Musings of a Barbadian Transplant on the Unusual Sight of Snow in Charleston

Submitted by Mohammed Iqbal Degia  posted to Extra Newsfeed

Car park at 1:30 pm

The sight of snow in Charleston yesterday had me thinking. I reminisced about my first experience of snow and all the other times and places I encountered it. Inevitably, as someone with a deep interest in environmental issues, I pondered about the connection of this local event to the broader issue of climate change. On Thursday evening, I went to post some photos on Facebook I had taken of the snow by our apartment complex. I was going to write a sentence or two about the photos but alas I have a wandering mind and instead I ended up penning this piece about the reflections I had on seeing the snow!

The first time I saw snow was in 1996 when I left Barbados and went to London to study at the age of 18. I was still asleep that morning and two of the guys from the hostel I was staying at came into my room and woke me up. I was not exactly happy to be startled and got up confused. They were excited and told me to look out the window and when I did, it was as if I had woken up in a different place. Outside was covered in snow. I ran out the room, slipped on my shoes without lacing them up and dashed through the door. I jumped around in the snow, held it in my hand and threw it around for about thirty seconds before the cold hit me. I had sprinted out in my lounge pants and a t-shirt! I went back inside and dressed warmly and then came out again in the snow for a little longer.

It snowed again rarely in my three years in London. I think it must have fell about three times and even then it was a light sprinkling that melted away within less than a day. Over the years I have had various snow encounters in places ranging from New York, Toronto and Wales to Durham and York in England, from vicious storms and stunning landscapes to the dirt-filled, ugly mess that pretty snow soon transforms to in cities. However, Wednesday was something quite unexpected. It snowed in Charleston, SC, a most abnormal occurrence! This is a place where winter only flirts with. I get away with wearing a spring jacket for large parts of winter and by March I venture outside in flip flops. The last time a snow storm hit Charleston was December 1989 and I think sometime around 2009/2010 there was also some minor snow. Yesterday’s snow seems to be record breaking. When I heard on Tuesday that there may be snow on Wednesday, I dismissed it. “Ah, there won’t be any snow here man, the most that will happen is some sleet” was the thought playing out in my head in Bajan dialect!

Palms at 2:30 pm

I had a conference call just before midday on Wednesday and was sitting at the dining table doing the call and talking incidentally about environmental issues. As I sat there on the call, the rain that had been falling for a few hours turned to sleet and then became snow. Soon outside was blanketed by it. I had clearly underestimated the weather! Thankfully, a lot of places had already closed so my wife was home. Today the snow is slowly melting but expectedly for a city not used to snow, there is some chaos. Many businesses and offices remain closed and the city of Charleston declared a state of emergency late this afternoon. We shall see what the weekend brings us. Hopefully warmer weather that melts the snow rapidly!

I took these photos at three different times of the day around 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM to capture the transition. They are, admittedly, a feeble attempt to capture the beauty of the snow. I have very little practice driving in the snow and would not dare drive my current car, unequipped for icy roads and snow, during this weather. The only drawback is that this deprives me taking some beautiful shots of Charleston under snow!

Car park at 5:30 pm

Beyond the pictures though, are some serious considerations- the reality of changing weather patterns caused by anthropogenic climate change and the effects of this change on coastal areas like Charleston and South Carolina Low Country. The cold weather happening at the moment is not evidence against climate change as some claim perversely. Weather and climate are not the same. According to NOAA and NASA, weather is the conditions of the atmosphere that we experience in the short term while climate is the long-term pattern of varying weather conditions. Although it may be unusually cold right now in Charleston, the average global temperatures are much warmer than before, a fact borne out by international scientific consensus.

Climate change has already had devastating consequences across the world and especially in places that are more vulnerable than others such as the Caribbean where I am from. It poses a grave threat to Charleston just as it does to the Caribbean and other US cities like Miami, New York and Atlantic City. In Charleston, the conversation about climate change has only started and it has been limited to rising sea levels and adaptation to flooding. Climate change’s causal link to flooding is minimised with the latter treated as an urgent standalone issue that must be adapted to. Topics such as coral reef destruction, fisheries depletion, health threats, biodiversity decline, increased drought, strain on water resources and extreme weather patterns, all very relevant to Charleston, are not on the agenda except for that of a small group of concerned people. Moreover, the discussions about adaptation to flooding and the financing of adaptation measures are led by certain interests whose properties are under threat. Those most impacted by the climate challenge- the African-American community- are excluded.

