Hold On Barbados – Help Is Still On The Way

An Update from Solutions Barbados.
Grenville Phillips II

Grenville Phillips II

Celebrating 50 years of our political independence was an important national event that the Government should have been allowed to manage, without being distracted by constant criticism.  Given the foreseen economic challenges this year, it was also important that Barbadians be allowed to enjoy the Christmas and New Year celebrations.  With these events now behind us, we all need to consider the future of Barbados.

Barbados has never been in so much debt.  The BLP has been responsible for accumulating approximately $8B and the DLP approximately $5B of our $13B national debt.  The international rating agencies continue to warn potential investors about our challenges to repay our debt.  If we continue to manage Barbados’ economy as we have in the past 40 years, then we will not own a country to pass on to the next generation of Barbadians.

The solutions to Barbados’ economic problems should be well known by both of our established political parties.  However, for the past 50 years they have both played this game of criticising the party in power for mismanaging the national economy, and then proceeding to mismanage it far worse when they attained power, leaving the criticising to the other party until their roles are reversed.

Since they have taken us so far beyond any responsible debt limit, to the point where we have no choice but to be badly taken advantage of by investors, then the next general election is crucial to the future of Barbados.

Solutions Barbados has already published workable solutions to the principal problems hindering Barbados’ development at SolutionsBarbados.com.  Regrettably, the games continue to be played while the problems are getting worse.  Therefore, we have assembled 14 employers who have never contested a general election, but who are willing to stand as candidates in the next general election in order to give Barbadians a competent alternative.  We are looking for 16 more candidates.

If you agree with our published solutions, have been a responsible employer at any time in your career (the type and size of business does not matter), and are willing to be a candidate in the next general election, then please contact us at NextParty246@gmail.com.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Let me be clear….the race is on to fool the thousands of nitwits and yardfowls in the population.


  • Frustrated Businessman aka 'Nation of Laws' my ass.

    Pachamama January 10, 2017 at 11:52 AM #
    @ Frustrated Businessman

    Why not give these same young people land, as right?

    Does dressing properly mean looking like White people or mindless Blacks?

    Why can’t the young people be dressed up like radicals, the new persons they should be lead our country in this new age?

    What is there about your failed ethos that could inspire anybody with more than 3 brain cells?

    Because your Caribbean small-island-state, black-governed socialism has failed to inspire recent generations to adopt an achievement-based ethos. Low standards set by the state have been eagerly embraced and will continue to be until the free sweets stop flowing. You can give them all the idle land the gov’t and CLICO own, until they yearn and then learn to work it, it will be as useful as a space shuttle is to MTW road-patchers.

    Thankfully for this gov’t our unemployment figures don’t include the fatherless unemployables not seeking work or we’d really see how much baggage taxpayers really carry on their backs in this country.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    This is really just a matter of deed “by their deeds ye shall know them”

    Let me see if I can give you an example of those whose “deed renown” quotient is of a standard befitting this task.

    Obviously we cannot chose any one of the 60 DLP or BLP candidates because they occupy the antipode of that quotient scale called the “waste foop” maleficents and will not be found dead in the halls of those who produce anything of local or national good

    For this, let de ole man go to the Barbados Independence List of Awardees to give wunna an example of quotient AND also to educate wunna on what is popularity vis a vis true contribution.

    Knights of St Andrew Sir Jeffrey & Sir John, do these fellows pass the grade? you must ask the question if, post being crowned with this award, and an examination of their contributions to national service is effected, if one only sees them as persons who excelled at personal growth and that of their company, OR if they contributed to the growth of the nation, at an empirical level.


    Well let de ole man continue den

    We then move onto the “Companions of Honour” where we find one newspaperman and, more notably, a campaigner in the HIV/AIDS fight.

    Because de ole man fraid of libel in 2017 and tings like dat, de ole man cannot impute anyting bout dese two companions, other than to say dat, one man runneth a newspaper while the other campaigned in the trenches of the fight against the scourge of HIV/AIDS

    Are you still with me? Is this filtering of potential candidates, based on their tangible contributions to nation building, vis a vis personal aggrandisement, starting to make sense to you?

