Careful Analysis Needed to Determine Marketing Spend in US Market

Adrian Loveridge - Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Adrian Loveridge – Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Last month the Canadian Tourism Commission, the Crown’s corporation which acts as a national tourism marketing board for that country, announced that it was going to stop advertising in the United States. I am sure it took many by surprise.

The Ottawa Sun seemed to capture the spirit behind the decision with a bold headline screaming ‘Ottawa no longer wants to waste time and money trying to lure American tourists to the land of moose, mountains and Mounties’.

At first, this decision appears to defy any logic. An immediate neighbour with nine times your own population, a staggering 316 million potential visitors on your doorstep. Among the justifying reasons were that the typical US visitor spent, on average, only US$518 per trip to Canada last year, the lowest amount spent by any international visitor group. By contrast, tourists from Brazil spent an average of US$1,874 per trip.

 CTC, vice-president of strategy and corporate communications, Paul Nursey, stated ‘Dollar for dollar, advertising in overseas markets was proven to generate a higher return on investment than the United States’. Since 2000, the share of tourism industry revenue from outside Canada has dropped from 35 per cent of the industry total to just below 19 percent and the decline is largely attributed to diminished travel from the U.S. market.

It got me thinking, is there are any parallels with Barbados.

In the five year inclusive period 2003 to 2007, we welcomed 654,282* American long stay visitors. From 2008 to 2012 that number had marginally grown to 662,246* or just 7,965 additional people. To put that in perspective, it represents around 30 more visitors per week. So far, this year (January-April), US visitor arrivals have fallen by 5,703 and if the current trend continues, when the May figures are released, further disappointing numbers could eliminate any minimal gain at all over the last five years.

Traditionally, the United States has always has always received the lion’s share of the annual Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) budget, and frankly I have always found this difficult to understand. Especially when you consider the United Kingdom produces higher visitor numbers and the average “Brit’ stays far longer, therefore contributing more in just about every way. Plus the BTA budget has to meet the cost of two offices (New York and Miami) in the USA, against the lone London location. Should we be asking the same question Canada’s national tourism marketing agency is asking and direct precious promotional funds into the areas that have the highest return?

We have had every opportunity to increase United States arrivals with the addition of over 1,000 seats a week alone with lost-cost carrier, JetBlue since October 2009. Sadly, other new routes that have been introduced like Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia and Charlotte have not generated sufficient traffic to keep them flying, either at all, or more than a limited seasonal service.

So am I advocating that ‘we’ follow Canada’s example?

Absolutely not. But it seems to make no sense whatsoever, to continue ploughing tens of millions of dollars, plus an disproportionate allocation of human and other resources in a market that is not producing any significant and sustained growth.

*Source – Caribbean Tourism Organisation

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  1. no Adrien Why cut off our nose to spoil our face . With the major market UK in some what decline. we still need the additional market which is a big market to boost our falling numbers , Canada can afford the luxury of not adversting in uSA they are neighbours and easily accessible to each other. the numbers that USA is showing might be small but not overly unimpressive, I believe too that that some of our mareting strategy for USA also includes Cruises whuch we are highly dependent on and that area would be affected negatively if we discontinued our adverstising. which at this time we could least afford to lose,

    • @Adrian

      Your piece touches on the discussion we had on Saturday. How does Barbados map marketing spend to correlate with marketshare and historical behaviour. Brutus posted the Central Bank report which shows that tourism growth for Barbados dating back to pre-2000 has been slower than other destinations, why? It must be something systemic.

  2. ac,
    the objective of the article is not to question the continuation of marketing
    of Barbados in the USA, it is to question HOW we allocate resources, because clearly the way we are currently doing it, is NOT working. I would guess that about $20 million of the overall annual BTA budget is spent in the USA.
    On the subject of cruise ships, did you read the recent report that concluded that of ALL the discretionary spending by each cruise ship passenger, 82 per cent is spent on board and only 18 per cent on land. This makes a nonsense of the people calling for granting permission for the ships to open on board casinos and shops whilst in port.

