Notes From A Native Son: The Budget Speech Sinckler Should Make on Tuesday

Hal Austin

Hal Austin

Mr Speaker, fellow members of parliament, I rise today with great humility; knowing the state of our nation’s economy and being aware of the weight of expectations by ordinary people, looking to me to provide the answers regarding their jobs, their welfare and their children’s futures.

Mr Speaker, I will do my best by delivering the package of reforms, monetary and fiscal, which I hope will lead us forward both in the short and medium terms.

The past five years have been tough, not only for us, but for the rest of the world; but it is to our little island home that I am given the great responsibility to pilot the ship of economic stability, growth and, with it prosperity for our people. It is a great responsibility and one that I am not treating lightly.

First, let me get the tough love out of the way: from the moment I sit down, Mr Speaker, every head of department in the public sector, including the main civil service and statutory bodies, will be instructed to come up with proposals to reduce their budgets by ten per cent this financial year, and a further five per cent in the 2014/15 financial year. There will be two exceptions to this requirement, health and statutory education. But primary and secondary schools will have to show great efficiency improvements, which my colleague and friend, the minister of education, will give further details to parliament.

With health, Mr Speaker, the conditions are the same – radical efficiency improvements in exchange for no budget cuts. In reality, the efficiency improvements will be a de facto budget increase. Mr Speaker, there is a mistaken belief that selling our prized assets  to the highest bidders will help our foreign reserves; but there is more to upholding the pride and national prosperity our great nation than just holding out our hands for handouts from the super rich.

Mr Speaker, from midnight tonight there will be an absentee tax imposed on all homes that are not the primary place of residence for the owners, on holiday homes and on the homes of people who are not domicile in Barbados for taxation purposes. There will also be an annual one percent tax for all residential properties valued over Bds$5m, with an annual valuation by government valuation.

Mr Speaker, while we extend the hand of welcome to all comers, we do not do so to be exploited or for ordinary hard-working taxpayers to subsidise the superrich to live in our country. Further, by having people who are not impacted by the recession and refusal of foreign-owned banks to lend to would-be homeowners, we are simply witnessing the creeping rise in home ownership reaching further and further down the food chain to ordinary working people. It is our duty as a government to protect the interests of ordinary Barbadian people.

Mr Speaker, the cost of health care is rising and will continue to rise for this generation. It is my intention to meet this challenge head on. From midnight tonight, membership of approved gyms will be VAT free, on the basis that prevention is better than cure. This government will also remove VAT on the sale of new bicycles and at the same time, midnight, it will no longer be a requirement for bicycles to be licensed. Mr Speaker we want to get more young people fit and healthy and bicycling is one way of doing this.

Mr Speaker, at the same time it is the intention of this government to double the taxation of cigarettes and tobacco from 6pm this evening; and also from 6pm, it is our intention to remove VAT from non-sugar soft drinks – so-called diet colas – while doubling the minimum retail price of sugary drinks. Mr Speaker, this is to launch a war on type-two diabetes and the epidemic of obesity that is now plaguing our nation. A healthy nation is a dynamic nation, and it is the intention of this government to make Barbados healthy again.

Mr Speaker traffic congestion is a major problem, not only with the management of the roads, but with the impact of exhaust fumes on our health. It is my intention to do something about that. From midnight the parking fee at every government car park lot will increase from $1 an hour to $5 an hour or $25 for the full day. It is also the intention of this government to introduction a $10 a day congestion charge for all motor vehicles, between the hours of 7am and 10am, and from 3pm to 6pm.

Mr Speaker, there will be one exception to this, vehicles with three or more people, including the driver, will be exempt, from this requirement. Mr Speaker the intention is to remove the one-person vehicles from our busiest roads during rush hour and to encourage neighbours and colleagues to share their transport to work.

One of the gaps in our financial architecture is an appropriate tax-advantaged vehicle for ordinary retail investors. Mr Speaker I intend to put that right. A month from today’s date, government will introduce a long term saving vehicle, called a Long-term Saving Plan. Full details will be published by the ministry of finance when I sit down. But the outlines are it will be available to anyone over the age of 16, taxed money can be invested to a maximum of $15000 a year; growth will be tax free and the withdrawals, only for life-changing events prior to retirement, will also be tax free. Mr Speaker, that means in real terms that the government will be contributing the equivalent of the tax base of the investor to their investment pots.

Mr Speaker, this will be transforming, introducing financial deepening to our society, providing more funding for small and medium enterprises, and enriching ordinary households in a way they have never been. Large number of people who run small businesses and are desperate for cash to support their business strategies, are effectively denied loans by many of our lenders.

We know, Mr Speaker, that a short-term borrowing strategy is key to the success of small enterprises, whether that money is used as working capital to finance the business, as a hedge against an emergency, or to fund acquisitions. Whatever the purpose of that borrowing, we know that funding small and medium enterprises is a major key to economic growth. Mr Speaker, at this stage in our development we cannot tolerate lenders who avoid for whatever reason lending to success and well-managed businesses. I will be having words with the governor of the central bank and the heads of our commercial banking operations about how to get over this lending gridlock.

Mr Speaker, this Budget is about turning a banking crisis and recession in to an opportunity for ordinary people – that is what this DLP government is all about. My colleague, the minister of education and myself, have agreed that although the service sector, especially tourism, has served us well, our long-term future is as a knowledge-based economy. As such, Mr Speaker, the focus going forward will be on training and education. As of now, we put the University of the West Indies on five-year notice to come up with solutions for self-funding. We will work closely with UWI officials to make this transition as smooth as possible, but no change is not an option. Mr Speaker it is wrong and unjust that those who have had no higher education should be paying the fees through their taxation for those who do. That, Mr Speaker, is unfair. It is our intention, from the beginning of the new financial year – 2014/15 – that all school leavers not continuing in education or going in to a job, will be given an option of learning a trade, staying on in some form of education or training for a further two years, to the age of 18.

Mr Speaker, this is the future, and at the other end, the infant and primary school end, there will be a radical change in the curriculum, emphasising science, technology, engineering and maths, to prepare them to be at the cutting edge of global technological developments. Mr Speaker, we also plan to offer five two-year bursaries for those qualified to take the CFA Institute diploma, which will enhance the quality of our financial services professionals. Mr Speaker, that will send a message that Barbados means business.

Mr Speaker, there has been a lot of talk in the media about improving our inner city areas, bulldozing the slums, and building new home, businesses and recreational space for the City. This is a good idea, but it is one that we should not rush in to hastily. I will this afternoon announce a high-powered working party of experts to draw up a feasibility study within three months on how best to improve a defined geographical area and how to raise the funding, including a private/public initiative. Part of the remit would be looking at mortgage provisions for private buyers and social housing. I shall be reporting back to parliament in due course.

Mr Speaker, as Mariana Mazzucato says in her excellent book, The Entrepreneurial State, we cannot tolerate a situation in which government, in the guise of the taxpayer, funds the risks, while the private sector reaps the rewards. With this in mind, it is government’s intention to create the legislative and regulatory framework for the creation of a credit union and post office banks, using the mutual business model and legally structured to allow balance sheet lending only. Government will also enter discussions about the funding of small hotels, which are so central to the tourism sector, with cert ain conditions.

