Poster on Barbados Forum Says That The Barbados Fire Service Accepted "Hand-me Downs" From The Toronto Fire Service


I saw on the Toronto CP 24 News last night, the Barbados Fire Chief accepting a donation from the Toronto Fire Service of used fire-fighter protective clothing and equipment. As a proud Barbadian who has always considered us as a leader among the Caribbean nations; could not help but think. “Is this what we have come to”?Don’t get me wrong, it is good to see the recycling of good equipment that otherwise might have just been dumped, but I could not help but feel that, have we reached the stage that we have to go with hat in hand looking for hand-me-downs to supply our fire service. Most Barbadians do not consider themselves as Third World yet why does our government let one our most important public service branches be treated as such.?

Maybe I am just a little too PROUD of our PROUD little nation.

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The information was posted over at Barbados Forum. For some reason the message by the poster, who appears to be a Barbadian living in Canada, conveyed sadness. BU has interpreted the last sentence of the post which the poster highlighted in the colors of Barbados to mean that his pride as a Barbadian was dented after watching the broadcast. To be honest in the BU we feel the same way in the BU household. Barbados Fire Chief Mayers, if you have to accept the old equipment then do it away from the public glare.


What is the message which our leaders are sending? We spend millions on a multiplicity of project but we have to accept “hand-me-downs to supply our service.”

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  5. I see nothing wrong with this years budget. The blog is open for comments. The only negative comments I am going to get is from the BLP ‘die hards’ they do not think for Barbadians as a whole they think only party. loyal Party politics degrading our society ,that is why we need to transform this country into a one party state.

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  11. I wonder why the chief and his team decided to take de firemen up in that filthy place call prison,i heard so much rats and vermim up there,and de lighting poor poor,my comrades you ask for change but trust me HINDS wouldve never accept that place,well i at de newest station and enjoying it,i will invite de AG there to see de conditions along with CBC.

  12. @ MAGNIFY. You are right Pah Hinds wud never accept such foolishness from de administration. Boy just wait till elections come round again Bynoe and he pimping YES crowd need to go. Dem is a bunch of sell outs.

  13. de assoc seell out de men that @ de prison,marshall and he boys know that they can cut a deal with bynoe so dont expect he to grumble @ de conditions there,why de chief and he boys dont get some of de cells clean out for them offices.bynoe ask that question for muh?

  14. What mirror image do firefighters have of themselves, imagine people who are suppose to be professionals have accepted the former prison as a place to work. Granted Probyn Street had to be fixed, but think about it better arrangements could have been made. The Fire Service has now become a place fill with yes men and ass kissers, no other public officer would have gone there to work. Higher standards need to be set, it is not okay to say that you are alright because there are no gazzetted men around, and wifi is available. The authorities do not take you seriously.

  15. Egypt Today Caribbean Tomorrow … By Member of the Clement Payne movement

    The crisis in Egypt that has caused millions of Egyptians – led by the educated youth – to engage in nine days of mass demonstrations, was ‘made ’ in the United States of America (USA) and Europe, and is coming to us right here in Barbados and the Caribbean!

    The best way to conceptualize the situation in Egypt is to refer back to the labour rebellion that rocked the English-speaking Caribbean in the 1930’s . In Barbados, for example , the masses of people found themselves contending with an oppressive, autocratic planter/merchant oligarchy that was reinforced and propped up by the power of imperialist “Great Britain” . And the critical spark was applied to this tinder box of social conditions when the international capitalist system plunged into a profound depression which inflicted the additional penalties of unemployment, scarcity, hunger and hopelessness on the already suffering people.

    The result was an explosion of pent up revolutionary anger and energy that shook the very foundation of the quasi-feudal colonial order – not only in Barbados , but throughout the region.

    Well, the Egyptian people are facing an almost identical scenario! For thirty long years they have suffered under the oppressive, autocratic rule of an oligarchy led by Hosni Mubarak, and propped up and financed by the imperialistic USA with billions of dollars in so-called “aid” every year.

    But this alone does not explain the hundred of thousands out on the streets of Cairo and Alexandria! The other critical contributing factor is the fundamental breakdown in the system of international capitalism that has manifested itself since the 2007.

    The reality is that the “vampires” of finance capitalism in the USA and Western Europe engaged in such an excessive , prolonged and parasitical plundering of the resources of the world that by 2007 it had become clear that they had caused fundamental damage to the world economic system.

    Compelling evidence of their greed and parasitism is reflected in the fact that they created a quantity of largely fictitious financial derivatives that is equivalent to ten times the “Gross Domestic Product” of all the countries of the world combined ! And , particularly since 2007 , they have been forcing national governments to save and bail out these fraudulent financial instruments at the expense of the welfare of their own people.