    • @Adrian

      On the subject of cruise ships, did you read the recent report that concluded that of ALL the discretionary spending by each cruise ship passenger, 82 per cent is spent on board and only 18 per cent on land. This makes a nonsense of the people calling for granting permission for the ships to open on board casinos and shops whilst in port.

      BU’s position is that it makes sense to try it. Was the decision supported by similar decisions in other countries?

  3. Look …why we don’t just call a spade a spade….square pegs never DO WELL in round hole….Time we overhaul the tourism product as well and get in sync before it is too late….St Lucia and other destinations just gobbling up our loss…yet we are the indisputable GEM of the Caribbean…

  4. David,
    How would you ensure that even more of the discretionary spending is not retained on board?

  5. @Adrian

    Robust metrics should support all BTA programs and should be part of the national conversation. It is our damn money they are spending!

  6. David,

    I agree so much. I also think that taxpayer funded bodies like the BTA should be legally obliged to publish their audited accounts within six months of the end of each financial year. As you say its OUR money and we have a right to see how it is spent.

  7. There is a view held by politicians and their stooges that knowledge about anything is located with them. Nonsense!

    Why not be democratic in the decision making to benefit from the experience and knowledge out there? Why educate a nation and boast about it but refuse to make use of it directly?

  8. The argument is that cruise ships will choose to stay in port longer in Barbados, if they are able to keep their casinos open. Passengers who wish to take shore visits will then have more time, and access to a wider range of activities on land. More passengers may choose to take shore visits, and those who do may spend more money than they currently do. This seems reasonable if we assume that more people go on cruises to visit and experience other countries, than go to gamble in casinos.

    However Adrian is making a reasonable argument that we should look again at how much we are spending in the US market, and how we are spending it.

  9. Barbados Tourism Authority Act, Section 23

    Annual Report

    (1) The Authority shall as soon as possible after the end of each year and, in any event, not later than 5 months from the end of any year, submit to the Minister a report containing
    (a) an account of the performance of the activities and operations
    of the Authority and an analysis of the performance of the tourism industry during the preceding year;
    (b) an assessment of any marketing and advertising programme undertaken; and
    (c) a statement of the audited accounts of the Authority.

    (2) The Minister shall lay before Parliament a copy of the report
    referred to in subsection (1) as soon as practicable after receiving that

    (3) A copy of the audited statement of accounts shall be published
    in the Official Gazette.

  10. @ Brutus | June 17, 2013 at 7:34 AM |

    Your reasoning is sound behind the argument encouraging the cruise ships to remain longer in port provided they are permitted to open their casinos.

    But what we would wish you to do is to either justify or debunk the current position of not allowing casinos on land to operate from 7.00 PM to 2.00 AM aimed at providing entertainment to long-stay land based visitors?

    What is the moral difference, if there is one anyway?

  11. O.K. so adrien are u saying that the 42 thousand USA tourist between Jan _april would not be enough to cover the allocated marketing budget to USA . i kind a like look it at driffently but more on a annual perspective in its totalty overall the numbers of USA Tourist arrival would more than cover the 20million budget. i kind of hard press to see how much savings would be derived if that 20millionwas marketed to England. AS a matter of fact i read where the British are prefering to do more staycations.

  12. Bereft as I am of any sartorial elegance (attributed to its author Sir Wes Hall) I will append my meagre remarks to those of the seasoned practitioner Mr. Loveridge.

    I have suggested to the powers that be, and were, two things.

    A Production Validation System (PVS) which paid marketing and promotion entities on deliverables and (ii) a system that “linked” marketing spend in tourism with “visitors” arising from targeted jurisdictions.

    PVS is not a new concept, insurance companies and other commission based private sector companies employ it, the employee (sometimes) gets paid a base salary and their monthly compensation thereafterwards is based on their performance.

    If they dont perform they are “released from service” which, in the case of our tourism marketing entity staff (public servants), would mean their recall from the tea parties in these exotic cities, to be replaced by people who are either committed to marketing our tourism product or hungry enough to want to be paid.