Mr Speaker we think it is only right that if government is to fund family-owned or shareholder owned businesses we should be able to monetise that involvement,  either through equity for debt, or by securing an interest-bearing loan on the property. Mr Speaker, in this way, small businesses will get the short-term loans they so desperately need, while at the same time taxpayers’ money will be protected.

Mr Speaker, this is a new way and more dynamic of managing public funds and one which will put meat on the bones of the much talked about Barbados model. Mr Speaker we also intend to encourage those with substantial savings, high net-worth individuals and corporates with substantial liquidity to invest in start-ups and other small and medium enterprises by incentivising them through the tax system. We will also for the first time introduce legislation creating venture capital, hedge funds, collective investments, all incentivised through tax-free and deferred tax arrangements. This is to introduce another funding stream for those enterprising young men and women who are anxious to start their own businesses but cannot get the funding. This policy initiative will drive economic growth and reduce unemployment and is good for Barbados.

Finally, Mr Speaker, I have left the best for last. For the first time in our history, in fact for the first time in the history of the English-speaking Caribbean, I will be laying before parliament details for a Sovereign Wealth Fund. Mr Speaker this will be a radical move, creating an arms length body to run all our investments on commercial principles, with a mandate to return an annual pre-determined yield.

Mr Speaker, for the first time a major state body will be created not reporting to a minister of government, but to parliament; this is a deepening of our democracy, giving parliament the authority to interrogate a major financial institution without the dab hand of the minister. It is not the role of government to take risks with taxpayers’ money. However, Mr Speaker, it is part of our responsibility to ensure that the interests of future generations are protected. One way of doing that is by rolling a number of public bodies in to a single Sovereign Wealth Fund, and give it a mandate to return an annually set benchmark.
Mr Speaker, we believe this will be best for the nation and best for young and unborn Barbadians.

As a minister of finance, it is like turkeys voting for Christmas. But that represents the integrity of my government, that is the honourable intention of this government to return power to the people. Mr Speaker, this is a transforming Budget, a restructuring Budget, a Budget that looks our economic troubles full in the face and has proposed solutions. Mr Speaker this is a Budget that will make the people of Barbados once more proud in their nation, a Budget for the people; a Budget that incorporates reform and growth.

Mr Speaker I commend this Budget.

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  1. Better be careful with the diet drinks proposal.They are worse for you from a health point of view than the regular sugar drinks.

  2. Could someone please explain this proposed /alternative /mythical Budget to me ?
    Before I give it my” my worst or best article designation–

  3. Hal

    What about;

    Mr. Speaker Sir,

    Today I rise, to present this my final Budget as Minister of Finance. I have failed and I will resign my post effective midnight tonight.

  4. @ David
    My position is, and always has been, that stockpiling foreign reserves is like hold huge amounts of money in a savings account not doing anything.
    It would be better to hedge by playing the futures markets with a basket of goods and use half the reserves to invest in infrastructure and to fund a post office bank.
    That would contribute towards economic growth.
    Warehousing foreign reserves went out in the 1980s. It is macro-economic old hat and bad financial management

  5. Hal Austin is regurgitating again. Is highly supportive of the technical boys around London who run around pretending that there could fix something with a perverse neo-feudalism that serves interests that Austin slavishly adores. For a narrative that is not approved by his masters could never win his support. He lives in the fear of attracting their displeasure. His pernicious though misguided intent is to deliver Barbados to an austerity that is leaving many young people in Britain in unrepayable student debt and generally re-ordering British society with radical impoverishment programs by dominate conservative current.

    He talks about a financial crisis. There was never a financial crisis. This characterization could only be the product of a pea sized brain. The real crisis has had its genesis since the late 70’s and eighties and more relates to the 4 or 5 fold expansion in the financial sector relative to the real economy and the the attendant circumstances.

    Austin, lacks a language to interrogate the systems that have failed us. Yet he pretends to have solutions to problems that can never be the blame of his masters but are now the sole responsibility of the very people that his intellectual props have dominated and exploited for centuries.

    There is one thing that is good about Austin’s mindless lurch toward perdition. It hastens the time when the peoples of the world will declare war on their enemies. Before then the likes of Austin must be carried in the backyard and blindfolded and shot.

    • @ Pacha

      Violence again. You are bitter, angry, aggressive and a verbal bully without a proper narrative to put forward what could be, in other hands, a good argument.

  6. How about………..I was talking to the IMF the other day and the nice lady said ———-

    Fill in the banks

  7. Austin’s English violence with a pen in a backroom somewhere and the violence he has always recommended, like today, is worst than all the crimes of violence ever committed by working people. This economic violence he is recommending to a MOF of a sovereign state reeks of a genocidal violence of the worst kind. We are convinced that you and your ilk cannot be confronted with any less level of violence than is perpetrated on the people of the world with a jacket and tie and a cockney accent. Without apology, we think the people of the world must start killing people like you.

    There is no need for you to tell us that our arguments are unassailable. We know this already. But the force of a persuasive argument cannot convince the devils of capitalism you slavishly serve. The demons that influence you will not be persuaded even when they loose the argument. So why waste time. We know your case better than you yourself because you are not its real author. You wait for others to tell you what to think. No matter how it is dressed up you violence is by far worse.

    • @ Pachma

      I shall ignore the flawed syntax and concentrate on the core of your argument: that capitalism is dead. That we need a new, and presumably better, way of organising society.
      You have ruled out the variations of capitalism, including corporatism, we have. What is the answer?
      Do we have, or have we ever had, the form of government you prefer?

    • @ David

      Endogenous growth is the best development pathway for a small middle income economy like Barbados.
      The issue of foreign reserves and foreign earnings are articles of faith. You accept them as gospel or, like me, you question them.
      Growing middle class demands can drive the economy. And, the goods and services they produce will earn foreign capital; also, by raising standards, the island will become amore attractive travel destination, which means more foreign earnings. But we cannot put the cart before the horse.
      Education, training, innovation – all these will bring foreign earnings. That is what endogenous growth is about.

    • @Hal

      Not following you. You can have growth which is domestic but there is always the component that will require forex to sustain. If you can distil, appreciated.

  8. If you were so minded you would be able to look around a variety of systems and while resting of the real needs of the peoples could join a global discourse. In fact, there is already an emerging better way, Seek and you shall find. But your devil is used to having dead ideologies walk, talk and govern, still. Any environmental analysis will show that capitalism has collapsed or is collapsing. If you look at the political sphere, the economic sphere, social etc. But you you have no real interest in this matter. Yours is merely a ploy to detract from the nonsense which you are recommending to a MOF.

    Only broad-based violence is going to get the old boys of the British empire to get up off capitalism and avoid a re-imposition of feudalism. Your recommendations to the MOF, whether you know or not, is so aimed. We don’t assume that you masters don’t know what they are doing, we’ve been there, and they know well. Our problem is with water carriers like you who mindlessly accept slavery rapped up in pretty paper. In this respect alone you are worse that your masters.

