Media, War Propaganda And The ANTI-CHRIST

Submitted by Pachamama

President Barack Obama labelled The Anti-Christ

Today China and Russia vetoed a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution and prevented a possible Third World War scenario. That resolution would have enabled the United States of North America, NATO and a motley group of plutocratic, oligarchic, despotic Persian Gulf Arab regimes (which purport to represent something they call ‘The League of Arab States’ to institute regime change in Syria a la Libya.

To Obama the Arab Awakening has presented an opportunity to institute regime change in countries the USA dislikes in its quest for unquestioned global dominance. The powers are not interested in removing the leaderships of  criminal, undemocratic, client states in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Egypt and Kuwait which otherwise act as gas stations and US military bases. Obama’s regime change military strategy is overtly aimed at Syria, Iran, Venezuela and other countries that defy American foreign policy but the real agenda is to encircle and check China and Russia. This colonial policy has no interest in the human rights of the peoples in countries where the ‘leaders’ dutifully take their orders from Washington. Washington itself may speak about civil rights in glowing terms for its own people but its history suggests a lack of any commitment to human rights, as a more fundamental requirement for the peoples of North American.

On the surface the black mascot, Barak Hussein Obama, presents the smiling face of Empire while in the background this anti-Christ, himself, is engaged in all manner of war crimes in many countries. We have discussed this elsewhere. In the case of Syria however, the corporate media, as the propaganda arm of the global establishment, has been manufacturing the consent for military intervention by spinning a narrative which suggests that President Bassar Al-Assad and the Syrian government were committing war crimes against his own peoples. Even in the face of a mountain of credible evidence to the contrary the anti-Christ was almost able to quietly convince the world that an innocent man was indeed guilty and the guilty was innocent.

We have known for nearly a year that the Qataris and the Saudis where providing money, fighters and arms (captured from Libya) and the Americans and NATO were provided logistical and intelligence to subvert the government of Syria – these are the people who preach about state sponsorship of terrorism but themselves are the largest purveyors of terrorism. It was the league of Arab States itself which sent an observer mission to Syria headed by General Dabi to establish the cause célèbre for another ‘humanitarian’ military intervention. Once Dabi’s early communications suggested an unfavorable report was likely, the warmongers in European and American capitals through their minions, the Qataris and the Saudis, withdrew their delegations and said what careful observers already knew, that they should be military intervention anyway by the Arabs, ostensibly. With the Qatari owned Aljazeera pumping out anti- Assad propaganda many times per hour, 24 hours a day, Qatari foreign minister and brother of the Emir, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al-Thani, smarting after knocking off Khadafy, was sure Assad would be out by January 22nd 2012. The smiling devilish Obama is the man who is quarterbacking all of these dangerous shenanigans while pretending that he is washed in the blood of the lamb – we beg to disagree. Obama seems to believe that Russia could be easily denied access to the Mediterranean, for it is Syria that guarantees that access.

We judged that these events are best located in a wider geo-political circumstance. Our judgment sees NATO and the Americans continuing the Bush wars of conquest behind the charming smiles of Obama. We contend that Obama is first trying to sure up the Zionist state by removing Assad. The removal also limits the strategic depth of Iran. This provides NATO and the Americans with a more vulnerable Iran and a Hezbollah which is cut off from its chief sponsor. But this quest for unquestioning global dominance does not stop with Iran.

The anti-Christ also has its eyes on Russia and China and the Chinese and the Russians seem to be reading from the same playbook. This is clear for a number of reasons. First, it is only necessary for one permanent member of the UNSC to veto a resolution – why did we have two? Second, the Americans have recently renewed their challenge to the Chinese for dominance in the South China Sea. The people of the world are kept in such ignorance that few people see Chinese generals on TV suggesting that China should again take over Indonesia. Indonesia has stupendous natural resources and the American have recently boosted they forces in Australia. Third, the Chinese, the Russians and the Iranians have long been talking about a replacement to the US dollars as the medium for international transactions. This is one of the main reasons the American have gone to war in recent times. Fourth, the Europeans and the American are concerned by attempts by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and other multilateral formations that are seeking to create alternative centers of power which by-pass them. War may provide the common element that could redirect the economic demands of Europeans and Americans at a time when there is widespread economic hardship. Hardship to which the ‘leaders’ have no effective response. War could also win the powers unquestioned global dominance.

The incestuous relationship between media, war propaganda and the great warlords of our time present a few countries otherwise on the periphery of world politics as their handmaidens in the service of conquest. It is amazing that Qatar and Saudi Arabia, countries neither of which has ever had an election, are both ruled by the same Sunni families for over 200 years. In the case of Qatar it has been ruled by two brothers who less than 15 years ago overthrew their father in a palace coup, promised to have elections then and never did, could find itself as the chief pawn in a pernicious global game of regime change in another Arab State. A student of recent Arab history may conclude that this game is likely to come to their door step in the not too distant future. For once the Americans perceive they have outlived their usefulness they will, sooner or later, seek to have them replaced. Do they not remember Saddam, Khadafy, Mubarak, Ben Ali and many, many more? The desperation of the Europeans and the Americans to extend Empire is also destined to failure. For if there are two more lessons history teaches us well is that once Empire starts to fail not even the anti-Christ himself could have it returned. And secondly, the anti-Christ is unlikely, even after a significant UNSC defeat, to be undaunted.

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  1. HSBC Laundering Billions?
    Friday, February 03, 2012 – by Staff Report

    A former employee of one of the world’s largest international banks has provided WND with more than 1,000 pages of documents, including customer account ledgers for dozens of companies through which the financial institution was laundering money each month, according to the whistleblower. “I found many accounts through which hundreds of thousands of dollars were being flowed as a conduit on a monthly basis,” John Cruz, an account relationship manager who worked in the HSBC southern New York region, told WND. − WorldNetDaily

    Dominant Social Theme: What a shock! This is perhaps the biggest bank in the world! Where were the regulators? What’s going on? How could this happen? It’s really impossible to believe …


    The sums that slosh about in the recesses of Western government and its mercantilist banking facilities are almost impossible to comprehend. Just before 9/11 − on September 10, in fact − Donald Rumsfeld announced that US$2.3 trillion in Defense funds had gone missing and could not be accounted for.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Rumsfeld was not able to follow up definitively as regards this staggering sum because the plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/11 apparently wiped out the records department that contained details on expenditures (along with 125 employees, mostly accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts).

