Barbados Government Begged Facebook to REVEAL Three Users

Submitted by St.George’s Dragon
Facebook is the largest social network site.

Facebook is the largest social networking site.

According to an article in the Jamaica Observer, the Barbados Government is the only one in the Caribbean to have asked Facebook for information on its Bajan users. Apparently the Government has made three requests for information in the last six months. It’s not a high number of requests but why are we the only ones to be making them?

The original of the article can be found here:–data and the Facebook report is here Interestingly, Facebook denied information in all 3 cases.

184 thoughts on “Barbados Government Begged Facebook to REVEAL Three Users

  1. Multitude said:

    Jamaica want to run that story as if Barbados got something to be ashamed of or if Barbados snooping on people. Jamaica is easily one of the most criminal societies in the WHOLE world and yet their Police Force ain’t get around to using FaceBook in their investigations? Backward-ass country.

    To Jamaica’s credit, they do not pretend they are not criminal, now if they had not run this story, there is no way the citizens in Bim would have known what Bim’s government has been up to, once again hiding and doing things in secret, lying and keeping information from the taxpayers, information that would and does affect the population… when will you people learn. It appears Jamaica is smart enough to know they cannot use information from FB to solve alleged crimes, and for very valid reasons.
    So now the Barbados government knows that as well………hope no taxpayers money was involved to learn that lesson.

  2. I am thinking the present government of Barbados now spends all their time on Barbados Underground (BU) instead of trying to figure out ways to generate forex before it completely runs out in a couple months, or better still make sure the NIS funds don’t run dry or even better, generate jobs for all those who are now unemployed or will be very shortly.

    They have totally become obsessed with this site, maybe David of BU should consider hiring them as monitors or moderators.

  3. @Well Well. | August 29, 2013 at 3:58 PM |
    “Multitude said: Jamaica want to run that story as if Barbados got something to be ashamed of or if Barbados snooping on people. Jamaica is easily one of the most criminal societies in the WHOLE world and yet their Police Force ain’t get around to using FaceBook in their investigations? Backward-ass country.”

    It is statements like the above that is making Barbados the laughingstock of the Caribbean and creating poor relationships and growing animosity among its fellow territories.
    Imagine a “backward-ass country” that has so much influence and control over the young of the so-called educated Bajans youths. Can you imagine how “backward-ass” Barbados is becoming then? If Jamaica is so “backward-ass” how come it has a higher profile in the world than a “lickle” backwater place called Bar-bad-os?
    BTW, Usain Bolt is from the backward-ass land.

    Go to many parts of the world and ask the people there if they know where Barbados is and 9 out often would tell you some part of Jamaica.
    If you want to see how backward-ass Jamaica is just check the many Bajan educated” high profile men and see to whom they are married. You can even go into the supermarkets and see how many products are made in that “Backward-Ass” land.

    Multitude’s “arroignorance” and xenophobic small-island mentality is typical of the damned lying party supporters and it will be their undoing. Time is longer than twine!

  4. Three questions
    1) Why would the government be trying to getting information on private citizens from facebook, especially with a suddenly and with no explanation firing of the Commisioner of Police, are we becoming autocratic or communist?
    2) How can government provide bailout money to the owners of Almond Beach in the budget while bajans are hit with taxes, upon taxes? Yet no monies could be provided to Cilco depositors nor to Four Seasons that only wanted 50million compared to the 800 million BIG dollars intended from the budget for Almond and Silver Sands??? Why would ANY government buy a hotel for way over and above what three private investors want to buy it for, how did the bail out decision come to be?
    3) Who is the new ‘Investment Commisioner’ whatever the hell that is?

  5. Miller………that last dumb statement made by Multitude is what prompted me to write the comment above yours, it is so plain to see that as a supposedly ‘highly intelligent’ opposite of backwardass politician who in his impotent frustration was just on here trying to mammaguy and hoodwink us lowly commenters who are incapable of understanding how international law agencies function and what FB can and cannot do and the Barbados government who are world renowned as the most ‘intelligent’ government in the world, because they were educated at the best schools in the world which happen to be in Barbados have all rights in the world to access user’s information on facebook, violating said users rights so they can solve crime in Barbados………..did i leave anything out??

