A Love Letter To Barbados Light & Power

From the Facebook Page of Rosemary Parkinson

I was once a vibrant, beautiful woman without a wrinkle! But this is what your harassment of my life has turned me into. Perhaps a court case would be in order for turning me into a monster with your bills???

BARBADOS LIGHT & POWER – are you waiting for the whole of Barbados to just come down to your offices and scream and shout and behave bad like a set of lunatics all because of your incessant insistence on taking the mickey out of each and every Barbadian who uses a light bulb in this country? Has it dawned on you that two years ago the very same bill from you for the very same usage of your raas gold power at our residence was BDS$400 a month? One year later for the very same usage of that same raas gold power of yours suddenly became BDS$750 a month? Within this last year that very same usage of that very same gold power suddenly became platinum at BDS$1000?.. and now to add insult to injury… one month…yep! I said one month later your raas platinum power has become more expensive than uranium – the bill being BDS$1700 for same said on month supply?

Nothing has changed in terms of usage in this household for the last two years. Sorry! Mea Culpa. I lie. At great cost I turned in my old fridge for a new Energy Saver one! But nothing extra has been purchased to plug into sockets that feed into your miserable meters that are read when you feel like it. The price of oil plummets, the recession arrives, people are losing their jobs and you, dear, dear BARBADOS LIGHT & POWER find it amusing to hike everyone’s right to light to suit your investors’ dividends at the end of a year. For, God forbid, those should drop!

Or is it that by assuring an overseas company that you are able at your whim to dig out the eyes of people on this rock; that no matter how high your now uranium bills become the chuped idiots known as your Barbadian fellow men will just continue to pay without a word and, therefore, you in your almighty power can demand a higher price for the sale of your company to them? I can hear you in the boardroom: “We demand this price for all the assets of our Uranium Power Plant because Barbadians are a set of poppets and no matter what you charge, they will pay and continue to live merrily along.”

On the other hand….perhaps it is just a plain death wish you have, for one can push people to a point and then they suddenly rise up in anger and do things they would normally never consider. And by the way, please do not even begin to consider this note to you a threat of any kind. I would never consider threatening such a powerful uranium company….even ‘though you obviously consider me chuped and a poppet. I am merely trying to help you. I am merely being a good citizen and warning you that this time you have gone just a tad too far in your deceit of the people of this country.

And whilst I am at it? How dare you try to convince me, an intelligent grown woman, that the reason for the enormous bill received this month (a month filled with sudden cuts in power by the way!) is due to an increase in this household’s usage and nothing to do with you all going totally mad in your Accounts Department!!!

Enough is enough!!

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  1. Tina Roach | July 12, 2011 at 7:21 PM |
    Light and Power is doing what merchants in Barbados have done forever —sucking the blood of the sufferers-


    That is a bit better,

    But you are still forgetting the benefit we get from electricity so it isn’t all sufferation.

    You are exaggerating!!

    Nowhere is it written in stone that anyone has to buy electricity from BL&P.

    You can make your own.

    I think the law will prohibit you from selling it to anyone but that is another story for which I haven’t got my facts.

    Me, I found the week or so with no electricity after Tomas last year to be the most relaxing week for 2010.

    I worked harder thought straighter and slept better.

    I was focussed and happy.

    I made my own electricity with my UPS …. actually I cheated.

    I carried it and the PC to a friend periodically for charging … and I remained online and commenting on the blogs.

    I found the lack of lights at night to be absolutely relaxing.

    The fridge was a problem that’s why I think if I do put in an alternative form of energy it will only supply this and perhaps a light and a plug circuit in my house.

    I had great plans at the time to go solar but the utility of the product offered me by BL&P put paid to the plan as I got back into my old routine!!

    Whatever we may say or think about BL&P I find it to be reliable. Ok, so a monkey can shut it down, but these things happen and keep life interesting.

    Sometimes we need to be shaken up to recognise that our old routines are in need of improving.

    Tomas and the FAC did that for me.

    The FAC is a challenge which needs to be met with whatever skill, commonsense and logic we possess.

    We shall overcome, bit by bit but we need to recognise we can change our old routines and adapt to the new order!!

    There is no one way to do it.

    Solar dryers (clothes lines) work as well as any electric clothes dryer.

