It’s Mia Mottley Again!

Mia Mottley,Leader of the Opposition

Mia Mottley, Leader of the Opposition casting her vote in the 2013 General Election – Photo credit: Nation Newspaper

Mia Mottley’s elevation to the position of Opposition Leader  was a predictable one for many. The fact that the decision to replace Arthur was made quickly is positive for the Barbados Labour party (BLP). Mottley will have five years to grow with her team in the eyes of the public. it is accepted that a robust contribution from the opposition bench is necessary to maintain the people’s business. An Opposition bench with an increased majority and a few new and young faces should make life interesting in the new parliament.

Many Barbadians believed the BLP made a mistake when it brought back Arthur to lead the party. BU is sure there was a good reason why a majority of the BLP parliamentary group sided with the decision. Whatever the reason BU hopes that Mia Mottley and the BLP have grown from the experience and set it behind them.

On behalf of the BU household we wish she and her team all the best.

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  1. Miller i noticed yuh begging .do theright thing and apologise for defaming the PM character with your verbal mouthings about his sexual life style. as for MIa OSA opened up the gate not ac.and your intent on defaming PM STUART did not help the gloves are off..

  2. @Carson C. Cadogan | February 26, 2013 at 8:17 AM |

    The old lady in the bus ads. should be given a Queen’s honour.

    She singlehandedly save Barbados from the Corrupt Barbados Labour Party and its WHITE and INDIAN backers!

    Three cheers to my senior friend.

    I shall save this post of yours for when the shit hits the fan!

    You should tell BU that you Dems shamefacedly use this poor woman. Gave her a house and so she had no choice. Now her neighbourhood is making so much fun of her that she does not want to leave home!

    You Dems are shameless. Use a state bus to push a damn lie. You all just do not understand the difference between party and state.You just dont care, the ends justify the means for you Dems. Enjoy the ill gotten win. You have shamed this nation!

  3. @Carson,
    My sources tell me that the Barbados Labour Party is blaming “traitors from within the party” for their recent defeat.

    Whatever that means………………………………

    This is the Lenten season. Cant you stop lying?

  4. @Mark Etheridge | February 26, 2013 at 10:49 AM |

    @ David,

    Will someone clean (with Clorox) the steps of Parliament after Kerrie Symmonds W.B. walks up into Parliament?

    The lease the BLP could do is hire Karcher to clean the place afterwards……………………………..

    Maybe you could ask that the same be done after John Boyce!

  5. congratulations to mia.Dems cannot claim any victory on election day, what victory? cheating and stealing dont count.They were even trying to steal Santia votes. It is interesting that a Prime Minister could claim he witnessed it firsthand and did absolutely nothing.In fact that is typical of him do nothing for 5 years then wake up around election time.

  6. The BLPites after the 21st of February, 2013 would have to stop peddling the propaganda (a.k.a $hite) that have held them captive since 2008.

    Now the BLPites in the lead up to 21st February , 2013 election in Barbados foolishly believed that the Barbadian electorate would remove a first time government from office.

    The Grenadians removed the Tillman Thomas gov’t from office on 19th February, 2013 after one term. Keith Mitchell won and has pledged to name his Cabinet in the weekend of March 2nd , 2013.

    But the ignorant BLPites on this site complaining about PM Stuart not naming a Cabinet…..even though the DEMs won 2 days after the Grenada elections !

    That is why the foolish BEEs will have to warm the opposition benches……for a very long time !

  7. @ ac | February 26, 2013 at 1:58 PM |

    Ac, read my lips:
    “The miller will NOT LIE or STEAL; not even on a PM”. You get the message, old girl? You do not have inside info but are merely relying on cover-up appearances like Mrs. Bucket. But if you read between the signs you might end up looking through the same pair of eyes as the miller who speaks with inner knowledge and authority.

    Ac, if you can trust the devil you ought to trust the miller on this one. He speaks with the voice of an innocent dove not of a forked-tongue serpent.
    The miller has nothing to gain by telling untruths.
    Just remember Ac, “If you tell the Truth you do not have to remember what you said”.
    So let it be and carry your probing elsewhere.

    Let us wager a bet once and for all.
    If the DLP and its leader go back on their word of not sending home public sector workers or engaging in any form of “Privatization” then you win and your client in charge is like Caesar’s wife.
    If there is one ounce of deviation from this position then you must openly confess that the miller speaks the truth on all matters of Integrity.

    If the big boss can fool the entire electorate on this privatization issue what is so wrong about the miller- like Portia in the Merchant of Venice- demanding that you take exactly one pound of integrity flesh; with not one drop of Christian blood to be spilled in the process.

    As an aside, ac, my admiration goes out to you. I have never seen such a loyal and steadfast political tick like you. Such unswerving genuine loyalty to an organization ought to be recognized come this November when you should be awarded the country’s highest recognition of servitude to the DLP that even Sir James would be proud of.

  8. Fractured BLP

    “Now the BLPites in the lead up to 21st February , 2013 election in Barbados foolishly believed that the Barbadian electorate would remove a first time government from office”

    I have said more than once on this blog that BLP people are easy to fool. One of them just have to say something, no matter how ridiculous it is and before long they are all regurutating it. Just go back to any thread in the past and you would see the nonsense they talk even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This includes the Blog owner as well.

    To take it to an extreme, some of them were even saying that Hutson would have won the St. John bye election. These BlP people need their heads examining. You can call any name and they are all the same. That is why it is so easy to beat them. They live in la la land.

    The list of them is amazing. Prodigal son, Just asking, islangal246, smooth chocolate, Miller, old onion bags, caswell franklyn, George C Brathwaite , Hal Austin, enuff etc, etc,

    • You are a typical dem. You prance up only when you are in power. Freundel and his men have done absolutely nothing for the economy. They have increased vat, they have raised foid prices, taken away allowances and caused negative growth. You are the one in la la land. Get a life and find freundel a wife and maybe she cd wake him up before next elections.

  9. Carson

    It’s a double whammy for them, first the DLP was their asses in licks and the OSA get pushed overboard by Mia & Co.

