Things Fall Apart -­ Caribbean Export Style Part II

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pamela-coke-hamiltonAn  earlier  article  I  wrote  spoke  to  the  financial  and  technical  mismanagement  of  resources  at  Caribbean  Export […]by two people, PCH and CM. A few of you asked “why, in the face of such corruption,

do respective governments, and the EU, unflinchingly continue to reward the poor performance, obvious abuse and the mindless  squander  of  the  European  Union’s  EDF  coffers?  To  highlight  the  tip  of  that  abuse  iceberg,  I  mentioned  the  EU  requirement  that  “any  item  which  receives  funding  from  the  EU  MUST  DISPLAY  THEIR LOGO, PROMINENTLY!! So Pamela, in removing the EU logo from the Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle, displays her blatant disregard for said funding conditions.

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  1. likelovetohatredturned December 15, 2015 at 10:10 PM #

    Grandfather, sorry. Some of us have to work. I hope that you are ok and your glasses get fixed soon. CE is officially closing until the first week of January. A skeleton crew will be there to tear up certain files. Surprise Audit coming. Edna Simpson was a GTZ staff member. She replaced Andrea Alleyne the former AA. During the replacement with Mrs Simpson, Andrea, the shoulder that Pamela cried on regularly during the divorce period was terminated. Why? Andrea does not have the social graces or the connections like Edna. Mr. Watchman one thing is can say is that you are an honest man. You man want all the women that you see and that destroys you men. You either lose your reputation, your health or both. Truth be told, very few men can handle us, we just let fool you so that you feel that you are doing something. lol. Ask Well Well


  2. Retribution-things that make me go hum! December 16, 2015 at 8:08 AM #

    @ Like love, it’s hardly about social graces and lack there of – it’s about how the good old PCH conducts business – Edna’s husband, Mr Simpson is a very DEAR friend of PCH.


  3. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 16, 2015 at 7:25 PM #

    @ de Blogmaster

    Where is Part III???

    This is like the Hollywood movie “Friday the XIII Part “forever”!!

    Part I was quite eye opening and titillating with Sankey Price-like “salacious and salubrious” content and “disgruntled staff”.

    It made one sit up and realize that this is happening right here under our noses

    Part II seemed to move away from most of the Sex-in-the-City, sorry Warrens Towers, sensational fluff and more into agreements and management reactions.

    The agreement, based on their signatures, suggest someone on the inside (Deflon Deep Throat Braddie?) and the security camera installs would confirm that.

    What will Part III bring? Copies of the Corporate Card? Bank Statements? Invoices from 3rd falsified third parties generated by Management Computers with metadata with matching files from memory sticks retrieved from Chris’ computer?

    Such Marrion Barry like videos, and documents from inside the “Iron Curtain” would certainly shock readers further, shock you in a way other than the shock management is having per these disclosures.

    @ De Ingrunt Word

    I should ask you this since you seem to be a Canadian with a somewhat “devious disposition” – no insult intended.

    With your “proxy” experience and espionage through novel wisdom, what would you advise the parties with the damning evidence to do?

    If they were going to expose all, and that would seem what Part III would do would you not suggest that, like “Me Clare who are you”, they hold off on exposing those documents, until when ** (or in Clare’s case when soothsayer Cindy speaks to her bald head “translated” Monk from Tibet or when Vaucluse Lands get transferred)

    Suppose de writers (and dem source(s)) was to submit dem documents here, would dat not permit The Evil Trio” of Babel (I like dah, it sound James Bond-ish) to doctor said incriminating documents in de Towers?

    You wud tell dem, doan send nuffin, leave everyting like it is, and let The Evil Trio spend dem time and efforts CHANGING/SHREDDING ALL DEM DOCUMENTS!! all during CHRISTMAS??

    De Ingrunt Word…in the spy literature you did read, you read bout Dusan Popov, the real James Bond? As a sort of “plot within a plot”, you tink that it would be a good time for … to visit CE during Christmas, when every body home stuffing dem guts with curry goat liver, ackee and salt fish??

    Now let us all sing along in the key of D minor.

    “On de first day of Chrismas, my Chief Financial Officer sent to me,
    a Sentinel™ Pro FS3150P Heavy-Duty 30-Sheet Strip-Cut Industrial Shredder Machine.
    On de second day of Chrismas my Executive Director sent to me,
    150 BIC Wite-Out Shake -N Squeeze Correction Pens and a Miss Clairol Hair Dryer (to dry de whiteout fast),”


    “All bought from the European Union Contingency Fundssssss….”

    Wait, Word, how come you ent singing along? you shy uh you voice? you doan sing at Carry your own Key? Adriel Nitwit de Attorney General does sing at de Bar pun Tweedside road pun a night why you doan go and sing long wid he and get practice? doan mind de verses ent rhyming, dem ent supposed to rhyme if de content true!!


  4. David December 16, 2015 at 7:43 PM #


    We eagerly await the next installment. Good men and women must do right to make the world a better place.


  5. watchman December 16, 2015 at 8:20 PM #

    @ David/BU
    You mean after the Board Meeting ? I await the outcome , its Xmas, some eggs will be good even if on the face


  6. David December 16, 2015 at 8:23 PM #


    BU is hopeful that Senator McClean who by her admission reads BU will intervene for the reason that there is what is right and what is wrong.


  7. watchman December 16, 2015 at 10:10 PM #

    @ David /Bu

    I was hoping that M of FA intervene with the way CE operated for years , I know as a fact that M of FA bow to persons from Member States coming to work at CE , but don’t care much about the Barbadian support staff working at any international or Regional Organization in Barbados, I work at one international and 2 Regional,


  8. pieceuhderockyeahright December 17, 2015 at 5:39 AM #

    @ the Blogmaster

    Any politician who does not read Facebook and more specifically Barbados Underground is a novice euphemism for a fool and does so at their own peril.

    “…documents leaked by National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden. Greenwald’s article, How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations, is based on four classified documents produced by the British spy agency GCHQ, and presented to the NSA and three other English speaking agencies reportedly part of “The Five Eyes Alliance.”

    These media correspond to the digital rumshop (to use the words of Georgie Porgie) and cyber soldiers/access agents to gauge the temperature and, in extreme cases, in jurisdictions where despots live, Barbados, gather the IP addresses and names of dissidents.

    So fellows like Amused, Jeff, Colonel Buggy, De Ingrunt Word, and Gabriel are read with watchful eyes because they, while presenting virile and contentious subject matter do so reverently.

    But others like Bush Tea, SSS, Well, Well and Artaxerxes and the Blogmaster are watched, land lines are tapped, where alter egos are known, clusters are profiled, and private eyes are engaged to do explorations in extreme cases

    Ole men like me and Alvin Cummins are ignored as ranting fools soon leaving on the plane to…

    and well AC s, well she’s/they while 3/5ths are fools, fall into the category of “paid covert agents” sent to infiltrate, deceive and obfuscate, a job that while they are paid for it, they manage to ef up royally


  9. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 17, 2015 at 8:48 AM #

    @ The Blogmaster

    I know that you have an article up on this subject matter on the BU site but allow me to post this here. (As many of you know de ole man doan have no original thoughts so I teifing from de internet wid minor changes)

    “What Is Defamation?