    Knowledge is the key and it is acquired slowly.

  2. My electricity bill has a section called billing detail and then rate; General service; for which I pay a customer charge of $11.00 a month. Beneath this is 2 sets of energy rates.
    The first rate says ‘energy 1st Blk 100 Kwh @ 0.184 per Kwh
    The second rate says” 2nd blk (I assume that is energy use over 100Kwh) @ 0.217 per kwh.

    Yet my mother lives next door to us and her billing detail has her as a domestic Service, with a customer charge of $6 a month and with an energy 1st blk rate of 0.15 per Kwh.

    With the domestic service rate my mother gets a bill which allows for a discount for early payment. With our general service rating we do not get this possible discount.

    Yet my home should be registered at the domestic service rate as we do nothing different to my mother. We have been paying these higher customer charges and general rates for 3 years or more and I only just noticed the scam.

    How many others are paying the wrong customer rates and do not realise that the rate for higher energy use is far greater than for use under 100 Kwh?


  3. maat

    Do you know if your house is being supplied by three phases or single phase three wire?

    At the time of the electrical installation when service was requested from BL&P by the licensed electrician/electrical contractor BL&P would have looked at the projected demand your house would have and supplied it accordingly.

    They would have got to the projection based on the breaker size specified for your installation.

    Whether or not three phases were required would have been another consideration.

    Not many houses require three phases.

    Some may use pumps for swimming pools or heating or cooling systems that require three phases.

    These houses are wired differently.

    No scam is involved.

    You got exactly what you, or the previous owner, asked for in the plans submitted.

    I guess you can change the installation now but talk with a licensed electrician/ contractor before making the change.

    It probably won’t be worth your while.

  4. maat

    Check out the various rates and what they signify.



    Electricity rates are subject to the approval of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC). There are four types of tariffs covering services offered by the Company:

    Domestic Service
    General Service
    Secondary Voltage Power (SVP)
    Large Power

    For specific information on the various tariffs please refer to the rate schedules which are available from the Company.

    Domestic Service

    This tariff applies to single phase services to residential customers for lighting, cooking, heating, refrigeration and incidental domestic power in individually metered dwelling houses and apartments occupied by a person or household and used only and entirely as their own personal fixed place of abode for long periods of time or altogether. This tariff is not applicable to customers who occupy dwelling units used or registered for the purpose of transient occupancy such as rooming houses, hotels, guest-houses or villas, or primarily for commercial, industrial or non-domestic activities. No service may be transmitted from a customer who receives electric service to another premises without the prior written consent of the Company.

    General Service

    This tariff applies to supplies used for lighting and power to non-residential customers for which no other Rate Schedule is provided up to a maximum of 10 kVA. Three phase service may be provided under special arrangements.

    Secondary Voltage Power

    This rate is available for customers with a billing demand of not less than 5 kVA requiring single phase or three phase at standard Low Tension supply. Customers connected under this rate shall be metered as to demand and the billing demand shall be the maximum measured demand of the current month or 5 kVA, whichever is greater. The measured demand may be measured in either kW or kVA at the option of the Company depending upon the character of the service. If the demand is measured in kW then the maximum kW reading shall be divided by a correction factor of 0.85 for conversion to kVA for billing purposes.

    Large Power

    This tariff is available for customers with a billing demand of not less than 50 kVA, who own their own transformation equipment and receive supply at primary voltage (i.e. three phase 24,900 volts or 11,000 volts). Customers connected under this rate shall be metered as to demand and the billing demand shall be the maximum measured demand of the current month or 50 kVA, whichever is greater. The measured demand may be measured in either kW or kVA at the option of the Company depending upon the character of the service. If the demand is measured in kW then the maximum kW reading shall be divided by a correction factor of 0.85 for conversion to kVA for billing purposes

  5. Barbados Light and Power got all rights to rip off ignorant-no protest- do not stand up for their rights- bajans. I hope they carry the light bill to an average 500 dollars a month. Then I hope the DLP increase taxes to further the burden on their passive back sides, And to add insult to injury I hope the merchants who are capitilizing on the financial crisis to inflate their food prices will bring further hikes in food commodities far beyond the purchasing power of ignorant docile bajans. Along with that, I hope that the vote will go in favour of the DLP again for more hardships. Then after they have completely brought the island too its knees whilst they and their families live in luxury and comfort from the lavish ‘salaries’ politicians receive, that we then take some of the shame from our faces by reelecting the BLP so they can bail us out of the crisis and continue their plunder and rape of the government treasury since hard times hitting some of them.

