National Insurance Board Responds To Public Concern

Click to read Press Release Issued by National Insurance Board in response to rising public concern about the management of NIS funds

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  1. I like the way this conversation is headed. To start a Refuse to Vote campaign using face book and email is definitely on the cards … The major difficulty is as always overcoming a population that is prone to be mentally enslaved. A radio station needs a measured listener-ship that is determined by some survey to entice advertising agencies to place adds with them. It is for this reason, and this reason alone that Tony “Phony” Marshall is held on as a moderator for example even with his obvious DLP ties. A political party without the numbers will not get the backing. If the numbers fall away as a demonstration of share frustration and distrust, fill in the blanks people.

    Well said Balance!

  2. A two party system with a senate and congress. However the mighty political lobbyist in the USA wheels plenty of financial power which in turns worked against the people. There is no perfect syatem but the anser given “NOT TO VOTE’ would be counterproductive and would eventually produce a dictator .but then maybe that is what some are advocating.

  3. @ KOAA:

    Please change your pseudonym if you want to be taken seriously by those who too want to see a change of administration. In the eyes of the marginal (uncommitted) voter you might be doing more harm to the man’ electoral chances of success than you think and far from kissing they might just kick him into political oblivion. Remember the mistakes made in the St. John by-election?
    Every day the average man is growing tired of the current administration and if the Opposition was to be more aggressive and dynamic in their PR campaign more people might just sit up and listen. But please don’t sully the man’s reputation by associating it with your crassness.

  4. @ balance
    Who will appoint these ‘Cabinet’ members after all politics is NOT only about political parties?

    It is not the system, but the psyche of the electorate that must change: our expectations of MPs and our unwillingness to join political parties. I don’t want a politician at my door before, during or after elections!! I should be able to judge my representative based on his/her behaviour and performance as a parliamentarian and/ or Minister. Secondly, we must become involved in political parties since that is the only way we can influence the QUALITY of who is selected to contest a seat to represent us in Parliament and possibly sit in Cabinet.

    Lest we forget, Dr. Byer-Suckoo was a regular on CBC tv during the early stages of her tenure, yet she has accomplished next to nothing so hearing/seeing means little.

  5. @ BAFBFP

    Don’t vote!!! THAT is your solution? Shame….

    That is the same logic that led blacks to become long term slaves.
    How about this….

    1- BARP and the Credit Union leaders (The Congress) get together and put up a plan of action and a panel of candidates for the ‘Peoples Party’.

    2- Each nominee signs an undated letter of resignation to be held by the Congress

    3 – Congress appoints a National Supervisory Committee chaired by Caswell.

    4 – In the next elections, Bajans elect this team to execute the agenda documented by the Congress.

    5. Caswell’s committee will be responsible for FOI and transparency; the Congress can date and accept any letter of resignation as needed.

    No charge for the Bushman’s consultancy….. and Bushie’s hero Ed Bushell is the perfect chairman for the congress…..

  6. Bush Tea

    Forgive me. But I just keep forgetting about the Credit Union as being the engine of true social change. I don’t know, it is probably the modern face of the movement that makes me wanting to be dismissive of your plan. I think it is brilliant … really but I believe that the movement is already very corrupted.

    Unfortunately for me my plan as AC has alluded to, has no “end game”. I am NOT opposed to dictatorship. There are many examples of successful ones in history. But the system can go seriously wrong on occasion, and that scares everyone including me.

    So I will modify thoughts to a “Vote for Independent or Do not Vote At All” campaign (independent includes credit union candidate of course). I accept that the opportunity to change a government must not be lost. But I will NOT be part of a Tweedledum and Tweedledee campaign … I do not have the time!

  7. By the way BT, drop the term party from any campaign, and for Christ sake NO BARP members as candidates … If you suggest that the movement is listed as a Registered Association or an NGO that is prepared to make solid promises through written contracts then I will most certainly throw my considerable clout (ja ja) behind your idea

  8. @BAFBFP

    You dream is still born.

    Both parties have a 30%+ support who will vote party regardless.

    As far as the credit union mover goes it has departed from its early philosophical moorings. Bear in mind when you subtract the top four from the 30+ number we have: what is left?

  9. David

    30% + 30% equals 60%. I truly believe that over one hundred and eighty years ago it was at least 60% of the population that were comfortable with slavery, the way things were. It is the same mindset today and yet 100% of the population (minus the principals of major contractors and public life personalities) would agree that change is needed. This is like an 80-20 principle.

    As Balance would say, one step at a time my friend.

  10. How do you account for the political animal who shall join this brave movement; he or she shall say and do everything that is required. While waiting breathlessly to grab hold of the balance of power. People, the balance of power factor is what really counts in political parties and especially in systems of shared political power. Believe you me, this is where the true bajan animal gets going no fuss but deadlier than the black death on a virgin population.

  11. @ BAFBFP
    Think about it for a while.

    The best that we can do as a Nation is all that we can expect. If indeed we are all a set of idiots then we will get what idiots always get…. Which is where we are headed now anyway…

    Assuming that there is a glimmer of hope and that some semblance of wisdom and leadership still exists, then it behoves us to seek to exploit that possibility.