    Let us face it this is not business as usual, there are no free rides and if you cant deliver what our tax payers are paying you to do in these exotic locations, come home and let others who are committed to a deliverable and driven by service to country.

    The second proposal is quite simple.

    I have 10 tourist coming to my country from Country of Embarkation A. If my (expensive) Immigration Software Platform at my airport is working, I should know the names of the visitors arriving, shouldn’t I? That is of course if my Immigration department worked in sync with my Tourism Ministry as a country where the importance of Tourism took priority over other things or there was a harmonious Tourism and Immigration policy/practice in place.

    So suppose I spend $10 dollars in Country of Embarkation A on marketing and the number of visitors from COE A increases from 10 to 12 persons.

    Just for the sake of simplistic reasoning let us assume that the 2 person increase is due to that $10. (We also accept that the increase could be due to several other factors which a less than 55 question CTO survey can determine) Doe that not mean that $10/2 (people) means $5 marketing per visitor?

    Let us extrapolate and ask this question. Would it be too hard then for the Tourism ministry to harvest the Immigration data for all of the jurisdictions where they are spending marketing dollars and, by using the simplest formula of increase in visitors, divided by spend, such spend statistics to be inclusive of ALL expenses for that jurisdiction, the MOT missions, their outlets, their advertising, there tea party budgets, the per diem of visiting missions, the whole slew of (wasted) money and arrive at a figure of how much it is costing to support our marketing in a COE?

    But then again that fellow Weekes is not too bright a fellow and this is why we have more sage persons running our Tourism Marketing Programs etc.

    Let me suggest this, let the Ministry of Tourism issue a call for a PVS contract for Marketing Barbados where they allocate part of the 10% budget to that call and define a performance contract where any bajan provider can vie to provide tourism marketing services and be paid a specific fee for each visitor that they bring to the island.

    “Wanted Dead or Alive” give a fee for every additional visitor that is not in the vaunted Immigration Software platform to any PVS contractee, be you Sam Pouchie or the Duppie, and see how many Bajans get into the Tourism business and seek to promote this tourism product that has been dying for the last 20 years.

    “rescing Weekes’ citizenship immediately”

  13. DAVID

    ” It is our damn money they are spending!”

    You don’t make any contribution to the treasury.

  14. Brutus,

    If you look at the sailing schedule, you will notice that the vast majority of ships require passengers to be back on board by 4pm and then they sail at 5pm to be able to use less fuel enroute to the next port. I am not convinced that a significant number would get off the ship to forgo dinner and therefore have to spend a little bit more of the retained 82 per cent spent on board at a land based restaurant, with taxis charges etc. We know after 6pm Bridgetown dies, so its not a shopping option and its doubtful they would want to extend an island tour after it gets dark.
    Regarding the BTA audited accounts. This MAY be the situation now, but I can assure you that it did NOT happened for several years, even when the BTA President/CEO was an accountant.

  15. @ David Weekes | June 17, 2013 at 8:21 AM |
    “Let me suggest this, let the Ministry of Tourism issue a call for a PVS contract for Marketing Barbados where they allocate part of the 10% budget to that call and define a performance contract where any bajan provider can vie to provide tourism marketing services and be paid a specific fee for each visitor that they bring to the island.”

    This an excellent suggestion although one that has been made ad nauseam to the executing arm of the MoT the BTA under the administration of both political parties but to no avail. But then they (the BTA) would prefer to pay millions in advertising and foreign consultancy fees than to implement an incentive programme for Bajans both local and in the Diaspora based on results achieved.

    We are not talking about inviting family members but friends and work colleagues or even strangers that can form the target marketing pool.

  16. Adrian Loveridge @ each cruise ship passenger, 82 per cent is spent on board and only 18 per cent on land. This makes a nonsense of the people calling for granting permission for the ships to open on board casinos and shops whilst in port.@@ Have you ever went on a cruise?

