The Alexandra Impasse: Enough Is Enough

Some members of the BSTU party leaving Government House last night

According to media reports, the meeting between Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart and the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU) to resolve the Alexandra imbroglio ended with a promise of more meetings late last night. Further reports suggest that Principal Jeff Broomes did not receive ‘official’ communication from the ministry of education about the meeting.

After four and one half hours at Bay Street yesterday the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn by John Public is that the 30 teachers remain persuaded by the Prime Minister that dialogue is healthy in the circumstances. Whether the reason for the impasse is legitimate or not most Barbadians have become ‘ticked-off’ at how protracted this matter has become. In any industrial dispute there is a time period which is considered reasonable before the hammer drops. Clearly in the Alexandra matter that time has long passed.

Although it is easy to be sympathetic to Prime Minister Stuart given the large number of issues which currently command his attention, the Alexandra dispute involves children, and despite the placatory offerings from some involved in solving the matter, it must be adversely affecting them. Listening to many parents of the affected children it must be a very emotional time especially if we factor the challenging economic times we have to exist.

Then there is the political fallout going into an election year which makes the inability of government to resolve the Alexandra matter quickly a rising concern. Yes BU understands that it is the Public Service Commission (PSC) which must act if the route to solving the problem is to remove Broomes from the school. This appears to be clearly the path of the Prime Minister. If this is the case then the BSTU finds itself in a situation where there is little they can expect the Prime Minister to do in the short term. The wheels of government bureaucracy has never been known to impress by its speed to action. The newly appointed PSC probably needs time to familiarize itself with its work.

One would reasonably have expected after the meeting at Bay Street last night, and given the concerns for/by students and parents, a brief communication to the media to allay obvious fears was a necessity. BU however has come to appreciate that our political leaders prefer to create information vacuums which give reason for the PEOPLE to speculate. Doesn’t make sense but …With talk shows and social media on the rise, Prime Minister Stuart can be assured of one thing, Barbadians will be talking about this matter some more in the days to come.

Enough is enough!

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  1. @ uneducated

    I am not perturbed by my use of language. I am not covering up and patching up for the sake of a PM that continues to stumble at every turn. All of you can do that, you can hide behiond your nice words. Now if you want to tell me what I am or what i do, that is your problem not mine. I have been able to perform several different jobs with satisfaction. At the end of the day, I am still going to call a spade a spade. What I do not do is kiss ass; Stuart knows that and the DEMS know that. I am not calling anyone to account other than the PM who intervened. He is as clumsy as he is disconnected from the majority of the populace.

  2. ole onions good mawning bf. see you up and running , but this time the BSTU ain’t going to run away from this issue they have decided to take a hard line stance come hell or high water and i am backing them 100% .

  3. @ uneducated
    re. George Brathwaite.
    Dont mislead yourself that because one is involved in some capacity in a university or the holder of a university degree that one is ” AN INTELLECTUAL ” . Brathwaite has ably demonstrated time after time that HE IS NOT AN INTELLECTUAL . Dont forget GEORGE LAMMING was not the beneficiary of a university education , but HE IS AN INTELLECTUAL..Need I say more ? Peace my friend .

    • @Onions

      Notice that of late you have become BU’s biggest critic. Why don’t you ask Barbados Today why they printed it and it wasn’t signed?

  4. @ uneducated

    You are very true. Hence, one reason I do not label myself other than an academic. You can put whatever you want. I assure you though, I am a very independent and critical thinker. Sometimes I may get it wrong, but often my conclusions are deduced through reason.
    Now when the facts clearly indicate that this PM is the biggest disgrace in Barbados based on his indecisiveness, disconnect with the masses, and the lack of effective performances by the Cabinet he heads, it does not take an intellectual to come to certain conclusions. In fact, I am sure that is why you want to come after me and not necessarily what I am stating. So if you ridicule me, or maybe if you show up any weaknesses that I have, would you have disputed the mounting evidence on a prime minister who gained his place through default and since then his mouthings and actions have gone from bad to worse, to the worst? So forget the blasted degree and intellectual talk. Tell Bajans how to do what the Eager 11 failed to do and rid Bajans of this pedantic, and fumbling prime minister. It does not take brains to figure out that Freundel Stuart is very bad for barbados and especially at a time when we are in economic and societal crisis.

  5. @ David
    Notice that of late you have become BU’s biggest critic. Why don’t you ask Barbados Today why they printed it and it wasn’t signed?
    Because BU should know better……”to whom much is given , much is expected.”……Ask yourself since when Roy became KGB..and had an effoilometer.( Russian email interceptor)

    One swallow is not a Summer …lol

  6. @observer
    I’ll have a read and see if my worries are unfounded. My concern is more the fact that it’s the education sector. Many persons underestimate the massive legal, administrative and operational complexities that exist there. “Short” term solution to AX…maybe. Longer term solution to education…unsure. Also bare in mind that thie commission should not be seen as a “head hunt” or evidence gathering for a “specific” already determined goal. I think the PM has a little more convincing of the public on that. The BSTU will implode or fizzle eventually.

    Have a good day all.

    Nothing like a good night’s rest to evaporate emotion and reenergise 🙂

  7. Mawning ac
    Man how you could switch on de teachers so ? You had our backs before …political interference I guess..never mind …yesterday was the last nail in a career of the inept….undisputed. A country’s leader should one whose word is his bond and not to F4 the public with semantics.Again CCJ and World Internationale is watching..LIME too..CLICO too..Guess he won’t be able to blame this one either on Global Economies…but you all may find a way.