    The elites have plenty of money for black-ops efforts, of course, but the power elite NEVER uses its own funds, from what we can tell. Also, money-washing at big banks creates large pools of “clean” capital that can be used for a variety of purposes.


    The Internet is a process, not an episode. As times goes on, we figure more and more anomalous revelations about the world’s largest criminal syndicate will be revealed. These are not “incidents” of corruption. In fact, one oughtn’t to call it “corruption,” in our view.

    There is an emergent world government that has been put in place and it is one that is supported by corporations and individuals that are above national law. The system will only collapse – and it will in our view – when people realize that what they believe is anomalous is in fact systemic.

    Conclusion: The revelations about HSBC should not shock anyone who believes in the step-by-step – and ongoing – construction of a New World Order. What HSBC likely reveals is the Way the World Really Works. (my emphasis /GM)

  2. Khamenei: Iran to aid anyone confronting Israel
    By NASSER KARIMI | Associated Press – Fri, Feb 3, 2012

    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran will help any nation or group that confronts the “cancer” Israel, the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Friday.

    He also said in remarks delivered to worshippers at prayers in Tehran and broadcast on state TV that the country would continue its controversial nuclear program, and warned that any military strike by the U.S. would only make Iran stronger.

    Khamenei also warned that Tehran would reveal a letter that it says U.S. President Barack Obama sent the Iranian leadership in an attempt to end the nuclear stand-off. He said it shows that the Americans cannot be trusted. The White House has denied that such a letter exists.

    Iranian officials have consistently reacted defiantly to indications by the U.S. and Israel that they might at some point take military action against Iranian nuclear facilities.

    Any statement by Iran’s Supreme Leader, who has final say on all matters of state, makes it all the more unlikely that Tehran will switch tack.

    Khamenei affirmed that Iran had assisted militant groups like the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas — a well-known policy, but one that Iranian leaders rarely state explicitly.

    “We have intervened in anti-Israel matters, and it brought victory in the 33-day war by Hezbollah against Israel in 2006, and in the 22-day war” between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip, he said.

    Israel’s large-scale military incursion against Hamas in 2008-2009 in Gaza ended in a cease-fire, with Israel claiming to have inflicted heavy damage on the militant organization. The war in Lebanon ended with a U.N.-brokered truce that sent thousands of Lebanese troops and international peacekeepers into southern Lebanon to prevent another outbreak.

    “From now on, in any place, if any nation or any group confronts the Zionist regime, we will endorse and we will help. We have no fear expressing this,” said Khamenei.

    He said Israel is a “cancerous tumor that should be cut and will be cut.”

    The remarks are a rare direct acknowledgment by an Iranian leader of Tehran’s intervention against Israel in armed conflicts. Iran has usually said in the past that it offers political support to Hezbollah and the Palestinian groups.

    An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman said he wasn’t surprised by Khamenei’s remarks. “It’s the same kind of hate speech that we’ve been seeing from Iran for many years now,” Yigal Palmor said.

    Khamenei also said that the U.S. will suffer defeat and lose standing in the region, if Washington decides to use military force to stop the country’s nuclear program.

    “Iran will not withdraw. Then what happens?” asked Khamenei. “In conclusion, the West’s hegemony and threats will be discredited” in the Middle East. “The hegemony of Iran will be promoted. In fact, this will be in our service.”

    Both U.S. and Israel have not ruled out a military option against Iran’s nuclear facilities, which the West suspects are aimed at developing weapons technology.

    Iran says its nuclear activities have geared toward peaceful purposes such as power generation and medical isotopes.

    Another potential military flashpoint is the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. Iran has threatened to close the strait in response to U.S. and EU sanctions targeting the country’s oil exports.

    Khamenei warned that Iran might reveal a letter that it claims to have received from President Obama, which he implied had contained promises that Washington had not offered.

    “The U.S. president sent a letter to us and we replied. Then they showed reaction and took action. The letters one day will be revealed to the public and people will find what their words are. One of our essential jobs is to be aware about their deceptions in their promises and smiles,” he said.

    Khamenei did not say when the letters had supposedly been exchanged.

    An Iranian lawmaker in January claimed that Obama had asked for direct talks with Iran in a secret letter, that also warned Tehran against closing the Strait of Hormuz.

    Obama administration officials have denied there was such a letter. Tehran and Washington cut diplomatic relations in the aftermath of Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution.

    Half of Khamenei’s nearly two-hour speech was delivered in Arabic, an apparent nod to the Arab world. Iran has applauded the victory of Islamist groups in elections in 2011 and 2012 that followed the toppling of authoritarian regimes in Egypt and Tunisia.

    The Supreme Leader said the Islamist electoral victories will “weaken and isolate” Israel, and that they represented the failure of what he said was U.S. policy based on “anti-Islam” propaganda.


  3. Barak Obama thrust now is to convince people that he did NOT know the size and strength of the various lobbies that exist in Washington before he became President. In fact he says that it will take more than one term to change things… it may take more than one President. To me he is just trying to buy time for himself and other potential Democrats. Viewed another way, Obama is admitting that there is something BIG TIME wrong with the US, and by extension its foreign policy.

    Well done Pachamama

  4. This is a really paranoid view of the world.
    I don’t support the US and Europe having done some of the things they have like the invasions of Afghanistand and Iraq. I also found the focus on Libya odd when a couple of years ago he was being hailed as a great leader.
    I find it difficult though to recognise that Pachamama and I live in the same world.
    Three years Obama was the saviour of the world; now he is the Anti-Christ? Both views are, of course, nonsense.
    I believe Obama is trying to make difficult decisions for which there are no easy answers.
    What would Pachamama recommend is done about the probable development of nuclear weapons in Iran, for instance?

