Mr Clyde Owen Gregory

Submitted by Douglas Leopold Phillips


Opposition Leader Owen Arthur congratulating Gregory Nicholls on being named BLP candidate in St. Michael North West

The recent announcement of Gregory Nicholls , the political nomad and heir apparent to George Payne, to contest the St Michael North West for the Barbados Labour Party,came as no surprise. We on this side are quite aware of what happens when the factions in the Barbados Labour Party oil up their internal machinery …there will be jostling for human capital. In this instance, Nicholls was on the political auction block.

The exclusion and non participation of Clyde Mascoll from the process has also not come as a surprise, as we know, Arthur has planned something special for him The fact that Arthur has been able to woo Gregory away from the Payne camp has once again demonstrated Arthur’s intention to be man again. But what would Arthur have told this young political aspirant about his fortunes in St Michael North West? How would he have sold the package? What would have made this chap from Melrose St Thomas travel the belly of the Barbadian politics to contest the St Michael North West seat?  Well …. We were able to reconstruct a part of the conversation that was electronically recorded but somehow got garbled.

Owen .Hello Gregory, this is former Prime Minister Arthur , the Party needs a young well educated person like you to throw your hat in the ling against Christopher Sinckler.

Gregory: Me!!! Against Chris.. the Minister of Finance?

Owen : No No .. Don’t forget the seat was held by a Minister of Finance and he was beaten.

Gregory : What !!!! You must really being drinking all night. [ NO disrespect ] Why de hell would I leave a potential safe seat in St Andrew to go up against the Minister of Finance .What wrong with the old Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance? He ducking out and now come.

Owen :  No No Gregory , I think that with your political acumen and savvy, we can make a difference against Sinckler ..That chap is all bark and no bite. I am assuring you we will throw all the necessary party finance and human resources behind your bid to win that seat..once you have agreed to contest it.  I know SNW , and it does not belong to the Dems ok

Gregory : It doesn’t  belong to me either , but I still puzzled.  Why is Clyde Mascoll not keen on returning?.The man bread and born there. His navel string bury there. All his family from the area. This is not making any sense to me. Mr. Arthur you honestly trying to hijack my political career even before it begin. Why can’t I be offered one of those seats that we currently occupy and ask someone to step aside. A good example would be Cynthia Forde ..After all we both know that she just marking time and spinning top in mud. Plus she supports Mia against you. Look she needs retiring ok.

Owen : I agree… but it’s too delicate an area for me to trouble . She has the support of the lady who wants my job along with all the support she can muster against us short men from the North. Listen …let’s not get distracted can you or can you not respond to the call of this great party …you are called to service at a time our country needs men like you in North West.

Gregory: Chief, I want to be assured of party’s backing.

Owen: ah ….I give my assurance young Nicholls..I will deliver on this even if I am not leader.

Gregory : Well, I am in and I really appreciate the fact that you have called ..You can count me in.

Owen : 0K I will get back to you on a date for the meeting and your announcement . Thank you Click ..

Owen :   rrrrrrrrrrrrr  Hi Clyde … just letting you know that St Michael North West  is no longer your stress. I have found someone to take over.. That reject from the Payne camp just brought everything I told him ..Boy I still have it despite this cane you see me walking around with. My next task is to get Cynthia to step down so I can plant you there I will keep informed.

Clyde:  smile smile ..Boy I can see why I have no regrets ..Out  here I can get what I want ..Owen I tip my hat off to you and pledge my loyalty.

Owen : Clyde thank you and we will talk, bye click

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  1. Funny the bedfellows that politics can make out of people, Nicholls a reject made so by Payne, Marshall, Mottley and Arthur.

    Nicholls who was fired from the law firm of Payne and Marshall and suffered the indignation of having his Laptop and car remove from him before he was kicked out.

    The same Nicholls who Mottley has been heard to use the most vile four letter words to describe in style and his manner and his gross arrogance.

    The same Nicholls who was described by Arthur as a simpleton and stupid after he sent him to the senate.

    The same Nicholls who lacks common sense and good sense can be seen embracing the same one who when he had power , control and might over his sheep wanted to dump him.

    Does it not make you laugh to see the Hold a Ton relationship at work ?

  2. “funny the bedfellows that poiltics can make out of people”–your’e so right just only asking as i remmember prime minister’s stuart tirade at the i think 33rd annual general conference against former prime minister thompson when he was attempting to regain leadership of the party referring to him as a destructive force; mr thompson’s biting remarks against Mr hammila lashley when he crossed the floor to the blp; mr adriel brathwaithe and mr jepter ince’s campaign to prevent sitting mp mr david estwick from regaining the opportunity to contest his seat;mr estwick’s and mr sleepy smith’s bruising battle on the Down to Brass Tacks program; mr estwick’s visible hurt at his removal from economic affairs to agriculture buttressed by his ‘time longer bthan twine remark’; the indignity mr kellman suffered at the hands of mr thompson and the party can be described as the mother of all indignations- so just only asking we need to be balanced.