    We did and see how it works . All things were full priced , after 2 day out at sea, they then had a sale 20% . Right before they hit port they drop the prices some times 50% so they buy on ship and not on land.
    They want for you to hand over your credit card so you dont have to worry about money and charge everything to your dinner table or your room,
    At the end of the trip you will not believe your bill , after the bar , drinks, water , food and nights out on ship.
    The ship drain as much money as they can before the people land anywhere or do any thing , They are called tourism? or visitors with eyes only ,, pockets empty . all things sold on ship from the states and the same thing on land in Barbados.
    Now what will people spend money on ,when they land , taxi, bus tour,
    Even me , I cant buy food of the street in BIm while walking but maybe water and a drink in a bottle.
    Vender food not displayed right nor treated right.
    Flies, hands, appearance of the workers , bar flies at times ,
    If not KFC or a well know place of Americans names we did not buy on our trip. If you get sick who will you sue , who pays the bill, water not up to standards and the local use to these things.
    I can say more , but i dont want to start a WAR with no one , But the truth from the other side , most dont want to deal with.If i can smell you before i get to you , there is some thing you looking to hide good or bad.

  17. @MillertheAnunnaki”

    “Who invited you to Barbados?” A simple line on the outmoded Immigration ED card.

    Imagine the $25/tourist fee that a fellow in Marlhole on his laptop can generate from home for inviting some buddies from St. Lucia to Bim pun a weekend?

    I would require a more robust and well thought out Information Systems Architecture for the Immigration Authorities, the Ministry of Tourism and a simple email notifier for the MarlHole denizen to get a notice “you have $75 in your “Heart of Barbados” tourism account ( I am sorry they already took that name from me and you will note that not a man jack can gainsay this claim)

    But of course oh Anunnaki, it would mean the demise of these big up marketing contracts.

    A fellow who is wiser than either you or I said, in another blog, that we should follow the money with these high flying marketeers since they are embedded with purported kickback mechanisms.

    Mr. Anunnaki I am not going down that road of fiduciary infelicities because, whereas that blogger is not going to be sued for defamation, a case will be quickly be brought against Weekes and i will end up in Coleridge Street in less time that it has taken for my CARICOM case to be heard!!

    Dear readers, please dont comment on my CARICOM tags, I am, contrary to popular belief, not hung up on this legal issue of inefficiency of our court system.

    My remarks are to be taken in the context of a life lesson in trusting people/governments to do what is the right thing, one that i will never forget and one which i will constantly remind other trusting persons of.

    Lawsuits against the Crown or CARICOM are often a waste of time, and, as the late EWB said, poor people need to keep out of the courts.

  18. Let us get real here for a second though.

    How many of you have really taken a walk from the port to Bridgetown?

    After you pass Pelican Village, along the Princess Alice Highway what do you see?

    What is the attraction for the “discerning” visitor?

    Is it the humungous car par,(and the other 2 smaller ones), the fishmarket, the slot machine/betting halls, or non-tourist related businesses on either side of the road that are supposed to be the attraction?

    Then, after you have walked passed the inconsequential, by either of the beaten routes you take, you arrive at Broad Street.

    You fight pass Ninja pulling at his bared testicles and enter the gems of our capital where behold a mystery of mysteries, you the tourist find perfumes/colognes, wines and libations, clothing and overpriced TShirts that you can purchase at 1/2 to 1/4 the price in the country you came from!

    So having suffered past Amen Alley where some of our taximen relieve themselves whenever the urge to pee takes over, you now find yourselves in the shopping paradise assailed by astronomical prices that the vendors have not taken the time to get information on what it costs you on your ship.

    So like some type of dumb cattle, as discerning tourists, one is expected to put all reasoning behind oneself, throw all caution to the wind, and buy what is being proffered for sale because, and i quote “Barbados is sophisticated and casual, warm and friendly and always distinctively charming” (quote from, lest i am charged with plagiarism forthwith)

    So tell me this gentlemen, as you walk down our streets, with (increasing) decrepit buildings and indigents in ambiguous dress, what is it that we are offering our visitors that they are not getting for so much cheaper in say St. Lucia, where “sun filled days turn into balmy nights” and poor people like me can afford to buy an Land bag or other item?

