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Senator Reverend Dr. David Durant (l) Minister Stephen LAshley (r)

It is with immense discomfort that BU comments on the reported abuse last week of a seven year old boy at the hands of two eight year old girls. Yes believe it or not, these are children in our primary school system. As you would expect there is the predictable response from those BU has been describing of late as …. These people continue to ignore the weeds overrunning the lawns by comforting themselves that this kind of thing was happening in days of yore with the same frequency. How can anyone deny where there is a gathering of human beings good and bad things are likely to occur? Of course despicable deeds occurred in the 50s and 60s but are we saying that they occurred with the same monotonous regularity and acceptance?

Sorry, BU is not convinced that such an ambivalent position will help to build the kind of society which will enrich the lives of all Barbadians. The barefaced display of crass behaviour by Barbadians, young and old, which veers sharply from the value system of old has been under threat for some time now. BU accepts that value systems will shift as people become more enlightened but some basics which we* Barbadians still hold dear, must not be tampered with at this stage.

Let us critique two examples which appeared in the media last week. Senator Reverend Dr. David Durant (not sure if we got the protocol right with the titles) and Minister Stephen Lashley chided Barbadians for being too harsh in their criticism of the path Rihanna has chosen to trod to support her career. Here is a young lady who is idolized by many of our young children entranced by the  prevailing pop culture, she goes naked when she desires, she engages in childish retorts with all and sundry; the latest being Louis Farrakhan, she skips from boyfriend to boyfriend as anyone would change underwear and we could go on, yet she remains a Barbados Youth Ambassador, what are we saying to our young people? How are guiding our young people?

We are told this is what artistes in the pop business have to do to be successful therefore Rihanna’s behaviour is acceptable and should not conflict with the decision to confer the title of Youth Ambassador. BU has a problem with this conclusion which is based on what others have dictated to us. The requirements of a relativist culture should not guide or define the value system of Barbados. We have developed a model which has served us well and upon which we have built a relatively successful society. Why should we at the altar of what is secularly expedient buckle to an ‘anything goes culture’ which has clearly overwhelmed us?

There is the other example where Durant asked Bajans to forgive Jippy Doyle, who was found guilty of raping a 13 year old girl at the time, all  of Barbados knows the behind the scene machination which surrounds this matter. The Court in its infinite wisdom reversed the decision on appeal. Now give us a ‘frekking’ break Senator Reverend Dr. David Durant!

There was a time when the schools were managed using a ‘Joe Clarkian’ style.  Principals, teachers and prefects patrolled the school premises with pride to ensure the school rules were adhered to. BU remembers fondly teachers and prefects alike who gave up their breaks to assist with ‘monitoring’. Can we say the leadership of our schools and by extension society, operate with the same level of dedication?

To those who will label BU’s position one of  doom and gloom, we accept the title because it is now left to a few who have to speak out.

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  1. I get your point, David, but isn’t it a bit of reach (or a cheap shot) to use Rihanna’s example to make it? Child-on-child abuse, statutory rape and some of our countrymen’s apparent ambivalence or apathy regarding same, are serious enough issues without having to drag Ms Fenty’s name (good or otherwise) into the mix gratuitously.

    • @Paul

      It is just another stick on the pile, could have easily picked a few others at the moment Rihanna is it.

  2. Parents are responsible for the upbringing of their children. Good parenting helps to diminish the effect of popular culture.

    I believe that belief in God also helps to limit our natural human tendencies to consume everything in excess.

    It appears to me that there is a generation of parents in Barbados who do not have the support of their grandparents and the goodwill of their neighbors.

    Barbados is a nation of hypocrites and a lot of the same people on BU and writing in the Nation are probably involved in the same sinful actions they criticize.

    I don’t have a clue how to change the behavior alluded to in this post but parenting is where I think the problems in society can be diminished.

    People in glass houses should not throw stones so this hypocrite will keep the big rocks in he pocket.

  3. Further evidence of the ‘sliding down the gutter’ of our homeland Dave, and nobody’s got the balls to deal with the problem! They’re desperately in need of ME over there!

  4. David I doubt very much that these children’s misbehaviour has anything to do with Rihanna.

    Most likely these children have themselves been abused in their own homes by family (or extended) family members, or they have witnessed the sexual activity of their own parents or other family members, or been present when adolesent or adult members of the family were viewing pornography.

    Sexual aboue has always occured. Sexual abuse most often starts in the family.

    The oldest sexual abuse victim that I know presently is in her eithties. She was impregnated by her own father. And in the days before abortion was legal and medical services in rural Barbados scarce she was forced to bear and rear his child. This man repeatedly raped each daughter as soon as she became 12 or 14, and then instructed the daughters to lie about how the pregnancies occured. And no David he was never charged and never served a day for his crimes. When the woman told me this story she was in her 70’s, her father was long dead and she still shivered and cried when recounting her abuse. And no she has never told her son who was born of this abuse.

    But please David don’t drag Ms. Fenty’s good name into this. Rihanna has NOTHING to do with this.

    Sexual abuse is one of the oldest sins in the world.

    It was present when you and I and RIhanna were born. I will be present long after we have died.

    All of the children invovled in this incident are victims. ALL of them and their arent’s need counselling, and some of the parents or other members of the households ought to be investigated for possible prosecution.

    And schools need to provide proper supervision while children are at school. The school’s duties should not end at the classroom door.