    Why the Credit Unions and BARP?
    Because these are the two largest and most democratic institutions in the country with the capacity to influence members to act in a coordinated way. …..It is not that they are perfect or wise…
    Hopefully they would want this country to succeed badly enough to insist on having competent persons in government….just like we would here on BU.

    @ Lemuel & David
    Bush Tea believes that there are about five hundred so called “political animals” in Barbados. About 10% of whom are BU contributors. Most of us see the whole thing as Hobson’s choice and would GLADLY opt for a sensible arrangement such as the one proposed.

    The ‘60%’ of whom you speak are the usual sheep who will follow anyone anywhere so long as there are grazings…

    Laugh at BT’s plan if you wish…. Want to bet that it will be implemented under BBE’s tenure?

  12. the Barbados Labour Party infiltrating BARP.
    members better watch it a fracture of Mia and Owen proportions could happen in the blink of an eye.

    Bushell a leader is he neutral? No way Jose.
    a word to the wise

  13. @BT

    BARP and the Credit Union maybe influential as far as what is possible but believe it or not the same tired politicking is alive and well. Surprisingly you will stumble on the same faces!

  14. @ David
    Politicking is alive and well everywhere. In families, church, the office etc. Is that not what democracy is?
    The only fail is to sit back and do nothing. If most of us are idiots then we deserve idiot politicians; if most of us are BLP then we deserve them etc….
    The problem comes if most of us were smart and yet we allow 500 idiotic parasites to run our lives…. As happens when we sit back and do nothing

  15. @BT

    Have to agree with your last comment.

    The same can be stated for how we manage the crime situation.

    You know what they say when good men do nothing…

  16. You know David

    I do not agree with BT’s last comment because I do not believe that most of us posses the smarts to know when we are being hoodwinked …. It is the essence of “democracy’s” survival over the years and those who advance themselves by it know that “You DO fool MOST of the people ALL of the time”. People like the same Tony Marshall thrive in organizations like BARP. I am going along with BT because it is a start.

  17. @ BAFBFP
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. You looking like a good deputy chairman to Caswell. LOL

    Of course you are right about people’s propensity to be fooled all of the time, however you will find that there is a form of government that actually works to the benefit of the majority. IT IS CALLED A COOPERATIVE….and Caswell is a true exponent of the philosophy.

    It is no coincidence that Credit Unions have had the kind of successes that we have seen all over the world. The only reason that they are branded as ‘minor’ entities is because of the difficulty of getting away with thievery; the enforced transparency; and the enforced democracy.

    A cooperative government would be a global model that could establish a completely new paradigm…. And we can do it by next election in Barbados.

    How about you take the lead David?
    All you need to do is call a meeting of two dozen or so leaders from BARP and the leading CREDIT UNIONS to draft a proposal…. Or better yet to review and accept a proposal drafted here on BU….

    The rest will be history…….

  18. I don’t care what name you used or who the members are . Money would always be the lynch pin that grease the wheel . Money corrupts !it is what makes the world go around. So tell me BAF and others of the “NEW FUck… PARTY” how wunna gonna fix that.

  19. ok David

    Let’s make history. You’ve got the popular web-site and face book page, I could supply you with paraphernalia, your Tee Shirt designs and meaningful cartoons for email distribution, a couple of your respondents on this blog could help sell the idea to the Credit Union (I myself am not a member) … I have got a fairly large email list (compliments the Central Bank and others) I am anxious to go

  20. enuff do not get carried away by this ‘Cabinet’ stuff. like political parties and the role of the GovernorGeneral, ‘Cabinet’ too has outlived its usefulness only serving now to allow a select few hardly worth their salt to lord over the majority and assume an air of false importance bordering on the egoistical.Cabinet is an integral part of the system of governance of the united kingdom which functions because unlike here it is answerable to parliament in the UK. in Barbados on the other hand, Parliament is at present serving to rubber stamp the actions of cabinet and by extension stifling and eliminating the checks and balances which the establishment of these two arms of government were intended to provide. that is why i am calling for a new form of parliamentary governance to rid the country musical chair type governance with which we are daddled every five years.

  21. rather than wasting precious energy in going through the useless motion of picketing the light and power to no avail; why not let us channel our energies instead in trying to organise a movement for real change to our system of governance and to hell with these nincompoop politicians who are fostered upon us through a bankrupt political system which feeds upon a cleverly imposed and over time entrenched belief that attaining membership in one or the other of these organisations is a way of life and there can be nothing better. wake up my friends and disabuse yourselves of this silly notion by reflecting on the sacrifices our grandfathers and grandmothers made so that their children would be able to think for themselves and not like them be caught in the clutches of mental slavery by virtue of ethnicity or classism. our foreparents would not rest comfortably in their graves if they can for one moment know that that all their toiling in the broiling sun has gone to naught because their offspring have substituted one form of mental slavery for another. down with this anachronistic form of governance. let these professional political fleas from both sides of the aisle look for honest work and let parliamentary democracy of the people, for the people and by the people prevail. parliament could be comprised of various committees/ ministries suitably and independently advised to oversee the work of the technocrats who are answerable to parliament and can do their work professionally without fear of political victimisation.