    We have to make a change in our product, plant and prices if we are to survive this

  19. Am copying this from an earlier post.

    The following is from–Canada_relations

    During the 1970s Canada became the largest source of tourists to Barbados. In 1979, roughly 97,000 Canadians visited the island of Barbados. Over time Barbados has seen market share from Canada shift towards lower cost Caribbean destinations such as Cuba or the Dominican Republic.

    According to

    Arrivals from Canada were 72,020 in 2012.

    In the 34 years since 1979, the number of Canadians traveling outside Canada for vacations has undoubtedly more that doubled; but the number going to Barbados has shrunk by 25%; so Barbados marketshare of Canadian tourists has declined by more than half.

    Wonder if that has anything to do with BTA marketing in Canada, or is it just that the cost in every other Caribbean destination is lower?

    Could it be that careful analysis is needed to determine marketing spend in the Canadian market, which apparently was once the largest source market. That should include detailed analysis of the Breakfast in Barbados promotion which has been sending lucky Canadian winners and international entertainers to Barbados for 28 years; and may be the biggest cost of promotion in the Canadian market.

  20. The tour operator Cheap Caribbean is currently offering return flights from New York, 5 nights at Time Out at The Gap and BDS$600 (per room) of ‘free spending’ Barbados Island Inclusive monies for US$569 per person and we still cannot increase market share.

  21. Canadians give Jamaica the cold shoulder in winter

    Published: Friday | June 14, 2013

    Steven Jackson, Business Reporter

    Fewer charters from Canada ebbed total tourist arrivals in the March quarter 2013 to some 540,600 visitors or 2.5 per cent fewer year-on-year.

    If there are more flights in the upcoming winter season, the Canadian market might recover; but if not, the US is showing promising signs of further recovery, says Evelyn Smith, president of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA).

    Canadian arrivals, the second-largest tourist group visiting Jamaica, dipped 12 per cent between January and March when compared with the same period in 2012, according to the latest monthly statistics from the Jamaica Tourist Board.

    The decline is significant because Canadian arrivals grew at 18 per cent annually over the last five years, surpassing UK arrivals.

    “There are 20,000 less seats from Canada. Once you have less air seats, then there would be a challenge getting bodies here,” Smith told the Financial Gleaner.

  22. 2012 Long stay Visitor arrivals –

    USA down 8.2 per cent – Canada – up 0.1 – Europe down 6.4 per cent

    USA up 1.8 per cent – Canada up 6.2 per cent – Europe down 1.1. per cent

  23. So far none of you have mentioned the country whose tourists spend the most; Brazil. And when the Ministry of tourism launched the impetus to attract the Brazilian tourists it was met with scorn and scepticism. I said it a long time ago (Some time last year or the year before we have to focus on the South American market.

  24. @Plantation Deeds.
    Who told you the water is not up to standard? do you realize that when the same ships come into port here they fill their tanks with water straight from our pipes/ Are you aware of the stringent regulationsand testing applied to our water? Check.Our water, from the pipe is purer than many brands of bottled water. Tests have been carried out on our water and several brandsofo bottled water, local and overseas .

  25. Miller that incentive suggestion is already in place here in toronto. and has been for some time. I think it is called friends of Barbados incentive (the name may be wrong but the concept is the same. Check it out

  26. @ Alvin
    Please correct me .I understand the ships fill up from the RO water that is available in that area.
    A business aquaintance,who is actually professionally involved in the testing of water,for most of the Major hotels on and off Barbados.
    Has said that professionally, the Goverment was informed ,that the regular water from the reservoirs is tainted and way over World Limits on a lot of things especially chemical fertilizers.
    Going back now 4 or 5 years.
    This person is retired and was a European qualified professional.

  27. @ Alvin Cummins | June 17, 2013 at 4:49 PM |

    So how much have you benefited from that incentive given your ‘ardent’ enthusiasm over the last 5 years? When was it put in place? No lies, now!

