Arthur Returns to the Big Stage

Submitted by William Skinner
Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur

Those who would seek to write off former Prime Minister Owen Arthur are making a potentially grievous political mistake. Apparently, it is now customary in our society, to declare anyone above the age of 60 as a has been. This means that all those teachers, police, nurses and others including those in the private sector, are supposed to go home at 55 or 60 and grow lettuce or roses. I respectfully beg to differ. The truth is that, as far as I know, Arthur has no impediment that will affect his ability to be a very productive citizen for many years to come.

This author, 9/1/14

I do not sing in the choir of former Prime Minister, Owen Arthur and I remain convinced that the current Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, is in the middle of the ocean, in a moses with a hole. However, I support Arthur, who is displaying an act of statesmanship, by accepting the chairmanship of the Economic Advisory Council. This is a genuine example of the politics of inclusion because Arthur has not been asked to surrender his independent status and he has not joined the ruling Democratic Labour Party.

Arthur is as guilty for the current adversarial component of our politics as any other politician because in his prime as Prime Minister with a popularity that was about to surpass Errol Barrow’s, he squandered the opportunity by becoming very abrasive toward journalists and other citizens, and eventually suffered two successive electoral defeats thereby guaranteeing a plunge in his popularity. However, he remains popular especially among those who believe that he was a good manager of the economy. In my opinion, he should have done more with the expenditure he had at his disposal but others maintain that his management of the economy was stellar. Apart from his contribution as chair of the Advisory Council, if he could at the very least keep both BLP and DLP diehards a bit quiet, he would have contributed to a decrease in the polarization that now blunts every effort of progressive and enlightened public discourse about the state of our country.

He reminds me of a batsman, who “gives away his hand” and then sits in the pavilion and tells all the other batsmen how they should bat. I believe that that for a considerable period, of his time in office, he was afflicted by managerial cataracts but since leaving Llaro Court, his vision seems to have improved. We now expect this improved or corrected vision to benefit the administration and hopefully redound to a clearer vision for Sinckler and the country. Therefore no nationalistic citizen should oppose what is essentially a meeting of minds. We can only hope that Sinckler is not so blind that nobody can make him see. The last man who attempted to correct Sinckler’s vision, the previous Governor of The Central Bank, Dr. Delisle Worrell , got fired !

There are many astute political commentators, who are seeing Arthur’s acceptance of the offer as a blow to the current leader of the Opposition, Mia Motley. It is Mottley’s fault that Arthur’s shadow still hangs over her political ambition to be Prime Minister. She allowed Arthur to undermine her on two occasions and took a considerable amount of political body blows. Quite frankly, I am very impressed that she did not leave her party as Dr. Clyde Mascoll did when he believed that some powers had conspired to remove him from leadership of the DLP and return it to the late David Thompson. I believe that Mottley has gone through the hottest fire and is now of the finest political steel. If Arthur is still a thorn in her political side, I would have to conclude that my belief that she is the finest steel would have been wrong or premature.

In terms of the DLP , it is at best a psychological victory but I don’t think that this development will automatically rescue it from what many believe is certain defeat at the polls, at the next general election. The obvious winner here is Owen Arthur, because even as his parliamentary career comes to an end and having lost his last two elections, his relevance to our country remains intact. It proves that if he had been more aware of the pinnacle on which he once stood and had not allowed the trappings of power to blind him to what he could have achieved, the Democratic Labour Party would have still been in Opposition.

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  1. Please ! Same man , same crook, What can he do that the PM nor MOF can do, Dig a deeper and faster hole him and MIA Started. Better check the Plantation Owners land they looking to trespass to make bad money, More internal Laundering of money and Land,

  2. @ William Skinner

    You are either playing Bajans for fools or you are nieve, either of which renders your contribution a bunch of garbage. Simply put, OSA smells a political opportunity, and this is not unlike his actions after PM Thompson died and elections were fast approaching.
    He would be wise to remember that if MAM wins the next elections and Chris becomes the leader of the DLP, he would be in pole position to be Prime Minister after one or two terms of BLP government. This is an election for the DLP to ‘throw’ and Chris and MAM might be conspiring to the benefit of each other, OSA being the plaything in the middle of it all.

  3. I only just read OSA’s comments in Barbados Today. Let me say up front that I have no problem wih OSA trying to help the country but dont try to destroy Mia and the BLP to justify why you are taking the position…….that is wicked.

    Any last respect I had for OSA went when I read his remarks abut MIa. He is the one who treated the BLP badly and Mia. His grouse is that Mia sat in the chair when members of the NEC tried to expel him…………..this is after he was publicly lambasting the party that made him.

    OSA you are an ungrateful SOB…………you said you have no love for the BLP…….no problem, we see you for whom you are.

    No problem for the sake of Barbados you go right ahead and help a man that cussed you in the worse ways and a PM that told you that you have been found wanting and is now naked.

    You are so smart yet you allowed Fumble to outsmart you with the note you wrote to him asking him to take Mia off your hands………..instead of you getting ahead of him and explaining the context in which the note was written….. he would not then be able to sink you with the talk of he OSA being disloyal………..

    And he is going to work with these people…………SOB………you digging your own grave.

  4. David

    Yes, we sometimes need to rely on our elders, respect them and all.

    However, there are also times when disobedience to our elders represents service to the Great Ancestral One.

  5. MOF ask the most recent former PM and MOF (14 years job experience) for help.

    We can continue to write sheet and spekalate bout Owen’s motives.