  5. @ St. George Dragon
    Thanks for you generally fair comments.
    Well, anybody who has been closely following the Iranian issue over many years and having visited Iran myself, my simple answer to your question is – nothing. We do not ask that you to accept the religious decree of the Supreme Leader of Iran or the a preponderance of IAEA reports that the Iranian declared nuclear program is purely for civilian purposes. You may want to approach the issue from the other end and inquire into the violations of the Non-Proliferation Regime by the nuclear weapons powers. You should ask yourself why are these powers allowed to continue developing new generations of nuclear weapons and to proliferate nuclear weapons technology to countries that are not even members of the IAEA (India, Israel, Pakistan)

    To get closer to the gist of your question, nuclear weapons, as the Iranians persuasively argue, have lost their strategic value. They have not helped the American and Nato to win the misguided wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. They did not prevent the USSR from total collapse and they are unlikely to prevent the end of the American Empire. In short, even if the Iranians had a nuclear bomb they could not use it, especially in a first strike scenario. For they will be obliterated in short order. But this is not the standard being applied. The powers are even arguing that they should not even have the knowledge to exercise they rights under the IAEA. How do you bomb intellectual capability. We put it to you that the nuclear bomb is as irrelevant to the Iranian issue as it was in the case of Iraq. Further, Iran has been the chief beneficiary of a misconceived American/NATO strategy in the region. The American and NATO rid Iran of its arch enemy in Iraq on one border and removed the Taliban from power in Afghanistan on the other border. While the geo-strategic map for American/NATO is dwindling in that region that for Iran is increasing. In this there is no doubt. So Syria must be taken down.

    Of course these are highly complex issues and may require other responses. Your interpretation of the hyperbolic reference to Obama could be limited to issues that go beyond the public character.

  6. Pachamama

    You so rasho*e impressive. I do not get that the likes of St George’s Dragon would have anything to say on this thread and expect to be taken seriously…

  7. @David
    Not likely, Russia and China are not yet prepared to confront the US/NATO militarily and there is no need to. At this level great powers think in terms of hundreds or thousands of years. They seem to have made the judgement that the Western powers will eventually implode on their own weight, as is presently apparent. In the interregnum, Russia and China seem prepared to use other tools to quietly aid the Western implosion. These include diplomatic, political and economic measures. In some ways the American war economy will benefit more from a war than continued relative peace. A war (especially in the Persian Gulf) could vastly increase an artificial demand for fiat US dollars by driving the nominal price of oil up to as much as 500 dollars a barrel. We judge that the Russians and the Chinese are smarter than to throw them a lifeline. However, they are always supporting America’s foes through all the other means discussed.

    Also, at the collapse of the USSR the Americans had promised the Russians that they will not extend NATO to Russia’s borders. A promised that was hastily broken. Russian now increasing feels threatened militarily by NATO’s encroachment. Of course, you would not see these things on CNN or MSNBC or CBC for that matter. Right now the Americans are using so-called ‘democracy’ agents (NGOs) to defeat Putin employing similar measures (except the violence) that they are using in Syria and elsewhere. For it is Putin who is behind the veto on the Western sponsored anti-Syria resolution at the UNSC yesterday. Medvedev is a weakling. Russia’s allies can’t wait for Putin to be back in power (formally). On the other hand, we wrote earlier about the problems China has in the South China Sea with western powers and America in particular.

    • @Pachamama

      If Russia, China and no doubt many others are aware that the strength of the US economy is its ability to print US dollars knowing its currency is the the reserve currency why not hurry things along by pegging to a basket of currencies and take the world out of its misery?

  8. @David

    Well, a number of moves in that direction have been initiated. You should remember that the US dollar is deeply embedded into the global economic/financial architecture. We are are talking about the framework setup after World War One at Bretton Woods. You seem to know that the US can print as many dollars as it wishes and other countries have to exchange real assets (oil, etc) for ‘useless’ currency. A currency which has a value because we say so. In short, it will be difficult, take a long time or the collapse of the Empire for another currency to be given the level of acceptability the dollar now has.

    @ BAFBFP

    Thanks for your kind comments.

  9. Pachamama

    Where were you when my brothers Saddam Husein and the Colonel were trying to move the Arabs and Africans away from the Breton Woods Architecture. We needed some voices on this blog to help put things right in the heads of some of these pseudo Judea-Christians who were calling for their heads and unfortunately got their wish …!

  10. Haiti has joined Alba. My Latin-American brother in the South is now sure to be the target of even more heat from the Black face in the White House …!

  11. @ Pachamama
    “At this level great powers think in terms of hundreds or thousands of years.”
    They don’t. This is paranoia again; or perhaps meglomania, I am not sure.
    Name me one country which has ever had a plan for 500 – 1000 years?
    The last country with any ideas about a 1000 year plan was Adolf Hilter’s Nazi Germany and that didn’t work out too well.

  12. @Pachamana

    I enjoyed your reasoning and concur with you.

    @St. George

    You are surely off target. You need to get a better understanding of american imperialism to understand why america does not want iran to acquire nucler technology for peacful purposes. Havnt you realised that the false logic it used to invade iraq it wants to use on iran, but iran is a tougher cookie than iraq and and pandomonia will reign in the middle east, if Israel attacks iran, it would have to contend with iranian supplied rockets from Hezballah and Hamas. Dont u think that Russia and China will allow America to dominate in the middle east which is of strategic importance to them. Why do u think that American mission in Iraq has failed, it is because of the influence of Iran and do u think that Russia and Iran would allow Nato to succeed in Agfghanistan.

  13. there is no human rights in russia and china either. matter of fact, the nations of russia and china have the worst records of human rights abuses against their own people other than those other countries to which they have exported their tyrannical systems. so wheel and come gain. i will take my chance with the antichrist america anyday.

