Going, Going And The West Coast Of Barbados Is Gone!


A very topical issue in Barbados in recent years has been whether Barbados needs to develop a land use policy. Very closely associated with this issue is the concern some Barbadians have shown about the character of foreign investment coming into the country, but more importantly the ease with which foreign investors have acquired land in Barbados. The main argument against the current trend is that Barbados is an island of 166 square miles and to sell significant portions of land to non Barbadians is a policy which has led to inflated land prices and will lead to social fall-out in the not too distant future as Barbadians wake-up to the realization that owing land isn’t a reality any longer. Some may say that Barbados with no significant natural resources cannot afford to be “picky” about where the foreign investment comes from and more importantly how does the government satisfy the legitimate concerns of Barbadians?

We do not envy government on this one!

Interested in Barbados Hotel Sector
Arab News – 21/08/2007

(MENAFN – Arab News) RIYADH, 21 August 2007 – Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, chairman of Kingdom Holding Company (KHC), visited Bridgetown, capital of Barbados, on Aug. 11, 2007, and met with the Acting Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. Bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Barbados, including a number of social and economic issues between the two countries were discussed during the meeting. Mottley commended Alwaleed on his humanitarian efforts and his role in helping economic development around the world.Alwaleed also held meeting with Tourism Minister Noel Lynch which revolved around investment opportunities in the tourism sector in Barbados.

The Saudi prince’s current investments in Barbados are in the hotel sector through Fairmont Royal Pavilion resort, which has been described as “The Jewel in the Crown of Barbados” and Four Seasons hotel that is under construction and expected to open in three years.

Situated just east of the Caribbean Sea, Barbados is an independent island nation in the western Atlantic Ocean and lies in the southern Caribbean region. The economy of Barbados had been dependent on sugarcane cultivation and related activities, but in recent years it has diversified into the manufacturing and tourism sectors.

Source: Menafn.com and a BU Friend

How many Barbadians are aware that the Saudi Arabians have investments in the Fairmont Royal Pavillion and Four Seasons Project in Barbados? A recent meeting with Prince Alwaleed held in Barbados with Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley and Minister of Tourism Barney Lynch suggests that the Barbados government is courting this most unlikely source of foreign investment. We must take our hat off to Prime Minister Arthur, he is demonstrating that he is not afraid to play in the big leagues!

Now to our main story!

A drive along the West Coast of Barbados suggests that it should be renamed Boom Coast. The construction activity is operating at a dizzy rate. According to information received by BU the level of construction is expected to escalate in the coming months. A check of the website BACASSA identifies it as a private company with a 85% and 15% equity split between the founding directors and the private directors listed as Mark King and Trevor Ellis. According to the Corporate Affairs the company was established since 2001.

Several properties are listed under its care for development on the West of the island:

Banyan Plantation-Black Best, St. Peter

Permission given to develop the site in 2005. A hotel, Spa, Golf Course, one hundred and twenty Villas (120) and eighty (80) Town Houses.

Battaley’s Mews – Mullins, St. Peter

Permission given to build thirty (30) Town Houses approx: 2000 square feet each. The property will be outfitted with tennis courts, plunge pool and other facilities.

Porters Development – Porters Sugar Factory, St. James

Permission given to construct twenty (20) apartments on a complex which will also have four (4) retail shops, one (1) food court, (1) supermarket/convenience store one (1) cafe and in Phase II the construction of one two storey building to accomodate thirty (30) apartments which incluse gym, tennis court and other facilities.

Turtle Nest-Mullins, St. Peter

A private beach front cottage. Rates listed on the website ranges between USD725-950 per night.

If the information listed on the website is accurate it looks like BACASSA is a company which has been able to acquire large land holdings on the West Coast and at the same time get permission from Town Planning to develop the properties which is obviously targeted at the foreign market. Looks like Messrs King and Ellis along with the other Directors are set to become filthy rich sometime soon.



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  1. Saudi Arabia investing in Barbados?