  3. This is a man who stood at the helm of Barbados cricket … and what a lousy flop that has been. This piece is a triumph in creative writing, and believable. I hope to live for the day when all lawyers who throw their hats into the ling are completely and emphatically rejected by the voters. They are an utter and complete waste of time…!

    • The above maybe dismissed as DLP propaganda but the question must be asked.

      If Mascoll is the official BLP spokesperson is the party prepared for him to speak outside parliament if they were to reelected?

    • @Little Angel

      Have a hard time swallowing a Central Bank Mascoll appointment.

      It would be reminiscent of David Simmons’ appointment to CJ.

      We have to stop the politicizing of key offices which strive on being perceived as independent.

  4. @spratt

    If Mascoll will not run in North West it stands to reason if he runs in another constituency he should be given maximum time to become familiarized.

  5. It seems that the battle has only just begun and you have been able to rile the Dems. As you have said you are coming and hell is coming with you. There is a sense of fear and trembling. Keep it up and you will give them goadies..Chris is a twotime loser so i cant understand what foolishness the dems are saying.

  6. Why must our politics be always in the gutter? How many MPs won on their first attempt? How many represent the constutency they grew up or live in? How many are ‘bright’? Do all members of a political party ‘gree’?

    Mo hypocrisy!!

  7. Barbados need to mature above this gutter politics, if we cinsider ourselves literate and persons of class, let us move beyond this yardfowl behavior and deal with matters that are affecting this country and offer ways to get us back on track. The problem is too many of us are benefitting from any particular party which is in power and once we and our family is living large anyone else can suffer. What a selfish way to live.

  8. Well it’s good to see Gregory Nicholls propping up Owen Arthur after all that Owen put him through.

    It’s a pity Clyde Asscolll found it necessary to abandon the people of St. Michael North – West after representing them with the support of both political parties.

    No wonder Owen Arthur has refused thus far…to address the voter padding charge made by Rawle Eastmond regarding the BLP conference in October 2010.

    Something is rotten in Denmark !


  10. Litte Angel is there a vacancy for the Governor of the Central Bank? Dr Worrell was just appointed . Is he not entitled to serve until he reaches retirement age?

  11. @ David

    “We have to stop the politicizing of key offices which strive on being perceived as independent.”

    Man stop insulting our intelligence!!
    The current Governor is a political appointment, David Simmons was political, Marston Gibson was/is a political choice, and if Clyde Mascoll were to be appointed to head the Central Bank he too would be political.
    Bajans are not foolish, we all know these posts are political. Aren’t they in the US the paragon of good governance?
    Everyone is political, apolitical and non-partisanship are myths!!!

  12. No there is not. But Dr. Worrell is a contract employee (he retired from the Bank already) and his contract can be terminated by the next party if they win government.

  13. Tony, you really feel that Chris Sinckler is trembling because Gregory Nicholls plagiarize some line from a old movie…..LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  14. Balance

    You made a little mistake. All top level post in the Public Service are made on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, and that recommendation is rubber stamped by the Public Service Commission and forwarded to the Governor General who must make the appointment. That is why we have so many incompetent heads of department: they are appointed because of their political connections and not their ability to do the job.

  15. @Caswell Franklyn: “You made a little mistake. All top level post in the Public Service are made on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, and that recommendation is rubber stamped by the Public Service Commission and forwarded to the Governor General who must make the appointment.

    A simple but sincere question…

    Are you comfortable with that?

    • @Enuff

      You have made BU’s point, we need to do things better as far as appointments to key offices go.

  16. I have said it before and I will say it again, you have to be a special breed of person to be a member or supporter of the Barbados Labour Party.

    When Clyde Mascol was leader of the opposition his MOTHER WAS SICK and Owen Arthur made “laughing sport’ of Clyde Mascol’s MOTHER’S condition on the floor of the House of Assembly. A SICK ELDERLY WOMAN was made a specticle of.

    That is why I say that Clyde Mascol must have a CAST IRON stomach. If I were in Clyde Mascol’s position I would never want to see Owen”seethru”Arthur in life or death. However there he is, in among the crooks.

    Owen”seethru”Arthur called Clyde Mascol a shoplifter in one of his contributions in the House of Assembly.

    Billie Millar said in the House of Assembly that Clyde Mascol “LOOKS LIKE MALIK WID TEETS”

    So don’t be surprised that Gregory Nicholls is now Seethru’s best friend. They can stomach any and everything.

    Look what they did to MIA AMOR MOTTLEY, and she is still there among them!.

  17. @ David

    Based on COMPETENCE, even if the person appointed is POLITICAL. Let me reiterate that Barbados is an island of TEN people.

  18. let us get down to the nitty gritty. The st. Michael MW seat is up for grabs. In an election where the dems have won this seat by 280 votes and there is a swing away from the dems then this seat is ripe for the taking. The performance of the incvumbent has been far from spectacular and he has little chance to improve. The people are hurting because of him, i wish him well but facts are facts. In the present climate no one is quite safe.

