Notes From a Native Son: A Cautionary Tale Of An Education System In Decline, Alexandra Impasse The Symptom

Hal Austin

What is Barbados coming to when in the early years of the 21st century a small group of teachers can walk out of a school on the grounds that they do not like the head’s management style and his competence as an administrator?

What is even more scandalous is that government and trade unions are taking this rag bag of activists seriously and crippling the education of some of our brightest young people, the very future of Barbados. In the midst of all this our prime minister remains embarrassingly dumb, unable to even call a successful meeting of both sides.

Of course, the obvious action is to give the teachers a deadline to return to the classroom and start teaching the pupils, and set a date for serious discussions of their grievances. But it must be made clear in no uncertain terms that no matter what they think of the head’s management style, it is not a striking issue. We cannot replace one perceived sense of bullying with another, because one side is shouting louder than the other.

The crisis at the Alexandra School also exposes the inability of the minister of education to deliver on his duties, and the street-fighting bullying tactics of a small clique of trade unions. Those of us who are big supporters of and active trade unions can only look on in amazement as a major union, not involved in the silly show of strength at the school, has now thrown its considerable weight behind its sister union.

Now is the time, if ever there was a right time, for the government and parents to back the headmaster and show the unions the door. But it should be made clear to him that he is on probation and unless improvements be made – both in management and in exam results – then he will be out of a job.

However, the crisis is just a symptom, not a cause. The real cause is the declining state of Barbadian education and the poor quality of teachers, on the one hand, and the failure of government and the administrative class, on the other. If Barbadians want to test the quality of their secondary schools they only have to travel as far as St Lucia and visit St Joseph’s, the most successful affiliate of the Caribbean Examination Council, for an example of how a top school in a developing nation can perform. It may also explain why St Lucia is the only English-speaking Caribbean island to have two Nobel Laureates. Apart from the economy, the educational system is in urgent need of a complete overhaul.

We can start by raising the status of teachers by making it a graduate profession for all recruits and returning all those aged 45 and under to the class room for advanced training. They should also be offered salary increases and better career prospects, along with enhanced responsibilities for heads, including control of their profit and loss, hiring and firing, reporting to a board comprised of teachers, non-teaching staff, the local community, parents and secondary school pupils, with observer status for the ministry of education.

Along with this improved responsibility at a local level, the ministry should also have the right in an emergency to send in a flying squad of experienced teachers to take over in cases of failure. This improved status for teachers should also be accompanied by certain conditions, such as non-union membership, although the formation of a professional association focusing exclusively on standards should be encouraged.

The final test, however, should be a ten-year programme to raise the educational standards in Barbados to international levels, based on approved benchmarks, such as the international baccalaureate. It should also be accompanied by a widespread overhaul of the school structure, creating specialist schools for some disciplines and fast-tracking exceptional bright pupils.

As a small and relatively poor nation, despite claims to the contrary, the long-term future of Barbados lies in the quality of its human capital. We must not only return to the days when the quality of Barbadian education was unmatched in the Caribbean, but we must raise our game and produce school-leavers and graduates who can compete in a new digital world, which is borderless for its brightest and best. There is no real reason why Barbadians should not have a berth in Silicon Valley, alongside the best of the Singaporeans, Indians and Malaysians.

There is no reason why Barbadians should not be alongside the best high-tech engineers, alongside the Germans, Japanese and Chinese. There is no real reason why young people should not be entering secondary school already equipped with a foreign language and computer competence, which they acquired at nursery and primary school.

This bright future is partly in the hands of striking, gnarling, aggressive teachers picketing Alexandra School, rather than spending their time thinking of improving classroom standards. Instead of this, we have a so-called teaching union looking for a fight with the CXC authorities because he messed up and did not get his documentation in on time.

This, in a nation where 70 per cent of secondary school-leavers leave statutory education without any formal qualifications and, which the ever-expanding university is prepared to lower universally accepted standards by accepting practically semi-literate and under-qualified students as undergraduates. You just could not make it up. And, in the middle of all this, the prime minister has chosen to remain silent while what is best in Barbados declines almost to the level of the most primitive of nations.

Prime minister Stuart, in a most bizarre decision, announced from a church service that he planned to intervene in the Alexandra School crisis with the intention of bringing it to a ‘swift end’. If it was not so serious it would be funny. Maybe his interpretation of a swift end differs from that of all reasonable people. As prime minister he must give leadership by supporting his minister and head teacher. Rowdy trade unionism is not the way to run a nation’s educational system. The victims in all this are the children.

Industrial Relations:
The row at Alexandra School also exposes the wide gaps in industrial relations policy and legislation and it tries to rush through new legislation. There is quite clearly no proper conciliation mechanism to resolve these industrial conflicts, apart from strike action by workers and capitulation by managers. And, in a panic, the government is proposing the legalisation of industrial relations in a backward-looking and reactionary way.

One problem is that in a culture dominated by lawyers we have failed as a society to develop a legal consciousness, which explains the flaw at the heart of our legal and social policymaking. Yet, trade unions are a key part of the so-called Social Partnership, which some deluded people see as the governmental structure for small jurisdictions. Arbitration and conciliation should be written in to law as an industrial relations process all parties must go through before strike action or locking out.

Can courts bring about social change, or should be look to them as institutions of social change?

Analysis and Conclusion:
The challenge of education in the 21st century, no matter where one lives, is to nurture talent and close the gap between those who are naturally gifted, those who are well-taught and those whose ambitions and skills lie elsewhere. The key to unlocking this human capital is good teachers and first-rate teaching. Teachers are the guardians of our future. The economic crisis may be temporary, but the education of future generations will be with us forever.

But, as the Alexandra School crisis has shown, there is a level of obstinacy, arrogance and aggression coming from the BSTU that is offensive for an organisation which claims to be representing professionals, when it can even refuse to meet with the opposition. How we manage this is also part of the task of good government and policy-making. First, we must attract the brightest and best in to teaching by making it a profession with the same, if not a higher, status as lawyers and doctors.

This would be reflected not only in remuneration, opportunities for further study and societal recognition, but by raising the bar to entry. For example, teaching in a secondary school should be a graduate occupation. This is the one feature shared by all the leading nations which score high on international educational benchmarks, including Singapore, Finland and South Korea. All these nations recruit top graduates, develop their careers further, and battle to give them a lifelong career in education and part of their long-term strategic plans.