    I for one would prefer that 4 year old’s remain in day nursery where the aunties can provide close supervision. If we are to have 4 year old’s in school them then we MUST provide age appropriate supervision, and we must also provide the TAX MONEY so that children of such tender years can be closely supervised and protected.

  5. You all just don’t get it, the moral fabric of a society can be compared to a rug with a pattern. All* the strands must be woven to a pattern to get the desired result, it will not happen by accident.

  6. I regard Rihanna as one of the greatest singers in the world. However, I’m not convinced she’s quite right in the head!

  7. There is a YouTube video of a 10-year old girl in Canada (Maria Aragon) who sang the latest Lady Gaga song in a home video, and was selected to sing with Lady Gaga at her concert in Toronto. Lady Gaga is not known for her modesty or reserve, and some questioned if she is an appropriate role model for a pre-teenager. Through the internet, young children are potentially being exposed to a wide variety of adult material in music videos and elsewhere. It is left for parents and teachers (if the children are using the internet in school) to prevent them from finding this material and being affected by it. This must be difficult, due to the ease with which most young people use technology as compared to those in their parents’ generation. Rihanna is tremendously popular everywhere it seems these days, including here in Barbados judging from the crowds who turned up at her perfume launch. The fact that she dresses scantily, and fondles herself on stage and in video, is not a secret and I feel this must have some influence on some young people (and some adults I bet) which is not positive. However, Rihanna is not responsible for raising our children. The question is whether those who are responsible are doing their job in training their children to grow up in the right way. The recent reports of sexual activity amongst primary school children may indicate that young children are being exposed to sexual behaviour in some way, and are bold enough to act it out with, and on, others. This is troubling.

  8. So David would you care to tell us what isthe moral fabric of Barbados? I am talking about the real one not the one we pretended to have!

  9. We have seen the gradual slide of these mores and values and yes while we acknowledge that there are some that needed to be neutralized, we also recognized the wisdom of not removing those tried and tested values that have kept us as a cohesive unit.

    Fundamental to any society is its religion or culture (the two can sometimes be interchangeable). A set of core tenets or laws by which a people is known. When we see the erosion of these tenets by subcultures and infiltration of values that are foreign to us, it is only a matter of time before chaos and anarchy presents itself.

    There was a time when we demanded a certain level of behavior from our politicians and preachers, but today we have politicians flaunting their outside women in the faces of their wives, politicians who are homosexuals and let you know, politicians who should really be gracing the halls of Dodds, far less the halls of parliament, yet we still elect them.

    We also have preachers who have questionable characters, and have shown no remorse for their behavior yet desire to lead people spiritually, they do not even admit to any wrong publicly even though a public trust has been reposed in them, and are therefore answerable to their ‘public’.

    We have school teachers having relationships with our children and they boldly speak of it. Our young girls are being impregnated by older men, yet the law of statutory rape is not enforced….. and now the most laughable of them all is the church forming a group to police themselves with regard to moral issues.

    This the most oxymoronic thing i have ever heard….. this is like saying one is gently aggressive. By the very definition, a church patterned after Christ is one of righteous living. One can therefore conclude that what we see today is not what he desires to build, but is just an organization.

    These ‘church leaders’ have sold their souls for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver, so what we see today are ‘spiritual leaders’ who are unable and unwilling to tell politicians they have erred. We see them towing party lines and conforming to the constitution of the party.

    One is not surprised therefore when you hear of one of these individuals inferring that because of Rihanna’s success it is alright for her to bear her breasts when she feels like or wear nex’kin to nuttin.

    She said in an interview that playboy had asked her to pose nude and her response was, she will do it not for a cheque but at her own will. So the question is, can’t she use the same will to tell the handlers no with regards to her lack of clothes or videos.

    As a woman and a believer in Christ, i feel some sense of empathy for her, but if she chooses to to walk around naked that is her choice, but to say to our young people ‘ this representation of the youth’ who is called a youth ambassador is okay because she is makes a lot of money, (this is how we measure success) sends mix messages to them.

    That title is reserved for someone who is doing positive things with his/her life. They may not make as much money as Rihanna, but has enough dignity to say to whomever, ‘ thus far and no further’.

    Today we have the blind leading the blind.

  10. Let me add this caveat, I do not condone hypocrisy, lest someone should say i am alright with one’s behavior so long it is hidden.

  11. @Spratt

    Right now the fabric has moth eaten holes in it and there is no leader on the scene right now that can mend it.

    @Micah, agreed

    Rihanna is not responsible for raising our children but how do you negate the influence that she will have on young minds. People learn by reinforcing whether negative or positive.

    It is not a dislike for Rihanna, it is that our politicians have held her up as a role model and by their actions are basically saying to our youth this is the way to go.

  12. I recall making a comment on another thread with regards to EDUTEC.

    I said at the time that the children were using the school computers to view porn.

    What I did not mention at the time was the fact that I was refering to Primary School Children. It is but a small step from viewing porn on Primary School Computers to actually carring out the acts which the Primary School children view on the School Computers by means of the internet.

  13. Barbados is part of the World. In the real World money and/or Sex rule.

    Was it not too long there were moves afoot to legalise homosexuality and prostitution here in Barbados? Who were in the vanguard of these moves? Not Politicians?

    In many countries of the World it is official policy for children of very tender ages to be married off.

    All that is happening is that Barbados is catching up. If we do not want these things to happen to our children we have to be very careful with them.