    Isn’t this the same country which funds most of these Madrasses in pakistan and around the world (even here in Barbados), which trains these suicide bombers?

    Saudia Arabia is known to be a corrupt country where human rights are not observed and women are treated as inferior beings,yet Mia commended them on their humanitarian efforts.

    Have you noticed a pattern here?

    All those countries with horrible human rights abuses like China,Saudia Arabia etc – we see this Arthur administration cosying up to.

    By your friends you will know them eh?

  2. I think a number of commenters are missing the point of foreign investment.

    What I think people in Barbados is concerned about more than anything else is that the foreign investment being generated in Barbados seems to be from mainly “land” where then mansions are built. And this foreign investment does little or nothing to put money in the hands of the Barbadians most needing it. Nor does it create sustainable emplyment.

    Plus most of these monster homes, condo complexes and golf courses are using excessive amounts of electricity, water, and other natural resources the island is in short supply of. It is also pushing the costs for these resources up.

    When you have an island or a Nation that allows construction of huge complexes, houses, golf courses etc and do it without regard for proper planning and land use, or without knowing or caring whether the infrastructure is in place to properly handle things like sewage, run off, and things like that you are courting ecological disaster down the road. This is a proven fact!

    How can Barbadians after so many years of selling land, building mega homes, golf courses, etc still have such poverty, lack of affordable housing, high un-employmernt, un-skilled workers, rural water shortages, a badly functioning QEH and the list is endless. One of two things or both is to blame.

    The so called foreign exchange being generated is not going back into the economy, or the Government is incompetent and corrupt.

    How after so many years, so much building, selling of land etc can a man of Ezra Alleynes stature go on the public record and say 145,000 people out of 285,000 though Alleyne said 275,000 are not drawing pay checks? This is unbelievable!

    You have hundreds of millionaires and I am sure billionaires locals and foreigners living in these Foreign exchange generating complexes etc. Yet the average Bajan and the 145,000 that do not draw pay checks have to pay $20 for a chicken. How can the native Barbadian accept this without resentment.

    The Barbadian populace says on the one hand yes “Slavery” was dreadful and it must never be allowed to happen again but we should not have to compensate Barbadians for what our forefathers did. In the next breath after a hundred or more years most Barbadians do not have a house, are having difficulty feeding themselves, cannot buy a piece of land, have no job etc. And at the same time now see a wave of rich foreigners coming to their island buying all of the prime real estate, some have Private jets, eat and drink the best. And wealthy black and white Bajans say what to hell does this have to do with anything. Well let me tell you how I WOULD SEE IT WERE I ONE OF THEM.

    I would say if I cannot live in diginity as most do in other countries because I am being denied the right to have a job, eat a meal, own a piece of land. get good medical attention etc then these Jonny come lately’s wont either. That is how most normal people in the type of social structure and economic conditions as most live in Barbados would think! And do not think that this cant happen unless things change in Barbados!

  3. And what is wrong with a Saudi prince/man/cow/cat/dog or anybody else investing in Barbados if he has the time and money to do so?

    Of course, I don’t expect much intelligent responses from people who invest their time in internet blogs and invest their money in their own bellies.

    Such is the mentality of the average lazy idiot.

  4. Excuse me, that should have been:

    Such is the mentality of the average lazy Bajan idiot who will not invest a cent of their own money in Barbados.

    Now excuse me again, ’cause I have to go and take care of MY investment in Barbados.

  5. The “Real wishing in vain” need not explain that you were not responsible for the two postings of tripe under your name.

    The commenter of those two blogs show quite clearly that they command or have no vocabulary, intelligence or class. As for Investments the only investments they could be is in a ward at Jenkins.

    Too bad the gutless wonder had to hide behind and fraudulently use another Bloggers name to express the crap he/she did.

  6. Wishing In Vain

    Consider this: imitation is the highest compliment that can be paid.

    Seems that someone wants to be just like you ‘when they grow up’.

