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Faris Al Rawi, Attorney General

Faris Al Rawi, Attorney General

The recent high-level of public concern over the SSA Amendment Bill was of limited concern to me, until I started listening properly. In the event, the proposed law was passed by the Parliament and there is some threat from the Opposition of a lawsuit to test its constitutionality. We will see.

Two very interesting stances surfaced during the heated debates and it is at these kind of moments that I sometimes think of our so-called political divide. Those were the Right to Privacy stance disclosed by the AG and the private briefing of Parliamentarians as a legislative tool.

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  1. Santia Bradshaw Is correct to hold the government’s feet to the fire regarding the still born promise to rollout integrity legislation, what she neglects to add is whether the BLP is committed to the promise as well.

  2. It’s easy to hold the feet of a government to the fire while in opposition. ..anti corruption and transparency legislation should have been in place decades ago, both governments lost the opportunity to do so voluntarily and without scrutiny in the 90s, now DBLP are both reluctant to do so in present day…..they both got a lot to hide.

  3. There is nothing stopping the BLP MPs and their currently chosen “candidates” from declaring their assets just like MIA and OSA did.

    They can show their own integrity without it being legislated.

    • @Hants

      It needs to be legislated to make sense.

      On another note:-

      Bizzy encouraged policemen at the passing out to resist inducements.

      PM Stuart to get an award from Guyana for his service to the legal profession and support for SIDS.


  4. Yes, Bizzy should also tell the police to arrest the minorities who commit the biggest financial and drug crimes on the island, pull down their doors and gated houses when they have warrants to serve or are called for domestic disputes, beating wives and girlfriends…and dont take bribes for doing otherwise, that will then be a fair and balanced society.

    Ah gotta say, those 4 police look like real idiots walking behind a crook and hypocrite like Bizzy…whose idea was it to put someone with no moral compass to speak at a police parade….I am sure it was another moral lacking blight just like him.

  5. All these blights, frauds and failures in life do is achieve awards and pimp titles for f-ing up the economy, keeping the people poor and helpless and as lawyers, stealing from clients. is a pattern.

  6. I quite recently came across this article on the BBC

    Its punchline is “Imagine realising that you’ve spent your whole life unable to visualise anything in your mind. Helen Thomson speaks to a 42-year-old man whose internal world is pictureless.”

    And suddenly, like a Eureka moment, it hit me!

    What I have been grappling to understand with for all these years became pellucid.

    I understood why an article like this, like Caswell Franklyn’s most recent article about civiI liberties being eroded right before our very eyes, would have a really hard time being first (i) “understood” by readers’ and (ii) discoursed on

    It was and simply is because THEY CANNOT CONCEIVE WHAT IS BEING DISCUSSED!

    Not many people are going to click the above link so I will make it simple for those ones.

    I have a friend who is indelibly scarred for life with 2nd degree burns she got while a child of 3 from a frying pan and oil.

    An inquisitive child smelling a favourite dish is incapable of understanding the mechanics of a fulcrum and the force exerted by touching the long arm of a frying pan, they simply cannot understand how mummy plugging in a fan to the 110/220v plug to get the fan going is not the same as pushing the tip of the scissors in said plug.

    And inasmuch as we would wish this to be different the simple fact is that the nuances of amendment of the SSA or the Public Order act of 1966 by Fumble Stuart will be absolutely and totally lost on these “children of the Kadooment Spectrum”

    Leave them to their Bliss for it is folly to be wise…

    • @PUDRYR

      Just today in an online conversation a member of the BU household expressed frustration at the reluctance of educated Bajans to discuss issues to do with culture, sports, governance etc. On the other hand there is the fixation to discuss the political class and religion. We can’t we discuss ALL issues with equal tenor?

  7. Honourable Blogmaster.

    Some time ago I found myself at a rum shop celebrating the anniversary of the owner.

    All the rumiels were there, including that man who i mentioned can hear a rum bottle crack and 1000 yards.

    At a certain hours of the night the conversation was flowing, as was the rum, do you know what it was flowing about?

    “Who got who woman”.

    They are certain people who CANNOT DISCOURSE ANYTHING ELSE.

    You know that there are certain women who you CANNOT GET?

    you are jes too bright, too cultured, too clean and they do not want you, you are not a thug and you can’t societ with them.

    The Lion and the sheeple jes cannot integrate, it is like cricket to an American, they jes don’t understand the game.

    In time, when these sheeple find themselves in the arms of our local equivalent of a Hissene Habre with all liberty gone, then they will whisper of these things because they will be unable to speak freely then.

    Oppressions does that, when civil liberties are curtailed and people are under stress then we have the birth of Liberte, Fraternite but in the light of Kadooment infected and infested sheeple, this will attract few, as well it should be for what can they contribute to the discourse but who can wuk up better than a skeet.

    • @PUDRYR

      Your are a wise man.

      On Mon, May 30, 2016 at 11:22 PM, Barbados Underground wrote:


  8. @Pieces, re your 4:57 PM (like a train schedule in the mind, almost) I always thought this “aphantasia’ thing was simply indifference to the memory, straight up forgetfulness or simply internalizing thoughts in a different way.

    I imagine there is a scientific analysis for all things and a genuine intellectual significant discovery to be made, but after 42 years if a professional photographer is diagnosed as being unable to create mental images then I am suitably impressed. Because despite his inability to create mentalpictures he surely he found a way of creating a mental metric to map faces or whatever in his memory banks. He made it an ” intellectual concept” he said.

    So I take a different (non scientific view) to your position that some people simply cannot conceive what is being discussed. I posit that they can, but they conceive it a completely different way.Thus if we can find common ground comprehension is still quite possible,

    As an aside as you know for generations it has been said that eye witness testimony is often not as reliable as we think. This type of analysis of mental cues certainly further validates the reasons why that is so true. We see things the same but conceptualize and rehash them very differently.

    You think AC has this problem…or they are just doffuses, period!! LOLL.

  9. Needs to stop invading human rights of privacy !!! by secretly spying on people in their bathroom, bedrooms. Especially when someone is not committing any crime. Such waste of resources when they should be investigating big corporations, and insurance companies that’s committing many organized crimes that is making people suffer and taking people money, pensions, everything they worked hard for … or the ones that are killing innocent humans, like in Florida.
    Stop this illegal invasion of privacy of innocent civilians that been hurt enough!!!! And go after the real criminals…

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