  22. BAFBFP

    If you don’t like political parties you should move to Northwest Territories (Canada). It has a non partisan system and consensus government, no political parties and members are elected as Independents. After the election they meet and select a Premier and Executive Council (Cabinet) from among the elected members.

    There is one caveat should you want to move “it is cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey”.

  23. bafbpf it is not about liking or disliking political parties and they deserved to be disliked having unashamedly abused our trust and taken me and you for a ride without remorse.thanks for the info well meaning or not anyhow. at least its a start.

  24. To bush tea;
    I had a good laugh with our view of the bajan political animals. You are right about their participation on this blog. I would have a problem with the BARP providing some form of leadership. Most of those people in BARP would have had a hand in the mess that this country is in right now. I know that we bajans tend to look up to them but I would rather not get a stiff neck doing so. We need fresh bright people to carry this country forward not people tainted with the lodges, family and friends syndrome and political opportunism. An apt description of the Billie Milers and Ed Bushells in BARP.

  25. there will be no need for campaign financing in the sense that parties need contributions from snake in the grass operatives masquerading as business waiting to pounce on and divide the fatted or lean calf for favours given at the 4expense of he population as a whole. parliamentarians and note i say PARLIAMENTARIANS and no POLITICIANS would emerge from the bowels of the constituency they seek to represent through internal constituency elections between persons nominated by the various groups within the constituency. parliamentarians would be elected to bring the problems/needs of their constituents to parliament. particular needs would be addressed by the appropriate oversight committees of parliament headed by a parliamentarian properly advised and suitably staffed to mahe decisions objectively and professionally. policy decisions taken will be forwarded to the appropriate technocrats falling under the umbrella of the oversight committee for action which would then be approved by the oversight committee of parliament. the promulgation of laws passed in parliament wiill emerge from the constituency through the advocacy of the representative. obviously, not everthing coming from the constituency will pass parliament but unlike now where politicians sit in parliament for in excess of 25 years and cannot even to their cedit point to a piece of legislation, hopefully parliamentarians acting independently of party constraints will now have that window of opportunuty to make meaningful contribution to parliamentary debate.come on ac you strike me as a thinker. we need to do something not just sit and have a field day laughing at the system of selective non- goverance thrust upon us.

  26. Mightn’t a simple but utopian solution be to put a legal ban on Political parties per se. Let each parliamentarian fight for his seat on his own merit. Let each parliamentarian represent agreed special interest groups; e.g. the youth, the aged, Big Business, Small business, Law and order, labour, agriculture, commerce, tourism, distributive sector, public service etc. etc. There would be no St Andrew or other parochial representatives.

    The representatives would meet and choose a prime minister (for lack of a better word at this time) from among them, and a leader (read Minister) for each of the interest groups. That would constitute the “cabinet”.

    The ministerial and parliamentary salaries and perks would be very attractive to ensure that the parliamentarians would have no excuse for succumbing to corrupt practices. There would be strict integrity legislation and FOIA rules instituted and enforced. Anyone suspected of being involved in corruption would be investigated, tried and, if convicted, severely punished.

    I said it was utopian, but when the idea is fleshed out it might be found workable, especially for survivors in a post apocalypse world.

  27. Checkit-Out

    Your idea for the lower house composition is exactly the same that I have held for years, but for the Senate where each seat is filled as you say, and each represented entity decides for itself the manner and timing for the change in representation to be made.

    Now you obvious have allot of insight “Remember the Cooperative Government of Guyana under Forbes Burnham” … You are right of course, because if there ever was to be a true Cooperative government in Barbados, ALL of the White people ’bout hey like John would pack there bags and lef …! The question is, can Barbados do better than the Guyana experience and survive that? Hmmmm….


    I am on ebay looking for affordable winter clothes … I am good to go. How are race relations in that part of the world? You see the problem of course …

  28. @ Balance
    I am not laughing.However another question. When you speak of Parliamentarians. would this include some of the “Boys on the Block” i meaning i thinking your plan might be of the grass root level or maybe i am wrong. You need to fill me in on who these Parliamentarians would be.

  29. @check it Out

    “Interest Group” Well ha ha . That is the same as using the C word. No ! No ! no more inteest Groups . Now check it out you have taken the wheels right off the wagon. Please don’t say Lobbyist !
    Question: Why wouldany one be corrupted? as stated in your plan they would be no need for corruption as every one would be well paid.
    I think you have shown a lack of trust in your own plan.Not good!

  30. @ BAFBFP
    man you like you making sport with a serious issue yuh…
    not bragging, but this is a serious workable proposal.

    To answer some of the points raised…
    1. There would be little need for campaign funding by the eventual managers of the country since they will be selected for nomination by interview long before the election day. It would be much more like a job application and interview for suitability than a political nomination.