  14. There are none so blind, as those who have wilfully choosen NOT to SEE* and none so DEAFT and those who have wilfully choosen NOT* to HEAR*!

    Ayatollah: Kill all Jews, annihilate Israel
    Iran lays out legal case for genocidal attack against ‘cancerous tumor’
    Published: 11 hours ago

    By Reza Kahlili

    The Iranian government, through a website proxy, has laid out the legal and religious justification for the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of its people.

    The doctrine includes wiping out Israeli assets and Jewish people worldwide.

    Calling Israel a danger to Islam, the conservative website Alef, with ties to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the opportunity must not be lost to remove “this corrupting material. It is a ‘jurisprudential justification” to kill all the Jews and annihilate Israel, and in that, the Islamic government of Iran must take the helm.”

    The article, written by Alireza Forghani, a conservative analyst and a strategy specialist in Khamenei’s camp, now is being run on most state-owned conservative sites, including the Revolutionary Guards’ Fars News Agency, showing that the regime endorses this doctrine.

    Because Israel is going to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, Iran is justified in launching a pre-emptive, cataclysmic attack against the Jewish state, the doctrine argues.

    On Friday, in a major speech at prayers, Khamenei announced that Iran will support any nation or group that attacks the “cancerous tumor” of Israel. Though his statement was seen by some in the West as fluff, there is substance behind it.

    Iran’s Defense Ministry announced this weekend that it test-fired an advanced two-stage, solid-fuel ballistic missile and boasted about successfully putting a new satellite into orbit, reminding the West that its engineers have mastered the technology for intercontinental ballistic missiles even as the Islamic state pushes its nuclear weapons program.

    The commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Brig. Gen. Seyyed Mehdi Farahi, stated in August that the Safir missile, which is capable of transporting a satellite into space, can easily be launched parallel to the earth’s orbit, which will transform it into an intercontinental ballistic missile. Western analysts didn’t believe this would happen until 2015. Historically, orbiting a satellite is the criterion for crediting a nation with ICBM capability.

    Forghani details the Islamic duty of jihad as laid out in the Quran for the sake of Allah and states that “primary jihad,” according to some Shiite jurists, can only occur when the Hidden Imam, the Shiites’ 12th Imam Mahdi, returns. Shiites believe Mahdi’’s return will usher in Armageddon.

    In the absence of the hidden Imam, Forghani says, “defensive jihad” could certainly take place when Islam is threatened, and Muslims must defend Islam and kill their enemies. To justify such action, Alef quotes the Shiites’ first imam, Ali, who stated “Waging war against the enemies with whom war is inevitable and there is a strong possibility that in near future they will attack Muslims is a must and the duty of Muslims.”

    The article then quotes the Quran (Albaghara 2:191-193): “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers] … and fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.”

    It is the duty for all Muslims to participate in this defensive jihad, Forghani says. A fatwa by the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini made it clear that any political domination by infidels over Muslims authorizes Muslims to defend Islam by all means. Iran now has the ICBM means to deliver destruction on Israel and soon will have nuclear warheads for those missiles.

    In order to attack Iran, the article says, Israel needs the approval and assistance of America, and under the current passive climate in the United States, the opportunity must not be lost to wipe out Israel before it attacks Iran.

    Under this pre-emptive defensive doctrine, several Ground Zero points of Israel must be destroyed and its people annihilated. Forghani cites the last census by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics that shows Israel has a population of 7.5 million citizens of which a majority of 5.7 million are Jewish. Then it breaks down the districts with the highest concentration of Jewish people, indicating that three cities, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, contain over 60 percent of the Jewish population that Iran could target with its Shahab 3 ballistic missiles, killing all its inhabitants.

    Forghani suggests that Iran’s Sejil missile, which is a two-stage rocket with a trajectory and speed that make it impossible to intercept, should target such Israeli facilities as: the Rafael nuclear plant, which is the main nuclear engineering center of Israel; the Eilun nuclear plant; another Israeli reactor in Nebrin; and the Dimona reactor in the nuclear research center in Neqeb, the most critical nuclear reactor in Israel because it produces 90 percent enriched uranium for Israel’s nuclear weapons.

    Other targets, according to the article, include airports and air force bases such as the Sedot Mikha Air Base, which contains Jericho ballistic missiles and is located southwest of the Tel Nof Air Base, where aircraft equipped with nuclear weapons are based. Secondary targets include power plants, sewage treatment facilities, energy resources, and transportation and communication infrastructures.

    Finally, Forghani says, Shahab 3 and Ghadr missiles can target urban settlements until the Israelis are wiped out.

    Forghani claims that Israel could be destroyed in less than nine minutes and that Khamenei, as utmost authority, the Velayete Faghih (Islamic Jurist), also believes that Israel and America not only must be defeated but annihilated.

    The radicals ruling Iran today not only posses over 1,000 ballistic missiles but are on the verge of ICBM delivery and have sufficient enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs even as they continue to highly enrich uranium despite four sets of U.N. sanctions.

    The Iranian secret documentary “The Coming Is Upon Us” clearly indicates that these radicals believe the destruction of Israel will trigger the coming of the last Islamic Messiah and that even Jesus Christ, who will convert to Islam, will act as Mahdi’s deputy, praying to Allah as he stands behind the 12th Imam.

  15. @Zoe
    Yours is a fairly accurate representation of the dispensationalist view as propagated by the leading zionists and so-called christians. That view starts off by purporting that some ‘god’ somewhere has a chosen people, is in the real estate business and wants one people uprooted and another supplanted so that a perverse end-time scenario can be played out. Serious observers of international relations cannot be guided by this type of hocus pocus. Most of what you have contributed represents a ‘misreading’ of the Iranian circumstance, and in instances outright propaganda, to the extent that cannot be corrected with a small effort.