  7. This nonsense of these post would have been eliminate before they took hold and each comment removed from this site with any fuss at all, but by leaving them up these idiots feel that they have succeeded in their program to disrupt, I for one feel it necessary to resist from posting if these silly comments are allowed to continue as I do not want my intergity compromised in anyway by association with these stupid rants.

  8. Anonymous
    Wishing In Vain
    Consider this: imitation is the highest compliment that can be paid.
    Seems that someone wants to be just like you ‘when they grow up’.
    Sadly this actually does scare me to think this moron exist even more amazing would to learn from which IP address and where these messages orginate, is it within the office of the Minister of Tourism or is it within the DPM office ?
    Either which way it is sad reflection on the intellect of those assigned to run the affairs of this nation to stoop so low as to blog this nonsense as we have been subjected to recently.
    PS I sincerely hope it was not from the PM’s office then we are real hot water.

  9. I knew that the Saudis were investing in Vegas. And I had it from reasonable sources that Saudi Prince Alalweed bin Talal had put money in the resort industry in Barbados though not knowing which resorts or the details until this story broke.

    This is all well and good and is probably perceived by the BLP regime and Barbadians as a major investment coup, but I look at it from a slightly more suspicious and cautious perspective.

    Money is and never will be a problem for the Saudis or at least not in the foreseeable future. And when we talk money here we are talking trillions and trillions of dollars. Not mickey mouse numbers. So here is what causes me to ask questions.

    Why are the Saudis investing figuratively speaking in “chicken” dirt resorts in Barbados that will give them equally “chicken” dirt returns on their money. And when considering the types of BIG TIME investments the Saudis are being wooed to put some of their money into and which are big money makers with little risk attached?

    This is highly suspicious and coupled with the intense Chinese interest in the region should make most people wonder what is really behind it all.

    The Saudis have been long linked with Bin Laden and that in itself would or should cause concerns. But then again the only thing the BLP Government and Big Up Barbadians see is the mighty dollar bill and to hell with the consequences that comes with it.

    Something just gives me a gut feeling that there is more going on here than we know. But you can bet that sooner than later the USA will get to the bottom of it because the Caribbean region is very strategic to the security of the mighty USA. And they sure as hell will not allow China or anyone else to erode that fact.

  10. Prince Al-Waleed is not a Saudi politician but has been a businessman all his life, and a very successful one at that.

    I believe he’s the 13th richest man in the world, and is another who started with a loan.

    Part of his substantial portfolio is a 16% stake in Four Seasons Hotel chain.

    With new builds on Grenada and here, I believe it quite normal to visit for an update on progress.

    He may be here to kick some a*s for Pemberton, and remind GoB that he who pays the piper …..etc.

  11. Good points Idealist but I get a funny feeling about it all.

    Here we are seeing on these blogs and not only from others but Adrian loveridge a man I regard as knowing a bit about Tourism saying the product in Bim is in big trouble.

    And though I appreciate that the rich will always be rich and frequent the Big Up hotels the Prince has invested in, in Barbados. My point was how much of a return will he get on his investment. Plus as we are seeing the Four Seasons Pagoda is turning into a dinosaur and who knows what will happen there.

    My position is and I know the Prince is a Businessman but surely there are numerous other investments more profitable and lucrative than the ones he is said to have money in, in Barbados. And it makes me curious why that is.

    Idealist right now most are led to believe that the Sandy Lane hotel is a serious luxury hotel but my sources tell me that since it was renovated it has not turned one red cent in profit.

  12. Trading Loss at Sandy Lane does not surprise me, considering the ongoing capital expenditure.

    But asset appreciation, now that’s another matter.

  13. Idealist the “asset” appreciation is only as good as the value of the property, golf courses etc and from my perspective Sandy Lane was enormously developed at horrendous costs for reasons other than we are being led to believe. And if Sandy Lane was ever put back on the market I doubt very much the money spent on it will be recovered far less turn a profit.