  9. Quite unlike Mr Hal Austin, we in the PDC are not looking forward to anything about any Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals to be presented by a grossly incompetent jack o lantern Minister of Finance.

    We will continue to focus on the fact that the vast majority of people of Barbados must know by now that these two older intellectually and politically bankrupt and discredited DLP and BLP factions must be PERMANENTLY REMOVED from the political governmental landscape of this country in five years time from now, and be replaced by serious progressive people-centered coalition building nationalist parties, or not Barbados, in the next 9 to 14 years, will become like Jamaica was – in many respects – in the late 70s, the 80s, the 90s and up to this point in time – which is it having reached a point of no return from downward spirals and cycles in their material production and distribution fortunes on this current ruinous dedevelopmental trajectory.

    And this is absolutely nothing to be envied.

    By now the majority of Barbadians should have – in their own different ways – been aware of the very destructive social political material and financial paths that these essentially stupid DLP and BLP Governments have and continue to set this country on and the misery and hardships that they have helped to bring or have brought and continue to bring to the lives of the ordinary people of the broad masses and middle classes of this country (and there is a huge amount of substantiating corroborating evidence to support this).

    Instead, they should have been focussing on the creation and establishment of their own new parties/political groups that, like the PDC, the KGB, the BFP, NBKA, the PEP, are going to foster and promulgate for the benefit of the understanding/acceptance of multitudes of people in Barbados, and with a view of their acting upon them, so many of those very solid innovative visionary transformational people centered ideologies, philosophies and programs that are going to be at the core of their ideological, philosophical, policy programmatic planks, for their own and others’ greater empowerment and enfranchisement and participation in the national decision policy making processes, and for their own and others’ achievement of greater remuneration, wealth and assets in the material production and distribution processes of this country, in order to help take this country out of this deep and profound abyss debacle that those two idiotic parties have largely put it in and on a path of general stability and sustained progression and development.

    This is what the majority of Barbadians should have been about long time ago – not just now too – a new indigenized, egalitarianist, participatory, and people-centered model of development for Barbados.

    So, expecting what 2013 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals what.

    An essential package of rubbish and wickedness that is sure to indicate, that will be a percursor to the additional greater social financial austerities and hardships that will be coming in the ways of the broad masses and middle classes of this country.

    Remove the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP do!!


  10. @ Pachma

    Again I shall ignore the silly talk about violence and look at the substance. I am aware of most of the systems of government, or at least the dominant ones.
    I have said before in this forum that man (and woman) is not just an economic animal; and that there is a limit to growth.
    What I want to know is what form of government do you prefer. I cannot debate unless I know what I m discussing.

  11. @ David

    This thing about never ending growth is a lie. It is impossible. It is the old tired internal contradiction. Pachamama cannot sustain unending growth. It is a trick, for 90% of the so-called growth goes to the .01 of the people, mainly corporations. Hal is talking nonsense, on the one hand he wants to take education out of the reach of poor people and on the other he wants a middle class expansion. Nonsense!

  12. We are discussing the end of capitalism. We are discussing its inability to take us any further. We are arguing about the misguided nonsense you posit today that will inflict untold damage on the people of Barbados. Until there is broad recognition of that capitalism could go no further, we will remain in backwardness.

    • @ Pachma

      I understand we are discussing the end of capitalism. But what do you want to emerge in its place?

  13. @ Pacha

    Oh my dear. Here you go again. I have been talking about the limits to growth since the early 1970s. And I want a knowledge-based society. I am a mad advocate of education, that is why on a personal level I have spent my time messing around in four UK institutions.
    Pachma I think you like attributing things to me, true or not.

  14. Even in your question there is a deception because you can only talk the language of deceit. We want what the majority of the people of the world want, what will serve there interests, not greedy bankers in the City of London, no less no more and capitalism is not cutting it and never has.

  15. So Wait .. this thread bout the continued kukri duel between Mr. Austin and Pachamama?…….

    The most important part Hal…….how many yuh willing to breadline?

  16. Man Onions why you don’t let the two people fight nuh? Um Good!

    Both have strong points and if allowed to proceed, we are very likely to reach a meaningful consensus. These are two intelligent bloggers with strong cases…..LOL…just that they are both wrong….

  17. Bushie you reminded us of a Spanish teacher who we use to try to impress. At times after we made a statement in Spanish he would say sounds pretty nuh, pretty nuh, but wrong! LOL.

  18. LOL LOL LOL… we gine hear a gunshot……and den, who shot Cock Robin……always ‘knew’ when you see two men fishing in a dry pond….you must offer one a soft drink……MURDA !

  19. Asking barbadians to share vehicles. is like asking pigs to fly. moreover if the minister made sucha propsal. they would be a thunderous burst of laughter.bajans not the type to share those kinda luxury. people. ………………… for pachaman this guy is indeed crazy knows everthing about evil capatalism but never can give a direct solution. Hopefully he is not looking to countries like cuba.but naybe he is.

  20. Growth in the Capatilist model really is a measurement that acknowledges the existence of “Bust” … There cannot be one without the other, and the overwhelming majority (the 90+ % that Pacha speaks about) cannot avoid being negatively affected by the “Bust”.

    At least there is the mention of incentivising the funding of Start-ups … Please add PRODUCT ORIENTED WITH EXPORT POTENTIAL. There are at least two major Government underwritten funding agencies, and there is the NIS fund. The activity that attracts by far and away the largest amount of monies that is spent on Barbadians is in the provision of clerical, administrative and consultative services. What would it hurt to expand the spend to other types of Barbadians, particularly when it is possible to physically measure as “objects” both the quality and quantity of their output.

    When Government agencies are asked to view investment in citizens in terms of monetary returns, such agencies are to view Barbadians as objects that are to be exploited. This is not a healthy approach as it is the same citizen that is targeted by the local private sector who invariably are mere representatives of self and overseas interests.

    Government underwritten funding agencies should be required to either show a return on investment of ZERO, or declare an amount that would be sufficient to cover the losses of the previous year …FULL STOP.

    CEO’s of said funds should be employed on a two year contractual basis.

  21. LOL @ Pacha
    “By the way Bushie, what is wrong about our argumentation?”
    If Hal and yourself continued your argument (minus the personal invectives) you will arrive at the answer to that question.
    Perhaps to accelerate that process you may wish to try the old trick of reversing debating roles – where you argue Hal’s case and he yours…..

    As Bushie sees it…
    You are saying that the current model is unsustainable and Hal that the management methodologies are inefficient.

    Bushie is saying that the problem is a flawed conceptual framework – leading to systemic chaos in both models and methodologies…

  22. What so intelligent about pachaman comments cause one can spout big words with nuff window dressing doesnt mean nothing it is solutions not a lot o grandstanding and jigger biting. Hal whether one agrees or not always gives proposal .in the meanwhile pacha like a fly stands by ready to shite on them.

