fly on all sorts of paths, depending on various circumstances.When the hurricanes last year took out radar relays in the northern Caribbean, flights had to take large deviations on their flight plan coming into Bim.


  • ”submitted by a member of the BU family who prefers to remain anonymous”.

    No wonder they wish to remain anonymous.


  • Been seeing these trails in the sky since I could remember myself. These are from ‘jets’ flying overhead, at least that’s what I always heard.


  • Interesting. I’ve been coughing a lot lately. Makes one wonder if Monsanto has been testing
    a new Roundup formulation for Sargassum weed mats eradication ?. . . or is it America’s budding cannabis sativa industry they are trying to protect from competition !!


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