Bajans Wake Up!

Submitted by Theo

Today I am deeply saddened, as a patriotic Barbadian, to read a Notice in today’s Sunday Sun Newspaper advising that the ABSOLUTELY EXCEPTIONAL, BROADWAY TO BARBADOS CHARITABLE TRUST, which has been working tirelessly over many, many years, assisting the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with yeoman’s service, has been finally dealt the death Knell by Chris Sinckler, Freundel Stuart and Minister of Health John Boyce, who by the way, has the Gall to tell Bajans in today’s paper:  “no need to panic”!

This Trust, a completely voluntary organization, has now been dealt the death knell blow by these heartless thieving and corrupt  ministers of Government. This now annual show, held at the Frank Collymore Hall, is a world class Production and brings joy to countless persons who support the Trust and the proceeds go to help save lives at our Hospital.

Why stop this effort Prime Minister?

So the Government now don’t want any outside help with the QEH? Come on Ministers, Bajans, this Trust is helping the Hospital. Don’t you Ministers have a heart or any sense of decency or any business acumen?

Can this Government take Barbados any lower? Chris Sinckler: presiding over 23 downgrades in eight years, still walking bout pompous, convinced that his economic homegrown policies will bring prosperity to Barbados.. Never, Never, Never . It will NEVER NEVER HAPPEN. Wake up Bajans.  Read Sanka Price’s piece on Marla Dukharan’s comments in the same paper today. connect the dots. Real Exchange rate down 9:1!

Freundel, not a word. Nothing to say, shameful, disgusting , Mr Prime Minister. When we last heard from you, you were still trying to convince Bajans that the recession gripping Barbados is as a result of the world economy. Hogwash. Wake up Froondel. Can’t fool Bajans any longer.

Add to those economic downgrades, 3 even more catastrophic downgrades [Advisories] over the last few days for Barbados from Canada, the USA and the UK , over the absolute mismanagement of the South Coast Sewage Project Fiasco. Absolutely Unacceptable.

Wake up Bajans. After all the hard work and all the money spent Marketing Barbados to the world over the years, our reputation has now been smeared in S**T.

Barbados is a business whether you ministers accept this fact or not. We have to run this country as a business. Government has to put things in place to facilitate continuity of business not kill business. Once big business and small business start to flourish again the economy will rebound. But not until the idiot policies and corruption in place today are cleansed from the country.

Wake up Bajans: Local contractors offering to help the Water Authority and all help refused. All we hearing are lies and more lies from the General Manager of the BWA and the PR persons at the BWA. Why? Cause Ministers controlling all the kick backs for the clean up work. Will come back to that in another post.

These Ministers are so out of touch with reality and have placed so many layers of bureaucratic red tape in every ministry, that it is almost impossible to get anything done in Barbados without bribes being paid. We are the absolute worst on the index of getting business done, In the WORLD.

Why should we put up with this any longer? : Wake up Bajans.

Who do Bajans think will be ultimately paying the cost of these bribes that the corrupt ministers have been taking and continue to take in the few months left in power? Think about that.

Citizens, wake up. Never before in the History in Barbados has a group of persons raped and pillaged this beautiful country in the manner that has been done by this DLP Administration over  the last  8 years.

The Great Errol Walton Barrow would turn in his grave were he to be aware of the level of deceit and corruption now entrenched in Barbados.

Sir Hillary and UWI academics: you all need to speak out, we can’t hear you.

Bobby Morris: we can’t hear a word you.

Trevor Marshall: we can’t hear you

Union Leaders: you all mekking real mock sport. Jokers.

Opposition Parties: we listening and waiting

Church Leaders: we can’t hear you.

David Commissiong: keep up the good work, keep the pressure on.

Your collective voices need to be heard.

This current status of affairs in Barbados is unacceptable.
Understand that bribery and corruption have so taken over this government that NOTHING new can proceed without payments of Bribes to Government ministers in Barbados.

This is beyond Shameful that the momentum of this most important CHARITABLE  TRUST must now be afflicted by the idiotic policies of the Minister of Finance and by extension the Prime Minister.

This is Shameful.

Bajans wake up.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Just saw a video on Facebook posted by Dr. Morley on the raw sewage cockup on the south coast where he lives, the video had nearly 8,000 views and counting and it very accurately exposed the do little government for the incompetent uncaring,( unless their are bribes to be had, my words not his), stupid ministers and useless leaders that they are….accurate, he did not lie, he did not mislead anyone, he told the truth as it happened…

    … thankful it did not come from someone like me because the language would have been far more flowery.