    Gline Clarke and OSA are not going anywhere with Mia so expect a minimum of two bi election before the summer.

  10. I know that toppin will loose the rest of his hair, he is already on record as saying,”yuh tink it easy being in opposition”.

    ….and that was the first five years, this next five years will be hell on him.

  11. CCC,

    We Bees tend to be straight and think everyone would play by the rules. You and your ilk are a dangerous breed and the people of Barbados do not realise that the now DLP is made up of a bunch of thugs. Politics for you are a blood sport, your sole intention is to destroy people’s character by lies and innuendo.You live to destroy those who do not share the DLP brand of politics.

    In that way, yes we are foolish to believe that a Dem could be anything more than what we see here from you, ac, the brain less pimp and the rest of Dems on BU!

  12. Freundel brought in Pastor Bonnke to perform the miracle of raising up the Dead Labour Party to life. But he will soon have to call him again to save Barbados from dying at the hands of the worst administration in the history of Barbados,.
    @dercris your predictions are spot on. Maybe you are the new prophet.

    “A good country with good people led by a poor government.” these words shall hold true.

  13. FED UP

    You sound like man who’s supper plate is empty and will remain empty given the DLP’s stunning upset. Is that what accounts for you bitterness.

  14. Prodigal Son

    Get a life. Your party lose. The people have rejected wunna. They ain’t forget wunna yet. 5 more years in Siberia.

    • It is times like now we show our cane field mentality. One can robustly debate and maintain a high standard as well. It is interesting to follow the exchanges so far. Perhaps Tennyson Joseph is correct, we are politically immature.

  15. Political elections are like the game of football. Someone fumbles or the ball is intercepted. This happens, but someone has to win and someone has to loose. Sure its just a game. They’ll be others. Now, now the DLP in 2008 overturned its losing streak but lost its quarterback, David Thompson. The DLP team played again 02/21/2013 and won. The DLP team is better and getting better, APPARENTLY.

    • It is so ironic that the prime minidter abd the attorney general could be talking about payment for votes when the dlp paid so many people to vote for them. Are they truly ignorant of this fact or are they burying their heafs in the sand content ti br blissfully ignorant

  16. Rendered Assistance | February 26, 2013 at 7:39 PM |

    Prodigal Son

    Get a life. Your party lose. The people have rejected wunna. They ain’t forget wunna yet. 5 more years in Siberia…………..

    I have a surprise for you. I have a GOOD life. My party lose? How do you feel that the whole world knows that the DLP in 2013 bought an election? 5 more years in Siberia? I will remember this when all hell breaks loose. Can you do me a favour, ask who ever becomes the MOF to spend out the income tax refunds, I need mine. And to think it is soon time to file again.

  17. @David 7.47pm
    You are so right.The Barbados economy is in a precarious state and ideas and constructive contributions are lacking.The sitting comics are out in force gloating over a pyrrhic victory that will cost us heavily if not skillfully and intelligently managed and Owen Arthur would have been my choice for captain of this ship of state,over Stuart and over Mottley.I understand the foolishness of those whose interest is tied up with support of the Dems,however the broader picture is that these same Dems who have been returned to the corridors of power have not shown me that they are capable and I have zero tolerance for them.They do not inspire confidence and I am not the only one to see it.We will see if and when private sector investment other than Jada or Preconco will materialise.Foreign investment and foreign exchange inflows are what will be required now more than ever.International standing is a prerequisite, if a Prime Minister is to influence FI and FE inflows.Stealing an election and associating with lepers and dishonest salesmen won’t get us the respect and confidence of the captains of industry and the brokers of FI and FE.

  18. Congratulations to Mia!!!

    Let’s stay on topic … If I were Mia, Arthur would have to retire from politics before I accepted the leadership again under exact same similar situation.

    Mia cannot be so desperate to lead BLP. If DLP sneezes Arthur willl be back hoping to become PM as long as he sees a ray of light offering the opportunity.

    This is very interesting though – hopefully Mia has a majority that will be with her this time to prevent any such move.

  19. New Blood: pardon my speed in believing your post, I heard that before and therefore reserve the right to wait on the announcement (fact) before I launch into believing that for sure Arthur will not undermine Mia in the line of duty to remove her for personal gains should there be any signs of becoming PM.

    By-Election in St. Peter and I shall definitely believe beyond a reasonable doubt.

  20. Well Well

    Sorry I missed your comment. Here is the thing just so we are clear. Rihanna is NOT an academic scholar and she is now the most valuable example of intellectual real estate for Barbados today, and in history. I can continue of course, but I respect you enough to know that that would not be necessary …

  21. Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel!!!

    Read Miller’s (not Erskine) comments to ac about Dems supporters being so blind that they cannot see not even with their eyes open and the sun at its peak (my interpretation however skewed) and then compare your comments to supporting the party of your choice.

    Abuse me and I love you the more, you don’t mean to hurt me, you were not in your right mind, you still love me so much, your poor judgment at the time, I don’t think that you will hurt me again.

    To whom do I refer you MESA is an option. AA, D.R.U.G.S, D.A.R.E:

    Let’s be honest, investment under any Government is either by grant expecting no returns or expecting returns on short or long term, however, the investor must first have confidence in the people managing the economy. Arthur cannot guarantee any returns and therefore negotiations would be based on empty promises or sale of prime land at below market price. Who you really kidding Gabriel?

    What intelligence does OSA have that no other Bajan has that walked the same walk and privy to same investors? His potential overseas investors and point personnel here in Barbados are no secret. As long as Owen knows someone else knows.

    Isn’t this the same Arthur in whom you have confidence that responded just before elections to a comment that the PM made about him wanting to hand over Mia. Why did he take so long to respond? Isn’t ‘image’ (appear to be honest) important to investors as well? Would that slip through their due diligence when considering trust in the man they want to do business wid? I pause …

    BARBADIANS WILL NOW SEE IF THE BLP HAS BARBADOS FIRST OR THEIR PERSONAL INTERESTS. Their arguments must be more believable now than ever before in the history of parliament in Barbados. They can’t say no for the sake of opposing.