  16. Pachamama | February 6, 2012 at 10:14 AM | @Zoe

    “Yours is a fairly accurate representation of the dispensationalist view as propagated by the leading zionists and so-called christians. That view starts off by purporting that some ‘god’ somewhere has a chosen people, is in the real estate business and wants one people uprooted and another supplanted so that a perverse end-time scenario can be played out. Serious observers of international relations cannot be guided by this type of hocus pocus. Most of what you have contributed represents a ‘misreading’ of the Iranian circumstance, and in instances outright propaganda, to the extent that cannot be corrected with a small effort.”

    My dear fellow, the above is such an “ignorant” and entirely secular worldview perspective (Lack of understanding and knowledge) of the spiritual reality of what is playing out on the world stage, especially in the ME, re the End-Time, prophetic time table of Almighty God’s Word, the Bible, which has NEVER* proved to be wrong in all of the other historic events over the course of human history, which simply CANNOT* be refuted by those of your ilk, because the following confirm without doubt, the absolute veracity of God, Word, the Bible, and His Prophetic declaration.

    1. Logical Consistency
    2. Empirical Adequacy
    3. Experiential Relevancy

    From the beginning of His Word in Genesis 1:1, and following, throughout the entire course of history, with the present End Time scenario, ALL coming together, exactly* as He said it would.

    Any one with any intellectual honesty left in them, who are still able to THINK, logically, coherently, objectively, consistently and critically, CANNOT* refute the evidence and FACTS* confirming the TRUTH of Almighty God’s Word, the Bible, and the FACT, that the present ME crisis, IS* all declared right THERE in the Bible.

  17. @ Pachamama | February 6, 2012 at 10:14 AM |

    To quote Zoe:
    “……. because the following confirm without doubt, the absolute veracity of God, Word, the Bible, and His Prophetic declaration.
    1. Logical Consistency
    2. Empirical Adequacy
    3. Experiential Relevancy ”

    Any time a person uses this kind of language you should know that he or she is coming from outer space.
    When Zoe speaks, he speaks as God’s chief lieutenant on Earth, second only to God’s son himself; not even his daughter.
    One wonders what the Chinese, Japanese Indians and other so-called non- Christian people have to say about being left out of this power play of Biblical proportions. We don’t give a toss, more likely! We are not going (can’t go) to Heaven so it’s nothing to do with us.

    • It always amazes how believers sacrifice free will/spirit and try to squeeze any event which unfolds on the earth into Revelations.

    • Well Techie the naive question is what if the endtime takes another 100 years to play out shouldn’t mankind engage their wits to resolve current issues which affect them?

  18. David | February 6, 2012 at 5:51 PM |
    It always amazes how believers sacrifice free will/spirit and try to squeeze any event which unfolds on the earth into Revelations.

    @ David….
    I wonder if you realise that you have hit the nail squarely on the head here.
    I am of the opinion that mankind, with their beliefs are the ones who will make Revelations a reality, rather than Revelations being anything prophetic.

  19. Iran: Playing a Climactic Role in the End-Times Scenario

    “While a number of Bible prophecy advocates are promoting Iran’s involvement in an impending invasion of Israel, exegetical evidence shows that Ezekiel 38 will not have an imminent fulfillment. (See the author’s September 25th article, “Two Coming Invasions of Israel: Ezekiel 38 and 39.”) However, it seems that Iran will still have a key role, leading to end-times fulfillment—one which we can discern by comparing the goal of its leadership with Biblical prophecy. As we do, we will see a very dramatic role played by the terrorist actor.”

    “We begin with the goal of Iran’s leadership, which is to bring the world under Islamic rule. According to the belief of Iranian Spiritual Leader Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, this will be accomplished following the introduction of the Twelfth Imam (the Mahdi, the Muslim messiah) onto the world’s stage.”

    “To achieve its long-term goal, the Iranian leadership believes it must eliminate Israel and dominate the Middle East. Then it must go after Europe and the Great Satan, the United States.”

    “The Iranian regime believes that to accomplish each of these short-term goals toward its ultimate ambition, it needs nuclear weapons. So where is the regime on that quest?”

    “Based on Western intelligence, Iran already has enough enriched uranium for four nuclear warheads. Though this is low-enriched uranium, the most difficult part of the nuclear process has been accomplished to get uranium to this point. Though Iran has had challenges with its nuclear program, still, it is able produce enough low-enriched uranium for a nuclear warhead per year.”

    “As British Foreign Secretary William Hague stated recently, Iran will be on a critical path toward nukes this coming year. Hague reminded us that the terrorist regime has already achieved the development of enriched uranium to 20%, a key level in the enrichment process. In addition, the Iranian regime has moved centrifuges to an underground facility, indicating it is on the homestretch for nuclear development. Thus, according to the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), Iran is right on target in its goal of producing weapon-grade uranium for nukes.”

    “Until it is nuclear-equipped, Iran is seeking to make headway toward global domination any way it can. This includes seeking smaller victories over the U.S. in order to demonstrate its superiority over the Great Satan. That may be at least part of the reason why Iran has been infiltrating Latin America, the backyard of the U.S. The Iranian presence has been moving northward toward the U.S.-Mexican border, as evidence clearly shows Hizbullah’s presence in Mexico and its ties to Mexican drug trafficking organizations along the border.”

    “This is an aggressive posture which aligns with the recently discovered hostile plan to assassinate a Saudi ambassador in Washington D.C. It appears that the Ahmadinejad regime is boldly going after America. As a matter of fact, it has already begun by attacking U.S. troops in Iraq.”

    “President Obama’s announced withdrawal of U.S. troops in Iraq opens the door to 30,000 Iranian fighters who are already positioned in that country. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proclaimed that the U.S. would stand with Iraq and its neighbors, yet allies are skeptical. After all, a complete troop pullout will leave Iraq open to more than 30,000 armed members of the Revolutionary Guard terrorist arm, the al-Qods Brigades, which are deployed there. In addition, the U.S. administration has done nothing in response to the Iranian attempted murder on U.S. soil of a Saudi ambassador; in fact, the U.S. has done virtually nothing in response to Iran’s threats.”