    So let us move ont to the Gold Crown (de ole man nearly said Gold Cup). Sound thou a name, and tell me if, by the manner it doth glide across thing tongue, if it seduceth thee? what is the import of the name? does it ring a bell?

    So only Goodlyn Michelin and Dr St John pass the grade, since many would argue that Martin Cox and Frederick Forde just did their jobs, as all public servants are supposed to do.

    Let us move on

    “SILVER CROWN OF MERIT – For meritorious service or achievement in science, the arts, literature, sports, civic duties or any other endeavor worthy of national recognition.”

    Let us focus on the specific words “…any other endeavor worthy of national recognition…”

    What is the overlap for our requirements again? de ole man forget now…I been rambling fuh too long yes???

    But you starting to see whu Bush Tea and Prodigal and Well Well and William Skinner and Hamilton Hill and Wise Pachamama and Haynes and Frustrated Business Man and de rest uh de bloggers is saying?

    When we make a serious assessment of the requirement for these politician jobs you start to realise why Grenville and his pretenders to the throne AND DE DLP WASTE FOOPS & DE Mugable Brigade really ent meeting whu we need.

    None uh dem ent got one iota of the required “deeds quotient” in dem blood udder dan de fack dat every year, each one of these politicians dem does run a road tennis tournament or do the “Duppy Thompson Football ingrunce”

    As a people we cannot continue to use these poor standards of popularity instead of competence and the prerequisite of practical experience to elect parliamentarians to our House of Assembly and then, after their previously exhibited characteristics display themselves, wonder, incredulously, why de horspital ent got no toilet paper, or de roads brek up, or de garbage truck contracts get give way to we friends, or the contract to repair the buses wid we cousin mudder uncle, or de Transport Board repairs wid de man who rent we de Mercedes we driving.

    De ole man was gine submit this to you as a Blog called

    “We Bajans Like It So – Grease or No Grease?”

    but steupseee I jes get lazy David and I say if de BlogMaster “feel that it is worthy (you remember Sand Nigger?) he will publish it as a separate blog OR, lef up as um is, a single simple comment dat going get lost in deah among de rest uh dem…


  • William Skinner January 10, 2017 at 9:19 AM #@

    The problems in Barbados with both the DLP and BLP ex and former, and today DBLP is Fraud , FRAUD FRAUD, ALL KINDS OF FRAUD, REAL FRAUD NOT JUST THE WORD FRAUD,

    Real Life Fraud, fraud,FRAUD all kinds , All you have to do is look at the Business they are in, They compete against the People and get tax exempts to under cut the little man , Free land,VAT free, VAT free, pays no taxes, in every Business that people need to live on, there is now BLIND TRUST SET UP , all things goes at any time, They never see court for the court building and court is where the people who have some thing is raped,

    All of their fraud , Land fraud is King, What is showing up the Fraud on a global scale is BANKING FOR THINGS HAVE TO PAID FOR,Most of the time its not BDS $ dollars .. So now with Basel 3 Banking if they can not prove source of FUNDS nothing moves,

    As said before internal Laundering of tax and vat payers money
    over 100,000,000$ come in the Barbados alone from the US of A to family to keep head above water just like SVG,

    So to be on line with long talking acting like as if Barbados problems can not be understood by all of these so called educated Bloggers is another fraud,

    Roots, Check you roots, So all who want to run this Nation and win and get into office may have to go that far to see the numbers
    After seeing the numbers what will they do next? Act like they dont know? or join the rest of the SIRS in Barbados with the lawyers to keep fooling people with noise of devalued dollar$

    The dollar for barbados is a living now in the people hands for they can buy less and less food and goods each day as the DBLP keep looking for a way to tax all to hell.

