Update:Vaucluse Raceway Saga Continues ~ Where Is The Checkered Flag?

It has been reported that the Vaucluse Raceway has been closed by the authorities. Here is the last blog submitted last year by a St, Thomas resident who is at the centre of the fight to stop the raceway.


Submitted by the Vaucluse Raceway Advocate to ALL media houses in Barbados – unedited

From the desk of Ursula Goodenough

Dear Media

We regret we have had to return to you with more bad news. We hoped it was over. The scheduled Independence car racing at Vaucluse did not come off as planned. Word has it, but this is unconfirmed, that the authorities found a way to prevent them from going ahead with it. The residents of Dukes and St. Thomas do sincerely wish that the regrettable incidents and the illegal activities at Vaucluse could have been prevented from happening in their community, and wish the Bushy Park meet success this coming next weekend as the alternate venue, the venue where it should have been scheduled in the first place. Regrettably we have had to record and post 2 further youtube videos of further illegal activity. The application that seems to have been ignored by the developers was to retain a dirt track. Unfortunately, the track is no longer going to be dirt, as they have been paving it as fast as they possibly can PAVING!!! WATCH THIS FROM TODAY!!! of unapproved site in contravention of Town Planning and the Prime Minister’s instructions. Barbados: Dec 4 2007

We have observed an October 30 2007 hearing with the owners/developers present, at Ministry of Finance, where selected objectors gave testimony, where the Prime Minister himself (though not present) was given time to receive opinion from his Permanent Secretary, and to make an informed decision on whether to retain a dirt track. However, with the situation as it now stands, in order to now consider a dirt track we will have to remove the top layer of approximately 2 feet of compacted-rolled marl, now paved with tar and marl, rolled with the heavy roller. Developers have gone straight through this procedure and engineered themselves a racetrack against all commands, instructions and laws. Another sad day in Barbados, a beautiful island where neither the law nor respect for residents rights seem to have meaning… to people such as these. Roadworks: November 26 2007

And furthermore, in discussions between ourselves and none other than the Prime Minister of Barbados, we have discovered the following: The residents said NO Member of Parliament Cynthia Forde said NO The Chief Town Planner said NO The Prime Minister of Barbados also said NO! Today we are calling the media to please…PLEASE… investigate and discover on what basis the developer/owner says YES and can go ahead while awaiting the opiniopn and word of The Prime Minister of Barbados?? We want to also call on our representatives in Parliament, knowing that one day soon we shall overcome, to deny the owners/developers licences for liquor, to deny facilitation through the Royal Barbados Police Force; to find some way to shut down and prevent this illegal cancer in our beautiful, peaceful St. Thomas… as a demonstration that too many wrongs will never become a right in the fair land of Barbados… no matter how much land or money someone has. We may not have money or power, but we have posted our evidence on youtube for all to see. Barbados, today we show you a part of ourselves, an ugly armpit part, but a part nonetheless. Say ‘no’ to lawlessness in Barbados. Say ‘no’ to the Makavellian principle of ‘you can’t stop me’ and ‘might is right’. Is the high and mighty owner truly right and correct today?. Say ‘no’ to an island where bad people really believe that “some are more equal than others”. Maintain the principles of fairness and please protect the rights of the innocent. Help keep Barbados on the straight path of righteousness. We thank you for your support and help, whether it be on the blogs, whether it be in the news rooms, the TV Station, or within the corridors of our proud, upstanding Ministries.

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32 thoughts on “Update:Vaucluse Raceway Saga Continues ~ Where Is The Checkered Flag?

  1. Who stop the racing at Vaucluse. Is it the hater on BU?
    It is not the Goodenough, it is the “Bad”enough motor sports haters who almost killed motor sports in the 1990’s and now in 2008 are about to kill motorsports again. I mentioned in earlier posts about the economic returns due to motor sports. At present, Barbados are the leaders in attracting international drivers and supporters during our Rally Carnival. We have been hearing leading drivers scheduled to race this year and now our beloved administration who are dear supporters of Football putting the brakes on Vaucluse Race ways, the final stage for Rally Carnival.