One uncommon snow storm is unlikely to stir the climate conversation in Charleston. I have yet to see any mention of the words climate change in news reports or on social media. It can be argued that in a traditionally conservative state the fact that there is significant attention being paid now to flooding is something to be positive about. While this is true, there is a long way to go. This satisfaction must be channelled into taking the conversation towards much more uncomfortable territory. Territory that not only encompasses subjects like mitigation efforts to address the cause of climate change but also places those who suffer disproportionately from climate change at the forefront.


  • Bushy,
    Thanks for the link.
    I am not concerned that the data would overwhelm me so much as it negatively impacts corrupt politicians and so called “Scientists”. Like I have written, why dont we all cut the BS debating and take action to reduce Pollution? Probably because Pols take $$$$$ from Business people who don’t care.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @MoneyB, perhaps if two other bloggers both of them very astute – based on their historical posts – did not (at different times) offer concurrent views to mine re your posts I just might be inclined to follow your reasoning that I have misconstrued your opinions….but it ain’t just me, bro so seize and settle wid dat fake reasoning.

    Alas, I mentioned race, CLASS and also straight up ARROGANCE as possible bases re your position.

    Don’t YOU think it’s telling that you focused on the race angle…Yep, well I do. Chinese or Indians don’t look like me or you (features and such) so you are pellucid it’s surely about race principally.

    I doubt that you would be deeply concerned about “…a gargantuan part of humanity that they could crush the rest of us” if these folks were out of Europe…despite the fact that you purport your kith n kin being cashiered unceremoniously to Bim from western shores.

    I dismiss your thesis of massive unemployment due to growth in those other nations. That is simplistic and unbecoming a man of your apparent nous and awareness…frankly its illogical.

    Those billions of people are a massive target market for all the smart operators in US and Canada et al…surely you know that growth of Apple or a GE or even Ford corp is more assured as those nations explode economically than if they do NOT expand to levels experienced in first world countries.

    The awesome growth you and we all have enjoyed with low cost new devices are built of the cheap labor…from where?

    Do reset and come again with your neo-plantocracy all is mine mentality. The zero sum analysis you offer is simply arrogance.

    I don’t fear China being in total control in the least…because that will never happen. And even if it did, would a capitalistic focused central collective operational model be any more disruptive than the haphazard leadership currently in place in WH.

    Come again!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Coldest place in US this weekend, Mount Washington, New Hampshire, people do not live in that area either, but there is a weather station.

    “US weather latest: Mount Washington vies for coldest place on Earth as northeast faces deep freeze
    Winds of more than 90 mph swirl Mount Washington, the northeast’s highest peak

    Staff and agencies 14 hours ago11 comments

    The Independent US

    Millions of people across the US northeast have faced a deep freeze in the wake of the snow brought by winter storm Grayson – with the wind chill around Mount Washington in New Hampshire making it feel like -93 degrees Farenheit (-69 degrees Celsius)

    Winds of more than 90 mph swirled Mount Washington, the northeast’s highest peak, at a temperature of -37F (-38C) degrees, with the wind chill bringing it to -93F. The peak tied for second place with Armstrong, Ontario, as the coldest spot in the world on Saturday.

    Elsewhere, Burlington, Vermont, stood at -1F (-18C) and a wind chill of -30F (-34C), with the Killington ski resort in the state closing for Saturday with wind chill making it feel like -50F (-46C).”


  • @MB

    Part of my family rebelled at Monmouth and were Barbadosed, hardly likely to be actual oppressors.
    I don’t want to intrude on your discussion but if the above is a central plank of your argument you are dead wrong and there are examples too numerous to cite but I will provide a couple to digest. When the British sent their thieves and vagabonds to Australia, people who were the very dregs of society what did they turn around and do to the Aboriginal people?

    Many immigrants to the USA were of Italian, Irish or Eastern European heritage and were not accepted into US (read Anglo) society, yet when they were absorbed into the mainstream how did they treat Blacks they found there?