    The DBLP will not put out this fire once it starts….. Keep extra water on hand..
    Do not worry about Trump , you have bigger problem in Bim , Trump may expose Barbados crooks and shock you and the people for nigger always want to wait and hear what the Master whiteman says before they believe their own, What a nigger know? only what the whiteman tells him, what a nigger knows? Speak soon Trumps you subjects awaits you in Barbados,


  • @ Piece,

    I cannot understand why the honourable blog master persists in giving valuable air time to this political straw weight of a party “Solutions Barbados”. Someone needs to ask the searching question as to when will this elitist descend from the clouds and address the numerous communities and villages scattered throughout our tiny island.

    Having read your contribution i felt obliged to go through the archives where i found this exchange between the two of us:

    pieceuhderockyeahright January 18, 2015 at 12:18 PM #
    @ Exclaimer

    You said and I quote “The greatest film that I have ever viewed was called The Battle of Algiers: a cultural battle between the coloniser and the colonised”

    It is most interesting that this film that you provided an url to, a single footprint in the sand, would have missed the big time of the current silver screen and Hollywood glitz

    It is a primer for war rather guerilla war and the counterinsurgencies which accompany that arena.

    It does not have Bruce Willis, Johnny Depp nor any of the Jason Staton’s of today, in fact it hoes not even have any of the actors/actresses of mainstream studios of Western studios.

    But for a few of you who are so disposed, it is an excellent picture with sound principles for such insurgencies.

    Perhaps to one seemingly versed in disruptive interventions, a few might be inclined to think that the localizations? of disruptions to the Natural Gas supplies to the West Coast and the tourism belt et al might itself be a soft-type guerilla intervention??

    But then again ole mens like me does talk nuff foolishness when we ready and de food in we guts and nigeritis set in….

    Exclaimer January 18, 2015 at 7:21 PM #

    I concur with you. Your summary is pitched perfectly.

    In keeping with the tone of your reply, I will not raise the level of my normal rhetoric.

    The reason why I chose to post this film was to attach it to Pachamama’s excellent submission and to re-energise and reawaken the social consciousness of the Afro-Bajan.

    I would ask you to post this film to as many Bajans as you are able to. The fight for the soul of Barbados commences from today. We owe this to our ancestors.

    For those of you who would like to see the rebirth of Barbados may I suggest that you watch the film – now!

    Any news of GP?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Me fears that the Doctor has gone into a self imposed exile of a longer length than mine own heheheheheheheh.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    For the sake of TRANSPARENCY……Grenville Phillips should to tell Bajans of his role, not specifics just admitting he sat on the board of directors at CGI Insurance, it is public knowledge and part of the public records, I have seen it, I have accessed it because of Peter Harris viciousness toward injured claimants, so there is no reason why Grenville cannot come clean about that and tell the truth, if he says he never sat on the CGI board, he is a liar, distancing yaself from Harris to fool an electorate is one thing, blatantly lying about ya past and present involvement with Harris and CGI is quite another.

    If Grenville can’t say who his candidates are, he has to give the people something if he does not want to be ignored completely by the electorate, pretty fantasies written down on paper and looking good to him only are not enough to convince anyone that he would be a good prime minister free of corrupting influences like Harris, the people need some reality intermingled with plenty truth.

    Yes GP…where are you.


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    Interesting film. Around 1:57, it mentions the political class in Paris.

    The introduction of the term ‘political class’ to Barbados seems George Orwellian. The pothole/bathing/ drinking water antics seem to be taken from animal farm/1984.
    Some retooling of messages and images is needed by the ruling ‘political class’.


  • Well Well & Consequences


    Lol….Grenville, ya being watched, most people were born at night not LAST NIGHT.


  • Well Well & Consequences


    These are the types of business people Barbados has, ones who hate to pay employees their salaries, their NIS insurance, their vacation pay., who believe employees have no rights and are mere chattel slaves existing to enrich them….employers like Therold Fields the disbarred, dishonest attorney is a prime example.

    You do not want a gang of already known dishonest businessmen and women as leaders of Barbados.


  • Commissiong is a man in a hurry . What drives this public nuisance .