The action by the Alexandra School teachers is in many ways symptomatic of the failure and post-independence decline of Barbados. The one promise of independence was progress and prosperity, driven by equal educational opportunities. This promise has been broken at every level, from nursery to university, and scandalously so with Sir Hilary Beckles and his senior team building an empire in Cave Hill at the expense of ordinary Barbadian taxpayers, many of whom would never have the chance of entering a university. But the striking Alexandra  School teachers take the biscuit. Their selfishness negates everything about teaching as a progressive discipline.

The silence of the wider society is also worrying. Where are the still active recently retired professionals who should be passing on their knowledge to this coming generation? Where are the aspiring and ambitious law undergraduates looking for experience who should be providing pro bono legal advice to the poor and underprivileged parents?

We are a society that has lost its moral compass, adrift in a sea of materialism and amorality. I have seen enough of this in Britain, from the so-called free sex and rock ‘n’ roll 1960s, to the greed and selfishness of the Thatcher years to the idiocy of the Blair years to the buffoonery of the Cameron years. Whereas the economic crisis will be resolve in a relatively short time, investments in our human capital, the most important of which is the coming generation, will last forever.

To allow our most precious gift is our talented young people and to waste it will be a grave sin. Ultimately, the crisis poses a number of questions about the maturity of Barbadian democracy and, in particular about the social responsibility, transformative justice, institutional limitations and the decaying Barbadian state. What those who really care about Barbados should worry about is that the so-called New Barbadians, the silent people in our midst, are quietly plotting to take control.

If they do, we will be marginalised like aboriginal peoples.

442 thoughts on “Notes From a Native Son: A Cautionary Tale Of An Education System In Decline, Alexandra Impasse The Symptom

  1. On a more serious note

    I think its time MOE makes it mandatory for headmasters to attend receive management training while occupying post, as these individual while been qualified to teach sometimes have very little updated management skills.

    Take Broomes for instance, (and some of his lackeys on this blog) when I left cave hill some years ago ( with Mathew Farley and his $5 book bag)..the preference in management style at that time was for authoritative….since it changed to team management…I don’t even know what it is at present to support my point…times change so do people and leadership styles.

    Had Broomes been updated he would have surely augmented his leadership style in the interest of all concerned.

    From all seems that due to lack of these skills..he resorted to management by fear and oppression. Obviously.. it won’t work forever ..people rebelled..we have the outcome.

    Let this be a warning to those OTHERS out there who believes “the school is theirs” and they have total power ( as I am made to understand they are a few)..Ship up or ship out.

    You have been entrusted with custodian powers to use not ABUSE.

  2. The Minister of education has been insulted and his purpose has be called into question.

    THE PM is the HERO in the Situation.

    I have …………..I did this……….. I was told………..they were told to resume school on Wed by Me….


    Glad the children will be taught once again

    But a Precedent has been set. Is it a good or bad one?

  3. @Lemuel

    your diatibe leaves a lot to be desired. I though that Caswell was clever and does not need a neophyte to reasoning like you to defend him. People in glass houses should not throw stones. For your information, if I am stupid how do u expect me to understand things, hence u should ignore me Mr, intelligent.

    I only went to 7th standard and by the way I do not have an identity crisis and my self is as high as the sky. U have a wonderful evening. Monkey say, dont trouble trouble when trouble aint trouble you.

  4. @Islandgirl 246-1.17pm today and later —you are wasting your God given TALENT –you must do some comercial songs —from what i have seen you have the ability to so far —- or is it that Broome and the two union clowns (sorry three unoin clowns Roslyn Smith has join the other two ) has brought out your singing ability and also your song writing ability — what ever it is you must keep it up -u song -or has written well
    @Brutus the Prime Minister has been reading BU–THATs how he know of the NUPW -THREE CLOWNS ——-well it has only begun
    note -it seems to me that the PM call JONES a LIAR about the composition of the committee —-it was JONES committee —-he knew that the Teachers had no faith in him so he call it the PM committee
    Last but not lease BROOME,JONES MALONEY ,CLARKE go to NUPW and do have a good of BLOODED MARY, you may find a one-foot pirate –who dont pay the BAR BILL-and if INNISS there -the phone man can use the room but he got to watch out for the WATCHMAN—president and watchman fighting over a woman –haha nupw clowns now the labour movement doormats —lies lies and more lies

  5. old onion bags
    You’re smelly!!!!!! This has now started a war that P.M Stuart cannot handle with or without the fact that elections are due within a year. There is so much more to come out of this and you and the other laughers will cry soon. this matter will go as far as the CCJ. Information received,states that many DLP supporters plus MP’s and even cabinet ministers are surprised by and very angry by the performance of the P.M today. All that he has succeeded in doing is really replying to the EAGER 11 by highlighting himself as the big man in charge. That reminds me of the fellow who was getting blows from his wife and ran under the bed. When she ordered him out, his reply was, he is the man in this house and if he say he isn’t coming out he isn’t coming out. Struar is saying I’m the BIG BOSS and I don’t have to discuss anything with the minister of education or indeed his cabinet. TODAY STUART STOOD TALL AND MADE HIS FIRST SPEECH AS A MAN, I HOPE HE CAN HANDLE THE HEAT THAT WILL COME WITH IT. This reminds me of Sandie’s ” you can take it, or lump it.” Stuart is going to do a Sandie just now.

  6. I ain’t know bout wunna, but I all I heard today was a chihuahua puppy pretending to be a pit bull.
    Stuart should seek to hire a better adviser with dispatch.

    Jeff, boy things ain’t looking suh gud. You better start packing yuh Georgie Bundle, but don’t worry yourself, Freundel will soon be packing his too.

  7. I have said over and over that you cannot negotiate by placing oneside under duress and the BSTU, didnt it accept that the principal cannot be removed at its whims and fancy?

  8. The governing board of the NUPW was given an opportunity to move forward and sanction CLARKE and Maloney as alluded by PM STuart there voices was not needed on this matter. I hope the governing board and its members would use all laws forcefully and apply them to CLarke and MAloney so that these two mcguyffy won’t try something of this nature again.

  9. “That reminds me of the fellow who was getting blows from his wife and ran under the bed. When she ordered him out, his reply was, he is the man in this house and if he say he isn’t coming out he isn’t coming out.”

    Reminds us of someone name SCOUT nuh? Yuh letting out yuh secrets SCOUT Hush nuh?

  10. @the scout
    Now we really getting to the meat of the matter. Start the trail, starting with the attorney. All the discussion on this issue as been peripheral to the real war.