    I said when Sandy Lane was being refurbished with I think less rooms that it had before anf heard the money that was being spent on it I predicted it would never be profitable in most of our lifetimes. And people buying it as a going business concern will pay for it only what it is worth from that perspective.

    However maybe Ansa McAl might see the possibility of buying it and turning the golf courses into condo developments and the hotel itself into a Casino. Only kidding!

  14. Idealist I would be really very interested in getting your input on this opinion and it is a volatile one but a valid one I think. And I will tell you why.

    I have noticed that though many Barbadians are still bitter about their roots when it comes to “slavery” and correctly so, many still have problems looking at the subject realistically in the context of their position TO-DAY and comparing the similarities to those of a 100 or more years ago.

    The very land that is now being sold to Foreigners today, was back in the days of slavery as valuable in a relative way then to the “plantocracy” culture as it is to todays generation.

    The slaves because of sugar cane made the plantocracy culture wealthy working the land but they got few benefits. They did get fed well but they lived in slave huts some still standing while their Masters lived in waht in those days were mansions. (Plantation Houses)

    The land was passed down from generation to generation in many cases and sugar cane has gone through the eddoes.

    Now the land is being sold to foreigners for astronomical prices and the two and three generation Barbadians like their forefathers still own little of it, live in poverty, can’t feed themselves because food costs are out of sight, cannot get jobs and I do not need to list anymore. So really how much has changed to make the lives of the majority in Barbados much better than a 100 or so years ago? Except the vulgarity of the “owning” feature.

    While all of this insanity goes on the wealthy including wealthy blacks accuse the 70 to 75% of their brothers and sisters of being lazy, drunkards that like to lime. Yet when these less fortunate are given an opportunity to come abroad to pick crops, work in hotels or other vocations their foreign employers heap praise on them for their work ethic. Does this not tell Bajans something?

    But here is my question to you tongue in cheek. Where are the major differences between what the 75% of Bajans are now enduring to what their forefathers endured? Is this not a fair question that requires serious reflection by all right thinking Bajans? Tell me!

  15. IMHO Reporter,

    it seems 95% of humanity are wage slaves living, if not from paycheck to paycheck or hand to mouth, then at best beavering away all their working life for the best retirement they can afford and not much else.

    Bajans don’t realise that most Americans or Europeans they see are not qualatitively that much better off than we here in Bim.

    OK their average wage may be 4 or 5 times ours, but their living costs and taxation ensure they have to chase their tails even faster than we do.

    Their average house price is over $800,000.
    So you see how our properties are considered a bargain to Brits.

    Some Bajans may envy their lot, but most visitors can only dream of an easy life on a tropic isle.

    The UK’s Gross Personal Debt has just this week exceeded their GNP for the first time, which tells you a lot about subsistence in a first world country.

    So to answer your question: the more the world changes , the more it remains the same.

    If you check these last 40 years here, you’ll see the same pattern emerging as the 17th century, only not so monochromatic.

    The rich get richer, with a little help from an enabling government, and the poor continue, as they have always done, making do and mending whilst stoically shouldering their mortal coil.

    Sorry if I rambled, it’s the Doorly’s.

  16. Idealist never mind the Doorlys because I am into the wine so we are equal.

    I know and have visited many people in the USA and Canada and none live in $800,000 houses. They couldn’t afford it. I am talking about the average Joe who does an 8 AM to 5 PM job earning between $60 to $70 thousand per year and whose wife works too making usually $30 to $50 thousand per year and many with two or three kids.

    In the USA and especially in Canada you can get a damn nice house for $350 to $400 thousand. Condos are even cheaper! Between $250 and $300 thousand buys you a damn nice pad.

    But you did say one thing that was correct the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer but that is my point. In Barbados that is even more critical when one considers this.

    When I look at the lifestyle and wages in North America most are employed and can afford most of the things the average person in Barbados is not. And though comparing Barbados to North America is really nonsense I have to do that because you did.