    I hope he can help.

  6. Prodigal
    I have read OSA’s point of view.For as long as this storm has been brewing,Mia has, Freundel -like maintained a deafening silence.When stories of occurrences in St Joseph,St Andrew,and St James North in the lead up to Election 2013 are compounded in the mortar with OSA’s input,there is more in there than the pestle for sure.Its time Mia give us her views of this apparent unholy relationship she seems to have with certain party members.Its nasty and unbecoming of the BLP,the Great Party of Barbados.My view is that there are too many neophytes and power brokers in the party and if 95000 did not vote in 2013,100,000 plus might do a Hobson in 2018.

  7. @ Hants, there are not many organizations that have an individual who cannot function in the capacity for which they are hired and the organization turns around and hire someone to help them do their job.
    Perhaps ruling Administration should have put an Ad in the Newspaper a long time ago. ” There being no one suitable elected to office, we are seeking a MOF.”
    Why is an incompetent person remaining as the MOF after so much proof that he cannot function and never met the requirements for the job?
    It is time for these failures to be removed and a new mandate given by the people through an election.

  8. Hants March 1, 2017 at 7:52 PM # @

    What we need is People telling the truth not telling lies up to the election to trick people for another 5 years, It Will not get better until people tell the Truth.
    Crooks Liars and Scumbags are hiding in government on both sides, Actors and not Action people,
    The want IMF, IDB,WB Money, they want better ratings from S&P , Moody’s, They want Investments from all over the World,

    These 2 bit Niggers can not Fool the Worlds as they fool Bajans,
    Better look at this from the top down and see the play, If either Party WINS D or B We Bajans Will lose again, Same playbook, Same Players not NBA rings,
    You really think they can fool rich white people to do business there with their rich History of Fraud?
    People dont get rich by being stupid unless there is Fraud, Ask Leroy Parris,

  9. @Hal Austin March 1, 2017 at 2:45 PM “Plse remind me, what has Arthur contributed to the development of Barbados?”

    And what have you contributed?


  10. @Wulliam Skinner “The truth is that, as far as I know, Arthur has no impediment that will affect his ability to be a very productive citizen for many years to come.”

    Oh dear. You playing doctor now.

    Owen like Donald Trump may be the healthiest man on the planet.

    Good for them.

    But it is in the public domain that multiple members of Owen’s family have died before the age of 70.

  11. @ Prodigal Son March 1, 2017 at 7:17 PM #

    But prodigal did ac not warned you a week ago that the DLP had a message for the blp operatives and leader and you should wear your nickers

  12. It is also in the public domain that in Barbados 60% or more of people over the gae of 60 have one or more of the following:

    ONE: Hypertension
    TWO: Diabetes
    THREE: Heart Disease

    And that the majority of us will die from one of these + cancer

  13. Big Sinck, Frundel, OSA: I do not see how their actions could remedy the dwindling reserves of foreign currency or how they could rebuild trust of the international financial community and of rating agencies.

    The international financial investors aristocrats feeding Barbados want action, no talk. 1) Devaluation, 2) haircut of treasury bonds in the hands of Barbadians and NIS, 3) decimation of at least 30% of civil servants, 4) higher taxes. Choose 2 out of 4.

  14. Why is an incompetent person remaining as the MOF after so much proof that he cannot function and never met the requirements for the job?
    Because an incompetent person remains as PM after unassailable proof that he cannot function and never met the requirements of the Job.

    OK…Ok…. Bushie knows your next question….

    Because Bajans are a bunch of brass bowl rabbits who will accept any shiite from politicians unless someone of light complexion comes in from overseas and tells them exactly what they must do…. That has not happened since 1939.

    Lawson …. when you coming down….?

  15. Here we have it folks,
    a white influence on the CCB board, with new strategies of pooling Forex from projects and sales of units, so says MOF.

    With 27 units at PSC for sale ranging from USD $595000 – $375000, PLUS many at PF and a phase 2 non-starter with many luxury villas on the is expectant for business.
    It should also extend to hotel accommodation purchased abroad, yachts et al…. certainly for starters, Hyatt will be found in the net, not true?

    Now with the “elites” influence, OSA plays for both sides in the game. What a rabbit hole, admirable on the surface, but a strategic move bearing in mind commentary from some cow boasted of dependency of a good “Innings to richly seal victory” on the golf course.

    I love to watch these games, hoping for GOOD SUNSHINE.

  16. maybe its a continuum, he’s no stranger .. In this roll, I see a conflict of interest, in that he has been calling for the government to go to the IMF while his “employer” is saying otherwise, what is the referee is saying may hold the trump card, lets not hope to see another case in court over directive vs advice.

  17. Owen is enjoying centre stage way too much, he cant stop running off at the mouth and his knife is well sharpened.

    “Blame Mia
    Arthur says Mottley is responsible for election defeat

    Added by Kaymar Jordan on March 1, 2017.
    Saved under Local News, Politics

    Former Barbados Labour Party (BLP) leader Owen Arthur has suggested that he was not the one who cost the Opposition the last election, instead pointing an accusing finger at the BLP’s current leadership.

    Arthur said it was really his successor Mia Mottley who was responsible for making the vexed issue of privatization a campaign issue in 2013, an admission that this was the pivotal matter that led to an unexpected defeat.

    “I have taken a bum rap. Many people felt that I cost the Barbados Labour Party the last election by putting privatization on the table,” he told Barbados TODAY in an interview this week in which he sought to set the record straight on the breakdown of his relationship with the parliamentary Opposition.