    • @Pacha

      Agree with Bushie’s line of argument. We have discussed this matter ad nauseam in early BU blogs read the finite resources of Mother Earth. We all agree that the Capitalist system or flavor of it is predicated on feeding consumption and greed which of necessity is unsustainable. This is where our discussion must be located as a stepping of point.


      Agree that the system of manangement must be design to apply weight to product Nd services which we need to nurture efficient production.

  23. @ Pachama

    You see deception in everything. It is a simple question: Liberal democratic capitalism, or indeed all forms of capitalism have failed or are failing. What system of government will you replace it. And since the people of Barbados will have to live under this new system plse spell out the details so they will know what they are likely to get.
    There is no trickery in the question. I am not a lawyer.

    @ ac

    We can change Bajans’ behaviour. Even the pompous, self-important ones.

  24. @ Bushie

    ‘Both models” we have not posited any alternative model but have made some general principles which we think the ‘have nots’ of the world – the dreads of the earth’ would agree with. We are surprised that the Bush Man is not his usual perceptive self this morning. We recognize that it is nearly impossible to get people to start thinking about another way before a critical mass sees the end of capitalism as an organizing principle. We have no primary responsibility in providing an alternative. Our primary responsibility is to tell the world that capitalism is dead and encourage the development of another system that is more just. In any events, we should never again rely on any one person or small grouplets, or think tanks, or vested interests to guide this debate like we have done in the past.

    Permit us to demure. There can never be a consensus reached by Austin and ourselves for he is too closely teetered to others who we would prefer to confront directly instead of their minions, like we do from time to time.

  25. In the Daily Nation Newspaper of Thursday, August 8, 2013, Minister of Labour and Social Security, Senator Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, is reported to have told the Senate on Wednesday of this week the following: ‘Some companies that OWE the NIS department in the millions of dollars also OWE the Value Added Tax Division and the Inland Revenue Department in the millions’.

    Our response to that is that this Minister was talking a big load of foolish nonsense.

    There is no way, absolutely no way in which these companies actually are OWING/OWE these TAX stealing robing departments of government anything.

    These companies that the minister allege owe these millions of dollars to those wicked evil Departments actually OWE NOTHING to them.

    Nothing whatsoever!!

    What rubbish about they OWING they OWE these millions.

    The fundamental principle and fact is that no person no entity at all in Barbados or any where else OWES a thief anything, whereby that thief has over time been and continues to steal anything from them, but who on one particular has the bitter gall to say to them, ‘hey you owe me property that I did not get (steal) from you yesterday’.

    Such would be is madness that would be coming out of the mouth of the thief to simply think that he can expect to get the person’s property like that.

    So, these government departments in such cases are thieves robbers stealing and robbing from the remunerations of the relevant people, businesses and others constantly, and are the ones within which they are persons who have the brutish gall to be telling some of those entities ‘you OWE the Departments for what we were not able to steal or rob you of before’ and to subsequently expect that they will comply with their idiotic irrationalisms

    So, Suckoo-Byer, wake to hell up!!

    Many Barbadians are not living in the dark ages anymore!!

    Away with your load of musty garbage about any companies, or any other entities for that matter, in Barbados OWING these government departments millions of dollars in TAXES.

    Anyhow, what the PDC must – aside from telling the main persons involved in these companies that she foolishly alleges OWE these millions in TAXES – is that they must come and join the PDC and some others in this country in not only helping to liberate the people of this country from this evil wicked scourge of TAXATION, but in also helping to bring about a POST-TAXATION society for Barbados.

    Surely they must!!


  26. @ Hal Austin:
    “It is also the intention of this government to introduction a $10 a day congestion charge for all motor vehicles, between the hours of 7am and 10am, and from 3pm to 6pm.”

    Come on Hal, what kind of outrageously unworkable proposal is this? Do think you are dealing with people working in the London Mayor’s Office that would have your car clamped and impounded within days if payment is not made on time?
    You are dealing with an overmanned bureaucracy that boast not of their well measured performance based on the three “Es” to evaluate public administration instead of profit but of how well educated they are and how many pieces of paper qualifications they possess especially from the UWI.

    If the local law enforcement players and maintenance workers can’t even get car owners and drivers to:
    (a) pay road tax and insurance (est. 30,000 vehicles illegal on or off the road many with fake number plates);
    (b) stop parking on the sidewalks thereby forcing pedestrians to risks their lives walking in the road;
    (c) remove the debris from the roads and pavement in a reasonably acceptable time (say within 2 days 48 hours at max.) after the weeding and clearing of the overflowing drains,
    do you really feel that such a imaginative revenue raising, environmental friendly, forex saving proposal of a congestion charge could ever work in incestuous Barbados where family and friends and big-up politicians and others would be exempt from such?

    The alternative is to impose a special ‘high’ levy (call it an environmental levy) on all vehicles for private use in excess of 1600 cc. This levy would payable at the time of the road tax renewal. Consideration should also be given to the imposition of VAT on the insurance premium on vehicles for private use if the engine capacity of the vehicle exceeds 1.6 L.

    This administration thought it most fiscally attractive to increase licence fees on bicycles. What do you think happen to such a proposal?

    Not even the tax on mobile phones of $4.00 per month (although fiscally responsible in intent) was properly thought through as to its implementation and is practical execution. It should have been ad valorem in structure and not specific if it was to be effective to include the large category of prepaid or ‘Pay as you Talk, customers.

    Bajans are very good at aping the British in passing legislation but perform like monkeys handling guns when it comes to the enforcement of these pieces of legislation, simple or otherwise.

  27. Don’t care what language we use there is a problem. When we attempt to use an unofficial language that is popular in Barbados, we are told we cant cuss. When we revert to the queen’s english, we are told we are Merrs Malaprop. We can’t use Farsi or Arabic. OK then we shall remain silent and let the misguided have their way!

    • @Pacha

      Some of us understand that you are using ‘colorful’ language at times to draw attention to the need for meaningful change. Being passive and conservative is the Bajan way, in fact it has been held up as a strength through the years. Continue to make and defend your points, continue to provoke discussion. It is a discussion which is currently absent from the Barbados traditional mainstream space.

  28. Speaking Capitalism and speaking Government are NOT the same things … Shite. Democracy, responsible for common social campaigns and so on is Governance. Capitalism is an economic enterprise that it seems Governments have embraced as means of attracting wealth to its coffers. Capitalism is NOT a form of Governance and is most certainly NOT part of any true Democratic agenda.

  29. @The People’s Democratic Congress | August 9, 2013 at 9:40 AM |
    “Away with your load of musty garbage about any companies, or any other entities for that matter, in Barbados OWING these government departments millions of dollars in TAXES.”

    Easy Tiger, you are allowing your mouth to run in the wrong direction and allowing commonsense to escape with your intellectual honesty to be fair and balanced down an information cul de sac

    This is the question we need to put to you PDC (to answer, to answer nuh) if you want us to take you seriously.