    He returned from a Cuba reunion with a convicted drug runner who endangered the lives of youth. His threat to derail the Hyatt construction succeeded. Hyatt a project with potential to bring hundreds of jobs to the urban poor and revitalize Bridgetown apparently is dead with Froon declining to authorize its start.

    Last year with the help of BLP low life attorneys he convinced the court to set aside the international law for air passengers to be fingerprinted. Government caved in and didn’t appeal.

    The guns of Commie Commisiong switch to halting new party Solutions. Mind you the Pinko is leader of PEP the biggest failure of a third party. After falling out over and again with both established parties the notorious grasshopper set up his personal soap box with a small number of lackeys.

    Only Caswell Franklyn rivals the Commie in one man crusades which disrupt the proper functioning of the state. They are poxes on society’s backside. Their sources of money to run campaigns should be under the microscope.

    Commissiong is determined to get his way although voters slam the door in his face he sneaks in by the back entrance to wreck havoc on the body politic.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Commrnter….ya a fraud, ya have government ministers accused of drug dealing and porn endangering the lives of thevyouth every second,….ya have government ministers created potholes on the roads endangering everyone’s life everyday, both drivers and oedestrians….speak of that nuh.

    Where is Solutions getting their campaign money….is Grenvillle stilll sitting on the board of directors of CGI Insurance that endangers people’s lives, health and wellbeing everyday when they are injured…..these are more important questions….Commissiong has been around for decades, he is well known…..what about Grenvillle and his masked candidates.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Taken from the comments section of barbadostoday, glad to see the Solutions defender Greengiant understanding that a political party MUST have financial backers, contrary to what Grenville is saying that they will not need financial campaign backers, outright deceit, outright lying.

    A business person with 2 to 5000 employees need financial backing to maintain a political, i doubt any business person on the island have a 5,000 strong work force, maybe a couple hundred, small potatoes, small timers pretending to be powerful and big.

    Grenville has already started with myth and lies….that’s all bajans need now. ..more liars for politicians.

    So who is financial backing Solutions, who are the ones pulling the strings to rid themselves of DBLP politicians.

    If they wont say who their candidates are, do not expect them to tell you who owns these wannabe candidates.

    January 11, 2017 at 11:44 am
    The PEP has been around for several years and has never fielded a full slate of candidates so who any why is little David playing his harp so loudly.
    They have never been and never will be an alternative under his leadership, they’ve never had a national conference, can’t attract any financial backers, so what’s the real purpose of the PEP.
    Solutions Barbados needs to be heard, and taken seriously before being misjudged. The fact is the legal brained parties are failing this nation and the PEP’s fomula is the same as the B’s and D’s ( law + business = coruption. Maybe a party of wide ranging business people will force the lawyers to deal with long overdue legislative change. It’s time for real change and not change of law firms running our affairs”.


  • Commentator, I have travelled the world and have never had to be finger printed, not even in Asia. International requirement what? yuh think we sit pun we brains. Good thing you not a judge, silly person.


  • conflicts of interest.. businessmen as political leaders? will they separate themselves LEGALLY from their business interests as an act of transparancy?


  • Dear All:

    Please be advised that Peter Harris is neither a candidate, advisor, financial backer, nor is in anyway associated with Solutions Barbados. Further, I have never had a role with CGI, and have never been associated with the company at any level – I do not even have a policy of any type with CGI.

    Please note that I am not distancing myself from Peter Harris or CGI. I am simply correcting the allegation.

    Best regards,


    President-Elect press conference.. today


  • Thanks Grenville for the clarification. It boggles the mind how others can run with information that is baseless.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Grenville, Barbados needs new faces in the political landscape, devoid of corruption, devoid of not paying their employees vacation pay, NIS or benefits, devoid of the schemes, scams and manipulations of the 5% minorities who do business on the island and believe the black majority are their chattel.

    Since you can respond and has presented yourself to answer any question, so who are your financial backers. Dont say you dont have any and dont need any, you are not Trump and every political party needs campaign financing.