    We all have to live according to our means and in North America from what I see most are living the dream some better than others. But my point is unlike what Ezra Alleyne claims to be the case in Barbados and I tend to agree with him 50% of North Americans are not without pay checks. And one must suspect a large % of the 50% in Barbados not drawing a pay check are young people and people with families!

  17. I realize that my quesation to Idealist was a very sensitive one but none the less one that Barbadians need to deal with. And my reason for addressing it to Idealist was because he/she struck me as a person that had a better handle on things as they are in Barbados than I did.

    I did not intend to put him/her on a spot because Idealist has supported me and I will do likewise for him/her if the occasion presents itself. But I think they are too few people like Idealist in Barbados who speaks volumes and that is why I called on him.

    However it seems to me that the hard issues that need to be looked at seriously by ALL Barbadians before anything changes in Barbados must be dealt with or nothing will change in Barbados. And the exercise we are going through on this and other blogs are meaningless without a responsible and truthful exchange from all who feel the need to say what is on their minds!

  18. all of these investors are willing to invest in Barbados where according to some here, all hotels are losing money?

    Something doesn’t add up with that arithmetic.

    Who owns most of the houses in the terraces and heights?

    As for talk of comparing the average Bajan’s position today with that of Slavery where human life was reduced to the status of common property?

    Reporter I have to fundamentally disagree with you across the board on much of your discourse.

    Why are any of the investors seeking to invest in hotels here? Because the market has shown a consistent return on investment.

    I will agree with you on the need for consistent rules and regulations which are enforced in a transparent manner, but truth be told much of what you describe does not fit the Barbados that I know.

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  20. Notesfromthemargin I respect your opinions but let me clarify a few things that you have taken out of context in the points I am making. And I did my best to word by submission very carefully using the word “Similarities”.

    No one is saying the same conditions exist in Barbados today as during the days of Slavery. I never said that. I said there are certain “similarities” to the days of slavery and our people are the ones claiming it to be this way not me. And they are correct!

    First and foremost I have read on several occasions in this and other blogs the operators and commenters complain bitterly that “freedom” of the press is not allowed in Barbados if you are speaking out about the Government, Big Ups etc. They also claim that to use these blogs if they did not use false names the police would come after them. Harold Hoyte, the late Peter Morgan, Adrian Loveridge and many other responsible citizens claim to have been intimidated by the BLP Government and Owen Arthur. This is certainly not speaking highly of a “FREE” society. This is a “similarity” to how it was during slavery! Do as you are told or else!

    Now you are pointing to the Millenium Heights, Sandy Lane Mansions, etc to suggest I THINK that blacks too are living the good life and I have no doubt SOME are. But here again let me make the point that I intended making and thought I did.

    There are 285,000 living in Barbados. I believe less than 5% are white. How many of them you think are living close to or at poverty level? How many of them DO NOT OWN a home or a PIECE OF THE ROCK?. How many of the Foreigners are at poverty level or do not own a home or piece of the rock? Of the 95 % of the remaining populace how many are millionaires, living in big houses etc? I suggest a very small % but let us say 10%.

    That leaves I suspect 85 % or about 242,000 regular folk. But let us round it off to 200,000.

    Now not me this is Ezra Alleyne speaking, he says 145,000 Barbadians do not draw a pay check. I suspect the other 55,000 do but how many of these are making a living wage, own a house or a piece of land? And do not forget if a 145,000 are not drawing pay checks that is 50%or more of the TOTAL poulation!

    After a 100 or so years is this not “similar” to the days of slavery when most lived in or at the poverty level, could not or were not able to own a house or buy land. I am not saying these things the people of Barbados are. They say they cannot buy food, clothe themselves, own a house or a PIECE OF THE ROCK. How many times have we heard this. Am I lying?