  8. @ uneducated
    Should you require further proof , take C.L.R. JAMES . He did not attend university either yet was referred to as ” THE PLATO OF THE BLACK WORLD ” . In fact James in commenting on the activities of NKRUMAH , former president of Ghana , said that he met him BEFORE he went to university and got his head confused . You think I should say more on this George Brathwaite fellow ? Peace my friend .

  9. @ uneducated

    Someone just called me and asked what conclusions have I drawn that were ever wrong?
    I told them for sure I got the Eager 11 wrong. They knew somethings that we did not fully know or accept at the time. Of course they messed it up by leakage added to their wastage. But I got that wrong. In trying to remedy that at this time, all I can do is to urge them to infleunce the PM to call the elections. Barbadians are waiting to have their say and I will accept the verdict. Stuart must go; his indecisiveness is BAD for the Barbados today and tomorrow.

  10. @ Observing .
    A very balanced contribution worthy of the most serious consideration . Of course I expect that from anyone who OBSERVES . LOL. Peace my friend .

  11. @ George C Brathwaite
    ” Sometimes I may get it wrong , but OFTEN ( emphasis ) my conclusions are deduced through reason .”
    Am i seeing right ? OFTEN ? Do you mean that after describing yourself as an ACADEMIC you would admit that there are times when you draw conclusions BEFORE / WITHOUT REASONING ? Well ! Well ! Well !

  12. @onions hell no! i did not switch on the teachers however the teachers going have to play real hard ball because it looks like broomes has the bull by the the teachers have their work cut for them along trying to avoid any negatuive fall out from. this matter as it is the BLP is in full swing slinging bows and arrows at PM over this issue. the question is now which side is the PM going to take as before he gave a perception that he was in sympathy with the BSTU

  13. @ ac
    You like you miles ahead as well babes… plunge the island in ALL this chaos..deserves a vote of no confidence in Parliament….notwithstanding
    after yesterday’s pernicious peddling by’s only a matter of time now….The die is cast and the wilderness beyond….Of all my wildest
    expectations I would have never believed the Office would fall to such phantasmagoria… and at the expense of those believing teachers, parents and young students of a “much” promised solution…..IT’S A SHAME… Assurance of a step wise solution via Phases was assured.. only to be exiled by “I miles ahead” ….IS THIS FAIR TO BABADOEESS ?

  14. The teachers at Alexandria and the Principal are incompatible.

    The commission of enquiry will confirm itself as a waste of time if this is its finding …. we have been there and done that.

  15. And what do you recommend for incompatible people? DIVORCE! All this TALK TALK ent gine nuhwhere. Do what is best for the children, start DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS from both sides PLEASE.

  16. An Observer; Thanks for your 1.25 am response to my earlier post. I did indeed hear the last minute or so of the press conference but missed the meat of it. But that last minute was enough to send bells ringing and to realise that the press conference possibly signalled nothing less than the effective end of the Stuart era for Stuart was backpedalling fast while casting some doubt on his vaunted integrity, casting more blame on his MOE and taking credit for the new Commission while indicating that Cabinet had approved it after significant discussion. I don’t think that my posts on this matter are in any way inconsistent with my posts on other matters. From the beginning I thought that FS handled the AX matter very badly and said so so the current denouement was no surprise to me.

  17. We have just come out of the period of lent and the passion of Jesus. It seems it is being played out here again, here is Stuart ( Pilate) washing his hands of the problem and giving Broome ( Jesus) over to the Commission of Enquiry ( the people) to be crucified. Christians know what happened to Jesus, similarly, Broome would rise from the dead, in triump with a BIG Jackpot from this government. The Judases ( Keith Simmons & Co ) would get their money for the Enquiry ( thirty pcs of silver) but they would not be able to spend it. Barbados needs to stop this lunatic from bringing Barbados into disrepute

  18. @ An Observer

    Simple answer, is yes! In terms of you think that you are perfect and infallible, then I urge you to carry on. I do not engage those who are perfect. Cheers (I almost called you a Jackass, but would rather say you make some assinine comments from time to time).

  19. The BLP smells blood like sharks swimming in open waters along with the opposition leader whose asinine and decivious statement of advicing the paren ts to sue the govt. this man is as evil and vindicative as they come as if it is not enough fuel bei ng added to the problem OSA has decided to throw a stick of dynamite all In the name of political expendiency

  20. Here is another matter being washed in the blood of politics. We can blame Stuart that is not a problem but some of us need reminding that the AX matter has been ongoing from 2006 (under Arthur). Where is the leadership!

    O how we have descended to a place where only a few years ago we would have tossed our hands in horror. The time is coming soon where the big decision to jump from one pan on the fire to the next.

    • Ever since Freundel Stuart became Prime Minister, I have consistently asked his critics to give him time to prove himself. I honestly believe that the alternatives that are being proposed by the BLP (Arthur and Mottley) should be kept as far as possible from the office of Prime Minister and that position has not changed. However, by his handling of the Alexandra dispute, Mr. Stuart has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the burden of the office of Prime Minister is too much for him to bear.

      This country is really up to its neck in fecal matter. There is no leadership of any consequence. When next they are about to choose a prime minister, I suggest that the names of all those eligible should be placed in a hat and someone could be blindfolded and asked to pull a name. Mind you if the DLP forms the Government please don’t put Freundel’s name in the hat.