    However to be quite honest this sort of thing is not new. I recall a former Chief Justice of Barbados who used to drive around at evening and night looking for little boys to have sex with with. As a matter of fact a man was taken up by certain elements and murdered in order to keep certain videos of this same Chief Justice from surfacing.

  14. @Fran,
    As a woman and a believer in Christ have you ever considered entering a Convent ?
    wuh you doing pun dis blog with us heathens ( other than Zoe and Dr.GP) ?

    Rhianna is an International star and no longer needs Barbados or its Youth Ambassadorship.
    I think she should “resign” as Barbados Youth Ambassador and enjoy her adult life in any manner that she chooses.

    De rest uh wunna can start reweaving de National fabric.
    I am a bastard born in sin and a hypocrite so I can’t help wunna.

    If nothing else this blog is entertaining.

  15. @Carson Cadogan, why go down that road, are we also going to talk of planes leaving here with two people and only the owner / pilot returning in short order, with all the air experience he had, must have learnt well to get somewhere and return that fast. Or are we going to talk about diplomatic pouches with drug inside, so big man had to phone the airport (or go) to get man released. Or about how dying in sleep sounds much better than dying on top of a woman? The dead cannot defend themselves, leave it alone.

  16. @Hants
    you din read the part in the bible where Jesus hung out with fishermen, thieves, winebibers and the elk. I am in good company. I think you have your title mix up, you is a hypocrite or a sinner?

    He didn’t bother with the hypocrites, people who pretended but was from God.

  17. @Hants

    You are correct some of us are hypocrites. We come down on the authorities and forced them to ban Vybes Kartel at the risk of corrupting public morals but the same authority would some Bajans to give Rihannaa free pass. Sorry BU cannot be a hypocrite Hants, you are so right.

  18. David

    don’t forget the music on the ZR’s, while Rihanna bears it all for Nivea’s latest ad campaign

  19. @Fran

    What about the local media houses employing the popular DJ even though it is known they are responsible for the filth played in the ‘underground’.

    Hypocrites indeed!

  20. David

    don’t forget the music on the ZR’s, lil Rick’ s music, while Rihanna bares it all for Nivea’s latest ad campaign.

  21. @Fran,I think you have your title mix up, you is a hypocrite or a sinner?
    I am a sinner and a hypocrite. all two both. eff you is a bajan yuh onstan wuh dah mean.

  22. David have you seen the topless photo in the Nivea ad?

    IMHO the photo is tasteful and artistic.

    lef she lone nuh!

  23. @ Hants
    “If nothing else this blog is entertaining.”

    Unlike this guy/gal I can’t find a discussion about child abuse ‘entertaining’. The stories out there are heart rending, I can’t imagine what the children and their parents are going through. I can’t imagine the monsters being bred out there in society and what the future holds for them.
    And worst of all, I also can’t imagine anything being done about it. For all of the stories I heard, I haven’t of a single arrest, job loss, suspension, nothing!! There doesn’t even seem to be acknowledgement of a problem from this inept government. Is it that the children being abused are too low class to matter? The Nation seems to delight in printing ever green verb that comes out of the mouths of the traumatized parents.
    The whole thing is sickening.

  24. @ New | March 6, 2011 at 6:40 PM |

    BU is a BLOG. There are many Topics, Threads, Posts on the BU BLOG that are entertaining.

    You went school at de pipe?

    To be pellucid, I agree that child abuse is sickening, vile and revolting.

    • @Hantsie

      BU does not have a problem with Rihanna. If she wants to bend over and do the 6:30 naked in Hyde Park that is her business. She should not bend over while wearing the title of Youth Ambassador of Barbados however, don’t give a crap how successful she is or how she is putting Barbados on the map according to Reverend Harcourt Blackett i.e. how much money she making. BU is not ready to sell our soul for silver as yet.

      What we have a problem with is the government of Barbados who claims they want to build a society compromising their position because of dollar bills.

  25. Aloha! I have come to put my 10 cents worth!

    I am of the opinion that we should stop looking and pointing fingers at others land look at ourselves. As parents, we have to take full responsibility on how we are bringing up our children. And NOT leave the village to look after dem.

    @Random thoughts……. well said!

    You know and I know dat incest is a big thing here even though many BLACK people like to think that doesn’t happen. Someone needs to do a survey of the villages in Barbados to see who is related to who. Most of the time they are all related. Many have had children with close family. St. Philip I heard is another parish where almost everyone is related. In the village where I live that is also the case. I mentioned in another post that we need to improve the genetic pool. I was castigated by some one from the UK who stated that Black people don’t practice things like incest.

    Children will always be vulnerable to abuse and we as adults and parents must become their protectors. Many adults and parents have become abusers. Before TV, Computers, Porn, children were exposed to sexual acts between adults because of close living in small two or one room homes. Children will learn what they see.

    Many children who are sent to church to be under the guidance of Father priest, whose role was to help guide them and teach them how to be moral and responsible citizens have abused them. Many parents would take the priest’s word above the word of their children.

    Many teachers have also abused their roles as well. I know of a man whose music teacher abused him continually for many years, and he was forced to go to piano lessons because his parents knew what was best for their child. The boy grew up to be a man, confused and angry can only identify sex with a male.

    Many prominent persons holing public office are also offenders. These people are well respected in the community and in the community eyes they can do no wrong.

    Until we have to guts to confront, prosecute and expose perpetrators, our children will never be safe.

    Wunna tink dat will evva happen in Bim?

  26. @ David

    The Bushman can’t understand why you are confused about the moral state of Barbados (the world), …. is it that you just don’t get Bushie’s explanation or do you just like mysteries?