    Therefore sir the FEW blacks figuartively speaking who are millionaires, living in big houses and have businesses while 60 to 70% of the rest of Barbadians cannot find work is satisfactory to you? After the abolition of slavery decades and decades ago and to see 60-70% still living in poverty is quite “SIMILAR” to the days of slavery. And this situation permeates throughout Caribbean region. And it is due to corruption and exploitation as in the slave days of the less fortunate!

    And the wealthy say the situation is the way it is because the 60-70% living in poverty are lazy, drunken limers. Slavery takes on many shades and unwarranted verbal abuse is one of them.

    Here are Barbadians claiming Chinese workers are getting jobs ahead of them. We have squatters being verbally abused instead of humane solutions being found for them.

    BIG UP and FOREIGN Investment is nothing new to Barbados it started I remember back in the 60 in the Sandy Lane area. The point is why after a hundred years and 47 years after development started in Barbados is 60-70% of its people still living at or below the poverty level?

    I gone because Bajans like you and a few others have your heads in the sand. Few countries that are as developed as Barbados have the kind of lopsided statistics of haves and have nots.

    A political hopeful claims a bullet was put through her house

  21. Reporter,

    I place very high value on statistical data, over personal perceptions hence I’ll quote Peter Wickham from a recent article in the nation. Unfortunately the original study does not seem to be online. The article the quote comes from can be seen at http://www.nationnews.com/editorial/338238685481477.php

    “My difficulty, however, begins with the appropriateness of this thinking in the context of 21st Century Barbados and reference is drawn to the recent NATION/CADRES poll which demonstrated that 85 per cent of Afro-Barbadians live in a house owned by themselves or a family member, while 84 per cent of Anglo-Barbadians live in a similar arrangement. This demonstrates that land-ownership patterns in this country are now very different from what they were at the turn of the last century and, moreover, that the majority of Barbadians live in homes that belong to them or a family member.”

    And for the record I’m not looking at the Millenium Heights or Sandy Lanes, I’m looking at the Warrens Heights, Lodge Terrace, or the many other Heights and Terraces where the vast number of middle income Bajans live. The explosive growth in this form of housing since independance is to me what makes your statement:

    “The point is why after a hundred years and 47 years after development started in Barbados is 60-70% of its people still living at or below the poverty level?”

    …not reflective of the Barbados that I know.

    The reality simply does NOT reflect what your comments portray.


  22. Well my friend I leave your beliefs and thoughts to others more qualified than I am to say what they think.

    I do not care where the houses of the wealthy blacks are as this is irrelevant. I am simply stating numbers and if Ezra Alleyne does not have the facts who does? Wickham?

    But also think of this the squatters are living in houses so I guess there are houses and there are houses.

    But here is another thing to ponder about this issue. Did you not read like me in the Nation News about two weeks ago that Minister Prescod a BLP Minister said a census has not been done since 1989 to determine the true level of those living in poverty today and he was planning to do one now. Albeit using a fraudulent formula!

    I think when the figures were divulged after the 89 census but my memory is not that good anymore it supports what I am suggesting.

    Therefore until a new current census is done even with a fraudulent formula I will stick to my statistics that I DID NOT COMPILE!

  23. All I can draw from Wickham and the Nation News stats that 84% of Barbadians are living in a home they own or a family member owns is that the Barbadians crying out “It aint so” are liars. And I dont think so! It would really be interesting because of this discussion that the Government do a census on this matter too!

  24. Marginal I do not know if it is still in the Nation news archives but the issue Prescod expounded in was July 22/07/

  25. It would be interesting if they did a census, because at least then we would be talking about valid data and not one person’s skewed perception.

    Wickham’s data comes from a survey that his firm conducted and while I may not agree with everything Peter says he does use data without bias.

    I do not deny that there is poverty in Barbados however I strongly disagree with you on your position that two out of every three Bajans live in poverty. The assertion is patently absurd.

    Your position is JUST AS ABSURD as those BLP yard fowls who continue to insist that everything in Barbados is just fine the way it is.