  6. @ROB

    How can government provide bailout money to the owners of Almond Beach in the budget while bajans are hit with taxes, upon taxes? Yet no monies could be provided to Cilco depositors nor to Four Seasons that only wanted 50million compared to the 800 million BIG dollars intended from the budget for Almond and Silver Sands??? Why would ANY government buy a hotel for way over and above what three private investors want to buy it for, how did the bail out decision come to be?

    Simple – Dem borrow money from CHINA, who will no doubt have security over the properties they are financing.


  7. Multitude, so much is wrong here.

    I’m not talk off my ass here so listen. as a private citizen i can (AND HAVE gotten) information about Facebook users. I can also get any Facebook pages shut down. There are two main ways to do this but the fastest way is to provide any legal court documents (FROM BARBADOS) to support the claim or request.

    That the police force of this country does not know this is shocking. If what you outline was the case, I can tell you all the police would of have to do is to provide the court documents and they would of have the information or request done in about 6 hours or less.

    Don’t believe me? Flow’s facebook page was removed by Facebook and Scott Weatherhead got it done, Twice, in 48 hours. How was this done?

    so for me (and me only, knowing what I do, I call BS on your story)

    The government of Barbados over stepped their reach here and it reflex how they conduct business. The AG may have been telling the true about what he knows as fact but then on the other hand it really shows he does not know what is happening under his roof.

  8. If that is in fact the request sent to facebook, and I seriously doubt that, its obvious it would be turned down. If it is so that you are to be believed as credible and that is what was sent, two things are possible 1) the person responsible for the actual drafting of the request never read and understand what facebook requires 2) the person is an idiot and didn’t think to check what facebook requires and that he/she could just make a request.

    Such a request must be accompanied by facts of the case sufficient to show a case exists.

    I see no mention of the offence under investigation, I mean WOW…

    If I was making the request maybe it would go something like:

    The RBPF is investigating a case of (X CRIME). I would then detail what this crime is and what it involves. I would then put forth the facts and evidence surrounding the grounds on which it is reasonably believed that the 2 persons are involved. I would then relate exactly why the details would be needed, in order to establish what etc, because all other avenues of trying to obtain this information has failed.

    But to simply say, we want details on so and so….?? How lazy and inept. Multitude which department prepared the request for facebook from the RBPF?

  9. Where Cuthbert gone?Has he been replaced by Multitude?Are these the kind of people Bdos must rely upon to save our country?Both write a lotta balls; they wont get a pass in Management Accountability 101.

  10. Btw the AG said he has no PERSONAL knowledge of this matter.If we are to believe that the RBPF made this request of FB..and I don’t believe that…they
    should have had the sense to pass it by the Ministry of Defence and Security in which case the PS might have given them an earful of advice which they were free to accept or reject.

  11. I did tell Multitude to quit while he was ahead and while there were still a couple people leaning toward listening to his nonsense, but no he had to go the whole hog and prove that he was lying.

  12. Workers at the Post Office laid off
    Policeman salaries to be cut
    What/the shit
    hit the fan
    Stuart and his band
    Robbing/hoods -reverse
    GOVT in trouble
    Crack some heads/ now we know why
    intentions /clear
    Bdos under attack
    DLP malfunctions

    Oh Gosh

    Yaaaaaaaaaaagga –again

  13. I wish you all would really find something profitable to do. This thing is nothing but hogwash. Barbados Labour Party operatives misrepresenting themselves as the Barbados Government trying to bring the country down low as usual.

    Move along.

  14. @ Carson C. Cadogan | August 29, 2013 at 7:25 PM |

    Move along to where? The Post Office where another breach of promise has occurred? Who are you are going to blame? The Barbados Labour Party operatives inside the Post Office management for dismissing the workers? Carson the Carrier of Carrion news about blaming the BLP for every blasted incompetent mistake made by this blasted lying party called the destructive league of pirates. You have upset the police. What’s next on the agenda? An announcement of the dreaded devaluation to be blamed on the BLP and international recession?