    “The publication or broadcast of any libelous or slanderous statement about an individual or business that can be proven to be false and published with the intention of harming that entity’s reputation is considered to be defamation.”

    “Online defamation is the publication of such statements made on any Internet based media including blogs, forums, websites, and even social networking websites. While many Internet users believe that they are free to say and do as they like while on the Internet, this is untrue and the same defamation laws and regulations stand for online defamation as they do in any form of media.”

    “Mek you point ole man!!

    “The Difficulties With Proving Defamatory Comments”

    Now Blogmaster, I would appreciate if you add your expertise on ISP Policies when you see dat de ole man remarks in whu I copy and paste here are wrong.

    “Much of the difficulty that surrounds successfully winning an online defamation case, notwithstanding the Barbados Computer Misuse Act 20**, is brought about because the plaintiff must (i) first prove who the publisher or writer of the statement is and (2) that the statement is false and written with the intention of causing damage.”

    Now, in another blog here, Amused made oblique reference to the difficulty of authorities going to the Barbados courts and getting a subpoena to force BU to reveal the identity behind the faceless accounts that certain bloggers, not that they have not tried during the reign of Mia Mottley and are not trying during the mismanagement of Adriel Nitwit AG, but there are some issues that besiege their efforts.

    Den dere is the layers of Hosting Servers that them got’s to navigate through in various jurisdictions, and the legal processes in each jurisdiction AND UNLESSING it is a matter of national security fuh de authorities in them jurisdictions, nuffin gine happen…

    “It is certainly possible to find out the details of a computer that was used to publish a statement or post content.”

    However, if (a) it is a PUBLIC computer, then it is almost impossible to narrow down the identity of its user (unless pictures with time stamps, pictures that link the user and the material) are taken by the internet cafe, libraries, businesses, and other public areas where the computer was used or (b) if VPNs (and other tings dat me granson does tell me bout), anonymize de IP pun wunna IPad and cuntputers, authorities will have difficulty affirming that you are the poster

    Now by now, after their cease and desist letters, they understand that the Barbados RBPF, specifically de CID ent no GHCQ so dem now gone to enlist de services uh various local “IT savvy companies” fellow dat pretends dat dem is Cyber Space Dan Gorgons (but Blogmaster you already hardened your WordPress exploits and plugins, you is a boss den)

    Dis is why de ole man (and udders of wunna supersleuths) cant post pun Nation Newspaper and de BLP websites causing dem gots AWStats or Webalizer, Vivianne and Mia and she peeples keeping visitor logs pun wunna scvunts which with GeoMapLookup and LIME tell dem who wunna is and where wunna scvunts live!!!

    The reason that you can post here at BU is (a) he keeps no logs on you (b) he hosts with jurisdictions which don’t give a fart bout Bulbados where the laws concerning ISPs categorically do not considered the ISP to be responsible for the information that their hosted Blogs and their commenters publish online and their courts will not force the ISP or the Blog to remove content from their servers and/or blog and (c) the Blogmaster is driven by “For the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that (BU) can do…

    Fellers like BarbadosToday, Nation News, De Advocate and de rest uh dem does call dem people at LIME, gi dem you IP and whaplax your troll remarks, your IP address and you ID gone down to Adriel Nitwit!! BU dont do dat shy.te

    So please, don’t join Kellman nor Mia nor none us dese new political groups webshytes, unless you really infiltrating dem site with software dat does exploit dem Enterprise Vulnerabilities. Imagine dat, spying pun de very peeple dat spying pun you!! Whuloss dat is a sting fuh yah!!!

    Oh and dat plea fuh Maxine and de MoFA tuh get up from flying all over de world and intervene with this CE matter is as hopeless as transplanting Usain St. Leo Bolt two footses pun a black mamba with the hope that it will make the fastest, and deadliest, snake in the world, faster.

    I leave wunna wid dis remark from the Electronic Frontier Foundation “”A speaker or writer should be responsible for his or her words. A bookstore or newsstand should not be responsible for the content of what it distributes.” So lawsuits by the Royal Barbados Police Force against Roberts Book Store cause the latter is selling “Boys in Khaki” jes aint going cut it, but wunna can axe Caswell and Jeff Cumberbatch bout dat.

    Until de nex time den I remains one of de anonymous? bloggers euphemism for “menses who frighten uh blogging under dem real name, becausing I frighten de big boot men


  10. David December 17, 2015 at 11:56 AM #


    In a very concise response note that BU is a hosted blog, not self hosted. What this means is that BU operates using WordPress platform, the BU family does not own/manage the database. Anyone seeking to ‘challenge’ a BU blog must do so out of jurisdiction i.e. not Barbados. The process should a party decide to pursue is costly and complex. Do a search of BU archives where we have deal extensively with the matter. Through the years BU has dealt with several concerns raised by those who for different reasons felt hard done by BU and we were able to placate and or repel ALL comers. Note that BU has access to some of the best legal minds and is always well advised in what we do.

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  11. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 17, 2015 at 3:18 PM #

    @ Mr. Watchman,

    I have some questions.

    1) What are the rules and regulations about interest bearing accounts and EU grant money?
    2) Is is possible that, while the EU rules expressly forbids CE to have an interest bearing account that First Caribbean International Bank could have had such an inter bank account set up?
    3) Would the EU Delegation and its Commission know or find out about that illegal account?
    4) Is it true that the EU pays the grant money in Foreign Exchange – Euros?
    5) In the time that you were with CEPD/CE agency has any other bank even held this sizeable EU $$ account?
    6) Which Officer from CE managed the relationship with FCIB?
    7) Who was the officer at the FCIB during the time that this foreign currency account existed?
    8) Has that officer ever changed?
    9) What is the maximum interest bearing account that a bank can issue for Foreign Exchange?
    10) Do you know how the tranches that govern the CE/EU contribution/financing agreements were paid? Were they not in 3 tranches? Does that mean roughly $9 Million Euros per payment?
    11) Would $28.3M Euro make any bank compromise EU grant regulations? 10% interest on $28.3M for a CFO/ED beneficiary might cause the bank to forego andy EU regulation.
    12) Would the audits that the CE management conducts, the one that its Board of Directors with National Authorizing Officers members reviewed, and which Caricom Ministers got summary briefs on, discover any of this?
    13) Would the CE immunity from prosecution protect CE and its officer from prosecution if an investigation was initiated?
    14) Since the CE Management has approached the RBPF on this matter do you think that the same Police might be solicited to do investigations when this comes out?
    15) Realistically speaking what are the ramifications of this matter to regional governments?
    16) What are the implications to FCIB if there are copies of the account in someone, other than the bank, and the beneficiary’s possession?
    17) Given the Central Bank of Barbados’ possible? complicity in the Leroy Parris matter and hold money for a citizen, do you think that the CBB would be the best agency to investigate the FCIB entity given these circumstances? Dere ent no controversy wid deFinancial Services Commission is dere??