    Picture this, the same Ministry that can’t be trusted is supposed to oversee the “transition” process….only bout hey.

  11. Ian Burke … Wow thank you but I jes having some fun on BU. I love laugh and it is the best medicine and we all can do with some laughter!

  12. 1.intruder: an intruder into a place, gathering, or situation
    2.interferer: somebody who interferes in other people’s affairs, especially for selfish reasons

  13. Scout
    Just pug it.You have said a lot of speculations but nothing with backing.Just say that you are vexed and done.Onions holding firm and not soft and smelling as you saying as a matter of retort..
    Gentlemen in days back were men enough to concede without expounding all the claptrap you are emitting..
    Look… as to those 11 you seemingly backing….if the PM were to call elections now…(as only he can)..all them jokers would be left like mice running fa holes…the PM just holding out to keep them with a MP salary….so all them like you cud really hush.Empty threats man, empty threats..if they had something don’t you think they would have used it ?? Following the’ too hasty Chris”..Every time he always rushing in something before checking it to see if it would work ..just like the letter, just like the( govt) traveling allowance and most recently like this matter of directors as see it has to be tell me is he one you can follow?
    Look I know the man from university and he was always just a blow hard..aint even got a economics BSc.

    • Prime Minister to add to the list of schools which also have simmering problems read HC, Ellerslie and CP there is Erdiston Training College where teachers are at breaking point regarding conditions of work.

  14. You think Stuart is a pacoo or wuh?
    Um doan wuk suh.
    You ain’t learn nuffin from this last fiasco?
    You got to set up de rest to publicly fail first then call in de big maggufy.

    How many times you heard that speech for the day?



    hint: (EAGER NXT BOSS)

  16. Butt wait

    where is Jeffrey in all this…has he gone sleep ?

    Nobody see a long tall man in a red shirt ?
    But wait, but wait
    that is not like Jeff..

  17. Believe it or not we are all winners if we learn the lesson the teachers and their union taught us …. including the children who missed out on valuable teaching time.

    Political interference has no place in education.

    The teachers and pupils now have something to prove and I am guessing we will all see pleasing academic results this year.

    I would venture to stick my neck out and say to the teachers and pupils of Alexandra:

    Buckle down and concentrate on the learning and teaching with renewed vigour.

    Do not get side tracked.

    Plan out the time you have left and make every minute of every available day count.

    Don’t forget to thank God whoever you may think He is.

    Show the rest of us how to work and still keep smiling.

    We all need examples to inspire us.

    Overcome this setback as you will overcome all other setbacks in life.

    Alot of dedicated people put in alot of time to get you here.

    I haven’t got a clue who most of them are but they know.

    … and from the example of the ones who stepped forward and stood up and communicated the problem learn what teamwork and bravery is and just what it can do when applied to acheive a defined set of goals.

  18. @Raw Bake “I ain’t know bout wunna, but I all I heard today was a chihuahua puppy pretending to be a pit bull.
    Stuart should seek to hire a better adviser with dispatch. ”

    Yah too funny ROFL…. LOLLLLL GOOD ONE!

  19. the desion made by PM Suart and the BSTU should be commended after giving that disgraceful performance by Minister Jones last week. Having said that the administratuve duties of Mr, broomes have been diminished completly and without a doubt the 2nd Phase of the negotiations would be the SEPARATION . Make no mistake that the BSTU only returned to work firstly on the behalf of the children but equally so a commitment by PM Stuart that he would do whatever need be necessary to SECURE a hospitable working enviroment one which would not include Broomes in the long term.Another point worth noting is the PM decision not to meet with Broomes representative and rightfully so as by seeing the report it had already detailed and spelled out the horrible mess that Broomes had made at the AX so there was no need for any talks with Broomes or to hear his side. However in the weekes to come Broomes will be giving an opportunity to explain why his administrative style lead to such distrust of him among his staff. there would be no Way out for Broomes but OUT THE DOOR>because his explanations would not suffice That would be the Final Nail in the coffin. for sure Broomes cannot explain that REport away. .

  20. @ butt

    Down by the rum shop drink wha you think…

    He must be in fine company too..( certain people missing from in here)

  21. @ ac
    ac girl where you did ? Nuff maguffies get mek to eat humble pie and you din here ?

    Observing nearly choke den….as for the BLIND one…he say he din want none til you come.As fa scout he vex and ent talkin…cussin the DLP..(jokes)

    I dun know you did at Illaro..having lunch

  22. Are there standards to be met by a Principal of a School? If so have Broomes failed to meet those standards?

    What Style of management is to be use by a principal? I am sure the Report recommended the CIVIL SERVICE style.

    The is FAR from over and it will shortly be played out in the political arena.

  23. BSTU
    Gain a lot of Respect and Compassion From PM Stuart it was evident in the way the PM talk about the meeting with them and hearing their side of the six years of grievances for once Mary REDman and the BSTU had put a face on the greivances for the PM to see and he was not being given a slanted version of what was being told in the media,

  24. @OLE oinion bag

    I was around and about with my ear close to the ground. some of the place you mention and i also headed over to SEE MARY and she 30discples needless to say all were in fine spirits .The PM did me PRoUD and i was not disappointed. I guess the only one disappointed might be Broomes after all the support he was getting from the media and the elites de PM didnt even want to talk to he. i even felt that slap in the face the Pm gave Broomes. I hope he got plenty epsom salts because he gonna need it

  25. @ac
    I go repeat myself:
    But …the Board say the same thing, the King Report concur, the teachers also concur. Could the PM have reached any other decision?
    Only a blind ,deaf and retard all at once could take another view.
    These gentlemen need to call a spade a spade and stop being maligned by political patriots.
    Jeff Broomes is the bad apple and HE HAS TO GO.

  26. Butt Onions
    You cause me to get mek shame …..I just went down by Skinner shop and who I going find drinking a bottle of “one eye man” but Jeff & Co.Ltd.

    I gone foolishly and ask the man for a comment and he curse me stink and send a message to all the bloggers to K…SSS.. butt I aint go over with them words.

    Butt you mek me get shame onions …butt you should have warned me..Butt

  27. @ac
    He want more than epsom salts … now he and the lawyer looking for sue money….butt he go have to talk wid Owen, dat gine be nuff trouble so he better tek wha he cud get and STEP time running out.

    @ butt weight
    You is a moojan or what ? I send you somewhere? I dun know he down there..he shun only cuss ya ..he shudda chop ya wid F_ing de bottle ..ya klux.
    stupesss you ent got nah sense doa? De man drinkin way he sorrows

  28. @ Max
    Play out in the political arena ?