  15. Carson……….reality is reality, hear is another reality, post men/women, police and teachers have salary/job tonight problems compliments of the DLP, are you going to say that the BLP misrepresented themselves and cost these people their jobs?? Explain yourself Carson, who is doing it, smart stream or BLP, since the DLP don’t take responsibility for anything.

  16. Well Well

    BTW I see that your beloved Trinidad has a travel advisory issued against it by the British Government, I am sure that really hurt your heart.

    British tourists being told Trinidad is a dangerous place.

  17. We aren’t far behind, when crimes against tourists rise, since they have the lowest detection rate (they leave the island never to return) we’ll be in the same boat. Trinidad has oil. When we lose strong tourism what we got? We’ll be Haiti 50 years ago.

  18. Carson C. Cadogan | August 29, 2013 at 7:50 PM |

    Well Well

    BTW I see that your beloved Trinidad has a travel advisory issued against it by the British Government, I am sure that really hurt your heart.

    British tourists being told Trinidad is a dangerous place.

    Carson……… really feel that is stopping me from enjoying Trinidad?

    If you know anything about Trinidad you would know they do not depend on tourism for their bread and butter so that advisory means diddly squat. Wait till carnival next year and you will see the same travel advisory writers in TT wining. Travel advisory my foot, have you checked out the murders in the US recently, they are beyond horrendous and you still go there.

  19. People clearly had too much in the results of the elections. Some can’t move on so its time to bring it down.

  20. @ David
    You can’t muzzle Carson C. Cadogan? Good Jeezus now!! People going home and this cretin repeatedly trying to divert attention from such a serious matter. What makes it even more repulsive is that he collected taxpayers money for 4+ years for doing absolutely nothing but making promises to the elderly.I find his behaviour offensive.

  21. Carson……….that should also read………..have your checked out the crime rate in England lately? the kind of crimes also being committed in England makes you wonder what the world is coming to and you will still want to pretend you are british and be oh so proud.

    By the way, i were you i would be more worried of what will happen here in the next couple months now that the BLP is misrepresenting themselves as the government of Barbados and slashing salaries, sending home workers and whatever else bajans will wake up to tomorrow all because the DLP are not the ones actually do these things. Carson, do you really look at yourself in a mirror.

  22. @ Cuthbert of England | August 29, 2013 at 8:08 PM |

    That is what enlightened intelligent educated people do with lying hypocritical incompetent managers whether in the private or Public sector. Remove them from office for the sake of the business or the nation.

    The same way you want the BLP to move on you too must move on.
    The first step to redemption begins with your administration stopping with the lies.
    How can a Minister of Health get up and say that an almost 24 % cut in the QEH budget will have NO impact of the delivery of health care at that institution?
    If there are $35 million in efficiency savings to be gained why retain a CEO and a Board that have wasted $35 million in taxpayers’ money every year for the last 5 years?

    Until the administration, you Cuthbert the Liebert represent, comes back to the people and admit it misled the people who voted for them based on their promises and commitments to “No Layoffs and No Privatization” it will remain morally illegitimate in the eyes of the vast majority of the people.

    Step one:
    Stop the lies. Stop blaming the BLP and computers. Stop feigning ignorance of not knowing what is happening under your ministerial watch including the AG.

  23. Millertheannuaki

    …………..but of all there people on here you know only too well that you are dealing with politicians not Sunday school teachers. What do you expect, that they’ll say sorry and call fresh elections? Stupse!!

    Man if you waiting for Bajans start marching in the streets then you are newest sucker in town.

  24. @ Cuthbert of England | August 29, 2013 at 8:50 PM |

    You really think the miller cares if the people march or not? That is their business to accept what is around the corner. To be frank, the miller doesn’t give a hoot when the shit hits the fan as the forex runs out. It might just be the best thing for your country to bring about an environment of self-reliance, thrift and hard-work like previous generations. Life is not a bed of roses as you guys will soon find out.