  21. The Scout | April 20, 2012 at 9:10 AM |
    Terrible piss poor comparison….WE know you want Barabbas.
    Pilate in both scenarios seems to have got it wrong, if their is any conciliation.

  22. Am I sensing from the letter rumoured to be written by Phil Perry that is in possession of, that members of Stuart’s cabinet are not falling in line. Are they still disresepcting him as PM. Any leader who does not have followers, is in his own ship and he could as well hand over the leadership to someone else. As I said before, Stuart seems a nice guy but the job of PM like it is too big a task for him. And they are no other members in the DLP that we can select. I think they can even beg for Clyde Mascoll to return and he would do a better job.

    The Commission of Inquiry is all that Stuart can do given the fact that members of his cabinet are not in agreement with his handling of the matter.

  23. @ David .
    ” some of us need reminding that the AX matter has been ongoing since 2006 ( under Arthur )
    How very perceptive you are ! By comparison the PM Stuart has been dealing with the matter FOR FOUR MONTHS . Thank you for raising this aspect of the matter David . Peace .

  24. @ George C Brathwaite .
    I have been valiantly trying to get you to behave as a man of letters should . I HAVE AGAIN FAILED MISERABLY. I am not sure I have the energy to keep trying .

  25. The Commission of Inquiry………..SUCKS, and is so obviously a cop out… it’s infantile…this dispute deserves an amicable and immediate solution. Even if one moved one or both of the parties, it would have showed more insight than this……Really the choice was the WORST option…..(reconsider the faithfulness of your cabinet)….it is really shallow and does nothing to solve the problem.

  26. @Mehands tied
    “The Commission of Inquiry is all that Stuart can do”

    Yup. Taking all things into considerations, as sad as they may sound, it really is. Best of the worst.

    By comparison the PM Stuart has been dealing with the matter FOR FOUR MONTHS

    And some may say has failed for four months as well.

  27. First class submission by political analyst Peter Wickham on VOB 929 Brass tacks 10.15 AM…..PM not in sync with things….existing in a different world to most of us other Barbadians who see the expediency of having this matter resolved expeditiously …well said Peter.

  28. @ Observing .
    Using the same yardstick would you say that PM Arthur who was dealing with the matter from 2006 also failed for that period ? This question is certainly pertinent . Peace as usual .

  29. @Observer
    We usually concur. I would say the persons responsible for dealing with the matter from 2006 failed. If it can be shown that it reached Arthur’s “desk” then I will also ascribe blame to him.

    Peace appreciated.

    The industrial relations – political – legal – administrative overlaps are now showing themselves fully.This issue could never be solved using ONLY one or the other.

  30. @ Fractured BLP
    “Most of the BLP NINCOMPOOPS on this site wanted you to follow the lead of Owen Arthur…when in a moment of drunken stupor….he severed 4 public officers from the QEH !The aggrieved individuals took their case to court and WON and the tax payers of this country had to pay the the price for Arthur’s drunkenness”

    Like how the Dems fired public officers in 2008, can’t defend one case in court and will have to compensate “aggrieved individuals”? Additionally, who was drunk when the decision was made to fire Lagan and 3S, and how much was or is to be paid?
    The spin on this blog would make one vomit.

  31. Has anyone stop to consider what this is costing us ..from a Macro perspective in down and digression time ? A very BAD decision in a time of recession…any time come to think of it !

  32. There is a law, legislation and process that governs this land.

    Owen Arthur’s comments are ‘bullying’ to agitate and not to resolve an underbelly putrifying problem.

    The PM has taken to follow the ‘rule of law’. The teachers returned to school in Term 2 and were met with a response by the Principal. Was the MOE observing the relationship between Principal and Teachers?

    Are the one or two aggrieved teachers being asked to report to the Principal? or, are they being rude and ignoring the official authority in the school?

    Is the Principal without rights in this circumstance?

    The majority of Barbados appears to be against the PM’s decision. If the teachers aggrieved become Prinicpals of various schools next term, will the teaching staff be allowed to have them removed ‘with dispatch’ because a few aggrieved teachers complain about them?

    We have to look at precedence?

  33. The PM did what the PM could do.

    REMEMBER he (PM) said he did not promise the BSTU nor anybody anything. He also said he acknolwedge their right to industrial relations actions including ‘their right to strike’.

    Mary is wrong in her actions plus the teachers who stayed away and withdraw labour pending the removal of the Head of an institution.

    Industrial relations has ‘law’ and ‘boundaries’ this is not wages dispute. this is a Principal v Teachers. They are teachers who do not agree but because of union membership are withdrawing labour.

    Without proof on current mis-conduct by Jeff Broomes the MOE cannot remove because the BSTU says so. The BSTU is not responsible for the PSC and MOE. So what is their point of withdrawing labour until the Principal is removed. (Procedure has to be followed).

    Who are the teachers bringing allegations (man is innocent until proven guilty still).

    What is the heinous act requiring immediate removal pending investigation.

  34. @ BU

    Owen Arthur asked parents to sue Government – what would be the cause?
    and, on what grounds would parents win?

    The Government did not withdraw labour from the school?

  35. I read on a Barbados Today article Opposition Leader Owen Arthur ….headline PM Office is Vacant……..”this is simply the most monumental piece of ineptitude in Barbados modern political history.”. WOW…a mouthful

  36. Onions
    Even if one moved one or both of the parties, it would have showed more insight than this……Really the choice was the WORST option…
    What if the PM ask those 30 to relocate ? Maybe ..THEY MIGHT HAVE…but you know what…there would still be a problem…..No other teachers would be willing to go to AX TO FILL THOSE SPOTS under Jeff Broomes….Transfer Broomes then….nobody will want to work with him…My take.