  26. Dont get hot man/woman take it easy. I don’t want you having a heart attack over foolishness.

    The same article you quoting Wickham from is saying that lots of people getting Government subsidized housing defaulting on their rent. And here is another thing that you and Wicham might like to explain to the people.

    If Ezra Alleyne says 145,000 Barbadians DO NOT DRAW A PAY CHECK and believing Wickham poll, how can 85% of these 145,000 people totalling 123,250 afford to own a house, pay taxes, electricity, water and feed themselves and children in some cases along with the other necessities of life? Man they should put those boys/girls to manage the Government budget.

  27. Sorry bout dat Marginal i used your call sign in error. And I have not yet opened the bar but I am sure Owen has

  28. I believe the “not drawing a pay cheque” refers to persons who are self employed or have other income.

    It was one of the arguments used in favour of VAT as opposed to income tax. PAYEE only catches those person who draw a regular paycheque, hence (or so the argument goes) the middle class ends up paying a disproportionate share of the tax burden. The argument advanced for VAT is that the absolute amount of VAT paid depends on your level of consumption and hence is proportional to your income (or so the proponents of VAT say)

    I do not believe that the “not drawing a paycheque” statement is meant to suggest the individuals have no income.

  29. You could be right but it is hard to accept that explanation.

    When Ezra made the point I distinctly remember him using it to justify the Ansa McAl attempted takeover of BS&T and he was justifying it by saying not in these exact words but similar. That Barbados was a small jurisdiction with limited economic resources. And that we had a 145,000 people who were not drawing pay checks and any take over that benefited the economy was to be accepted and takeovers was going on all over the world. But the BLP and others say the same thing about Foreigners buying up all of Barbados.

    But Marginal you sound like a Big Up yourself when suggesting the Big Ups paying most of the taxes.

    I know a little about that and let me tell you this my friend the Big Ups in Barbados beating the Government out of nuff taxes and teefing as much as the BLP is. Foreigners in Barbados pay little or no taxes! The tax system in Barbados compared to other jurisdictions are extremely generous to the wealthy of Barbados.

    Anyway bo I done we will have to agree to disagree and maybe others might like to voice their opinions. The more the merrier. People sometimes seem reluctant or scared to get too involved with these type of discussions.

  30. not the big ups they have accountants to reduce their tax burden.

    It’s the middle class who live in the terraces and heights that shoulder most of the burden.

  31. why do bajans complain about everything? i believe if jesus visit barbados tonight u all will be complainig tomorrow why not thank the father for what u got and pray that he blesses u with more .

  32. fcuk barbados remember the white slaves masters brought us there and now their taking it back now that globelation for you now i know the world would soon end bajans meet your maker.where would you put bajan that did not get an green card or got deported back to barbados remember its a little island and for cwc bajans with sense is coming home

  33. after cow dig up all of barbados and build houses forall the white rich and afew black is he going to rename barbados cows world or cows pardise orcow and sons new new world hands off peoples land because all the witchcraft you and the lodge working is coming to an end not forgetting theobeah woman you have working for you in cuba

  34. Surely this post needs serious attention
    Anonymous // Aug 27th 2007 at 10:47 pm

    fu_k barbados remember the white slaves masters brought us there and now their taking it back now that globelation for you now i know the world would soon end bajans meet your maker.where would you put bajan that did not get an green card or got deported back to barbados remember its a little island and for cwc bajans with sense is coming home