  22. Just saw the photo in the Nation of Payne and Marshall with the description of Payne as “pensive”. I know the Nation is always kind to BLP politicians, but the word that should have been used was “forlorn”. Forlorn is a fitting description of the five that voted for another leader- “The Forlorn Five”

  23. @ David
    The bitterness being displayed by the BLP supporters since the DLP win on 21 February is unprecedented . I have never in my 50 + year interest in elective politics in Barbados experienced this level of bitterness ; this does not bode well for the reorganisation of the party. What has become very clear to me too is that the party genuinely believed its own propaganda. How else could you explain the boasts expressed through paid advertisements about the crowds they said they were attracting at their meetings? If the Bees do not make a radical adjustment to their attitude it will be a long hard five years ahead .

  24. @bring it on

    Yes there is a bitterness which currently permeates the political landscape of Barbados. Let us hope PM Stuart and Opposition leader can by their leadership deflated this state of affairs.

    On another note: many probably understand why Arthur stayed away from the BLP caucus to select a leader but surely he should have been asked to be part of the publicity shots when MAM was selected as leader. This rings true when we consider MAM’s comment that Arthur intends to be a vigorous member of the Opposition bench in the House. Not good optics at all. Why does the public believe that Arthur will attend parliament when he hardly did so as Opposition leader?

  25. @David
    On another note: many probably understand why Arthur stayed away from the BLP caucus to select a leader but surely he should have been asked to be part of the publicity shots when MAM was selected as leader.
    Are you sure your name isn’t Joseph as in the Dreamer? If Arthur was part of the photo op attendant to Mia’s election that would be a repudiation of his previous statement about her removal as LOO. The public is already cynical and distrustful of politicians and Arthur to his credit decided not to prolong the hypocrisy.

    We look forward to Arthur’s contribution to the HOA, it seems that that he was only interested in that body when he was PM.

    • Dems are curious creatures. You have a lot of mouth when you barely won bacj fact you bought votes and still only win by two. Why not worry about your freundel managing chris and david? Why not worry about him waking up before another 5 years? Why not worry about the misuse of nis money? Your dem time would be better spent worrying about these things rather than about owen and mia. I await the imf hands with the wonderful dems.have you noticed how close to demons the word dems is? Hmmmmmm

  26. Now that we all have an idea of those against MIA LEADERSHIP. the question remains how will she be able to govern those opposing her within the party. i beieve that jealousy and vindictiveness would stand in the way of the BLP making serious inroads with the electorate in 2018 .Once a link or links are broken the chain can no longer function properly…….Mia mottley first job is REPAIR! RESTORE! the damage left behind by OSA.not any easy job but must be done to win the confidence of the voting public

  27. Start getting WORRIED

    The Sovereign Debt Crisis Is Never Going To End Until There Is A Major Global Financial Collapse

    By Michael, on July 7th, 2011

    In the past, there certainly have been governments that have gotten into trouble with debt, but what we are experiencing now is the first truly global sovereign debt crisis. There has never been a time in recorded history when virtually all of the governments of the world were drowning in debt all at the same time. This sovereign debt crisis is never going to end until there is a major global financial collapse. There simply is no way to unwind the colossal web of debt that we have constructed in an orderly fashion. Right now the EU and the IMF have been making “emergency loans” to nations such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal, but that is only going to buy those countries a few additional months. Giving more loans to nations that are already drowning in red ink may “kick the can down the road” for a little while but it isn’t going to solve anything. Meanwhile, dozens more nations all over the globe are rapidly approaching a day of reckoning.

    All of the bailouts that you are hearing about right now are simply delaying the pain. The reality is that when the “emergency loans” for Greece stop, Greece is going to default. Greece is toast. The game is over for them. You can stick a fork in Greece because it is done.

    One of the big problems for Greece is that since it is part of the euro it can’t independently print more money. If Greece cannot raise enough euros internally Greece must turn to outside assistance.

    Unfortunately, at this point Greece has accumulated such a mammoth debt that it cannot possibly sustain it. By the end of the year, it is projected that the national debt of Greece will soar to approximately 166% of GDP.

    The financial collapse of Greece is inevitable. If they keep using the euro they will collapse. If they quit using the euro they will collapse. When the rest of Europe decides that it is tired of propping Greece up the game will be over.

    At this point very few people are interested in lending Greece more money.

    As I wrote about yesterday, many of the nations around the world are only able to keep going because they are able to borrow huge amounts of money at low interest rates.

    Well, nobody wants to lend money to Greece at a low rate of interest anymore.

    Today, the yield on 2 year Greek bonds is back over 28 percent.

    Fortunately for the rest of the world, Greece is just a very, very small part of the global economy, but when interest rates start spiking like that on U.S. debt or Japanese debt the entire world financial system will be thrown into chaos.

    So why is there so much of a focus on Greece right now?

    Well, there is a real danger that the panic will start to spread.

    The other day, Moody’s Investors Service slashed the credit rating on Portuguese government debt by four notches.

    Portuguese debt is now considered to be “junk”.

    But even more alarming is that Moody’s stated that what is going on in Greece played a role in reducing the credit rating of Portugal.

    The following is a portion of what Moody’s had to say when they cut the credit rating of Portugal by four notches….

    Although Portugal’s Ba2 rating indicates a much lower risk of
    restructuring than Greece’s Caa1 rating, the EU’s evolving approach to providing official support is an important factor for Portugal because it implies a rising risk that private sector participation could become a precondition for additional rounds of official lending to Portugal in the future as well. This development is significant not only because it increases the economic risks facing current investors, but also because it may discourage new private sector lending going forward and reduce the likelihood that Portugal will soon be able to regain market access on sustainable terms.

    Do you understand what is being said there?

    Basically, Moody’s is saying that the terms of the Greek bailout make Portuguese debt less attractive because Portugal will likely be forced into a similar bailout at some point.

    If the EU is not going to fully guarantee the debt of the member nations, then that debt becomes less attractive to investors.