    Arthur, an avid supporter of privatization, said while his focus during his time as this country’s Minister of Finance was on divesting those elements of the financial sector which he felt did not need to be in the hands of Government, the BLP was “stampeded” by Mottley in 2013, who he claimed went before Parliament without reference to her colleagues with an election position on the issue.”

  18. There is a myth, like most Barbadian myths, that Arthur is a brilliant economist. I beg to differ. I am aware of a small talent pool and all that.
    But as I understand it, Arthur did his first degree at Cave Hill, was offered a scholarship to an Ivy League university, but opted instead to do his Master at Mona after which he got a job in the Jamaican government as an economic planner.
    Nothing exceptional about any of that. He shortly after returned to Barbados and soon entered politics.
    He has no history of academic brilliance, none of financial acumen and his political capabilities may be outstanding to his fans, but are meagre in wider terms.
    What we do know is that he was prime minister and minister of finance for 14 years during which the country grew on debt; it is like a teenage with a credit card out buying clothes and travelling without any regard to having to repay that debt at some stage.
    His fans, and my father in law is one, tell you how brilliant he is, but when asked for evidence they start to mumble.
    When asked for evidence of the brilliant things he did as prime minister, they hesitate. Is the public/private building of Dodds a brilliant example of public policy? Is the stockpiling of a portfolio of hotels a good example of financial management?
    Was the building of a Bds$70m white elephant of a court house a good example of the prudent spending of public funds?
    Is the stockpiling of a massive portfolio of land and unused buildings an efficient ay to manage public assets?
    All this has nothing to do with missed opportunities: reform of state pensions, the introduction of occupational pensions, a radical overhaul of the educational system, reforms of the police and criminal justice system, a proper financial regulatory system, etc.
    Where is the irrefutable evidence of Mr Arthur’s economic and/or managerial brilliance?

  19. ”Bush Tea March 1, 2017 at 9:55 PM #”

    Pretty much.

    ”Lawson …. when you coming down….?”


    But you really tink he going leff he sweet pick to waste time pun dese corned beef and biscuit (or should the phrase be smartpad and smartphone) voters?

  20. Steupsss @ Hal
    Look boss, in the land of the blind, a one-eyed man is a king.
    Arthur was never perfect …and he does not have a whacker….. so he cannot expected to have the kinda ‘access’ that Bushie has…
    BUT compared to typical Bajans, the man has balls; had the gumption to project leadership in a way that 99% of Bajans CANNOT; ….. and he actually loves the damned place – and even more now since the grand daughter….

    Most Bajans (yourself included) either opt to run off to Hingland, Merka, or Kanaduh and try their best to mimic the albinos there…..or they hang around here looking to find a ‘pick’ with one of the local variety. Arthur is a rare Bajan man WITH balls, who have no hesitation to cuss a fella’s ass, dismiss a Central Bank governor, a Chief of Staff, a minister, or to stand up to the white europeans looking to blacklist us….. likely the Jamaican influence on him.

    If Owen had a whacker, Barbados would be better than Singapore….. indeed, even if he just did not waste time with the CSME shiite and get involved with the albino-centric bribe-masters – things would have been MUCH different…better ’bout here.

    Only JAs talk about his ‘economic brilliance’….. it was the idiocy of ‘Economics’ that drove his CSME addiction…..and probably his fear of poverty… and very likely his foray into deficit financing…..

    Apart from those flaws, he displays a high degree of COMMON SENSE and balls that are refreshing….
    Bushie wishes that this could be said of more of us….

    You are in no position to judge Arthur…..what has been your contribution…?
    …calling for an end to anonymity?

  21. Be there at crop over do you think you can hold on till then But I do have a few ideas
    You should open a barbadian tire store so you can get all that funny money you have been printing back.
    Buy a measuring tape and each year measure between the end of a politicians tie and his waistband, if it has increased more than the cost of living he has been at the trough to long and should be fired.
    No politicians relative should be hired especially if they have dated.

  22. No more govt subsidy for viagra , if you wanted to get screwed way into your golden years you should have bought CLICO

  23. Geez she is hard on the eyes, but someone has to stick their finger in the dyke to stop this flood of blp defections

  24. Bushie

    Your BBE will be ashamed of you for wasting time with a fool from England.

    His diatribes always lack sophistication, but imbued with ignorance.

    Indeed, it would be impossible for him to reach your right conclusions about OSA

    For he, OSA, will never quite measure up to some fictitious European ideal, in the ugly man’s head

    But in the context of Barbados, OSA, though misguided often, has done several things, the likes of which, nobody else within the culture has been able to muster the courage to approach.

  25. nobody else within the culture has been able to muster the courage to approach???? you saying he dated Mia

  26. Bushie

    The ugly man’s school boy analysis of OSA is just that

    One question that any serious reader should engage is whether OSA was courageous.

    That bullshiite about schooling and brilliance is bare shiite

    Was OSA courageous? That is one element of any set of measurements of any leader

    • We have to measure / evaluate our leaders based on performance read against the vision/mission/goals.

  27. Most interesting to read Peter Wickham response stating he is “baffled” also of interest is his advice to the opposition to keep their mouths shut
    What he seems not to realised that the more they keep their mouths shut the opposition is gjving Owen a wide open field to deliver his message

  28. But Bushie

    Wha you expect, the man wants to maintain a living.