  6. 🙁
    Since when does less than 10% of Bajans who will buy tickets for that show equates to “most Bajans”.

  7. Beg your pardon Raw Bake, I am guilty of exaggeration!!

    Hopefully the point is clear irrespective of the exaggeration.

  8. And just to be totally wutless !!

    All you have to do is to look at the crowd and see who exactly makes up the priveleged, wealthy, elite, minority 10% of the population of Barbados we discuss ad nauseum here and elsewhere.

    This minority clearly has $500 to blow in a night.

    Someday I may belong and will be able to behave likewise, but not in the forseeable future.

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  10. @ John
    Yuh now talking 🙂

    The joys of youth are numerous and the days are few.

    A pity this is only realised after the days of youth have long passed leaving an abundance of wisdom and mercifully, even fewer nights to regret the decisions and choices of our youthful days.

  11. I’ve been thinking about the economic similarity between Rihanna’s live concert and the BL&P and their respective contributions to the Barbadoian society.

    She is charging a fee for the supply of a service.

    So is BL&P.

    Her outlay would be the facilities associated with the performance, Light and Power, the venue, the band, support staff etc. etc. etc.

    From her earnings she will expect to cover costs.

    She will expect to pay VAT and Income Tax on the profit and to get a return which makes the exercise worthwhile.

    Likewise, BL&P’s outlay would be the generating plant, the buildings, the year round employment etc. etc. etc.

    Like her it would expect to cover its costs.

    Like her it will expect to pay VAT, Income Tax and get a worthwhile return for its shareholders.

    Both will cost their service with these goals in mind and aim to maximise their profit.

    With profit comes responsibilities and one way successful business ventures fulfill some of those responsibilities is to donate to charities.

    There are plenty of deserving charities in Barbados.

    I am sure that any one of them would appreciate a donation from either and I am sure the Tax man will be equally forgiving of both.

    I wish both continued success.

  12. Came across this article about Jamaica which is relevant to the discussion.


    I see an MP there is suggesting Nucular Energy as an alternative form of energy for Jamaica to break the power company’s monopoly.

    I hope I never see the day when a local MP raises the possibility of Nucular Energy here in Barbados, especially if the proposition is that Government run the plant.

    I have my problems with wind energy and the impact on the environment of a wind farm but I would pick up and leave Barbados if the Government were to start up a nucular plant as a means to break the monopoly held by BL&P.

    Far better for them to talk about wave energy if they have to talk about exotic alternative forms of energy.

  13. If diplomatic status and the promotion and marketing of the island on behalf of the tourism planners are given kind consideration, I would say no or probably vastly reduced.

  14. Wind farm enviromental inpact???
    I thought the good people at Lamberts were assured that such would be minimal.

  15. David | July 12, 2011 at 11:47 PM |

    I followed that link and some things are nagging me.

    1. If SOL had an exclusive contract to supply BL&P, why did BNTCL construct a pipeline to supply BL&P long before that contract ended?

    2. Did BNTCL construct the pipeline and hoped they would win a contract in the future?

    3. Did BNTCL receive information that a contract might be available and that owning such an investment would be a distinct advantage?

    4. How does a sole importer involved in wholesaling and retailing from the same location, that invests in being more efficient at retailing than his competitors, not abusing his position?

    5. Were concerns not expressed about similar occurrences in the distributive sector?

    • @Raw Bake

      Your questions have been posted elsewhere, let us see if answers are forthcoming.

      It is instructive to note as earlier stated the FTC lost and have appealed the decision.

      @Just only asking

      Following you!

      It is for BNOC to answer not Worme.

  16. @John I hope I never see the day when a local MP raises the possibility of Nucular Energy here in Barbados, especially if the proposition is that Government run the plant.
    And in light of the fact that yet again another rear axle assembly on a government owned bus ,took a different route to the rest of the bus on the ABC Highway this morning.