    Any new intelligent government should know that investigations of all involved in the known bribery corruption is a must, one of the first orders of business is to get Bjorn Bjerkham out of the people’s central bank, because as I just remembered…

    Wait a minute, isnt Bjorn Bjerkham from Norway, so why is he still in Barbados making himself such a damn malicious parasite on the lives of Bajans for the last 5 decades…..with all his corruption, bribery, discrimination against black people, attempt to practice modern day slavery against St. Vincent workers, starvation wages and made a career of stealing from Black Bajan people….when Norway is such a comfortable financial paradise.

    Oh I get it, the shit he can do in Barbados he cannot get away with totally in Norway, he cant bribe politicians and government officials, not enough black people to rob, he cant rob Norway’s treasury or pension fund and he sure as hell cannot create thiefing scams like Cahill…against Norwegians..


  • Well Well I think you are not too Well, you are all over de place. Why can’t you stick to the subject? From the number of posts you have on this blog I am convinced that you don’t sleep very much. Woman get some sleep and you will feel better and keep on the subject matter.


  • Well Well

    And Gregory Nicholls from which country and what is his complexion ?

    On February 21 , 2013 Gregory Nicholls was observed in broad daylight swindling funds from a black Barbadian …….to bribe black Barbadian voters .

    An egregious act that Gregory Nicholls was brought before the law courts of Barbados for .

    Why don’t you posting show some balance and express those facts ???

    Barbadian voters don’t take pride in such myopic views as yours

    It did not work in 2013

    In 2018 ……it won’t either !!

    The BWA has incontrovertible evidence of misuse of the South Coast Sewage project… can you blame a minister of the Crown or government for such actions by unscrupulous BWA clients ?


  • The idiots are in charge and will fcuk up any and everything that will help the people of Barbados. They can give Butch tax free concessions for 40 years and give this organization that help buy badly needed equipment for the QEH a difficult time. perhaps someone was waiting on a loaded handshake before issuing the letter in a timely manner. SMH looka wha we cum tah!


  • Fractured BLP January 14, 2018 at 6:50 PM # You too with all this shite talk? Go post on the blogs that are speaking about it. David should delete your post !


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Fractured and Desperate….Who is Gregory Nichols? Is he a lawyer….well he is friends with and business partners to Fruendel, thiefer of the house Michael Carrington, David Thompson, Michael Lashley, the other Lashley….and all the lawyers in parliament…if I forgot any names, feel free to add them.

    Island…ya back here looking for attention again…why dont you focus on your posts, I could care less what you post, I am getting the desired results…if ya would focus…you will have no idea what my posts have already caused,what changes have come about because if them..

    .,,,,, try making some useful contributions that will actually bring about changes….ya disappeared and now want to act like ya contributed something, my thunder is my thunder, get ya own…

    …and exactly what do you know about my sleeping habits…mind ya business.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Cant believe ya came back with this petty, trifling small island crap, ya did that on an international blog and everyone will have a go at ya…

    Post what you think can bring about the required changes…election is months away, there is not a lot of time to apply the required pressure to get the required results, instead ya came back with this useless nonsense, unintelligent nonsense, yall will never learn anything.

    We just managed to get Ha, Ha Austin the fraud in line, now you pop up….why yall black people like that…always going off tract to attack each other instead of dealing with the issues at hand….and ya expect anything to change.., well I am not the one…choose someone else.


  • Well well

    Tomorrow is the 10 th anniversary of this great DLP in office

    You can add 5 more years to that when ever the bell is rung a third time….




    So you could carry your corrupt BLP arse back to sleep 😴 at either :




    3 S highway

    The BLP under MAM ” has lost its Soul “… words of OSA who should know what he is talking bout .


  • Fractured

    You accuse the BLP of being corrupt under Owen, then you say OSA says the party has lost its soul. Does that mean they are no longer corrupt? lmao!!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Fractured…ya protesting too much…ya hear me say anything about who the PEOPLE will elect, it appears ya already feeling the loss…lol

    I am not the one cause Canada, UK, and US to issue health alerts….that alone means yall cannot possibly be reelected, not by the electorate…and particularly not by any of the tourists Fruendel wasted millions of dollars feteing…..for 9 years,

    ….he can always go begging them for work after the election..though

    And the other ministers know whose doors they can go knocking on, am sure Butch et al got toilets that need cleaning,


  • Blogmaster they have hijacked Theo’s blog this is not good enough!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Fractured…ah bet yall praying night and day that the raw sewage dont start leaking in the streets of Ch, Ch again,again, after yall government are the ones who created that whole mess..