  37. @Brief
    Your arguments hold some weight, UNLESS, the BSTU were privately promised or led to believe something..circa this “letter” that circulating.

    I agree that this was the best of the worst options the PM had. If he is to be faulted, it is for what I faulted him for in January…grabbing the issue from those who were dealing with it and placing it on his desk at all.

  38. Wondering where all these commentators were who know what must be done many years ago when the AX matter was grabbing headlines. Amazing!

    A crisis of leadership is what it is.

  39. @ David
    For once….why can’t you come out and agree the PM has taken the WORST nonsensical OPTION of all before him, (expediency) as others have (Wickham)…and for once throw away the cloak. ?

  40. Yeah this is /me ac and i am goimg to say that all this problem was back in OSA time and he did nutting abouit it behoofs me to think that the BLP got so much nerve to crticise Stuart fuh trying when in fact wunna did absolutely nothing to stop this train wreck from heading fuh disaster You guys really make me laugh .

  41. The BSTU has their say at a press conference at 3:00pm today. Wonder if they will indicate to the public their understanding of the PM’s initial strategy that caused them to suspend their initial action in their demand to have Broomes separated. The PM has suggested that they were given no promises. Thus, the dizzying heights of the PM’s office alone appears to have convinced them to suspend their January action. He gave them no assurances that the course he would follow would lead to their demands being fulfilled. It would be good to get the BSTU’s take on this matter.

  42. @ Brief

    The laws of Barbados indicate that the state has a responsibility to uphold the law. All persons under the age of 16 in Barbados are expected to be at school and they are owed a duty of care and responsibility. Now, do you still need to know why the government can be sued?

  43. All i say to the teachers and mary is to stand firm no more backing down don,t let public opinion stand in the way of your objective because in the long run the public not the ones having to work with the egostistical hot headed JEFF Broomes you guys are the ones feeling the pain.the children would be taken care of. don.T flinch keep you eyes on the ball sometimes mash up and break up is the only way to achieves an objective..

  44. @ check-it
    Very good point..may be they heard you and shall fulfill.

    @ ac
    Don’t be a goat.Who is current deals with what is current. That’s there will be a change…..BANKRUPTED of

  45. I forgot to add above that the letter that BU linked to above has this statement which is very germain to my post above:-
    “The promise that there will be certain disclosures about undertakings given at the matter on tuesday evening to media if there is any stalling must also be made to the right people:

  46. Old onion bags
    Sorry to disappoint you, but there are MANY MANY teachers who are READY and WILLING to replace those striking teachers at AX. All of whom are well qualified and in some cases better qualified than them. The MOE’s “plan B” is to replace the striking teachers on monday if they don’t retirn to school, replacement teacher have already been identified and notified, and ready and eager to get to work to have some aense returned to that institution. Those dead “headteachers” of Ax are rolling in their greaves right now.

  47. Has anyone considered that if the BSTU calls out its membership from Queens College, Harrison College, Combermere, CP etc., is when this matter gine be forced to be dealt with post haste. CXC CAPE and CSEC, Scholarships, Exhibitions – These exams are weeks or even days away. This thing gine get igrunt now…

  48. Aonions
    ” the PM has taken the WORST nonsensical OPTION”
    Which lens are you looking through? legal? political? industrial? other?

    I understand the reasoning but, who should be held culpable for he absence of duty and care? Principal? Board? MEHRD? Cabinet? PM? the whole government? any other parties who may not have dealt with the matter in previous years?

  49. Observing

    Did the PM meet with Broomes (the Principal)?

    He took the complaint away from MOE because the BSTU refused to meet with Min. Jones. The PM gave them their request for a hearing.There was some calm for the remaining school term. “Calm” (return to work) not a resolution.

    During the holiday it was reported that Camp went on without certain teaching staff. Therefore this implies that the situation of an unhealthy environment remains.

    The BSTU never said that the PM agreed to remove Broomes but they returned to work. NOW they are withholding labour.

    Can someone tell us what other option the PM had that would be in accordance with the rule of law?

    The Board, the teaching staff, non-teaching staff each has problems with AX Principal. Isn’t it so at each school? at AX it appears to be derogatory and vexing to the soul whereas a fraction wants the Principal removed.

    Why didn’t the BSTU advise the aggrieved teachers to request a transfer ‘with dispatch’?

    Again I reiterate – all of the teachers are not aggrieved – some are in solidarity as union members – with the ones immediately aggrieved who took the matter to the Union for hearing and problem solving.

    I believe that Mr. Broomes has to be replaced because of the reports that state in fact that his decisions to hire were in breach of procedure, plus, his refusal to allow Directors of the Board permission on the premises without justifiable cause. However, these allegations have to be investigated.

  50. ac
    That is piss poor advice, the only losers at this stage are the striking teachers, the education of our country’s children is BIGGER than any RED woMAN or BSTU therefore, those striking teachers are better advised to return to work by monday or be FIRED. In the true sense they have worked off their job. In case the 30 of them were, as a group, were killed in an accident, the school wouldn’t close, so they are wrong to think the AX can’t do without them.Failing to return to school by monday, would ease the P.M woes because he would be free of those teachers. Mary Red woMAN, it’s time you return to your school and do your job., you too should be FIRED if you don’t

  51. George

    Teachers including the Principal were at school.

    Insufficient teachers maybe, agreed but the few have to be considered responsible and competent having been allowed by the MOE through recommendation by the Board.