    I am always willing to give everyone a chance, that is what they deserve, but do not take grown, experienced people for idiots as has been done to your own bajan people for 5 decades by black politicians of both political parties, just come clean and no one will go after you to expose or pry information out of you.

    The truth is I had a list of CGI Directors because of Peter Harris’ dishonesty and I am currently turning the whole place upside down to find it to post to BU, I have been travelling quite a lot so it may be misplaced, had it a few years now, I am also trying to source another list, I hope you are right.


  • Dear Well Well:

    Solutions Barbados does not have any financial backers except myself. Further, we do not intend to spend large sums, or do anything that can be remotely interpreted as purchasing someone’s vote.
    We want responsible and caring employers.

    Best regards,


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Dear Grenville:

    Thanks for your clarification, ya may change ya mind later, it’s a tradeoff, ya dont have to give money to yardfowls or buy votes but ya will still have to spend.

    Please clear the air on whether it’s your Dad, who has the same name as you and is a businessman, was the one who sat on CGI’s board, it has nothing to do with what you are doing, but you dont want it mudding your waters, close the door on that question.


  • Face it Grenville..

    Unless you are open with your whole plan (including candidates), Bajans will continue to speculate – and to make up stories, …which will take much of your time to debunk, and which will be used by ‘enuff” and his ilk to justify the return of the BLP half-dozen to replace the DLP six.

    You have already stepped into the ring, ….why not put BOTH feet in…and start fighting?

    Bushie recommends that you stop trying to defend your ‘solutions’ (like some kinda engineering consultant) and start being OPEN to inputs….

    The ONLY uncompromising positions that you need …are related to honesty, integrity and transparency. Promise that ANYONE of you party caught in dishonesty will be EXPELLED and prosecuted (…or even prostituted…)
    Promise that you will appoint an independent Senate …and use them to ensure transparency of ALL government transactions…. like a Supervisory Committee.

    Investigate the Co-op model as a template for governance (Caswell and Oriel Doyle are the only real references that you will need) and you will find that it is an EXCELLENT model – with a first class track record in Barbados via our Credit Unions – ESPECIALLY the large ones – (contrary to the insinuations of enuff – whose main focus is to swamp Barbados with foreigners – supposedly bringing wealth.)

    Up and on Boss….
    Ever upwards to the light…
    Ever true to God and right…

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  • Well Well & Consequences

    I take it Grenville is a former Combermere high school student, he should know or the Bushman could tell him that small social gatherings throughout every parish, every week for another year will allow voters to meet and know him and hear his plans for them….and the changes, very drastic changes to the present useless systems, that the island needs.


  • Bushie

    You are still looking for a leader, a maximum leader.

    For us such a person is worthy of being shot!

    All any NEW party has to promise is the return of all power to the people on a day-to-day basis and from day one.

    From whence all other things flow.

    Any thing else is trivial.


  • peterlawrencethompson

    Grenville, I blush to admit this, but you should listen to Bush Tea.


  • The Battle of Algiers is a remarkable film. I have watched this film repeatedly over the years. There are many lessons that we can learn from this dark period of history.

    Grenville, i hope that you would take some time out of your schedule to watch this epic film. It highlights clearly that if one has a political/social vision; or perhaps like yourself someone who is trying to develop a nouveau political party than it is imperative that one puts in the necessary footwork in order to put one’s message across. You have to be objective and you must be prepared to appeal to those groups who are hungry for change.

    The central character in this film, Ali-La-Pointe, would not fit into your cosseted world of well-rounded educated individuals from a healthy middle class background. Every country in the world has their quota of Ali-Le-Pointe’s: illiterate, impoverish, chancers and unemployables. People whom society will always exclude.

    Even though Ali-Le-Pointe’s CV could best be described as dysfunctional prior to his recruitment; he was still seen as worthy material for enrolment to further the political cause of his political party – the FNL. When one looks at St MIchaels, St Andrews and all the other remaining parishes we need to remind ourselves that we have living on our island tens of thousand of Ali-Le-Pointes.