    The moral state of our world is comparable to the physical health of Granny. It had its ups and downs during her long life, but towards the end….., despite her best efforts her health just went downhill…

    …like Granny’s ailments, we can probably explain all the various causes and symptoms. But you may wish to reconsider the similarities…. and face up to the reality of the end of this phase.

    It is the same with your other recurring mystery – the widening prevalence and acceptance of homosexuality. …Just as Granny Tea’s brain became a bit confused towards the end – and her memory began to lapse, so to have granny Earth ‘s health (moral) symptoms begun the downward slide towards death.

    Without any doubt, except these days be shortened (supernaturally), there shall be no flesh left alive.

  27. Great article. I also agree that the horse is out of the stable and we’re fooling ourselves trying to get it back in or casting blame as to how it got out. Present day leaders and thinkers now have to work how best to heal the damage the horse caused while on its rampage and move forward together as a united albeit “sick” state. Too bad though that greed, political expediency and blatant hypocrisy will never let us get to that point.

  28. David, Rihanna did not beg for,demand or appoint herself as Youth Ambassador.

    Let the Prime Minister take it away if he thinks the Majority of Adult Barbadians are offended by her actions.

    If Rihanna was like Hants, she would send wunna to the Hants website that rhymes with but she is probably too busy making money to k bout wha wunna tink.

    Lef Rihanna lone even doh she music doan appeal to me.I too ole. Marisa Lindsey an Donella,dah is who I does listen to with a healthy dose of Alison Hinds videos.

    • @Hants

      For you money is it then?

      Also you should consider that although Rihanna did not ask for the title by accepting it she became obligated to accept certain protocols that go along with being Ambassador.

      She cannot* be a Youth Ambassador and opening act out lesbianism, bisexuality, dark side behaviour etc.

      Sometime we ask ourselves if she were Jamaican if we would be having this conversation.

      The acid test BU uses is simple, if Rihanna was a member of the BU household would we be happy with her behaviour, millionaire status not withstanding? The answer continues to be a resounding NO!

  29. It is sad to say but discipline within our primary and secondary schools are at an all time low. Speak to any teacher and they will tell you the horrors they are confronted with everyday.
    Families drive their so call saints right into the schools and let them loose in an environment where good morals and ethics are no longer seen as important to them.
    These children are spoilt to the bone by their materialistic parents who have them calling men uncle and women auntie when father or mother is not around. What do you expect of these children?
    They are seeing their parents, brothers, sisters and friends watching porn, smoking marijuana having sex and all kinds of behaviours that have an impact on them. They are just trying out what they are seeing every day.

    • @Charlie

      You are correct, at the primary level the children are reaching the stage of being ungovernable, it is the reason the Bajan middleclass is sending to send their children to private school.

  30. The laws of average tells me that I should have committed suicide,lived in the mad house,ended up owning a whore house or become Jack The Fucking Ripper!~!!I make no apologies!I am of the opinion that for too long these acts have been swept under the carpet and children who complained were fleeted in licks for even mentioning that they were’fingered,fingled or what ever you choose to call it. Worse yet fooped by one of your own family or extended or friend or priest or whoever….it sucks!
    If no body wants to say it I will it is not o.k to let children play house. It is not o.k to let children play mommy and daddy. It is not o.k to be head of a board and getting away with fucking the children who are dependent on the social services.It is not o.k to cruise around in Uniform and pick up people children and run away with them because they trust the uniform you are wearing.It is not o.k to ask kids to squirt for you to see. Oh yeah! It is not o.k.
    Having said all that,how do we get persons who were abused to ‘Tell it like it is’? How do you get someone who is still abusing to get help? Sadly,the chances of that ever happening is almost zilch.
    So many people have slipped thru the cracks not knowing where they really belong.So many fakers of orgasams.What a mess!To those who were abused and grew up never to abuse any one’s girl child or boy child I say ‘Good Job’.It never goes away.Memories don’t leave like people do!Instead of reading about who’s who- you are most likely to be reading who’s gone’I do not care how many reverends Priests or other try to give setiments on this abuse matter…..the damage already done.So much for Sunday school and church morning, noon and night! Tammy Wynette sings”I don’t wanna play house’ then turns and sings ‘Stand by your man’. Gimme Luck Dube ‘If ya don’t want children why have them’.Too late the shit hit de fan moons ago .Watch Sparatacus.

  31. @Observing,
    It is virtually impossible in a Democracy to take away freedoms people have become accustomed to.

    Bajans have already embraced the North America system of greed driven consumption and I can’t see them changing.
    I live in Canada and I became one of the greedy consuming bastards.

    Somewhere between “Cuba and Singapore” is a system that can stop de greed an wutlessness.

  32. David, “Also you should consider that although Rihanna did not ask for the title by accepting it she became obligated to accept certain protocols that go along with being Ambassador.”

    Really? It is Barbados yuh talkin bout. You think anybody in government ever sat her down and told her what she should and should not do ?

    She may even be doing right by “sensitizing” the Bajan public to accepting the lifestyle of a potential future Prime Minister.

    David, you and like minded bajans can lobby the Prime Minister to tek way de Ambassadorship an ban de video.

    I live in a society that tolerates all the things you find offensive so don’t put a lot of weight on my writings.

    One of my favourite Canadian Prime Ministers smoke dope,cuss in Parliament and liked to “date hot chicks”.
    Get my drift?