    Hon Minister of Sports, please tell the racing fraternity why the brakes were placed on this circuit.

  2. I wrote this article Nov 10, 2007 after the main opposer of the Vaucluse Race way spoke about noise and unsavoury characters converging on their neighbourhood.

    WHAT I WROTE in Nov 2007.

    “I presume you are a traveler and use the Grantley Adams International Airport. When you leave or enter the island, the airplane pass over many communities and keep endless noise, not once a week, once a month, but almost every minute. Are the residents from these areas have any rights to stop these noises? The various shooting ranges are located in residential areas and the blasts of gunshots are heard miles away; do these residents have any rights? Horseracing is located in residential areas; do residents have any rights pertaining to noise or the smell of excretion? The public endure these things silently.

    Let me go further, Bushy Park Racing complex is closer to a community than Vaucluse, yes, some of the residents might be annoyed, but as a people, they put up with the noise for a short period because Car Racing is the biggest spectator sports in the island.

    In your letter, it seems that you resent a racecourse in the Vaucluse area, thus your language of you having a successful business – that has nothing to with the raceway. A child killed on the roadways by a truck – nothing to do with the raceway; and you nearly killed by a drunk driver coming from dirt track – again no substance since every drivers are confronted with such occurrence daily.

    Now, if you are against the developer ignoring the Town Planning department, I have a problem. However, again, I must beseech you to present a list of objectors from the communities regarding the said raceways and I will say the people are really against it.

    The Barbados Football Association has land in the Gymnasium Complex to build a stadium and due to a certain community objecting, plans are on hold and the same language of noise and anti-social aspects were mentioned.

    Why is it that residents of high end communities against certain sports being developed close to their communities, but the said residents will leave their communities and go to the Stadium, Kensington, the Garrison, the shooting ranges and jump in the various Kadooment bands and do not think about the other communities”.

    Do not believe the Democratic Labour Party will stop a sport that has potential to be a major foreign exchange earner? Were you one of the thirty thousands who trek to another community to see two Formula 1 cars entertain the public? Think about it.
    I was wrong when I mentioned the DLP will never stop a major foreign exchange earner.

  3. The people behind the Vaucluse Race facility would have been forewarned if they read the many submissions from residents in the area. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  4. Rally Barbados is coming up at the end of May. They have competitors from the other islands as well as from Europe. Rally Barbados is well known by those who have followed it through the past few years. It is truly International and for competitors and spectators colour and background is immaterial. How many sports can claim to be so integrated.

    It is sad to hear of the problems at Vaucluse. There are obviously intelligent people involved on both sides. Surely someone can broker some agreement that will be accepable to all.

  5. Rally Carnival will be very successful using the legal Bushy Park venue for the final stage if necessary. It is best not confuse your sporting activities with your criminal activities.

    Vaucluse has been refused.

    If “Motorsport” is a good thing for Barbados (like some say) it should encapsulate the need for a high standard of values: law, order; and most of all respect for others. Vaucluse has broken all of these.

    Residents petitioned against the retention of the small dirt track and have every right to do so, for their peaceful enjoyment, for their land values and for the care of the St. Thomas community welfare in our area.

    In the face of this the developer ILLEGALLY built a large paved track in October/November last year, which was personally witnessed by permanent secretaries, M.P.T. reps, M.Ps and T.C.P reps.

    We documented the timing and illegal activities with ‘You tube’ videos, with DVDs to the Ministry and to TCP, blogged it at BFP and BU for visibility (after the local papers wouldn’t!) over the October November periods last year.

    “Motorsport” fans please take note that members of your fraternity have engaged in highly ILLEGAL activities.They have contravened the law and have contravened the residents’ stated wishes, and contravened our rights. They have not addressed the residents’ concerns.

    “Motorsport” fans do ensure to take care in your attitudes to the laws of Barbados and remember not to break the laws of Barbados- neither in illegal constructions, nor in any other areas.