    Sorry boss….Stevie Wonder got a song goes nothing from nothing leaves nothing..check it

  29. The PM clearly telegraphed exactly what he was going to do to put a small self dissolving patch on the apparently festering sore at Alexandra when he gave the speech at the EWB service at St Lucy’s church last week. His statement today showed that he deviated not one jot or tittle from his statement there in effecting this stage of the resolution. In other words, he had already decided on his ultimate course of action and indeed probable results when he gave that speech last week.

    I had expected him to come down on the side that he did but I also expected him to meet with the Broome side to at least give the appearance of fair play and that he was listening to both sides in the dispute. That was not to be. His mind was already made up despite an admission at the Church service that he was not fully apprised of and acquainted with the facts of the case.

    As it is, he has set a precedent which could easily cause havoc in IR in the Public sector and even, to some extent, in the Private sectors in the years to come. Consider what effect his solution (and words) could have on the next BSTU intervention at another Secondary school. Consider what effect his words can have on discipline and work ethics in the total Public sector. There is potential in this solution and how it was effected, to put back any gains that were or could be achieved through the passing of the Public Service Act and its amendments. Discipline of recalcitrant public workers will likely become even worse than it was before.

    It seems, from the PM’s own statement today and from Mary Redman’s post-victory interview on CBC TV tonight, that the PM achieved his breakthrough by capitulating to the BSTU’s demands without having met with the Broome side. Reading between the lines, It also seems that the PM might have needed to undertake to deliver the figurative head of Mr Broomes on a figurative platter to Mrs Redman and the striking teachers in the next stage of this ongoing saga, and with all dispatch, in order to get the denounement he wished for and had telegraphed to them.

    It is hoped that the teachers and Mrs Redman will realise that such “dispatch” could take several months or even years in this situation if Mr. Broomes is as intransigent as they have made him out to be and the chastened MOE works at its accustomed pace and the lawyers work at their accustomed pace despite the PM’s committment to monitor the matter over the next days, weeks and even months. However, there is still a possibility that it can be done with true dispatch but it all depends on Mr. Broomes reaction. Will he fight it? Will he negotiate an early retirement? Or will he just stay put and be a proverbial thorn in the sides of the striking teachers, doing just enough to stay out of further trouble?

    But havoc has not only been caused in the conduct of IR in the country. The PM might have also added to his own problems with the eager 11, imho. An interesting part of the statement today and the responses to the reporter’s questions, was the impression that came clearly through, especially on TV, that the PM does not now hold or treat his MInister of Education and indeed the members of the Ministerial Committee with high regard. Any blame for the time it took to reach this partial settlement is theirs. Any praise is abrogated to the PM. Such a situation does not appear to be designed to promote harmonious relations between Cabinet members or even heal any simmering rifts that might have opened during the eager 11 affair.

    At Alexandra itself, the impression is given that any strained relations have been mandated to be healed within the 48 hour time frame mandated by the PM. The non-striking teachers have been enjoined to welcome their striking brethren on their return (But there is no concomitant call for the striking teachers to cool it when they return). We have been informed that MOE staff will be stationed there presumably to ensure that the peace is kept and that nobody steps out of line. Lets hope it works out exactly as planned.

    The children and teachers will go back to school on Wednesday but one hopes that the sore won’t break out again in the near future.

  30. Get serious, how can the P.M sit with Ronald Jones and make a judgement on a report, when he , before the entire nation called Jones a liar. Is this man serious ? he expect to get respect from his cabinet when he, to try to prove he is in charge belittles big men, including the AG. I think he has stirred up an ants nest and I’m not sure he can handle it; he has the option of calling an elections. GO SANDIE GO sorry I mean GO STUART GO. You’ve disgraced that great party the DLP.good think Barrows ashes are scattered through the islands, if he was buried, he would have been rolling in his grave

  31. @ Checkit out
    Nice epilogue well written. I have been summarized.
    …the teachers laid the facts the Board said the same thing, the King Report concurred, Could the PM have reached any other decision?
    Who cares of the 11…had they anything of substance to remove the PM. (It was a blotched job).don’t you think it would have been a done deal? Let’s get real.


  33. it think several options would be handed to broome as to how he wants the “SEPARATION’ i do not believe that the BSTU opinion would matter as to how Broomes go that only would be his decision .but for sure they will be a Separation. With the elections around the corner it would be foolish for the PM to have this albatross hanging around their necks, the sooner it is dispose of the better for all parties invovled.

  34. @ Scout

    The PM in control… for all you agitants, so please don’t forget it.
    He only can call elections… and if he did ..face it.. he has nothing to lose.(pension secured)…only those mice who won’t get back their seats anyway. THEY BLOTCHED IT…thanks to fat Man.

  35. @check it out
    Excellent and objective read of the situation.

    Redman’s and Gollop’s statements added to the PM’s release and not in a particularly politically beneficial way (recognising of course that this is no longer a union/labour/industrial relations matter). Either the PM pull complete wool over the BSTU eyes to get them to go back to work (which is very possible, lol) or he’s chosen a road that’s open to ambush from many different sides in weeks to come. Only time will tell.

    I don’t particularly like the “appearance” of a sitting PM “cuddling up” with a union and their lawyer at his house and coming to a “resolution” on a matter of import such as this out of ear and eye shot of everyone, including Cabinet and said same Ministers and representatives….then leaving the country to wait until the “already decided stage 2” plays out. Especially when said union held the stance and acted the way they did without so much as a direct censure (be it MOE, MEHR, BSTU or NUPW)..Interesting precedent for how to deal with matters of a similar nature. Desperate times may call for desperate measures but things that happen behind closed doors should lead to closed mouths coming out afterwards (Redman would never understand this of course). Let actions speak louder when words may confuse the issue.

    Just Observing.

  36. Recently the slip of the DLP is very exposed, the Finance Minister, told us a few days/week ago that both Dominica and St Vincent were ready to or have agreed to a loan for the Four Seasons. Both Prime Ministers have not only denied the claim but said they have had no knowledge of any loan to the Four Seasons;SOMEBODY IS TELLING LIES. Now P.M Stuart has said the so-called P.M committee set up to deal with this BSTU/Broomes was not his but Ronald Jones’ SOMEBODY TELLING LIES. Incedentally most of those players in this movie, are members of the EAGER 11. Stuart you win this round but this fight is not over and i think you will be KOed just now.