    The MOE now has to ensure that enough teachers are at school.

  52. Whatever damage is done to the DLP cannot be worse than the damage done to the BLP who did not look into the complaints to even request an enquiry.

    Where is Millerann… how does he describe the two parties – half dozen and six?

    Owen Arthur should not even comment on this issue because the letter issued to the Principal was under his leadership and the incompetence and damage started under his leadership. What decisive action was taken under the LEADERSHIP of the BLP.

    @ David
    Any leadership issue is within both parties and not one.

    What change will we ask for in the next elections? What can we expect George Brathwaite, Old Onion Bags, AC, Carson C. Cadogan?

    What difference can we anticipate?

    Freundel is sound in integrity and following of the law. Granted. What did he do with the Min. Jones for his poor handling of the AX issue? Freundel said that he did not order any meeting that Jones chaired. Jones said that the PM advised him (Jones) to hold the meeting.

    Help me cast my vote and direct my household of eligible voters to cast theirs now reaching the age to do so.

    Come one. Indiscipline, incompetence has to be reprimanded and not pushed aside. We are asked to raise our children with discipline still at the highest order indiscipline and incompetence are allowed.

  53. @ Brief

    Thanks for letting me know. In that case the PM has to get on the job. The Cabinet has to get on the job too. And the electorate must demand that elections are called; there is little or no effective governance in this country. This is not about B, D, G, Q. This is a national issue aand the PM is out of place to say that he is not giving any running commentary. He is out of place, rude, and insensitive to the parents who are scratching their heads at this time. You people need to get real and call Stuart to account. He is Prime Minister not by our choosing or want; he is not indispensible. Let him go.

  54. Observing (and Observing)
    the PM has taken the WORST nonsensical OPTION”
    Which lens are you looking through? legal? political? industrial? other?
    Check this At the first meeting, I would explain (with both parties present) there \\ “Tonight there will be a solution.”and inform them of…

    Option 1. All the 30 will be transferred tomorrow since you all can’t work with Broomes.
    Option 2.Offer Broomes a good package ( should he opt for early retirement) and a job @ MOE or a overseas consular.
    IF NEITHER PARTY ACT>>>>I WILL (from Options).
    For the PM to decide on: A Commission of Inquiry……worst thing possible…REMEMBER EXPEDIENCY>>>> the STUDENTS waiting to be taught.
    I am quite sure the teachers would be willing to be transferred the interest of the children ….as they informed the PM they “have the children’s interest at heart.’

    But you know what ? I will bet it will be difficult to find replacement teachers to work in Uncle Jeff.

  55. @onions
    U have backdated the circumstances surrounding the decision. I agree january was the ill fated moment. Given that, what are/were his better options political, legal and industrial options now…all things badly done considered?

    @brief re. Leadership
    One problem is way out there and prolonged for all to see. The other is publicly solved. I hope you get the difference. As for Jones’ (man)handling by the PM, that’s for another thread, but rest assured, don’t expected olive branches and open arms from the ministry.

  56. I sat and read a lot of the postings on this blog. People seem to be of the view that the teachers want Broomes gone just because he is a bad manager. I say it is much more than than.

    Why would more than half a staff go on strike if it was just about not liking a management style? We do not know all the facts but common sense would dictate that there has to be something seriously wrong.

    People are calling for the teachers to be transferred. Hmmm! Well, if you are going to say that moving Broomes will not solve the issues, then moving the teachers will not either. You may not know it, but Broomes is not the strict disciplinarian he pretends to be and the honest students will tell you that what goes for the goose does not go for the gander.

    There are things that go on at that school that none of you would stand for. And to think that people seem to forget that things have been festering for so long and NOBODY did anything. In Barbados you have to cause a scene for people to take note that you are serious. Yes, in many businesses when you want satisfaction on an issue, if you don’t speak boldly you get unfaired. And I think this is the case with the teachers. For so long they have endured everything for sake of the very students we are so concerned about as a country. All of a sudden they are acting “immature” because they chose to say they have had enough.

    I posit that if it was simply about management style those teachers would not have come out in first place. And to say Broomes has done nothing to aggravate the situation since the teachers went back to school is like someone telling you that the sky is pink and you blindly believe it.

    As for SOME of the other teachers not on strike – who de dog like he lick… – and you could finish the rest. I’m in your court now but what if I offend you, will my business become the laughing stock of others?

  57. @ Observing (and observing)
    Option 1. Transfers can’t hurt anybody… have the option to be transf or stay.
    If Broome is really the problem in 2 yrs we will know….then he will get his.

  58. After reading all the options posited what if the BSTU pulls out its full membership in solidarity?

    What if Sir Roy and the BWU joins the BSTU to march?

    Some on this blog with their obvious agendas would pretend this matter just dropped from the sky and can be solved at the drop of a hat.

  59. @onions
    For once we agree, but we both know bstu wouldn’t have accepted transfers.

  60. @ David
    Excellent point…that is why I can’t see why the PM has done what he has done..and giving the air of high handedness when ALL remember his Phase’s ACT…What is needed is for him to ASK…and not demand…He is who guided the process to where it is at and now this seeming trickery..He had the teacher’s confidence once….let’s hope there is no islandwide strike action for he has given just cause by misleading the teachers.

  61. Enuff
    “Like how the Dems fired public officers in 2008, can’t defend one case in court and will have to compensate “aggrieved individuals”? Additionally, who was drunk when the decision was made to fire Lagan and 3S, and how much was or is to be paid?
    The spin on this blog would make one vomit”…………………..