    The best way to do that is to keep the duopoly going

  29. @ALL

    “BIG STAGE” – typical Bagan headline, everything in Barbados uses the adjective “BIG”. Bagan’s have too realize they are a SMALL INCONSEQUENTIAL country trying to bat well above their weight and big and the country are aximorons. When Bagan’s learn, if ever, that they are a small inconsequential bit player on the world scene, then they may indeed move into a better place, politically, economically, socially etc.

  30. The Honourable Member for St Peter is speaking to the Nation on VOB Brasstacks compliments of former Senator Glyne Murray,another unapologetic admirer of OSA

  31. Chuckle…..BT is so correct that we are country BrassBowls…..

    Heading the list would be Bushie,Simple Simon and Piece.

    Up to now none of the above can point out the achievement of OSA over 14 years in relation to our countrys development,infrastructure,fiscal management,agriculture,etc,etc…

    Other than a feel good factor…..just tell me what was achieved.

    Keep singing .

  32. David

    Off note is the moderator….

    Well he has been afforded a platform and has restated the dire position of the country,how crucial the estimates are,the fact that he has not received anything in writing to chair the committee and some side swipes at his former party.

    • Perhaps Hal is correct after all, we maybe witnessing a shift in polticalplates but to what is the question.

  33. Sounds as if OSA just read the economic death warrant to Barbados.

    Stop the printing of fake money or face the economic gallows.

    Oh Jamaica, here comes little jump-up Barbados 30 years behind you!

  34. @ Vincent
    For a man who uses his public name, and whose accomplishments in life are public records… you have a lotta nerve rubbishing a man like Arthur who has operated at the world stage and whose contributions in Parliament …and particularly today on Brass tacks display a level of common sense and logic that in way above your league…
    Tell us how your contributions in agriculture qualifies you to cuss Arthur …or even Bushie…

    @ David
    Bushie missed some of the show, but the bit heard was clearly indicative of a man who understands what he is talking about – and who clearly has the guts and balls to apply a dose of medicine…. NOT ANOTHER BOY COMES ANYWHERE CLOSE…

    Had he not been misled in a few critical areas, we could have realised a completely different future…. (he shudda listened to Bushie….)

    Seeeth thou now, why the Bushman hath been cussing his tail without fail…?
    So much potential….
    So unwisely distracted…

    • @Bush Tea

      Who will question Arthur’s acumen especially as it relates to his discipline? However, BU will always question his motives.

  35. I have heard lots of background noise, huffing and puffing, but not a single person has given cast iron evidence of Arthur as an outstanding economist or as a brilliant politician or leader.
    Which is the problem. People form sentimental attachments, but when asked to justify their conclusions fail to do so.
    We all want the best for Barbados, that is why we spend the best part of a day writing in this forum.
    But that does not mean that we will support anyone saying anything. In an age of intelligence we must get intelligent ideas.
    The demented fool will hide and throw weapons at his better informed opponents, but in the end such people creep back in to their flea-infested tents.

  36. Bushie


    What is so difficult about answering a question?

    Just answer and dispell all doubt…..simple.

  37. David,

    A qualification in a discipline does not give anyone a free pass. S/he must justify any assumed reputation.
    Arthur is yet to do so. An MA or PhD is not free pass. Look at the collapse of Long-term Capital Management, with a Nobel Laureate in mathematics, yet is was flawed mathematics that brought it down.

  38. Hal and there is none. The island infrastructure during his fourteen year reign remained untouched leaving present govt to fix hence the bulgeoning effect of water woes and sewer problems .The sad part are those who would see Arthur as a saving grace even though present evidence attached to a debted economy most of which he owns.
    Really dont see how he can make a significant difference unless his new apperance is a staging ground for more of his political aspirations by making way of backdoor entry

  39. Piece

    Chuckle……not ah yen…..yuh tink ah shud axe fuh some???

    (ah neusin brackets too,so diz beetwin deh 2 awee…..wah OSA payin u…..causen ah cud axe fuh lil moa as she gine be de nexx PM…..wuh yuh sai)

    Ah hopes yuh ged diz as muh jalopy PC ain got nuh brackets likah de one dem did gih yuh.

  40. Angela,

    What I find worrying is that people expect a re-born Arthur to be the Messiah. Normally intelligent Barbadians seem to suspend their common sense.
    Arthur is a diversion, he is taking us away from focusing on what is important, the rescuing of the island’s economy and its physical development.
    Or, maybe, he is the best we have to offer.

  41. An interesting end to the brasstacks programme today as MP Cynthia Forde called into refute all the allegations made by OSA against her for his reason for leaving and ended it by stating that he seems to be targeting women in order to demean them…….

    Hmmmm…..sounds very much like Bush Tea… I understand why he cant answer my questions,not only is he singing in the choir but he is the choirmaster……

    Interesting to note that OSA sat his A levels at Cawmere.

  42. Angela
    In 14 years of Owen’s reign he did not touch the national infrastructure? What tomfoolery is this? For your information, he built the prison that you often cuss. He built Crab Hill police station; Oistins fishing complex got redo; Pelican Village; schools; horse hill complex; desal plant; airport expansion; court; Kensington oval; coast guard; pavilions all over urban Barbados; tenantry roads; play parks; beach facilities; boardwalk; independence square; speightstown jetty; lower green terminal; jubilee gardens; the eagle hall market, expansion at BBC and more. The ABC highway and Greenland?
    Your problem is that you don’t understand what infrastructure means.