    The permission for Vaucluse has been REFUSED, and we are happy to see that government does not support illegal activity in Barbados.

    At this point in our history, as we look forward to new integrity and transparency laws which will prevent activities such as these, we are supportive of the Ministries of Sport and Finance, and of Town Planning who will continue to uphold right in our case. We do not believe that The Minister of Sport will ever align with criminal activity such as the illegal construction at Vaucluse, any more than any illegal construction in any other area; e.g. (say) windows to the sea, because we see the Ministers as being very active, upstanding and progressive icons within a new government, icons who are looking to make Barbados great and righteous, not dishonest and criminal.

    Any moves to legitimise anything at Vaucluse only teaches Barbadians that crime does pay.

    We residents have done no wrong- it is the ILLEGAL ACTIVITY OF CRIMINALS AT VAUCLUSE that is yet unpunished. Today we call for the demolition of the illegal construction in the agricultural fields of Vaucluse and the removal of this plague from our community.

    Crime will never pay in Barbados.

  6. I guess you Urshula (a female I presume) are very upset about having motor racing so near to you. No one condones at all things that are done illegally. The point I was making is that motor racing in Barbados gets people together.

    Off the subject but important

    I don’t think you are right on the windows to the sea, a few may be still there but some are no longer pleasant. Where is your nearest one and can you even park if you get down there? I suspect it is Paynes Bay but even if you get down there and are a good swimmer you will either have to go inside the yachts and navigate the tourists in bouancy jackets or go further out and take your luck with the jet skis / water skiers.

  7. I am intrigued. The U. Goodenough post came back within seconds of my first post. Was it kept on file. There was no way that anyone could have written it that quickly.

  8. U. Goodenough please fill in the gaps for the BU family. What has happened by way of the actions of the residents which has brought us to this point?

  9. It seems that Ursula Goodenough got her wish to keep Barbadians from her neighbourhood, since she mentioned continuously that she don’t need racing in her area.

    This is part of an article she wrote at BFP on Nov. 11, 2007

    For several years now I have led a campaign (quietly in our area) against the establishment of a race track in an area of Vaucluse Plantation, adjacent to Dukes, and close to the villages of Shop Hill, Christie Village, Dukes, Whitehall and Vaucluse. In the beginning it was due to the noise and the antisocial aspects of such a thing being established. A child was killed on the roadways by a truck, unlinked to the track. My family and I were nearly killed by a drunk driver in a line of traffic coming away from an event at the dirt track a couple of years ago. Now, with the mode of its development I observe a dangerous trend in Barbados, one that we should be extremely wary of”

    Prime Minister Thompson, you are responsible for Town Planning, Minister Sealy you are responsible for Tourism and Minister Byer-Suckoo you are responsible for Sports. Can your three ministries come together and reach a solution that would be in the best interest of your respective ministries. Are you going to allow one lady to stop motor sports that the majority of Bajans enjoy? Remember first and foremost, Barbados is now a “service destination”, we must create niche markets that our visitor enjoys, and we must also have all types of sports for the enjoyment of our people, although you made a fundamental error by stating that “My Government will be focusing on Football”.

    Minister Byer-Suckoo seems to have enjoyed the excitement of the last Bushy Park meet and I am sure her children enjoyed the thrills of the sport.

    Rally Barbados is just a month away and the adrenalin of the motor racing spectators are overflowing due to the expectation of various international stars. Now we are hearing of the closure of Vaucluse and this non-Barbadian supersede the wishes of our countrymen.

    What about the views of the lower and middle income residents who enjoy the sports. But again, it was the DLP Government in the 1990’s that almost killed motorsports.
    I can’t remember the 100-day consist of stopping motorsports? Congrats, you kept your word.
    Today we call for the demolition of the illegal construction in the agricultural fields of Vaucluse and the removal of this plague from our community.
    What about extending the garbage cells for a new dump on the site instead of Greenland. By that action, you will not have to change the land use policy, and 99% of Barbadians will be happy. The 1% will be the objectors for the car racing at Vaucluse.