    We also have a large group of people who are marginally better of than your Ali-Le-Pointes and that is your working class. Slightly above this group is your middle class who are in serious difficulties.

    Grenville, you need to remodel your views and fast. You come across as an elitist and a snob. You need to explain to Bajans that their long term interests are not being served and more importantly will never be served by either the DLP or the BLP. You need to COMMUNICATE. You also need to empower your political base by giving authority to your members to recruit members – aggressively – and to speak on the behalf of your party.

    Grenville, i noticed that Commissiong had a pop at you recently. Commissiong is charismatic, vocal, fearless, has a penchant to wear African-style tops and has the ability to defend his corner. Both of you are from “good” families but the similarities end there. You appear comfortable in a white shirt, a tie and a crisp suit. You have the same appearance as all those other faceless male politicians who are failing our country.

    Please Sir, change your strategy. Look to form alliances with the Ali-Le-Pointes, the working classes, the impoverished middle classes, Commissiong’s political party, the Trade Union movement, the church, and all other willing groups. You should have one objective and that is to deliver to our country the total annihilation of both the DLP and the BLP.


  • Hello Bushtea, who send you tell them I aint home. In the meantime may continue being like Vladimir and Estragon.


  • Lol exclaimer. But in a democracy he is free to peddle his ware. There is always a chance there would be a buyer. The three or four of u who are knocking and punching holes in Greenville ideas does not even make up a dot on the political land scape
    Maybe Greenville is not pinning his hopes on winning but make a significiant impact on structuring the beginning of a third party
    The late path he has chosen to run on might give him the necessary exposure with hopes of capitalising for a more dominate footing on barbados political landscape in the future



    On our website (SolutionsBarbados/Candidates) we wrote the following.

    “We believe that you should have as much confidence as possible in those whom you are placing your trust to manage national affairs. It is for this reason why we plan to provide you with as much relevant information about ourselves as you may request, for rigorous scrutiny, in order to earn your trust. Our singular request is that you limit the boundaries of such scrutiny to ourselves. Thank you in advance for respecting the privacy of our families and friends.”

    I have already stated my non-association with CGI. Readers can choose to believe me or not. But they should consider that the consequences of me caught intentionally lying means the end of my professional career and the end of my association with Solutions Barbados. I treasurer my reputation too much to put it in such jeopardy.

    Our singular request remains, and I will not respond to any request for information or clarification on any family member or friend of any of our candidates. Please respect our singular request.


    I can confirm the following. Any person in Solutions Barbados found to be engaging in corrupt practises will be prosecuted and fined. I agree with having an independent and non-political Senate made up of highly reputable people. We will have to prepare qualifications for Senators.

    We already have the Auditor General who investigates Government departments. We plan to properly resource that department with prosecution discretion.

    I am not sufficiently informed about the co-op model, but I will ask Caswell to provide some reference information for consideration.


    I will plan to watch the film this weekend. On your other points, please note that our intention is not to destroy the other two parties, but to steer Barbados away from the foreseen ruin.

    I think that Barbados’ electorate is more mature that before. Therefore, I do not plan to pretend to be someone I am not – bordering on fraud. That is a perfect reason for voters to disbelieve that I will keep our promises.

    Best regards,


  • Well Well & Consequences

    ACs…I dont think Grenville is looking for political pimps or yardfowls, so ya bust luck.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Grenville….I take that as a yes, because it’s not a no……..and case closed, it absolves you from lying.

    However, should conflicts of interests arise and present themselves publicly because of family connections, dont be surprised at the backlash.

    Make sure your candidates are clean, because of the size of the island, they will be well known.


  • @ Grenville wrote ” Our singular request is that you limit the boundaries of such scrutiny to ourselves.
    Thank you in advance for respecting the privacy of our families and friends.”

    By forming a political party you have exposed yourself, your family and friends to public scrutiny.

    Politics in Barbados is downright nasty. You are not going to change that.