    How can I go about claiming retroactively if such a system is across the various markets?

  28. @Miller
    My “benefit” comes from the satisfaction of telling everyone I meet from another country about Barbados and encouraging them to visit my country. I have been Plantation Deeds if you are worried about the quality of the water check with the Public Health department. Barbados’ waster is checked every week at the Winston Scott Polyclinic. The department of Biological and Chemical sciences has reports on studies done on bottled water and the local water, and the water for the tourist ships have always been supplied from the resevoirs by the BWA.personally responsible for many people coming to the island from Canada, Atlanta, and the U.K. and this extends more than five years. I spent over forty years here in Canada and it has been like this from the time I came here. Every year at the Independence celebrations here prizes are awarded to those who encourage the most people to visit the island.If you want to claim check with the tourism authority at the Barbados consulate, or check with Dr. Leroy Mcclean.

  29. @Dr.Love
    The “retired professional engineer” does not know what he is talking about. The water from Barbados aquifers are tested every week at the Public Health department. the water around the beaches are tested on a regular basis, the research conducted bythe University’s Dept of Biological and chemical sciences are there for you to check. Has the “profexxional engineer conducted tests hikmself, orf is he relying on anecdotal mouthings for his information.

  30. @Plantation Deeds, Apologies, This was not directed at you it was directed at Dr. Love. I am having a bit of trouble with the space to type in and quite often I am typing blindly, since the sentences are below the space.I have been Plantation Deeds if you are worried about the quality of the water check with the Public Health department. Barbados’ waster is checked every week at the Winston Scott Polyclinic. The department of Biological and Chemical sciences has reports on studies done on bottled water and the local water, and the water for the tourist ships have always been supplied from the resevoirs by the BWA

  31. @Drr. LoveTell the professional engineer (and Miller should know this) the BWA has its own testing lab and also monitors the water. If various governments,DLP and BLP, would enforce the zonal restrictions on building in sensitive areas there would be no need to fear contamination

  32. @David
    Did that ,but after a particular point is reached it does not respond. It sometimes sends me to Word Press. Will try some more..

  33. @Alvin
    Yes I can see what you say, and the BWA gonna “tell de troof de whole troof and nuffin but de troof” suh hep muh.
    Cos I need hep efn I eat dat shite!!

    One may also reflect on other statisical results supplied by Government bodies .
    Would assist greatly in attesting to the veracity of said results.
    It is an attested fact that Barbados has VERY FEW Murders,.
    The DPP allows them all to be called manslaughter.

    What a lil ratshit or Fertiliser in some water COMPARED to that???

    Time for a Nap Ole Buddy.

  34. @Dr. Love.U.W.I is not a Government body. Results of research can be verified, by repeat testing and blind studies.

  35. Remember many people bought time shares and never came back for them , also those who use it dont need hotel rooms. Does the numbers also account for those people or is it added?

    Times are hard all over and the price of oil and gas is way up, Even to heat a home in the north east is high , People dont have funds as the massive fraud of Madoff and Stanford with the Banking fraud also.
    So not matter the numbers be glad you all getting some thing,

    What will you do , give the poor or just keep it in the banks and feel bigger than you all are now. Its called Business stay in it or get out ,

  36. Last Tuesday Virgin flight to Gatwick had 114 filled seats and yesterday’s flight 140 filled seats. Time to do something!

  37. @ Adrian Loveridge | June 19, 2013 at 7:54 AM

    The empty seats are especially so in the first and premium economy sections.

    Time to do something like what, Adrian? Blame the APD, the international recession or the local hoteliers?

    How many Brits would leave in summer to come to an expensively overrated place like Bim to be ripped off (not getting value for money)?
    What about being exposed to unaccustomed filth and garbage, harassment on the streets and beaches, petty opportunist criminals, obnoxiously rude service providers and nothing much to see or do for 7-14 days unless they really have fond memories, friends, families or the vacation is being offered at unsustainably downright ‘bargain-basement-reduced-to-clear’ prices to the financial detriment of the industry?