  10. Rally Carnival will be very successful using the legal Bushy Park venue for the final stage if necessary. It is best not confuse your sporting activities with your criminal activities.

    Vaucluse has been refused.
    This person is obviously ignorant to motor sport. The Track and its design are one of only two such special stage tracks to be found in the world right now, the other being in Britain which is used for their leg of the WRC.
    I am a motorsport fan(atic) and I can tell you that apart from the obvious noise resulting from high performance cars, there are no problems to the residents. Incidentally, these residents look forward to the events as they make a brisk trade selling foods, snacks, drinks etc.
    Motor sport is the only sport right now that truly breaks down the racial barriers that exist here.
    I personnally think that this whole episode is just a beef between two rich set of people with one obviously using the unsuspecting neighbors as pawns in their game for their own personal vindictiveness.
    You can fool some people sometimes…but you cant fool ALL the people ALL the time…..

  11. There has to be more in the mortar than the pestle…Why would there be continuing development of the track if it is indeed illegal?
    Are the owners that stupid as to spend this kind of money, only to have it bulldozed?
    Maybe they are in the right ….could be.

  12. None of the pro-Vaucluse bloggers above have brought anything to the table re defence of the owners’ criminal activities. But they want to find a way to justify the criminal act of the illegal racetrack construction because they want motorsport at an illegal place. Even though they know it is illegal and wrong they cannot resist. Barbados 2008?

    And even though Motor car racing will continue without Vaucluse they try to justify this crime committed against us.
    “Calling the Minister of Sport- we gine work he out.”
    Big white collar criminals are at work still seeking to turn Barbados into a bin of rotten apples. We are resisting still.

    The criminal justifications from those writing also takes the form of character assassination.

    So FYI here are words of the M.P. for St. Thomas in her recent letter to Town Planning:

    “It is my humble request that an urgent decision be made in favour of and in the interest of THE RESIDENTS who have made sound investments to purchase and or develop properties in order to live quiet, peaceful and productive lives”

    And so when pro-criminal elements attack us in St. Thomas, let them remember to paste an image of M.P. for St. Thomas Cynthia Forde on the inside of their foreheads and direct their character assassinations to her.

  13. UPDATE:
    The application for retention of a dirt track has been refused.
    Orders have gone out from Town Planning to demolish the excaveted, filled, rolled and paved Vaucluse.
    Owners of Vaucluse are last ditch trying to prevent the demolition of the illegal activities by legal actions.

    You can fool some people sometimes…but you cant fool ALL the people ALL the time….. so very true.

    Motor sports, look away from our St. Thomas area and clean up your sport for your future growth. Thank you from the residents of St. Thomas.

    Barbados, we are hanging by a thread. The new government is only as good as the amount of time it is able to withstand this evil force emanating from certain (not all) dishonest members of the private sector, infiltrating Town Planning, and going after the newly elected members.

  14. U. Goodenough:

    Wow, your diatribe is quite amusing and biased.

    You do not seem to able to reach a common ground between the issue of motor sports and enjoyment of property. How far is your house from the racetrack?

    Is it downwind? Why are you so relentless in your attacks on the developers?

  15. The criminal justifications from those writing also takes the form of character assassination.

    Dear Dr Goodenough,

    I take exception to being called a criminal.

    If you love Barbados so much why don’t you take up the fight against things such as the terrible ‘Breakwaters’ built in front of the new apartments in St Peter. Not just things in your back yard.

    The interesting thing about your campaign is that it is by an ex-pat (I hope I am correct in this) against the Bajans.

    If Sandy Lane can’t get rid of ‘Mount Stinkaroo’ you must have something really powerful going for you if you can stop the racing at Vaucluse.

    Paerhaps Vaucluse ought to become more agricultural and grow vegetable crops among the service roads that were put down for them.

  16. How far is your house from the racetrack?

    Is it downwind? Why are you so relentless in your attacks on the developers?
    Shop Hill Heights and that is far South from Vaucluse.

    An Impact study consisting of a cross section of residents will show the opposite of this lady who possibly might have signatures of non de plumes to justify her argument.