  17. @David

    If BNTCL cant sell directly to BL&P and the fuel has to be sold to SOL and SOL sells it to a holding company and the holding company sells it to BL&P tell me what would happen.

    Why when the contract was about to expire, BL&P did not enter an arrangement to buy directly from BNTCL. Can MR Worne enlighten us on what had happened.

    Can you see the compounding aspect of VAT as in the example above.

  18. So the current arrangement came about because the Government of the day and BL&P wanted to minimise the compounding of VAT and the effect that was having on the FCA.

    Okay, I willing to buy, but pray tell, why did the contract still went out to tender?

  19. It is clear that a few people are allowed to use the masses in babados to amass wealth, and we have pliticains that facilitate this myopic approach. I vaguely remeber Liz thompson rasing a storm about the BL&P and SOl arrangement and the deceased Prime Minister viciously opposing her. I hope that the facts would be placed at the disposal of barbadian public.

    The arrnagement whereby the BL&P buys fuel from SOl and not directly from BNTCL is a backward at best. No wonder why the fuel is reaching the BL&P at such high cost. Brbados has to be a backward country that such is allowed. No wonder why the cost of production is so high. No wonder why we are paying through our teeth for commodities produced locally.


    You got it wrong. Mr. Worme is also to answer.

  20. There is no cheap energy!!

    However we get it we have a duty not to waste it but to optimise its use.

    If you don’t know how to read your meter, learn.

    It will show you where the energy you consume goes.

    Once you understand how you use energy you are in control and you have the ability to save yourself major dollars.

    It will also curb demand and allow for a measured well thought out application of the various alternative sources of energy available.

  21. Right here in Barbados, in the middle of residential districts, people are erecting turbines albeit smaller than those in the video. I would imagine that after 6yrs, some improvements would have been made in the designs to reduce the amount of noise produced.

  22. There was one at BRC years ago.

    It was taken down.

    The one at Lamberts was left to fall into disrepair.

    Haven’t been there in a while so it may have fallen down by now.

    I believe it was a gift but there was no maintenance budget that came with the gift so it fell to pieces.

    Seem to remember there was also a probem with the blades.

    Here is a clip of what happened in a storm in Denmark when the brake failed on one wind turbine.

    Obviously the costs and benefits need to be weighed.

  23. “Here is an example of some people’s experiences living near a wind farm.”
    A much more coherent video can be made for persons living near; airports, traditional power plants, sewerage plants, factories, schools, hospitals, nightclubs,
    …indeed anyone living in this century.

    John’s overly simplistic resort to ‘reading the meter’ misses the critical point of the changing paradigm.
    Perhaps we should just move to prepaid electricity meters?

  24. I have been tracking my electricity usage since September 2001. The lowest amount I have ever used was 43 kwh in February 2002 and the highest was 390 kwh in December 2006.

    I used 160 kwh in May 2009 and paid $67.41
    I used 202 kwh in May 2010 and paid $$128.74
    I used 200 kwh in May 2011 and paid $154.76

    I must admit that I am a fairly modest user of electricity. No AC, fans only, and only in the very hot months, I deliberately line dry my clothes,no clothes dryer (that’s why God gave us the trade winds), energy saving bulbs most places, very little ironing. Because I hate ironing I purchase my clothes very carefully to require little or no ironing. All family washing is done once a week only.

    Still costs have risen, but I feel it is my duty to deprive BL& P of income and to do the same to the oil rich countries.

    And no I am not suffering.

  25. Quoting Rosemary Parkinson “he did tell me that there is technology now that your meter can be tampered with by employees whose family are receiving free electricity…”

    This can happen with bottle gas too. A few years ago we noticed that our elderly parent’s 100 pound bottle gas tanks were “running out” in about 5 to 6 weeks. We knew that this was strange because when there were 7 children and 2 parents in the house a 100 pound bottle of gas lasted 3 months, and now with 2 old people it was lasting 5 to 6 weeks.

    We called the company and provided the stats. Of course the company had records of all deliveries done and were able to verify the numbers provided by us.

    To make a long story short the employees of the company were delivering nearly empty gas bottles to targeted elderly people, those with no young people in the house. Full gas bottles would be delivered to the employees relatives (or outside women) and when they were nearly empty they were delivered to elders.