  • @ Sargeant
    Good examples…

    Also …
    – How does the ‘poor, oppressed Jews’ (of Holocaust fame) now treat the Palestinians?
    – How does Froon and his poor-great goons (of maid and gardener parentage) now treat us?
    – How does Bannon now treat Trump?
    – How does GP (a wild boy from Oistins) now treat poor simple Bushie -a contemporary wild boy?

    So in looking for leaders, perhaps we ought to look at how THEY were treated when they were developing…. cause Blummah (as Gabriel is wont to say despite his angelic background) yuh like yuh could take the guy from the country, but you can’t take the cuntry out of these brass bowls.


  • Theophilius Gazerts 242



  • @ Bush Tea who wrote ” How does GP (a wild boy from Oistins) now treat poor simple Bushie -a contemporary wild boy?”

    I thought you and GP was one genius using two monikers to make fun at us lesser mortals. lol


  • Sarge,
    My point was that the rich and powerful set the tone.
    Each individual is responsible for their actions and you are right that some did the bidding of those in power. Just like those hypocritical journalists who found nothing wrong with Sicko Willie and Shillary but would be quick to condemn Trump with far less proof.(not saying he is innocent)


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Bush Tea January 7, 2018 at 1:45 PM

    Good one there, Bushie!

    Your old school teacher Lopey would have been proud of your ability in sussing-out so well Froon and his low-class goons.

    You could be from financially poor backgrounds but you can still have a touch of class about you and behave with an air of dignity while holding public office.

    No class whatsoever can be seen in Froon and his cabinet of lowlife pimps.

    Their approach to the South Coast Sewage disaster is the hallmark of their competence and moral character. They were warned over and over again that they were playing a game of Russian roulette with the sole engine of economic survival and taking unnecessary risks with the health of the population.

    But what have they done other than commit political suicide by keeping the gun pointed at their own empty head?

    Nothing but a bunch of pimping shitehounds! Even a bunch of educated pit toilet flies would have handled the sewage problem better.


  • @ Miller
    Sounds like you know the village they are from…

    Its a dirty village
    They are worthless fellows
    They have no answers…
    So they are silent.


  • Dribs,
    U focused on Race, U brought it up, I did not so dont even try to dig a deeper hole for yourself.
    If the competition and changes are coming from China, EE and India then that is where clever people go. EE tends to be somewhat lilly white. U really think i like EE or Russia because they are whiteys. Unlike many on here who cant see any wrongs out of Africa, i comment negatively on whiteys all the time. Nuff Whiteys are despicable. U seem to have neglected to remember that i always say the problem is Humans behaving badly not just Whiteys or any one race.
    Dribs, get serious nuh, U wrote this?
    I dismiss your thesis of massive unemployment due to growth in those other nations. That is simplistic and unbecoming a man of your apparent nous and awareness…frankly its illogical.

    Dribs how come there are multitudes on Welfare in the US. I seem to remember a 50+% in the order of 17mn people increase. Surely U dont believe that REAL Unemployment in the US is 4%?????????? Unemployment stats in most countries are pure fiction. Surely U comprehend that bringing HALF of mankind into the productive world will create mammoth over production. I trust U will prepare for the gargantuan negative consequences of Robotics and AI. Soon the World will require less than 2 bn people and that is conservative. U seriously focus on the benefits of one industry? Please convey that U know that China like Japan are predatory and have absolutely no intent to play fair–Free Trade is a giant CON! Ever been to Japan and counted the American cars? American TVs? American Cameras? American “leaders” have been CONNED on Trade and giving $$$$$ to corrupt leaders in Iran and NOKO.

    Sicko Willie gave the store to the Kim’s and they still want to nuke the US! We should not support the theocrats in Teheran but the people who are rising up now. US gave $$$$$$$ to Iran and where did that money flow to terrorists, Hezbollah. What about Iranians, they just want freedom.

    The “awesome” growth is due to low oppressive interest rates and American innovation / marketing, although the US had its lowest growth / recovery rates in the last 70+ years in this artificially stimulated and manipulated cycle.

    Dribs U trying but your response could only garner a C if I was feeling charitable.


  • @ Hants
    I thought you and GP was one genius
    You just committed the cardinal sin…..equating GP – the Barbados scholar, with Bushie – former brass bowl with a whacker.

    Let us hope that GP is still in church – or better yet, leading one of those men’s fellowship bible study gigs – where he gets to pompaset in the absence of a whacker.
    Cause if he get to find out that you thought that he was duncy Bushie, BOTH he and Zoe would unleash some bible verses in your tail such that you may never catch another fish….