    2. Lemuel, let us face it. We have what we have in Barbados. What would you do? Look for unblemished outsiders? BARP represents experience and maturity (don’t you think some of them are fed up with all the nonsense just like us here?) and most of all, it represents a LARGE organized block of BAJANS. Same for the Credit Union.

    No doubt other groups can also be invited, once they represent large enough blocks of Barbadians and meet basic organizational standards.

    3. The selected nominees will NOT be allowed to set the agenda. They will merely be hired to execute the manifesto. This will be known and published BEFORE they apply for the positions.

    A VERY critical component will be the National Committee of Supervisors (Caswell’ committee) whose role will be to ensure transparency, fairness, freedom of information and audit. Check the Cooperative model – it works.

    The thing about this approach is that we can do it without any fanfare – using existing systems.

    A – David coordinates a policy document here on BU which outlines the broad strategy and guidelines to be followed. It also sets out the main objectives to be achieved by the elected representatives

    B – (David?) sets up the initial meeting of named persons representing the mass based groups. They arrange their respective groups to endorse and ratify the document and endorse the initial Congress to represent them.

    C- the congress invites applications from potential candidates for the various roles to be played. Full CVs and resume and past work references will be key in the interview process.

    D – The congress then selects candidates for nomination at the next General elections (30 nominees) based on a transparent interview process.

    E – The various organizations then adopt the selected candidates and presumably support them in the next election

  31. @ checkit-out

    Raising the Guyana “cooperative” Republic is like raising concerns about a church because of the Jonestown church incident.

    Different plan….

  32. ac; I was just throwing out ideas, brainstorming, if you will.

    First of all. I think that the party political system is a large part of the problems that we have in this country. So demolish it and get back to the original parliamentary plan. Individual representatives not parties. Ensure that no parties or groups that could be considered as parties could take part in the process.

    Just ideas.

    Next, With modern technology there is no overarching needs for parish representation. Barbados has become one big village, with everyone being able to get from one part of the island to the furthest part in half hour or less and communications are instant by phone, computer, etc.. You could have a version of the old vestry system or the new parish councils to get down-to the earth inputs from the parish level.

    Re. interest groups. that was a bad choice of words. I really meant economic and social sectors. The people putting such a system together would have to develop a coherent, all inclusive list of areas for which there would be representation. Indeed, the short abridged list of essential ministries that Caswell put together might be a good place to start. So that there might be 8 or so of these sectors. Each sector would have 4 representatives. e.g. if Commerce was such a group the 4 reps would be drawn from anywhere in the Island and would all have some business experience or training. If Science and Technology were another, the reps would have to show experience and training in that area. Similarly for all the other areas. One of the reps would be voted by the sectoral group to sit in the cabinet.

    Corruption is one of the big problems in the current system and will continue to be. Barbados is a small Island. It can afford to pay a few people well and maintain them well for a system with term limits. Two terms and you are thanked for your service an go elsewhere. Despite good pay corruption will raise its ugly head. To stamp it out make retribution sure and swift. confiscate property. shame corrupt representatives. Make them ineligible to get certain jobs in the future. Jail them. Once a few are made examples of the others will swiftly fall in line.

    Any apparent lack of trust I might have in such a system is how to get the current lot on both sides to agree to any system that will stop their gravy train. Perhaps the coming meltdown might be so bad that the people will ensure that none of the current lot can offer themselves again for national service and leave a place for new, forward thinking persons.

  33. @BUSH TEA

    you know with job interview it is all about who you know. So how do the selectors deal with that problem. Can I say Exhibit A Corruption!

    • @balance

      You obviously missed the comment.

      The discussion is healthy, carry on smartly.

      Even in this instance you couldn’t help but take a swipe at BU.

  34. @BAFBFP

    I think race relations are mostly fine but the majority population is First Nations and there are several official languages including Cree but I don’t think that you will find too many people looking like you.

    You might also have to get used to some traditional foods e.g. Caribou, Artic char, Seal and Whale.

    Check the reaction when Canada’ former Governor General visited Nunavut (which used to be part of Northwest Territories) and ate some raw seal during a visit.

    So don’t pack your bags yet.

  35. @ ac
    The Job Intviews may not be perfect but with a transparency regime in place (like Caswell reviewing the records and looking through the meeting minutes which document the work of the interviewers) it probably can’t get much better.

    Secondly, even if the wrong persons are hired, unless they are very competent and productive, both them and the selection panels would be “reviewed” (remember that they have pre signed letters of resignation)

    It will be a case of perform or move on….

    Same rule for the Congress. Unless they choose the best candidates who perform as promised, they too will be replaced.

    …and unless the supervisors keep everything above board, we will change them as well….

    What you get is a “managed” system.

  36. The problem with this two party system is that every elections , some hardwork politician is put on the back burner and replaced by someone who knows little and not willing to listen. The time has come when the best from either party should be selected or elected to serve this country. Therefore if Min X is doing a good job and his party loses the elections, he/she should still be able to remain in office and be matured enough to function in the interest of the country.