    Enuff, you should have reminded him who was drunk and fell off a truck and who drank so much vodka and where is that person today.

    This country is in a tail spin going down the drain, our children’s education at Alexandra School is topsy turvy, they are not being taught and we get yardfowls like him calling Owen Arthur a drunkard. When they cannot defend the nonsense going on and how incompetent their party is they resort to all they have …..Owen Arthur is a drunkard.

    Guess what, he must know how to handle his drinks, he is yet alive! If things were not so serious, you would have to laugh. Things will get worse by the time the PM is back from the IMF.

  62. @ Prodigal
    Things will get worse by the time the PM is back from the IMF.
    Wait he gone again ?

  63. No claim to being bright faced island scholar but for sure a scruffy individual who has a mind and my own opinion of things . After all the fuss about the commission, what is the INTERIM SOLUTION to help the not so bright and slow who need a little help to study and pass their exams. Who needs the help after July. Who fail exams because of the ups and downs will they get second chances. I hope that the Minstry of Education is not closed.

    • Didn’t the Prime Minister indicate at the press conference yesterday that should the teachers not return to work the MOE will have to respond accordingly? There is no way the Cabinet would have discussed the matter and agreed to a Commission to shield the government and not discuss the several scenarios which may have to be managed, one being that the teachers will remain on strike.

      This evening’s press conference by BSTU was abruptly cancelled.

  64. David

    If the BSTU calls out all and sundry at this time – will it change the law?

    TCL in T&T are still on strike.

    If all members go o strike at this crucial time to agitate the removal of the Principal who would be damaged most? And note some of that damage would be irrepairable because you cannot get back time lost.

    There will be islandwide disruption and a precedence set in industrial relations here in Bdos.


    Some of know the story and part of it. Broomes continues in his post not perturb because of legal binding.

    The root of the problem has to be dealt with and the PM shows that he cannot/will not remove (trhough termination, suspension) for whaever reason.

    Anything coming out of the bag into the open would have to include the
    doings of the woman at the centre of this controversy (she is not Mary Redman). Plus the role that Owen Arthur is playing.

    Barbadians don’t believe for one minute that DLP will be affected and not the BLP – this did not start in 2008.

    We want it resolved now expeditiously for good governance and conducive environment for children, staff and management.

    • @brief

      Extraordinary situations require extraordinary decisions to be taken.

      If this matter reaches an untenable level which it is fast approaching then laws can be changed.

      In the PM’s position BU would have considered busting the union a long time ago and then deal with the manager at AX.

      Both sides are not entirely blameless.

  65. George

    We know that we do not need general elections to let Freundel go. PERIOD.

    What do we need to let the Principal of AX go urgently?

    If there is a process, why isn’t it being used? Why won’t Owen share with the DLP how to release Broomes now without legal embattlement in Court whic will force the Gov’t to pay for damages? Won’t this create another Barack situation?

    Are yoy saying that the BLP went out of office creating debt against a citizen and would advise the DLP to lose Gov’t whilst creating $mil debt to another citizen?

    When and where will it stop?

  66. George

    The electorate chose the DLP party to govern we did not under any circumstance elected Freundel Stuart for PM. The MP’s elected to parliament did that.

    Becoming emotional will not change that fact. No one returned to electorate after Adam’s, Barrow’s and more recently Thompson’s death to elect a PM.

  67. Abruptly cancelled? Lol. That is so BSTU-ish it isn’t funny. Take care Frendel”s folly isn’t overshadowed by the BSTU’s belligerence.

  68. Why is it DLP propagandist will always look for something or someone to share the blame ? When it was ineptitude in doing the right things at the right time to steer the was Global Economies to share their blame… thiefry at.CLICO….it was if OSA did not do this with Reserves and dat..Now with the AX fiasco..”oh it started way back under the other party’s reign.
    “Shits man this thing called Govt is a continuum and it is totally unreasonable to continue with this mantra…stop apportioning blame and MAN-UP you cry babies.
    Even a 1st year undergrad would have made a better decision than that made yesterday….and you all know it.

  69. David

    I would like to see the Gov’t make the post redundant to remove Broomes. Create the post under another name – of course it has to go to parliament ‘with dispatch.’

    The NUPW says that BSTU did not follow procedure.

    BAPPS stated that procedure was not followed.

    It would be good to hear what Sir Roy told Mary – if it was similar observation. I would guess ‘yes.’

    Having corrected the cause of an unhealthy environment at AX (firing, retiring, suspending Broomes) who will address the apparent breach in procedure by BSTU? What would prevent it from happening again?

  70. @ onions

    lots blame to go around but the keeper of the gate should have kept watch before the horse bolted out of the stable. Now the nation is suffering and children because instead of watching he looked the other way. Having said that if the government at this time was BLP the continuum of avoiding would have continue. so all this hypocritical hot air coming from the BLP only resonates with good reason for garnishing support for the party. When the BLP could have done something they didn’t so who you guys trying to fool. Nobody ain’t FOOL BURT anymore and to add insult to injury the ignorant short man short on ideas tell the parents to sue the govt. at a time when the country experiencing economic hardship. Now tell me who does this man OSA LOVES the most. Country or HIMSELF! Want to be PM my foot up his arse.

  71. Are teachers or the Principal obligated to attend a Commission of Inquiry in summer vacation?
    What is they had already made travel plans and if they did ask teh Ministry to leave the island during summer and they got positive response , wouldnt thi simpact on the quality and speed of the COI to be completed by teh end of summer?