    Egypt has not been spared the ravages of this international capitalist crisis, and the Egyptian people have been rocked by steeply rising levels of youth unemployment and a hyper-inflationary increase in food prices . Indeed , the price of simple bread in Egypt has increased by 10 per cent each month since last year, motivating the demonstrators to coin the slogan -“Bread ,Freedom, Dignity”.

    The young educated Egyptians who are driving these demonstrations are acting out of frustration and anxiety about their future ! They are seeing signs of a civilizational collapse all around them and are deeply concerned about their rapidly diminishing future prospects. It is not simply about Mubarak – it is much deeper and wider than any one leader, no matter how powerful or autocratic he might be!

    The truth is that an economic and political system is dying , and if nations and leaders do not recognise this reality and take concrete steps to distance themselves from the effects of the death throes , they will be dragged down as well!
    The Barbados and Caribbean governments need to wake up! If they simply continue to do what they are doing now their young people will soon come to sense that their future prospects are diminishing rapidly, and they too will eventually take matters into their own hands – in the streets of Bridgetown and every other Caribbean capital!

  16. The Wikileaks Effect
    [col. writ. 1/27/11] (c) ’11 Mumia Abu-Jamal

    As these words are being scribbled, U.S. ‘allies’ in the Middle East are trembling.
    From the streets of Tunis, to Alexandria, to Cairo, tens of thousands are demanding not only democracy, but an end to their dictatorships –dictatorships, by the way, armed and supported by the U.S. Empire.
    What drove these people into the streets were the sickening revelations of the puppetry, corruption and abject servility of their leaders to U.S. and Western interests.
    Many of these leaders, who’ve led for lifetimes, have amassed enormous fortunes while generations of youth pass through their lives jobless, unfulfilled and brutally bullied by the dictator’s internal police forces, usually composed of people trained, equipped (or both) by U.S. agencies.
    Wikileaks revealed American diplomatic cables reflecting U.S. knowledge of and acquiescence to their puppet states corruption, torture and brutality. They didn’t care how cruel or corrupt these countries were, as long as they served U.S. interests — i.e., “stability’ — or quiet in the face of U.S., Western or Israeli aggression in the region.
    Egypt receives billions of U.S bucks every year, to buttress its dictatorship.
    This spate of rebellions in Muslim states is especially important given the recent news that many leaders were privately urging the U.S. to attack Iran, for this shows well that few spoke for their people. They spoke for a narrow, parasitical ruling clique.
    If change comes to the region it won’t be because of U.S. efforts, but in spite of them.

    –(c) ’11 maj

  17. By Mike Whitney
    January 04, 2011 –

    In late November, Venezuela was hammered by torrential rains and flooding that left 35 people dead and roughly 130,000 homeless. If George Bush had been president, instead of Hugo Chavez, the displaced people would have been shunted off at gunpoint to makeshift prison camps–like the Superdome–as they were following Hurricane Katrina. But that’s not the way that Chavez works. The Venezuelan president quickly passed “enabling laws” which gave him special powers to provide emergency aid and housing to flood victims. Chavez then cleared out the presidential palace and turned it into living quarters for 60 people, which is the equivalent of turning the White House into a homeless shelter. The disaster victims are now being fed and taken care of by the state until they can get back on their feet and return to work.

    The details of Chavez’s efforts have been largely omitted in the US media where he is regularly demonized as a “leftist strongman” or a dictator. The media refuses to acknowledge that Chavez has narrowed the income gap, eliminated illiteracy, provided health care for all Venezuelans, reduced inequality, and raised living standards across he board. While Bush and Obama were expanding their foreign wars and pushing through tax cuts for the rich, Chavez was busy improving the lives of the poor and needy while fending off the latest wave of US aggression.

    Washington despises Chavez because he is unwilling to hand over Venezuela’s vast resources to corporate elites and bankers. That’s why the Bush administration tried to depose Chavez in a failed coup attempt in 2002, and that’s why the smooth-talking Obama continues to launch covert attacks on Chavez today. Washington wants regime change so it can install a puppet who will hand over Venezuela’s reserves to big oil while making life hell for working people.

    Recently released documents from Wikileaks show that the Obama administration has stepped up its meddling in Venezuela’s internal affairs. Here’s an excerpt from a recent post by attorney and author, Eva Golinger:

    “In a secret document authored by current Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Craig Kelly, and sent by the US Embassy in Santiago in June 2007 to the Secretary of State, CIA and Southern Command of the Pentagon, along with a series of other US embassies in the region, Kelly proposed “six main areas of action for the US government (USG) to limit Chavez’s influence” and “reassert US leadership in the region”.

    Kelly, who played a primary role as “mediator” during last year’s coup d’etat in Honduras against President Manuel Zelaya, classifies President Hugo Chavez as an “enemy” in his report.