    Now go and sin no more….


  • @MB

    Isn’t Trump President? Your mantra seems to be lets refer to Hillary in every discussion which is symptomatic of Hillary fever and leads to Barack hallucinations.

    Shouldn’t you be looking ahead with the most mentally stable, smartest, wisest genius as President?


  • Sarge,
    Why not fully and professionally investigate Shill and Sicko Willie? The US must deter the powerful criminals who think they are above the law. Sarge, surely a man of high integrity would want the truth out.

    Clean up the corruption wherever it may be. Bim could do with a cleansing in more ways than one.


  • @MB

    “Fully and Professionally”? Don’t mek muh laff, yuh talking about the Justice Dept. which is now an ad hoc arm of the Trump White House aka Adult Day Care Centre where the jolly orange moron sleeps alone.

    Not too long ago your siren song was Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghaziiiii…. Sung to the tune of “Hang Down your head Tom Dooley, hang down yuh head and cry, hang down yuh head poor Hillary cause tomorrow you gonna die.


  • Sarge,
    I woulda fire Sessions and RODENTstein long time!

    DOJ still has the DEMonics in charge, I would shake it up like an atomic blender!

    U obviously are NOT aware that the DEMonics still INFESTING many Depts. They need serious quantities of Boric Acid pouring down their partisan throats just like how I dealt with a German roach infestation 25+ yrs ago when living in Cabbagetown.

    Sarge, surely U relaise that Qaddafi should not have been eliminated? Benghazi should be fully investigated—maybe a second life term for Shill! After the other charges of course!


  • NorthernObserver

    what do you know about the BTL Group….ticker BTL


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Sergeant, his mantra is to pontificate grandly …😁

    @MoneyB I’ll take that C from you graciously. As you are a biased professor … I’ll take the passing grade.

    Your arguments defy logic. What does the ” multitudes on Welfare in the US” or “.. Unemployment stats in most countries are pure fiction” have to do with the original issue re China, India etc. What exactly??

    Point 1…most nations use the SAME economic standards re employment. I presume you know perfectly well that there are about six DIFFRENT metrics so let’s not start that tired and academic debate on job numbers. No Fiction, whatever.

    Point 2…If western success is premised on the backs of lesser growth/development of BRICS (to use the term for convenience) then we are in problems as their citizens want the same prosperity you have. It is ridiculous for you to defend such a zero sum mantra.

    Absolutely ridiculous, actually.

    Point 3… You are dann right that “bringing HALF of mankind into the productive world will create”…. OPPOTUNITIES.

    You cannot expect to export the cheap labour intensive jobs to Asia or Brazil and now demand that they not be accepted to the party as beneficiaries from the wealth you garnered. BS!

    From where does that disturbing mentality derive?

    Point 4… the US, UK et al never played fair for one freaking moment so why should others play fair NOW.

    How do you (not u specifically, as you will go off on a rant that u never said that) speciously bring back manufacturing to US and balance the advent of robotics and AI??

    Point 5.. cut the folly re Hilary and Bill. They did their thing and we can accept them as likely pay-to-play perpatrators. They are ISTORY now. Why are they still a mote in your eye…. What of the current corrupt practices and shrill talk.

    What of the fact that job growth in 2017 actually lags that of 2016 despite stupid claims by the new admin that the markets are at historical highs due to their wondrous policies.

    My point here is that the economic engines are humming and will indeed explode … driven by several factors INCLUDING growth in BRICS… NOT in spite of them nor will it implode because of them.

    Free trade is NOT a con. However, you neo-trumpians are truly using it to con lots of folks.

    Wal-Mart that very apple-pie US Corp does import close to $50 B from China which is roughly 15% of the large US trade deficit with that nation…. But of course the question is where does all the freaking profits from the sale of that merchandise go…. if not to Americans…. who want to live large….and according to you THEN piss all over the Chinese for their role in the economic marriage and trying to live better, too.

    Need I note that Wal-Mart corp earned an avearage of around $23B in profits annually over the last decade.

    Need I note that Apple Corp, which also gets billions of merchandise out of Asia enjoys an annual profit of $400,000 per each of its approximately 116,000 employees.