    De Ole man going stop writing for the time being because Legion tell me dat “I must stop writing lies” but dem is a lot uh questions.

    I wonder if Imgur would tek a few more uploads like these Account Statements?

    You is a bajan? De reason I axe is because, while dem enjoying Ackee and Salt fish in Jamaica (effing dem go home, cause it is advisable fuh dem not to travel, euphemism fuh lef de Babel Towers unattended) you going be here tekking jug-jug and I was wondering if I cud come and visit you house (widout me portable scanner or cuntputer)


  12. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 17, 2015 at 5:29 PM #

    @ Fear Play

    If the “IMF chief Lagarde could be facing French trial” you doan tink dat it is time dat some of our people who are involved in gross mismanagement face some sorta trial and jailtime heah in Barbados??

    @ Watchman

    You said “You mean after the Board Meeting ? I await the outcome , its Xmas, some eggs will be good, even if on the face”

    I understand your imputation regarding (a) the “endorsement” that you impute that the BoD has given its CE Management and (b) that all substantial comments may just disappear

    But here is another perspective for you to consider

    Phase II of the 9th EDF was valued at $6.5M EUs.

    The value of the 10th EDF was $28.3 M EUs which in part translates to at least $2.8M kickbacks

    The value of the 11th EDF to be completed by 2020 to be made available to CARIFORUM for the period 2014-2020 is EUR $346 million of which a potentially there was an indicative
    allocation of EUR 102M proposed for CE ‘s potential administration.

    Imagine that $104 M EUR what is 10% of that?

    Wunna understand what CE management has done across the full spectrum of Regional Development?

    2010 WAS THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE CARIBBEAN that the EU permitted Caribbean nationals to write the technical program that they ultimately funded under the 10th EDF.


    They had confidence in the competencies of the technical staff at CE, NOT CE’s ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT, nor the transient NAO/DRAO tiers which change with changing governments and these clowns come along and crush it for personal gain to the eternal sufferation of needy SMEs and CSOs.


  13. Bush Tea December 17, 2015 at 7:00 PM #

    LOL @ Piece
    Perhaps the EU people are carefully building a case to refute Sir Cave’s reparations approach…something like…
    Skippa, we gave wunna EUR 150m and look how it has been mis-managed and stolen… you REALLY expect to get EUR 20 Billion now…?


  14. watchman December 17, 2015 at 7:25 PM #

    @ PUDRYR

    CEDA/CE had/ could still have more than 2 local plus USD accounts at FCIB , if there are hints of misappropriation , PCH is not the first Jamaican at CE to have done it , plus an Accountant Manager from T &T was order to resign/fired for misappropriation, Bradshaw 4 managed all accounts and Banking relationships of CE , immunity do what it is mean to do , picture this , M of FA give a pass for GAIA , you go push the door to the arrival hall,Guard approach, notice you pass, step aside ,you meet the person you come for ,cleared customs without getting search, Guard observe and confronted person at exit , the person reach into pocket pull out a little card from M of FA and ask the Guard do you want to search me, Guard step aside ,If you give a person a loaded gun how do they know it working ?


  15. watchman December 17, 2015 at 7:52 PM #


    Have you ever seen ? If you read the HQ Agreement for CE , CDB you will understand what CE is in CARIFORUM


  16. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 18, 2015 at 8:47 AM #

    @ Watchman

    You meant this part?

    Privileges and immunities granted to officials and individuals representing the Agency and performing duties within the framework of its objectives are specified in Schedule 4.

    9) The privileges and immunities accorded by this Agreement and specified in Schedule 4 are granted in the interest of the Agency and not for the personal benefit of the individuals referred to in paragraph 8 above.

    10) The Council may waive to such extent and upon such conditions as it may determine, the exemptions, immunities and privileges provided in this Article in cases where such action would, in its opinion, be in the best interests of the Agency.

    11) The Executive Director, after approval by a qualified majority of the Executive Committee, shall have the right and duty to waive any exemption, immunity or privilege in respect of any Staff member, consultant or representative of the Agency, when in his opinion, the exemption, immunity or privilege would impede the course of justice.

    12) In similar circumstances and under the same conditions as mentioned in paragraph 11 above the Board shall have the right and duty to waive any exemption, immunity or privilege respecting the Executive Director.

    Is that the part that you wanted de ole man to read??


  17. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 18, 2015 at 9:38 AM #

    Well leh de ole man tell you bout dat HQ Agreement in an allegory much like de one dat you post at 7.25 p.m. yesterday

    It called The Doctrine of the “Higher Law.” which speak to tings like immunity from prosecution and “the great masters of treachery, for the detestation and contempt of and fall off from it”.

    It called “Me White man & you nigga, recently descended from the trees…”

    De ole man ent as bright as you but bear wid muh and me ingrunt story

    I gine draw pun some documents dat in de public domain causing I ent want CID tuh seek a warrant tuh enter de ole man premises fuh confidential documents dat even if dem was heah ent heah no mo…heheheheheh

    I would advise you and Like Love and Deflon (now dat he immunity get rescind) tuh rid you house uh dem documents forthwith. De Good Lord know I ent able tuh be in Coleridge Street, sorry WhitePark Road, wid Sister headley out in the Road holding she parts and bemoaning de sahme dat I bring pun de Pastor, de Saints, de Holy Hands Crew and of course de Madam!!

    2.1) Individual overruns of the budget headings of the Financing Agreement shall be
    dealt with by reallocating funds within the overall budget, in accordance with
    Article 22 of these General Conditions.

    2.2) Wherever there is a risk of overrunning the global amount set in the financing
    Agreement, the Beneficiary shall IMMEDIATELY inform the Commission and seek its
    prior approval for the corrective measures planned to cover the overrun, proposing
    either to scale down the project/programme or to draw on its own or other non-EU

    A next question fuh you doah? You know Percival Marie DRAO or de PS and NAO from Barbados? Dem is two diffunt peeple.

    Anyway den, fuh de contingency funding dat being sought tuh continue de programme it gots to go through a process dat detail why dere was an over-run not specifically detailed in the Contributions and Financial Agreement and it will require a detailed schedule of the finances utilized to date.

    You dun know whu dat mean? It like de same body dat give dat piece uh paper to de officer in you airport scenario getting stop, de paper being tek way from he and Stinkliar getting call and everyting being confirmed.

    ONLY ting, in dis case, de NAO or CARICOM’s Secretary General gots to say dat dem affirming de over-runs, ALL DE MONEY dat de CE management spend pun dem friends dem, and ent pay grant beneficiaries (Ur Imagination), service providers (Island Life) de employees dat dem fire (and ent pay one uh dem a cent severance and dat de case still up by the Employment Rights Tribunal languishing in front uh Gollop I wonder if Gayle Gollop from de CE office and he is family?)