  37. There is no need to assasinate Mr. Broomes.

    He has a family and they do not deserve to be put through the torture of seeing their head ridiculed.

    Let things work out for him and his family quietly and leave them in peace.

    He does not deserve this.

    He has made a positive contribution to the youth of this country.

    His record speaks for itself.

    We are all less than perfect and need now to back off give this man and his family a break.

    The teachers are back on the job.

    The politicians realise that meddling in things they do not understand can create a time bomb which will eventually explode.

    Just let us give thanks we got thru this one.

    Many more to come.

    Save your energy for dealing with coming challenges.

  38. I wish some of you Broomes sympathizers would get real.
    Typical school boy tactics…Broomes loss so you decide to attack the PM.
    Broomes bring all this on himself and all you lodge boys need to read an weep.He gine…and good riddance.
    Involving all these political connotations aint cuttin it either cuz the DLP already at hell’s gate….MP ‘s trying to secure their seats and forgetting the party..So Freundel got nothing to lose…you all better not vex him or he might just RING the bell and leave all your buddies (Jonesing) scampering. But i guess that’s what you want …at any extent his pension secure.

    TIME TO FACE UP >>Broomes is a was a liability.CUT him loose

  39. “The fact that we have agreed to this means that we know what is to come, [but] I am not at liberty to say” Mary Redman (quote from the Nation)

    Someone is waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  40. @Checkitout

    This is an excellent article if you were in one of my classes, i would have no choice but to give you 99%.


    You also penned some interesting articles.


    you can see into the future.


    Your hit and run tatics are interesting.

    To others

    Are you smarter than a fifth grader?


    (1) The BSTU went on strike because Mr. Broomes should be “separated” from his post at the Alexandra School. They would not return until that was done.

    (2) During the strike Mr Broomes was in situ.

    (3) The 30 teachers will return to Alexandra School on Wednesday.

    (4) Mr. Broomes is still in situ, as of now, there is no “separation”.

    (5) If the 30 teachers return on Wednesday and Mr. Broomes is still the Principal of Alexandra School even with reduced duties and not separated from the school, who has won?

    (6) Any observer will understand that a settlement requires a little give to be exercised. Did Mr. Broomes exercise that “give” by not being publicly invited to a meeting with the Prime Minister.

    (7) Has there been a promise, he – Mr. Broomes – will be gone by Wednesday?

    (8) Only on Wednesday evening can any celebrations start, if there is anything to celebrate.

  42. @Yardbroom

    You have raised some interesting questions. Those who are steeped in ir would have recognized that little Mary prosecuted her case wrong from the start, aid d abetted by those with inflated egos.

    In the first instance Mr. Broomes had nothing to answer no charges had been laid againist him. The authority of a principal is in the Education Act and therfore if any principal perceives that his duties and authority have been reduced significantly reduced, that person can argue constructive dismissal/

    I would advise Mr, Broomes to ensure that he records any discussions with members of his staff and ensure that he HAS his secreatry present or someone he can trust and have his own book to record decisions reached.

  43. Yardbroom; Let me try to answer your questions above.

    1) re. Q5; On the surface, the BSTU has won handsomely.
    2)re. Q6; Mr. Broome was not in a position to exercise any option. He couldn’t give anything. The PM took with extreme V. It is still to be seen if Mr. Broomes, who is now in a position to give or take will exercise any of those options.
    3) re. Q7; There was obviously a promise by the PM to separate Broomes from the School but that time frame has to be MONTHS. Not by Wednesday.
    4) re Q8; See #3! The celebrations or tears will be in months, a false start to the celebrations might occur on Wednesday, but the matter will not reach any status for celebrations or otherwise for several months, unless Mr Broomes takes a “voluntary” package sooner

    There is nothing to celebrate in this faux solution. It carries the seeds of serious future discord in the whole public service.

    • Why don’t we back off and give the PM some room to resolve the issue?

      It has been simmering for 6 years.

      He got the teachers to return and promised he will through his office to ensuring the bad situation at AX is remedies with time.

      Is it not reasonable to expect that the PM office has access to info we don’t?

      Why the barbecue pig tale expectations?

  44. Blogger 2012; Excellent points above! Mr. Broomes never had a case to answer. Indeed, any objective reading of the great Inspection report, will find that it made no concrete case against Mr. Broomes. Therein lies the rub that might well cause someone to reflect on some egregious mistakes made in the near future.

  45. @David

    you should be encouraging people to express themselves, but do so objectively.

    • I will not rejoice at Broomes’s demise: I am not that type of person. I wish him well in whatever he tries next.

      Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has once again confounded his critics. He has demonstrated statesmanlike behaviour. He has displayed a quiet dignity that lets you know who is boss without having to shout it for everyone to hear. You should recall how he handled the Redjet issue without fanfare. He is not a showman, but because this country has been accustomed to prime ministers who play to the gallery, he is being vilified. His handling of the Alexandra issue, is an example of how a good leader should behave. He gave his minister the responsibility to run his ministry, but when that minister failed, the PM moved in and took control, thereby showing how he expects the job should be done. Jones would do well to learn from Stuart’s statesmanship.

      Another quality of Stuart is that he speaks when he has something to say. He is not stampeded by his detractors into making unnecessary public interventions. He assesses the situation carefully and then he does the right thing. I am almost certain that the PM is giving Jones the time to do the right thing before he has to.

      If only from the fact that Jones did not act expeditiously on the investigative report, it is clear that his conduct, in this matter, has done discredit to the Ministry of Education, the Government, his party and himself. I am fairly confident that it will not be easy for him to quietly demit office, as it appears that he values high office above anything else, or he would have given up his role in the administration of football and concentrate on his ministerial role. He seems unable to manage his various responsibilities which means that he is doing them badly. He needs to be relieved of some, but Stuart can only relieve him of one.

      Another interesting development, it appears that PM Stuart has won another convert in the person of Walter Maloney. He was one of Broomes’s handlers and that side embroiled the students in the affairs of adults, but now I have heard Maloney on the radio condemning that behaviour. This is no mean feat on the part of the PM: he has been able to get through Maloney’s thick skull, a feat that the teachers at Combermere were unable to accomplish. Or is it that the self-serving Maloney has thrown Broomes under the bus.

