Pull! Push! Anounces The Launch Of Williams Airlines


Coming soon to an airport near you: Williams Air(?)

(DISCLAIMER: IANAE, I Am Not An Economist)

(DISCLAIMER: IANAAIE, I Am Not An Airline Industry Expert)

(DISCLAIMER: IANAA, I Am Not An Accountant)

I’m going to go out on a wing here (a wing, get it? LOL) and make a bold prediction. I predict that within ten years (maybe less), the Williams brothers (Sir Charles O. Williams and Ralph ‘Bizzy’ Williams) will provide an airline service to Barbadians and eventually, Caribbean citizens as well.

What am I basing this prediction on? Have a look at today’s Nation newspaper and you might see why (and possibly disagree with me). The front page headline, ‘SIR CHARLES’ WINGS,’ gives details on the Williams’ brothers plans to purchase their own plane to transport them and their employees across the region (for business meetings, etcetera).

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It does not spell confidence in the regional transportation system when these two leading successful Barbadian businessmen could be driven to buy their own plane. We wonder how their good friend, the Prime Minister feels about the move? After all Barbados is a major shareholder in LIAT!

16 thoughts on “Pull! Push! Anounces The Launch Of Williams Airlines

  1. Is this the Williams brothers solution to poor service?

    There are some bajans who would buy their own roads too… if we could afford to…

    ..poor quality roads washing away with every rain
    ..Large pools of water around for hours due to lack of drainage arrangements
    …Shabby side walks that fall apart in months

    Maybe we ALL should learn to provide excellent quality products and services to customers- then we would be in a position to assist each other in doing so.

  2. Who the hell cares?

    If the Williams brothers feel it is time to buy their own plane, then go ahead and buy it.. but don’t use Liat as the excuse. I think that they are trying to deflect criticism from the Barbadian public struggling to travel over roads which they were paid millions of taxpayers dollars to fix and which are in a poor state.

    They may find it difficult to justify this extravagance at a time when Barbadians are finding it almost impossible to buy even a sandwitch loaf.

    What about the poor service Cow provided Barbadians with when he tried to start a Cannery here some time back? He should first reimburse all those unfortunate Barbadians who lost all their investments when his pie in the sky idea went belly up.

    If I owned any media house in Barbados such a story would have been place next to comic strips, not on the front page.

  3. I dont’ t think anyone can blame the Williams brothers for wanting to find a better solution to their travel requirements.

    Time is money and every minute or hour they spend waiting for delayed flights obviously has a cost, not just to them but their customers.

    I just wonder if anyone has sat down and added up all the subsidies given to LIAT.

    Then added the hundreds of millions of dollars so far lost in tourism earnings due to the dramatic decline in Intra Caribbean travel (an estimated 30% decline in the first six months of 2007 alone).

    And what have ‘we’ ended up with?

    1) Another monopoly airline.

    2) The highest airfares in history.

    3) The same old, same old widespread complaints about service, luggage and ontime flights.

    4) 752 staff at last admission.

    5) A totally illogical operational base.

    Finally, has ANYONE yet seen a plausible business plan?

  4. How could this nonsense story be on the front page of the Saturday Sun? Who the hell cares what Cow Williams does with his selfish millions? I don’t.

  5. The wealth of Bizzy and Cow is astonishing. When they speak they dont sound bright. Muscle Mary Lynch you realize Cow and Bizzy cherry picking your Liat routes. Do something.

  6. Previous

    You are entitled to your opinion but let me say to you with respect why I supported “concerned citizen”. Sir COW and Bizzy means not two sh—-tes to me personally, nor do I have anything personal against either.

    In every “Democratic” country of the world none excepted movers and shakers like the Williams brothers are politically connected. Industries actually LEGALLY pay big money to “Lobbyists who have the ear of politicians and who lobby on their behalf for business concessions, tax considerations, contracts and a host of other issues. THESE ARE FACTS! Barbados is no different!

    I do not agree with it and I am sure thousands of others do not agree with it when we see the oil industry, Phrmceutical industry, Construction Industry etc using this tool to get grants, subsidies etc. But it is a way of life in business and politics and PERFECTLY HONEST AND ACCEPTED! You, me or most others cannot change it.

    Having said that whether the Williams brothers got favours from politicians or not they have done nothing wrong. Unless you can prove the politician took money under the table directly from COW OR BIZZY and I doubt either of these boys would be so foolish or have to do this!

    However favours alone did not get the Williams Brothers where they are to-day. Most honest and fair Barbadians have to admit they worked hard for what they got and I do not think they did it “dishonestly” by suggesting they were shown favour by a Politician/s. I am sure there are many contractors in Barbados some foreign that are getting as much or more favours from Government as Sir. COW and Bizzy. That is the point to focus on.

    My concern about COW not so much Bizzy is that in the past ten or so years he seems to have become greedy and lost his concience. He should know that Barbados can only take so much Development but he seems to want to gut the very soul of Barbados. That is my problem with him. But, But having said that what he is doing is not illegal, however in my book and how I think that does not make it right!

    That is my focus, rationale and reason for agreeing with “concerned citizen”. We must look at the Big Picture and accept the reality of a situation for what it is rather than attack because of “personalities”. I rest my case!

  7. “They worked hard”

    Sounds like a record that is stuck!

    My Gradfather worked hard, my Father worked hard and now I am working hard but some how none of us have raked in the mega millions the “work hard” Williams duffuses have at their disposal.

    Can some one tell us what we are doing wrong other than being black?

    Also I agree, when they speak they don’t sound very inteligent.

  8. Good news, great news, excellent news!

    Rhianna just won an award at the American Music Awards.

    Maybe now DAVID will have something nice to say about Rhianna for a change.

    Somebody pinch me. I must be in heaven.

  9. I am sure that the PM will be happy for COW and Bizzy to buy an Airplane , he has been supported by them and he may even use the airplane at times.Its just another perk for the boys club.You scratch my bach and I will do likewise.

  10. Sir Cow will not start a private regional airline! Not now, not 10, 15, or 20 years from now. He’s far too astute a business man. Caribbean people want to run with the jet set crowd on ZR fares or subsidies from pensioners.

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