    We put a stop to this nonsense and a 100 pound bottle of gas started lasting the elders for 6 or 7 months.

    So yes you always have to keep an eye on things.

  26. Quoting John “John | July 11, 2011 at 3:16 PM | Rosemary There is usually an electric booster heater in the solar tank. Make sure it isn’t switched on.”

    John is right. I’ve used both Solar Dynamics and Sunpower (at different households at different times) and they both are installed with these electrical boosters which are very handy for rainy or very cloudy days. But John is right they should only be turned on for about an hour on such days. Turning on the switch for 1 hour (use an alarm if necessary to remind you to turn it off) on very rainy or cloudy days should heat the water enough to provide warm showers for a family of 4 and enough for dish washing (by hand of course)

    I had a colleague, poor soul who did not understand this and kept the switch on at all times. The electricity bill was hundreds of dollars more per month than mine.

  27. Bush Tea

    We used to have prepaid meters long time ago.

    You put in a coin or token and you got out the electricity you paid for. I can still remember the fun of putting in the coin when I was a child.

    Now, it is possible to put a meter you buy off the internet under the control of your PC and program it to stop delivering power to your house (or a particular circuit)at a limit you set …. independent of BL&P.

    All sorts of weird and wonderful measurements can be done besides kWh measurements which is all the standard BL&P meter will do. It can report to you on an as desired basis what your consumption is.

    What you do after the BL&P meter is your business. So long as you meet codes you can install such a system.

    Same principle as the old time coin meter, nothing new in the principle, no new paradigm, just new technology.

    But there is a cost and you require someone with the know how to install it.

    That will happen more and more once the electricity cost rises to a point where it can be justified.

    If however all you have is the old faithful Sangamo meter with the dials then you yourself have to be the PC that monitors it and you better had do so if you want to control your consumption of electricity and not burst your monthly budget and get FACT by the FAC.

  28. Random Thoughts

    You got it.

    Understand your consumption and control it.

    Watch your bills, read your meter, stay on top.

    But realise that the FAC is hurting BL&P as much as it is hurting you.

    FAC makes people like you who keep on top of the money they spend seek to reduce or control any increase.

    If the FAC continues to increase you will face the possibility of not consuming at all if you want to conrtrol or reduce the sum you pay for electricity.

    It will have little to do with BL&P.

    The 200kWH you used in May 2011 is billed to you as the first 150kWh @ 15 cents per kWH = $22.50


    Second 50 kWh @17.6 cents per kWH = $8.80

    You pay $31.30 to BL&P to upkeep its capital, keep its employees emplyed etc.

    There is a $10.00 customer charge, so it is $41.30.

    The FAC accounts for 200kWh @ 47.3 cents per kWh.

    That is $94.60.

    Back in 1994 the FAC was 9 cents per kWh!!!

    There is 17.5% VAT on the $94.60 + $31.30 to be added and then BL&P gives you a 10% discount for early payment.

    If you reduce your consumption to keep within a monthly budget, you will save on the FAC but you will also reduce the $41.30 you pay to BL&P.

    If the FAC continues to climb, you will have to start shutting off breaker switches in your panel if you want to meet your goal for a budgeted expense!!

    Who gets the FAC?

    It is a cost passed on to the consumer which is no longer subsidised by the GOB.

  29. Do you realise you pay the Government almost what you paid the BL&P!!!!

    It is because VAT is also charged on the FAC!!

  30. BL&P just ripping people off, matter of fact oil prices is coming down so that means the light bills should be coming down, the light and power executives just laughing in peoples faces because some homes can be lighted with other means of electricity like whats going on in germany and the US, the government leaders should really investigate the light and power for the evil they are doing, some parts of the island the lights goes off for hours, but you still have to pay even more? we need some representation because of the light and power

  31. So when is Rosemary Parkinson going to report on the outcome of her meeting with Stephen Worme? Mr. Worme made a comment on Brass Tacks during the week which hints that her problem was due to increased use of airconditioning!! He didn’t mention any names but said the matter was featuring on one of the blogs.