    The miller’s only concern is one of morality which you seem to have hidden where the monkey stuff the nuts. Unlike you CoE, the miller holds no brief for Liars, Hypocrites and Crooks, in that order.

  25. @ Cuthbert of England | August 29, 2013 at 9:12 PM |

    If you are referring to my comment let me reiterate:
    ‘The miller holds no brief for Liars (including you), hypocrites (again you are included) and crooks (maybe you are one).

    PS: Do yourself a favour and drop the word “England” from your moniker. It’s most unbecoming to use someone else’s name of whom you are ignorantly unfamiliar.

  26. wait enuff talking about pople not working and receiving a paycheck. lol. wait did not your former leader OSA do the same for over five years almost or never showing up in parliament and when confronted said that he worked from his office. concealing the truth put out of fear for public scruntiny

  27. ‘The Government of de people???? Dem???

    Plenty bailout money for Almond owners, but hospital cut, reverse tax credit for poor cut, school milk and local farmers cut, more taxes for anyone earning over 50,000 and education cut.

    Errol Walton Barrow would cry….. if he knew what that his Democratic Labour Party had come to be the Demolishing Layabout Party.

    And none a wunna don’t come here an talk bout DEM dis and DEM dat, wunna AINT GOT A CANDLE to Barrow…jokers.

  28. Enuff, miller,

    Have you both notice that these Dems cannot blog for too long under one name…………….shifty, crafty people.

    Cuthburt of england the latest one
    To the Point
    uncommon sense etc etc

    We just cannot keep up with them. The war room in George Street is a busy place. Losers.

    My concern is for Barbados. These pirates are now very wealthy and can pick up and go, we are the ones who have to stay here after they have destroyed our fair land.

  29. Millertheannuaki

    Unbecoming? Only you got sense, got brains?
    But fact is you cannot know whether I am familiar or unfamiliar with my namesake, you do not know me so that’s an unknowable from where you are sitting or standing as the case may be. Put down the handbrake and put the brain in gear before letting your feeble fingers run off Ole Boy.
    You are fairly long in the tooth these days but tell us Millertheannuaki, did you cry on that fateful day in February when all your dreams were shattered with another 60 month term?

  30. Millertheannuaki

    Sic eloquence as thay in Erschry use,
    In sic is sett thy thraward appetyte.
    Thow hes full littill feill of fair indyte.
    I tak on me, ane pair of Lowthiane hippis
    Sall fairar Inglis mak and mair perfyte
    Than thow can blabbar with thy Carrik lippis.

  31. @ac
    Only Jesus can help you. High attendance and productivity are not mutually exclusive yuh hear. The Dems have been proving that for 6 years now.

  32. Carson, I am at you again. You said….
    Carson C. Cadogan | August 29, 2013 at 7:25 PM |

    I wish you all would really find something profitable to do. This thing is nothing but hogwash. Barbados Labour Party operatives misrepresenting themselves as the Barbados Government trying to “BRING THE COUNTRY DOWN LOW” as usual.

    You said it (see capital letters). We now realise why the country is in problems. Too much drinks at night that causes you to speak the truth. Continue……

  33. Soon Carson will not be enjoying any more free taxpayers money, you know that right Carson, you better start counting the days until the gravy train stops running………….the DLP politicians will then have to spend even more time on BU’s website instead of doing the taxpayer’s business. What a waste.