    You unnerstand whu de ole man putting tuh you den?

    De Secretary General got to lie to de European Union dat de expenses dat CE saying dat dem incur, IS TRUE?

    Dat is why he send back de document heah de udder day and dis is why de PS heself rightfully wondering if he should sign dat document to de European Union!!

    You know whu dat mean if de Government uh Barbados under de authority of the NAO sign a document to the European Union dat is telling Lies bout Regional Indicative Programming? Dat is an Acronym dem got in de agreement R.I.P (Rest in (effing) Peace!!

    De document got a next Acronym C.R.I.P as in CRYPT, dese people really like de prophesizing death CRYPT AND Rest In Peace, whu is de possibility of someting like dat happening in de same document!!

    Anyway as DIW say, I ranting again and my girl AC dun tell de ole man tuh stop telling lies!!

    PS Woodrufe wudda sign “de deaf warrant” uh de GoB programming wid de European Union Commission!!!

    We ent even talking bout Ambassador Barfod’s intercessions pun Pamela behalf we talking bout de European Commission and all de bilateral partners of Barbados!!!

    You unnerstan whu dis tiefing doing to de Regional governments of CARICOM and the Dominican Republic and Haiti???

    If wunna did tink dat de DLP guvment, with 16 menses. was bosses, screwing 270K Bajans and 40K illegal Guyanese at de same time in Bulbados, well looka how 3 people, Pamela, Chris and Braddie screwing 17 million people at the same time!!

    No, we is not going to say dat all de governments is “collectively complicit in this” no the Council of Ministers and the Board of Directors is not there too.

    No say it ent so!!!


  18. watchman December 18, 2015 at 1:59 PM #

    @ PUDRYR

    Even at staff meetings the management of CE used to be and it appear still is , like the saying ,don’t piss in my sandbox:


  19. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 18, 2015 at 2:38 PM #

    @ Watchman

    I was ovah de nex blog earlier writing a note to Legion, the Demon of the Gadarenes, in this case the DLP-ines and yes, I got me Bible open to Mark 5:9 jes in case dem pass through cyberspace and all of BU’s filters and attack de ole man.

    I asking you questions but I realise that even though you can answer you gone down a few notches and ent responding as befo’ I feel that you know these people quite well and for some reason that only know to you and **, you ent talking no more cause you realizing that whu being said heah really true and de Watergate files exists (and copied, AND PUN GOOGLE DRIVE)

    Anyway to continue.

    “2.3 If the project/programme cannot be scaled down, or if the overrun cannot be covered either by the Beneficiary’s own resources or other resources, the Commission may, at the Beneficiary’s DULY SUBSTANTIATED REQUEST, decide to grant additional EU financing.”

    Which bring me to the Contingency Funding that Braddie was trying to get, updates pun dat still coming through, de fellahs pun vacation I hear, will report later.

    But jes leh me show you Brutus-esque behaviour on the part of the Executive Director Dr P. Coke Hamilton and CE Management.


    I gine brek way from you Watchman, so excuse me manners fuh a few moments.

    @ Brother Bush Tea, now when de ole man say “Letter of Comfort” he ent mean nun uh dem saucy “Hester Prynne/Dimmesdale” letters dat Lawson, and Hants, and my man Walter Blackman may want to infer dat Sister Headley does be sending to de ole man.

    No, I mean dem “Letters of Comfort” – a communication from a party to a contract to the other party that indicates an initial willingness to enter into a contractual obligation absent the elements of a legally enforceable contract. The objective is to create a morally binding but not legally binding assurance.”

    De ones dat de Guvment of Barbados, under de various ministries dem, De Ministry uh Economic Affairs, aided and abetted by dat wuman Maxime McClean at de Ministry of Foreign Affairs wud give tuh de First Caribbean International Bank to say dat “de funding coming from de European Commission peeple”. Like de lettahs dat DownLowe gi Me Clare, Who is you? doah some people say dat he lettahs had in someting bout “i navah get a white meat yet…”

    Back to you Watchman, whu you really saying? De nex ting you gine be alluding to is dat all the millions of Foreign Currency dat FCIB handled fuh Caribbean Export dat dem din count fuh nuffing?….

    No sah !!!! whichin dat is de very point dat I trying to tell you now, bout “tings counting fuh nuffing”.

    Remember, dis is Pamela and Braddie dat we talking bout now, you dun say you know Braddie, dem ent got no heart as Andrea Alleyne did, and Seon Levius soon going, find out.

    Even doah de Guvment uh Barbados giving de FCIB and de nex bank (i gine get tuh dem soon in later correspondence) Letters uh Comfort pun behalf uh de Caribbean Export dat umman, de Executive Director, de same varmint still going tuh Jamaica and telling she guvment dat she gine get de CE agency relocate dere!!

    See how she cutting de Guvment uh Barbadoas throat, de same guvment dat Donville Inniss gone up tuh de Towers and support she and Maxine gone up tuh Babel Towers and talk good tings bout she!!

    You see Brutus stabbings (no not Stabbing Cabin) fuh you doah nuh!! No I wrong Pamela can be a Brutus, dat is anatomically incorrect. She would be a Yael or Jael, de woman in the Book of Judges dat kilt Sisera to deliver Israel from the troops of King Jabin (notwithstanding the ambiguous sex of certain high up politicians who is men dat playing wumen and vicy versy!!

    “Should the EU take such a decision, the excess costs shall be financed, without prejudice to the relevant EU rules and procedures by the release of an additional financial contribution to be set by the Commission….”

    So you see why de European Union Office of Anti Fraud (got to) get involve?

    And dat fellow, commenting pun de Nation Blog “Stop Licks” on December 17th, he made an interesting observation about the Ambassador to the EU Delegation Barfod making controversial comments jes to “make it seem like if he is doing something” hmmmmmmm…


  20. watchman December 18, 2015 at 3:18 PM #

    @ PUDRYR

    PCH/AB would have had to get in the paper work to EU ,before the last quarter 2015
    Wait until after the first quarter of 2016, then you will see, if any fire works are left, after the new year show,


  21. likelovetohatredturned December 18, 2015 at 3:49 PM #

    GrandPa Piece, It is Christmas and they’re many arrivals so I am tired every day. With my split shift, the bus, the children, it is rough. That is the Witch Pamela. She gives her word, promises you things, things like securing your job, or giving you another contract, promises you more work, especially if you plan to take her to court, like Allison Saunders did. Once she gets you back off, she stabs you in your back and you don’t even see it. Pamela always has a way of lying without showing it on her face. At a staff meeting she told the staff that she would pay for the “professional development of any staff member, even if it came out of her pocket” She used the example of the IT guy Jermain Hinds to make her point that she was sending him to UTECH. But staff never knew that CE Management deducted every cent from his salary. Why was Mrs Remy King, the HR manager fired? GrandPa, please send the letter for the Dominican Republic office that shows their stance on that subverting of the hiring practices of the CE. People need to see the real Pamela Coke Hamilton and what happened in hiring the Creative Design Manager Do you have any files from Mrs Remy-King and her report on the friend Olayinka Jacobs-Bonnick from Jamaica, who was to get that job after the process was closed?