  35. These fields and hills beyond recall are now our very own. we write our name on history’s page(with what? great expectations or disappointments).for the life of me I still can’t understand how so call educated -men could look at a nation ,and tell -them, it is ok for every Tom Dick and Harry to come and own our property , and build on it; but you can’t replace a fallen guard wall which was built probably while town and country planning retards were still in diapers or not even born yet. And to even entertain the thought of building highrise edifices in Barbados are these ding bats smoking crack or are they just plain stupid. ioremember a joke i heard some yrars ago . Gearbox was asked .
    “Gearbox who is the greatest jockey in Barbados? he answered “Barrow .” They said Gearbox we are not talking polotics we are talking sports his response was . For fiteen years he has been riding 2,5000 jacks and he ain’t fall of yet you couldn’t want a better jockey than that. Owen Arthur is blamed for all the woes of the country but if the Jacks would get rid of their stupid pride and use the sense that God gave them , work together to keep Barbados Barbados instead of longing for and running after the garbbage out their that they always pick up from other places (first England now America ) it would serve us well we are suppose to take the best of what they have to offer not their garbbage. We are unique ( if I do say so myself) 166 sq mls one of the best educational systems in the world (used to be one of the most religious also ,oh that is what is happening God is being shown the door ! and then we lament our condittion.(Your idol, perfect example, ) use common sense don’t be miss led like them too much greed and lack of morals are pervading our little paradise . We want ot remain true to what God made us Bajun The devil used slavery, t bring us here but God made us Unique bajun. Isuppose I had a lot to get off my chest because I hate to see or here authority not respecting the citizenry(is that the correct word). Don’t sell your land and soul to the highest bidder your soul give to God your service and love to God and your fellow men

  36. I have always said that one of these days Bajans will wake up and find that they cannot leave their homes without asking permission. I do believe I can see it happening sooner than later. God is seeing everything that is going on, he sees what is being done to the poor people of Barbados and eventually he will put a stop to it one way or another. The politicians some time back came out and said there are no private beaches in Barbados and they would not allow that. If that is the case where in the world is this beautiful home with all the big boulders blocking off the beach? I am hoping this is not in Barbados. LOL

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  38. yes it is in barbados.

    Also you might want to know that many big houses on the west coast have put up enourmous swimming areas around their beaches. This means that when local bajans who run watersports business wish to pick up passengers off the beach they can’t.

    I can understand a hotel doing it for safety reasons but private homes with 4 people in them give me a break. They are effectively privatising the beach no other explanstion.

    Take colony club they have a swimming area fine but the large house next door why do they have a swimming area larger than colony club you can no longer pick up clients from the beach if the tide is low unless you have a tiny boat. It is getting increasingly difficult to do wstersports in barbados as this is the only way to pick up private clients as we have only 2 tiny marinas. (Don’t count Port St charles as you can’t operate a boat for hire from there, so we only have 2.

  39. And if the same developers had their way they would do as Sir COW has suggested. Build a Toll Road from Christ Church ,to what they now call the Platinum Coast. In that way when they dismount their private Lear Jets at Grantley Adams Airport, they will be able to drive unhindered by the nuisance natives , all the way to their mansions . But do not write off Minister Kellman’s idea of building a second airport in the North to accommodate the rich, as we have done with the two private Ports of entry at Port Sir Charles and Port Ferdinand.
    That morning which Errol Barrow spoke of long ago, is here with us today.

  40. What has happened to that unfortunate lady,as reported in todays news, who was turfed out of her home of 36 years by the bank and bailiffs , is the treat awaiting us Barbadians .
    For years I knew Frizers Road, from Mellows Hill to Jose River Bridge as a public road. In recent years the section of this road between Frizers Plantation House , which is owned by a Canadian,and the Joes River Bridge was allowed to be overrun by bush trees and grass. It is still a public track, as it leads to the old St Joseph Cemetery.
    What surprised me some months ago was to see the new owner posted warning signs indicating that the road leading to the plantation house from Mellows Bridge is Private Property. And we, the people and the authorities, take these things without question.
    I ‘ve never read in the press, any notice from the Official Gazette that this road has been officially abandoned by the Government of Barbados.
    And its not only the rich, but we should not forget what the Chinese has done to that family who were occupying land in Maxwell for donkey years. None of our lily livered lawyers or politicians came to their rescue. Like Ms Riley-Fox , we are out on a limb ,on our own.

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