  33. David of BU.
    It seems that you are resorting to the same hypocritical behaviour like the main stream media. Do tell me. What the hell Rihanna has to do with the diminishing ‘moral fabric’ of today’s youth? It seems that certain elements, including you are glued to destroy this person and forget this behaviour is becoming part of our culture and our own daughters, nieces, aunts and grand daughters traverse the night clubs, go into town or the cinemas in the skimpiest of clothing and you know what is hilarious, the same parents drop them off. Lets face reality. Yes!……Rihanna might dress a bit on the outlandish side, but she is still within the laws of public exposure. Could you believe that the Nation writing regarding the Minister of Youth speaking about the bashing of Rihanna, and the Nation couldn’t find a better/constructive photo but use a demoralising photo with Rihanna’s body guard accidentally touching her breast. If the Nation knew that it was an accident why use the photo. But again, what the hell, it is just the same behaviour like BU trying to gain attention.

  34. Rhianna is a product of our society, she learnt it from the streets at crop over where she saw women and men gyrating and performing lewd acts called wukking up in the skimpiest of clothing. She learnt it from TV where she saw these acts of wukking up and it was labeled wee culture. She learnt it from the entertainers who work on the hotel circuit, wukking up to the tourist showing dem wee culture. She learnt it from seeing our menfolk picking up tourist on de beach fuh sex. She learnt it on the beach where our men approach women selling drugs, sex and anything they can sell for money. She learnt it from rich tourist coming here and paying people to bring them school children to have sex with them in their villas on the west coast. I remember that the police were called about a situation like that and they said that they can’t do anything because they have to catch this man in the act. She learnt it from many of the uppity bank girls who moonlighting at night for the rich and prominent on the island. LEFF de girl alone, tek back she diplomatic passport caus she aint got no right wid one. Look how de natives flocked to Cave shepherd by the hundreds to buy her perfume. Admit it we are and always were a hoeing society.

  35. @Tell me Why,

    man gih David a break .

    I really think that he is not as “liberal minded” as some of us and has a genuine concern about what is happening to bajan youth.
    He certainly was not a wild boy like me or then again he might be a typical Bajan middle class achiever.

  36. @islandgal246,

    I hope you learn to wuk up too.

    There are varying degrees of wukupology.

    Alison is the best exponent of acceptable wukupology.

  37. David
    I do not think that Rihanna has any great influence on Barbadian youth. The youth ambassadorship is a waste of time in that it means nothing to her right now. It should not have been given to Obadelle Rihanna or Ryan Braithwaite .These are young persons who did something on the international stage but really what do they stand for in terms representing the youth. Have they ever been a president of a youth club, scout, cadet, debating society or 4her.What have they done besides displayed some talent. Give them money, land and cars but forget about this representing the youth
    It is the artists like Vibes kartel and Movado and all the other dirty lyric artists from JA, US and Barbados that have helped with the corruption of our children. In the vans and any where they can get them the songs are all about raw sex in the back, front or mouth. The children sing them openly and old people don’t got a clue what they are singing

  38. Hants.
    My writing hath no friends. I speak my mind and some people might be offended, but I do respect David. However, I differ on this one.

  39. Ambassadorial accolades should be given on a 2-year basis and can be renewed. Rihanna did not submit any application for her to be an ambassador. So why are people complaining about. If she return the honour of being an Ambassador, the same people will be saying that she is ungrateful.

  40. Ambassadorial accolades should be given on a 2-year basis and can be renewed.

    Sorry. I mean “……..should be reviewed”

  41. @ David
    You are just on a different scene altogether from most of us. Surely you know that there are some circumstances where ‘it is folly to be wise…’

    The ‘problem’ is not Rihanna, it is the global culture which dictates that she needs to behave in a certain manner in order to be successful.
    The ‘problem’ is that we have all come to accept the declining standards and can see no way back….

    You clearly see the ‘problem’ that we face, while some of us have our heads too far into the sand to notice the dire precipice ahead….

    Buried heads will not prevent tails from being burnt….


    We blame this person, blame that institution, but none of us wants to point the finger at the self.

  43. Quoting David ” if Rihanna was a member of the BU household would we be happy with her behaviour, millionaire status not withstanding? The answer continues to be a resounding NO!”

    David you ae being a hypocrite now.

    Does any Bajan woman ever walk away for her big shop husband even though he is an adulterer and a wife beater?

    The woman up in Milenium Heights has left her husband yet?

    The answer is NO. Most people would take any shti as long as the money is good.

  44. Sear island gal:

    Incest is not a black people thing nor is it a white people thing.
    I expect that there is as much incest in the white Barbadian community as there is in the black. maybe more as the smaller the community the greater the chance of delibeate or acidental incest.
    Incest is quite simply a nasty human failing, and a crime.

  45. Many of us adults who should be leading and setting a good example for the younger generation to follow,are taking our cue from that younger generation. The shitty tail is now wagging the dog.
    Listening to a christian programme which airs on Saturday mornings, I was amazed to hear a little kid, a girl, posing a riddle to the presenter, concerning Lice and Crabs. Obviously some misguided adult in the background who spurred on this innocent child , thought that this was funny.
    All the Kings Horses and all the Kings men and all the Kings Wreckers will have a tough job recovering this nation from the downward slide it has taken.