    A bet yall praying night and day that the other sewage plant dont explode in Bridgetown…lol


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “This current status of affairs in Barbados is unacceptable.
    Understand that bribery and corruption have so taken over this government that NOTHING new can proceed without payments of Bribes to Government ministers in Barbados.”

    “Add to those economic downgrades, 3 even more catastrophic downgrades [Advisories] over the last few days for Barbados from Canada, the USA and the UK , over the absolute mismanagement of the South Coast Sewage Project Fiasco. Absolutely Unacceptable.”


  • @ David,

    there is no link to the Notice in today’s Sunday Sun .

    Please post one if you can,


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    See if that can win yall an election….Fructured……with pressure being applied from every angle, it’s a pity the new political parties are so weak, which means if they dont come together under one umbrella, not only are their chances slim to none, but the chances of any of them being strong governments will be nonexistent.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Theo….the broadway charity said they will be back online for 2019…you know it’s bribes the ministers and others want to allow the charity to operate to help QEH…if they keep exposing it enough, more pressure will be applied to the bribetakers, it will make things even more difficult for them in the international arena..

    ….something gotta give in Barbados, too much bribery and corruption coming out of parliament and the private sector.


  • Still unclear how the Trust was dealt a “death knell”. The Diamonds International folks are the force behind this?


  • @islandgal

    Your concern is noted.


  • Is it reasonable to expect a statement from the minister of finance Sinckler or the Barbados Revenue Authority as to why the VAT waiver was not issued?


  • confused what the FB link posted has to do with BBCT… the issue relates to VAT waivers?


  • @NO

    In 2016 the VAT was waived on condition that all monies collected by the Broadway Show be given to the QEH. In 2017 a similar request remains outstanding and consequently the producer has cancelled but committed to 2019.

    The FB link to Corrie Scott’s wall is to show the ad which appeared in the press yesterday.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David Mr Blogmaster, two things…

    How does one “hijack” a blog really….if anyone is concerned about the trend of the commentary then I suspect the person so concerned can rescue those hijacked by staging a positive posting intervention….otherwise, it seems they are in Stockholm syndrome mode.


  • @Dee Word

    It is possible for a commenter to inundate a blog to the point where where it acts as a turnoff. This is why some refer to blog etiquette.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Oh dear, wrong button…😂

    So second thing….no VAT waiver really means that the producers will have higher costs thereby resulting in lower funds raised towards their goal.

    So assuming they have the donations that cover the front end costs then they can revise their profit plans re the final donation… this again assumes of course that the event is also very successfully.

    But of course the fact is that the folks offering this charity are likely p’ed off to be taxed twice and thrice (personally and otherwise) for a wothwhile event which is actually subsidizing a govt entity.

    Compared to the Butch hotel concessions the waiver here would seem rather straightforward….but none of the politicians are enjoying any benefit from this charity I am sure so… is it really hard to understand their stance…

    At every level this DLP team appear to be so incompetent (corrupt) and clueless on basic PR that it boggles the mind that they will actually win seats again… we the electorate are so absolutely insane!


  • The BRA/government maybe concerned about precedent setting decisions. There are many charities after all.


  • @Blogmaster
    TY. Maybe one has to be a “friend” to see that wall? What I saw was a bunch of home/shop photos.

    DIW…VAT has both input and output components.


  • “but none of the politicians are enjoying any benefit from this charity “….sure we all have friends and family who need to use QEH facility from time to time.


  • The government funds the QEH as last resort, why can’t the charity pay VAT if the net result to the government is the same?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Yes, correct @Northern but I expect that such a one-off yearly event may have more (most, if not all) on the output payment side ..

    And Mr Blogmaster therein lies the puzzle… the many others…aren’t they other hotels like Stewart’s too.

    Governance is difficult … it takes wise heads to determine what’s best to be done, so all we citizens can ask is transparency….we may not necessarily endorse every decision but at least we would understand how and why it’s done.