  22. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 18, 2015 at 4:21 PM #

    @ Watchman

    Man you sending the ole man to read nuff documents but you youself ent answering me questions.

    I retired but you still working at *** so i unnerstand dat you got tings to do, me too but I does hide from de Madam regular, plus while she was away de last time, I was did disconnect one uh de wires to that bell dat she get put in tuh announce dat de food ready….heheheheh

    7.5 “The funds paid by the Commission to this bank account shall yield interest or
    equivalent benefits. The Beneficiary shall notify the Commission of interest or
    equivalent benefits yielded by those funds at least once a year.

    7.6 Interest or equivalent benefits yielded by the funds paid of more than two hundred
    fifty thousand euro shall be repaid to the Commission within 45 days of receipt of
    the Commission’s request.

    You feel dat de officer at FCIB read dis?

    You feel dat FCIB gine mek dem loss dem job? whu aftah all de Foreign Currency does earn dem money during de exchange and ting…


  23. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 18, 2015 at 5:22 PM #

    @ Watchman

    I going got to go now and start preparing fuh de evening walk through de neighbourhood with the Madam.

    De quiet time when we does walk fuh Healthy Living and I does got my stick to prop up pun and to hid dem big dogs dat de man at de bottom uh de hill say “dem doan bite…”

    I come cross one dat I did planning to insert some words for but I ent got de time so I just axe a question at de end.

    “In cases of contracts, the Beneficiary will inform the Commission when a contractor has been guilty of making false declarations, has made substantial errors or committed irregularities and fraud, or has been found in serious breach of its contractual obligations…”

    Whu is de procedure when it is de Beneficiary dat guilty of making de fraudulent declarations like falsifying invoices, writing up grant proposal wid dem firends fuh dem friends and tings like dat?

    Did look like if de EU gine got to tek de work uh de varmints yuh!!

    Did you know dat even doah dis is a reimbursable grant sort uh ting and dat the CE supposed to pay out monies fuh reimbursement dat de EU does really be reimbursing dem pun a faith basis? Purely pun signed contracts and absent supporting documentation?

    Man it is as if dem Europeans really repentant in trufe fuh all de tings dem do tuh we and alreay implement Repatriations tuh some uh we as Sir Hilary at de University been canvassing fuh!!

    Ohhhhh I now unnerstan how dis is wuk, Sir Hilary axing fuh repatriations. De Europeans doan want tuh ge de niggras de money directly cause dem gine spend it recklessly. De Europeans agree tuh a proxy whichin Pamela is dat Proxy since she talking bout representing de slaves dat get disenfranchised. So dem giving she de money fuh de niggras. But Hilary is de man behind de repatriations so it is he idea, so dat he cud get credit, AND SOME UH DE MONEY, de University agree tuh gi Pamela a Phd, mekking she one uh dem, yet she is still part uh de sheeple, simultaneously!!

    You understan it? Axe my buddy De Ingrunt Word, cause I write um and it mighty confusing to me!!

    Jes maybe while I out walking you cud come up wid a sensible reason why all uh dis fraudulent activity been allowed to run fuh so long causing it doan mek no sense tuh me

    @ Lovely

    Always mek sure dat you gots documents, AND mek sure you got dem verify, BEFO you publish dem, AND mek sure you got copies cause de spies, friends and investigators dat dem going have pun you tail going first try to secure dem, by fair or foul means (or is that fowl? I going axe Bush Tea) and den dem going continue to discredit you like them try to do wid Carlos Wharton.

    He ent no inner circle man like Zamanie Moodie, Gayle Gollop (de lawyer who ent accepted to de Bar in Barbados yet but still practicing law at CE, dem does call she Smarty) Sheldon Jackman (Advisor for Market Intelligence doah Chris McNair call he “as intelligent as a box of previously lighted match sticks”) and de rest uh de group of eye servants like Damien Sorhaindo. All uh dem secure dem jobs by carrying tales fuh management.

    I would give you a story bout how dat group ef up Gomez by complaining fuh he and how Pamela sell dem out but den dem wud know dat one uh de “inner circle” talking dem out.

    I gine and tie dat ingrunt poodle and go walking okay….


  24. likelovetohatredturned December 19, 2015 at 6:32 AM #

    GrandaPa Piece, and talk on the phones, you forgot the phones. People are Pamela all over, it is what people do. Your son is caught speeding, you call a friend to get rid of the ticket.That policeman, if it is someone else’s son, does not rip up the ticket and someone else son go court. CE got a staff attendance book. The receptionist writes who comes to work. If you don’t come to work it is marked sick day. The Executive Director does not go to work. She calls and says that she will be in meetings out the office or sends an email. Call her secretary Wendy Graham. Wendy always has to confirm a date because the ED makes her own appointments. A reasonable response for other bosses who have their own appointment book but go to work. Certain staff at CE are treated differently. Some are permitted to stay home from work and not have it recorded as a sick day. Chris McNair, Gayle Gollop, Roberta Reid, Damien Sorhaindo. Just a few of the ones that get special treatment. Roberta works from home regularly on special assignments, Other staff can’t do that. Damien Sorhaindo regularly is allowed to travel back to his family for two weeks. It is reported that he is working from the Export Development Office in the Dominican Republic.Two weeks vacation in the Dominican Republic which CE pays for. Damien is Chris’ snitch. A few years back Pamela was going to fire Stephanie Bishop the PR advisor. Stephanie had done something bad. She got pregnant. The only reason that she wasn’t fired was because Roberta another snitch was pregnant. CE is not a work environment. It is a war zone where staff are encouraged to carry tales. The reward for snitching is promotions, salary increases, travel and per diem.


  25. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 19, 2015 at 7:53 AM #

    @ Lovely

    Good morning, I finally catch up wid you.

    This is sad. this situation is much like an organization like the UN focusing on “who is saying what about SG Moon” and loosing sight of the Syrian conflict and how it is threatening all the region, Europe and the world.

    What is the mandate of Caribbean Export?

    They are not a Rum Shop to “fleece collaborating agencies and stakeholders of resources that are to empower SMEs and Coalitions”!!

    Look, in any organization you will find interpersonal issues, as you said, that is life, but you see the piddling behaviour at CE, given the import of the institution to the region, you feel that this should be allowed to continue?

    Let me give you an example of some of the fraud that has now leaked into the broader community, outside of false invoices and kickbacks.

    You can confirm this with the Customs and Excise Department of the GoB. They found out yet, because of that Immunity that Watchman talked about, they did not take any action.