  32. @Brutus…I do apologize because I thought I had posted this on BU but guess it was only on Facebook. Mr. Worme can make all the comments he likes on every radio station he likes. The point is that my consumption of electricity has changed since I first moved in here – I use less and less and the bill is still more and more. Yes! I do have an air-conditioner and yes! I use it at the regulated degree where energy is saved. Yes! I am sorry if that is the only thing I happen to enjoy because I live in my office/bedroom working and it is here that there is one air-condition. When I leave the house, the air-condition is turned off. Point is I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING UNTOWARD FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS THAT WOULD TAKE MY BILL TO THE HEIGHTS IT HAS GONE. So here’s the letter sent to me by Mr. Worme with reference to our meeting and I have taken the liberty to add in my comments for BU.

    by Rosemary Parkinson on Tuesday, 19 July 2011 at 09:21

    This is Mr. Worme’s letter to me re those discussions. It is only fair that since I wrote such an angry letter that his side of the coin should also be published. I will make my feelings clear in comments marked Rosemary.

    Mr. Worme:
    Dear Ms Parkinson,
    It was a pleasure meeting with you and Ms Galt to discuss the concerns which you expressed publicly regarding your electricity bills and the several other concerns you had about our Company’s operations.While there are always opportunities for improvement, I think our Company has demonstrated in many different ways our commitment to providing a high quality service to our customers and we intend to continue these efforts particularly during these very difficult times for our customers and our country as a whole.

    Agreed. It was indeed a fair discussion but must say always in the knowledge that Mr. Worme kept on pointing out that Barbados Light & Power has done nothing wrong. And we are to expect even higher bills as the months roll on.

    Mr. Worme:
    After discussing your concerns and reviewing the billing of your electricity account, we found the following: Your account with the greater electricity consumption supplies two air-conditioners, which are in regular use; two clothes dryers, which are used periodically; a refrigerator; other appliances and lighting. The average daily usage on this account between reading periods over the last year has varied from a low of 37.3 kWh per day in cooler months and as high as 58.8 kWh per day in warmer months.The second account supplies mainly a refrigerator, other appliances and lighting. The average daily usage on this account over the last year varied from a low of 6.7 kWh per day to a high of 7.6 kWh per day during reading periods. The major factors contributing to your recent high bills have been:The high fuel cost. In July the fuel charge and VAT accounted for around three quarters of your overall electricity bill. The increase in usage between April and June was mainly due to higher use of air-conditioning during this hotter period.

    Please note the above pertains to two bills we receive for this house that is divided into two. My side is two storied. My lights are off nearly all of the time downstairs..on occasion I turn on one light – the kitchen for I do need to eat. Refrigerator is an energy saver. Washer/dryer is used once every two weeks. 2 Energy saving lights are turned on for security at night before retiring – one to the front and one to the back as we have both had a break-in. I have a computer in my office which is turned off when not in use. One lamp is used in bedroom. Occasional light for bathroom. I would not in any way call any of this excessive use.Our bill might be lower in cooler months but one air-conditioner was still in use as my side of the house does not get the easterly breezes that seemed to have disappeared from Christ Church/Rockley area since all the development of St. Farlip. Next door has washer/dryer (used once a week) and airconditoning used sparingly. Fridge etc. in kitchen Again care is taken to save on electricity at all times. We explained all of this to Mr. Worme and he keeps insisting that we use too much electricity…NOT TRUE.

    Mr. Worme:
    Our discussion covered many issues ranging from the reason our Company applied for the rate adjustment, which we were granted last March, to the efficiency of our operations. We also discussed the fact that high fuel prices are not something our Government nor our Company has direct control over and, while there is always room for improvement, rather than complain and blame others for the situation, we have to each take responsibility for the things we have control over and to work together as a community to help each other find ways to deal with this problem which is likely to be with us for some time to come.