  37. The alternative to that would be to form a third party, concentrate on the weaker seats from both parties and try winning those. Let’s say the DLP wins 12 seats and the BLP 12 seats, then the new party wins 6 seats, that party force it’s way into becoming the party to form a coalition with either party and form the government, hence a foot into the door for a new party and the break up of this two party system, where these politicians play “pass the baton” with the voting public. Whatever, something has to be done to change this antiquated system that now exist; the only ones benefitting are the politicians themselves.

  38. no, no, no david i did not mean to put you on the spot deviously. i just wanted more of your input. and scout, the road would be hard and we might not live to swee the light but i am trying to avoid a system where the party organisation influences policy because we are seeing the results of a hitherto worthwhile venture introduced to eliminate injustices, correct imbalances and improve the lot of the disadvantaged now used for personal gain. we blame and curse the politician but the fault does not lie solely with him or her but the system of mendicancy and patronage in which they are forced to operate to survive; and it is the system which promotes musical chair governance every five years which encourages this intolerable situation, if the politician helps from the public purse, he is a thief and if he doesn’t, he in do nothing for vme. there was a time in barbados when there was no cabinet government and the country was managed effectively. ttrue a lot of us were marginalised and organised political institutions with their genesis in trade unions agitated for the changes we now enjoy. but like in everything else, the institutions have become a law unto themselves and have either lost sight of the lofty objectives of government for the people , by the people and of the people to the objective of government of the party and then the people. they no longer have a philosophy and therefore no meaningful purpose and it is time that something new be put in place to address the challenges these 2by 3 econnomies are facing and will continue to face in achaning world environment. i therefore propose a system of governance where the paramountcy of political institurtions as a factor of governance on the landscape be put vin abeyance. who knows. perhaps in another era there might be reasons to resurrect these institutions again but at this juncture in our development they serve no purpose. as i mention. a would be selected from within the constituency and elected to parliament through inter constituency elections. he/she can be nominated by interest groups or could be independent. as in all campaigns, he/she would have a chance to tell the constituents why they should be elected to parliament at open air meetings/ town hall/ hose to house but they will all be provided with the forum to intercouse and interact with the constituents out of the public purse. having been elected to parliament, committees/ministries of parliament chaired by the peoples representatives and suitably staffed by qualified advisers and paid out of the abundance of money they now waste on parliamentary excesses( and if you doubt me check the parliamentary vote in the estimatee and asked what is it really used for) yes staffed by these advisers who would give the comittes best possible advice on policy matters( little chance of taxpayers saddled with white elephants like sherbourne, greenland, kensington, carcargo,coverley,carsicot, the thing to the top of newton, and non-functioning statutory boards which only serve to assist the incumbent minister with votes at election time at the expense of the good of tthe country but that is the system) these committees would forward the approved policy to the public service arm for comment, further scrutiny and execution.( no need for political bias in the awarding of contracts and the procurement of services. no room for prme minister or the minister’s man to emerge as a front man or tin god like the carlton bratwithes, the hallam nicholls, the barracks to name a few) the majority of the procedures of parliament would remain the same except that parliamentary expenditure would come uder greater scrutiny by an independent across the board constituency commission of parliament; but there will be no throne speech with all due respect to the crown and great britain from whom we have learnt much and whose best practices we have adopted have kept us in good stead over the years.; so there will be no governor general, the post in these times is unproductive and a drain on the already scarce resources of the country.the person nominated as speaker during the parliamentary term can read the policy of parliament for the country at the commencement of the parliamentary sitting and can perform perform the role of the governor general visiting people reaching 100 and going to the races and such other non- productive mundane tasks.there will be a leader of the house selected from amony the parliamentarians who will carry out the mundane tasks now performed by the prime minister. policy decisions for the country will reside with parliament and not with one man and when the man feels like his henchmen.the branches of government would consist of parliament to address the concerns of the constituents first and foremost. promulgate policy and apporove decisions. then there will be the executive/administrative arm to execute policy.

  39. another which is apparent in th esystem of governance is that it seems that the culture of mendicancy and patronage determines the the positions the media take and one does not know what to believe. principle is thrown outof the window in all the circumstances. the media indulge in self serving reporting and do not hold the politicians to account for their actions or statements and they get away with murder and so tthink that they can function with impunity; but that is the environment which has evolved from the system and in which the unsuspecting or naive majority accept and support unwittingly. tahe mr arthur’s statement when miss mottley was pilloried over her condoms in prison comment and his removal of her from attorney general to the ministry of economic affirs. mr arthur in his interview with the media castigated those for in my words sullying miss mottley’s character and about her switch in ministries indicated contrary to opinion he was positioning miss mottley for higher office by giving her an opportunity to be more rounde. check the interviews for yourselves. and now mr arthur could come with impunity and put a different spin about miss mottley to the public and not a whimper from the ineffective fourth estate.o’reilly would say the spin stops here and corner him with clips of the two contrasting statements. similarly, mr thompson went all about barbados telling the public that if he is elected before the ink dries on the sale of barbados shipping and trading to the trinidad company that he would stop the sale. he was elected and the ink was not dried and the sale went on and not a whimper from the media.and there are numerous instances of our leaders doublespeaking and not put on the spot. why, because of the system of governance which breeds mendicancy.