    Ex patriot staff for all agencies resident in BIM are allowed to bring in (i) a personal car (or buy one duty free) and (ii) personal effects.

    McNair brings his in and then proceeds to have CE staff intermingle “other goods and appliances” in their respective (container) allowances. No wonder CE doesn’t have many Bajans on staff, now I am not saying that all non bajans are part of the scam, but Customs Can clearly tell you the ones they suspected.

    This practice of using staff to evade Customs taxes became known internally and caused a serious altercation.

    The man who spoke out against it to the ED and said that it was wrong was Carlos Wharton. Needless to say, for his principles, Pamela and Braddie made sure to get him out of the organization.

    Then in their childish vicious style, they proceeded to blacklist him as he subsequently sought alternative employ.

    Ironically, you may not know this but Carlos, “the stone which the builders rejected”, is now in charge of the very C.R.I.P resources that they are seeking to manhandle from the EU!!

    You fire the man for standing up to your tiefing and he is now your boss!!

    Pamela was livid when she heard how the EU proposed to allocate the 11th EDF resources!!

    Look at life!!


  26. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 19, 2015 at 8:26 AM #

    As you can see in the (My) Outlook magazine (the one where the Executive is on every other page, the magazine that dem doan want to pay CEO of Island Life for) there is a new ting brewing “Let us call it new Donor Suckers”

    Pamela, ED Editor, CEO, GM, Chairman and soon to be SG of Caricom (whu it follow dont it??) now has her eyes on Mexico, and the Latin Americas.

    More development suckers/patsies on her “Road to Brazil” or should one say “Rio World Cup Football” as was London 2012.

    It amazes de ole man how easily Pamela just using CE mandate/resources to rack up “frequent Flier miles and go and watch football!!”.

    Ooops I nearly gave up the pending investigation in the frequent Flier Miles for BA and AA.

    Nearly said that “even though the CE management team can hide the paper trail through their shredders and fool the Board of Directors and the Council of Ministers, the only people that they cant MAKE SHUT UP is British Airways AND American Airlines”

    Well here is whu i hear.

    Regarding the amounts of miles racked up over the period of “malfeasance” under which specific staff ( I ent calling no names here) were given “accommodation upgrades”, and Hertz vehicle rentals in jurisdictions NOT RELATED TO Caribbean Export’s mandate. (Where is the “delete” button on this ipad again?? I got to speak to Caswell or De Ingrunt Word bout dis IPad ting)

    Now imagine that you are insisting that because a grant beneficiary’s flight is five hours late because the Airline company has a mechanical fault “you are denying the man one day’s per diem, even though the man is at the airport waiting for the plane to fly” yet you are taking CE frequent Flier miles for you and you missus to go shopping in Miami!!

    See if the 3 uh wunna going get BA and AA to shred dem records!!

    This is such a farce and not a man “Jack” or should I say man “Irwin” as in Irwin LaRocque the Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) ain’t saying a pang!!

    Are there no men with balls left?? Will it take the entry of an International Investigation Agency under their Investigative Policy Priorities (IPP) to pursue a CE investigation?

    Do not CARICOM regulations and Inter-institutional Agreements (and other legal
    instruments relating to the protection of the financial interests of CARICOM Member States) give these men the power to say “look, the charges leveled at CE management and the evidence being provided, necessitates that we act, and act soon lest all of our currency within the international Donor Communities is irretrievably eroded??”

    About de documents ting do wunna own investigations.

    People frighten to give de documents to wunna pooch suckers directly for two reasons

    1) Since de Doctor get a Phd from she friends at UWI dere is a reasonable fear dat wid fellow alumni investigating, nothing going come of the investigations

    2) certain peeple remember de three investigation dat de EU Delegation to Barbados’ Ambassador Barfod get briefs pun and was supposed to be carrying out.


  27. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 19, 2015 at 9:09 AM #

    @ ALL

    This is not just for this matter with CE is is for all people who are in circumstances where speaking out is “dangerous” but staying quiet is worse.

    My Gran dat does wuk at de *** bank (no not FCIB de bank dat got de CE $28 million Euros and waiting pun de $110M from de DIP) he tell me dis and i apply tuh dem peeple dat (i) concern bout wunna legal matters and Sub Judice rules which as Caweel and Jeff Cumberbatch would confirm “regulate the publication of matters which are under consideration by the court.”

    As long as you case in court dere is a public record of you file and anybody kin go and get a copy of it and PUBLISH IT PUN A BLOG,de thing is that you must not be tied to the publishing of the documents

    So Paige and Jenning McComie, the beneficiaries, the “disgruntled” staff and *** wunna gots some serious stuff dat de authorities would want tuh see.

    Wunna frighten uh de internet. Me too….but I got me granson…

    In all fairness to wunna people, especially since nuffin ent happening in wunna matters befo de court, maybe taking matters in wunna hand and do a whistleblow is not so bad.

    Here are some rules



    3) LOOK FOR EITHER “THROWAWAY” BLOGS or “THROWAWAY” EMAIL ADDRESSES. Throwaway Blogs do not verify your email address like how the nation demands that you login. Use that address ONCE AND DUN WID IT!


    4) USE A REPUTABLE VPN. VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK. REPUTABLE is the keyword. Not every VPN will safeguard your ID if push comes to shove and an agency asks for you IP address.

    IF DAT VPN TOO TECHNICAL FUH WUNNA, GO TO A INTERNET CAFE (OR LIBRARY) WID WUNNA INFORMATION PUN A MEMORY STICK, rent a cuntputer, send de info from deah!! Do not go back to the same place if your INFO is that dangerous.

    5) DOAN SEND WORD DOCUMENTS. SEND PDFs. Word Documents got in information dat indicate who create um. MAKE SURE TO CLEAN OFF METADATA (read up pun dat)





  28. watchman December 19, 2015 at 9:40 AM #


    As to you saying about Carlos Wharton now boss, don’t rejoice yet ,even though it xmas Philip Williams (Bajan) was dismissed from CEDA/CE in the worse way, he like Carlos ,got a post at an Organization , he was the man in charge of the Department that CE had to go seeking funding , the end results of that situation were , after Williams stint at that Organization, what ever the motivating factor was he determinedly returned to CE as ED , but the length of his stay at CE was also determine , ask Bradshaw why, as to duty free , Customs can do nothing, the papers come from M of FA, as I say a powerful HQ agreement , you must know that EWB give CDB ever thing to get CDB Headquarter in Barbados, the same can be said for CE,


  29. Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right December 19, 2015 at 2:02 PM #

    @ Watchman

    My points to you still stand.

    1) All of the HQ agreements that CDB and CE have with the GoB the fact remains that neither of the two, nor their Council of Ministers nor the CARICOM member states fund this or rather these agencies.