    The western world is flush with success in many areas. They partner eagerly in Asia et al to enjoy those profits.

    It is RIDICULOUS for you to claim all the benefits of that largesse because “the “awesome” growth is due to low oppressive interest rates and American innovation / marketing” only or principally and dismiss US trading partners as CON men who manipulate trade and pollution to their benefit.

    I have absolutely no issue with your desire for continued super success but that you can frame it so grandly to the detriment of others is freaking mind boggling.


  • Dr. Simple Simon

    @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service January 7, 2018 at 6:21 AM “just like there are areas of Canada where no one lives.”

    Had a relative who moved from Barbados to Nunavut.

    Human beings are infinitely adaptable.


  • NorthernObserver,
    BTL is speculative at this stage but in a business with serious growth potential. I dont know enough about their approach to Blockchain Tech or about the technology itself. As U probably know they are a young Corp so EPS, Divs etc are hard to forecast. Buy a small qty and watch it with the intent to buy more the better it looks.


  • Dribs,
    I will give U and A for attempted manipulation–U mussseee a Liar, sorry Lawyer?

    PT1 Unemployment stats are cooked–slow cooker actually. There are millions still unemployed in the US. Total misrepresentation of reality! Why are U so easily CONned? 49% of Americans dont pay taxes!

    PT2 No one with a brain is kind enough to encourage competition. When they become very strong they will eat your lunch with NO mercy whatsoever! Where in history has any nation open wide to competition? They will consider U dumb shit and deserving of plenty lashes forever.

    PT3 Dribs, where did I say that the platform Corps should export the jobs? The corrupt Politicians supposed to help their people not foreigners—is this a new difficult concept for U?

    PT4 US / UK et al should demand Fair Trade or seek alternatives.

    PT5 Be chronological –investigate the DEMonics with special emphasis on the Clintons fully and professionally. Law breakers must be dealt with in order to restore the confidence of the populace. NO one is above the law! Includes corrupt Republicrats and Democlians. Agreed that NO Pres or Admin should make claims on economic factors because it is extremely difficult to determine as cycles can be very long 5 yrs +. Previous Admin would claim success when a major portion was just a normal rebound from a depressed state, they claimed low unemployment which is NOT true for the millions out of work, they had the lowest GDP growth rate of any so called Recovery, they doubled the Deficit accumulated by 43 previous Presidents since 1776—I can hear U gasping for air as U are being buried here, so I will have mercy.

    So U are so naive U believe that China, India, EE et al are NOT CONartists that believe in furthering their power—hahaha. Really? Please tell me U are not attempting weird humour.


  • Here are some historical numbers of the US economy under Obama, folks can decide for themselves whether he was good or bad for the economy. The numbers are from inauguration to the mid of 2016 and things would not have changed much from that period through to Jan 2017.


  • This is the report I should have attached
    It’s the final report


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    CSahara Desert covered in 15 inches of SNOW as freak weather blankets sand dunes

    HEAVY snow has covered the Sahara Desert in a freak winter weather storm.
    12:06, Mon, Jan 8, 2018 | UPDATED: 14:25, Mon, Jan 8, 2018

    Amazing footage shows SNOW in the Sahara desert
    Play Video

    More than 15 inches (40cm) has blanketed sand dunes across the small town of Ain Sefra, Algeria.

    It is the second time snow has hit in nearly 40 years, with a dusting also recorded in December 2016.

    But this snowfall which hit yesterday, is much deeper than the fleeting shower little more than a year ago.

    Locals, who endure temperatures of 37C in summer, were stunned as dense snow settled on the town, known as ‘the gateway to the desert’.

    Snow has covered the Sahara Desert in Ain Sefra, AlgeriaKarim Bouchetata•Geoff Robinson

    SNOW in the SAHARA: World’s hottest desert covered in metre thick B…
    Africa’s desert to become green tropics as monsoons MOVE to Sahara
    Photographer Karim Bouchetata, who captured the remarkable images, said: “We were really surprised when we woke up to see snow again. It stayed all day on Sunday and began melting at around 5pm.”

    Last year’s flurry brought chaos across the town, with passengers stranded on buses after the roads became slippery and icy. Children made snowmen and even sledged on the sand dunes.