    The downgrade of Portugal is having all kinds of consequences. The cost of insuring Portuguese government debt set a new record high on Wednesday, and yields on Portuguese bonds have gone haywire.

    If you want to get an idea of just how badly Portuguese bonds have been crashing, just check out this chart.

    But it is not just Portugal that is having problems.

    Just recently, Moody’s warned that it may downgrade Italy’s Aa2 debt rating at some point within the next few months.

    Spain is also on the verge of major problems and Ireland may need another bailout soon.

    Things don’t look good.

    Unfortunately, if the dominoes start to fall the entire EU is going to go down.

    Big banks all over Europe are highly exposed to sovereign debt and they are leveraged to the hilt.

    It is almost as if we are looking at a replay of 2008 in many ways.

    When Lehman Brothers finally collapsed, it was leveraged 31 to 1.

    Today, major German banks are leveraged 32 to 1, and major German banks are currently holding a tremendous amount of Greek debt.

    Anyone with half a brain can see that this is going to end badly.

    So how is the European Central Bank responding to this crisis?

    They are raising interest rates once again.

    That certainly is not going to help the PIIGS much.

    But Europe is not the only one facing a horrific debt crunch.

    In Japan, the national debt is now up to about 226 percent of GDP. So far the Japanese government has been able to handle a debt load this massive because the citizens of Japan have been willing to lend the government gigantic mountains of money at interest rates so low that they are hard to believe.

    When that paradigm changes, and it will, Japan is going to be in a massive amount of trouble. In fact, an article in Forbes has warned that even a very modest increase in interest rates would cause interest payments on Japanese government debt to exceed total government revenue by the year 2019.

    Of course the biggest pile of debt sitting out there is the national debt of the United States. The U.S. is so enslaved to debt that there is literally no way out under the current system. To say that America is in big trouble would be a massive understatement.

    In fact, the whole world is headed for trouble.

    Right now government debt around the globe continues to soar at an exponential pace. At some point a wall is going to be hit.

    The Wall Street Journal recently quoted Professor Carmen Reinhart as saying the following about what we are facing….

    “These processes are not linear,” warns Prof. Reinhart. “You can increase debt for a while and nothing happens. Then you hit the wall, and—bang!—what seem to be minor shocks that the markets would shrug off in other circumstances suddenly become big.”

    That is the nature of debt bubbles – they keep expanding and expanding until the day that they inevitably burst.

    Governments around the world will issue somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 trillion dollars more debt this year alone. Debt to GDP ratios all over the globe continue to rise at a frightening pace.

    Because the world is so interconnected today, the collapse of even one nation will devastate banks all over the planet. If even one domino is toppled there is no telling where things may end.

    The combination of huge amounts of debt and huge amounts of leverage is incredibly toxic, and that is what we have all over the globe today. Almost every major nation is drowning in a sea of red ink and almost all of our major financial institutions are leveraged to the hilt.

    There is only one way that the sovereign debt crisis can end.

    Very, very badly.

    I hope you are ready for what is coming.

    – See more at:

  28. Do we really believe that li’l ‘ole Bim can survive ,Mia and Freundel need be “HEADS TOGETHER” not HEAD ON.
    This coming time, around 2 years is going to be about SURVIVAL,because FS cannot do a damned thing about a Finacial Tsunami,.
    We just have to sit tight and wait till it hits.
    I feel that DREAD times ahead.

  29. When USA sneezes we catch a cold WHAT HAPPENS when USA Collapses???

    Without Low Interest Rates, The U.S. Financial System Dies

    Right now, interest rates are near historic lows. The U.S. government is able to borrow gigantic mountains of money for next to nothing. U.S. consumers are still able to get home loans, car loans and student loans at ridiculously low interest rates. When this low interest rate environment changes (and it will), it is going to absolutely devastate the U.S. economy. Without low interest rates, the U.S. financial system dies. When it comes to borrowing money, it is the rate of interest that causes the pain. If you could borrow as much money as you wanted at a zero rate of interest for the rest of your life you would never, ever have a debt problem. But when there is a cost to borrowing money that changes things. The higher the rate of interest goes, the more painful debt becomes.

    The only reason that U.S. government finances have not fallen apart completely already is because the federal government is still able to borrow huge amounts of money very cheaply. If interest rates on U.S. government debt even return just to “average” levels, it is going to be absolutely catastrophic.

    So what happens if rates go above “average”?

    The reality is that if there is a major crisis that causes interest rates on U.S. Treasuries to go well beyond “normal” levels it is going to cause a complete and total collapse.

    In 2010, the U.S. government paid out just $413 billion in interest even though the national debt soared to 14 trillion dollars by the end of the year.

    That means that the U.S. government paid somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 percent interest for the year.

    Considering how rapidly the U.S. dollar has been declining and how much money printing the Federal Reserve has been doing, a rate of interest that low is absolutely ridiculous.

    The shorter the term, the more ridiculous the rates of interest on U.S. Treasuries are.

    For example, the rate of interest on 3 month U.S. Treasuries right now is just barely above zero.

    The Federal Reserve has been playing all kinds of games in an attempt to keep interest rates on U.S. government debt low, and so far they have been pretty successful at it.

    But they aren’t going to be able to do it forever.

    Up until now, other nations and investors around the world have continued to participate in the system even though they know that the Federal Reserve is cheating.

    However, there are signs that a lot of investors are finally getting fed up and are ready to walk away from U.S. government debt.

    China has been dumping short-term U.S. government debt. Russia has been dumping U.S. government debt. Pimco has been dumping U.S. government debt.

    Others are taking things even farther.

    In fact, there are some investors that plan on cashing in on the loss of confidence in U.S. Treasuries. Renowned investor Jim Rogers says that he is now going to be shorting 30 year U.S. government bonds.

    Just check out what Rogers recently told CNBC….

    “I cannot imagine or conceive lending money to the United States government for 30-years at 3, 4, 5 or 6 percent —you pick a number — in U.S. dollars”

    And he is right. Who in the world would be stupid enough to loan the U.S. government money at a 4 or 5 percent rate of interest for the next 30 years?