  19. Before we accept him as a candidate for our constituency,we need a Character reference from his employer, a Police Certificate of Character, and letters from all Bridgetown Hire Purchase establishments.

  20. thank you mr franklyn but i just wanted to rebut david’s inference to little angel which suggested that only the blp makes these political appointments by his reference to david simmmons. i go further with respect to this david simmons issue. while the very nature of the appointment would have caused some concern; it seems better to use the circumstances of the appointment for political fodder rather than educate the public to the fact that the appointment had the blessings of mr thompsion as leader of the opposition provided certain conditions were met which were met.only the negative aspects of mr simmons work are highlighted in this form and i am sure there are many positives which mr franklyn can show for the benefit of contributors.

  21. Tony you are living in a dream world. First of all any smart politician would tell you that all politics is local. And while a national swing could theorctically carry any seat, strond local representatives often survive national swings on the strength of the person that is running. It is true that the SMNW seat was won by 280 votes, but look at who Sinckler was running against, a former leader of the opposition, minister of finance, and strong home town boy. He, Mascoll won the seat only three and a half years before by over 600 votes, so Sinckler overturned a 600 + vote majority and turned it in to a 280 vote advantage to the DLP. That is close to a 1000, turnaround. If you check the last polling results published by Wickham you would see that the swing to the DLP in NW was one of the lowest and the party support was not the strongest. This means that the candidate, Sinckler, has a stronge personal support base that helped him beyond what the party could give. this is critical.

    But ultimately representatives are voted in our out based on performance. Without fear of contradiction nobody in the labour party could possible go into that constituency and claim that Sinckler has been a weak or ineffective representative. In fact living in the area as I do, I can sayy without contradiction that he has done more for this area than any other representative that has represented this constituency in the pass. He had got more roads done, street lighting put in, houses repaired (of course he was minister of UDC so that helped), provided more jobs and work opportunities for people; did more sponsorship for sporting and cultural organizations, given out more educational scholarships, computers, back to school supplies for needy parents and generally done more community based programmes than any other representative in the parliament. In fact he has also gottten government to repair the old deacons development project at the farm which clyde mascoll allowed to fall into dis-repair and refuse to repair. He has apparently got the private sector to agree to to construct a mini indoor stadium on the same sight at no cost to government, which should start construction in another few weeks. On top of that he has also gotten the government to compulsorily acquire the texaco cricket ground for the use of the people in black rock who were banned by the owners from using since 2007.

    On top of all of this Sinckler is now a national figure. You might not like him, but apparently in every poll which is coming out now he is fairly well liked as a national leader by a cross section of Barbadians. Now I would find it hard to believe that such a figure, with such a strong record to run on in his constituency and so well liked across the country will just be a victim to some national swing.

    If that is what the BLP is hoping for then I wish them well. Mr. Nicholls, a virtual unknown politically and an outsider in a very paroachial minded area like black rock and deacons will certinaly have to bring more than hell with him to prevail against a home town boy. afterall home drums beat first down here.

    • @blac krockian

      You have put a compelling position for Sinckler but we know the historical considerations may have to be tossed out the window given the unprecedented times.

      A reminder, we have the Eurozone going wacky with contagion taking place as we speak, i.e. Euro banks will take big hits with the debt restructure currently taking place.

      Not to forget we have the USA battling with debt ceilings, budget cuts, jobless growth and a myriad of other problems.

      Needless to say the way the US goes so too Barbados.

      A year before the next election is a long time in politics.

      If things go badly people will vote with their pockets and all your extrapolations and theories go through the window.

  22. Sinckler prospects looking good based on black rockian’s submission; unfortunately there are 30 seats (possibly 31 in 2013) in the Lower House so at least 15 more are required. lol

  23. A reminder, we have the Eurozone going wacky with contagion taking place David wrote “as we speak, i.e. Euro banks will take big hits with the debt restructure currently taking place.”

    de DLP do dat.

    David wrote, “Not to forget we have the USA battling with debt ceilings, budget cuts, jobless growth and a myriad of other problems.

    de DLP do dat too.

    David wrote, “Needless to say the way the US goes so too Barbados.”
    Fuh tru ? fuh real ?
    Man David man. Babadus is Utopia. You jus imagining dat we got problems.
    Yuh ent see all de Rihanna concert tickets are de facto an in facto sold out.

  24. @Black rockian
    I like your analysis but i think it was fraught with a minor error, Mascoll did not win the seat for the blp in 2003, so Mascoll was fighting with blp numbers and got many more votes than any other blp candidate ever got. You make some telling points, but I say if people are hurting and they can trace that hurt to Sinckler then in spite of some home delivery he will feel the pain. People make their decisions based on emotions and not making it in these harsh economiic times is devastating for so many, those reps who are unable to deliver on a national scale will pay a great price

  25. Tony your analysis is so true but it miss one subtle point. People make their decisions based on money too. Remember the last eclection.

  26. This submission is utter foolishness.Pure political spin.Once you throw your hat in the ring you can expect this. The electorate will be judging the DLP at the next election,not all of this claptrap

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