  46. David I say again that this has nothing to do with Rihanna. Most likely all of these children are neglected or abused at home, by an older family member of “friend” to attempt to shift the blame to Rihanna is just plain wrong, and immoral because so doing shifts the blame from the TRUE OFFENDERS.
    Just recently David I had to tell off a policeman who between the bus stop and home tried to entice a young female ralative (well below the age of consent) to get into his car while she walked home from the bus stop.

    At first I let him have a earful until a bystander told me that he was a policeman, and then I gave him much more because policemen of all people should know better, and should behave better. When I found out that he was a policeman I let him know in no uncertain terms that he should see her and not see her because if he dared to approach her again neither he or I would ever go home agian. As they say it would be the grave for the Johnny and the gallows for me.

    If you can’t trust the police to leave young girls alone when they are walking home from a legitimate after school activity then whom can you trust?

    Normally I don’t agree with Carson C. Cadogan or is it Mobert but I believe the person who said that as a child had to shift the homosexual pedeophile Chief (in)Justice

  47. David many rich and powerful treat their wives and women the worse way and the wives do not leave because they are hooked on the status and the money.

    We all know that every one of our Prime Ministers had other women on the side and have any of the wives ever left?


  48. David a brother in law of mine a Combermere boy in his 60’s has told me that when he was at elementary school he was sexually assaulted by a mother of one of his school mates who compelled the elementary school boy to perform sex on her, right here in this Barbados more that 60 years ago. This place has always had a set of nasty people who want locking up.

    And their names should be put on a sex offenders register and should remain there for life.

    So stop blaming Rihanna.

    Each of us has to look very, very carefully first at ourselves, then at the members of our housholds, then at our friends, relatives and neighbours.

    The problem, and the solution lies no further that 2 or 3 houses away.

  49. The Youth Ambassadorship will not be taken away from Rihanna because she’s the greatest publicity-vehicle which Bim has, and just as well for the thousands of you who rely on tourism for a living. Rihanna’s helping to put food in your mouths, and your childreen’s mouths!

  50. @Random Thoughts

    You continue to miss the point deliberately or not who knows. Don’t make this about Rihanna, the point is how can a government claim to be building a society and by its actions condone the ‘displays’ of Rihanna given the title bestowed?

    The good thing about BU, we don’t have to be afraid to offend and by hypocritocal like our public figures and talk show moderators.

  51. I remembered as a teenager walking back home from pebbles beach , I was by what was Holiday Inn (Grand Barbados) shops when a car pulled up, in this car were two men. One was a youngish man and the other an older man. The youngish one stopped the car next told me that the Minister would like to meet me. I looked into the car and recognized the Minister as a prominent Minister at the time in government. I told the man that I am interested in meeting the Minister. At that time I was barely 15 or16 and looked much younger than my age (even today Hants). This happened nearly forty years ago so nothing has changed.

  52. B U Family,
    As David said, this is not about Rihanna and how she chooses to live, but what government has done. they have tagged Rihanna as a symbol of how our youth should be by

    1) giving her the title ‘youth ambassador’
    2) heaping praise on her despite her actions in her video.

    Is she doing well materially? yes but should she be held up as a beacon for our children No! ……but when we have ministers’ children taking to school bullets and the said minister going to the police station and retrieving them and then the police report goes missing, are we surprised at the relaxed attitude towards Rihanna.

    When we have officers who are suppose to help us plan our family and instead of reducing the family interfere with the young girls that go to get help, are we surprised that they too want to give our children condoms without the parents consent.

    I heard Mr Blackett say that her popularity brings many tourists to the island, where are the statistics that shows such, and if it is so, as a ‘priest’ should we prostitute ourselves for the mighty dollar.

    you have said a lot with out saying it, you have got to forgive the individual/s so that you can move on with your life. The memories don’t leave, but at least you can find peace with it and move on.

  53. When I said a long time ago that this government is too quick in bestowing the title of Youth Ambassador on Rihanna can backfire on them, I was rediculed. Since then I stated that she should be spoken to privately and the parties come to an amicable agreement for her to relinquish that position.Again, I was deemed old fashion, now I feel vindicated as many others have waited until the matter has become serious to agree with me but it is not too late. Rihanna is doing what she has to do or wants to do to become a superstar in her own right and I see nothing wrong with that, she’s a grown woman. However, what she is doing is not setting a good example to or is she a good roll model for our youth. Yes she will “big-up” Barbados whenever she gets a chance and we thank her for it and Barbados needs to wish her well but not as Youth Ambassador. Two years ago, when she was asked what she plans to do for Christmas, it is alleged her response was to have a lot of sex, now if a number of our young people had said this they would have been rediculed but it was Rihanna and that was cooool. We’re sending the wrong message to our youth, no woner they are asking to put condoms in Primary School; Where next Kindergarden?

  54. What is most disturbing is the reaction of so called ‘men of God’ in this whole episode. Who are they representing? If not God and His standards then who – their political masters?
    Men of God should not be involved in situational ethics. Surely there are absolutes – the Moral Law hasn’t changed. And if an activity is morally wrong today the fact that it may have happened 40 or 80 years ago does not make it acceptable now! Enough of this nonsensical ‘it is nothing new’!
    How on earth can a Pastor/Priest/Apostle/Dr(honorary) be a ‘Government Senator’ or representative of a Political Party? Does God have a Party line??

  55. Quoting David “You continue to miss the point deliberately or not who knows.”

    No David I am NOT missing the point.

    Incidences of sexual misbehaviour/assault by and of young children are alledged to have occured recently in 2 different schools, and BU tries somehow to pin this misbehaviour on Rihanna and the goverrment’s making her a youth ambassador.