    Who do you think actually paid over the tax to these companies? The VAT, PAYE Income Tax and NIS really are from the customers and employees. Only taxes on profits or the Employers’ portion of the NIS contributions come as a tax burden to the company. The company is just a tax collection mechanism or vehicle acting on behalf of the State.
    This effectively make these companies corporate crooks and involved in massive fraud.

    Why don’t these companies return the taxes and contributions deducted to the customers and to the employees and let these real taxpayers pay it direct to the VAT Department and to the Inland Revenue?

    Minister Suckoo is just another bullshit bluffer. Now what would the publishing a list of tax defaulters and NIS evaders do other than reinforce the incompetence of her administration that has made No difference to the previous regime’s cursed infelicities and malfeasance?

    All of these Revenue Collection agencies have the strong backing of the Law behind their efforts. The various pieces of legislation clearly put the responsibility squarely on the personal shoulders of the Directors of these various companies that are known tax defaulters.
    Why not go after the directors and also publish their names in the public domain? Then we will see who are the real thieves and fraudsters in Bim; not the petty criminal boys and druggies paraded in the Nation Newspaper Court reporting pages.

    “Heavens to Murgatroyd”! As I write DJ is saying the same thing on VOB Brasstacks.
    As Snagglepuss would say, “Exit, stage left I am off to the moon”!

  30. Before I make my submission Hal, the Government must first put in place a Central Collection Agency for the collection of taxes. Barbadians are burdened with high vehicle road tax and as we all know, the majority of Barbadians are driving around with out paying these taxes. I submit that the MoF should implement a 1% tax every time you put gas in your vehicle. The more you drive and put gas in your car the more taxes will be collected. The gas stations will pay that 1% from all sales to the Central Collection Agency and will be monitored monthly. If that money is not paid in by the service station a 100% increase will be charge at the end of the second month and the possibility of levying to collect that money on the third month. With that system, the MoF will be able to remove this burdensome high road tax. Govt will save thousands of dollars in the printing of stickers and get the maximum return from motorists.

    • @Tell Me Why

      And how will the protectors of the army of occupation respond?

      How can we ever achieve efficiency in the current circumstance?

  31. pachama suggests that asstin has “a pea sized brain.”
    so we have a man with porcine faeces spouting porcine faeces due to his pea sized brain. interesting !
    what a load of hogwash!

  32. @ Tell me Why

    You are talking about basic incompetence. I am sure you red the Auditor General’s annual reports.
    Take VAT, a tax collected by business people on behalf of the government yet these jokers cannot even collect it.
    People are using VAT as cashflow. In fact, they should be given two months to pay up or face not only closure, but the directors should be banned from being directors of any other business for a minimum seven years.
    I fully agree with you on an environmental petrol tax.

    • The issue in Barbados will always be lack of enforcement and political interference. We discuss these issues like we don’t know what are the real inhibitors.

  33. Hal and David. Yes we do have an incompetent school of workers in the collection arena. However, we need to give the Auditor General total freedom to act minus political interference. Maybe, the Auditor General could be a part of the PAC with the inclusion of a private financial trouble shooter who will not be a creature of the MoF or the present government. However, who will held this Revenue Collection Agency?

    • The Auditor General’s report is laid in parliament and should be acted on by the PAC but we know how this goes. The PAC is a committee of parliament set up for a reason. God help us.

  34. @ Tell me Why & Hal Austin:

    I am all for using the using the additional fuel tax route as a more efficient alternative to the collection of the road tax revenues.
    However, the policy would have to exempt vehicles using RE fuels in order to justify and promote the government’s environmental or greening of the economy programmes.

    In addition, a move over to the fuel route to collect the road tax portion of the entire vehicle taxation regime you would have to put in place a means of ensuring vehicles are adequately insured for third party purposes.
    How do you ensure adherence to this necessary legal framework without the annual road tax registration control filter or law enforcement catch point?
    The current system is a waste of precious policing resources and must be replaced with a more efficient and effective monitoring mechanism including putting more of the onus on the insurance companies issuing third party insurance policies.

    BTW, “Tell me Why”, can you see the Central Revenue Authority (CRA) coming on stream by merging4 different revenue collection agencies without the loss of jobs as the MoF would want you to believe?

  35. Pachama continue your stupid attacks even though they are not relevant and doesnot address the issue. . So far from your Past comments your way of change is by blood and guts. as of now people are asking for a difference that would make life easier

  36. The nonsense regarding loss of jobs is just a political ploy. We as a country have to remove partisanship politics and focus on the doo doo we are in. We must staff this agency with competent workers, but first, we must have a competent leader.

  37. @ ac

    Pacahma is refusing to deal with a question of simple political Theory. If you are asking the people to reject capitalism, therefore you should suggest an alternative system. If you do not you leave a vacuum and risk anarchy.
    This is wrong in terms of political theory, epistemology and in terms of political organisation.
    To mobilise public support you have to do better than that – unless you are a Leninist.
    Pacha is on a learning curve.

    • @Hal

      What Pacha seems to be doing is to provoke a discussion which causes us to dispassionately critique the system that is now. It does not mean he has the answers. As Bushie posited earlier, sometimes it is the exchange between the players that a coherent position emerges.

  38. @ Tell me Why | August 9, 2013 at 11:16 AM |
    “We must staff this agency with competent workers, but first, we must have a competent leader.”

    Well said!
    This has been my position all along.
    This is a classic example where Leadership (Not popularity of Size) matters.
    And the best way to demonstrate it is by “Example”. We shall see if this man Freundel leads by ‘example’ or finally proves he deserves the acerbic criticism he has been receiving from the miller.

    We will see if he trims the public sector workforce even by way of justified redundancies through the merging of the four revenue collection agencies into the CRA but still persists with his already overblown expensively overmanned redundant Cabinet of underperforming oversized ministers.

  39. @ David | August 9, 2013 at 11:33 AM |
    “DJ batting like Sobers.”

    Sweet fuh days! Calling the “shots” as he sees them.

    Only problem is that he would soon be labeled anti- DLP and anti Freundel with calls for his immediate removal from the airwaves and possible deportation.
    Just wait on ac, CCC and the other members of the hate brigade.

  40. Hal Austin

    Jesus H Chris’ man do you really think that Capitalism is a form of Government? I can CLEARLY see Pacha’s frustration with you. Yes Pacha can be ad hominem at times, but in your case, as with Moneybrain, I can’ fault he atol atol atol …!


    Thnkx for the acknol ..

  41. Are the people suggesting an additional tax on gas aware that there is already a 40% tax on gas??? How about giving an incentive for hybrid and or electric vehicles that will consume less foreign exchange (oil). Doesn’t that make more sense. Why are all these additional burdens on car drivers being suggested?

  42. But Pachaman doesn,t bring any meaningful exchange . just side swining crap to intimidate..Good fuh rumshop garbage . the exchange so far in this debate from Pachaman is to insullt the. nothing absolutly nothing of real substance .The same old small talk.!mash up and brek UP! everybody have a slave mentality! the colonial master owns all ! Captalist is fraud . how far would Pachaman barrage of trading insults help us as a small country in solving our immediate issues

  43. What enviromental fee on gas.. put it on cigarettes i don,t care how much the cigarette cost now it is not a the way gas prices are climbing who de hell need another fee of any kind on gas.