    Barbados needs to do some major and urgent (emergency in nature) housekeeping before it can put out a sign marked: “Open for Business after major upgrade and now under new inspiring management”.

  38. Miller, I sadly have to agree with many of your comments.
    Time to go back to basics and spoil visitors rotten and clean the place up.

  39. just came back from a golf trip in new York state, three nights stay at a best western right on the golf course, huge room all to myself with patio right on the first tee. Unlimited golf with cart, .Two breakfasts anything you want, six drink tickets any kind of beverage you want included ……single malts anything .Free wifi sauna, hottub,pool, plus full gym and maid sevice everyday All for 360 dollars taxes in They put 6 beers on ice in a cooler for 12 bucks, so you can drink and play pretty hard to beat.

  40. @Adrian and Miller.
    Just read an interesting item in the Toronto Sun.This article is on socalled “Tax Havens” and lists all of them all over the world. One of the most interesting statistics; these figures and graphs are from Statistics Scnada, it the increase in investment of 2007 and2012. For 2007 it was 33.4 billion dollars, for 2012 it was 59.3 billion. So contrary to popular opinion and false orioaganda there was actually an increase between 2007 and 2012, and not a decrease as posited by oponents of the government (not necessarily BLP supporters).

  41. @ Alvin Cummins | June 20, 2013 at 10:03 AM |
    ” it the increase in investment of 2007 and2012. For 2007 it was 33.4 billion dollars, for 2012 it was 59.3 billion. So contrary to popular opinion and false orioaganda there was actually an increase between 2007 and 2012, and not a decrease as posited by oponents of the government (not necessarily BLP supporters).’

    What are you trying to say, Alvin?

    Are you referring to inward investment for Barbados only during the same period or is this total outward investment from Canada to all offshore jurisdictions including tax havens?

  42. Luvs Bim I did not make it to the show,Toronto it is a 5hr drive for me and the drinking and driving laws up here work against me. Ottawa has a few carribean nights and we attend when we can. West Indians tend to live more in Toronto so I am sure their events are much larger

  43. Lawson

    5 hours is a long drive, but it is well worth it.

    To see what you missed, go to Facebook and search Barbados Ball Canada Aid, and go through the pics, you may see some familiar faces.

    Mark your calendar for June 14, 2014 for the the 2014 Barbados Ball gala fundraiser

  44. @ David | June 21, 2013 at 7:17 PM

    What do you expect from a blatant liar and bold-faced hypocrite!

    What is the position with the commitment to the CLICO policyholders to ensure they get back at least the principal portion of their investments?
    He used the people to be elected what is he doing about his commitment to them other than suffering from sleeping sickness?

    • If tourism is our most important forex generating sector then BU has been saying all the stakeholders should be on the same page. We should not have the DLP attack dog Reggie Hunte stating that hotels were given relief money and they did not improve the hotel plant if the money was given to compensate for reduced earnings after protracted global recession in 2010. Why would Sue Springer have to be drawn to respond?

  45. How come no one has commented on the demonstrations in Brazil? Brazil is one of the up and coming economies in the world but people are unhappy about the money being spent on the upcoming World Cup and the Olympics.

    Perhaps this is the beginning of the Latin American summer

  46. Sue Springer was absolutely right that the TIRF monies were made available to protect jobs and never ever intended for hotel plant upgrades. If the Senator had even the smallest grasp of tourism, he would have understand that, unless it is a deliberate ploy to mislead the public.
    Did TIRF work? Well according to former BHTA President, Colin Jordan, there were $80 million worth of claims and a $25 million pay out.

  47. Again it makes no sense for Reggie Hunte to be braying about the tourism and private sector at this time. It calls for leadership on both sides to recognise the parlous times and work together. Here is another example of politics clouding the issue.

  48. it is the taxpayers money and they should know how millions dollars are being allocated to this or any..sector and the reasons.