    I have many friends who live in Shop Hill who openly stated that they cannot hear any noise from the raceways. Even the down wind area by Highway 2A is impossible to hear that amount of noise.

    I hope the TPD insist that all objectors’ names be submitted for audit purpose to see if the names of these people really live in the vicinity of the racecourse before reaching final conclusion on this issue. I would hate to see a non-Barbadian who is trying to make Vaucluse out of bounds to Bajans, and have the area like the past Belleville or Strathclyde area.

  17. The interesting thing about your campaign is that it is by an ex-pat (I hope I am correct in this) against the Bajans.
    This lady is a relative of the Royal Family and prefer lesser mortals to keep away from the area. Probably, if the area was being developed for a Golf Course, everything would have been fine and dandy. And here in 2008, we seeing a return of selfish race behaviour emitting from a non-Barbadian.

  18. Too hard ears! Developers went way too far, engaged in illegal activities, contravened our rights, and now are reaping what they sowed.

    We pray for Barbados to see bad-boy plantation owners punished for their crimes just like anyone else and for this illegal creation erased.

    They bulldozed us, they disregarded us, built it illegally, never with a care to address our concerns, flooding roads, building unauthorised illegal things; and now wish to integrate to St. Thomas? Where were they when we were begging for mercy?

    They were rude, and nasty; not only to us but also to all the high ranking public servants in TCP and the Ministries; people who we look towards with the greatest respect; yes that is true.

    And that is probably why.

    All the power lies with the Lord, not they the developers, not me, not you, not us.

    The application for retention of a dirt track has been refused.
    Orders have gone out from Town Planning to demolish Vaucluse.
    Owners of Vaucluse are trying to prevent the demolition of the illegal activities by legal actions.

    Let us now watch and see what kind of place we inhabit, and how our new government dispenses justice.

  19. If this is a legal matter what does it have to do with the new government. Should it not be a matter for the courts?

  20. We pray for Barbados to see bad-boy plantation owners punished for their crimes just like anyone else and for this illegal creation erased.
    I agree 100%

  21. To Ursula

    All power lies with the Lord.


    All power lies with the Lord if you believe in him.

    Are you a believer?

    You do fantastic work for people but do you realy want to stop the local enjoyment of motor sports?

    Why don’t you just put this vendetta in the cupboard.

  22. While I am not in a position to comment on the legal/illegal aspect of the nature of the building undertaken at Vaucluse Raceway, I would of course agree that the law *has* to be upheld in all cases.

    Sadly, the pro-demolition rhetoric consistantly spouted and seemingly highly targetted, highlighted and rammed home in the comments above do little but to put across a feeling of a strong vendatta with a further hidden agenda and serious class isues. It is not necessary. The law will see through.

    From a motorsport perspective the loss of the Vaucluse Raceway is/will be a *huge* loss. It was part of the attraction of the Rally Carnival to foreign competitors, it contained in a small, safe, controllable place the first event of the immensly popular Carnival and offered a great challenge to drivers. Bushy Park holds little appeal to the visiting rally drivers compared to the unique and challenging aspect of Vaucluse Raceway and will not help bring in the big names (and subsequent fans and money).

    It will be sorely missed by many TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.

    (to use the textual methods favoured aboved).

  23. The opinion that it would be a shame to lose an illegally built montrosity is self-centred.

    Your entertainment would be to the detriment of those who live near here, who objected but were (and still are) ignored as being irrelevant.

    Ironically now the developers seek to use the law to protect their illegal actions. It reeks.

    Tens of thousands of caring car enthusiasts should be ashamed of it, and tens of thousand of lawful sports fans should disassociate themselves from this sort of behaviour.

    We encourage you to put your energy into the perfectly suitable Bushy Park.

  24. U. Goodenough we drove to this area and had a look around to see what the fuss was about and had some difficulty understanding why residents would have a problem with the race track. If we conceed that there were some issues with the planning permissions which is not unusual in building in Barbados and can be rectified, but the track is miles from any form of residential areas. hy would anyone want to object to the track on that basis?