  72. @ ac
    lots blame to go around but the keeper of the gate should have kept watch before the horse bolted out of the stable.
    See what I mean ac …you are the epitome of my last submission.
    but I know you are a young Cydoimus in training ..I hear back to IMF in play
    Wow things like they bad! I liked the yung independent …wait she doing homework ?lol

  73. @ac,
    “Lots blame to go around but the keeper of the gate should have kept watch before the horse bolted out of the stable. Now the nation is suffering and children because instead of watching he looked the other way. Having said that if the government at this time was BLP the continuum of avoiding would have continue. so all this hypocritical hot air coming from the BLP only resonates with good reason for garnishing support for the party. When the BLP could have done something they didn’t so who you guys trying to fool.”…………………….

    Reading your blogs daily, I often wonder why the DLP campaigned so hard to win the government. You all will never take responsibility for anything even for all you have SCREWED up for the four years in power. Could god, it is time enough that something must be the DLP’s responsibility.

    Is this what you all will return to the electorate and say, it is not my fault, it is all Owen Arthur’s fault. You all are unbelievable.

    Was it Owen Arthur who only met with one party to solve the problem?

    Was it Owen Arthur who said that the problem would be solved one way or the other and he does not care who gets hurt?

    Was it Owen Arthur who promised what he could not deliver that is the head of Jeff Broomes?

    Even I who only did a little law course whilst at UWI knew that that AX matter could not be solved the way the PM was going about it. And he call himself a learnt man!

  74. but somebody shoulda tell the PM not to touch that hot potatoeand do like the short man OSA let the two factions fight it out till the last dog die. now it is too late cause the PM up to he neck in doo! doo

    wait did i make it to your pages of latinumus operandus! lol

  75. Brief | April 20, 2012 at 6:39 PM |

    I would like to see the Gov’t make the post redundant to remove Broomes. Create the post under another name – of course it has to go to parliament ‘with dispatch.’
    You mean similar to what was done to remove the Chief Electrical Engineer,when he would not COWtow to certain moguls in this country?

  76. WHY go through all that crap BOY BLUE ???

    WHAT about JUSTICE ?
    WOULDNT you like to see justice ?
    WHAT about the teacher who did not teach for a whole year–term –decade whatever ??
    WHAT about this woman ???

  77. Had to chuckle at the name of the character when I looked again at the origins of “the law is an ass”

    When Mr. Bumble, the unhappy spouse of a domineering wife, is told in court that “…the law supposes that your wife acts under your direction”, replies:

    “If the law supposes that,” said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, “the law is an ass – an idiot”.

    This mess needs common sense.

  78. Why don’t Uncle Jeff …take an early retirement and the $956,783.29 and enjoy life ova n away with his beloved ? Does he and others realize the hardships ….his so loved students are occasioning because of his stubbornness ? The man has another year or so before retirement and to think that a true son of the soil from up North would want to go down as a controversial old bugga of a bitch, baffles the Ole Onions….Jeff man you had enough air play now..think of the kids nah….your days on the stage are nearing curtains…like the one foot swordsman et al…time to show us a smart and endearing side Jeff Broomes….and give us a legacy of a super hero like Lawrence T Gay,Deighton Griffith and such luminaries…how does the Jeff Broomes Secondary School legacy sounds ?…but the way you are going it sounds more like gossips of ” an indifferent SOB..Barbados education system was glad to see the end of.” I think the first reflections sound more conducive ..what do you think, Jeff Jeff…the gran grans and other would be most proud ..onions too..even thyme ?

  79. @ Old onions
    Are you looking to ‘solve’ the problem through bribery and graft -rather than by seeking to apply truth, justice and transparency?

    If you find yourself in a position of authority when your beloved party is elected – is this the methodology you plan to use to grant large contracts too? To resolve disputes?
    Pass some $$$ and everything done….

    Do you see why Bajans are stuck with FS now? Your alternatives are even worst….

  80. Oh Boy I knew I would get your now that I have it I will not allow you to try this one….blindside a humanitarian plea using political allegiance. Won’t do Bushie boy ….My search of souls stands…your name (Jeff) will not go down well in the history books of this land as a ecliptic educator…as a certain clergyman ‘of gathers’ can attest… Bushie if the man be your true friend do edify…..this is surely not the way into Barbados’ Hall of Fame. Time to re-look , your legacy is in the balance and quickly swinging to the other side….nothing to gain all to lose. I know what Charles F Onions would do….you too.. again I appeal. You still have time to reconsider… Savior of Souls….and going where ‘ other giants’ of yester-year are permanently etched…do the right thing..join

  81. Bush Tea; As usual, well said above.

    I am appalled, although not surprised, by the reaction of Onions and the majority on this blog to the PM’s recent pass-the-buck action. They only see that Jeff Broomes is the instigator of the problems and the cynosure of blame at AX and that the Commissioner will prove that (hence the likely broad TORs). I think that, if the Commissioner is a fair man, unlike FS who has demonstrated unfairness and changeling qualities, it is quite as likely that whenever in the distant future his report is finished, it could well find that Jeff Broomes was more sinned against than sinning. I suspect that FS will not be around at that time even if the DLP wins the next elections and someone else will have to really solve the AX problem at that time.

    The matter is still up in the air re. the BSTU’s actions and reactions. Wiser heads may prevail over the weekend and cause them to stop the strike action, having realised that FS has taken a U turn against them after the glowing praises he gave them during the first AX “solution” of late January and that they are facing removal from AX themselves rather than the Principal if they take the wrong step now. But who knows with FS.