  44. @ ac | August 9, 2013 at 12:36 PM |

    As a matter of principle or for philosophical consistency you ac should be more in favour of Pacha’s position on the preferred solutions to the country’s economic problems than anything proffered by the more capitalist inclined Hal Austin.

    Aren’t you the one with a congenital pathological dislike and opposition to anything involving Privatization especially under a DLP controlled regime?

    After all capitalism only hurts the poor black man while everything controlled by a DLP managed government is done in the interest of the poor blacks, not so Ac?

  45. @ ac | August 9, 2013 at 12:45 PM |
    “put it on cigarettes i don,t care how much the cigarette cost now it is not a necessity”

    Since it is against the law to smoke in public and smoking is not good for people’s health why not go the full hog and ban the importation of cigarettes thereby saving some much more vital foreign exchange?

    Let us hear you ac call on the government to ban something that is a harmful, forex wasting habit engaged in by very few Bajans especially among the younger generations who would kick up a stink against the banning of “cigarette” paper like Bambi, Bamboo and Rizla.

  46. @ Baffy

    “CEO’s of said funds should be employed on a two year contractual basis.”

    I would append your comment to read

    “Said contract shall comprise compensation (and possible perks) computed ON ONE’s PERFORMANCE”

    Which in plain English will mean that “if Timothy Simmons, Hamilton Roach and similar free-loaders are to get a salary when the month come, it will be based on the performance of their investment portfolios.

    We tired paying them for doing nothing and investing $$millions of our tax payers money in hairbrained, hardwood schemes.

    But then again, TImothy is Dale Marshall cousin so he above the law given that Dale Marshall was de former Attorney General.

    Baffy it called “laisser faire” which mean do what de fxck you please wunna cant do nuffin

  47. Piece said:

    “But then again, TImothy is Dale Marshall cousin so he above the law given that Dale Marshall was de former Attorney General.”


    Oh my!!!

  48. Speaking about nuffing

    What does this PDC gang espousing itself as the alternative governmment really do though?

    I getting bewitch or someting.

    Imagine this, right when Hall Austin put forward some ideas, i will not comment on whether they are of any value at this time, cause i ent got de time, dem pontificating fellows start off pun who de bajans vot fuh 8 months ago!!

    If i din know bettah i wud swear dem did stick in first gear or sumting.

    You would have thought that this would have been the opportunity to submit an immediate counter showing (a) that they were on the ball so to speak and (b) showing the mettle of the man

    But, true to the eternal modus operandi of the Bajan political aspirant, they show how ingrunt and illiterate they really are, devoid of any ideas and needing the melee of a general election to talk dem brand uh faeces.

    I for one am grateful that clowns like these come to these sites and expose themselves (figuratively speaking) as the bat shi*e that tehy are so that enlightened bajans dont park their cars close to the rancid effluent

  49. Speaking about “doing nuffing”

    What does this PDC gang, espousing itself as the alternative government for Bajans, really do though?

    I getting bewitch or someting.

    Imagine this, right when Hall Austin put forward some ideas, (i will not comment on whether they are of any value – at this time, cause i ent got de time) dem pontificating fellows start off pun who de bajans vot fuh 8 months ago!!

    If i din know bettah i wud swear dem did stick in first gear or sumting.

    You would tink that this would have been an opportunity fuh dem to submit an immediate counter showing (a) that they were on the ball so to speak and (b) showing the mettle of the alternative party

    But, true to the eternal modus operandi of the Bajan political aspirant, they show how ingrunt and illiterate they really are, devoid of any ideas and needing the melee of a general election to talk dem brand uh faeces.

    I for one am grateful that clowns like these come to these sites and expose themselves (figuratively speaking) as the bat shi*e that they are so that enlightened bajans don’t stand up too close to the rancid effluent

  50. One thing about the Budget
    There will be no relief
    from anything
    crushed into the ground again
    when yuh think it is getting easy
    um get harder and crueller

  51. piece

    Thank you for the support but I need you to move away from the mindset that public funds and indeed public officers should be used for the further exploitation of Barbadians. The managers of the funds should be made to show a ZERO return (not a loss, not a profit) a ZERO return for their efforts. That requires skills. The funds should remain self sustaining on the margin (to borrow a Mascoll term) but they will achieve an objective of supporting ventures that are normally viewed as risky.

    Look, when public funds are used to just pay salaries, you can be sure that such funds will NEVER be returned. These salary earners are Barbadians in the same way as those who are FORCED to be entrepreneurial, are Barbadian. In the second instance there will at least be a requirement to put something back, enough to keep the fund alive, and if it falls below mark, which tax payer with sound mind, would voice an opposition to offering additional support to productive enterprise when salaries continue to be paid with impunity…!

    Come man understand what it is that I am trying to say …

  52. KotLK. My suggestion was the 1% tax on gas will replace Road Tax. The person talking about additional environment tax was mooted by Miller.

  53. My now deceased mother used to say something about giving the ignorant power. I can’t remember now what it was exactly.

  54. i not calling for no ban on nothing ,why should I however I would like BU to ban yuh black ass miller … all in favour say YEAH, no need to ask the NaY…, cigarettes also pose an environmental risk to everyone . not many people would oppose such a fee on cigarettes . Welll Ahhhh except CasweLL. who would turn the constitution on its head trying to prove a point……..,

  55. @ Tell me Why | August 9, 2013 at 5:13 PM |

    The KotLK fails to appreciate what you were promoting as a more efficient way of collecting the road tax under a restructured revenue assessment and collection regime.
    So we would not expect him to value the wider policy implications of the additional tax on imported forex consuming large vehicles entirely unsuitable to our small land mass and congested road network.

    Yes, the miller proposes the imposition of an additional tax but only on vehicles over a certain engine capacity. There is absolutely no need to import vehicles over 1600 cc’s except in very few situations or by people from abroad using their own forex earnings.
    We need to take a leaf out of Bermuda’s books.

    Le those who wish to engage in this luxury, pay the economic cost for this forex wastage.
    Let the government walk the walk instead of just talking the talk as far as fiscal responsibility, preservation of foreign reserves and greening the economy are concerned.

    Tell the KOTLK to take his dagger and attack those who say one thing about fiscal management and greening the economy but fail to do anything about it.

    • If this tax could be implemented it would make more sense but the questions asked earlier, what about the army of occupation at the Road Tax department in the Pine?

  56. Hal son,
    You would get a hearty round of applause from the government benches whichever party was in power but here you seem only to have put the ants into Pacha’s pants causing severe discomfiture to the point where her own budget speech got destroyed trying to brush them out.
    Mayhem in parliament.

  57. @ David | August 9, 2013 at 5:54 PM |

    They would go the way of the dodo bird or like the army of easily bribed pretend enforcers of days of yore in the old Weights& Measures Division of Mechanical scales most relevant in the old days but confined today to an insignificant role in the Ministry of Trade & Commerce “officially” responsible for consumer affairs.