    “Know the enemy: We have to better understand how Chavez thinks and what he intends…To effectively counter the threat he represents, we need to know better his objectives and how he intends to pursue them. This requires better intelligence in all of our countries”. Further on in the memo, Kelly confesses that President Chavez is a “formidable foe”, but, he adds, “he certainly can be taken”. (Wikileaks: Documents Confirm US Plans Against Venezuela, Eva Golinger, Postcards from the Revolution)

    The State Department cables show that Washington has been funding anti-Chavez groups in Venezuela through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that pretend to be working for civil liberties, human rights or democracy promotion. These groups hide behind a facade of legitimacy, but their real purpose is to topple the democratically elected Chavez government. Obama supports this type of subversion just as enthusiastically as did Bush. The only difference is the Obama team is more discreet. Here’s another clip from Golinger with some of the details on the money-trail:

    “In Venezuela, the US has been supporting anti-Chavez groups for over 8 years, including those that executed the coup d’etat against President Chavez in April 2002. Since then, the funding has increased substantially. A May 2010 report evaluating foreign assistance to political groups in Venezuela, commissioned by the National Endowment for Democracy, revealed that more than $40 million USD annually is channeled to anti-Chavez groups, the majority from US agencies….

    Venezuela stands out as the Latin American nation where NED has most invested funding in opposition groups during 2009, with $1,818,473 USD, more than double from the year before….Allen Weinstein, one of NED’s original founders, revealed once to the Washington Post, “What we do today was done clandestinely 25 years ago by the CIA…” (America’s Covert “Civil Society Operations”: US Interference in Venezuela Keeps Growing”, Eva Golinger, Global Research)

    On Monday, the Obama administration revoked the visa of Venezuela’s ambassador to Washington in retaliation for Chávez’s rejection of nominee Larry Palmer as American ambassador in Caracas. Palmer has been openly critical of Chavez saying there were clear ties between members of the Chavez administration and leftist guerrillas in neighboring Colombia. It’s a roundabout way of accusing Chavez of terrorism. Even worse, Palmer’s background and personal history suggest that his appointment might pose a threat to Venezuela’s national security. Consider the comments of James Suggett of Venezuelanalysis on Axis of Logic:

    “Take a look at Palmer’s history, working with the U.S.-backed oligarchs in the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Sierra Leone, South Korea, Honduras, “promoting the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).” Just as the U.S. ruling class appointed an African-American, Barack Obama to replace George W. Bush with everything else intact, Obama in turn, appoints Palmer to replace Patrick Duddy who was involved in the attempted coup against President Chávez in 2002 and an enemy of Venezuelans throughout his term as U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela.”

    Venezuela is already crawling with US spies and saboteurs. They don’t need any help from agents working inside the embassy. Chavez did the right thing by giving Palmer the thumbs down. Besides, Chavez disproved Palmer’s spurious accusations just last week when he extradited ELN commander Nilson Albian Teran Ferreira, alias “Tulio” to Colombia, “the first extradition of a Colombian guerrilla to his home country.” (Colombia Reports) The story appeared NOWHERE in the western media. (because it proves that Chavez is not supporting paramilitary groups operating in Colombia.)

    The Palmer nomination is just “more of the same”; more interference, more subversion, more trouble-making. The State Dept was largely responsible for all of the so-called color-coded revolutions in Ukraine, Lebanon, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan etc; all of which were cookie cutter, made-for-TV events that pitted the interests of wealthy capitalists against those of the elected government. Now Hillary’s throng want to try the same strategy in Venezuela. It’s up to Chavez to stop them, which is why he’s pushed through laws that “regulate, control or prohibit foreign funding for political activities”. Cracking down on NGOs is the only way he can defend against US meddling and protect Venezuelan sovereignty.

    Chavez is also using his new powers to reform the financial sector. Here’s an excerpt from an article titled “Venezuelan National Assembly Passes Law Making Banking a “Public Service”:

    “Venezuela’s National Assembly on Friday approved new legislation that defines banking as an industry “of public service,” requiring banks in Venezuela to contribute more to social programs, housing construction efforts, and other social needs while making government intervention easier when banks fail to comply with national priorities.”…

    The new law protects bank customers’ assets in the event of irregularities on the part of owners… and stipulates that the Superintendent of Banking Institutions take into account the best interest of bank customers – and not only stockholders… when making any decisions that affect a bank’s operations.”

    So why isn’t Obama doing the same thing? Is he too afraid of real change or is he just Wall Street’s lackey? Here’s more from the same article:

    “In an attempt to control speculation, the law limits the amount of credit that can be made available to individuals or private entities by making 20% the maximum amount of capital a bank can have out as credit. The law also limits the formation of financial groups and prohibits banks from having an interest in brokerage firms and insurance companies.