    “Because America will not take a hard line against the terrorist regime, there is no real incentive for the Iranian leadership to halt its quest for nuclear weapons. Not only does the evidence suggest that the White House is not willing to do what is necessary to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear capability, past comments by the Secretary of State suggests that the current administration is willing to accept a nuclear Iran.”

    “This raises doubts in the minds of onlookers that the U.S. is serious about confronting Iran. As a nervous Middle East looks for help against Iran, it will likely not look to the U.S.; instead, Arab states now understand that Israel is its best hope against the Persian terrorist regime.”

    “After all, Arab leaders know that passivity in the face of a nuclear Iran is not an option for Israel. This is because both the president of Iran (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) and its spiritual leader (Ali Khamenei) have threatened to annihilate the Jewish nation. Based on Iran’s past behavior, Israel has to take the threat seriously. In fact, because this threat is based on religious zeal, it becomes even more realistic. Thus, Israel will need to find a way to stop the terrorist regime from acquiring nuclear capability; and, at this point, there seems to be only one way—a military strike on its nuclear facilities. While many experts say this would only be a temporary fix, it is likely that the growing opposition movement in Iran would take advantage of the resulting chaos and overthrow the regime.”

    “Once that occurs, look for it to start a domino effect in which Middle East terrorist entities, currently supported by Iran, to come down. That will open up the region to align with Israel to prepare for the Bible’s predicted end-times treaty with Israel, a seven-year treaty, starting the clock ticking on the final seven years leading to the return of Christ. (For much more on this treaty, see Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock—What Does the Bible Say?)”

    “Since Bible prophecy suggests that five of the ten co-signers with Israel on this treaty will be Arab leaders, it appears that Iran is contributing toward this future Arab alignment with Israel. As mentioned above, Arab leaders are looking for a hero to deliver them from Iran’s impending domination. It appears Israel will surface as that hero. In fact, there already appears to have been some discussion between some Arab leadership and Israeli leadership on the Iranian issue. For example, we know that Saudi Arabia has offered Israel its air space to utilize for an attack on Iran.”

    “As God has used unbelieving leaders of nations in the past to accomplish His plan (such as Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus), it appears He is doing so once again. In the past, God has particularly focused on those leaders who have had a direct effect on Israel, and it seems He is now focused on Iran. By this focus, God has provided for Iran to have a central role in preparing the environment for the end-times scenario, which will be part of fulfilling His kingdom plan.”

    [John Claeys serves with John Claeys Ministries through writing, speaking, and radio ministries and is the author of Apocalypse 2012: The Ticking of the End Time Clock—What Does the Bible Say?, a riveting look of the events leading up to the return of Jesus Christ.

  20. David | February 6, 2012 at 7:53 PM |
    Well Techie the naive question is what if the endtime takes another 100 years to play out shouldn’t mankind engage their wits to resolve current issues which affect them?

    You going around in circles David….lol.

    I understand you question and it i one I have asked many times before.
    How can the issues be resolved when the ones who have the power to do so are so indoctrinated in the end times saga that Armageddon is their driving force?
    It will take a lot more thinkers like Green Monkey and Pachamama to even attempt real change. The Zoe’s of this world are hell bent in their agendas while the ‘chosen’ people dont even share the same views but rely on Zoe and those of his ilk to help promote the issue under the guise of prophecy….stupse!
    Guess WWI & WWII were end times also…..the JWs certainly thought so.
    It would take a mankind without any dogma to resolve any of these issues…..good luck with that!

  21. @Zoe
    you should know that the nation referred to as Israel in ancient
    times, has no resemblance to the current Zionist regime. Israel was finally destroyed by the Romans re. the destruction of Jerusalem. The khazars who now inhabit ‘the holy’ land were placed there after world war 2.

    “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”
    Revelation 2:9, KJV

    Maybe we need to research our own ancestry which has been totally befuddled

  22. Techi
    Bushie is disappointed that you appear to allow Zoe to so influence your assessment of the realities of the near future.
    Surely you have deduced by now that Zoe is the typical pastor of some congregation, who he have been able to brainwash with his fancy concordance references etc.
    He has a territory to defend – no matter what, because he has invested years in his empire….. Do you think he will give up his tax-free benefits or change his story – just because of a few inconvenient truths…?

    You! however, have no good excuse for not seeking out THE truth…. you mind David with that “100 more years left…” wishful thinking….

    Even the most objective thinkers now are putting odds on the imminent demise of ‘ Granny Earth as we know it’ .

    Think in terms of MONTHS David …not years
    Past time now to focus on the MUCH LARGER issues – such as the intent of the “Big Boss Engineers” who designed and created the whole shebang….

  23. I Stand Accused:
    Easy natty natty easy
    nah take it so rough
    Easy natty natty easy
    Babylon too tough
    Them a walk them a loot them a shoot
    but we know evil by the root

  24. As skeptics, branded with ‘Selective Hyper Skepticism, like the BU ‘Scoffers’ here, the reality of unfolding world wide events, emphatically continue to reveal and confirm, the incredible accuracy
    and veracity of Almighty God’s prophetic Word, the Bible.

    Understanding End-Time Prophecies Douglas S. Winnail

    “Is Bible prophecy something to be feared and avoided? Is it too complicated or too obscure to be meaningful in your life? Is it just myths and fables, or can it change your life today? You need to know!
    Few subjects today generate more doubt, fear and confusion than this vital subject!”

    “Ever since the development of nuclear weapons at the close of World War II, the world has lived under the menacing shadow of nuclear annihilation. The outbreak of international terrorism and the flare-up of hostilities in the Middle East have rekindled this threat. These fears are joined by concerns about epidemic diseases such as HIV-AIDS, cholera, drug-resistant tuberculosis and hemorrhagic fevers that can spread rapidly around the globe. At the same time, we are witnessing record-breaking droughts, fires, famines, and more extreme weather conditions—floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and tidal waves—that many associate with global climate change. Is there any significance to these concurrent and calamitous events?”