    Now that said I revert to you and ask if the govt funds the QEH then WHY should citizens offering charitable benefit to that institution (to ourselves via the govt really) be taxed twice on our inputs of money, time and resources.

    In every instance every Bajan taking part in the fund raiser whether as part of the event organizing team or a ticket purchasing attendee has already been taxed on income and regular living necessities.

    Why should the govt seek to get funds from from them AGAIN on profits that are (I presume) wholly going to the intended QEH charity??

    I don’t want to be boringly long but there are some major projects/groups which deserve social considerstion. Of course the tax status of a charity does absolve it from key taxation….so that VAT is also asked to be waived is really quite reasonable for a significant production like this.

    Similarly large events by the Bdos Cancer Society which provide important items to QEH or Rotary with their key projects or Lions who eons ago built an entire eye center st QEH should be treated with tax waivers as is requested and is practical.

    After all why charge the tax if you the govt is getting the benefit!

    LOL…the accountants and economists will have a different view but at the very simple level it makes perfect sense to seek tax waivers for such grand societal welfare programs.


  • @Dee Word

    How is the Sandals example on all fours with this event?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Very simply Mr Blogmaster…let’s step back from the obvious differences of one being a long term revenue generating boost (supposedly) to the economy and the other an annual event that simply boosts its intended target.

    A big ask maybe but work this through on the fundamentals.

    Basically they both are expected to provide tax revenue and a greater good to the society and overall the economy; the operators of both are asking for tax incentives in order to provide that greater good.

    If neither of them operate then there is no societal benefit or any tax collected. If they are operational but taxes are waived then there is also no tax revenue but also in both cases despite the missing taxes there is still a benefit to the society….

    In fact one can argue that the charity event actually imposes less of a burden on govt resources than the hotel project does and offers as significant a benefit (comparatively so) with its intended sizeable donations of funds/equipment.

    That’s the simple analysis… Of course nothing in life is so simple…

    This is a major project with big corporate backers and a large footprint of tourists (actors) coming in to perform, booking of local performers and so on…so can there be finaggling of the VAT waivers to benefit any of the local participants….absolutely.

    Can that be properly controlled… of course.

    This like Sandalls can enhance the life of our citizens. If the govt can forego taxes for the hotel over many years with the expectation that the jobs gained will still expand the tax base then it’s an easy equation to accept the donations from this charity as all equipment offered to the hospital is also a credit to the govt tax base.


  • @DIW
    as you point out…..nothing in life is so simple. There is much more to this.



    Whew …..!

    What a difference the passage of the last few months make. – from July 2017 !

    Thousands of rational thinking Barbadians will AWAKE from their sleep this morning and read the story above and realised that the prophesy of King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart has come to pass….

    The LION 🦁 and the LAMB 🐏 have now EXITED the same cage at the ZOO !!!!

    The LION 🦁 now disagrees BITTERLY with the LAMB 🐏……….for taking industrial action on the STREETS !!!!!

    A position all rational Bajans knew from the start …….was not NECESSARY !!!

    The only Bajan who prided himself in this UNHOLY ALLIANCE. and ACTIONS ……was the owner of this blog DAVID !!!

    He can always be counted on to support anyone or anything that sets out to destroy this government and country !!!

    He wants locking up for ..,,TREASON !!!


  • Can you blame civil servants who despite being told the government has no money see government spending for all kinds of irrelevant procurements.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Fractured BLP January 18, 2018 at 7:14 AM

    Fractured (like the sewer pipes), why don’t you return to the South Coast and use your mouth to take in the shit that has resurfaced as a result of your total incompetence since 2015?

    You ought to be glad that the ‘pseudo’ entente cordiale between the unions and the business owners has come to an end like Icarus crashing into the Aegean sea.

    It provides your sinfully ugly man with the perfect opportunity to declare a state of emergency and rule by decree thereby fulfilling a dream of becoming the absolute ruler (dictator) of the fast becoming shithole republic of the Caribbean just like some of his African counterparts. It’s pity he has no military experience.

    Mark these words that are written in infamy:
    There will soon be a massive increase in the exit (flight) of capital.
    Little or no forex will be coming into the country to end up financing the debauched lifestyle of shitehounds ruling over a shithole place called Shitbados.


  • “Can you blame civil servants who despite being told the government has no money see government spending for all kinds of irrelevant procurements.”

    David, although I believe the NUPW is being a bit unreasonable by taking strike action, under circumstances where government is not in a “strong” financial position to offer salary/wage increases they are asking, I have to agree with your above comments.