    But you ought to be concerned. Maybe they are part of the $ 66 million planned payroll adjustment.
    Under a CRA that function of the existing VLA would be a small division responsible primarily for the inspection and certification of the road worthiness of vehicles and the competence of drivers to use the roads.

    Its revenue collection responsibilities would be massively reduced with the payment for a driving licence made upfront at the time of initial issuance not requiring annual renewal. Any lost of revenues from this measure would be recouped like the road tax by way of the special tax on fuels.

    This Division would also have a policing function to ensure that not only the road worthiness of vehicles and competence of drivers but also to enforce the violation reports of breach of contracts or failure to renew policies mandatorily received from the insurance companies regarding third party insurance policies.

    • @Miller

      The bottomline is that we need to make decisions on the basis of efficiencies created and performance. How else can we achieve productivity?

  58. Millertheanunnaki,

    In your 10.25 am, August 9, 2013 blog, and in what somewhat passes as a response to the PDC’s 9.40 am, August 9, 2013 post, you stated, inter alia, ‘This is the question we (sic) need to put to you PDC (to answer, to answer nuh) if you want us (sic) to take you seriously”.

    Well, let us say to you first and foremost: you need to honestly speak for yourself and yourself alone – whosoever you are ; and second and utmost: you need to read the particular post properly and in the context of so many of the PDC’s articulations on the Abolition of TAXATION on here.

    This has been our first and last response to you – under this handle that is known to us – on this question.

    Indeed, we do not have any time and energy to waste on this otherwise important blogsite.


    • Sir,
      First I must declare that the larger part (25 years) of my illustrious career was spent with a supremely successful corporation whose founders were characterised as “not very bright” and “not knowing what they were doing”.

      I happily bracket myself with the quoted sentiments above.

      What I am unable to fathom due to my lack of understanding is what the result of the ABOLITION of TAXES would be.

      Are there any precedents anywhere and how would doing so impact on the provisions that are funded by TAXATION?

      Please flesh it out for us mental sloths.

  59. @ The People’s Democratic Congress | August 10, 2013 at 6:30 AM |
    “Indeed, we do not have any time and energy to waste on this otherwise important blogsite.”

    What revealing pearls of wisdom coming from a so-called interest group pretending to advocate the rights and concerns of the “ordinary” people?

    So you are no longer interested in what has happened to the hard-earned monies of poor consumers who were forcibly demanded to pay over the VAT element of their purchase from these private sector brigands?
    The question to you again (sic) is why not focus on these crooks?

    Another question “fuh” you PDC is about the enslaved workers whose wages were “docked” as per the laws of the Land with both NIS & where applicable PAYE deductions which were non -negotiable and withheld but not paid into the national meeting term pot to contribute to the general welfare of the society; but more importantly to make provisions for their periods of sickness, of unemployment and most of all old age should the great Spirit spare their lives until their very inevitable end.

    Now let us see how much you can empathize with the unknown Jethro Miller.
    Yuh got a question fuh Jethro, PDC?

  60. @ Baffy

    That ZERO concept that you are floating CANNOT WORK for two reasons

    1. It is impossible for anyone to balance the returns/revenues of their project portfolio. $50M (EGFL’s extended budget to include Tourism Fund etc) invested across x given businesses, zeroing out ?? SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE.

    That would mean that TImothy the sole investment manager (de rest is only titular) would have to have the same “Heavenly Telephone” that Sister Marshall used to sing bout pun Sundays pun Redifusion with a direct line to GOD to know the outcomes of dem HardWood companies he investing in.

    2. If you say “Self Sustaining on the Margin”, are you planning to keep the yearly $$ voted to EGFL constant at $50M or will you increase it each year?

    If you plan the former then you are again seeking a magician (i.e. Timothy and he is a magician too, look how he does get we tax payers money disappear every year dennn!!) to determine which companies that he will invest in to maintain this “Don Quixote” on the margin dream that I hear you talking bout.

    If it is the latter, please explain to me why the government of the day (or today) would be inclined to increase Timothy budget for a micro-enterprise development agency that operating an “on the margin” zero tingy?

    The only other place I have heard something close to this type of “on the margin” dream practiced is in Zimbabwe where, irrespective of the original investment, the government is entitled to 51% of the company.

    Baffy, you better be careful talking bout this type of ZERO ting economics lest General John Kelly of the US Marine Corps schedules a drone to pass over your house during their daily sweeps.

    Dem drones can detect the variety of sensimalia growing in a body back yard!!

  61. Sid Boyce,

    We in the PDC do not make any sport when it comes to fundamental matters that adversely affect the lives of people in this Barbadian society.

    Thus, any FORM/TYPE of government in Barbados that has been – on the basis of evil wicked TAXATION – stealing and robbing constantly countless portions of the incomes, payments, and transfers of the relevant individuals, businesses and other entities in this country, and, too, that by virtue of that fact so wickedly violates the commonly well established property and remuneration rights of those particular individuals, businesses and other entities must be deemed by any right thinking persons in Barbados as not only a fundamental problem to the proper growth and development of the political legal material and financial systems of this country, but also a fundamental destroyer of the greatest possible growth and development of the people of this country.

    Indeed, such a FORM/TYPE of government must therefore be permanently got the rid of by the majority people of Barbados for violating their fundamental human rights and for flagrantly breaching laws of good governance in Barbados.

    For, the fundamental purpose of any constitutional legal state in a country like Barbados ought to be on ensuring that the constitution is the basic, most compromising, most fair, most embodying (of the values customs rights and responsibilities of the major political legal sectors of the country) of the laws of the land (not government), ought to be on upholding the rule of law (revised), and ought to be on the provision of ultimate security and protection to the ordinary lives, freedoms and properties of the citizens of the country against domestic and external violators usurpers of those fundamental requirements so essential to the evolving integrity and systemic functioning of the society of that particular country.

    Moreover, there is no serious jurisprudence, or for that matter, any properly functioning legal system any where, that, on one hand, is could be morally politically legally supportive of the political legal rights of citizens and other legal entities of Barbados to fairly, rightly, and properly have legal recourse representation – via the DPP – in the local law courts and the CCJ, against other citizens and other duly constituted entities that steal from and rob other citizens and the said legally recognized entities of their own properties, but that, on the other hand, does not morally politically legally support the political legal rights of those same citizens and relevant entities to in the similar way take criminal legal action against the Executive – a duly constituted entity of the country – for stealing and robbing the relevant citizens and other entities of their own properties and for violating their axiomatic political legal rights.

    So, such immoral, illegal, unconstitutional, arbitrary, discriminatory, etc behaviour (TAXATION) of the so-called Executive must be seriously dealt with and through the use of the ‘right’ existentialist logical political consensus building methods by the majority of the people of Barbados, with a view of its utter complete removal from the social political material and financial landscape of this country and its replacement with ideological political financial systems and approaches that are befitting of moral, constitutional, legal, justiciable and encompassing order, repute and consideration.