    Actually, most U.S. government debt is financed in the short-term these days. In fact, the U.S. government issues a higher percentage of short-term debt than any other industrialized nation.

    This trend really got started during the Clinton administration. Back then they figured out that the U.S. could reduce its borrowing costs substantially by relying much more heavily on short-term debt. The Bush and Obama administrations have continued this trend.

    So these days the U.S. government constantly has huge amounts of debt that are maturing and that need to be rolled over.

    This is great as long as interest rates stay very, very low.

    But when interest rates rise the whole game will change.

    In a recent article, Pat Buchanan explained that the Obama administration is being completely unrealistic when it assumes that interest rates on U.S. government debt will stay incredibly low over the next decade….

    “The average rate of interest the Fed has had to pay to borrow for the last two decades has been 5.7 percent. However, President Obama is projecting the cost of money at only 2.5 percent.

    A return to the normal Fed rate would, by 2020, add $4.9 trillion to the cumulative deficit”

    Most Americans really cannot grasp how incredibly low interest rates are right now.

    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

    The following chart shows how interest rates on 10 year U.S. Treasury bonds have declined over the last several decades.

    As confidence in the U.S. dollar and in U.S. government debt declines, interest rates will go up.

    In fact, there are troubling signs that we are starting to see a move in that direction right now. Last week, the yield on 5 year U.S. Treasuries experienced the biggest one week percentage jump ever recorded.

    The big danger is that the political wrangling in Washington D.C. will start to cause a panic. The managing director of Standard & Poor’s recently told Reuters that if the U.S. government starts defaulting on debt at the beginning of August, the credit rating on U.S. Treasury bonds that are supposed to mature on August 4th will go from AAA all the way down to D….

    Chambers, who is also the chairman of S&P’s sovereign ratings committee, told Reuters on Tuesday that U.S. Treasury bills maturing on August 4 would be rated ‘D’ if the government fails to honor them. Unaffected Treasuries would be downgraded as well, but not as sharply, he said.

    “If the U.S. government misses a payment, it goes to D,” Chambers said. “That would happen right after August 4, when the bills mature, because they don’t have a grace period.”

    When a credit rating gets slashed, interest rates on that debt can go up dramatically.

    Just ask the citizens of Greece.

    Today, the interest rate on 2 year Greek bonds is over 26 percent.

    You are delusional if you believe that something like that can never happen here.

    Right now the U.S. national debt is completely and totally out of control. If the U.S. government had to start paying interest rates of 10, 15 or 20 percent to borrow money it would be a total nightmare.

    This year the U.S. government will have income of about 2.2 trillion dollars.

    If in future years the U.S. government is spending a trillion or a trillion and a half dollars just on interest on the national debt, then how in the world is it going to be possible to even run the government, much less balance the budget?

    But rising interest rates would not just devastate the federal government.

    It would become much more expensive for state and local governments to borrow money.

    Student loans would become much more expensive.

    Car loans would become much more expensive.

    Home loans would become out of reach for everyone except the very wealthy.

    As we saw during the housing crash of a few years ago, rising interest rates can absolutely wipe homeowners out.

    On a standard home loan, if you change the rate of interest from 5 percent to 10 percent you increase the mortgage payment by approximately 50 percent.

    If you change the rate of interest from 5 percent to 15 percent, you roughly double the mortgage payment.

    As the 30 year fixed rate mortgage chart below shows, interest rates are near historic lows right now….

    Keep in mind that even with such ridiculously low interest rates the U.S. real estate market has been deader than a doornail.

    So what would a significant spike in interest rates do to it?

    When all of these low interest rates go away the entire financial system is going to change dramatically.

    A significant spike in interest rates would wipe out U.S. government finances, it would push state and local governments all over the country to the brink of bankruptcy, it would bring economic activity to a standstill and it would destroy any hopes for a housing recovery.

    This country, and in particular the federal government, is enslaved to debt but right now we are not feeling the full pain of that debt because interest rates are so low.

    If you want to know when things are really going to start coming apart, just keep an eye on interest rates. When they really start spiking you can start sounding the alarm.

    The truth is that the state of the economy is going to continue to get worse. Our debt is growing every single day and our country is getting poorer every single day. When interest rates start surging it is going to start knocking over a lot of dominoes.

    I hope you are getting prepared for when that happens.

    – See more at:

    WELL maybe we can find a NICHE MARKET LOL

    Me I planting Kitchen garden as of NOW.

  30. Dr Love …thank you for your knowledgeable post. Well I have been thinking that we may all have to go back to bartering to do business these days. Like you I gine plant up muh kitchen garden and grow more fruits.

  31. shai

    You loss, we won.

    You were misled by a lot of things, not least among them, Peter Wickham, DAVID and BARBADOS UNDERGROUND.

    I know all of you Barbados Labour Party members and supporters are hurting very bad. Learn to live with it. The wise people of Barbados have spoken, spend some time listening to them.

  32. It will be interesting watching this BARBADOS UNDERGROUND going forward, I am waiting to see if it will return to the helpful, unbiased blog it used to be in the beginning or if it will continue to be the juandised, one sided, misleading blog that it has turned into.

    I am waiting to see if the Blog owner has learned any lessons, or if he is just getting older but not wiser.

    And part of the Blog owner’s problem is the fact that he has overated his own importance. Hence the uselessness of this blog as it now stands.

    Very little said on this blog comes to pass except what is written by DLP supporters.

    There is a lesson in there somewhere for DAVID, if he is wise enough to see it.

    But I doubt it.

  33. @ Carson C. Cadogan
    Yes, I also noted the bias you refer to. This used to be a pretty unbiased blog but not sure what is happening.

    I think its just human nature. We tend to relish more in negativity and tearing down. What ever the government does B or D that is ‘good’ e.g roads repaired, housing, schools built are not highlighted.

    There is a saying I learned at campus “The sins of man are written in brass, but their virtues are like seeds blowing in the wind”.