    Whether or not the government was right, whether Rihanna’s behaviour is socially acceptable or not, the problems being experienced by these children has NOTHING to do with Rihanna or with the government.

    Most likely these children are being abused by a parent, step parent, older sibling, mother’s or father’s girlfriend or boyfriend, teacher or religious minister, neighbour or “friend”

    To attempt to shift blame to Rihanna or the government (and AWAY FROM THE TRUE OFFENDERS) is wicked (and no at the last elections I did not vote for the party currently in office) but still to attempt to blame them for this is wrong and wicked.

    A lotta, lotta people try to fool and mislead me David but very, very few actually succeed.

    You won’t succeed either.

  56. We practice double standards in Barbados. Everyone is more concerned about “looking right” and “keeping up appearances” more than anything else and one of the consequences is the way increasing numbers of our children are acting out. Societal ills can only improve when we practice the positive that we like to preach. At least, we can’t accuse Rihanna of these double standards!

  57. To Stand Up – these so called men of God are like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. Their hands and hearts are dirtier than the rest of us and no one can look to most of them for good moral guidance as they continue to erase the dividing line between what is good and what is not. I think it must be the ‘having an appearance of decency’ malady affecting too many of us.

  58. @Stand Up

    Are you referring to men of the cloth who contradict their own teachings at who they allow to minister? Yes parents are to be held responsible but a society represent a mosaic of all things within it.

  59. Scout, Bimbro told me that you’ve been preaching that message on here for a long time now – that Rihanna should relinquish the title of Youth Ambassador. As that hasn’t happened, do u think u should give up?!!

  60. That ambasssadorship will not be taken away. Barbados is currently being ruled by the wishes of a dead man! CJ…Rihanna…St John…Cabinet…. should I go on?

  61. It seems that this government is bending/breaking its back just to prove themselves right and their slips are showing. Tomorrow they are going to debate the C,J matter and they will win but remember ” what sweeten the mouth has the potential to bun the backside. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t loke the move. This is the government that advocated change from the wayward method of the BLP but they now border on being dictatorial.

  62. Well we see in the morning scout. Normally supplement take preference in debates. So I don’t think they going to do it till after the estimates debate at least. So in two week time I see it actually happen if so soon

  63. anthony
    The new C.J will be appointed before the end of the month as the acting C.J’s appointment expires at the end of this month and it was already extended, so I suspect that they would rush this bill through parliament ASAP. I’m worried that a man with so much ability would subjest himself to the treatment he’s getting, it appears he is hungry for this job.

  64. @scout

    they extended it more than 2 or 3 times now. What is another time. I really don’t see it happening till after april 1. I guess we see who right tomorrow.

  65. Maybe Davids point is that youth under the age of criminal responsibility are sexually abusing other youth.

    I think they should raid the homes of parents or guardians of the children doing the molesting or abuse and confiscate any or all pornographic materials. They should question the offending youths as to how or where they saw some of the acts that they then commit and charge the adults responsible for allowing or exposing the youth to this stuff.

    My ten year old went to a neighbour to play with her 11 year old son. While searching for a game on the internet they came across photo’s of a woman sucking a dick. My son told me what he saw. I asked him where was his buddies mum. She was in the adjoining kitchen area and could see what they were looking at, but made no comment or attempt to restrict them from looking at the pictures.

    Needless to say my boy’s not going there again.

    Children are a product of their society a society that is designed and ordered by adults.

    The best thing about Rihanna’s style is that it can only get better. When she has done all that she can to get attention and the semi nudity and all the rest, what next?


  66. Men of God ? If a Sunday morning one of the elders approaches one of these Bishop/Doctor/Apostle of one of these New Age Jerkwater churches and told him that a man outside, who looks alike a carpenter and riding a jackass, accompanied by other men who look like fishermen,wants to come into the church and preach, he would not be given the light of the day.
    Many of these Titled Clerics serve themselves and not the Lord JC.

  67. How come some of these very modern day “men of God” who were demanding God to cure the late P.M, don’t make a similar demand to save this country from the direction in which it is going right now?

  68. These many ‘titled’ men of God have a form of godliness, but deny the power there of to stand up and declare what is righteous.

    For them it is about being recognized hence the titles, but Jesus’s recognition came from the many miracles he did and he didn’t need a programme on radio to get it (not that he wanted it). He performed miracles and many people told others of them.

    These modern day preachers have not and cannot access the power of God to do the miracles, so the next best thing is to add the titles to their names, but titles that were given to Jesus’s disciples never came without power to demonstrate miracles.

  69. The man wiv on name
    I don’t criticise Rihanna, what I’m against is her carrying the title of Youth Ambassador. I put Rihanna and these self-appointed “men/women of God” in the same bracket, they are causing more damage to who they claim they represent than we can imagine

  70. Scout, I suspect ur right, but the readiness n willingness of the young people to be ‘damaged’ as u suggest, indicate to me a lack of something more basic – a proper, parental upbringing. If the minds of the parents themselves r in the gutter then how swift the children to join them there!