  43. I hope people are listening to what Mr Arthur is saying about the economy to which it was not the first time he said it vis a vis the 90 day deadline speech. Barbados is entering the event horizon of an economic BLACK HOLE that this DLP gov’t has created…The first sign that the proverbial SHIT was hitting the fan was Dr Worrell after 8 years not towing the line insofar as allowing the economic MADNESS of the MoF!!!. Then we have that donkey George Pilgrim and Chris Sinckler public revelation that this gov’t has been PRINTING money apparently since 2009!!!!.and to FLIPPANTLY say that it will continue!!!!. Now this Govt has done some serious IGNORANCE in its 9 years .. but to admit this and say it it will CONTINUE and not even come up with a half believable plan to stop this is a CLEAR sign TO ME that they no longer have control of the economy and does not how to get it back …to use a analogy it liken to a crew admitting to the passengers that there is a large hole in the hull dont know how to fix it…on top of that does not have control of the ship and is all but leaving the steering of the ship to Mother Nature.!!! I mean even in their don’t carish admission it is liken to a criminal that admitted to multiple murders and don’t care because nobody can lock DEM UP!!!!… This printing of MONEY for the length of time they have admitted to done it should have those educated even in the BASICS of economics LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now to Chris Sinckler’s press conference…..i like to read body language along with listening to actual words being said… Chris Sinckler’s one is that of of a MOF staring DEFEAT in the face….If one knows how chess is played…. it can be said that CHECKMATE is totally UNAVOIDABLE….it only a matter of TIME and the number of moves it will happen….Chris Sinckler is fighting a delaying action with the sale of the BNTCL and the foreign exchange “controls” implemented…I mean Chris can only do what the best he can do… he is trying to gee up the populace trying not to surrender by declaring that Barbados will NOT got to the IMF and the devaluation of the dollar will not happen….however the educated KNOWS that the TOTAL OPPOSITE will come true… I have for a few years now shifted my focus from the MOF to the person that poses as the PM of Barbados. I am one that does not subscribe to the crap talk about locking up politicians..but you see this Freundel Stuart….Freundel must be LOCKED up for 1 YEAR in HMP Dodds for GROSS dereliction of duty as PM and complicit in the imminent economic blowout of Barbados…I AM VERY SERIOUS!!!….a PM that can , after 13 consecutive downgrades, can still have confidence in a MOF, could leave Barbados at the time there is conflict between the GoCB and MOF NEEDS to be relieved of duty.I also did not subscribe to the talk of early elections etc BUT in light of what has happened in the past week….the last RESPECTABLE thing that this govt can do right NOW is to call that the electorate can relieve both this so-called PM and MOF of their duties.
    As an aside, i cannot go leaving Owen’s digs at the BLP unanswered….the people of this country must remember that Owen undermined Mia in re-assuming leadership of the BLP in 2010….Mia did not leave the party,…added to this Owen lead the BLP into the 2013 elections and you know what LOST that election to Freundel of all people, of all the PMs
    in Barbados’ history….I know Mia may not want to admit but i know that she had to be partially smiling inside. Mia only did what any aspirant political leader would do and that is to re-assume leadership of the BLP. The problem with Mr Arthur is that he only wants to be part of the BLP ONLY if he leads it…But the public has rejected him via the 2013 elections…. and via not having the majority support of the Opposition MPs afterwards. Mr Arthur has to respected has haven been PM and MOF of Barbados for 14 yrs and overseeing the economic recovery and revival of Barbados after the economic disaster left by the DLP in 1994. Mr Arthur needs to stop being bitter because it is tarnishing his stellar reputation

  44. I repeat.Hal Austin and Angela despise Owen Arthur for whatever reason.The proof of the pudding is in the eating.Among the many achievements and economic growth of Bdos post ’94,if Arthur had his way this country would have progressed to the best civil service with the most modern tools and techniques available to it.He was simply beaten by the army of occupation and his efforts at Public Sector Reform never got going.
    What can be said is that inter alia,there was that confidence in his government to have seen the GDP of Barbados grow by leaps and bounds.The records are there for you two to check and read.Barbados would be better served if there was not the poor rakey politics of the DLP.
    Vincent,you do not know anything about Arthur if you can write that he did his ‘A’s at C’mere.
    The man was at Crumpton.

    • @Gabriel

      A rising tide will cause all boats to rise. It was a time of plenty.

      Is it not interesting that with Owen Arthur shifting gears in the build up to the next general election the leader of the opposition is unable to comment because of her tenuous position? Surely the text book says she should be dealing with OSA head on after he walked away from the party he led for 14 years? Especially when his faction did not follow.

  45. Enuff how come you avoid mentioning those things which i pointed which have become worse and which could have been done during OSA reign. Getting priorities straight should have been on the top of list especially when the inconviences would affect the majority of the populace.
    Even though all of your mentionables can be regarded as of significant importance the ones that i mention have carried much more negative impact to the population as a whole during his reign and after including present day.

    • You were all over the blog complimenting Arthur when he left the BLP.

      You were smirking like a JA when he was seated on the government side.

      You brayed in glee when he chastised the opposition and voted with the government side.


  46. Gabriel March 2, 2017 at 1:41 PM #

    I dont……simply repeating what I was told which I had doubted……so thanks for the clarification and confirmation.