    The law also stipulates that 5% of pre-tax profits of all banks be dedicated solely to projects elaborated by communal councils. 10% of a bank´s capital must also be put into a fund to pay for wages and pensions in case of bankruptcy.

    According to 2009 figures provided by Softline Consultores, 5% of pre-tax profits in Venezuela’s banking industry last year would have meant an additional 314 million bolivars, or $73.1 million dollars, for social programs to attend the needs of Venezuela’s poor majority.”

    “Control speculation”? Now there’s a novel idea. Naturally, opposition leaders are calling the new laws “an attack on economic liberty”, but that’s pure baloney. Chavez is merely protecting the public from the predatory practices of bloodthirsty bankers. Most Americans wish that Obama would do the same thing.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, “Chávez has threatened to expropriate large banks in the past if they don’t increase loans to small-business owners and prospective home buyers, this time he is increasing the pressure publicly to show his concern for the lack of sufficient housing for Venezuela’s 28 million people.”

    Caracas suffers from a massive housing shortage that’s gotten much worse because of the flooding. Tens of thousands of people need shelter now, which is why Chavez is putting pressure on the banks to lend a hand. Of course, the banks don’t want to help so they’ve slipped into crybaby mode. But Chavez has shrugged off their whining and put them “on notice”. In fact, on Tuesday, he issued this terse warning:

    “Any bank that slips up…I’m going to expropriate it, whether it’s Banco Provincial, or Banesco or Banco Nacional de Crédito.”

    Bravo, Hugo. In Chavez’s Venezuela the basic needs of ordinary working people take precedent over the profiteering of cutthroat banksters. Is it any wonder why Washington hates him?

    Mike Whitney’s economics blog can be found at Grasping at Straws

  18. For Administration, check the different levels of thinking and respect that is offered to our department as opposed to others. Black Rock Police Station has to go under renovations, Check and see where they are going. CERTAINLY NOT AT ANY BURNT OUT PLACE. Respect is due to those who earns it.





    The once colonised, repressed and subordinate people of China and India have made substantial break-aways from European and North American hegemony, and are well on the way to establishing strong and autonomous Pan-Chinese and Pan-Indian civilizations! And, as a result, people of Indian and Chinese descent all over the world now hold their heads high and exhibit a self-assurance and dignity that would have been hard to imagine thirty years ago.

    Well, what about the African and African-descended people of this world? What are we – the people of continental Africa and the Caribbean, the African-Americans and the Afro-Latinos – doing to establish our Pan-African civilization and to enhance our prospects of leading lives of dignity, psychological freedom and material wellbeing? What are we doing with our 12 million square mile African continent and its vast reservoir of mineral resources; our impressive chain of Caribbean islands; and the billions of dollars that annually pass through the hands of our African-American and Afro-Latino populations?

    Clearly, not nearly enough is being done, but there are a few points of light that need to be acknowledged and highlighted. One such “point of light” is the effort that is currently being made by the African Union (AU) – the CARICOM of continental Africa – to reach out to and to deepen the relationship between Africa and the people and nations of the African Diaspora.

    At present, the AU is immersed in planning an historic “African Diaspora Summit” scheduled to be held in South Africa in the year 2012, and two of the Pan-Africanists who have been drafted unto the AU’s ‘Technical Committee of Experts’ to assist in the planning of the Summit are Mr Buddy Larrier and Mr David Comissiong, the President of the Peoples Empowerment Party (PEP).

    Indeed, Mr Comissiong returned to Barbados last Friday, after having attended a two day meeting of the ‘Technical Committee of Experts’ in Pretoria, South Africa, and has reported that arrangements for the 2012 Summit are advancing smoothly.

    In giving an over-view of this important meeting, Mr Comissiong was able to report that he contributed the following seven ideas or proposals for consideration by the AU’s heads of government:-
    (1) The 2012 African Diaspora Summit should be conceived of – among other things – as a germination exercise for the establishment of a ‘Pan-African League or Bloc of Nations’, comprising the countries of Africa and the Caribbean, as well as those Latin American nations that possess large populations of African descent.

    (2) The heads of Government of all the Caribbean and “Afro-Latin American nations” should be invited to the Summit.

    (3) The AU should move with haste to propose the establishment of an Economic Partnership Agreement’ (EPA) with CARICOM – an EPA that will establish Africa/ CARICOM relations at a much deeper level than our relations with the European Union.

    (4) The AU should collaborate with CARICOM and other Diaspora nations in creating a common Pan-African studies course (and accompanying educational materials) to be instituted in all of the Primary and Secondary schools of Africa, the Caribbean and other regions of the Diaspora.