  40. david i am not the fountain of all wisdom but i am totalling fed up with the system as practised and for some time have been trying to come up with ideas for an alternative. my comments are intended to stir debate and hear other views and ideas on my suggestion.

  41. @BUSH TEA

    First you got to get rid of the apperance of Corruption and that would not be easy giving one person Power in am oversight Board would sooner or later lead to such.

    • @balance


      To clarify your point about how the traditional media is currently being manipulated, and you are right, hope you are not saying that the new dispensation being proposed must encroach into the world of the Fourth Estate?

  42. @ac
    What are you talking about now? What giving one person “power on an oversight board” what?!!

    You don’t know how a credit union works? Must the bush man spell out every detail?

    Caswell’s name is used liberally because he is the Bushman’s friend for years now…plus he exemplifies the kind of personality and morals that would be needed for such a committee. It would take a man with real balls to stand up to the kind of pressures that will surely come… Why you think BAFBFP is nominated for deputy? Even David Ellis frighten for he…..

    So it is NOT one person ac, it is a whole team. It has been working successfully in Barbadian cooperatives for decades…..

    @ balance
    Sound analysis of the problem with political parties. However “independent” candidates are no better, the bribery and mendicancy is just a lot dirtier.

    What we need is some over aching principles being applied. In the old days it was based on religious morals….but those days are long gone…

    The cooperative principles which give power to the people through committees is our next best bet….PLUS it has worked well here for decades.

    A third party is just more divisiveness. Not even worth the thought.

  43. It seems obvious to me that few of the view offered here are steeped or exposed to marxist thought. For the most part, that is what is being proposed by most of you. Check the maurice bishop experiment; it start with all the gusto that is here, but failed on the shore of outside serious political pressure for the USA and human fallibility. In short, any established system is only as good as those who run it; given man’s natural tendency to lord over all and sundry, I do not hold much hope that we have the men and women with sufficient balls to pull this off. I however must admit that I enjoyed reading through all of the pieces. Power, my friends, is intoxicating ; ask robert mugabe.

  44. Bush Tea
    I just put forward two suggestions for debate and future discussions and or suggestions. However, things CANNOT continue as usual, a new system has to be found. The type of politics practised now, will cause thousands to stay away from the polls, then whichever party wins, it would be by default. WE ARE THE EMPLOYERS OF THE POLITICIANS, IT’S TIME WE SHOW THEM WHO IS BOSS.

  45. enuff
    We don’t have to find a way to Utopia, I remember some time ago St lucia was struck with a problem, George Odlum and Louisy were fighting for leadership within a coalition party. The problem could not be resolved and the St lucian gave them a deadline to solve it. When the deadline was reached and nothing done, St.Lucian went on strick, they shut down the country and the matter was resolved immediately. Bajans have to get a little pain to get gain, we have to send a serious message to both parties that this “hanky-pankying” has to stop and they MUST take the citizens into their confidence and they themselves MUST measure up to transparentcy and integrety; Let us demand the act to be passed or we will strick, shut down the country.

  46. When the economy is “booming” and people lining duh pockets nuhbody looking fuh moral leadership.

    When recession hit people lookin fuh new ideas,new direction,new leadership.

    Canadians take de easy way out. They blame immigrants fuh tekkin way jobs.

    When the recession ends it will be back to “pass de Courvoisier,”.

  47. @ Scout
    We need competent, inspirational, visionary, analytical, bold, well-rounded MPs/Ministers who are also selfless and know what being ethical entails. Integrity and transparency, though worthy, are therefore not a panacea for good governance.
    It must start with the QUALITY of individuals s/elected to run, and rather than start a new party or shut down B’dos we need to become active members of the organisations responsible for this process. Change must come from within.
    The Odlum and Louisy impasse led to a strike in St.Lucia years ago, BUT today the current St. Lucian government is mired in scandal. We want short-term solutions and repetition, or real long term change?

  48. I believe that as we speak over fifty percent of the Ministers in Government are over en away … Don’ let nah body fool you, we got money enuf ta burn …

  49. @ BAFBFP:
    Is that the reason for the 2 weeks recess of the House of Long Talk? Imagine these guys just returned to work – Oct. 4th, I believe after a very long “summer” break- to conduct the people’s business and in only 2 sittings they are off on holiday again. Then certain people got the demonic gall to talk about PRODUCTIVITY and the need to reduce wastage and improve efficiency.

  50. With all the discontent and distrust with lawyers would they be allowed to participate in the new formed government or will they ostricized.

  51. @ac: “With all the discontent and distrust with lawyers would they be allowed to participate in the new formed government or will they ostricized.

    Since most of the current politicians are lawyers, it is logical to assume that they will be allowed to participate.

    Isn’t it?

  52. @ CH:
    Your sense of logic always amazes me. You remind me of a being I once met on the planet Vulcan by the name of Spock. Any relation? I am taking the mick (LOL!!). Just my imagination running away with me!