  46. Why is it that some hereare so stubborn in their thinking not to understand the impct of what took place yesterday .the BSTU has not given up anything.the Bstu never said they would not teach at AX again.The BSTU never gave a deadlinefor Separation of Broomes. However a sufficient deal of good faith was made by the PM for such a resolution to occur and the BSTU agreed MR. Broomes employers have enough grievances and malfunctions against Mr Broomes for his immediate dismissal he is lucky he is being given a chance to present a case going forward.In a another country he would have been long gone. .

  47. @bloigger

    Are you serious?

    What objectivity what?

    Does the public have all the facts?

    At this point all we can do is share opinions.

  48. Morning all

    Wake up to see you all licking your wounds in tandem is just pathetic.
    Because the dice has not rolled to how you viewed it.. is just puerile.
    Blogger2012…control your linch mob…
    They have been examined by the readers and “found wanting”.Me thinks your time might be better spent advising Broomes how best to make a quick and most rewarding exit rather than the cannibalistic gnawing at the DLP and our most insightful PM who managed to get the teachers back to work. High marks Hon.PM…tick tick tick

  49. All the nit picking of the PM handling of the situation is not going to prevent the obvious from happening in a month or so. I guess today Broomes would have his first official hearing with the PM . He would be interesting to hear how Broomes defend alll those {now let me count} high crimes and misdemeanors against his staff. Sorry all you Broomes supporters but there is NO WAY OUT for Broomes other but “OUT the Door”. i really don’t see how he is going to have time to be Principal cause he is going to be spending more time taking care of his Problems.

  50. @ ac
    Morning baby….a Daniel ,a second Daniel…
    Like you, I just can’t see why they have no been able to accept what other reasonable men could see….( and this incld THE BLIND one ).
    Some are born dumb and I guess some have dumbness thrust upon them.

  51. And don.t forget that big WHOPPER of A LIE “THE LETTER ” the self serving letter he posted in the Nation stating that he had sent a copy to the MOE. To the extent of calling his EMPLOYERS a LIAR. isn’t that sufficient evidence for dismissal. after all these weeks of taking broomes side in the pretense of the employer is Right” now the Brommes supporters going have to change course and go against Broomes EMPLOYER to support Broomes. You Broomes supporters are a bunch of confused idiots.

  52. @check it out
    I also read the entire report last night in case I missed something. Acting on the union’s desires based on the report and their “grievances” would indeed set a dangerous precedent. Instructive though is the down the line division at the school, plus the PM’s dependence on Gollop, the chairman of the board and Redman’s “words and tears”, while relying on media reports for everything else.

    If he is/was unsure of his “team” or their abilities he should have “shuffled” them to his liking by now.

    I wonder how bstu members who held a “secret meeting” with the pm and is privy to “secret stage 2” data will “reintegrate” into a “volatile and untenable” situation. We’ve spoken about leadership a lot and something about yesterday casts me back….and not necessarily in a good way or to good times.

  53. Hi checkit-out
    @ January 24, 2012 at 6:14am

    Thanks for your interpretation of the situation and may I add your excellent piece at: January 23, 2012 at 10:24 pm.

    The choice of words used by some negotiators in this matter were most unfortunate and have undermined their position. Perhaps more measured “public” utterances would have served them better.

    I always deal in outcomes and reality. The Prime Minister – up to now – has got the teachers to return to Alexandra School, for that he should be commended.

    I have no idea what will happen next week, next month, or next year. My view of situations is based on a reality that exist. As my mother – a Bajan – used to say: ” A bird in de hand is better than two in de bush.”

  54. @ Blogger Yardbroom Observer

    How many more times need we tell you all..(borrowing your cliche) your slip is showing.
    Still your rantings continue…..why don’t you three link on a land line or email each other privately …as your submission ( which no one else is interesting in)…run contrary to what happened yesterday..THE PM WAS ABLE TO GET THE TEACHER BACK TO WORK.
    That deserves credit. What more can we say…

  55. AC; You have amply demonstrated that you are right at the cusp of this matter, the ultimate insider. So Broomes will meet with the PM this morning? I would like to be a fly on the wall at that meeting.

    Up to now, it would appear that the case against Broomes is largely circumstantial. The Inspection Report that the PM indicated will be considered at Cabinet shortly, is actually a toothless tiger. Read it carefully and see, courtesy of David it looks as if we saw it before Cabinet will, Yet the PM took serious decisions substantially based on it and hearsay.

    Looking forward to more revelations on BU.

    Thanks AC.

  56. @ Yardbroom
    Now that submission was more soberly…like you just wake up!
    Pinch D others…

  57. David; Unless the PM goes out of character and / or Broomes throws caution to the winds, stage 2 should be largely invisible and out of the public eye and will not unfold today. If it does unfold today in the sense that Broomes separation is announced today, I would have to commend the PM on the short term effects of his intervention. However, another aspect of a possible “unfolding” is that we might get some more details of the PM’s agreement with BSTU. Such a happening today is quite possible.

  58. @ checkit

    Do like the rest of us …Chill
    The most important has been achieved, don’t you think….what happens to Broomes will happen..just let the kids get some education so that they can write in BU like we.

  59. Hi old onion bags,
    January 24, 2012 at 7:53

    I have never felt inclined to “stifle” free speech because it is not what I want to hear. I was under the impression that on a “democratic” Blog people express different opinions. A Blog is not a choir, that is what makes it “interesting”.

  60. @ PM
    A second Daniel, a Daniel, PM!

    A Daniel, still say I, a second Daniel!
    I thank thee, PM, for stepping in and providing a way forward.
    (amended speech fro Merchant of Venice)

    @ Yardbroom
    the operative word there is democratic….like you, I can say what I feeling ..evabody dun kno we good!Shake dawg..
    nice clean fun.
    Thanks BU

  61. To Blogger 2012:
    That was only a shot across the bow, but in keeping with your family heritage I am am sure you would never learn. Behave your self and we shall not have to tango with words.

  62. @ oninon et al
    You must forgive me for taking a bigger national socio-political view of this situation. I’ve always known that this was more than being just about Broomes per se.

    The PM deserves all due credit for getting the teachers to go back to work.
    I will say though, that “how” will always supersede “why”, if why is not explained to the people that matter first. The BSTU’s and now the PMS’s “how” has left some gaps, particularly where Redman obviously is ignorant to the nuances of “quiet negotiation”. As a people we seem to be always interested in “what” but never “why.” A search for a “why” will forever bring greater enlightenment, satisfaction and a longer term vision.

    Without vision the people perish.

    Just observing.