  • Well well.
    A politician does not look for but accept all the help necessary towards winning ..fool. if u think i am lying ask Donald trump your official public enemy ..fool


  • @ Grenville
    I agree with having an independent and non-political Senate made up of highly reputable people. We will have to prepare qualifications for Senators.
    It is not about qualifications. The more qualified they tend to be, the more crooked some people are….

    The trick lies in OPENNESS and transparency – where EVERYTHING is open to scrutiny (by the Supervisory Committee /Senate) and where ANY questionable ‘deals’ or dealings are immediately clarified and dealt with. Some of the VERY best people in these roles are simple, down-to-earth citizens, with LARGE BALLS and crystal clear morals.

    Qualifications shiite!!

    …and how will you ‘prosecute and fine’ corrupt officials?
    Do you plan on being Chief Justice too?
    Are you not aware of the various ‘relationships’ that exists in Barbados?
    Boss, if you are not careful they will prosecute YOU …and lock your donkey in Dodds – if you disrupt their mafia business too much…


  • Bushie wrote, “Are you not aware of the various ‘relationships’ that exists in Barbados? ”

    Therein lies the problem.

    Grenville may be squeaky clean but he cannot find 30 other Bajans who are also squeaky clean.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Bush Tea January 12, 2017 at 2:38 PM references to high school rallying songs apart, do you take your remarks seriously or were they simply offered as your diurnal blog entry!

    There is little point in applauding Grenville’s push into the political fray because he has stood up to be counted…this is not about singing sweet tunes or ganing set points at high school sports where credit is given for participation.

    You said: “Bushie recommends that you stop trying to defend your ‘solutions’ (like some kinda engineering consultant) and start being OPEN to inputs….”

    Has this not been the call since last year when the Solutions were first offered? Have there been inputs and updates and improvements???

    When Mr Phillips says he will attend a session organized by another does that sound like a politician or as Exclaimer says like a elite-class consultant’ dropping by playing politics.

    We all want a different and better option for Bajan governance but this Solution is not a serious one and if one was being unkind then it would be called an exercise in free advertising.

    Grenville is an accomplished, decent fellow of high integrity and absolutely has a propensity of getting a job done when others will spend too much time thinking; that works for his engineering consultancy or like this for generating a political spectacle.

    But how can you acclaim this as a practical political movement to achieve even one sentence of these Utopian solutions?

    How can this style and methodology ever be translated to a majority election to the Bdos HoA?



  • Well Well & Consequences

    ACs….being political pimps and yardfowls does not help anyone.

    Grenville will learn that entering public life strips away any measure of privacy for politicians and their families, they belong to the public, particularly if there are conflicts of interest interfering with the clean running of the people’s government, as everyone has been seeing happening to both Barbados governments for years, reducing them both to laughing stocks.

    If they do not want to be scrutinized, politicians should remain private citizens.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    I should clarify…if politicians do not want to be scrutinized by the electorate whose votes they seek to enter PUBLIC OFFICE…….they should remain private citizens.

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  • @ Pacha
    Bushie …You are still looking for a leader, a maximum leader.
    Where did you get that impression…?
    Bushie is simply assisting his pal Grenville (Hans Brinker) with free, but invaluable, advice as he seeks to stick his finger into the Bajan dyke….

    Bushie found his leader many, many, years ago (or did the leader find, and adopt Bushie? ) 🙂

    You are a bright bowl Pacha, but your grasp of interpersonal relationship realities is sadly lacking – likely a result of your own, unusually strong personality.
    The FACT is that most people, like sheep, NEED to be led. They CANNOT operate without a shepherd. It is just the way most brass bowls are structured…

    …and when the shepherd is a female rabbit in sheep’s clothing, you KNOW that the brass bowl sheep’s asses are destined for the butcher….

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  • @ Dribbler
    Sometimes you take yourself too seriously.
    Life is short, …full of sorrows …. and then we die.
    Yet we strive to accomplish all kinda shiite …most of which we KNOW to be meaningless.
    What Grenville is doing is the REAL DEAL.
    Bushie will drop you a serious pearl here… don’t let it fall in the trough….. 🙂

    The whole point of life …is to do our very best to improve in three specific areas:
    1- Self
    2 – Our various communities
    3- The overall quality of human development.