  34. David and others.
    I have a fundamental problem with the issuance of Blackberry phones apps containing sensitive information pertaining to individuals. Think about these security risks.
    1: You can log into Insurance database.
    2: You can log into Road tax database
    3: You can log into Drivers license database.
    4: Your ID is connected to the database.
    Minister of Transport quoted at the launch of with personnel of Blackberry/Digicel, Police and Transport officials that “……It can display information on the driver such as a picture and their national registration number, among “more information’.
    Regardless of the consultant of Blackberry trying to justify the encryption of the application and the general public unable to access, I have a problem. Who say that the individuals who have been assigned with these security risks (Phones) don’t manipulate and delve into people information. Remember, you can put in someone’s registration number and bingo…..all your transaction shows up. From your bankers, your credit cards, your hire purchase information, your employment information like NIS, Inland Revenue, your home ownership information, your legal information and more. Way back in the nineties when people came to your house with census papers, I had a sneaky feeling that all these information were being placed in a database to cut our backsides in the future. Well the future is here….only thing is missing is the connection to Facebook and all social media and the identity of Blogs. Probably Snowden was warning us that no person on this earth is protected by privacy. BTW, how much money was invested in this deal and where is the transparency. Opps!. The triangle of foes Digicel, Blackberry and the Ministry of Transport ensure transparency of individuals are opened to scrutiny.

  35. @ Cuthbert of England | August 29, 2013 at 10:30 PM |
    “but tell us Millertheannuaki, did you cry on that fateful day in February when all your dreams were shattered with another 60 month term?”

    Why should my dreams be shattered? And miss out on the action taking place right now? Don’t you think my dreams are being fulfilled as I witness you guys stew in your own “No layoffs, No privatization” juices?
    My role is to stoke fire and turn up the gas under your rass. The DLP has been returned to office by hook or crook for three reasons:

    The first is to pay for your lies and hypocrisy.

    The second is to carry the burden and shame of removing all the social entitlements you have made the Bajan voters believe are their rights and to be in office when the real ‘imposed’ restructuring of the economy will take place. A restructuring which you blame the BLP for not doing but deceitfully perpetuated for the last 5 years.

    Thirdly, you actions in the coming 2 years would be so socially and morally dislocating and discomforting that you would be the one sowing the seeds of your own destruction as a political party.

    The majority of young voters would not trust you anymore for long, long time to come possible leading to the disbanding of the DLP as a party in opposition. Instead of 14 years in the wilderness (1994-2013) it could be indefinite.

    Believe what the miller says, my friend. No one will ever trust the DLP again.

    You tried and we would give you a passing grade. Although Robbie Burns would not be too impressed. Should we then call you Cuthbert of Melrose ensconced in the Abbey of lies and propaganda in George St.?
    But before we refer to you as “Bull(y)ing Cuffy of Northern England” can we draw a little bit of advice on decency to your attention? One of the basic traits of a person of sound and genuine intellect is to never use other people’s work without acknowledgment of its authorship. Walter K would be most upset.

    PS: could you please do us a favour and use just a single moniker Simple Cuthbertson would be fine. And leave the miller alone, we are not equals.

  36. Appears that some are still reveling in a bought ‘victory’ while the island burns instead of doing the taxpayer’s work. If i was not witnessing this charade myself i would not believe people’s heads could be actually that hard…. i guess they will have to learn in their own way, pity it’s all at the expense of the taxpayers.

  37. @ The Anunnaki

    THe DLP, post these piss poor performances will easily see 20 years in the wilderness.

    Which is all the more a shame, for we, in BIm, have always prided ourselves on having an ALTERNATIVE party in the waiting area.

    Just in case the megalomania on the one side becomes unbearable AS IT ALWAYS DOES

  38. @ Tell Me Why

    Why should you have a problem with the Police App?

    Only certain offices will be issued the application and, should they (i) lose (ii) sell said phone or (iii) have it “stolen, the app is protected by passwords and the phone can be easily “deactivated”

    I again ask why do you have a problem with an app that is to simplify the horror MTW inflicts on the travelling public every year around May when they send out 50 dragnet officers to harrass drivers and make us line up in long lines as they call back to MTW HQ on a cell phone to do what a mobile app could do?

    Why are you concerned with a police app that is not doing what Magna Card in conjunction with ** the Credit agency, is poised to do?

    How will FTC or the Office of the Public Counsel seek to investigate what is ostensibly a loyalty card performing the same Big Brother is Watching you activities?