    So, Sid Boyce, it is from these types of solid foundations, that theoretically the higher constructs ideals of alternatives to evil wicked TAXATION can be thought of and must be manifested.


    • Fighting words from Dr.Belle, let us see which radio station will give him the opportunity to expand on hs position come Tuesday.

  62. Just got back to this thread and saw your comment Piece.

    Yep the EGFL manages a number of “funds” about four, and they are expected to show a return on investment. So they do and the fund is self sustaining, as I believe it reaches some specified target every year. (Yours is the first comment that refers to a $50 Mill transfer to the fund manager every year but I believe you are referring to a tourism related affair).

    When an entity is expected to show a return on investment that entity is in business, and businesses have the sole agenda of exploiting a population for profit. The ONLY way that the word “development” could be used in such an environment is in referring to the ways in which such a population can better serve the business’s interests in making more money.

    I believe a population deserves better, particularly from a fund that cannot fail since it can be topped up if the situation requires such. The Consolidated Fund is topped up and is used basically for the paying of salaries. The funds of the EGFL are expected to be supportive of activities which are themselves expected to be self sustaining over time. It is an extension of a Political policy objective, no matter the label on the political incumbent.

    The business model which requires this ROI makes it easy for your standards conservative types to dictate policy, and the decision making becomes comparable to that of the normal run of the mill retail bank.

    The suggestion of ZERO ROI is NOT new. The Federal Reserve in the US is operated along those lines, and surely attaining that zero goal year after year in the place like the US should make it at least probable that it can be duplicated here in the far more sophisticated land of Barbados.

    Look man It is my belief that “developing a people” is considerably different to “developing a market” and you recognize that demanding a return on investment only results in a market approach to any development.

    The Fund requires the input of people with a vision that accepts failure as part of its mandate. Conservatism is easy, it is, but it is just not what is required when activating a truly developmental agenda. I am NOT preaching recklessness, just an understanding that the assessment of risk needs to be re-defined.

    Take a look at how life evolves in nature. Oddities appear all of the time, some succeed and some meet a dead end, but had it not been for the oddities all life would still be inhabiting some muddy pool in Africa or a hydrothermal vents. Who is this Fund Manager to determine before hand which oddities will succeed and which won’t?

    • @Caswell

      What are you hearing about where government will find the 66 million cut out of public sector emoluments.

  63. David | August 11, 2013 at 11:04 AM |
    Good comment BAF, there is hope yet …lol.



  64. @ ac | August 9, 2013 at 5:32 PM |
    “i not calling for no ban on nothing ,why should I however I would like BU to ban yuh black ass miller …”

    How do you know the miller is black? He might be an “Ass” alright but not black. You have never seen the colour of Uncle Tommy Miller? Call me the mulatto that is hung like a donkey.

    BTW, you think your man going to get the cell phone tax right this time?
    And while you are at it tell him to drop the foolish niggling irritating uncollectible levies and fees imposed in the 2009 budget by that real black jackass Darcy Boyce.

    Since you are on the health bandwagon let the lying buffoon remove the taxes and licences on bicycles and follow through with the promised tax concessions on private health insurance and gym membership.

    It would also be helpful in contributing to the health of the country and demonstrate a measure of honesty and genuine commitment to keeping manifesto pledges made in full knowledge of the state of the economy and the fiscal challenges faced by this DLP administration: The following should therefore be implemented to kick start the programme aptly titled “SOS for a Healthy Barbados”:

    (1). Remove fiscal imposts on medications for
    diabetics, hypertension and other chronic
    non-communicable illnesses.

    (2). Provide for a fully functioning St. John

    (3). Remove import duties and VAT on Orthotics,
    assisted learning devices and mobility devices
    for children with special needs;

    (4). A tax rebate of up to $1,000 for workers who
    do not take the full complement of sick days
    in a calendar year.

  65. @BAFBFP | August 11, 2013 at 10:53 AM |
    “Take a look at how life evolves in nature. Oddities appear all of the time, some succeed and some meet a dead end, but had it not been for the oddities all life would still be inhabiting some muddy pool in Africa or a hydrothermal vents. Who is this Fund Manager to determine before hand which oddities will succeed and which won’t?”

    Very impressive analogy to the Darwinian Natural Selection theory.

    Be careful how far you stretch it because you might find its concomitant thesis of “Survival of the Fittest” in the evolutionary race could be very supportive to Capitalism which so far has been more successful in generating wealth for a few at the expense of the many(LOL!!!).

    Let us therefore settle for a miscegenation-type happy medium of “social capitalism” or capitalism with a human face called “Cooperativism” as the way forward or the next evolutionary step in the economic race.
    Note that the role of the State has been deliberately diluted and downplayed in this evolved ‘new’ species of economic organization.

  66. Interesting comments from Dr. Belle

    From Dr. The Honourable to Dr. Belle

    Provide us with some examples please

  67. @ Pieceuhderock
    It is not only possible to run an organization at ‘break even’, (or at any agreed level of growth).. but local Credit Unions (are supposed to) employ a methodology called “Patronage Refunds” which does this extremely well.
    There is no reason why the EFGL could not do likewise….
    LOL…Caswell is an expert 🙂

  68. Well whatever the Budget brings, this is what the majority of Bajans voted for so accept it willingly . Maybe lubricant will be cheaper fro an easier penetration.

  69. In a speech at the Errol Walton Barrow Memorial Dinner (the DLP Canada annual fundraiser) in Toronto in September, 2012, Prime Minister Stuart paid tribute the great father of the party. He reminded those in attendance of the programs Barrow and the DPL has introduced for the benefit of the people of Barbados under the banner of Leadership in Social Transformation.

    He said that over the last 40 years there is no political party in the Caribbean that has done more for the common man, ordinary man, the vulnerable man and woman, than the DLP – while keeping Barbados “stable.”

    He said, the depth and duration of the current crisis have baffled policy makers and economists all across the world; and while times are rough – the most difficult period in the country’s history, we are holding our own in Barbados; our policy decisions have managed to keep Barbados stable.

    There can be no doubt that DLP has shown “Leadership in Social Transformation”; and they are indeed to be commended for that leadership.

    The PM quoted Sir James Tudor, a founder of the DLP, as saying “ We are all like blind men in a dark room looking for a black cat”

    The time has come for DLP to show Leadership in Economic Transformation.

    For the sake of the common man, the ordinary man, the vulnerable man and woman, it is hoped that on August 13, DEM will show that they have found the Black Cat.

  70. lol10

    With respect, seventy percent (70%) of the voting population of Barbados voted AGAINST the Democratic Labour Party. It must be said however the seventy percent (70%) of the voting population of Barbados also voted AGAINST the Barbados Labour Party. Seems that no matter which way you swing it, the “voice of the people” will still NOT be heard ..!

  71. A Budget Speech that Chris Sinckler should have given but failed to, following the banking crisis. It is now another opportunity for our president to consider. It embodies all the radical transformations that we could ask for.

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