  49. A lot of people have put particular emphasis on “ALL” the concessions hotels get and that may be true for a very limited number, but let me please put another view on the table.
    As and when we sell our small hotel, we will have to pay to Government the following taxes which are expected to be over $1 million in total.
    Property Tax $221,250, Stamp Duty $90,000, Non-recoverable VAT on legal fees $23,625, Non-recoverable VAT on realtor fees $78,750 and Income Tax on the difference between purchase and sales price, NOT covered by the annual allowance for improved value – $600,000.
    And please do not mention the land tax concession because the last 50 per cent increase simply cannot be absorbed when many hotels are operating at 30 per cent occupancy levels for up to eight months of the year.
    Add our contributions in VAT, NIS, Income and Corporation taxes over 25 years and it really makes a nonsense of the talk about “ALL’ these Government concessions we are getting.

  50. The simple truth is that beggars CANNOT be choosers.

    If we are such brass bowls that we can find hundreds of millions of dollars each year to MARKET our tourism ‘product’… (try to bribe and entice the innovative business people of this world to choose us over other often better options)… But don’t have the VISION, creativity, management ability or common sense to own an airline, a cruise ship, a ferry or even a proper local hotel ….

    ..pray tell why our ass should not suffer….?

    Instead of spending $10m BEGGING the English to give us their crumbs, we should spend $5m asking the Americans…?

    Sounds like Institutionalized mendicancy…. And every week Adrian on and on with the same shiite…

    LOOK Adrian…
    When you come with a plan to develop a world class theme park based on the pirates of the Caribbean; or on the Plantation era ; or some such globally marketable theme
    …or when you are ready to invest in a cruise line or ferry line …or something CREATIVE and VISIONARY…..
    ( not an airline bozie…Bushie ain’t got $$ to burn like Bizzy…)
    …call Bushie.
    Until then you continue to sound like the calculating mendicant – quibbling about crumbs from the masters’ tables.
    Bushie ain’t about that.

  51. Careful Analysis Needed to Determine where billions of dollars in subsidies, incentives, grants and loans pumped into the private hotel sector by GOB have gone.

  52. Loveridge were you running a 10 rook hotel in the UK what concessions would the UK government set aside for you ?

    You are an incessant joker who seems to want to live free of cost out of the place you run and also to live free of cost out of government, stop loitering and start putting some effort and money into marketing and stop this simplistic view that all your marketing must be the marketing done for you and Dash by the BTA, there not many ventures as lucky as you people in the hotel industry who set aside NO BUDGET FOR MARKETING but run a business and then complain when hotels who do the work see the arrival case in point Crane Beach and Royal Westmoreland Hotel and Golf Club, they not complaining about their arrivals because they have been at work marking their properties with excellent results, RWH employs slightly more workers than it did 5years ago nearly 300 Barbadians find work there Loveridge how many do you employ and when last did you do a sales and marketing tour ?

  53. Give us a break,

    Clearly demonstrates that you know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about.
    Royal Westmoreland Hotel?
    We have always done our own marketing. This is not about our 22 room hotel but about Barbados generally. You really don’t think for a second that the Crane isn’t feeling the pinch with long stay visitor arrivals DOWN every month for the last consecutive 14 months.
    But while we fund our own marketing entirely, where does the $90 – $100 a year allocated to the BTA go?

  54. It Clearly demonstrates that you know absolutely nothing about what you are doing because you are the first to complain whereas serious hotel owners and operators are NOT !

    Guess in true Loveridge the Fountain of all knowledge on Tourism matters the same Loveridge will see no good in the APD relief as it will not touch his bank account as many in the sector will be of the same thinking, it is only good for some of these hoteliers once it puts cash in their hands to run off to Portugal, Jersey Islands and Cayman Islands to top up their offshore bank accounts, this is their history ask Peter Odle and Gordon Seale where their offshore homes are one will tell you the UK the other will tell you Portugal and the Spanish Rivera, this is where Barbadian taxpayers dollars usually ends up, not reinvested to maintain and upgrade the hotels locally, ask Loveridge but his history is .

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