  63. @ Observing

    Why not let the PM supersede all your perceptions of hows and whys and butts by just chillin ..and let due process take its course

    You have already complemented the good man’s efforts ..soon you will be answered..Ok Bud ? you will be answered..

    Just being reasonable

  64. Remember who pays the salaries of the people involved in the mess.

    We do.

    Reacting with moral indignation …… well ….. just look in the mirror first and think.

  65. Maybe FOI and ITAL could have been used to prevent this.

    Maybe if we had FOI we could get more facts.

    …. and maybe if it were possible to get more facts those we pay to act on our behalf would think longer and harder before acting to avoid being pulled over the coals.

    Maybe we do have a role to play in ensuring something like this never happens again by raising our expectations and calling for a more accountable operation by the Government we elect and the Civil Service we employ.

    What if we at some future date we could call for all the correspondence associated with this debacle?

  66. Old Onion Bags;
    This is too interesting, and perhaps even important, for me to chill out at this stage.

    What I or any other blogger might say on this blog should be of very little interest to the combatants in this melodrama imho as to me, the blog is just taking the place of my verandah in a discourse with friends and with no larger axe to grind. I’ve felt from the first salvos of the BSTU’s action that we were seeing new ground breaking moves in the IR climate of Barbados that, handled with insensitivity, could spell danger to our future. The PM has now handled it with what I consider to be some insensitivity but, according to his own lights, successfully achieving his short term objective of getting the Children back to School. In achieving his goal he has taken a hammer to normal IR practice and established a precedent that really needs to be forced back into the pandora’s box from whence it came.

    I am totally with you. The PM deserves due credit for what he has achieved so far. As Bush Tea might say but in his own inimitable style, the PM has eminently achieved the first step in what would have been a normal strategy to end this conflict. He’s got the children back to school. But in doing so, he has big-upped the BSTU over and above anything they could have deserved and given them the go-ahead to follow the same strategy in their future conflicts. It seems that he has also capitulated to the BSTU demands without a full study of the possible repercussions. He has also apparently sanctioned a possible case of insubordination at that school and in so doing set a precedent for future instances of insubordinations throughout the Public sector in Barbados.

    But I disagree with you in some of the details. I feel the “what” and the “why” are probably of equal importance in matters of this gravamen.

  67. @onion bags
    No one is answerable to me. Only the people and those they lead.
    I have no perceptions. Only observations.
    Such as “just chill”, “due process” and “reasonable.”

    No matter how much my slip shows, it will always be the same colour, of the same length, and with the same lace design. Who gets to see it and when is another matter.

  68. @ Observing and Checkit

    Man all you does really make me laugh !

    Orite den seeing that you two want to engage in alotta long in the verandah and the next believing he is Plato…

    Engage…..I got to go down town and pay my light bill..


    Just suppose we say the teachers complained about Mr. Broomes, they felt his method of communicating with staff was seriously flawed. They felt he was deficient in that departent and therefore had to go because the numbers were gainst him.

    Suppose as an analogy, we say a large section complained about the Prime Minister and his method of interacting with the public. He was therefore deemed deficient in that regard because the numbers were against him….do you see where I am going.

    There is a bigger picture here.

  70. We assume they (politicians) are always right and know what they are doing but if we just used our common sense we would know we would never hire them to run our own businesses/organisations.

    The politicians feed off our incorrct assumption and deference and can start to actually believe they know what they are doing.

    That is what separates the politican from the statesman.

    The statesman realises from day one that he does not have a clue and listens to those who do.

    I hope Freundel continues to listen and others in the flock will follow suit.

    • John
      Your last comment was very profound. If others only knew how right you are.


      The comments on this post are getting too long and I am getting trouble. Could you use my last comment as a New Post so that we can keep the discussion going?

  71. This exercise was more about common sense than it was about the complicted protocols of Industrial Relations.

  72. David; Agree with Caswell that you should start a new discussion (blog) on the topic. Its now too long.
    The new discussion could be something along the lines of: “Alexandra – The way forward”. You could probably provide links in the topic chapeau to the main resource documents: i.e. The Investigation report; The PM’s statement; etc.

  73. Thanks guys, will craft a blog as soon as time allows.

    For those of you who have a legit email entered you can reply to the blog from your mailbox as well.

  74. The plot deepens, from Mary Redmans “victory” speech, she indicated that as the P.M promised stage 2 will happen sooner rather than later . She also said the teachers have been marking SBA’s and working privately while still on strike to keep their students up to date, AND THAT THEY WILL CONTINUE TO DO THAT WHEN BROOMES IS GONE. From thosae remarks, a final decision has been promised to the BSTU, now the P.M either tricked the BSTU in returning to work,and that is a good thing, or he doesn’t know law. If and when this case goes as far as the CCJ if necessary, the Barbados government can find itself having to pay Mr Broomes a VERY LARGE payout for degrigation of character. We are not looking for winners or losers but if or when this happens this will be a nail in the DLP coffin and we might well see the BLP back in government for another 10 to 15 years. Alternaticely, if the P.M finds out he can’t get rid of Mr Broomes that easily, and the teachers at the school continues to disobey the principal and he has to deal with the matter not to their satisfaction , will they go on strike again and this time only the G G they will be willing to meet with. The P.M, in succeeding in getting the teachers back to work has dug a deep hole that only he is going to fit in. Can this government continue to pay out millions of dollars stupidly? money to Barrack, 3S, lagan, Myrie, Clico, and now Mr Broomes among others.Failing to pay our debts will only give us a worse international rating.

  75. Max
    The P.M could have only been acting in his capacity as a lawyer representing a particular client, then swiching as judge in the same case.

  76. @The Scout

    You are incorrect in your last comment. Redman made a comment to the effect that the teachers exercised the required discipline marking SBAs etc. Before Broomes came to AX and they will do it after he is gone.

  77. I came on BU as I recall defending Prime Minister Stuart when he was criticised for not speaking to the electorate as often as some wished. And was accused of being a DLP supporter….that matters not but I find the situation here difficult to follow.

    Mr.Broomes “alledged” that a direct order was refused as a result a teacher did not teach the class for a full year. The focus then turned did he or did he not write a letter of complaint to the Ministry as a follow -up. The original offence of refusing a direct order has evaporated in the ether…as if it does not matter, despite it being the incident that brought this matter to a head. The logic escapes me.