  34. @Carson
    “Very little said on this blog comes to pass except what is written by DLP supporters”

    lol. Like the Rihanna concert and the Pegasus tape. lol

    A new government and 3 weeks later and you’s still de same Carson. Love it!!!

  35. I Will Not Lie, Cheat, or Steal…Pinocchio is Back!

    ………….given all transpired….. is he not in his customed element?

  36. @ Carson

    They are still hurting. Mr. Hallem is millions out of pocket having personally financed the campaign or serious part of it. On the night 20th February, 2013 as on the night of the 14th January, 2008, a friend of mind said “the BLP can’t loss”

  37. David
    Maintain your tolerance and patience with Carson Cadogan
    Every one has some sort of bias- and are entitled to do so
    We here on BU must tolerate the bias of Cadagon. Why cant he allow others their bias. I find his behaviour most reprehensible.
    It is sad when you are brought up poor as he was by a single parent; but this does not at all excuse his consistently obtuse behavior.

    Yes The DLP won the election, and DEMS should celebrate. But there is no reason for Cadogan’s silly puerile pathetic behavior.
    The BLP might easily have won

  38. @GP

    BU has caused Job like characteristics to rise to the fore. What is happening here is predictable ie. to try to prod the reputation and credibility of BU. As you know many have tried and failed :-).

  39. hi onions what happen to all yuh predictions……………BTW i was listening to one of MIa past speeches about putting money in the people pocket i hope she realises that wasn.t enough to sway the electorate and by 2018 the economy would have rebound and that “PIE IN THE SKY” would be a dead issue ………..yuh gfac

  40. David nobody here trying to soil BU reputation caused it was for BU that both sides were vocal on the political divide letting all and sundry know our views from the sublim to the ridiculous. However since BU took a side in the election it therfore seems fair to be called out on BU shortsightdness and failed predections when the outcome was unfavourable to BU

  41. @ac

    BU made a prediction which was not based on science but on anecdotal. The prediction proved to be wrong which is always a possibility when one tries to predict human behaviour. What can’t be denied is that the result of this campaign was not predicted by many.

    BU is use to taking heat, we took it from the BLPites in 2008 and taking it from DLPites in 2013 is par for the course. This too shall pass.

  42. Hi ac
    This was not a WIN… guys HUFF IT….lol…such victory could never be sweet unless you like Sarge and would take anything…..

    But really why would the BLP want to be at the helm of the soon present 16-14 water buffalo mud hole?….Sadly its the Barbadian people who will suffer again whether D B or C……

    Times will call for some reconciliation if anything will get done from here on in..the biggest irony is that an Integrity Legislation Bill is in the wings to be passed….Oh what a mess…..given that certain promises were made (brazenly too)…I think a BLP seat is the better palce to be don’t you ?

    Crime never pays….

  43. ”Carson C. Cadogan | February 27, 2013 at 11:46 AM |
    It will be interesting watching this BARBADOS UNDERGROUND going forward, I am waiting to see if it will return to the helpful, unbiased blog it used to be in the beginning or if it will continue to be the juandised, one sided, misleading blog that it has turned into.”

    Alright when yours is on the giving end, but not the receiving, huh?

    Lawdy. And for the record, yes, the happenings in Parliament will reflect shambles in the Government seats, sorry to say.

    All of a sudden Estwick is wunna favoutire boy, y’all say he gotta be picked as MOF???? Lol When he was effectively an outcast two months ago?

    And all of a sudden y’all together like quadriplets?

    No, he has wunna fellas by the BALLS!

    Doan waste time denying it.

  44. But maybe he sqeezing too hard, whiching why someone…… better hope he be okay. No wonder the team aint announce yet.

  45. @Brief
    Your submission is comical too.Owen Arthur is not the ruthless politician he ought to be when dealing with ungrateful people like Stuart.Arthur wrote a missive confirming that he would not unseat Stuart if his Eager 11 brought a no confidence motion against him and ended it off with a joke about Mia and that was lost on you .I blame those who taught you logic,you are forgiven.One other thing .Two brilliant and outstanding Prime Ministers of the e.s.caribbean were so impressed by Owen Arthur that they both took him and nurtured him such that he himself rose to become an equally outstanding Prime Minister in his own right.Neither you nor your motley crowd can write the history of governance of Barbados 1994-2007 without giving Arthur his proper place in the management of the affairs of state.Unfortunately,PM Thompson was not with us long enough to leave his mark in that role,and his successor has been successful in having ‘vox populi’apparently say”cuh dear,give ’em lil mo time leh we sef ef ‘e kin deliver;afterawl he seh the global economy is to blame”.I would suggest such folk exhale.History is replete with examples of vox populi getting it wrong,wrong,wrong.

  46. @Crusoe
    Any truth to the story going the rounds that the honourable fainted for the fourth time?Was it brought on by a fit of laughter or the repeated sqeezing?

  47. @Arseson
    I know all of you Barbados Labour Party members and supporters are hurting very bad. Learn to live with it. The wise people of Barbados have spoken, spend some time listening to them……………………….

    You could really keep quiet and hide your face after your party has brought this once proud nation to its knees in shame.

    You win what? You bought an election. The wise people of Barbados have spoken? Yes they spoke but their voices were drown out by the gangs of thugs you low life Dems wrapped up, paid off and sent to the polling stations.

    Yes we have no choice but to live with it but make no mistake we will all pay the price for the DLP thuggery. What baffles me is that our elected members know who are these drug dealers and are actually dealing with them. No wonder the PM could say with such boldness, if you want money in your pocket, you dont need government for that, you could go to the drug dealers.

    What a government!!!

  48. @Gabriel, that is the same one I heard, but been as I is a humble igrunt citizen, I cannot confirm nor deny.

    But it is worrying, especially as the version I heard, the gent was ruished to QEH.

    I hope its not true, I would not trust the three right behind at all, at all. heck would brek loose if he had to resign.

  49. Why does it matter if David shows a bias. It is his blog and he does not ban his opponents so stfu with the crap and just blog.