    2) If the European Union, the IDB, DFID, CanadaFund, GTZ and the rest of these “sucker” international agencies do not loan or provide grants of guilty conscience $$ to said agencies, places like CE dry up!!

    3) What is central to these Articles on Things Fall Apart Caribbean Style is not personal aggrandizement but theft and destruction of the lives of people who speak out about the theft.

    Any woman moving to the heights of the social political and economic achievement is to be admired and respected.

    So names like Margaret Thatcher, Evita Peron, Dame Eugenia Charles, all have their place in the forefront of history but when the Winnies start to kill their rivals with impunity, the Isabellas (the 1st of Spain) cause their rivals to disappear, and the rest of the the Witches of Buchenwaldstart start to do their own thing and silence and kill dissenters, they like their men counterparts, as with Syria’s Bashar al-Hasssad, must go.

    What is the greater good? Can we afford to stand idly by and do nothing so that it can be said Caribbean Export is run by a woman? At the expense of our R.I.Ps and C.R.I.P.S?

    Is this what you are proposing be done with the EUR $28.3 M as she displaces all of the talented and committed staff during her purge to remove any hint of dissent?

    ““Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it…”


  30. Retribution-things that make me go hum! December 19, 2015 at 5:42 PM #

    People REALLY do not understand the type of woman PCH is. Piece, Serpent is correct!


  31. watchman December 19, 2015 at 6:44 PM #

    @ Piece

    I have showed you in my Dec 19 ,9.40 AM posting, how Mr. Williams returned to CE as an ED, he had the chance to do something about the way CE was managed, but apparently he did not,or could not do anything about the unfair treatment to the staff and people doing business with CE who say CE management is at its worst with PCH as ED, yet she is still at CE along with the same Bradshaw who manage the finances of CE, now the questions to you Piece , Williams knew how CE was when he was Marketing Manager, having returned as ED must have try to do something about the poor management of CE, what or who could have stop him from improving the management at CE ,surely not the Chairman/Board ,the last big question do you really believed that PCH /Bradshaw control the way CE operate ? people come on last flight , you will be surprise at where /who they stay, go out on early flight


  32. David December 20, 2015 at 10:57 AM #

    Trying to fathom how retired Principal Matthew Farley mustors the gumption to tell EU Ambassador Barfod to piss off read his corporal punishment comments when we have been accepting the people’s grant money.


  33. Ring de bell -say it eint so December 21, 2015 at 3:25 PM #

    @ Watchman

    The non performing staff according to PCH and CM are from Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica and Trinidad. I hope you can explain why these non-performers are favoured. I cant figure it out, especially if PCH and CM can openly tell persons they don’t know what these people are doing on a daily basis.

    The real question for you is why then keep these persons who do no work (remember is CM and PCH say so not me) and as their immediate supervisor why not find some work form them to do? The auditors need to conduct a resource audit to determine why some persons were hired in the first place.

    Another question to consider, was there a need for a particular skill set in relation to the 5 year RPSDP programme? I think we all know the answer to this given the information that is forth coming.


  34. watchman December 21, 2015 at 9:19 PM #

    @Ring de bell-say it eint so

    Try figuring out why a Dominican and CEDA/CE board member for years, after many tries, finally got the job as Marketing Manager at CEDA/CE after her party came to office in Dominica , the ED showed his displeasure by not introducing her to staff, the Director of CARIFORUM is Dominican ,CE started with a Typist pool supervised by an AA who unfairly assign the typing task, the task of copying was assign to the office assist/driver who uses to be out of office most times but the AA was a square peg and could not manage ,it was left to the office assist/driver to point out the delays in copying for the whole typing pool to change and that is how CE typist became assistants to ED and to Mangers, what followed was that BIMAP did a staff audit at CEDA/CE in the 90 and you may or may not be surprised to know that a Trinidadian Registry clerk, claim that her main function is to supervise two Barbadians, a Registry assist/clerk and an office assist/driver, a Guyanese Documentalist claim main function as supervising one Barbadian Document/assist the Barbadian Admin/ assist also claim main function to be supervision of the Registry Clerk, assist/clerk,Office assist/driver, Receptionist, and a half day Maid, CE need managers that can managed,send the PCH, CM and Bradshaw PACKING


  35. Sting in de Tail December 22, 2015 at 10:15 AM #

    @ Ring de bell

    On the whole question of staffing issues, I was told that Susan Remy-King would be the ideal person to elaborate on the share dysfunctional nature of man-power management at CE. Imagine a senior manager could go on mission and the night before an important meeting that he is responsible for chairing, he goes on a drinking and whoring binge to the extent that he is unable to attend the very important meeting with several dignitaries in attendance including board members!

    He repeated this sort of indiscretion on several other occasions with several complaints filing in office and at that point Remy-King tried to do her job and reign him in. This of course did not sit well with PCH! Don’t you dare touch her blue-eyed boy! So Remy-King was fired and out the door went her plans to bring some measure of order and decency to the operations of CE.

    How can you manage staff without performance appraisal systems? Misalignment of job descriptions to unit or project objectives, a real mess I tell you. But that is how dem like it! Organised chaos so that they reign in the midst of the madness. The government must act now!


  36. watchman December 22, 2015 at 12:58 PM #

    A performance appraisal system was at CE up to 2003, that I know for sure, appraisals were done in June and Dec ,in fact your next year contract depended on a good performance


  37. pieceuhderockyeahright December 24, 2015 at 3:28 PM #

    De ole man traveling and it mighty cold here, imagine dat de sure is out but you cold!

    On the more than 100 occasions that staff members have had to speak about inappropriate or downright tiefing behaviour of either upper management or staff that are favoured by upper management euphemism for being fooled by or snitches for management it ultimately leads to the dismissal of those complainants.

    Elliot Paige who is now suing Caribbean Export has on such matter on his plate.

    During the Executive Director ‘s tummy tuck exercise Paige had suggested that a forensic audit be conducted on Caribbean Export.

    This happened right before the time that the ED went to Jamaica for the op and then to the states after complications arose. Bradshaw was acting Director during her absence

    The office was then in Hastings at the KPMG building.

    Pamela outright refused the audit, a detail Paige shared with the now very vociferous European Union Delegation Ambassador Barfod when Paige was fired who did NOTHING ABOUT THE MATTER

    At any rate the audit required more staff and space that the Hastings office provided so the audit necessitated the rental of space at Weymouth an expense which was not budgeted for but more importantly, with the records in Hastings and the Auditors in Weymouth needless to say the audit was a logistical nightmare.

    This act of a forensic audit was the reason among others including not subscribing to the illegal expenses the ED an CFO Paige was sent fired.