    (5) The AU should revive, adopt and carry on the impressive work started by its predecessor, the O.A.U, on the issue of Reparations, including the revival of the ‘Group of Emminent Persons on Reparations’, and the establishment of an AU Reparations Commission.

    (6) The AU should propose to CARICOM that both organisations should adopt a principle that would oblige all African nations to ensure the presence and participation of Caribbean artistes and intellectuals in their national events and festivals, and all CARICOM nations to include continental African artistes and intellectuals in their events and festivals.

    (7) There should be a removal of visa requirements between the member nations of the AU and CARICOM.
    Mr Comissiong also reported that the Political Cooperation Commission of the Technical Committee of Experts acknowledged the importance and historical significance of Barbados’ Commission For Pan-African Affairs, and that it adopted the following resolution:-
    “We urge all Caribbean nations and other predominantly African nations of the Diaspora to establish as a component of the structure of Government a department or agency devoted to developing projects, linkages and relationships with the countries of Africa and the African Diaspora similar to the best practice established by the Government of Barbados’ ‘Commission For Pan-African Affairs’.

  20. @ Gasbag ! I heard you love to victimize people at St. John stn. But let me tell you and the world wide web that I think you are an unstable person. You need serious psychiatric treatment or an exorcist. A man of your academic achievements, why do you frequent Nelson Street and gambling houses? I even heard that one night you want a particular LADY OF THE NIGHT but she was unavailable so you did the next best thing substituted her by sexing a young boy. A young boy ? Are you aware that you are now being labeled as a bisexual right? Don’t you have a young able bodied wife ? Are you actually considering the fact that your nasty bulling ways can make her sick ? Boy you want help !

  21. You people starting to disappoint me day by day. I love the people in this department but they dont love themselves. I can go places and hear people discussing pharoah and his latest comment but I never heard none of you discussing nothing that was commented by me. There are a lot of serious issues out there affecting our department and our country. Are you guys so overwhelmed by the hunger for gossip and name calling?

  22. Iis amazing that a N.C.O at the airport that use to give so much trouble in the younger years,giving so much trouble on green watch,”he aint riding up front”who the hell he think he is.He feel because he just married that woman that she family vex as hell wid ahe that he is still a slut.I wonder how much money he had to pay that woman in arch hall that he use to bring at arch hall station to sleep around 2005-2005,de same woman that he throw acid on and had to pay way big money to settle it.He does not deserve respect,he forget de young girl from de rocks the was under age and she mother ask for $5000.00 not to go to the police since he was caught in the act in his white pickup..100 you got to be hard up,how you can look in he face on mornings,i mean youre not a rhianna but.gosh


  24. The capitalist regime shall continue to spread lies and propaganda about us to brain wash the gullible ones . They shall twist the arm and bully Mr.Ban Ki-moon into bombing our cities.

    Out of the ashes will rise someone who stands up for what is right and stand for equal distribution among people. A life as a socialist will always be targeted like a centipede spotted crossing a floor by a crowd of people ” Look he deh, kill he ! ” Its no walk in the park or “they live happily ever after” as quoted by the story books. They can keep attacking and slandering us but they can never break us. Long live the revolution and I must clearly say that they are more to the story of what the USA telling us about the BULLYING and the VICTIMIZATION of Muammar Gaddafi by the coalition forces. Why is it that the UN and the USA went about ‘helping’ the protesters in Libya with such vigor and on the other hand turned a blind eye on the Rwanda genocide when approx. 1.2 million blacks were slaughtered in 4 months back in 1994? Think about that my gullible critics .

    Now I am leaving you with this note and this goes out to that clown who loves to eat stake fish and salad . Yes you know who you are, I just letting you know that your solidarity speech on 2011-03-23 dont move me one bit. Take my advice, in life you must stand up for something or lay down for everything you pimp.

  25. I want to congratulate all firefighters for a job well done in barbados,i know the media does not highlight all the work that take place internally and externally,kudos to all of you for keeping barbados safe.

  26. Dat one Gaskin doing de most shite in this department by dictating when to eat etc. That musty, black, untidy, stinking bull-frog chief Marshall aint doing nothing bout anything. And i actually thought POW Mayers was the worst. Marshall doing nothing and all he doing is just swelling out like a frog and drawing salary, he reminds me of our PM. This Gov’t is de worst because them mashing up BFS. The DLP never did anything positive for the BFS

  27. Barbados Fire Service have problems ??

    The Firemen have problems ? well well well. ( talking about wells) one time firemen used to have to go into wells

    Have not read all but what problems could Firemen have. I have always admired Firemen and the way they go about their jobs

    Kudos to all Firemen in Barbados
    May you have all your problems resolved.
    We cant have the Firemen having problems. They appear to such an admirable group of people

    I love them !