    “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

    It is already here and your protestations are futile

  39. I want to say to members of the general public not to have any fear in peaceful protests. The police are no one’s thugs and will not be used by any sitting Gov’t in B’dos to oppress its people.

    I want to say to my fellow officers, no one can order you to break up a peaceful protest consisting of thousands of people. As it would be extremely unsafe to do so given the size of our security forces, your safety is first, and no court could find against you.

    Heed no orders from no one to do anything to oppress the airing of grievances of the people.

    To my fellow officers remember that you are servants of the people, public servants, not Government servants. No minister and no Government commands the Police. We will be guided by the law, circumstances and our conscience.

    If you are a police officer and you are reading this, if you are a friend of a police officer, copy this message into your social media and pass it on. Let all persons, police or otherwise see it and understand it.

    Do not be bullied by senior officers, if you know an order to be morally and ethically wrong, take the necessary action. Suddenly you do not feel well.

    To the Army I say this, you have no civil authority apart from emergency powers during a declared state of emergency. Do not allow anyone to use you to oppress peaceful protests and demonstrations.

    Remember when the time comes that the decisions you make and the actions you take on that day will be recorded and remembered, do not be remembered as an officer who oppressed your own people.

    Back to the police, all our extra pay whether over time or day off work has been cut. You and only you can make the decision whether to go beyond your time. Unless the Commissioner of Police has stopped leave, no one can force you to work beyond your hours or on your day off. Do not be threatened do not be intimidated. But do not leave people who need your urgent help stranded.

    @ tell me why, having someone’s ID number does not give them access to your bank accounts or credit cards, stop being stupid and pay your insurance and road tax.

  40. Carson……….the police are not stupid stop trying to insult their intelligence, stupid is cutting their salaries and income and still expect them to crack heads and shoot some people, that is stupid.

  41. We are still waiting for the DLP government, their hangerson and yardfowls like you as well as the opposition to also cut their own salaries and show they mean business about the economy.

  42. @ pieceuhderockyeahright!!! | August 30, 2013 at 10:27 AM
    First of all, this is not a police app. Secondly, I have been stopped numerous times including three times in one day. I ain’t have a problem with the checking by Police or Ministry officials.

    @ Rank&File | August 30, 2013 at 10:57 AM
    You are missing my point. I am speaking about the said officers who have been assigned these tools.
    Computers and phones are the two most dangerous pieces of communication that can be manipulated once in the wrong hands. Remember you key in information into a data base, the computer will then arrange with your input who will be able to access that information. Hackers enjoy breaking codes and passwords. It seems that you are of the belief that a computer can make a decision without an input, probably you are listening to the PM about the computer going berserk. Secondly, all of our cars are insured and licensed and I don’t have to hide. Come again, hopefully with substance.

  43. of the DLP as a party in opposition. Instead of 14 years in the wilderness (1994-2013) it could be indefinite.

    Believe what the miller says, my friend. No one will ever trust the DLP again.
    I thought so after the debacle in the 1991-94 period. The DLP only spent 14 years in the wilderness . I had given them 30 years in the wilderness but Bajans are Cunts. I have said that already-C-U -N-T-S .that’s what they are and I aint apologizing for that.

    People are desperate; this Government has filled the atmosphere with an air of despair. I blame the DLP Government for what happened to that poor 18 year old girl today. You think if she was living in a happy Barbados, she would do that to herself? The girl lost all hope because of this stinking Government–the worst anywhere in the known world.

    John Boyce is Liar when he says that 24 million dollar cut will have no impact on healthcare. Was this 24 million being wasted on paper that you can do without. ? All of this nonsense impact young minds, make the world feel like a place that is not worth it.

    Trust me it has a psychological effect on people and people react. Some react different from others and blame themselves and commit the ultimate sacrifice. It happens

  44. I want to say to members of the general public not to have any fear in peaceful protests.

    what begins as a peaceful protest MR RANK AND FILE can become violent if people without basic understanding are a part of the protest and which would of necessity require the involvement of our protective services to maintain law and order and protect those with basic understanding who are protesting peacefully.