    It is noted that as was with the case between the Barbados Labour Party and Dr Agard the case has also been effectively adjourned


  38. pieceuhderockyeahright December 24, 2015 at 3:31 PM #

    Errata – … Imagine dat de sun up and… Instead of the word “fooled” I type fooped

    Merry Christmas to everyone including Legion


  39. watchman December 24, 2015 at 9:10 PM #

    @ Piece

    Merry Christmas to you and yours , look Piece , the EU over looking information from an accountant about possible misappropriation of the funds granted to regional organizations like CE, and then pass on that info to said organization, causing the employee to be fired has happen before to an employee of the then CTRC now CTO , in Hastings too, in fact CTRC office was in the same building that years after house the EU office, the EU have a history of habits


  40. pieceuhderockyeahright December 25, 2015 at 11:27 PM #

    Merry Christmas Watchman

    Who is Camille Wildman and how does she figure in things as they relate to the EU review of Caribbean Export operations?

    This EU/CE arrangement is entrenched real deep but the ********** are going to **** Sorry can’t say more


  41. Fresh and Alive January 15, 2016 at 10:23 AM #

    Good Morning to all. May I wish you all a blessed 2016. It’s a new year and there is an ole saying we must forget the past and start anew. However, I am sure all readers will agree that the information presented about CE are not far fetched but actually true.

    I thought it important to take a break and hear what people were saying before coming back on the air to make you all aware of a few developments. Yes, persons have been calling for a Part Three. Word is that PCH and her crew (i.e McNair) and blind followers seem to have gotten a real big scare after the Board Meeting and the pudding and souse article in December 2015.

    But to show you how real this CE matter is, I need to let you know that Deflon is BACK. Call CE NOW AND ASK FOR HIM. WOW you say. Persons close to Deflon have made no secret of the fact that he openly said that PCH can’t send him home, he got everything in writing with her authorisation. WOW.

    Apparently the whole social media information network got PCH and her management team scratching dem head, running for cover and covering there tracks. No they not shredding information or files, its too late for that, as Pudding and Souse said the Auditors are coming or have they quietly come and gone. Only PCH and her management team and able advisor McNair know.

    What is more absurd is that this bunch of wrong doers continue to show contempt for the EU, GOB, Staff and don’t forget consultants whom they shafted royally and destroyed their business like Christine Ferreria. PCH had intended to send home 4 staff last December 2015, but because of the social commentary in the public domain they suddenly kept these staff members until July 2016. This month is very important, as that is time when the WELL FINALLY RUNS DRY (EU RPSDP – EUR23.8 done for good). Yes, they got the Contingency approved by the EU, so hence they can operate until July 2016. Some would say that this means that all is clear for new funding (11th EDF), but I would not bet my last dollar as the EU is not sleeping and is fully aware of the wrong doings that have taken place. Only time will tell and the final M&E report for the closeout of the RPSDP programme will reveal the truth as PCH cannot create success that did not happen or match the “SUCCESS STORIES” to the EU agreed work plans for the RPSDP programme.

    On another note, PCH and her crew certainly are scared, not only have they sent out their informers to befriend persons to see who is the source of information. Whu losss. PCH is also clearly doing the dog and she clearly wants persons to know dont f..kX with her because she can destroy your life or livelihood. Ask Andrea Alleyene she knows this all too well being blocked for jobs, and imagine she was PCH’s greatest supporter. Did I mention that prior to AA joining CE , PCH brought her from IADB and now has thrown poor AA to the wolves. Again as a woman this is not right and lady like, why prevent people from getting work. What is PCH and managements real motive here? Only PCH and management know.

    PCH has managed to use her pretty face and charm to hood wink all her supporters, but all persons are not as stupid as she thinks because some of these individuals openly talk about how disappointment they are with her and cant understand why she has done or supported all these things mentioned. Lastly, the DR presented to PCH has been public questioned and everyone still cannot believe why she got this title. I am not a hater, but I can certainly name a number of persons on one hand in Barbados and the wider Caribbean that is more deserving based on their contribution to Caribbean development.


  42. Please Do the Right Thing January 15, 2016 at 4:20 PM #

    @ Fresh and Alive

    bwoy you wrong. Deflon not at work. If you think I lie call yourself and check. He not in office. So it look like him gone for true. But it look like there has been a casualty, the HR Manager. I wonder if she was paid severance or even Deflon. I hope they can find it in themselves to pay all employees their severance. Word is that person who were scheduled to go last December would be paid severance. Is anybody out there hearing this or willing to do something about this injustice.

    I believe that the church going and God fearing PCH has an opportunity here to do the right thing and correct all the bad things she herself and management have done and most importantly be fair. For the record she once said that had she been in office when the Elliot Paige matter can to light she would have settled the matter by paying him off, so it would not go to court. I wonder why that was not done. Is she an attorney-at-law?

    2016 start with a BIG BANG. Let us see what happens in the next few weeks or months.


  43. MAKE CE GREAT AGAIN January 19, 2016 at 10:56 AM #

    @Please Do the Right Thing

    You are right Deflon is in office. He is apparently making a cameo appearance. So who knows if he is gone or just their as a consultant. I wonder how cost effective this is for CE. As you might be aware the Agency depends on the 15 CARIFORUM Countries contributions and most importantly EU funded programmes, like the EUR 28 M to fund its operation and most importantly hire the requisite professionals.

    Yes the it appears the HR Manager gone. Now a couple of questions need to be answered:

    Why was she hired in the first place? We she was hired to replace Remy King and try to implement procedures that would always satisfy management. In the beginning the HR Manager pretended to seem that she would have the interest of all staff included Management, but bowy was we wrong. This was a front to extract information during so called ‘get to know you sessions’ conducted by the HR Manager. What is interesting is that on numerous occasions staff personnel like Star Boy who being transferred to the DR office always complained about the HR Manager and what the hell she was doing. To be fair this was the sentiment of all staff initially. Until she got to some of the current staff members who stab their fellow colleagues in the back to save themselves. They know who they are, if you think I lie ask David Gomez, he felt the full weight of these persons, some of whom were hired by him and then they turn around and complain to the ED when he requested work to be done or to complete assignments on time. But What is more unbelievable is that PCH then turn and sell out the very staff that brought the anonymous complaints about DG. These friendly supporting staff then proceed to let DG know they have his back. Well I guess they did, they helped ease the man out and still have their jobs.
    Were performance appraisals conducted? No none were ever conducted up to December 2014. Ask any current or past staff member. But to be fair, prior to her arrival Remy King tried to have this instituted but of course ED and Management were never comfortable with this approach so they now have implemented a more ridiculous system “balance Score Card”. But, here again the HR Manager was found wanting. This came directly from persons in the DR office who worked with a similar organisation that had instituted the said appraisal system.
    Did she have professional integrity? The answer simply “NO”. If she did, she would have taken the time to consult the Employment Laws of Barbados to ensure that persons wrongfully dismissed (i.e. fired, retired, restructuring) staff would be provided an opportunity to be retrained to find new work, job hunting support, recommendations and most importantly severance.


  44. Madelaine Lowthert January 31, 2017 at 12:28 AM #

    Thank you for every other fantastic article. Where else could anybody get that type of info in such a perfect approach of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m on the search for such information.


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