  78. I will not rejoice at Broomes’s demise: I am not that type of person. I wish him well in whatever he tries next.

    Caswell I share you view,…..fair thee well J Broomes TIME TO GO>>>…

    Follow in the footsteps of your Dad….go and fish

    Catch some brims . nin-nins, barbers and chubs and sell them to the brotheren club….bring a conga too them sweet

  79. Yardbroom
    Exactly my point, this gives other teachers from that or anyother school the RIGHT to disobey their principal. the other question remains unclear, tomorrow will she resume her non-teaching of that form or would she demand the form she wants? and who directs her what to do? I believe the MOE will have observers at the school as from tomorrow, if she refuses to teach the form given to her bu the principal, can or will the MOE observer intervine and instruct Mr Broome to give her the form she demands? If this happens this will strenghten Mr Broomes’ case of deminished responsibility. Obviously neither the P.M nor the MOE has enough or solid grounds to dismis Mr Broomes, it seems, by reading between the lines from Mary Redman, that the P.M has given the BSTU assuence that their demand will be met at stage 2. I think theP.M has put himself in a tight position and will have to find a way to get out. One of the ways is to call a general elections, if he wins, the BSTU would have to give him time to set up his new government, if he loses, the ball would be then in the new party’s court to play, and we have heard nothing from the BLP on this matter.

  80. In case this matter is dragged on into the next general elections and the DLP loses the government, the new BLP administration is not committed to grant what P.M stuart had promise; there will have to be fresh negotiations. I’m sure the BLP administration will learn from Mr Stuart’s mistakes and deal with the matter differently. I also don’t think that Mary Redman will try the same strategy with Mr Arthur. If Mr Broomes is “seperated” now, he can put an injunction in court against his removal and this will open a whole new chapter in this soap opera. This matter is far from over, so neither side should be too happy yet. The main objective is the children will be taught once more.

  81. @Yardbroom
    everyone doesn’t follow logic nor do (can) they see the bigger picture for various reasons.

    @Check it out
    Noted re. “why” and “what” given the extent of the situation. We can meet you at that point.

    Redman’s comments were purposeful and pointed. Scout’s inference isn’t far off.

    agree with your sentiments. Why then do we always elect and exalt politicians rather than statesmen?

  82. The BAPSS will be part of this matter, even if only to safeguard themselves from similar occurence; they have Mr Cecil McCarthy, who is a very thorough attorney, and Mr Broomes has Mr Vernon Smith, a very determined attorney. With or without the NUPW, the P.M and the MOE has a serious fight on their hands. The other thing is this matter has the possibily of once more splitting the DLP since Mr Smith is a senior member of the Smith clan that holds a lot of clout in the party. Once the student are continued to be taught, they can fight this one out in court. At the end I see Mr Broomes coming out with a handsome payout. The whole educational system needs revamping, never again should teacher be able to walk off their job willy-nilly. Policemen can’t do it nurses can’t do it , why should teachers be allowed to do it? Worse of all to be congratulated by the P.M for their behavior. Was Mr Stuart drugged?

  83. Chez on breds

    All ya still at it….I got to call Observer and Scout the future see-rs.

    Them planting seeds…that is what it is…them not satisfied…so they planting seeds of discontent .


    If I did all dem teachers..I wud ask for transfers cuz if he ent gone ..we gine

    Left he to do the same ting again ..and I telling you…HE WOULD BRING IT ON …because he cannot help.

  84. old onion bags | January 24, 2012 at 4:12 PM |

    If I did all dem teachers..I wud ask for transfers cuz if he ent gone ..we gine

    Not if they are the mature ones who understand their role in preserving and passing on the institutional memory.

    I suspect they would die first.

    If Solomon were to give them the Solomon test Solomon would quickly learn what Solomon has to do …… but I suspect Solomon already knows so Solomon won’t be going down that road.

    Alexandra is after all an “older” secondary school.

    It did not start here the other day.

    It has been around for a while.

  85. @john

    My question go be short…are you one of those teachers ?

    Only if you are..then you qualified to speak…no words could describe the horrors that they have gone thru….some of them took ill ..some still ill from the duress… aint know half of it…and you talking about

    “preserving and passing on the institutional memory…..” ( outside D box)

    which more important .(Solomon al et bull.)..or you health..get real dawg.

  86. @ ac.
    “And don’t forget that big whopper of a lie ” the letter ” the self serving letter he posted in the Nation stating that he had sent a copy to the MOE to the extent of calling his employers a liar ” .
    Do not forget , ac , that it was the Chief Education Officer who called him a LIAR FIRST by categorically stating that the Ministry had received no letter of complaint from Broomes. In this regard Broomes has the responsibility of bringing the necessary evidence to refute the CEO’s charge or FOREVER HEREAFTER HOLD HIS PEACE. The ball is in his court.
    In the meantime I shall continue my watch.

  87. So in defending Freundel, Hal Gollop now says the issue is between the BSTU and their employers, NOT jeff broomes, for allowing the situation to go on. I’ll ask again, how many different positions and angles will we hear before this is said and done (teachers, Redman, Frost, now Gollop too)?

  88. Prime Minister Stuart in his handling of this situation has again struck me as a man of principle and integrity, if not of flash, loud-mouthness, and long-talk. That probably won’t help him in a political environment, nor among his parliament colleagues some of whom seem to be cut from a different cloth. The Alexandra miniseries is not yet over, and I will wait for the next show.

  89. @observing

    it ain;t Freundel who got to defend his actions of yesterday. It is Jeff Broomes who is sitting on the hot seat and got to defend his actions of the past six yearsto His EMPLOYERS and i don’t think even HOudini call pull that one off.

  90. Hi Scout

    January 24, 2012 @ 3;41pm

    I am pleased that you have seen the bigger picture. This proper request was met with “alleged” insubordination not an instantaneous reaction to a direct order, but a determined refusal over a long period of time, which makes it gross insubordination.

    In any well run organization such conduct would never be tolerated. If that behaviour is allowed or seen to be tolerated there is trouble ahead.

    The focus of Mr.Broomes’ main complaint has never been satisfactorily addressed. The situation changed from an “allegation” of him making a reasonable request to a member of staff to being accused of not writing a follow-up letter of complaint to the Ministry.

    A multitude of strands “after that action” came into play to undermine him. Even allegations which it is thought had previously been addressed.

    To compound this miscarriage issues were brought forward which occurred before he was appointed Principal of Alexandra School.

    If there were any concerns about him they should have been considered before his appointment – or during interview – at Alexandra School. You cannot now retract to the beginning of his career and make accusations against him, that is not JUSTICE.

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