  28. We must join hands in support of a great leader. Let us wish him a full recovery. Hugo Chavez our last hope for freedom … Long live the revolution

  29. Ya see you socialist, why dont u stop bigging up communist leaders and attack we CFO who clearly cant run dis department because he is a dumpsy political fat pig. You cant lambass him cause wanna is friends. Yeah i remember that wanna went way to grenada to enjoy a weekend so you never attack him. You dont attack marshall, gaskin , lowe and the list goes on with your corrupt nasty friends. I watching you because I feel you corrupt too. You never attack people because these very people may have dirty linen on you. I think you also need to see a dietician

  30. Can someone tell me why one of our emergency appliances (water tender 13 to be exact) stay over night at a private residence in Arthur Seat ,St. Thomas? Isn’t there enough room in Arch Hall fire stn for that?
    Can someone tell me why a whole shift at WFS report sick and had 5 days each?
    Can someone tell me why a fire safety instructor who is suppose to be teaching FIRE SAFETY ended up in hot water when one of the students was WELL-ALIGHT in the training exercise?
    Can someone tell me why a SO(ag) Gaskin up St.John F.stn. Lambasting and saying all sorts of bad things about our newly appointed uncrowned DCFO SO(ag) Maynard?
    Can someone tell me why a fireman at HQ stn reporting in for duty and his name not even in the availability as if he is a ghost ? I think this happening because kellman said he mad and need to seek counceling ?

  31. You socialist should keep your house clean. You got a training unit that is out of control, instructors burning up people, instructors fouping former recruiting instructors, and instructors sexually harassing female fire officers. Bobby ya want a psych eval ya phucking freak. Why you acting so thirsty doe? What is it other than your penis you got sharing ? And while ya at it tell your immediate supervisor (So Maynard) to please use role-on cause word is that the CR attendants usually turn off the AC and hold their breaths when them see he coming cause he dus got the place light up. Maynard ya gun soon be in khaki kindly invest in a role-on and deodorant before you make more firemen resign running from your scent.

  32. Why wanna bisexuals in this department would not stop interferring wid de female fire officers? Yea i meaning you! Bobby, you got a woman down arch hall already and a female fire officer gone down deh to assist in de cadet program and you mekin passes at she. I got proof dat you dus bole both ends of the wicket , ya nasty, leff the de women alone. Wait you horny or u just want to use women as a blind to cover your alternative lifestyle?

  33. Ahhhh ! De fire service is in for a big shake-up when the infamous Gasbag get in he position that he worked so hard for. I want he first to review these incidentals and units such as fire prevention and training.Transfer the pimps who merits a transfer and restructure the BFS. Chief Marshall is a ‘sheep in town’ and he doesn’t have the capability to run any department. With gasbag in the administrative position the BFS is on a positive way forward, kudos goes out to Mr. Gasbag I have faith in you and I wish you success in your extremely long tenure as DCFO . Too bad ‘heads and hands’ aint get it ,go back under the rock you crawled from under you departmental centipede. I hope Gasbag remember that you were the driving force behind ‘pow mayers ‘ feeble attempt to victimize him in the past. Dont trust him Gasbag He is gonna undermind you. Tranfer Sub o maynard aka ‘heads and hands’ to the airport, he is a snake and cant be trusted . All the privates out there who opposed your leadership style like 158, 136, 236, 240, 270, 18, 259, 253, 72, 69, 143, 292 , 192 and the list goes on I wonder how them feeling now ,you got a chance to show them who is boss. Go for revenge and crush them with your iron fist.

  34. @ Anonymous July 23rd -28th, August 9th-25th along with Blackpearl (I must assume they are five of you) as well as all your freaky supporters on this freak show of a blog. You guys are pathetic ! You come here to attack people and talk all types of nasty things about them. Cowards art thou, you attack them with such vigor yet still none of you possess the gonads to approach these people and tell them what you think in there faces. The last five comments on this blog are grammatical sputum of sick minds.

    To my dear readers, instead of reading gossip on this blog I will post a link to a web site to aid you in tracking weather systems such as tropical depressions ,storms and hurricanes. Try it its very interesting


    Message to the freaks and psychos in the earlier comments, I have done more for the readers in just one post than the crap you wrote in the past.