  53. @ Checkit-out:
    Thanks! I ‘ll have a look.
    But the marshal had the flaming cheek to use the programme this morning as a soap box to peddle bare propaganda. A moderator should not be so openly biassed. If he wants to justify his ineffective time in the chair let him do it through press releases even if at the expense of the poor NI contributors. Mr. Boos should be entitled to similar air time to put his case to those who listen and not necessarily read the papers or the underground press (5th Estate).

    The marshal does not entertain criticism of the organization under his chair and seldom grudgingly allows criticism of the current administration, even of the constructive or benign kind.

  54. Hants | October 20, 2011 at 7:20 PM |
    When the economy is “booming” and people lining duh pockets nuhbody looking fuh moral leadership.

    Hantsie yuh got muh laughning and yuh right too. So pass de bay rum fuh muh dat is all I cud afford to bade muh headache . But dem did blaming de Guyanese, when yuh boy David got in he promised to gets the rid of dem and he dd. He exported nuff ah dem. So who dey gine blame now? De party in power of course LOLLLLL

  55. nothing is perfect but even if justice is not done bevause of unaviodable imperfections and the human species being what it is- the procedures in place should be such that justice must be seen to have been done. there will always be corruption so that is not the main issue ac; the main issue is about governance and if we can develop something which offers relevant governance and which can bring back that trust in the sysyem of governance then it might change the mindset of the youth for example who see what we have practicing as governance to be a hoax. iimagine a judge sentencing a man heavily for the use of cocaine and you go in his chambers after sentencing and see him snorting. that is the negative perception the youth of tomorrow have of the system and they have reason not to care or show respect because they are taught anything goes. but back to the point, in the new dispensation, there is little need for patronage so they will not have to skew their reporting to satisfy any particular interest. remember, there will be no political party to fear. and ac, the chairman will be a chairman and will only have one vote in the vaffairs of the particular comittee he heads.

  56. ac- parliamentarians would be selected from their constituencies even you will have the opportunity to go up the steps of parliament if you are nominated or run as an independent and is elected by the constituency.

  57. @ balance
    The reality is WE are all political, and in my humble opinion I see nothing wrong with having pro-DLP, pro-BLP and anti-DLP&BLP moderators/columnists. Robust debate of ‘opposing’ views is good for our society! Problems arise when these individuals pretend to be apolitical; and also when there is no access to alternative views within the same medium as is the case with CBC tv.

  58. In the last week, newspapers report that the government has made two assaults on the concept of the citizen’s right to property. The first assault was the attempt to pass the Antiquities Bill and the second, the declaration to compulsory acquire the land of one person so as to benefit another citizen. The situation with the Antiquities Bill is extremely disturbing. The Senate raised many cogent questions about the bill which were accepted by the Government senators. It strikes me odd that Minister Lashley, who is an attorney, could not recognise the constitutional issues raised by Senator Newton and neither could any of the other 29 MP’s (i.e.both BLP and DLP) when the bill was passed in the lower house. That the bill (in identical form) was first presented by the previous BLP administration is testimony to the lack of any philosophical mooring by BOTH political parties to defend and act in accordance with the Constitution or any other publicly stated set of values in the interest of the common good other than expediency,appeal to the lowest denominator and laziness.

    To reinforce my disquiet, today’s newspapers report that the Government intends to compulsory acquire part of the property of one individual to make available to another private interest. This is an unsettling use of the State’s power to compulsory acquire property. To my knowledge, such power has been exercised to the direct benefit of the public i.e to allow the building of a school, heath centre, police station, roads, public housing etc. That this power is now to be exercised to the benefit of a privately operated company is a most curious development.

    However, laudable the intentions, the words “thin edge of the wedge” comes to mind.

  59. @ Ping Pong:
    “It strikes me odd that Minister Lashley, who is an attorney, could not recognise the constitutional issues raised by Senator Newton and neither could any of the other 29 MP’s (i.e.both BLP and DLP) when the bill was passed in the lower house.”

    Your statement is not entirely true! If you had listened carefully to the debates you would heard Ms M.A. Mottley in her contribution raising concerns about the constitutional implications of the bill in its current reading. She also expressed concern about the “mechanics” of certain aspect of the legislation. Queries were raised about the storage and safe custody of the acquired relics and the human and technical resources required to ensure the successful implementation of the provisions and regulations of the legislation.

  60. David

    The comment of Ping Pong at 10: 08 AM is important enough to be a separate Post. I would hate to see the matters raised lost in the NIS post.

  61. @Millertheannuki

    Thanks for your clarification! However, should I check the record i.e. Hansard, will I find a “NO” vote from Ms Mottley? In any event, the bill was passed in the Lower House and only when the Senate raised objections did the Government see the problems. Minster Stephen Lashley, at the very least, has shown himself not to be a good guardian of our heritage of struggle against heavy handed Government.

  62. @ Ping Pong:
    D’accord ! Only goes to show the poor quality of representation we have to put up with. Mediocrity is the flavour of the times in this talk shop!