    “Many “Bible-believing” people recognize a connection between today’s news and the ancient “end-time” prophecies recorded in Scripture. Yet others, aware of so many self-styled prophets’ failed prophecies and projections of the world’s end, are skeptical about the significance of the Bible’s end-time prophecies.”

    “Theologians and academics often question and ridicule the accuracy and authenticity of Scripture, which only fans such skepticism. In addition, many today who say they believe in God do not know what the Bible actually says! So it is not surprising that many people are confused about what lies ahead.”

    Biblical Ignorance Prevails!

    “The problem is worsened by scholars and preachers who misinterpret and misapply Scripture, or who undermine its authority with their intellectual speculations. Even most churchgoers find that their preachers usually give Sunday morning sermons on “non-controversial” topics like love, forgiveness, faith and joy—and seldom or never mention the Bible’s many prophetic books, because most pastors simply do not understand prophecy (End Times, Walvoord, p. v).”

    “Yet 25 to 30 percent of the Bible is prophecy. Approximately 50 percent of all the biblical prophecies have been literally fulfilled—as history can document (ibid., p. 7). Another 50 percent—many relating to the “latter days” or “end-times”—have yet to be fulfilled. And those end-times increasingly resemble the times in which we are now living!”

    “With so much of the Bible devoted to prophecy, why do most people fail to understand the many end-time prophecies? Why do theologians fail to make connections between ancient Bible prophecies and world events that are making news today? Why do preachers and religious teachers ignore or explain away important details of Bible prophecy? Why are people unaware that Scripture reveals where world events are leading in the years just ahead? Both the Bible and history provide important answers that you need to understand—because your future is at stake!”

    Apostles, Eccentrics and Skeptics

    “Concerns about “the end of the world” run deep in the roots of western civilization (see A Brief History of the End of the World, Pearson, p. 1). Two thousand years ago, Jesus’ disciples asked Him, “What will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” (Matthew 24:3). Jesus did not dismiss the question, nor did He say that He would return unexpectedly at any moment. Instead, He listed a series of specific events that would let His disciples know His return was near (see Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21). The Apostle Paul described specific end-time events that would occur just before Jesus’ return (see 2 Thessalonians 2; 1 Timothy 4:1–3; 2 Timothy 3, 4). The Apostle John was inspired to write the book of Revelation, which is a veritable outline of end-time events, building on the book of Daniel and the writings of other Old Testament prophets.”

    “It is said of the book of Revelation, “the final book of the Christian Bible has probably had more influence on history and human behavior generally than any other single piece of writing… it has variously terrified and inspired millions over the last two thousand years” (Pearson, p. 19). Soon after John completed Revelation, self-appointed religious teachers began to distort and misapply this intriguing and outwardly mysterious book. In the second century ad, a charlatan named Montanus, claiming to be a reincarnation of the Holy Spirit, appeared in Asia Minor with two prophetesses. They would fall into trances, make ecstatic utterances and preach that the end of the world was near. Montanus, distorting Revelation 21, urged people to abandon their homes and gather at a certain village to await the arrival of the New Jerusalem. When Montanus’ prophecies failed to occur, new dates were set as the movement spread across North Africa to Rome and Gaul (Pearson, pp. 75–79). Montanus was merely one of the first of many misguided individuals who misread and misjudged Bible prophecies about the end-times.”

    Through the centuries, religious movements heralding the end of the world spawned violence against others who did not share their views. Many misguided religious leaders have urged their followers to “eliminate” unbelievers to prepare the earth for the kingdom of God (Pearson, pp. 122–133). During the Middle Ages, popes in Rome launched the Crusades by preaching hatred against Muslims, Jews and dissenters from the Roman Church, in an attempt to regain control of the Holy Land, restore “Christian” unity and bring about their idea of the Kingdom of God on earth. Interestingly, self-proclaimed prophets and “messiahs” who required celibacy or strict sexual abstinence from their followers often took many wives for themselves as they prepared for the end of the world and the coming kingdom of God. Down through the ages, dozens of end-of-the-world dates have been set and re-set: 500ad, 666, 800, 1000, 1666, 1668, 1694, 1700, 1757, 1761, 1836 (proposed by John Wesley), 1844, 1975 and 2000—all supposedly based on Bible prophecies. Yet all these dates have come and gone, and the world is still here.”

    “Speculations about the end of the world are not limited to “Christian” sources. The Mayan calendar predicts that the world will end on December 22, 2012 with the death of the sun (Pearson, p. 285). Pagan Norse sagas written in the tenth century contain vivid tales of how the world will end. Apocalyptic Jewish groups are busy today preparing to reinstitute sacrifices and temple worship in Jerusalem to hasten the return of the Messiah. Muslim extremists are willing to promote an East-West confrontation to hasten the return of the Mahdi who they believe will establish a worldwide caliphate in which everyone will be converted to the Muslim faith or be “eliminated” (Pearson, pp. 80–85). In today’s environment, some consider the Bible’s end-time prophecies dangerous, scary, delusional and intentionally provocative (see A History of the End of the World, Kirsch, pp. 1, 99, 103, 249).”

    “A scholar studying a clay tablet in the British Museum recently made a discovery providing “dramatic proof of the accuracy of the Old Testament” (The Times, July 11, 2007). The name of King Nebuchadnezzar’s chief eunuch was found on a clay tablet dated from 595bc—matching a name recorded in Jeremiah 39:1–3. A later writer would not likely have known or recorded accurately such a minor detail from centuries before.”

    Back to Reality!

    “However, the Bible itself clearly states that its prophecies are meant to be understood by God’s true servants. The Apostle John was inspired to write, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants—things which must shortly take place… Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy” (Revelation 1:1–3). Anciently, God told the prophet Amos, “Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7). God told Daniel to explain a king’s dream by saying, “there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets, and He has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will be in the latter days… the great God has made known to the king what will come to pass after this. The dream is certain, and its interpretation is sure” (Daniel 2:28, 45). The Apostle Peter stated plainly that the true Church has “a more sure word of prophecy” (2 Peter 1:19, KJV). God has given His Church (which a dozen times in the New Testament is called “the church of God”—see 1 Corinthians 1:2; 10:32; 11:22; 15:9; Galatians 1:13) a unique understanding of prophecy so it can warn this world about the true significance of end-time events and what lies ahead!”