    This inept DLP administration reinstated their 10% reduction in salaries; spent over $7M in a yearlong independence celebration; spent $8M to host CARIFESTA XIII (and rewarded the minister with a national honour) saying it would generate much needed foreign exchange but would not admit it was an abysmal failure; paid Guyson Mayers $300,000 as a consultant for the Financial Intelligence Unit and went to parliament this week to debate to extend the consultancy; spent money on an event to open Rhianna Drive (could not this have waited on when the country was financially stable?); gave Hal Gollop $1.5M for the BWA deal; cost over-runs on the BWA new headquarters; loaned Bizzy Williams $17M from the NIS fund; ……….

    ……….Freundel Stuart and his gang of misfits can find all types of money to finance events at Illaro Court…..

    ……..but cannot find money to increase the salaries/wages of public sector employees.

    And against the background of they promising to consider the increases if the NSRL realized enough revenue, which according to Sinckler, the tax realized more revenue than anticipated.


  • David , Miller & Artax

    The great government of Barbados 🇧🇧 led by His Majesty King Freundel Jerome Stuart has not misled any public servant of Barbados about the financial state of the economy ….

    The BPSA now admits that the economy of Barbados like it’s counterparts in the Caribbean region is facing challenging economic circumstances.

    The police force in Jamaica 🇯🇲 is locked in protracted wage negotiations with the government there.

    The Jamaican government say they cannot meet the police demands because of the country’s poor economic situation.

    Is Chris Sinckler and Freundel Stuart in charge over there ??

    Trinidad 🇹🇹 public officers have not had a wage increase for years.

    The Trinidad government says the government finances cannot support a wage increase at this time.

    Is that the decision of Chris Sinckler and Freundel Stuart ???

    The government of Barbados under very difficult circumstances have done very well to keep the country afloat.

    Even with UWI tuition fees that the DLP amended in 2013 ……. since early 2000 Mia Mottley as Minister of Education was advised to review the payment of tuition fees by government by Barbadians..

    Pages 26 – 29 above should be compulsory reading for all rational thinking Barbadians to highlight the HYPOCRISY of Mia Mottley on government funded UWI tuition.

    Even Mia Mottley fellow BLP member is alarmed at her HYPOCRISY on the UWI tuition fees proposal.

    Yet in 2018 ……MAM proposes to make UWI tuition free for all Barbadians in September 2018……if her party wins the upcoming General Elections.

    Barbados needs to keep away from this …….DESPOT !!!!!


  • Fcuktured BLP

    You are your “own worst enemy.”

    The economic environments of Jamaica (US$1 = JAM$124.22) and Trinidad & Tobago (US$1 = TT$6.73) cannot be reasonably compared with that of Barbados, since the economic circumstances and variables are different.

    However, by continuing your comparison re: So what if Barbados’ economy is “bad,” the economies of Jamaica and T&T are “bad” too…………

    ……….you are essentially ADMITTING Barbados’ economy is in “dire straits.”


  • Marla Dukaran just admitted on Brasstacks that our economy is on the precipice.


  • Politicians are known to have criticized or opposed policies and subsequently supported them. As such, assigning hypocrisy to one’s political opponents……is tantamount to hypocrisy.

    I’m sure it would be HYPOCRITICAL of Fcuktured BLP if she could not remember when then Coordinator of the Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC) Chris Sinckler was up until his election to parliament on January 15, 2008, “vehemently criticizing” the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe.

    Immediately after the 2008 general elections the SAME Chris Sinckler, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and International Business, was SINGING the PRAISES of the EPA.

    In September 2008, Sinckler announced that the Government of Barbados decided to establish a Unit to coordinate the implementation of the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement in Barbados.

    On Wednesday, October 15, 2008, Sinckler SIGNED the EPA agreement during an official ceremony held at the then Sherbourne Conference Centre,

    The PM David Thompson also expressed reservations about the EPA……..but subsequently said he “firmly believed that there are benefits to be reaped from the proposed Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe.”

    Now, Ms. Fcuktured BLP………….. don’t you think it is reasonable for us to be likewise alarmed at Sinckler’s and Thompson’s HYPOCRISY on the EPA agreement?