  25. U. Goodenough we drove to this area and had a look around to see what the fuss was about and had some difficulty understanding why residents would have a problem with the race track.
    David, if you travel via Shop Hill, you will see that the area from Shop Hill where this lady lives is quite far from the actual race course.

    In my earlier submissions, I spoke of once the owner maintains the race course in its present form, the TPD would not be able to stop racing there, but once you start putting down too much asphalt and building solid structures, the TPD will have ammunition to stop proceedings. This is what might happened to Vaucluse. The owner became to comfortable with the developing of international motor racing specifications.

    To the lady Goodenough. I am appalled that our guest can make so much disparagingly statements regarding car racing enthusiasts as unsavoury characters, drunkards and invading her neighbourhood, and we except everything nilly willy.

    One person should not supersede the thousands who live in the area and have no problems with the sport. Check the amount of people that went to the Town Hall Meeting. The panelists outnumbered participants.

    So David, I await the decision by the TPD, how about you?

  26. This is why I like David @ BU. He got up and went to have a look see.
    Now David, maybe you could take a look at Bushy Park and compare it to Vaucluse.
    There you would see the damn hypocrisy of this U Goodenough.
    She would love to see motor sports moved to Bushy Park but tell me, isn’t the noise level to the residents of Bushy Park much more than the level at Vaucluse?
    Ms Goodenough is such a hypocrite. She claims to ‘care’ for ‘her ‘ neighbors but only the ones in Shop Hill who she uses as pawns in her vendetta against the Coziers. What about the noise to the people at Bushy Park …dont they deserve you ‘care’ too?
    Maybe others on this blog should take a leaf out of David’s book and go check for themselves.
    Please dont let us be used in this vendetta between two rich famillies with their obvious agendas.

  27. Technician we know Bushy Park quite well and we can understand why the motor enthusiast would want to change now that they have these high-powered cars one and the ability to attract foreign competitors. Bushy Park is a place where the go cart racers might question.

    That is the unfettered opinion of one of the BU household.

  28. Yes David, like all sports, the bar is raised every event. The cars are faster and more sophisticated in order to get that extra one tenth of a second, which could be the difference between second and first. The track at Vaucluse, as I have said before one of maybe two (correct me if I am wrong) of its kind in the world. This is suited for Rally more than Bushy Park which is for circuit racing. Rally Barbados follows the FIA guidelines in terms of Special Stages and there fore the track at Vaucluse was built as such.
    This nonsense from Ms Goodenough just goes to show her ignorance of the sport and anything associated with it from the revenue to the plain enjoyment of it. Some go as far to see it as a “White man’ sport but these same ‘White man’ pay hundreds to Harry, Nut man, Sno-cone Man and others. Nothing thrills me like seeing Sammy or St.Elmo tear the bark off Sthillo or do a better time than the big money machines.
    I would invite Ms Goodenough to come and see an event..maybe she would understand our enthusiasm of the sport …rather than call us names.

  29. Some go as far to see it as a “White man’ sport but these same ‘White man’ pay hundreds to Harry, Nut man, Sno-cone Man and others.
    I can go a step further, Sports Tourism in which motor sports is playing a significant part, can be used to promote indigenous goods to the many visitors who are either competitors, crews or some of the many sports enthusiasts who journey from event to event. The Vaucluse area can be set up to display the many products made by our local craftsmen and women etc, etc. If I was the Minister of Tourism, I would be lobbying for this Gem of an Idea to be put on the front burner of my ministry. Cricket gets subsidies; football gets subsidies, take up a ball at that gets subsidies. Tell me. Do you give subsidies to motor sports? That mean you can piggy-back on a sport that command from 15 thousand to 40 thousand on Rally Barbados.

  30. Typical Goodenough and her rubbish Spiels. I look forward to the day that I can go and watch racing at Vaucluse again. That day will come soon… Very Soon!

    Until then, may stray dogs topple your garbage bins and paros pee on your lawn. Miserable old bat.

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