    I have no problem with the granting of the extra money by government. If it was deserved that is and I have to leave this to the economists ’cause obviously I ent one and + I nevah followed all the back and forths as to why this was required – I was too busy trying to keep my life afloat by working. But this is my problem. If Amera is supposed to be this multi-national Canadian company with a lot of financial power, surely now that they are involved with Barbados Light & Power, they should be able to help in the granting of the necessary loans in order for BL&P to improve their plant. Last year BL&P made 45 million Barbados dollars in profit. This year they are aiming at 53 approx. in order for them to be able to “see the light” – whilst we are in darkness? So why did we have to have Amera in the first place? And whilst I know that Barbadian (and other) shareholders sold out…if BL&P had said no, this may not have happened. But they encouraged shareholders to do so. Of course, we all have choices…and if selling out is one, then we cannot complain about most of Barbados being owned by other countries. Done.
    …and yes! I agree that 17.5% vat on electricity which is a required human right in this developed country should not even be imposed….but if it has to be, then a lower amount for light and water should be what we as a people demand from our government….and no! I do not agree that fuel charges are correct, we all see prices going down worldwide but ours going up…do we get different gas/oil from the rest of the world or what. Is ours gold like the gold coast?

    Mr. Worme:
    From the follow up information that you provided from the monitoring of the usage on your meter over the last 6 days, your average daily usage varied from as low as 17 kWh/day to just over 38 kWh/day. This is a significant reduction from the average of 58.8 kWh/day used between April and June. As you indicated, this has been achieved by turning off the air conditioners on some days and using less on others but this has impacted significantly on comfort level. I am sure if you continue to monitor the usage on your meter and both you and your next door neighbour continue your conservation efforts, you should be able to find the right balance between cost and comfort. I also recommended that you consider the installation of a power monitoring device that could monitor the overall usage as well as the usage on some of your higher usage appliances.

    Not only have we been monitoring/reading our meter twice daily (a bloody inconvenience!) and yes! it is reading lower usage but we have literally shut down all appliances including air-conditioners living in darkness and in boiling heat for the last four days…(duh!!) and the best is we are told by separate letter that this horrible inconvenience of having one’s home look like a chinese laundry with clothes hanging all over the place instead of being in the dryer (and yes we could string up some lines in the front yard – I am sure our neighbours would be pleased) and us the people within looking like naked drenched rats at all given times, will actually save us each maybe $150 a piece, seems completely ridiculous.

    Mr. Worme:
    As discussed, we at Light & Power intend to continue to play our part to mitigate the high price of oil by optimizing the operation of our generators and to seek cost effective alternatives sources to use of oil in the medium to long term. We hope, however, that customers recognize the role that they too have to play by managing their energy consumption to help minimize the impact of these high oil prices.

    But why at the expense of us the consumer? I understand that cost effective alternative sources have been offered/advised by many over the last few years and only now is BL&P thinking about them…only now is government thinking about them? ….so how long will these cost effective alternative sources take to be put in place?..and yes! before we received our enormous bill we were already playing our part in managing our energy consumption…very much so…now we could as well go live in a hut in the country and use a standpipe to wash our clothes hanging them up between two tree… even ‘though we have worked hard to give us a spot in life that we feel makes our being here comfortable.

    Mr. Worme:
    I hope you have found this exercise useful and that through the process the information you have obtained will help you find a way to manage your electricity bills more effectively while allowing you to maintain a satisfactory level of comfort in your home.

    Mr. Worme you were indeed a wonderful person and I learned a lot from you but this exercise was not as useful as it should have been because we are still in the same position as we were in before. Probably worse as none of us are comfortable and apart from Laura and myself, we have an elderly bed-ridden lady who is definitely finding it very hard to live in heat.
    1. Oh! And tell me something who pays for the electricity used at the BL&P offices – have they turned off their air-conditioners to help bring down consumption? I bet not. Who could work an effective day sweltering in offices constructed for air-conditioning and even if they had open windows? I guess I must but not your staff, right? And who pays for BL&P lights….Every time I pass there the place lit up like a Xmas Tree.
    2. Does our fuel charge include your usage of fuel…just wondered about that one.
    3. And I still want to know why we have to pay 2 cents per kwt. for insurance, a company that is owned by BL&P. I am told by you Mr. worme that insurance companies have put up their prices because of the amount of hurricanes etc. we have had, so BL&P decided to open their own insurance company. Okay I get that. What I do not get is why are we paying for it??? And is it true or is it a rumour that this insurance company also has investors? Surely if my computer suddenly is struck by lightening and I have to replace, I go to my insurance company for help to purchase another one and if I feel that they are not giving me a good deal, yes! I can buy my own insurance company and yes! I can have investors in that too…BUT I cannot pass on my investment in another company on to the consumer….And if I am paying 2 cents towards this company, then should I not be then considered an investor and should I not receive dividends at the end of a year?