  • Interesting exchange the blogmaster has with Dr. Robinson about the possible level of unfunded public sector pension. He was unable to confirm if there is a provision, contingent liability or a structured approach to managing what must be a burgeoning pension expense obligation for non NIS commitment. To be fair, it is not his responsibility as NIS chairman.


  • Very credible reports so far has indicated that the ill conceived strike action by the NUPW has being a failure thus far on DAY 1 .

    Should the NUPW persist with their charade DAY 2 will likely fizzle by mid morning,

    Another poor effort by David – BU blogmaster !


  • I bet your exchange was interesting. It was the first question which popped into my mind last Friday, when I learned of the pension expense in the T&S.


  • “Very credible reports so far has indicated that the ill conceived strike action by the NUPW has being a failure thus far on DAY 1.”


    Seems as though reports are not credible………but I can’t blame you for hoping the strike action was a failure after all you’re a DLP yard-fowl.

    Read the following excerpt taken from January 18, 2018 edition of Barbados Today (and weep):

    Barbados Today
    Added by Colville Mounsey on January 18, 2018.

    On Day 1 of a national shutdown ordered by the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) REPORTS are that OPERATIONS at SEVERAL Government departments have been AFFECTED.

    While it is still too early to fully assess the impact of the action, when Barbados TODAY visited the Bridgetown Port this morning truck drivers there reported that operations got off to an unusually late start.

    Workers were also in and out of various Government departments in the City, with some state-run secondary schools, including Combermere, FORCED to CLOSE EARLY, due to the UNAVAILABILITY of teaching staff.

    “Should the NUPW persist with their charade DAY 2 will likely fizzle by mid morning.”

    As it relates to your above comment, Barbados Today gave an insight of what will occur tomorrow…….as follows:

    “However, Transport Board buses were still running and the Grantley Adams International Airport remained open, even though union sources indicated that the action was likely to be SIGNIFICANTLY RAMPED UP TOMORROW to include workers at the country’s air and sea ports.” [Barbados Today, January 18, 2018]


  • “Interesting exchange the blogmaster has with Dr. Robinson about the possible level of unfunded public sector pension.”

    David BU

    I agree with Northern Observer that the exchange may have been interesting. Unfortunately, however, I was unable to find it on face book.

    Perhaps you could post a few excerpts.

    I believe there should be some discussion on this issue since the NIS may in more trouble than we believe………

    ………..especially if one takes certain into consideration situations such as the NIB approving a $17M loan to Bizzy Williams to finance an upscale club house and gave him additional time to repay, even though he has not made any repayments as stipulated by the terms of the original repayment agreement.

    How many other businesses benefited from NIS funds and were delinquent in repayments?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Artax January 18, 2018 at 11:14 AM #
    “However, by continuing your comparison re: So what if Barbados’ economy is “bad,” the economies of Jamaica and T&T are “bad” too…………
    ……….you are essentially ADMITTING Barbados’ economy is in “dire straits.”

    The Fcuktured hypocrite will soon be able to say how very similar to Jamaica and T&T Barbados has become in more ways than the economic one when the Bajan dollar is worth less than a sheet of toilet paper clogging up the South Coast sewer and stinking up Bridgetown.

    Marla has suggested 9:1 as the ‘real’ value to the greenback based on current economic and monetary metrics.

    Can you imagine what it would really worth when the current lot of lowlife wild boys successfully manage to ‘screw up’ the last functioning cylinder in the country’s economic engine by driving the tourism car right through the sewer?

    At least Jamaicans and Trinis can feed themselves; if push comes to shove.
    Where would that leave Barbados whose once arable lands are dedicated to –cowitch, bush and vermin making a real mockery to its national anthem,

    ‘All Barbados got is sea water and sand’!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Fractured BLP January 18, 2018 at 10:11 AM

    We think the examples you cite to compare how well-off Bajans are need to be widen a bit.

    Why not include Venezuela? Wouldn’t that comparison give you a more realistic insight of what is in store for Bajans when they are unable to buy imported foods?

    Where would Bajans find the forex to pay for imported junk food?

    Not even Zimbabwe would touch the Bajan cut-plate currency when the sewage shit hits the foreign reserves fan.


  • I am shocked, at the number of BU bloggers who seemingly ‘bought into’ the “story” the unions and private sector were EVER in bed. The ONLY common ground was an administration which was ignoring them. And with no wage increases (unions) and no positive economic plans (business) they decided to ‘up de ting.’