    They can’t win this battle by maintaining the strike as the strike is now effectively against FS not Broomes at this stage and everyone except them will be able to see.

    A very interesting situationl which still has the potential for major fallout in several areas. Keep watching this space.

  82. Great is advertisement!
    Tis almost fate; But, little mushroom-men
    Of puff-ball fame. Ah, do you dream to be mistaken great
    And to be really great
    Or just deminish oneself, in a puff of shame

    Onions (orig.)

  83. @ Check-it
    This is not about a “tooth and nail fight” of right or wrong but a parent’s appeal to save Alexandra School from where all this is heading. Who cares about a Commission other than those recipients of legal fees .when this can be easily solved by true men of conferments befitting ? ….Why take this to the end ?…..The true losers will be this and the next and next generations…. as we destroy an established educational legacy…. Teachers,you too,hear the call, make use of your conferments,”foolishness ain’t sense .”
    Check-it need to revisit the books.. Merchant of Venice, Portia speech to be exact….don’t mind Shylock Bushie.

    On what compulsion must I? tell me that.

    The quality of mercy is not strain’d,
    It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
    Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
    It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

  84. Onions; You are quoting against your own strongly held position re. condemning Broomes with no evidence against him so far and the possibility of manufacturing that evidence through the operations of the commission and its wide TORs.

  85. LOL @ old onions
    Bushie could smell your contributions even from over on the other blog by Hal…. LOL

    Give it a rest Onions. You are only making it worse for your side. You are becoming a bit of an embarrassment …. Serious.
    …ask ac if you doubt the Bushman.

    Bushie unselfishly gave the PM the four simple steps to solving this matter from the very beginning…. Did he listen….?

    Contrary to what the PM says, this is really a simple everyday matter that is faced by Human Resource managers routinely…..

    The Boss got the staff vex!!!

    Could be because the boss is an idiot, lazy, wutless, dishonest…
    Could be because the staff are lazy, wutless, dishonest, unproductive,
    Could be because the job has become more (or less) challenging
    ….could be lots of reasons

    Interview everyone involved
    Investigate the REASON.
    Discipline the guilty
    Everyone behind back to work

    ….next issue.

    LOL. Bushie has had to do this at least three time already this year alone…?

  86. @ Just Asking
    Read again my appeal went out to BOTH …

    @ Check-it
    Stop the semantics….watching the telecast of the PM’s speech last night..(with his wily smile)…as if to say..” look these are GROWN UP….presenting childish problems when I have to get back to the IMF (this weekend) with dispatch “…said it all.
    Times of condemning who from who long gone ..Check-it (January) when you, I, ac, Bushie,and Scoutie had a ridiculous time debating….NOW ..its TIME to resolve amongst ourselves as PM Stuart has deserted us …THE CHILDREN…are my only concern now ( as I imagined this would be long resolved)…..I do believe educated and well wishing GROWN UP can solve this ……it’s looking shamefully real bad ..fa real…suppose a National strike was called on “We cannot get on” as a reason…my gosh the international news would have a field day….but it all goes back to how far Barbados has gone astray…..we are adrift on every thing.

  87. @@Caswell

    Lord have mercy on my sinful soul. Are you for real? I returned to the blog on the an recognized that u had hoped that the rule of law does not prevail and hence your reason for now tuning on the pm, do u have any loyalty to anyone? I could recall from reading the blog as earlier mentioned, scout and observer were correct in their analysis and u were wrong.

  88. @ Bushie
    Interview everyone involved
    Investigate the REASON.
    Discipline the guilty
    Everyone behind back to work
    We went this way..did we not ? but the discipline part is the problem….reasons…..known….My appeal…a last resort for grown ups to put aside their differences in the interest of THE CHILDREN…who they profess to so dearly love…..EITHER PARTY ..can easily solve and look like true Knights of Superior conferments….I know what Charles .F. Onions would do…. we all

  89. What baffles me is why did the BSTU go into this fight with only one objective. Does anyone know why? So with this hard and fast position, they had no way at all to manoeuvre from this position to save face. Hence the postion they are in today. I thought their legal man was an expert at labour laws!!! No wonder he is a pal of FS.

  90. Prodigal

    I recall Mary said that removing a Principal forthwith was done before so she knows that it can happen.

    I agree that it is most baffling – if Broomes case was so clear cut to BSTU why isn’t it to the rest of Bdos and the law.

    Boy Blue

    If tht was the case ‘yes’ make the post redundant. Broomes is innocent and must be heard until proven guilty by the rule of law.

    • Pensions Act Cap. 25 Laws of Barbados

      Section 11. (1) Subject to section 13B, the Governor-General may require
      an officer to whom this section applies to retire from the service of the Crown in a civil capacity
      (a) at any time after he attains the age of 55 years;
      (b) in special cases at any time after he attains the age of 50 years

      (2) The power conferred upon the Governor-General by subsection (1) shall be exercised by him
      (a) in the case of a member of the personal staff of the Governor-General, in his discretion; and
      (b) in the case of any other officer to whom this section applies, acting in accordance with the advice of the appropriate Service Commission.

      (4) The officers to whom this section applies are all public officers except a Judge, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Auditor-General.

      I quote the relevant portion of this section without comment except to say that section 11 applies to persons who entered the service before July 15. 1985, and that section 13B applies to persons who were appointed after that date.

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