    Grenville does not have to do it YOUR way, …or Bushie’s …just the very best that he can…

    If, in the process, he is able to develop his own character and personality; to improve his various communities; and to drive improvements in the overall quality of human development, than he will have achieved success …. even if the brass bowls that he is trying to help should reject him, and throw him in jail for being so presumptuous and caring.

    The albino-centric approach (with which most of us are contaminated) would be inclined to seek to do whatever is required to achieve POWER – even if it involves questionable strategies, compromises to his personal integrity or immoral actions.

    BUT true ‘Success’ in not about ‘winning the political prize’, it is about righteous character building….

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Bush Tea January 12, 2017 at 10:20 PM …. Maybe more voters should take themselves “… too seriously” more often.

    More voters should dispel and cut away your esoteric Sartre-like existentialist soap-box talk and your equally impressive Maslow-like self actualization Hyde Park podium words and get down to basic Bajan brass-tacks.

    Grenville Phillips and his Solutions are about the real issues facing Bajan politics – so HE says.

    He is as self actualized and moving towards his best as any man that I know. This is absolutely not about his self growth – how could it be? That’s an insult to the voters.

    Your screed to make that level of bluster in response to a serious query of Mr Phillips’ ability to achieve any of his Solutions is a sad but clear indication of the abject folly of his current entire process.

    You are playing to the esoteric gilded tower ..to wit: “BUT true ‘Success’ is not about ‘winning the political prize’, it is about righteous character building….”

    How very uplifting and as meaningless as most of the objectives of the Solutions!

    The political game is enjoined at the grass roots. Not in the towers.

    Thanks Bushie. As usual you do make the point… quite forcefully too.

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  • Well Dribbler….
    ….let’s compare Grenville to another fella whose contribution has been to emigrate to albino-land in search of scraps from the master’s table, but who is now able to preach down to us from on high about how far we lag behind his highly admired adopted system.
    Shall we…?

    Bushie has concerns about Grenville’s approach …like anyone else, but apart from voicing such concerns, offering assistance, ….or just minding our own business, what gives us the right to judge someone who is, to the best of their ability, trying to plug the damn dyke with his own damn fingers?

    When asked to come back and help to refine BUP, Bushie well recall your response… 🙂



    We were not referring to academic qualifications, but qualifications like representatives of various non-government organisations, eg, Unions, Engineers, Nurses, Doctors, etc.

    Also, we explained how the fines would be implemented on our web site.

    Best regards,

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    We simply made a singular request that you limit your scrutiny to Solutions Barbados candidates and respect the privacy of our families.

    Of course you do not have to accord us this respect. However, I simply informed you that we will not respond to any comments, speculations or queries outside of our singular request.

    Best regards,


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Grenville…let not thine heart be troubled, the candidaes and their families will be scrutinized and thoroughly checked out, we do not want a repeat of DBLP 50 year reign of corruption and bribery and disenfranchisement of the majoruty black population.

    Making sure it never happens again is the honorable thing to do, again, government belongs to the people, they have to know who is handling their wellbeing and welfare and if there are any threats to their, their children, grandchildren and future generations through conflicts of interest…it is their inalienable right.

    Bajans for decades have been denied that right by two vicious political parties and governments who honed the art of lies, secrecy and deception to keep their own people uninformed and lacking knowledge or coping with reality.

    You and your candidates would not want to deny the same people whose votes you need the right to know who they can trust and who may be a threat to their wellbeing, now would you Grenville.

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  • Well Well if the People move on the DBLP with Questions the DBLP would never win another seat, We hope that the people hold the DBLP to the same Standard, Now for far too long they have been getting away with Bank robbery and murder,

    We at the CUP will answer all questions as they come.
    We hope most are all are dealing with how we got where we are today in Barbados and the names of Persons that help the crimes to come true
    Happy Earth Day Violet Beckles


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