    “Bible students recognize that fulfilled prophecy is one of the most dramatic proofs of Scripture’s divine inspiration, and that God “has revealed in prophecy His sovereign plan for history, a plan that has been unfolding for thousands of years” (Walvoord, p. vii). In fact, no other purported “holy book” contains anywhere near the quantity or quality of prophecies found throughout the Bible. Prophesied “end-time” events were meant to serve as signposts that will indicate the soon-coming end of this present age, and the return of Jesus Christ to set up the Kingdom of God on this earth. But what are those signs?”

    End-Time Prophecies

    “Jesus told His disciples that one preliminary sign of the end of the age would be a plethora of false teachers claiming to represent Him. He also warned of widespread religious confusion, escalating war and violence, terrible epidemics and diseases, and other disasters including unprecedented weather upsets—such as droughts, floods, famines and earthquakes (Matthew 24:3–10). Christ foretold that these events would begin to occur at a time when mankind could destroy all life on earth (Matthew 24:21–22)—which first became a real possibility after World War II with the development of atomic and hydrogen bombs.”

    “As these signs appear, Scripture shows that violence will begin to escalate in the Middle East. End-time prophecies reveal that Jerusalem will become the center of world attention, and will “become a very heavy stone [a burden] for all peoples… though all nations of the earth are gathered against it” (Zechariah 12:1–3). Jesus also said, “when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation is near” because the city “will be trampled by Gentiles” for three-and-a-half years (Luke 21:20–24; Revelation 11:1–2) and half of its people will be taken into captivity (Zechariah 14:1–2). These events will occur at a time when the “daily sacrifices were taken away” (Daniel 8:11). How can they be taken away when they have not yet been reestablished? Interestingly, several Orthodox Jewish groups have been preparing to reinstate the animal sacrifices prescribed by Jewish ritual law.”

    “End-time Bible prophecies also reveal that while the above-mentioned events are taking place, significant developments will occur in Europe. Scripture explains that a confederation of ten nations or groups of nations, with historical links to the ancient Roman Empire, will arise in Europe just before the return of Jesus Christ (Daniel 2:40–43). These ten nations will surrender their sovereignty to a strong political leader called “the beast” (Revelation 17:12–13). This cunning political leader will cooperate with a prominent religious leader—the false prophet (see Revelation 13)—who will be the head of a church with global influence, a long record of involvement in European politics, and a record of brutal persecution of those who believe in the Bible (Revelation 17:1–6). The false prophet will deceive the world with miracles (2 Thessalonians 2:1–12). He will promote ecumenical activities in an effort to reassemble the fragmented “Christian” churches under his authority (see Isaiah 47:1–8). Bible prophecies show that this confederation in Europe (led by Germany—”Assyria”—see Isaiah 10:5–19) will take a militant turn, and when provoked by an adversary to the south (most likely a Muslim confederacy) will move into the Middle East and occupy the Holy Land (Daniel 11:36–45). However, Scripture indicates that this resurgent European power will be short-lived, defeated by Jesus Christ at His return (Daniel 2:41–45).”

    “We should be sobered to realize that we are living at a time when these end-time prophecies are coming alive! For the last 50 years, efforts to unite Europe have moved steadily forward, with the encouragement and blessing of popes and pressure from an increasingly influential Germany. At the same time, we have seen the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, which threatens to overwhelm Europe from within and without. Recent news reports from the Middle East suggest that due to the increasing violence in the region, Israel may ask the European Union to send troops to join United Nations personnel trying to stabilize the region (Associated Press, June 13, 2007). All this is happening while we are witnessing increasingly severe weather and other disasters around the world—which God revealed would happen just before the end of the age and the return of Jesus Christ.”

    “Newspapers today are filled with reports of events long ago foretold in the Bible. Yet news commentators—and most religious leaders—simply do not recognize the prophetic significance of those events. Today, critics even question the existence of God and the inspiration of the Bible. Yet prophecy is one of the major proofs that the Bible is the inspired word of an almighty God who intervenes in world affairs. You need to prove this to yourself, and to “watch” the world events Bible prophecy reveals will occur just before the return of Jesus Christ. You can understand Bible prophecy so you will not be surprised by the rush of events that will mark the end of this age!”

  25. ‘Look the city of Damascus will disappear, it will become a city of ruins.’ ( Isaiah 17:1 ) Is this end time prophecy being fullfilled before our very eyes? It seems like the capital city of Syria, which is one of the oldest , continually inhabited cities on the planet, will soon join its besieged sister , Homs.

    Geopolitics, UN resolutions, strategic interest, greed, global dominance, religious hatred, SIN, communism, socialism, capitalism, and all the other ingrediants of our own man made cocktail for disaster, are all sitting in the blender, waiting for the final flip of the switch. We are well on the way to having a taste , one we won’t soon forget.

    Truth holds no threat for the Christian. Truth in any arena, which can be directly or indirectly tested, will always be consistent with truth in the spiritual arena. And, despite protestations from all sides, truth in nature must be connected with something, or Someone, beyond the natural realm—the something or Someone responsible for nature’s existence and characteristics. Truth always points the truth-seeker to its Source, the one person in history who could make and back up the claim, “I am the truth.”

  26. The Word of God, the Bible, clearly forewarned, that ‘Scoffers’ of His Word, world wide, like the BU ‘Bildge Pumpers’ right here in Bimshire, who laugh and MOCK at His TRUTH* would increase and get worse, along with all of the other attendent attitudes and mannerisims, that flow in abundance from mankinds SINFULL, godless HEART!

    So it be! Absolutely, TRUE to form, as His Word said it would be!

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