  35. @ socialist , I must thank you for your contributions on this blog. You opened my eyes to a lot of things and your video or links are very informative especially the last one with the weather map, I am impressed. However you failed to capture the interest of the vast majority because people see this blog as source for gossip and underground news. An individual of that type of thinking cannot be easily persuaded. I read all of your comments presented and I find them rather interesting because like you I also admire radical leaders and activist but I do this behind the scenes.
    I express my views in this forum because this blog is my electronic parallel universe. My opinions on this blog and in the real world will never cross paths. I hear some BFS members call names of people who they think may be me but all I do is laugh at them within and sometimes join them in their suspicions.
    No BFS member will know my true identity,YOU GUYS WILL NEVER CATCH ME on this blog ,I am a cyberspace vigilante. I took advice from your writings socialist and tried to minimize my personal attacks on people but I just have one message to Gasbag . If what the rumour I hearing is true I congratulate you in your new post as a BFS future thinking person you would be an asset to the BFS but as an individual , I think you are an Ass-hole , a hurting constipated one at that. I thought you had inteligence ? You have a masters degree and wasting your time fighting over a seven thousand dollar job? You really stupid as an individual, being DCFO would be an asset for BFS but it would not be an asset for your qualifications. I think you are the dumbest qualified person in the department. You really shed light on the saying “book sense ain’t common sense” but anyway I wish you all the best I your new post . You goat.

  36. @ Pharoah thanks for the support of my columns but you still need to stop attacking personalities within this department on this blog. Yourself and others have been attacking people left right and center on this blog but nothing has changed, these people who you targeted are still doing as they see fit,but nothing has changed. No blog can change the minds of adults. Attacking persons will raise your stress levels as an end result. Nothing will change.

  37. They can continue to spread their propaganda against us, they can continue to hunt us like wild animals but they cannot destroy us for out of the ashes rise a thinking. A thinking that no colonial brainwashed, capitalist kiss ass yard fowl can ever alter or take away from us . Long live the revolution …RIP my fallen comrade Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi a true leader.

  38. Congrats to our new DCFO, hope you take my advice and please buy some role-on to put under your musty armpit. That khaki material tend to hold sweat and moisture and your body odour is very aggressive. Anyway no disrespect. My personal preferance of you being DCFO is not an issue despite I would have felt better if Gasbag was DCFO, that man is a thinker and he has the ability to take our department forward. Mr DCFO I hope all your devious, back biting, corrupt, nasty actions pay off and you dont have to undermind and deceive your workmates anymore. I really hope you change your wicked nasty ways. How dare you call yourself a christian? However good luck in your new post, I wish you a controversy free tenure.

  39. What is the matter with the association ? I could bet all my money that the president Bynoe in bed with the CFO. What a real sell out, too many issues for them to be silent. Issues at de AFS Bynoe silent, Issues at Arch hall wid a Mad Man Bynoe and his crew silent, St. James ‘FOR CUP’ Bynoe silent. The wheels of supersession in progress Bynoe will be promoted and leave the others behind. We need to file a no confidence motion against the association, That crowd need to go. Where is pharoah and socialist during all this ? I thought these were the activist of the blog? pharoah the personal attacker and socialist the political and ideology attacker but them both silent, maybe them in the association together…. Hmmmm. Bynoe need to resign or get vote out . The association agreed about the prison and the sheep shyte environment prior to fire men going up there, then came after and held a water down guilt trick meeting . Bynoe , do you think firemen stupid? you agreed to be in that environment wid marshall, you pimping to much. I hope you Bynoe get promote and you dont get a heart attack when 106, 1, 136, 130, 2, 184, 22, 132, 111, 112 get promote before you. And that one socialist i realize you like coming online to water down and defend your friends but i waiting for your crutch.I want you to just remember this word ‘Deborah’ yeah ya thought you untouchable , i got dirty linen on you so back off !

  40. I told you socialist to keep your mout shut. You would not listen,you still getting in de barrack rooms in this department defending bynoe and his nonsense. Hard ear you wont hear own way you gun feel. Anyway I think you should remember Deborah.Remember the time you suck she pokey when wanna was at de polytechnic she said you was the first to give her a good LAP LICKING. Its not my fault socialist that she got pissing drunk at a picnic and revealed her whole life history, pity she din even know i was a fireman ha ha ha. You nasty dog, remind me never to use your cup if we had to work together. Now for you # 82 yes you is a bare sellout, de best ting that come out of your stupid mout is ” i gun get back to you” yea right. I want one of them youngsters get put in front of you so bad and i know you going to de mental. We want a new set of candidates for that association. Bynoe and his band of pagans got to go.