    It was the PM, in his address to the faithful, and later in the annual party programme, who tried to tie the two groups together, beyond having a common interest to see his administration talk to them. And to deflect this, the PM made specific points of how he had communicated with them. Recall the multi-hour meeting with the unions, and the letter we still haven’t seen,,,,communications between himself and the PSA.

    Apart from each group having to deal with the current administration of the GoB, they have almost zero in common. Always have, always will.


  • Breaking News

    Miller the BU poster, is actually Akanni McDowell of the NIPW !

    Artax the BU poster, is actually Mary Redmsn of BSTU !

    Thanks David for that interesting – though not surprising – revelation. !!!!!


  • David

    BTW , what have become of the George Brathwaite column ??

    Since the day he failed to produce his PhD qualification from his claim to be a Commonwealth Scholar who ” studied in New Zealand 🇳🇿 ” , he has gone underground .

    Another BLP blight !!!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Fractured BLP January 18, 2018 at 3:43 PM

    Fcukuptured, what does your “NIPW” stand for?
    You are missing another rather important letter to give its full title.

    You should have written ‘NIPPW’- the National Institute of Political Pimps and Whores of which you are the longest serving member.

    How about that, life member?


  • I recall during 2016 Barbadians were complaining about the numerous “pot-holes” on the road infrastructure, with some posting on social media, pictures of the holes, accidents and damages to their vehicles. Rather than address those concerns………. on January 1, 2017, Denis Kellman posted the following insensitive comment on his facebook page:

    “Can pot holes save lives?”

    Whenever I read the shiite Fcuktured BLP posts to BU, I am reminded of the shiite Denis Kellman posts on his facebook page. Kellman posted so much shiite that Donville Inniss told him he should take a break from the computer.

    It is highly impossible for two different people to be “identically ignorant.”

    Therefore, Fcuktured BLP, the BU poster, is actually Denis Kellman.


  • Artax
    Fcuktured BLP is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too coherent to be DK. The latter has trouble linking two thoughts together. Even verbally.


  • Suppose the folks around Worthing/Hastings show their displeasure at the Gov’t by erecting a giant middle finger someway along the way?


  • Okay, NorthernObserver……….point taken.

    My second guess is George Pilgrim.


  • Well thousands of rational thinking Barbadians are rejoicing today – in celebration 🎉 of the 10th anniversary of the great Democratic Labour Party in office.

    In the 10 year period the DLP has resolved the tough and sordid issues left by Mia Mottley’s BLP – such as the :

    • Barrack debacle

    • CLICO transition to RESLIFE

    Kudos the greatest political party 🎉 led by His Majesty King 👑 Freundel Jerome Stuart.

    Come out on Sunday to Kensington Oval for a gospel concert to celebrate the birthday of the Father of Independence and the great DLP .

    I know David can’t wait 😊 to get to this concert !


  • So here it is the larger economies in Caricom -,Trinidad 🇹🇹 and Jamaica 🇯🇲 – are struggling to settle salary agreements with their public officers…….because of the unfavorable economic conditions.

    Indeed outside the CARIBBEAN region the tough economic environment have forced some African nations to withhold salary increases for public officers.

    But here in Barbados 🇧🇧 – this BLP Blog owner David a.k.a Gear Box ……would try to fool Bajans into believing that other countries are not experiencing economic challenges.

    The economic challenges are only confined to Barbados 🇧🇧

    David , get real and stop trying to – lose your SOUL. !!!!


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Fractured BLP January 21, 2018 at 4:02 PM
    “The economic challenges are only confined to Barbados
    David , get real and stop trying to – lose your SOUL. !!!!”

    Why aren’t you at your party’s gospel fart ‘thing’ selling your soul to the devil?

    The economic challenges might not be confined to Barbados but the shit floating on the streets right in the heart of your largest forex earner is.

    Seriously Fractured, you are sounding as boring with this 10 year old broken record international recession lame-duck excuse as you have been over the past two with Mia and her non-existent LEC.

    The return of your 10% salary in the face of seriously deteriorating economic conditions was the last draw to break the public workers back.
    How can you ask workers to continue hold strain despite the promise made after increasing the NSRL while you put your hands right into the cookie jar holding the same NSRL?
    But what can we expect from a gang of wild boys hell bent on stealing at all cost as you plan to do with the upcoming elections?


  • Shameful that Sandals get concess but not the Broadway show. How much millions do Sandals give the QEH?


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