    More than 15 inches of snow has covered the Sahara Desert town of Ain SefraKarim Bouchetata/Geoff Robinson

    More than 15 inches of snow has covered the Sahara Desert town of Ain Sefra
    Before that, snow was last seen in Ain Sefra on February 18, 1979, when the snow storm lasted just half an hour.

    The cold snap comes as Europe and the United States froze in bitter temperatures.”


  • Sarge,
    The economy regained the number jobs it had lost during the Crash. Always happens as Corps are quick to adjust either way in the US. Far too many millions permanently unemployed, on food stamps– not contributing to national revenue. Really like taking your thumb off a spring —recoil.

    Since Mar6th 2009, at the bottom of a 57% drop the market regained what it had lost, very little NET gain. If it goes down 50%+ then a 100% gain is required to break even. Stocks are up 6%pa over 10 yrs. Below average for 10 yrs.

    Debt went from $9.7TR to $19TR+. For this expenditure U should own the Universe and everyone in the US should be in an excellent financial position.

    Barry broke the law in demanding that institutions accept that a bankrupt Chrysler should be restructured as it was. The law is that the Bondholders become the new Stockholders first –NOT that U give Corps to Unions and foreign entities like Fiat. Chrysler WILL go under again!
    Solyndra just one case where $500mn Tax revenue vanished very quickly in a Corp obviously likely to FAIL!

    Barry deserves credit for HC ie Obama Care, even though it has major weaknesses—I would not blame him as he required help to institute what is really required which would be Universal HC—probably never happen in the US! At least they should insure against serious costs and cover the poor.

    NO President should attempt to take credit for Stocks, Trump is a clown to do so. Taking credit for many econ items is risky.


  • @MB
    What kind of logic that says if the market regained what it had lost then it is a bust? A market loss of 57% (your figures) is catastrophic and to regain that and build on that is no less than heroic. As for the deficit increase that is due to the bail out when the Repubs said “let Detroit go broke”; funding Bush wars and making Bush Tax cuts permanent. During Obama’s eight years at the helm he dealt with a Republican majority in Congress for six years and in the Senate for two years so they were complicit in passing the budget.

    Let’s see what this latest tax cut does to the deficit, the results should be apparent within the next two years but if historical data is a guide it should mushroom.

    BTW according to Cheney “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter”, I wish you Republican types would make up your mind: Republican deficits =Good; Democrat deficits =Bad


  • @Sargeant

    It is the next initiative that is likely to add a scary number to the deficit if Trump gets it pass the legislature. That is the repair of the infrastructure. Note no mention was made of the wall!


  • Sarge,
    Markets / Economies rebound especially when the Fed uses Manipulative suppressed interest rates—does not matter who is President.

    Markets generally do better under DEMonics because they spend $$$$ like DRUNKEN sailors on a Sat night in Nelson St and then the Repubs have to regain control of budgets to avoid bankrupting the country, hence slower money growth. FACT my friends.

    I condemned Trump for suggesting the Stock market is his accomplishment but U chaps obviously dont want to read that or acknowledge. Reducing regulations, paperwork, taxes is what was required. Marxists like Burnham and Manley purposely want to destroy business in order to prove the “need” for Socialism / Communism.

    The US Govt has not been managed properly for a very long time so telling me about Bush, Clinton or Carter means nothing —-most dont have a clue or as corrupt as hell. Why dont they make sure of better Education, HC etc—have over million jobs unfilled because of poor Education. The Tech age did not pop up last week, we have been moving in that direction for at least 50 yrs so Math / Science should have been at the Top of the Education agenda decades ago, instruction should be delivered by computers and cell phones. MAJOR FAIL especially for a rich country. Guess no one was paying of the Pols–no lobbyists with large bags of cash—I know, Education is not a Fed or Pres area. So make it so!

    Barry had at least 2 yrs with ALL branches of Govt DEMonic. Anyway the US system is crappy compared with Westminster and corrupt as hell.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    MoneyB….as opposed to what? The westminister system not being equally corrupt?

    …. they all invented corruption, ask DHS, hospital patients in UK now sleep on the floor in their misery….no hospital beds…theur education system is also crappy.

    These countries started with corruption and that is how they will end, no way around that.


  • WW, Humans can corrupt anything but the Parliamentary system seems better for many reasons 1 no confidence votes.

    The best system is where there is Strict Integrity Legislation with TEEEETS!



    MIT Prof of Atmospheric Science


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