  63. enuff you are free to support the system if you think it is doing the best for you and the people of barbados . that is your prerogative. for my part, i think the system of our governance is failing us in several ways and largely because of the entrenchment of the belief that there is no other way other than through organised political institutions. i am reading the paper at the moment and when i see in relation to the present debacle going on in st james north that persons are saying that ‘whoever the blp send they supporting’ i must believe that the sacrifices my foreparents made to ensure that we were properly educated has been all in vain. and the same goes for the sycophantic supporters of the other side.even reading the charade masquerading in st james north under the guise of democracy and in the case of mr abed as well, i am at a loss to understand how a seeminglyinteeligent person can continue to throw your support behind such nonsense.

  64. @ enuff
    “I am at a loss to understand how a seemingly intelligent person can continue to throw your support behind such nonsense.”

    As the old “intelligent” folks would say: Education i not common sense”. Intelligence cannot be acquired through long attendance at a school or university. It is not displayed on the myriad paper qualifications after the names of the pompous. Intelligence is the continuous application of God-given common sense to life’s challenges and unusual situations. There seems to be an inverse relationship between educational attainment levels among Bajans and the manifestation of common sense in their daily affairs of living.

  65. @CH

    Ref comment; it is logical to assume they(lawyers) will participate

    So why is the public so angered by lawyers?it would be logical to assume that they would be put out to pasture and only called upon “if” need be.
    Btw CH in one of my post I queried Bush Tea on the jobs interview by the members and i said that like in any job it depends on who knows who .
    In his reply he Told that on the Board was one of his :Best friends” couldn’t help but Laugh .

  66. @ac: “So why is the public so angered by lawyers?

    I suspect because the public do not understand the Law.

    Even though they should.

    And please let us be honest: the public are not actually able to understand the Law partially because the “Barbados Official Gazette” is not publicly available for free (unlike in Canada or the UK or the USA where it is available for free on-line).

  67. @ CH:
    The Bajan political cartel and the clergy have more in common than just usage of the title “Minister”. Both controllers of the Bajan psyche are intent of keeping knowledge from the man in the street, lest they lose their power hold. In addition to the Official Gazette, all the laws and regulations of the Land should be made freely available on-line (electronically).
    Why ask people to become literate and equip themselves with the modern IT skills (WIFI availability in B’town and talk of making Barbados one really “hot spot”) and then not having work for them to do (figuratively speaking, of course)?

  68. Yes miller, they keeping knowledge from the MAN. Dem too bad. What them saying, Barbados is already a hot spot, we dont need why-fi, we got RI.

    And she hotter than hot. She like sweet fire!

  69. @millertheanunnaki: “The Bajan political cartel and the clergy have more in common than just usage of the title “Minister”. Both controllers of the Bajan psyche are intent of keeping knowledge from the man in the street, lest they lose their power hold.

    And are we (or, at least, a few of we) not working hard to change this?

    Is this why we are working hard on a Friday night?

    @MTA: “In addition to the Official Gazette, all the laws and regulations of the Land should be made freely available on-line (electronically).

    Completely agree. And, to the best of my knowledge, all Laws are made available on-line as when they were last published.

    Except, the Official Gazette is not available on-line. And The Gazette can change the Law.


  70. @ CH:
    Before you g on your ‘TGIF’ de-stressing session, please tell me how the laws of Barbados can be access on line? I think there was a portal via the Caricom Secretariat website, but it seems that has been closed to the average cyber traveller.

  71. The debate over the antiquities bill has shown how selfish people can be.

    I have not heard one person say that they will take their art collection or a piece of antique furniture to a school.

    Will the businessman who takes your money everyday in his establishments be prepared to display his art to the young poor school children whose parents cannot afford to buy a painting or piece of antique furniture?

  72. as you can see i in letting up on this thing because the system as entrenched cannot be overhauled ; it has to be replaced’ another advantage would be re-establishment of of various public service commissions which were emasculated by the 1974 constitutional amendments which opened the door for yardfowlism and political patronage by placing appointments to some of the most important arms of governance in the hands of the primeminister and by extension his ministers. hence in a short space of time we have had the confidence in the justice system undermined by by the unprincipled and immoral appointment albeit within the ambit of the law of a practising politician as chief justice and in another instance we have witnessed an assault on the constitution to facilitate the correction of an error of incompetence by the powers that be in order that to accomodate the appointment of a chief justice.the statutory boards havre long been used by relevant ministers as vote catching playgrounds at the public’s expense.

  73. Quoting Hants “Will the businessman who takes your money everyday in his establishments be prepared to display his art to the young poor school children whose parents cannot afford to buy a painting or piece of antique furniture?”

    Up to last weekend there were 2 free art exhibitions that I know of. One at the university and one at Queen’s Park.

    All you had to do is catch the bus and walk in the door

  74. Balance

    You better let up. Anybody who effects real change to this patronizing musical chairs charade will be targeted for regime change and people like you and Sarge calling him/her a dictator who will deservingly die by the sword.

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