  47. Agree with Hal,

    Owen is NO economic visionary…..poor rackey economist….one of many in a long line of poor rackey UWI economists who have done absolutely nothing, created zero jobs, employ zero people, brought zero companies to Barbados and delivery nothing. Only talk, wear suits (not even fancy ones) and try to tell others what needs to be done to fix the “economy”, as if the “economy” is the magical thing only they can understand. The “economy” is the collection of businesses contributing to society. No businesses = no society. What business building experience does Owen have? NONE. That is the real reason why Barbados has and always will be in a mess. Lawyers, Economists and Doctors no NOTHING of building business therefore societies so they NEVER will have the answers. For all of Trump’s issues atleast he knows BUSINESS and that is partly why he got votes.

    Owen with all his long shite talk will produce NOTHING….his 14 year record of NOTHINGENESS shows that. When finance was cheap and accessible he still did not truly develop Barbados and make us better off while he was fully in charge. I only have 2 words for him YOU’RE FIRED!”

    We still too stupid as Bajans to call out these blowhard empty suits in both parties who are capable of producing NOTHING!

  48. Gabriel,

    You have said what prevented Arthur from doing wonders, and how GDP grew. Plse give examples of Arthur’s achievements in 14 years of government. Not waffle, and might have beens.
    As to Barbados having the best civil service in the world? I worked in the British civil service for nearly three years and have friends and relatives who work in the Barbados civil service and regularly deal the public sector departments. I know the difference..

  49. Enuff March 2, 2017 at 1:17 PM #

    Thanks for that as I have been asking around for it,could you also break those down in terms….which was his achievements for term 1 etc,etc.

  50. As’ s/ACs…why dont yall fire Owen.

    Bushman…….Owen needs to stay away from the bribe masters as you call them, if he wants to leave with his dignity.

    Ah heard his run in with the insurance one last election 2013….did not turn out well, he is being paid by taxpayers, not the goats in government, just do his job and leave the goats twisting in the wind.

  51. @ David, ” It was a time of plenty.”

    Yes indeed. 2000 to 2007 Bajans were living large. I used to visit 3 to 4 times a year and all my homies were working and enjoying life.

  52. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    I sometimes wonder about these political matters and our obvious allegiances.

    I honestly do.

    Some days I am heartened that you have truly embraced the George Linnaeus Banks chant of “For the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that [BU] can do”

    But other days like today, when i come across things like this I get disheartened and I falter.

    I mean.

    I even under stand the following

    I understand all of the *** and the ***, they are useful tools aren’t they?

    I now seeing that Mia is using them in her Campaign

    She is so dishonest though she even claiming that she is responsible for causing the government to have stopped the CAHILL Mess and the 0.0007 Taxes!!

    I will post the posters that she has now taken to using to prove that she is a LIAR AND A TEIF AND, EVEN IN THESE SMALL INSIGNIFICANT THINGS, she is prepared to show her liedness

    I also understand that your household comprises several people, MANY of whom are Mugabites.

    I understand the anti DLP focus rather slant of the Blog

    whu after all I am part of the anti Fumbles campaign

    But what i cannot and WILL NOT accept is the truncations of the IMGUR images to hide the counts on all pictures that are contra Mugabe Mottley

    And now the IMGUR count insertion that tries to make what is a 244 person count look like 4

    These documents that the grandson uses are “templates” a point that ONE OF YOU, went to pains to share with the BU community some moons ago, to show how you were aggressively monitoring de ole man,

    I got that loud and clear

    But what you must understand is that “any variation to the size of said templates, becomes an anomaly to the ole man, it might be a centimeter out but I does see um, dat is one uh de tings dem train de ole man to do, my man, alternative facts euphemism falsify tings dem.

    Um is a visual anomaly, And de ole man doan like “anomalies”

    Let this thing regarding the government of barbados “play out” in the normal way where all bajans got a chance to say what dem like bout Owen and Fumbles and Mugabe without this type of “intervention”.

    De Mugabe crew would do well to just use the software thusly grafted and go long bout she business and you would do well to ***

    De nex we can expect is a javascript tool that screenshots our computers remotely.

    Remember George Linnaeus Banks, stay neutral

    Look Fumbles going loose dis election.

    And Mottley is NOT GOING TO WIN because she is toooo cravateous

    One of three things can happen though



    A BLP with a non Mottley format is tabled and that wins.


    But this thing about stopping de counter pun de Ole Man images IS TOO PIDDLING for Barbados Underground to permit *** to do.

  53. Even in these small things Mugabe Mottley is prepared to lie?

    What the eff did she have and her BLP lazy as* representatives do when the CAHILL issue surfaces.

    What did she and her people do to force the recant by the DLP government of the 0.0007 taxes?

    She sat on her fat backside while Kammie Holder and the BU community activated all over the cyberspace airwaves for change.

    and now here she is speaking bout “Stepping UP for Change”

    A BIGLY Parasite of the highest order is this MUGABE MIA MOTTLEY.

    We are voting the DLP out but if she can do this thing and seek (tangentially) to take credit for the stoppage of these DLP purgatory plans, especially considering that she did squat, she is to be VOTED OUT TOO!!

    If i wrong tell me I wrong but you mean dat you even teifing Kammie and BU ting too?

    • @PUDRYR

      Mia has to be given credit for giving wings to the Cahill advocacy. She referred to several documents posted to BU as well as to many of her own. She held poltical meetings that featured Cahill. She called the talk shows etc. In fact she did her part.

      Give people their due.