  71. Surely you guys know that with our without the title of Youth Ambassador Rhianna will have influence over those that can be influenced. So will any other big name, bajan or otherwise. Long before Rhianna made it we were flooded in Barbados with video tapes out of Jamaica that contained the filth of “De Dancehall Culture”. Where was the outcry? We embraced it. Give a listen to Lady Saw and some of the others and then give a thought , a conscious thought to exacly what we permitted to fecundate the minds of our young ones . What title does Lil Rick have ? Can you find another more licentious ? Yet he is revered and rewarded . The almighty dollar steers our moral compass . Why blame Rhianna for making hers? We have men in their twenties with children from six women ,who on their own have about ten baby fathers between them, and we feel the need to focus on Rhianna ? At the end of the day the title of Youth Ambassador holds weight similar to that of any parish Ambassador. More symbol than significance. So as de Mad Boys say , “Leh She Lone”.

    • @Hamilton Hill

      Like Raymond stated earlier we seem to be pinning the thrust of the blog on Rihanna.

      Barbados has public morals laws on the books which were readily used to stop Vybes Kartel from coming to Barbados to speak to our school children.

      While Lil Ric and others exist, the government as far as we know has not conferred a title of Youth Ambassador although they are things they can do to curb the Lil Rics etc, like cleaning up the minibus/Zr situation or shutting down the Buccaneer Cruise!

      The government as one of the actors in society should be seen as not contributing to the moral decay.

      So you see Rihanna is an example of the hypocrisy thats all. Bu is not dealing with Rihanna at the individual level although we could, it is the bigger point – what are our standards?

      @Jack Spratt

      Missed your earlier question about what is our moral fabric?

      It is certainly not regurgitating everything that is North American. Do you agree?

  72. HAMILTON, doan dare criticise d Jamacians pun hay cos certain Jamaican-*ss-loving people pun dis blog will criticise u for it. Even though u and i know what ur saying to be self-evident!

  73. Hants, nice girl in the video, but no different from many others. To be a star u need to be outstanding – which she most certainly isn’t. Nice looking girl though!

  74. @The man wiv no name!! | March 9, 2011 at 3:36 AM |

    Are you in the music Industry? What do you know about star quality. This lady performs at Jazz festivals in Canada and that USA. She has a better voice than Rhianna. Look at Jennifer Hudson. She was thrown off American Idol because people thought she wasn’t good enough. Look at her today! If there is a segment of the market that Marrissa’s music appeals to then she is a star in her own right. Did the Spice Girls have star quality? You have to be in the right place at the right time. There are many out there with fantastic voices some may be discovered while others remain unknown. It is the luck of the draw many times.

  75. Islan, iv been observing n experiencing the music industry fuh long enough. ent no luck to it. if uv the talent ull be discovered. if u haven’t u won’t n chick above, much as id like to get to know her, simply doesn’t have it in sufficient abundance, dah is all!!

  76. Man wiv no name

    I forgot you need some eye glasses and when you go to get the get a hearing aid as well…….you must be getting down. The cold mekking yuh sh!#e

  77. Does anyone remember the Gay Manifesto that was published a few years ago? When the gay community outlined a systematic attack on our youth, threaating to eliminate the heterosexual race and develop a striclty homorace….. its interesting to see that what they outlined is actually happening. I have one question, where is the church? The one organisation set in the midst of the community, supposidly armed with tools and methods to combat such ; but then again , can the church really have a voice when its memebers and heads are guilty of the same said behaviour? One has to wonder about the silence of Ronald Jones in all this, the same one who claimed that there is no such cases in the primary schools or that there is no sexual issues in the secondary institutions.We have to ask our selves if these instances and others to come, arent the secret agenda of those in ‘high’ places. To some how allow elementst of their persoanl lifestyle to creep into our systems without correction or punishment.

    If we dont take a stand, God will bring this nation to ashes, it may not be physical ashes mind you, but a wrath of some sort. We cannot forget that He burnt an entire nation for sins such as these.

  78. lol! ‘thanks’ fuh dat one Islan! then Ri’s millions if now zillions of fans worldwide mus b suffering from d same condition den!! or, is it YOU who caan c!!
    Listin, Ri is d only super star which Bim will ever produce in d history of dis planet, so stop fooling yuhself n, treasure her!! jes turn on ur radio n listen really good nex time, n den yuh might b able to see why we all get so excited, when we hear Ri!!

  79. Islan, she’s performing in London again this yr. don’t think ill bother to go cos iv seen her twice here already. jealous?!! 🙂

  80. Man wiv no name

    Jealous? Naaaah…..Rhianna’s music is not my cup of tea but I will defend her right to choose whatever she chooses to do. She is an adult and we have to stop pretending that it is Barbados who made her who she is today.

  81. @ Man wiv noname

    When you comiong to Bim again? I was looking for you on the Streets and at Oistins, even at Brown’s beach where some of the Brit returnees hang out, to no avail. Man, you should come down for a break from all the snow and cold HINGLAND been experiencing this winter.

  82. lol!! thanks for the invite Pat n for confusing me with my bruv Bimbro. it’s so long since iv been in Bim they tell me i wouldn’t recognise anywhere now, but we shall c. Next time u go to Browns Beach just shout out ‘Bimbro’ or, ‘TMWNN’ n, if im there, i’ll respond!! meanwhile, loads of kisses for u n ‘Islansweetie’!!xxxx
    ur right about the cold. glad for u ur not living here. steupse!!x

  83. @ Pat. The St Joseph Man with Many Names, has published his first book. Check I-Proclaim book store. A Journey from Bridgetown………………..

  84. @ Nationalist

    It is about time! I have been waiting for this publication for about 3 years. I thought the Captain and I were getting personally signed “grace and favour” copies?

    Looking forward to reading it. Good luck with the sales.

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