    Rank and File is sending a very serious and ethical message, please listen.

    yes the rank and file message does seem serious and mischievous too but I see nothing ethical in a message which suggests a subtle call for civil disobedience.

    there is no doubt that the Government is struggling to make ends meet because of their own incompetence and have not benefitted from the best of advice by party members like Mr Delisle Worrell and Sir Frank Alleyne who ought to know better but seek rather in the short run to preserve their lofty positions at the expense of their own credibility.

    what confidence can we have in these principal advisers whose morning words like those of the Minister of Finance are different from their evening words.

    How can we have confidence in a Governor of our Central bank who tells us just before the election that the economy is stable and the medium term strategy is working and nothing more can be done and now after the elections can unashamedly without censure tell us that the economy is 400 million in the red.

  45. Everyone knows Red Advertising was FireFreundel, you should visit Bajan Reporter, Ian Bourne lists his suspects which include Jevan Jutagir (even if Bourne does not say Jutagir’s name for staying within Bee Brotherhood)

  46. “Another prime suspect is FireFreundel, their campaign was almost like advertising and I am sure made the DEM’s see red which probably suited them just fine, LOL! Their videos with animation were worthy of any US cartoonist but are now removed – along with the Youtube channel and Facebook page…”

  47. @Well Well “cutting police income and still expect them to crack heads and shoot some people [for you] is stupid.”

    True, true. If you want the police to act as your hired killers to wit “crack some heads and shoot some people” then you have to pay them well to do so.

    Because after all unlawful killings tend to haunt the killers, and some will end up suffering from PTSD (used to the called shell shock) and will need the money to pay their psychiatrists.

  48. Jus hope that thy don’t make Mr. Crackhead the Minister of Defense. That would be real scary.

    Imagine he talking ’bout cracking heads and shooting people, when he has nursed on the people’s tax bubbie for his whole life.

  49. @ Cuthbert of England | August 31, 2013 at 6:13 PM |
    “The DLP members of the Paliamentary Group will eventually remove the PM. It’s inevitable.”

    That is a surprisingly strong and refreshingly honest statement coming from you Cuthbert of Scotland. We are impressed. Keep it up.

    The question to you though, is who would replace him. Let us dismiss Stinkliar out of hand. Then who would it be? Certainly not another incompetent like Sealy or jackass Kellman? That leaves us with a duel between two boys from the East either Pornville or our man Estwick the silenced and toothless pit bull.

    It will not happen, Cuthbert. Fumble will go to the GG and exercise his Constitutional power like Sandie rather than to be mortally stabbed in the back politically by another Eager 10.

  50. MillertheAnnunaki;
    You are probably right. But isn’t it possible that the stresses and strains engendered by the current situation that is likely to progressively deteriorate, might produce an aha moment in Freundel, Chris and some other DLP MPs that makes them recognize that it is not in their or the Country’s long term interests to have Freundel leading them at this time?

    If Cuthbert of England and Hamilton Hill and others have seen the light might it not be possible for other DLP stalwarts (who have apparently stopped posting) to have also done so and have the acumen to set in train another scenario that does not paint the DLP in such poor light? And could such a scenario result in FS being forced to abdicate? His colleagues must know a lot more about him than we do and such knowledge might include a fulcrum that could convince him to willingly remove himself from the Leadership position when the stark reality hits him that he is now actually punishing his beloved Country and his place in history will be mud if he remains.

    We need to recognize that we are really in a unique situation for Barbados at this time and such a situation might throw up new solutions that bear little resemblance to older scenarios. MIght they not eschew a Sandiford denouement but opt for another solution which could see them with a chance of still retaining their knife edge balance of power?.

    A new election will suit neither the Country, them nor the BLP.

    • Without doubt this DLP Administration is the worst Government that this country has ever seen, and I believe, with the possible exception of Sinckler, that none of them are so daft as to believe that they are doing a good job. But they will do everything possible to hold on to power despite their ineptness in order to qualify for a parliamentary. Those who were elected for the first time in 2008 would qualify for their pensions in 2016. If there is any movement against Freundel by that group it will only come after they have secured their pensions. Remember Sandie collapsed his Government two weeks before seven of his colleagues qualified for their pensions.