  54. In all of Mia years in ministerial duty sad to think that the highlight of her service was that of being an advocate against Cahill
    However those who religiously and diligently sing her praises never make mention of the Arch Cot tragedy where innocent people lives were lost. As if that moment in time should be regulated to the blurring of the mind

  55. David
    Let’s wait and see if Cabinet approve the Sinckler proposal to make Arthur the Chief of the Economic Advisory Council.Abed has since made a request to include his group and the unions.Reasonable proposal.
    We have heard lots from Arthur and got an inkling from Cynthia Forde today on Brasstacks.I suppose Mia will speak in her own time however it’s not looking good for the Great Party at the moment.They say a day in politics is a long time and if Stuart is true to form we will go down to May 5th 2018 or thereabouts so lots can happen in the interim.

  56. David

    Why should MAM open her mouth on OSA,we are in perilous times at the moment and her focus must be on trying to save the country from the destruction that OSA has predicted.

    I agree with Peters comment on no need to to say anything as OSA entry or not is a political distraction to the bigger picture.

    • In the prevailing environment Arthur will command a greater audience because of his trackrecord as a former prime minister and economist who managed the country at a time of ‘prosperity ‘.

      Mia does not have the political capital to absorb body blows from OSA for an indefinite period.

  57. @ Gabriel
    Vincent,you do not know anything about Arthur…
    Not surprising…. given that Vincent don’t know anything period…!!
    ….constantly repeating gossip …and then reversing hard when exposed…. 🙂

    @ Hal
    Who did you hear intelligently refer to Owen as a ‘brilliant economist’?
    All ‘Economists’ are farcical jokers flouting a mock discipline….

    Owen is a fellow who is endowed with COMMON Sense …and intestinal fortitude above the national norm.
    He has a good grasp of reality, and he has made contributions to national life …. unlike most others on here.

    NOBODY, anywhere …has cussed Owen over the years more than has Bushie – but it was NEVER because he was a jackass like Froon, Stinkliar or 99% of other Bajans – It was PURELY and TRULY because he actually had the POTENTIAL to be really great for Barbados… and slipped.
    Even now, his words and prognoses are much more lucid, pointed and rational than any other ‘expert’ bout the damn place.

    Arthur stood up impromptu at LES Conference centre sometime around 2004, and in a masterly speech, outlined exactly what was needed to put Barbados on a path to sustainability….. Then got distracted with CSME and a lotta other shiite instead….

    Bushie is NOT saying that he was great, a genius, brilliant ….or any such shiite. BIUT he was heads and shoulders above 99% of other Bajan brass bowls, and he certainly contributed infinitely more than Hal or Vincent.. and practically everyone else here…

  58. Bushie

    Chuckle……BT yuh BB son of a BBE

    All I seek is info,unfortunately Gabriel had to snatch the sprat I left for you and enuff presented some though he has balked at dividing it up in OSAs respective terms.

    From my review of the 3 terms of OSA the first one was his stellar moment all went down hill afterwards and I would like to know why and how can one expect anything different if he was ever to lead again.

  59. After listening to OSA this morning, a man whom I followed and admired, I am convinced that his agenda is more than being a stool pigeon for the Stinkliar.

    He sees that the fall of the DLP is inevitable and his hatred of Mia is so great that he has to find a way to re-ignite the feud he has with her.

    I hope to God that Mia keeps ignoring him…………I think this is what is eating him out…………the day she opens her mouth, he will go in for the kill. Cynthia put him on notice today….he alone does not have ammunition.

  60. David

    Yes and that was meant as the knock out punch……she is still standing…..all the the present ones are powder puff material…..Prodigals point of Cynthia serving notice should be noted as she was around when Tom brought him in.

  61. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    All I want is NINE instances, ONE FOR EACH YEAR, where Mia Mugabe Mottley INITIATED, CAMPAIGNED & SUCCESSFULLY OVERCAME any public incident or infelicity against the people of Barbados.

    Anyone here, name nine, go to the various list of any campaigner here on this Blog, anyone and lift one of their topics and then cross-reference that with what Mia has done for the people of Barbados lately.

    “peradventure, there are not 9, then provide the ole man with 5, using an average of 1 issue championed for every two years…peradventure there be not 5 then 3…

    Note that the ole man has not gone to the 14 previous years but will accord such years of service “STASIS YEARS STATUS” read years when Mugabe did not do squat.

    My point is quite simple really.

    One is not interested in the many “bandwagons” that Mottley jumped on as she sought to leverage her position in the eyes of the public.

    Mine is the simple unassailable submission that with regard to here “leading” any cause for such rights, SHE & THE EXISTING CADRE of Mugabe-ites are ALL MISSING IN ACTION…

    And not one fellow can say me nay pun dat…

  62. Did it occur to any of you that Owen Arthur may be intelligent enough to know the value of

    the contribution he is making to save Barbados from instability and a devalued dollar ?

    I personally do not give a puck what he did or didn’t do in the past.

    All I care about right now is that he has stepped up when asked and I hope he succeeds.

  63. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah RIght – INRI March 2, 2017 at 4:35 PM #

    Chuckle……not willing to accept the blogmasters facts,you have now decided to erect a strawman for you to knock down.

    I am still waiting for your figure in order to base mine on…..afterall we all have to live ….right.