    If you don’t like David’s bias start your own freekin blog.

    David has given us a freeness. He don’t charge a cent.

    Old Onions sorry for your loss (well not really cause we win) but at least you Amused and Miller get you Gurl to lead you to victory in 2022.

  50. @onion
    This was not a WIN… guys HUFF IT….lol…such victory could never be sweet unless you like Sarge and would take anything…..

    au contraire onion,prodigal,crusoe tackle this win was the sweetest of all. No one in or out of Barbados gave Froon a ghost of a chance but he skillfully with panache lead from the front to upset the odds on favourites. Againgt all odds Froon delivered a most incredible win. In the process he sent the Wickhams and Arthurs of this world into dark places where they will remain for a long long time. The boasting by onion, just asking and the wall to wall BLP yardfowls are recorded on BU underground. BU too eat a washpan of humble pie although still in denial. It was crow eating from sea to shining sea. Froon laughed all the way to Ilaro. No peter Onion this was much much sweeter than 2008 the margin was slim but the heartbreak felt by the Bees may never heal. Oh how sweet it is.

  51. Well, fair enough, everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame.

    But I fear it may, methaphorically speaking, be just that.

  52. @ Gabriel Tackle | February 27, 2013 at 4:51 PM |
    “Any truth to the story going the rounds that the honourable fainted for the fourth time?”

    If there is any truth to this recent rumour then one must conclude that the “Honourable” has a very serious underlying medical condition possibly associated with his diabetes. These spikes and lows in sugar levels are not good signs of good health. Maybe Dr. GP can clarify one way or the other.
    The public who elected him to the highest political office should be informed of the current holder’s state of health.
    A mandatory medical checkup to determine a person’s physical fitness for very high and demanding public office was raised a few month’s on this blog.
    One wonders if those who saw OSA as physically unfit for office would support a call for public disclosure of the state of health of the current holder of that demanding office as it pertains in the USA.

    Time longer than twine with four (4) possible by-elections in the offing in the very near future; a betting gaming ratio of 3:1.

  53. Hi miller the BLP got any new issues for the long run. cause CLICO! AX ! and Barrack didn’t help wunna and mottley big giveaway plan didn;t help either . instead of worrying about PM Stuart maybe the BEES should be worrying about the health of the BLP Party cause they are many cracks in it which need to be fixed, Wuh yuh think. prodigal!

  54. @ ac | February 27, 2013 at 6:41 PM |

    The CLICO and Barrack issues along with Four Seasons and Harlequin, Merricks and the entire fiscal caboodle are now your fully adopted baby.

    Moaning about the period pre 2008 will not cut it this time around. No more OSA to blame. No more bogey international recession to blame with tourism numbers up in the region along with spending.

    So what’s up, ac? Is it Gline Clarke of Payne(s) bay or Toppin of Marshall hall this time around putting spanners in the DLP works?

    The miller will give you an easy time until the Privatization shit hit the public workers layoff fan.

  55. The DLP is likened to a woman who would have a man who is a paedophile, woman-beater, thief and rapist and when asked how can you have a relationship with such a man, she responds at least i got a man.

    Well at least they got a win.

    PITY, PITY, PITY!!!!

    • Now really. The dlp should be likened to bullers, liars, serial cheaters eith illegitimate children and just plain old nothinarians. Congratulations on having the worst government in the caribbean and in fact in the world. Freundel gone back to sleep already. By the time he wakes up we will be rated at Rubbish dtatus, nis will have no funds,and then blp will have to rescue barbados ad udual.

  56. Carson C. Cadogan can you answer these two questions:

    was Cynthia Forde asked by the DLP to be speaker of the house?
    was Ronald Toppin asked to cross the floor for millions?

    Do you have an answer for us Carson C. Cadogan? Before you answer, you better go check in at George St. A house built on a pack of cards in the sand will not last.

  57. old onion bags

    “call de elections, call de elections….”

    The elections were called as per you, and you and DAVID got a good cut ass.

    Deal with it now!!!

  58. old onion bags

    If either you or DAVID want to borrow a towel to wipe the tears from your eyes, I have two that I can give to you.


  59. This one is for:-

    old onion bags
    Prodigal son
    and all the other Barbados Labour Party ididots!!!!

  60. @ Carson

    Don’t be too quick to laugh. The PM is dealing with a mass revolt amongst his Parliamentary Group. Reliable sources indicate that at least two MP’s have refused the PM’s invitation to join his Cabinet, one threatening to go on the back bench and the other threatening to go as an Independent.

    The PM has to realize that if one MP crosses or go Independent, then his inherently weak government is OVER.

  61. Pink Lips leave CCC to have his joy in what he thinks is mud but really is shit. he really does not know what is going on. LOL

  62. millertheanunnaki | February 20, 2013 at 3:21 PM |
    @ ac | February 20, 2013 at 6:05 AM

    Bajans will indeed put their education to good use tomorrow by punishing the DLP for the lies and tricks and unfulfilled promises peddled by the DLP in January 2|

  63. [youtube

    Sometimes/Anita Baker – R&B Artistis

    The BLP wanted to be a winner and take the place at the top. . . . Sometimes the bad luck will creek up and catch you by surprise. . . . hummmm BLP

    When you cry the whole world laughs at you.. . . but the time will come when the tables turn and you gonna have the winning hand. . . . That’s what happened for the DLP.

  64. Everybody wants to be a winner and take the place at the top. . . . Sometimes the bad luck will creep up and catch by surprise.

  65. @Onions
    This was not a WIN… guys HUFF IT….lol…such victory could never be sweet unless you like Sarge and would take anything…..This was not a WIN… guys HUFF IT….lol…such victory could never be sweet unless you like Sarge and would take anything…..
    Cuddear you got any Kleenex left? Stop feeling sorry for yourself and put your shoulder to the wheel and help your new leader or join the ‘Forlorn 5”

    • Really now! You are hilarious@ you and freundel better watch the power hingry crew og vagabonds he is leading.lay off the blp and the forlorn five and watch your sleeper.he cant even pick a damn cabinet yet? He going pick it nxt 5 year when he wakes up. Worry bout your own party

  66. here are some more gems from the loose lips Bees

    DavidB | January 29, 2013 at 7:19 PM |
    Seriously, it looks like Fruendel plan to throw way everything. He call the election two days after the total wipe out that will be Grenada, a week after Valentine’s Day (think red), during Lent and at the last minute when he had no choice.