    I also questioned Mr. Worme by separate letter as to why BL&P did not buy their oil direct from suppliers in Venezuela or Trinidad. I was told they have to purchase from government, who purchases from SOL. Now that’s a charming little bit of news. I know business is business but we have all found out that the price of fuel is fixed and it ent going nowhere for us for a long time…it could drop rock bottom on the world market, we still gine have to pay the locked in price.

    Mr. Worme:
    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

    Stephen Worme
    Chief Marketing Officer


    Please be advised that Mr. Worme has not been back in touch with me, nor I with him. I already got my answers. BL&P have a goal to make 53 million dollars this year…Mr. Worme told me dat. So what are we to do? Government in its last budget did not give us an ease for electricity. Perhaps they might want to send out notice to all hoteliers that they too should turn off air-conditioners in all hotel rooms in order to save energy. That should go down well with visitors. Perhaps all government offices should turn off their air-conditioners also – what is good for the goose is good for the gander. And let us not forget Corporate Barbados and all the stores around the island. Off with that electricity…please do your work in semi-darkness and with not air-conditioning!

    Truth is sadly that at the end of the day I, not any one on this island can do anything about BL&P except tekk it.’Cause if you don’t – off comes your lights Josephine! So all I can end with is…when I dead in the heat of my office, I hope the BL&P will bury my ass for all my burial money gine to dem. I done. ‘Till de nexx bill come in (and oh! the last bill dropped by BDS$700 but it was an interim (according to Mr.Worme to give us an ease! Ha!) so dis one coming up probably will be another doozie! And yes! all those who want to shout and say I spoiled because I want a simple comfort of one air-conditioner/one fridge/one washer/dryer (I ent got room nor time to heng out clothes)…well let me tell ya, I have and continue to work hard for these little things in my life…and I find it a disgrace that in this “developed nation” of ours, I am denied this because BL&P want to make 53 million dollars in profit this year….I truly done.

    My opinion: Both the government and Barbados Light & Power have to work with us your voters/customers in a much better way…we know about VAT and fuel charges …they need to disappear for awhile…but I would suggest that in the interest of keeping your people happy, Barbados Light & Power, and working with us to lower our charges, perhaps you could consider making those enormous profits a little smaller over a period of time until we get over whatever needs to be gotten over during these hard times. Use Amera. Just saying. Just my opinion.

    Just to end: But I do thank you Mr. Worme for taking the time to come to us and write to us. You are definitely an asset to your company and indeed a patient and willing to explain every little detail kind of guy. And please understand that all the above are not only my concerns but the concerns of all Barbadians…I know I speak for all of us who have seen our bills suddenly sky-rocket…because I also happen to know that many bills have not – and this little fact is also causing me botheration ’cause if bills go up, dem supposed to go up across the board right??

    And I do thank you for your time. This letter is nothing personal…just how I feel. Worse than the picture of me befo’ I was forced to live this way in order to save $200 a month!

  33. Sent to me by a friend –


    My answer is…re video No. 1 do all dat already. Video No 2 – now that we are opening our homes to viewing by the world, and everyone now knows my deep inner home secrets why not add just one more…yes! I do not make up my bed…unless guests are coming over to my apartment and might have to enter said bedroom to use bathroom. Yes! I take frequent hot showers. Yes! I eat a lot of chillies. And no! I will not be putting ice cubes in a bowl and sitting in front of fan all day long (a) I have work to do and (b) how chuped is dat…then my fridge freezer door will have to be opened continuously whilst ice melts in my little bucket-airconditioner and my freezer will now be making ice all day and this will increase usage…

  34. ……while having my mid-morning shower…I suddenly thought…man, I wasting water. Water bill gine go up. I should stop this matutinal and nocturnal cleansing. Perhaps best not to bathe or even clean teeth etc. and as for flushing toilet…well that has to go – perhaps I should dig an outdoor pit…actually the best way to save on energy is to just stop breathing….! Maybe I will try dat and see if my raas bill for electricity & water consumption goes down…one thing I do know for sure is that I also would not have to worry about how America and Monsanto and Roberts Feeds are tainting my food!

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