  64. Hants,
    So you are now a mind reader? On a serious note, I have said in the past that Jeff Cumberbatch does an enormous public service by contributing to debate in this forum.
    At a time when academic so-called political scientists and economists should be leading public discussions they remain as silent as a mouse.
    Here we have a former prime minister becoming the chief economic adviser to a opposition party saying that the sacked governor of the central bank should have resigned rather than print money to pay public servants.
    Yet, the very minister who sacked the governor for insubordination is his boss; here we have a former prime minister that is on record as saying that the governor should have resigned rather than print money to pay publlc servants.
    Yet, here he is now as chief economic adviser to the same rogue minister. So, is the minister going to change his tune, or will Arthur defer to the minister, or will he resign before he has properly started?
    Where are out academics to guide the publlc conversation? The truth is that they lack intellectual confidence. They believe if they put their heads above the parapet they will have them snapped off.
    They are a bunch of intellectual frauds.

  65. @ Hants

    Yes it is time for medication again and of a type that we seem to need and have needed for the last 50 years.

    Bajans have been imbibing large doses of NyQuil every five years around election time

    And where we are today is as a result of that intake.

    I’d like you to take a look at this political campaign ad for Kennedy back in time

    Imagine that this was what is attributed to making him win, imagine that!

    Lawson wants Mugabe to Win.

    So Does Vincent

    and so do many of you here


    And that is absolutely different to why i am providing this very rough medication for you and for me and for all of us.

    Because I do not want Barbados to Loose then it follows that I DO NOT WANT FUMBLES & HIS INCOMPETENTS TO WIN nor do I want MUGABE and her PARASITES TO WIN!!!

    So which part of that you think I need “medication” for??? heheheheheheheh

    If the IMF prescribes us medication my man, if Lagarde gets a chance to administer the medicine that our ailment requires you tink it going matter whu we heah doing pun Barbados Underground??

    You tink we going have the leisure time to come here and spend the whole day writing this ingrunce?

    We want men with integrity.

    We want competent leaders who can run the country

    We want men who will implement Integrity Legislation that will allow us to pock up people who try to subvert School Meals Syrup COntracts

    We want Freedom of Information s that a group of teives cand sith down with Sir Kidding and carve up $80 million a year of profits for 15 effing years and one Sandra Layne, a Jamaican at the Fear Trading Commission can say “ef you” to all uh we Bajans, you are not entitled to see the will of wunna forefathers.

    We want men who will immediately enact the power of recall for the benefit of all Bajans who have a representative dat dem does only see dress up in red wid Tem Shyt* pun dem shirt in 4 X shirts once a freaking year.

    Yes you right I do need medication for dat dont i? cuase as long as a fellow express dat he feel dat a piece uh de rock is his, he need medication in trufe.

  66. @ Pieceuhderock,

    So I waste my time putting medicine in the Diaspora corner ?

    Well I gine tek it muh self and hope de heart don’t get palpitations. lol

  67. Hants
    You have made a very valid point.Arthur instills confidence among businessmen and among investors both local and foreign.They all know that they are dealing with a shrewd tactician whose knowledge of Public Finance and Monetary and Fiscal Policies are right up their street.I was there when he lectured in Caribbean Tourism on the Hill and many might be surprised at his depth of knowledge and expertise in that area.Further he is in touch and in tune with the man in the street like Barrow and Tom were.MNy think the 300 million that was taken back out in 2013 was all to do with the lack of confidence in the result

  68. How does one measure good tactician? Where did Arthur get his expertise in public finance? Has he got a CIPFA qualification or the necessary experience?
    Bring evidence of his expertise in economics and public finance, not waffle.

  69. Gabriel

    Could you shed some light on the disconnect with the brilliance seen in OSA first term his lacklustre performance on the 2nd and 3rd terms.

  70. Hal I am with you…..our standards are so low and globally out of touch that we call anyone that can use 3 syllable words an expert. Too funny. How can one be a “shrewd tactician” when they have not been tested to any global benchmark or standard? Only in Barbados. Usain Bolt is an expert…globally tested. Sir Garry is an expert…globally tested. Rihanna is an expert…globally tested.

    What the hell has Owen done to any global standard that he is a “shrewd tactician”? Look we bajans have to stop putting average joes and janes on this pedestal that has no global standing. That is why Barbados is not going anywhere. We cannot compete nor do we have the leaders who are internationally competitive in their areas.


    Mek me laught

  71. @ Hants

    Tanks for the “medicine”, you notice that she has acquired “presence”

    Like Bruce and Michael J and a few others of the greats her chi is exuded through the screen

    @ Vincent

    I was looking for the question that you posed earlier but i cant find it yet, hen i do i will respond but in the meantime do enjoy…

    A well placed source in the Barbados Labour Party corridors has shared this information

    “The proposed appointment of former Prime Minister Owen Arthur as Economic Advisor euphemism for replacement Minister of Finance, has made Mugabe Mottley Leader of the Opposition (a position Mr Arthur once held) & the current Minister of Finance Decimals Bond Stinkliar very very vex


    As further reports come in the public will be updated

  72. Piece

    Looking like you getting dotage or bi-polar….you wanted to know how much I was being payed, I told you zilch and asked you how much you were getting paid from OSA so I could ask for more as I am supporting the future PM… could also tell me about the other perks like state of the art computer,willing frauleins,travel,etc,etc…..we have to help each other out you know as we are in the same business…..right Bro..

  73. OSA’s appointment was REJECTED with only Chris Sinckler and Steve Blackett supporting it. Estwick, Inniss, Sealy, Lashley(s) and Stuart being the most vocal opponents. Even JepternInce is alleged to have gotten is a score few shots against OSA.

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