  67. Checkit-Out | January 29, 2013 at 8:31 PM

    Perhaps Caswell is right and we are seeing a replay of the final actions of Sandiford who in 1994 pulled the whole house down on his detractors and all.

    |another example of counting eggs in chicken bottie!

  68. old onion bags | January 28, 2013 at 10:16 PM

    Man you are a joker……Nothing can save Stuart and the DLP now…you can attempt to spit and polish up all you want…everybody knows this was a TERRIBLE 5 yrs TERM that they cannot wait to see the back off….Even DLP executive cannot wait to pelt Stuart to the Bayland wolves….so D man was forced to crawl up on to the flag pole to the end…as the ship goes under….Fractured check the facebook ..raft scene with big belly geese…in a vest shirt….man ya wud bawl….lol

    another bouncer that boomerang and hit onions in the mout leaving him toothless !OUCH! that HURT!|

  69. this is one for the record books!

    JUST ASKING | January 28, 2013 at 11:01 PM

    Final Result as revealed to me on Sunday
    BLP = 26 SEATS
    DLP = 3 SEATS
    WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE though is
    BLP = 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEAT

    ithat comments has the Hallmark of a Dreamer.

  70. @Shai

    where u just come from, u had a nother name and shame got u blogging under a new name, My PM is a deep thinker that what he does, that how he defeated people like u, nevertheless, greedy hot will cool, and u will get the Cbinet tomorrow.

    • I always had this name and i aint shame.i am an unrepentant bee and proud of my team. You are a typical dem, loud and brash cause you pay fir a victory. You should be shame. Freundel gone long back to sleep.i am proud to be a ber and i always will be.

  71. i refresh those comments from the BEES bloggers to show how confident ! up in your face ! big time gloaters masquerading in the face of the DEMS before they had voted . can;t imagine the jubilation and mockery of the DEMS the Bees would had have if they had won ! HA! HA! HA! it feels so GOOD OOOOOOD getting the last laugh.

  72. @ac there is a difference between being out lbw and being comprehensively bowled.
    There is a difference between losing by 2 wickets after 4 innings on the last day of a test match and getting 2 to 1.

    Celebrate the victory but as a supporter of the DLP I hope you can make meaningful contributions on BU that shows a commitment to help the new Government make Barbados better.

    The DLP must not lose sight of the fact that this was a very close win.

    I remain a loyal DLP supporter.

  73. I am enjoying the bassa bassa between CCC, TTP, Onions, FracturedBLP and a host of Bees and Dees who seems to forget Elections dun wid. The real action starts with the naming of ministers and the lock-horns in Parliament and the Senate. However, when you look at the performance of the three leaders, Freundel, Owen and Mia you would have realised that Mia came out on top with 1918 more votes or 69%; Owen second with 1685 more votes or 65% and Stuart 1246 more votes or 64.2%. Forget Cadres poll and you will see the results were based on candidate’s popularity and performance. The results have nothing to do with Leadership. Lets hold hands and move forward to save Barbados. David, thanks for giving us a chance to blog and forget people like CCC who cannot let go and forgive. Your off spring will judge you based on your desire not to forgive. Nuff said.

  74. hants you keep spinning the obvious, not one to complain when others are jubilant as a matter of fact i wish them the best .BTW what do you mean that i engaged the govt as to what they are supposed to do. the govt manifesto lays out plains which they have proposed to implement and i endorse them. what more would you like me to say. as of now the govt is on hiatus until parliament is called to session and until then i will be jubilant .there is nothing i can say or do until then then i will give input on their performance , sorry if you find jubilation to be a sour grape,i guess different strokes for different folks,good nite!

  75. AC; The last laugh is yet to come. So enjoy it while you can. I hope that most of us will be in a position to laugh throughout the next year.

    Congrats to you on winning (albiet losing 5 seats) and to the B’s on gaining 5 seats (moving from 9 to 14 and not losing a seat)

  76. @Gabriel Taxkle

    what is artur legacy? The presentation by estwick put lie to the claims made by the blp and i have not seen a refutation of such.


    the private sector invested so much in the blp and it could not deliver the goods, the massive investment in the buying of votes, especially in donvile and chris constiuencies did not help. Why u think Liz Thompson was so confident of winning the elections. She knew waht they did.

    have u forgotten that I said that the dlp woud have won 17 seats. Allowing for margin of error i was correct.

  77. Congrats to you too CHEC-IT_OUT for gloating about the seats your party won and not letting that daunt your spirit about losing the election good for you for serving lemonade instead of lemons.

  78. To The Point

    The PM will not be in a position to name a Cabinet tomorrow unless he placates the 2 MP who are refusing to take Cabinet appointments. 16 to 14 is a very thin majority, lose one to either the opposition or independent bench and the DLP is face another election, an election where they will be look to get 5 or 6 seats.

    This Government is looking like its over before it even began. Imagine the first day of the new Parliament and the DLP have only 15, the BLP have 14 and 1 independent.

  79. AC; Thanks! Its not my party. I’m not a member. But I think you are going to be quietly happy when Mia and Company help the hapless ones in the DLP to steer the ship Barbados away from the reefs. Watch out for that $150 million one just around the corner.

  80. TTP. Wuh school you went tuh. If DLP won 20 seats and ONE join…that will be 21 and when elections called Dees 21 and Bees 9. If you now have 16 seats, it mean yuh loss 5. Now got to the back of the class and put your 4 hands in the air as customary.

  81. @Pink lip

    u ever though that the might got two licorish mp in the blp who could cross over to the dlp. The Pm will announce his cabinet tomorrow.

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