      The only way that this Government would self-destructis if those who were elected for the first time in 2003 attempt to bring Freundel down. They have already qualified in 2011 for pensions of half their salaries in 2011, but knowing them I believe that they would wait until 2015 so that they can qualify for pensions at the rate of two-thirds of their salaries in 2015. That would apply to people like Jones, Sealy, Michael Lashley, Dr. Estwick and Kellman.

  51. @ checkit-out | August 31, 2013 at 11:47 PM |
    “A new election will suit neither the Country, them nor the BLP.”

    Fumble is not only out of his depth but is also a lazy person who would be better off operating in the local circus call “lawyering” where he can do bull crap and get away with it. This type of modus operandi cannot be tolerated at the highest level management at the national level where a wide spectrum of issues, challenges and people are involved and requiring a different skills set which he certainly does not possess.

    The person capable of challenging and replacing the PM is Donville who is the only one who has the guts to call a spade a spade and is not afraid of the PM. Island girl is right in her assessment of the situation.
    The PM would like to remove this thorn in Cabinet but is too meek to reshuffle his Cabinet. He could seek to destroy Donville by giving the outspoken minister the portfolio of hemlock as was done to poor Chris who nobody likes these days.
    Donville has not interest in being MoF at this stage. He wants to become PM and them MoF.

    BTW, your point of the BLP (meaning MAM) not wanting elections at this stage is well taken. Her position as “LoO” is still not cemented. Fresh elections so early can see a resurrection of OSA and his lieutenants as the chances of the DLP being ejected from office by a landslide would certainly be higher than in the last round.

    OSA would be paraded as the Moses for the country’s economic salvation as the current DLP band of fools are totally out of their depth in the area of economic management.
    As was said before we are just witnessing a circus performance of foul-ups, bleeps and blunders ad nauseam. Is that what the nation is getting in return for “educating” these blasted fools?

    • By the way Miller, let me correct you some of these people were not educated by the nation. My understanding is that they were certified by UWI because of their party affiliation and not because they passed any of the required courses.

  52. @ Caswell Franklyn | September 1, 2013 at 12:30 AM |

    Your interpretation of the political situation with the DLP ministers not wanting to execute another palace coup is sound as checkit-out has concurred. But have you considered the stark possibility that if this administration remains in situ the economy could deteriorate to so badly an extent that the payment of salaries and pensions would be under tremendous threat?
    So who would be paid first from the dwindling tax revenues: the bond holders, the remaining workers or the neutered pensioners?

    • Miller

      That question is too easy: the politicians will take their money first and then they will pay those who would be in place to crack skills and shoot down people. You must remember that most of them were unemployed or underemployed before gaining office. They will rain fire and brimstone on anyone, who they believe, is trying to put them back in that position.

  53. Miller;
    Re your 9:08 post on the question of the likely order of payments with drastically dwindling resources. 1st; The remaining workers who would include the MP’s since I don’t think even they would be crass enough to only pay themselves and they would ensure that they are paid to the bitter end.

    And then a mix and match including local and overseas creditors where influence would be paramount but where essentially any number can play with the pensioners at the bottom of the list.

  54. @ Caswell Franklyn | September 1, 2013 at 9:25 AM |

    So there is some justification for OSA referring to them as a bunch of “Wild Boys”(as it was reported)?

  55. I watched Morning Barbados and the Chief Licensing Officer spoke of just one country using this technology. He was asked about the amount of data on these phones and if it get in the wrong hands and he was scotching to answer the question. I am asking again, How safe are these phones with people’s data?
    Later on Digi boss man came on and it was confirmed that Digi made the move two years ago to sell the government this idea. Guess who was MoT&W, no other than the present MoH. So don’t blame the present MoT&W. Was it not in the US that the law was against the numerous cameras installed on the roads and had to be disconnected citing invasion of privacy?

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