  41. Congrats ! on your new promotion as Divisional officer Mr Gasbag, I hope this makes you happy and you behave yourself now. Despite our personal wranglings I wish you all the best in your new post and be careful of the DCFO, he has a split personality and he reminds me of a lion fish… Dangerous

  42. I think the departments HIV / AIDS commission needs to look into the behavior at the bfs workers. Married men having sex wid married women despite married woman get transfered.. Fireman hitting not one but two firewomen,nuff respect to him he is a boss. He found one while recruiting an the other one was at the right place at the right time. police woman geting cock up pun de station at night in uniform. fire women geting eat pun small stations at night. i glad cameras come to save these perverts from themselves…………… to be continued

  43. Congrats for your new promotion Patrick, i glad you supersede that one Darcy. He was in the BFS for donkey years and never get he self qualified. he just sit and wait on a phucking promotion, i have no sympathy for his dumpsy ass and this message goes out to all them seat warmers sitting there waiting on a promotion. LISTEN the post belong to the barbados goverment, not wanna so they can give them post to who ever them wish.I want 136, 106 and 1 supersede that that one bobby king. i want de 3 of them get sub officer an lef he ass at LF. I want 81, 22, 184, 130, 249, 158, 10 , 256, 111,112, 287, slip through to LF and put some of wanna dumpsy ass actors to relieve me in de control room,i wont have to call any names wanna know dem already

  44. We need to plan a ‘no confidence motion’ against the association which include Hinds and his band of criminals

  45. lets go to that meeting tomorrow and call a no confidence motion against them stinking fUckErs. Them play them running in de court to represent them dumpsy ass senior men and women. De qualification bar get set and none of them stinking dogs are not qualified to be even in de post them acting in. We applied for a post which was advertised in the department,its not our fault to tell them numb skulled dumpsy biTches not to better themselves in the class room, why fight for them? Wanna taking up our money to go an pay a lawyer to mess us up in our promotions. Wanna want dismissing from service

  46. De qualification bar get set and none of them stinking dogs are not qualified to be even in de post them acting in. We applied for a post which was advertised
    Interesting very interesting
    Where did this post come from ?
    Never saw this before.
    However, you people take this paper qualification thing a bit too far. Paper qualification does not mean that you can do the job.
    The same persons who you are calling dumpsy are the same people who must turn around and teach you the paper qualified person. This thing about paper qualification is silly nonsense by a people who are using as a status symbol and to discriminate.

    So please shut up and reflect for a moment

  47. @ Victimized fireman .. you writing like how that stinkmout slut 136 or 2 dus talk . Anyway i wish you get the promotion you looking for .. IDIOT

  48. Word is that the BOSS is discarding an instructor from a unit who’s dad is an NCO.
    Laugh out loud. You thought you owned the place.
    Now let us see how much Fire Cadet programs you can manage or mash up in the future
    ASS !

  49. @ No name, we all know who you are. Keep away from the one arm bandits and whore houses also you need to stop cussing your wife in public by describing her private parts

  50. @ Anonymous, that regular money you use to get from training the business places will come to an end come January 2014. Lets see how much more bitching you going to do now. No more fire cadets to shout at, i hope you pass the baton to 184 gracefully and give up without a fight. I hope the CFO get a good stock of high blood pressure medication cause you gonna need it you power hungry GOLD DIGGER. I would love to see you get transfer to AFS or st James where the only way you would see Arch Hall training unit is on a map. I hope you dont go mad though especially when Fo1 or 106 is promoted. You will remain a disgruntle private all the days of your life
    ASS !

  51. Wunnah come back on here with wunnah shoite. Face wunnah colleague and tell him man to man what wunnah feel about him. Stop using this forum to snipe at your comrades behind their backs..

  52. @ Boy Blue, I could see Anonymous coming to you crying. He is very unstable because I feel that accident was a suicide attempt since he learned that his service is no longer needed in the Training Unit. Boy Blue you should tell him that there is more to life than the training unit, he should cut his losses and move on . or in this case MOVE OUT. I know you will miss that office chair ,computer and desk but you can have all of them IN THE CONTROL ROOM where you will be working from now on. I dont think they should trust you near the SCBAs since you proved to be unstable you may start sabotaging them.
    ASS !

  53. @Noname……I am just a contributor to this forum who is sick of this nelson street slagging by some disgruntled so -called professionals who we have to entrust our lives and well being to. Please do not include me in your distasteful dialog.

  54. @ Boy Blue, that stupid boy came complaining to you like a little bitch. But go and tell he for me that I think the DCFO is a genius because he put his ass at Arch Hall so he could see 184 and 10 enter and exit that office every day. I would assign 10 at his desk and computer, that would hurt him to the core because he envied him since 1996. Poor boy thought the UNIT was his personal place. He gon get a grief lump by February 2014.

  55. instead of the fighting and gossip . watch the video. Its about the origins of the these public holidays celebrated worldwide

  56. @ Boy Blue. Have you watched the videos posted? I know you are disappointed in their behaviors. Dont join them by implying that they are children, stop the insults. Watch the last vid i posted and lets have some positive dialogue.

  57. boy this was one of the longest running soap operas Everrrrr on BU ,,nufff nuff gossip,,put american reality TV to shame,,, Only in Bubbaddus ,,Only in Bubadus

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